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This is wrong

By Patrick Van Roy On February 22nd, 2021

Sen. Susan Collins, R-Maine, said Monday that she will not support President Biden’s nominee to lead the Office of Management and Budget, Neera Tanden, dealing another blow to the odds of confirmation.

“Congress has to be able to trust the OMB director to make countless decisions in an impartial manner, carrying out the letter of the law and congressional intent,” Collins said in a statement on Monday. “Neera Tanden has neither the experience nor the temperament to lead this critical agency.” 

Sen. Joe Manchin, D-W.Va., said last week that he would oppose her nomination, partially because of her “overly partisan” statements and tweets. Collins also voiced concerns over Tanden’s Twitter account.

“Ms. Tanden’s decision to delete more than a thousand tweets in the days before her nomination was announced raises concerns about her commitment to transparency,” Collins said. “Should Congress need to review documents or actions taken by OMB, we must have confidence that the Director will be forthcoming.”

This is a DISGRACE! 

Now I totally disagree with this woman’s Politics, but she is a very smart and capable person and the President’s pick for the Job.

She will be denied that Job because of exercise of her 1st Amendment rights. She had the nerve to speak her heart and mind and in today’s society she had to go back and try to delete anything that she said that might OFFEND.

This is Un-American Bullshit and should be condemned by ALL SIDES. 

4 Responses to “This is wrong”

  1. I find it interesting I defend a Democrat, a Biden Nomination….. and nobody has a comment?

    You know what else I noticed….. no fighting… certain parties have vanished… Well no one has been banned or deleted.

    I guess the only thing that they had to add was hostility to the site. Let’s see if it last’s.

    I hope it does, the conversation may have slowed a little, but it is still spirited, those who disagree do that they just disagree.

    If it lasts we start the expansion, or try to. We shall see, but a definite hat tip to everyone.

  2. Patrick, I did note that you defended a Democrat on the grounds of free speech. It’s an intellectually honest position for you to take, but I have to admit that it did take me a bit by surprise!

    I also note that some of our more vocal suspects are missing. I miss their conversation, but not the disagreeable parts.

  3. Everyone has a right to speak this is ridiculous, they are persecuting people for words and thoughts… that is not this country. I don’t care nor will I tolerate any side doing it.

    I miss their conversation, but not the disagreeable parts.

    I second that.

  4. Well said Patrick.

    This is a total ****ing disgrace, and shame on Collins and the rest of the GOP senators who will follow her bigoted anti-free speech line on this. Is it too much to hope that a few of them will at least abstain and allow the nomination to go through?

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