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“…. Anything you do say may be given in evidence.”

By ATWadmin On November 8th, 2006

cuffsthree.jpegEveryone knows that politics, especially Election-time politics, can run out quite expensive! From the constant demands for updated ‘polling’ information, whether it is ‘how the Party is performing in the Public’s viewpoint’, or "are they listening to what we are saying," or even "do they think we are a set of lying tossers?"; the queries keep piling up, and they all cost money to both compile and answer. Through the calls for faster helicopters and little jets, so as to keep your appointments with constituencies throughout ther country, and the costs of all the expensive advisors on T.V.,  or P.R., keep the Party wallet rather thin!

So what do squeaky-clean NuLabour (Tories too apparently) do while avoiding the messy but legal requirement for revealing all donations? Why they arrange for loans, BIG LOANS! Why; because if the money theoretically has to be paid back, there’s is no legal need for disclosure; they don’t really need to tell anyone, even the Treasurer of their own Party! True, for every favour handed out, there is a favour to be repaid, but if you are the Prime Minister, there’s patronage aplenty! From seats on QUANGO’S  through the invitations to dinner with the great and the good, it’s all there. but the icing on the cake, of course, is the entrance ticket to the best club in London; yup, the HOUSE OF LORDS! What’s more, it all seems legal, because seats are always held for Party Supporters, so that’s O.K. then? So why not kill two birds with one rock, and keep the Party flowing, and the Donors sweet?

No Worries!

Nothing to declare, Sir?

Are you quite sure, Sir?


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