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By ATWadmin On November 8th, 2006

795151-541421-thumbnail.jpgDick Cheney apart, Donald Rumsfeld has been my favourite Republican. Straight-talking, bold thinking, he’s been an inspiration. And demonised for it by the gutless MSM.

I think Rummy has been a terrific Secretary of Defense, he has held the line in the face of years of MSM onslaught against him, and I am saddened that to read that he has decided to step down from Office. I feel that Bush has side-lined him in recent years and as Condi’s star and influence have risen, Rumsfeld’s have faded. This is bad news.

I salute Donald Rumsfeld, put on record my admiration for the professonal way he has conducted himself over the years as Sec Defense, and wish him well. It seems that Rummy has become one of the firsT casualties following the outcome of these Mid-term elections. He won’t be the last. Moonbats can celebrate today – but as I have written previously, Jihadistan is also celebrating…and preparing.

I read an excellent book about Rumsfeld’s life, written by Midge Decter. There is a stirring quote on the back by Churchill which I think sums ups Rumsfeld..


Rumsfeld was one of the most courageous Americans to hold office. He’s a great loss.

25 Responses to “RUM NEWS ON RUMSFELD….”

  1. Good post, David.

  2. While on a personal level it is sad to see a career end like this, it is honourable and right that he has resigned. He failed to anticipate the military needs in Iraq following the swift military ocupation and for that failure his resignation is necessary. Politicians should be responsible and he has finally chosen to accept that.

  3. he is a great loss to no-one. he is possibly the worst SoD in history. he had his own ideas and they all compositely failed

    the wishes of professional soldiers were ignored from day one of his tenure and the result has been death and destruction on an unimaginable scale. he should have gone 2 years ago or more. but the arrogance of the bush team was absolute.

    with that arrogance effectively neutered something had to give. rumsfeld was sacrificed in order to stave off further democratic predations in the form of ruthless investigation and possible impeachement trial.



    here is rummy at his finest.


  4. David have you seen the most recent Woodard book? Rumsfeld comes across as rather incompetent, and focused on maximizing his own power at the expense of overall success.

  5. Neal,

    I view Woodward as someone intent on maximising his own power at the expense of the truth.

  6. Let’s hope the Administration clears out a few more of the war-mongers – Cheney would do as a start – and create a situation where it can work together with the new Congress to sort out the mess in Iraq without the poison of latter-day Crusaders.

    Although maybe with Cheney dismissal will not be necessary, as he spent the last two days out hunting, with his daughter, and God knows what may have happened when he heard the bad news.

  7. David: As James Brown sang, "Please, Please Please".

    Rumsfeld’s "bravery" escapes me. I’ll have to read the book by that neo-conservative Midge Decter who of course serves on conservative boards with Rumsfeld so she is sure to have written an objective book.

    Bush correctly accepted his resignation in the avalache of bad news for their party. The new Sec. of Defense (proposed I mean) can’t help but be an improvement.

    As for the moonbats comment, well I suppose there will be excessive glee by some. Most are more saddened that it has taken this long and feel relief rather than joy.

    I am not sure why you think that the Jihadists give a toss over who is in charge (they hate us all, they don’t limit their bile to one political party). It may be a theme among the right-wing blogging that only the Republicans are patriotic or willing to fight terrorism, but it is a theme that ignores history and reality.

  8. David -you are right on Woodward.

  9. And Woodward is right on Rumsfeld.

  10. Somebody had to be the fall guy. Now that’s over with let’s concentrate on Nancy bringing home the real fall guys in this disaster the US troops.

  11. Good to see one of the Rear Echelon Brigade go at last.

  12. David

    I agree with you that Woodward’s book isn’t objective and will be more acceptable to opponents of the present administration.

    However, Decter is a paid-up member of Rumfeld’s fan club. She is a colleage and friend and, consequently, this book makes no attempt at objectivity and is plainly aimed at praising Rumsfeld to the skies.

    Books such as these are all skewed to varying degrees by the author’s opinion of the subject. If someone thinks Rumsfeld is geat and doesn’t want to read anything that might prove that he is fallible or has ever made a mistake, then this is the book for them.

    Personally, I prefer books that are written by less partisan authors. I’d rather have a balanced view of someone’s achievements, mistakes and behaviour. I don’t want books that are just crude attempts to force the author’s admiration (or hatred) of the subject down my throat.

    This book doesn’t give impartial readers information about, in this case, Donald Rumsfeld and allow them to reach an informed opinion. It’s just basically pro Rumsfeld propaganda with selected events chosen to support the author’s view.

    I don’t believe all the stuff that I see on TV and I wanted to get more information on Rumsfeld and form an opinion based on the facts.

    This book does not do that. I believe that there will be other books written about Rumsfeld. I would advise anyone who isn’t already a "Rumsfeld groupie" to skip this book and wait for one that is written by someone much less partisan.

  13. Billy,

    I didn’t see it was unbiased – I just enjoyed it. Your points have substance OK but on the central point, I am mad as hell that Bush has let Rummy go whilst Queen Condi continues to demoralise all genuine Conservatives with her bleating to the UN about "sanctions" tomorrow, or the day after, but NEVER today. I see that I am not alone my feelings – at least stateside.Not sure if the UK blogs echo my views – and can’t say I care if they do.

    I am an unapologetic advocate of the War on Islamic terror, I believe in small government, controlled immigration, freedom and liberty. I feel that Bush has become so concerned about bad MSM headlines that he has lost sight of most if not all of these.

    Apart from that…all is fine!!

  14. i was under the impression that bob woodward wrote two previous volumes that all but praised the administration.
    i had to leave my copy in the states as i had no room in the suitcase.

  15. >> I feel that Bush has side-lined him in recent years and as Condi’s star and influence have risen, Rumsfeld’s have faded.<<

    David, do you not realise that Rumsfeld’s presence in the administration, and the backing the President gave to him just two weeks ago, is one of the principal factors in this election disaster for their party. People just want change and some hope of a new start in Iraq. If Rumsfeld had resigned or being dismissed even a few weeks ago, it could have saved the day, at least to some extent, for the GOP.

    I wonder will Osama send him a telegram: "All the best for the future. It was a pleasure working with you."!

  16. Daytripper

    You are correct that Woodward’s previous 2 books were generally complimentary about the Bush Administration whereas his latest book is not.

    There is an interesting side issue. When he was researching his books, Woodward provided an overview of the theme of the books when he requesting access to politicians and White House staff.

    For his first two books, he was granted access and interviews with everyone he requested.

    For the third book his access was refused. I wonder why?

  17. The moonbats here have an interesting perspective. They are wrong, of course.

    The reason the Republicans took such a black eye is because they were not conservative enough – – they lost their base. Those of us who were disenchanted with our Republican lack-of-leadership were sorely tempted. It appears that many of us succumbed to temptation. After swallowing my own vomit to vote for the incumbent Republican in the LAST election, we were asked to do so again in THIS election. I had no problem pulling that straight ticket lever this time, but I know plenty who just couldn’t do it.

    The Dems voted in – most of them ran as conservative Dems rather than leftwing moonbat Dems. (Tripper, so sorry that your hero, Ned Lamont, was beaten to a pulp by pro-war Liebermann running as an Independent in his state…) We shall see what we shall see when it comes time to deliver. I don’t believe that they have the balls to continue in the conservative vein. They have 2 years to show their stuff. My Republican party has 2 years to get its shit together by coming out strong and truly conservative – – or they will continue to lose.

  18. Rumsfeld ignored the professionals in the US army and invaded Iraq with an army that was far too small. Then he disbanded the Iraqi army, creating the Sunni insurgency almost overnight.
    Two colossal mistakes for which he has finally paid the price.

    Also, it was clear that he had lost the confidence of the leaders of the armed forces, most of whom called for his resignation last week.

  19. ‘While on a personal level it is sad to see a career end like this’

    Yes, it’s terribly sad to see wealthy men responsible for the violent deaths of thousands of poor people get told they’re no longer wanted. Brings a lump to the throat every time.

  20. ahhh monica, sweet sweet revisionism.

    "Those of us who were disenchanted with our Republican lack-of-leadership were sorely tempted."

    that statement completely contradicts anything you said before the republican mid-term defeat.

  21. "Then he disbanded the Iraqi army, creating the Sunni insurgency almost overnight."

    There was almost no Iraqi Army to disband. Bremer is on record as stating that the Iraqi’s had already made that decision for themselves.

    "Bremer claimed the old army had disintegrated during the U.S. drive to Baghdad in March-April 2003 and that therefore there was no effective national force left to disband. He argued that recalling or reconstituting that army of primarily conscripted Shiite soldiers and Sunni officers empowered by Saddam would have been a sure "recipe for civil war.""

    In any case, it was Bremer and not Rumsfeld who took the decision. Rumsfeld had previously overseen a policy, implemented by Garner, that would have seen parts of the Iraqi Army initially paid. This changed when Garner was replaced by Bremer.

    The idea that thousands of Sunni soldiers sat around waiting for orders from Shia officers, in a newly liberated Iraq, is frankly absurd.

    The idea that these men waited for a US policy decision before suddenly putting down their arms and walking away is barmy.

  22. So where did the Sunnis get their arms from?

  23. Monica: Moderates spoke clearly. The Democrats also won by not surrendering "conservative values" to the exclusive domain of the Republicans. Indeed several of the Democrats who won, including your new Senator Mr. Casey, were pro-life.
    The electorate also demonstrated a frustration with corrpution, pork and incompetence that the Democrats should note.
    The most telling race was the last Senate race called in Virginia. There, a decorated vet and moderate, Senator-elect Webb, beat George Allen, a guy with his father’s name who isn’t the brightest bulb and who likes to pretend he is a cowboy.

  24. It was telling Mahons but I don’t believe that it was the MOST telling. The most frightening one is the Nation of Islam guy that got elected in – Minnesota – I think it was.

    Tripper, Ned Lamont lost. The lefty loony’s and Soros backed guy lost to a pro-war Jewish guy. I know it still stings for you.

    There is no revisionism involved. I can see that you are frightened. It’s okay.

  25. ‘Tripper, Ned Lamont lost. The lefty loony’s and Soros backed guy lost to a pro-war Jewish guy. I know it still stings for you.’


    ‘There is no revisionism involved. I can see that you are frightened. It’s okay.’

    never been frightened, especially of americans. but the ubiquitous revision is disturbing. esp from troll and you.


    nice peice on rumsfelds potential replacement.