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The first step in the cure

By Patrick Van Roy On January 27th, 2021

Ted Cruz on Tuesday reintroduced an amendment that would put term limits on members of Congress, saying the rise in “political careerism” is not what the country’s founders intended.

“Today my colleagues and I reintroduced a constitutional amendment to impose #TermLimits on Members of Congress,” the Texas lawmaker tweeted. “The amendment would limit U.S. senators to two six-year terms and members of the U.S. House of Representatives to three two-year terms.” “Every year, Congress spends billions of dollars on giveaways for the well-connected: Washington insiders get taxpayer money and members of Congress get re-elected, all while the system fails the American people,” Cruz said in a statement. “The rise of political careerism in today’s Congress is a sharp departure from what the Founders intended for our federal governing bodies. I have long called for this solution for the brokenness of Washington, D.C., and I will continue fighting to hold career politicians accountable.”

36 Responses to “The first step in the cure”

  1. Okay this is the distraction

    wheres the sleight of hand

  2. We already have term limits

    When the voters turf you out, your term is over.

    I believe that there is a gentleman at Mar-a-Lago who now knows what this means

  3. I am thinking that this is the distraction and the sleight of hand is the vote against convicting turnip

  4. Notice that none of the usual suspects want to talk about January 6 anymore

    They want to move on and talk about anything else

  5. EP Term Limits are more important thant the vote.

    The length of a Term in office actually has a purpose The house is two years because the people in it are supposed to be not just the People Representatives they are supposed to be representative OF the people they serve that’s why the turn over was set at 2 years no 10, 20, or 30.

    When you are elected to the House and you are just an average guy or gal lived an avg life maybe ran a small business you represent the people of the district you live in and were voted for in.

    When you enter an avg person with an avg level of success and wealth and you are still in 2yr job 30yrs later and you are now worth tens of millions of dollars you no longer are representative of the people who elected you.

    It is not the House of Representatives it is the House of the Elite.

  6. Phantom you are getting like Kurt and the Irish.

    Are you going to bring the riot up on every thread?

  7. If your Congressman has been in office for 30 years and you don’t like that then the obvious solution is to not vote for them. What you are saying however is that you don’t want to vote for this person so no one else should be allowed to either.

  8. If you attack the US government, I want those who did it, and those who called for it, to pay consequences.

    Including the two dirty cops from Virginia, including the QAnon Congresswoman.

    Do you agree?

  9. With your one sided persicution….. no I do not agree.

    And if you want to rant about such nonsense do a post on it don’t be like the riff raff and drag it onto every thread. You know better.

  10. One standard of justice for Antifa and Trumptifa.

    That’s all we ask.

  11. But it belongs in this thread because Ted Cruz was in the middle of the attempted coup d’etat. Thus every time Ted Cruz attempts to shape the Republic it is done in the context that he attempted a coup d’etat.

  12. Maybe Cruz can organize a riot in favor of Term Limits.

    Because the founding fathers wanted it, and stuff.

  13. One standard of justice for Antifa and Trumptifa.

    That’s all we ask.

    So you want the Trump Rioters to all be set free and no charges, no bail, and Kamala Harris promoting a Legal defense Fund?

  14. “So you want the Trump Rioters to all be set free and no charges, no bail, and Kamala Harris promoting a Legal defense Fund?”

    Any evidence that there were no charges? And people are free to contribute to the legal campaigns of whoever they want. Also remanding should be the exception, not the norm, and only used in extreme cases. So personally I’d have no issue with release with no bail.

  15. I’ve been in favour of term limits for out MPs for years – when elected, an MP serves for five years (the length of a British Parliament before it has to go back to the country). I think a two term limit (i.e. ten years) is long enough. I also believe the time is long passed when the House of Lords is abolished. If we must have a second, revising chamber, is should be elected by the people, nit appointed by successive prime ministers. The other aspect of our constitution that should be abolished is the royal prerogative, currently exercised by whoever is PM, (not by HMQ herself). Personally I think what Cruz is suggesting – divested of any political chicanery or diversion on his part – is not a bad idea, but that is just me.

  16. By the by, in terms of a coup d’etat, the one we saw at the Capital on 6th January was pretty small beer…now if Trump had planned to seize control of the TV and radio stations, mobilise the armed forces to take over airports and arrest people, ordering a curfew at the same time, that would have been a coup.

  17. The best thing going for the country was Trump’s utter incompetence in inciting and organizing his coup. He can’t focus on anything for five minutes, the coup was delegated to a bunch of Parler screwballs.

    If we had a more efficient plotter, the country would be in a terrible place now.

  18. the only coupe in this country has been nonviolent and it took place over the past 4 years.

    I riot is not a coupe…..

  19. Stopping the count for president and executing the leaders of a co-equal branch of government–what an awful lot of them wanted to do – is by every definition a coup attempt

    He promised a ” wild time “. It was that.

  20. wanted to do…… the thought crime comrade is alive and well.

  21. Their own words and voices are on record. Parler is an excellent source of material. Thanks, Parler.

    This is exactly what they wanted to do.

    The dumb bastards documented a complete file against themselves.

  22. Hey Phantom Just to Wanna was a sin….. ask George Carlin there were 6 sins in one feel…. just to wanna feel her was a sin…..

  23. and all the democrats say like Johnny Depp or Robert Deniro who said the President should be killed we locking them up for saying it?

  24. You lock people up and prosecute them for their ACTIONS and their actions ONLY.

    Not their Words, Not their Thoughts.

    When you do that, and when you promote that you are a Commie.

  25. They didn’t storm the White House and didn’t organize a gang of plotters

    But if they said things like that –if…–you didn’t make that up now did you…they should get a grilling by the Secret Service

  26. Phantom I can pull 100 examples of democrat politicians calling for violence against Trump starting with Maxine Waters and going on from there.

    Do you see me calling for their arrest? Have I ever called for their arrest or to be silenced?

    You are cheering and promoting the prosecution of people for speech and even worse thought. Now you can spin that in your mind any way you want but it’s commie authoritarian tyranny and I and millions of others will fight to the death to prevent that from taking place in this country. (which of course you wanted to hear me say)

    I am not however calling for violence, I have in fact on these pages said that the 2 rioters shot deserved to be shot and if they had shot more that cop probably wouldn’t have died.

    Violence is NEVER acceptable in the political arena. The battle must be fought with words and Ideas, but when you forbid one side from speaking their ideas VIOLENCE is what you get.

    You are championing the Criminalization of Speech and Thought.

    YOU will be responsible for the violence that follows because YOU are inciting it by oppressing the speech and thought of 50 million people Comrade.

  27. do you really not see that?

  28. The cause of crime is criminals. I’ve taught you that.

    The cause of riots is rioters. That’s lesson two. Antifa, Trumptifa, same ****.

    I’ve never heard Maxine Waters call for the murder of politicians, perhaps you can tell us all what exactly she said and when she said it

  29. So if a person says murder they need to be locked up…. ok

    Do we not have Laws on the books to charge and fine/arrest people who incite violence? Is it not the ONLY Legal Restriction on Free Speech in this Country?

    The answer to both those questions is YES. I support those Laws, and cheer anyone CONVICTED under their authority.

    Now I can sit here and write an assassination’s list of every politician in this country and I would rightfully be interviewed by the Secret Service. It would be evaluated that I’m a harmless old kook that is threat to no one and they would make a note in my “Permanent File” and move on.

    When Bill Clinton was President I emailed him once a month and told him what I thought of whatever scandal was going on that week. I never threatened him or used foul language they were always hostile but polite and proofread.

    Not once did I get a visit.

    If I did that now with the current administration how long do you think it would be until I have someone from Va with a neat haircut a shiny badge and warrant at my door?

    They and you… which you should really look at it, are pushing the criminalization of thought and speech.

    Now I know they want that, but after all these years I can not believe it is what you want or support.

    Yet the things you are saying Phantom do support it… Why and how do you justify it?

  30. What did Maxine Waters say and when did she say it

  31. Biden won’t put you in the Gulag if you tell him that you oppose his policies. Take it to the bank.

    Anyone – including anyone here – who calls for ” hanging politicians ” or any of that girly-man keyboard Rambo stuff I have a big problem with. Including the QAnon terror symp Republican gun moll that slithered into office this time around.

  32. That Qanon Republican Congress member woman , is barking mad and thick as a pea Souper fog. How she got elected is known only to God 😉

  33. There are Bills on the floor right now to lock people up for opposing the federal governments policies put forth by the democrat from Orlando……

    oh but she really doesn’t mean it?

  34. Link please

    Another fantasy?


    There are a lot of seriously messed up people here. And Trump / Alex Jones / Fox / OAN / Newsmax poured gasoline on all the fires of ” conspiracy ” and resentment in their little heads

  35. Phantom, on January 27th, 2021 at 7:06 PM Said: Edit Comment
    What did Maxine Waters say and when did she say it

    Attack every member of the last cabinet if you see them in them public drive them out of resturaunts make them know they are unwelcome here…. you’ve seen the video

  36. She’s a filthy animal but she didn’t say to hang or shoot anyone