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We have all, unfortunately, seen and heard it all before.

By Mike Cunningham On February 21st, 2021

The calls for China to be ‘admonished’, the equally strident shouts of ‘Sanctions Immediately’, the useless calls for action from the UN Security Council; useless because Russia would block any proposal with any teeth, and of course because China wouldn’t take a blind bit of notice. Why all this high-level angst against a Sovereign Nation?

Its all because of the Muslim Uighurs, and their Genocidal treatment by the Communist Chinese State. The Chinese being, above all, astute enough to realise that Muslims, in bulk, do not make for peaceable sectors of population, decided to alter the whole balance of Muslim Uighur life. They built huge concentration camps, named them as ‘Re-Education Centres’, banned any mention of Islam in any part of the Uighurs’ life, forced them into slave labour battalions picking the cotton which China sells to the West, and, in general, behaving just like any other autocratic Dictatorship, only much more so!

We even had the GB&NI Parliament in this mix, with some MPs agitating for the British Supreme Court to be given the power to judge that a Nation has instituted ‘Genocide’ against sectors of its population; and thus to deprive that Nation of trade links. As the British Government reserves to itself that power, the move was only just defeated.

The humbling truth is that all this hot air is just that, wasted energy, The Chinese just won’t listen, because they know that nothing will happen, nothing will change, because they know that the WILL is not there. 


The answer is simple, and is spelled out in one word, one place-name, one country: TIBET.

The Chinese invaded this peaceful Nation in 1951, so peaceful that it didn’t even have a standing army, and totally subjugated Tibet in under a year. Some years later, Tibetans rebelled, the Chinese reacted in their usual manner, thousands died; and the Only man which I regard as having any resemblance to the adjective ‘Holy’ fled to India. The West? We did sweet F*** All! America sent a few Notes. A couple of Nations complained at the UN. Apart from that? NOWT: NOTHING: SWEET F*** ALL!  We even allowed this bunch of geriatric killers to stage the bloody Olympics!

That, folks, is why nothing will happen about the Uighurs. Nothing: Nada: Zilch!

26 Responses to “We have all, unfortunately, seen and heard it all before.”

  1. Biden all but endorsed the Chinese Communist Party the other day, shrugging off genocide and his supporters never even blinked.

    The US has just extradited a 95 year old former concentration camp guard to Germany (https://www.bbc.co.uk/news/world-us-canada-56140903). In the meantime it wants civilised relation with a regime every bit as evil as the Nazi regime.

  2. Unfortunately, I’m not even sure that it’s possible to effectively sanction China anymore.

    China isn’t a bullshit country with no economy, like Cuba, Venezuela or Russia.

    The largest trade partner with Japan – China.

    With South Korea – China

    With the EU – China

    If the UK EU or US sanctioned China, they’d be cutting themselves off, not the other way around.

  3. But the UK, EU, US, Canada, India, Australia et al can sanction China. They just don’t want to to. In fact the EU is very pro-China and is now cutting trade and investment deals.

    All involved have no moral authority to lecture anyone about learning the lessons of history.

  4. They don’t want to cut themselves off from world trade. They’d be harming themselves as much as they’d be harming China.

    And besides, what right does the UK government have to prevent a British company from trading with China etc?

    You want to give governments this power?

  5. By acting in concert, the UK, EU, US, Canada, India and Australia would be cutting themselves of from world trade? Really?

    All governments already have lawful powers to prevent firms from trading in or with other countries.

  6. Yes they would be doing just that.

    It would be a moral thing to do, but it would likely trigger a world depression – a real one.

    Just about every advanced manufacturing company you can think of is linked to China in many ways now. Cutting off China is interesting to talk about, but in the real world, it will not happen.

  7. So all these firms can locate into China but it would be such a terrible faff for them to locate back out again? I’m not convinced.

    Make trading in China too expensive for them and they’ll be out straight away.

  8. lol…. we are China slaves and will be for quite sometime it is the choice Phantom and all those who pushed for Biden made.

    Like him or hate him Trump was making it worthwhile for manufacturing to come to the US. Now that’s ended on a multiple of levels. Biden cancelled all the tax incentives already that Trump had put in place, Biden’s destroyed our energy production, and is putting in place permanent restrictions against ever growing it. While at the same time trying to double the min wage.

    He in less than 30 days destroyed the next ten years of what would have been growth in American manufacturing.

  9. How did Trump make it worthwhile for more manufacturing to be in the US

    He made it less attractive by jacking up the price of steel and by trade wars

    Harley moved production to Europe

    What significant mfg moved onshore in the last four years?

    What major o shoring has been announced in recent years?

  10. yep yep trump did nothun… we know Phantom… oh and everything that goes wrong for the next 4 years is his fault…. you have your script…

    Someday your mind will return, but never on the subject of the Trump.

  11. https://www.forbes.com/sites/chuckjones/2019/09/30/trumps-tariffs-have-wiped-14-billion-off-of-harley-davidsons-market-cap/?sh=6f161b635221

  12. Do you think that Trumps tariffs on steel and aluminum helped or hurt US manufacturers who use those metals in their products

  13. there is always pain in change and growth phantom you know that, and when you are transitioning raw material like steel from steel being manufactured in china vs steel manufactured in Pa there is going to be a period where tariffs are a necessary tool to allow the supply demand from local to equal the cost of the restart.

    Does that cause problems in the supply chain especially with cost… yes it does but it’s temporary and necessary.

  14. US steel production Did not really go up during the Trump administration. It was about the same as it was during the Obama era

    US Aluminum production actually went down under Trump

    US auto production was less in the first three years of Trump than it was under the last three years of Obama

    I have just double checked the figures from both US government and industry sources separately

  15. No Phantom PRODUCTION didn’t go up because they are retro fitting the furnaces to use LPG instead of Coal to power the mills as they bring them BACK on line…

    Oh but wait that’s all over too…. no more jobs changing over coal and oil burners to natural gas in plants that aren’t going to open because A) there is now no fuel to use because all fracking and all pipeline construction has halted. and B) it’s no longer financially viable to relocate BACK to the US.

    What are you so brain dead that you think after 60 years of shutting down our steel and metal mills they were what flipped a switch and turned back on…. are you really that brain dead?

    So here you are….. Shut off supply A, to increase demand for supply B, but Supply B’s plants have been shuttered for decades and the ones that aren’t shuddered aren’t up to modern ENVIRONMENTAL REGULATION…. so they can’t just SUPPLY the metal. They have to get things able to handle the increased production….. Until all that work is done supply goes down and there is a period (a couple of years) as they refit of short supply….

    How could you reach the level of success that you’ve earned without a basic knowledge of how things work in this area?

  16. You are a one man excuse machine, who never looks at the numbers and as a result is never well informed.

    Trump didn’t help US manufacturing one bit. He raised the costs for any manufacturer who uses steel or other metals, making it a lot harder for them to export.

    I assume that you’ve heard of Harley Davidson. Ask them.

  17. TDS…..

    Not only have I owned 2 Harley’s I have a neighbor that worked at the factory down the road his whole life…. but none of that has to do with anything…..

    There is a simple set of rules it’s called supply and demand….. you might want learn how retrofitting factories works….. and how it effects supply.

    I’m sorry if the REALITY of business is an excuse to you.

    Phantom ok now I’ll go real slow….. can a mill that’s been shut down for 60yrs turn the furnaces on the next day and go back in business? I guess they just wave a magic wand and all the burners are changed, all the scrubbers are installed on the emission stacks.

    I know they used the Samantha Stevens Retro Fit Method she came in wiggled her nose and poof all good….

    I assumed you had common sense or at least a basic knowledge of industry, well never assume…

  18. People in American manufacturing don’t say any of the things that you say.

    Before Trump even took office, you guys were saying that he had saved US manufacturing.

    ( Carrier )

    Every day a different story with these guys.

  19. you have TDS with no sign of it lessoning….. please post a link to where I said anything such thing before he was elected….

    You are not mentally fit to discuss presidential Politics, your personal emotions is all you base anything on, FACTS don’t matter.

    I would get very specific with you about this issue, but the questions I would ask would expose you to discussing what you do for a living and you are not comfortable with that and I respect it.

    so I’ll just laugh at you and walk away.

  20. People in American manufacturing don’t say any of the things that you say.

    And you didn’t say any of this before your man on a white horse arrived to save you.

  21. Was there reason to discus the rebuild of the metals industry before Trump?

    Was there a push to make the conditions right for manufacturing to return to the US before Trump?

    NO to both questions…. so why would it be discussed?

    You really do not think logically when Trump is in the equation, you totally lack the ability to process simple logical thought.

    As I said Phantom your script is written, Trump accomplished nothing, and everything that doesn’t go right for the next 4 years is his fault.

  22. The US has all along had very successful steel companies, such as Nucor.

    I invite you to begin some research on this industry.

    Again, the business community – Ford, GM, Harley, GM, Boeing, Raytheon, Tesla- doesn’t say any of the things that you say.

    Politicians do.

  23. yeah I watched Luken’s steel and every other steel mill in Pa get destroyed in my life time…

    Phantom why is Pittsburgh called the buckle of the Rust Belt…..

    Funny you don’t mention ANY of the “business community” that MANUFACTURE the raw material those companies use…. so the steel users are suffering, so F the steel manufacturers here in the US Ford, GM, Harley, GM, Boeing, Raytheon, Tesla have to pay more in the transition so F the American steel companies…..

    What do the Steel and Metal industries tell you Phantom…. do they say their businesses were hurting by the tariffs as the spent millions re-fitting the plants as LPG pipelines were being laid to fire their furnaces ?

    or is that just a segment of the “business community” that you don’t care about?

  24. You can’t find quotes from any business leaders who endorse your idea of a planned economy.

  25. you can’t find any that say I’m wrong…..

    Look Phantom for 60 years we shut down steel and materials production in this country. Your actually going to blame turmoil in the supply chain as it is being fired back up on Trump?

    That’s why I say you are the text book example of TDS. Just the mention of or the hint that ANYTHING can in anyway be connected to Trump you lose all ability for cognitive thought.

    Very sad my boy, very sad….

  26. We have not ” shut down steel and materials production in this country ”

    No one has done any of that.

    The US has a bigger steel industry than people think. Including high tech steelmakers nucor which are really successful.

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