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By ATWadmin On November 8th, 2006

The new House Speaker pelosi.bmpNancy Pelosi has been hailed on the BBC today as "the most powerful Democrat in the USA." Now who am I to argue with that…but I thought YOU might like to hear some of Nancy’s opinions as they provide some insight into this ..ahem..remarkable woman.

"The War on Terror is the war in Afghanistan."   October 2006)


Her view on Guantanomo? She wants to close it! Not sure where she wants the Jihadi to go – San Francisco?

"I think that we need a fresh start…a clean slate for America in the Muslim world.”


Her views on Islam in America?

"We share a fundamental principle – the belief that diversity is the backbone of our communities. Generations of Muslims have made positive contributions in every aspect of American life. We must now work even more closely to navigate through the challenges we face as a nation. Since September 11th, many Muslim Americans have been subjected to searches at airports and other locations based upon their religion and national origin, without any credible information linking individuals to criminal conduct. Racial and religious profiling is fundamentally un-American and we must make it illegal…."


And then on the democratically elected GOP control of House and Senate..

We’re going to take back the country for the American people  because it has been held hostage by the radical right wing of the Republican Party. This is a freak show, and it has to come to an end.."


I think the freak show is just beginning.

Her plan for Iraq?

She supported John Murtha’s "Out in 6 months plan". Yeah, that’ll show America means business.  

This is just a taster of the received wisdom of Ms Pelosi and the frivilous fraternity who have foolishly elevated her to high office. Watch the fun develop…

14 Responses to “DEAR NANCY”

  1. This woman is high.

    "e belief that diversity is the backbone of our communities"

    Right. Muslims are famous for their love of diversity.

    "Since September 11th, many Muslim Americans have been subjected to searches at airports…"

    So has every other American that has traveled through airports, myself included.

  2. Dull bland statements from dull bland powerful Nancy. One to watch in the days and months ahead, in particular,when Nancy holds views like this."The War on Terror is the war in Afghanistan".If Nancy is correct that should make the entre plane apart from Afganastan a lot safer today.

  3. David,

    I’ve noted your propensity to post unflattering photo’s of those you disagree with. I Googled david vance under images to see if such existed of your good self (as if!), and my my – You have been working out!!! 😮


    What do you mean – Nancy’s PR department sent me that one – they say it is her most flattering!!!!

  5. David,

    After what I saw I won’t be disagreeing with you any time soon! 🙂

  6. She never fails to remind me of the "Wicked Witch of the West!"

  7. Pelosi as Speaker will still not dictate foreign policy so you can relax. The Democrats will however be able to insist on more accountability by the adminsitration. She is no wackier than Newt Ginrich used to be.

    As for most powerful Democrat, I think in reality one has to give that title to the junior Senator from New York. But Nancy is now third in line for the presidency.

  8. Oh gawd – not very promising is it

    ‘Pelosi as Speaker will still not dictate foreign policy so you can relax’

    Ive just been reading she plans to change all that and get stuck in.

  9. Alison: Don’t worry, the Speaker doesn’t have that kind of authority.

  10. Look out Hillary! The right have a new female Democrat hate figure to demonise. They’re so fickle!

  11. And that is all for Rumsfeld, the news is carrying the report that he’ll be resigning.

  12. Obama for president !

  13. "e belief that diversity is the backbone of our communities"

    Wasn’t their a study recently that indicated that diversity impairs community cohesion?

  14. Obama for President. Why?