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So is it Two for the Price of One on this Plane?

By ATWadmin On May 5th, 2009


After I posted this on my own site, I decided to write my M.P. to protest, and I append the letter and subsequent replies here for your information.


So that’s all right then?

2 Responses to “So is it Two for the Price of One on this Plane?”

  1. Nice letter, Mike, but I think the reply from the MoD was right in the way it corrected your false assumptions.

    To make even part of your point, you would have had to show that the way those soldiers’ bodies were transported was somehow less respectful than the way soldiers’ bodies are returned from Iraq, etc. or have been returned from NI throughout the Troubles.

    You didn’t. And from this groundless assumption you go on to your second obviously false claim: that the British government is somehow eager to hush up these killings.

    Again, you are wrong. Such occasional killings are, while terrible, inevitable given the political dynamics of Northern Ireland. Indeed, that there have been so few of them over the past ten years shows how well the peace process is working.

    Your government has nothing to hush up here. In fact it has every reason to feel vindicated for the courageous decisions it took over 10 years ago, decisions that have given that part of Ireland a level of peace and political reconciliation that it has not known literally in centuries!

  2. So to sum up you sent a snotty and gratuitously abusive e-mail containing a bogus complaint apparently to the wrong person. You received a polite, prompt and informative reply.

    Bastards eh?