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By ATWadmin On November 8th, 2006

So much happening today, so little time to cover it!

I was disgusted with the BBC coverage of the incident involving Israeli tank fire shelling in the northern Gaza town of Beit Hanoun.

It was a complete set up.

First, the BBC reporter proclaimed the viciousness of the Israeli attack as if it were a premeditated act of mass murder. Then the BBC interviewed an Israeli Military Officer who stated that the incident was under investigation and that she could say little more than that until she had all the facts. She apologised for the loss of any innocent life, and to my mind, she spoke sensitively and fairly. Last word was given to a Hamas Jihadist who basically accused Israel of targeting innocent Palestinians.

To get a flavour of the Hamas position on all of this…

"Israel should be wiped from the face of the Earth. It is an animal state that recognises no human worth. It is a cancer that should be eradicated," said Ghazi Hamad, a spokesman for the Hamas-led government.


At no point did the BBC make clear that Palestinians have been relentlessly firing Qassam rockets into Israel with the sole purpose of taking Jewish life. At no point did the BBC make reference to the fact that Hamas are TERRORISTS. The only direction of BBC fire was at Israel. In essence, the BBC and the rest of the rotten liberal cabal, deny Israel the right to defend itself. They would much prefer that Israel allows the Palis to murder and maim indiscriminately – with no fear of consequences.

hamasvictory.jpgMy view on all of this is that I am sorry for lost innocent lives – but Palestinians who vote murdering scum like Hamas into power and who give shelter and succour to them, who alow themselves to be used as human shields by them – are not innocent, But the Jew-haters are too enraged to accept this. Instead they cloak themselves in the faux outrage of a Hamas government that openly compares Jews to animals.

Give these people a STATE?????


  1. They had the wrong coordinates. They have also owned up to the error and showed regret. The Palis have turned Gaza into a terrorist shithole and are as much responsible for the deaths as Israeli gunfire. A Hamas spokesperson as much as admitted the violent mess theyve brought on themselves a few months back. They dont deserve Gaza. It was a huge mistake to hand that back.

  2. Alison,

    You’re so right. Israel has no choice but to try and counter the Hamas barbarians, but when accidents happen (and they always will) the MSM gets stuck into Israel as if Hamas were cute little angels who never do a bad deed.

  3. There were numerous incidents where the Israeli army were dropping shells on or close to the Irish UN base during their tour in the Lebanon, and this was despite the fact that they had contacted the Israeli army and pointed this out to them. Was this not the case with the recent killings of UN staff in the Lebanon.

    An accident is one thing, and this particular incident may well be just that, but the Israeli army are not exactly innocent in this area either.

  4. Oh crap, I forgot my condemnation of the Hamas government. Stupid…school boy error

    The hamas governments attitude to terrorism and Israel in general has to be condemned. Indiscriminately shelling towns and cities is a despicable act and nothing to do with achieving a state.

    There we go. Im covered now.

  5. ‘There we go. Im covered now.’

    Nah, You’re CLEARLY an Anti-Semite!

  6. Any thoughts on their description of Israelis as "animals"? Does anyone – apart from vote losing Condi Rice – think these people DESERVE a State????

  7. Its completely wrong to describe them as animals. The Israelis do not deserve that labeling.

    But yes, I do think that Palestinians deserve their own state. Just not necessarily one run by the current crowd. The problem is in the tit for tat environment that exists there at the moment, there is no leeway for moderate Palestinian politicians to emerge. Any moderation is seen as a weakness. For a Palestinian state to be a success it has to realise that the state cannot exist unless it supports law and order. It has to accept the existence of the Israeli state.

  8. Kloot,

    And I can accept what you say also. It would be wrong to say all Palis are Hamas loving scum – but too may are. I don’t entirely blame them – I blame the political elite that lead them and the likes of the UN and EU who have stalled at forcing the reasonable behaviour you and I would both wish to see.

  9. David,

    It takes a strong person ( notice I didn’t say politician, as it does not necessarily have to be a politician ) to stick their head above the mess that is that area at the moment and to try and lead people to a position which could eventually bring about the independence that the Palestinians deserve. This tit for tat violence can go on forever, only focusing the divisions between both sides. Its hard to see any end to it really.

  10. The names and ages of the dead:

    1. Fatema Ahmed al-‘Athamna, 70;
    2. Sanaa’ Ahmed al-‘Athamna, 30;
    3. Ne’ma Ahmed al-‘Athamna, 55;
    4. Mas’oud ‘Abdullah al-‘Athamna, 55;
    5. Sabah Mohammed al-‘Athamna, 45;
    6. Sameer Mas’oud al-‘Athamna, 23;
    7. Fatema Mas’oud al-‘Athamna, 16;
    8. ‘Arafat Sa’ad al-‘Athamna, 17;
    9. Mahdi Sa’ad al-‘Athamna, 13;
    10. Mohammed Sa’ad al-‘Athamna, 14;
    11. Sa’ad Majdi al-‘Athamna, 8;
    12. Mahmoud Amjad al-‘Athamna, 12;
    13. Malak Sameer al-‘Athamna, 4;
    14. Maisaa’ Ramzi al-‘Athamna, 4;
    15. Nihad Mohammed al-‘Athamna, 33;
    16. Mohammed Ramadan al-‘Athamna, 28;
    17. Manal Mohammed al-‘Athamna, 35; and
    18. Saqer Mohammed ‘Edwan, 45.

  11. Look David their recruiting terrorists at the age
    of four!!!!!

    Numbers 13 and 14. if you got your blinders on.

    Hugh must of got this list from the Far left liberal Media!!!

  12. Shame on you David the deaths of these innocents must be condemed the Israelies are making a habit of killing innocent civillians and then claiming it was a mistake maybe the Israeli govt should look at why their military commit so many mistakes. By the way maybe you could tell me the difference between the methods used by Hamas and those used by the terrorists who founded the state of Israel? I wont be holding my breath.