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By ATWadmin On November 8th, 2006

I thought it might be useful to point ATW readers to a quick summary of some of those who have WON today, as the Democrats seize power again.

  • Let’s start with Venezuelan thug Hugo Chavez. On hearing the news that the Democrats were back he enthused…

"All this fills us with optimism."


I bet it does.

  • A joint statement of Socialist members of the European Parliament called our election results "the beginning of the end of a six-year nightmare for the world" and exults that the Bush administration is "seriously weakened."
  • Suleiman Hadad, a lawmaker for Iran’s terror-supporting client state Syria, happily comments that "President Bush is no longer acceptable worldwide."


Hat-tip Moonbattery

31 Responses to “MEET THE WINNERS…”

  1. David, that’s your 6th post today. Don’t overdo it!

  2. What’s the correct term for a gathering of vultures?

    A Committee, or a Parliament?

  3. Mike Cunningham: Halliburton.

  4. David: Even Bush is taking this better than you are.

  5. I’m chilled Mahons. I look forward to the Pelosi freak show and on discovering the great but hithertoo "plan" they have for Iraq….

  6. David: At the very least think of it as inspiration for more posting. And at least there is no truth to the rumor that Brittany Spears dropped her husband because he is Republican.

  7. Well, I’m not particularly pleased with the results of course, but that’s democracy! Well done to the Democrat Party.
    (At least Americans have a clear choice between voting for the right or the left, which is more than we have at the moment!)

  8. Yeah, David, you gotta deal with this better. 2008 is only around the corner and the Democrats are not going to do anything too extreme. I expect tweaks in foreign/security policy and strategy at most, not full-scale surrender.

  9. Mahons,

    Is there no hope that Britney & spouse will reconcile their irreconcilable differences? It’s heart-breaking. And, to think that there are some people who are paying more attention to a few votes cast, etc.

  10. Eagle and all,

    My irritation (oops, have you noticed) is not so much with Pelosi’s freak show but with BUSH. He has failed to stand up for Conservatism, he is favoured Condi over Rummy and now thrown Rummy to the sharks ..I believe he is not leading but threading water while his Party sinks.

    I also fear for our troops in Iraq (British and US) as this result is a signal to open fire on them – maybe the Dem’s "plan" will be revealed as – cave.

    I will post plenty on this as I see it as central to the prosecution on the WOT.

    I suppose I am an honoury Republican at heart – which coming from an NI Unionist is a risky statement!!!

  11. Eagle: There is talk that Rumsfeld submitted his resignation because he actually fathered Brittany’s second child, and intends to become a male dancer in her live shows so they can spend more time together as a family. Apparently the job pays better and is of course more respectable than his previous one. Apparently Bush was not upset with him personally and was heard to remark, "Finally, a heterosexual republican scandal!"

  12. Mahons,
    The frightening images you have seared into my brain are going to scar me for life. Thanks a lot.

  13. David,

    I don’t think the Democrats are any keener to declare defeat than are Republicans. The difference now – and this could be good news – is that if things go better they’ll be able to claim some credit. Wars should be bipartisan, really.

    As for Rumsfeld, I’ve liked him since Sep 11. I loved his manner that day. However, I can hardly say that everything’s gone smoothly in Iraq. Can you? Of course not. Before Sep 11 his primary function was to transform the military. After Sep 11 he found himself fighting wars and trying to transform the military. I suspect that ten years from now we’ll be grateful for his efforts at modernizing the forces, but I think it’s pretty safe to say that right now the Pentagon needs some fresh management.

  14. David: LOL. We’ll get working on your nomination as Grand Marshal for the St. Patrick’s day parade.

  15. Emily: My apologies, but war is hell.

  16. Mahons

    No way Bush would have accepted Rumsfeld’s resignation in such circumstances. He’d have shouted it from the rooftop, thus securing the Viagra vote.

  17. Mahons,

    I’ve been in NYC for St. Patricks Day – thought it was a great laugh and enjoyed it – so you get me that nomination as I could probably give a speech or two unlike any other hithertoo provided.

    Now, about Britney….nah, I’ll save that until tomorrow when I’m calmer…

  18. David: You get points for being the only man on Fifth Avenue that day dressed in Orange holding a sign "England Stay in Ireland."

    Eagle: I don’t think Bush would want the Viagra vote, it would remind him too much of the blue state of New York’s official motto.

  19. DV

    The thing about democracy is you often get something you don’t want, however the majority do get what they want. So whine and moan all you want but last night fundamentalist lunatics like Rick Santorum got shown the door. I’m sure more moderate Republicans also lost their seats but again that’s just to bad for them. That’s democracy. You claim to support it but like all extremists (left or right) you really can’t swallow it when the opposing view is in the ascendancy.

  20. SBK,

    Au contraire – I am putting across my opinion and if you do not like it, tough. Can YOU explain why so many enemies of the USA are celebrating? Any thoughts??

  21. It’s still fresh in mind how the Dems whined and moaned about losing in 2000 and 2004. They kept it up for years! The weeping and wailing was sad to see…

    Anyone remember those wonderful Democrat ‘patriots’, who were ‘so ashamed’ that the Republicans had won, that they were prepared to move abroad, rather than live under a Republican government.

    Such ‘patriots’ as Streisand and Co. when push came to shove they stayed put, knowing full well where they were best off.

    Enjoy the moment – remember, he who laughs last, laughs longest!

  22. I think in fairness they would be celebrating any news that seems to embarrass Bush (many in the same cast celebrated Clinton’s problems).

  23. Ernest: In 2000 Bush lost the popular vote and there was an undeniable issue regarding the Florida vote count that was correctly given to the Courts, so it isn’t quite the same. And Gore, to his credit, did not make any attempt to challenge the electoral college itself or to seek to get the electors to honor the popular vote (a position Bush himself was allegedly preparing if the shoe had been on the other foot for according to Michael Kinsley’s recent article).

  24. Mahons,

    Surely it isn’t possible ‘to honour’ the popular vote. The election is decided on numbers of constituencies/seats won, not on a head count.

    I have seen this idea put forward before, it just ain’t legally possible.

    Re Kinsley’s article, – well he would say that, wouldn’t he? I fail to see how he could possibly know that. He is another of those who feel optimistic conjecture, is as good as fact.

  25. Ernest: I’ve found Kinsley to be a fair person although I may not agree with him politically all the time. His charge warrants more investigation. In any event, the Dems in 2000 at least had the dignity of their guy having won the popular vote, thus preventing any thought of a mandate. This beating the Republicans took yesterday was substantial.

  26. The ‘new day’ in Philadelphia was greeted with rain showers for the better part of this day. Perhaps ,a portent of things to come for the Democrats Aside from the rain, Philadelphia did manage to retain its national leadership in voter fraud.

    This morning, on the way to work, I tuned into Michael Smerconish’s radio program and was just in time to catch a caller braying that the Democrat party is the Party most capable to root out al-queda. Hmmm…for the past six years the Dems have claimed that al-queda had nothing to do with Iraq or 9/11. At that moment I felt a sense of relief over this election cycle. I realized that the Dems have replaced unparalleled political leaders and some Republican deadwood (Chafee) with Democrats who have the leadership capabilities equaling those of schmeagle. Can you imagine replacing Gandhi with Gumby? That is exactly what happened during yesterday’s election.

    This election was no doubt a wake up call for the GOP and their Democrat supporters.

    Michelle Malkin exquisitely sums up what was lost and what has prevailed in this election cycle.

    "The GOP lost. Conservatism prevailed. "San Francisco values" may control the gavels in Congress, but they do not control America. Property rights initiatives limiting eminent domain won big. MCRI, the anti-racial preference measure, passed resoundingly. Congressman Tom Tancredo, the GOP’s leading warrior against illegal immigration–opposed by both the open-borders Left and the open-borders White House–won a fifth term handily. Gay marriage bans won approval in 3 states. And as of this writing, the oil tax initiative, Prop. 87–backed by deep-pocketed Hollywood libs, is trailing badly in California. John Kerry’s late-campaign troop smear galvanized bloggers and talk radio hosts, but it was not strong enough to overcome wider bipartisan voter doubts about Iraq."

    The Dems have won, but not by a clear majority in either the House or the Senate. Coupled with the lack of leadership to act cohesively, and boxed in by the fringe left that will not hesitate to oust any Democratic politician who questions their agenda; the next two years of DNC mismanagement could well resemble a train wreck for the Dems. This new leaner and meaner GOP has the opportunity watch the Dems present their anti-war, anti-taxcut, pro-illegal immigrant agenda to the nation and make sure that it goes nowhere. One of the take-home messages from this election cycle dictates the party voted into the majority must produce tangible results or come 2008 the Party will be replaced. It almost makes it too easy for the GOP in 2008…

    In 2004, my Democrat contemporaries were faced with a real Tsunami of political change. To cope with the loss, some migrated to Canada, some sought out Post Election Stress Therapy, and others lay comatose in bed for days after the election. As a conservative Democrat, I feel no strong need to cut and run as my Democrat peers did in 2004. For the GOP, this IS a New Day for the Party – bring on 2008!

  27. Skye,

    As a conservative Democrat in Pennsylvania, did you vote for Casey and against Santorum?

  28. David:

    I also fear for our troops in Iraq (British and US) as this result is a signal to open fire on them – maybe the Dem’s "plan" will be revealed as – cave.

    So… The evil Iraq Terrorists have been holding back these last few years until the "Dems" won an election!!!!

  29. Skye,

    So the GOP are Gandhi? Right…and I don’t remember hearing about Democrats claiming that al-quaeda had nothing to do with 9/11. Could you let us know which Democrats have been "making that claim for the past 6 years"?

  30. Interesting comment Skye, thanks.

  31. Skye: Michelle Malkin, born in the U.S. to parents who were here on Visas, is an ironic source for anti-immigration wisdom.