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By Pete Moore On January 26th, 2021

A lot of furniture has been thrown around the European capitals today, particularly Brussels. Schengen allowed the Chinese Virus to spread like wildfire throughout the block. The EU screwed up the ventilator rollout. It screwed up the stimulus plan. Having portrayed itself as the world’s vaccine superhero it then screwed up the procurement of vaccines while the UK races ahead. It’s now threatening to block AstraZeneca from exporting vaccines to the UK, which the UK has properly ordered and paid for.

Nothing better demonstrates the wickedness at the heart of the EU than to threaten mass death by breaking international law. Be in no doubt that is exactly what it is doing, to distract from the EU’s own epic incompetence. Robert Peston explains how the clowns blew it. Bear in mind that the EU hasn’t even approved the AstraZeneca/Oxford vaccine yet ..

3 Responses to “WHAT AN EU CLOWN SHOW”

  1. “Schengen allowed the Chinese Virus to spread like wildfire throughout the block.”

    Which explains why non-Schengen UK just became the first European country to surpass 100,000 deaths.

  2. 100,000 deaths. An emotive number, particularly when its bandied around in the media for effect. On dispassionate examination, however, it would appear the advent of the Chyyynese Virus has been a miracle. The numbers of people dying from strokes, cancer, old age have become vanishingly small, suddenly statistically insignificant…..

  3. Nor, I think, has anyone actually isolated and identified Covid-19 yet…