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Silence is Golden

By ATWadmin On November 8th, 2006

A murder case has been running for twenty-seven days, but we only heard about it today, for the wrong reason!

Listened on the 6 p.m. news to the result of the trial of three Pakistani men for the murder of a 15-year old Scots lad named Kriss Donald. Called a ‘Racist Murder’ by the BBC, this young man’s death was, in fact, anything but ‘racist’. The three defendants were known, vicious thugs who were intent on holding and defending their criminal empire in the Glasgow suburb of Pollokshields. They ran car-jacking and ringing scams, extortion rackets and drug running; in other words, they ran what was known as the Pakistani Mafia in Glasgow, and they ran it by brute force, terror and violence.

The young Scotsman was killed because he was found with a rival gang member, and killed because he was thought to be associated with that gang, and apparently for no other reason! His death, referred to by the Judge during summing-up as "It was pre_meditated cold blooded execution, it truly was an abomination," referring to the method of execution which entailed "they held his arms and stabbed him 13 times before dousing him with petrol and setting him alight while he may still have been alive."

The BBC gave prominence to the verdicts, said nothing about the gang warfare that preceded that death, but instead concentrated on the ‘RACIST’ murder! Typical!!

13 Responses to “Silence is Golden”

  1. How do you comment on a case like this, it is a sick sadistic murder of a young 15 year old. I hope they rot in jail and receive nothing but bad treatment from their fellow inmates.

  2. I read about this on various news sites before writing about it myself and I never once saw any mention of their other activities. Though I have to say, regardless of their motives, these animals need to be burned at the stake.

  3. Mike

    The BBC Radio 4 news gave extensive coverage to the racist gang warfare background, including interviews with police officers and members of the bereaved family. The police were unequivecal that there was a racist motive to the murder.

    BBC also highlighted the fact taht the murderers fled to Pakistan and were only extradited back to the Uk when the local Glasgow MP, who is of Pakistani origin, went to Pakistan and arranged for an extradition law to be passed.

  4. Some people are just determined to attack the BBC whatever they do. If they had not mentioned racism in connection with this murder many people particularly on the Right would have raged against ‘political correctness’ and the playing down of a white victim of a racist killing. Mike’s comment is nothing more than an example of a determination to bash the Beeb regardless.

  5. sorry to go off topic but i’d like to draw the blogs attention to this article in the shankill mirror


    sectarian attacks against Catholics are given great prominence in the British and Irish media, often giving the impression that sectarianism is a Protestant problem, the sheer irresponsibility of this (ignoring the genuine social basis for the mutual problem and allowing it to fester simply so distorted or selective stories can be broadcasted / printed in line with the media companies political ambitions and social prejudices) is underlined I think by this (again virtually unregistered) attack, elderly defenceless people who cant depend on any sort of support from the fourth estate simply because their real situation contradicts the propagandile fantasy many in the media wish to promote.

    why are Catholics given such prominence as victims whilst protestant victims are ignored ?
    who are we to look for defence ?

  6. Jaun

    What do you mean by that last sentence. An appeal to paramilitary groups?

  7. ‘Bash the Beeb regardless’. They deserve it. We’re paying for that biased and overly liberal dross after all. And when a report that argues clearly of their bias is buried by them, where they refuse to concede the obvious, with tax payers funding, then even more reason to BBC bash. Keep at it. The murder was clearly and unequivacably racist, the BBCs journalism, however, with all its resources is crappily limited – not nearly enough background to the various issues has been given. The link on their website about racism is hilarious. They actually seem surprised racism can work both ways and an entire article is dedicated to a fatuous deconstruction of plain facts – that abuse of whites is higher than ever.

  8. Alison

    Mike was having a go at the BBC precisely because they did highlight this was a racist murder. For a good proportion of yesterday even with all the US election results this murder was the main item on the BBC news website specifically titled ‘3 get life for racist murder’.

    I know that you in the past have commented on the BBC and the MSM playing down racism as a motive in previous cases where white people have been victims and now in this case where the anti-white racism was highlighted the BBC are bashed because they apparently didn’t highlight the gangs culture element. If they had promoted the story as a gang clash you and Mike and others would have been the first shouting about ‘politically correct’ hiding of anti white racism.

  9. Cant they be balanced Colm? Is that too much to ask with all that public funding? If they elect to drop the funding they can write what the hell they like as far as im concerned. Why exonerate an elitist little broadcasting number that has been charged with bias and is burying it, using tax payers money. You always protect them. Of course they have been guilty of what you describe above. And on this occasion they are still guilty of not doing the job they should be in relaying all the facts. Simple as. The racist murder of Anthony Walker was on the website for a considerable amount of time with much scoial brow beating to boot. Where has Kris’ story disappeared to? Especially when there is SO MUCH MORE that needs highlighting in this case. If the BBC choses as it so often does to use my money to be a social forum and commentator then it is open to criticism. It is still utterly failing to be balanced and factual. Since im paying for that and see it is unhealthy Ill continue to criticize them. My point however differs to Mikes.

  10. Alison

    I don’t know why you say I am always defending the BBC. I hardly ever post comment about them as an organisation and have no strong views either way about it, all I was doing was contrasting Mike’s complaint about the BBC going on about the racism of this case which I thought was rich considering the main complaint from the Right about the BBC and racism is that the BBC tend to highlight white on black racism and not the other way round.

    There are over 1,000 murders commited in Britain each year the majority of them barely even make the national news even as a minor story towards the end ofa bulletin , I think the Kriss Donald murder has been given fairly good covereage considering. Only a handful of murders receive comprehensive in depth covereage and It would be inaccurate to say that disproportionate attention is paid to murder victims who are non white. Yes some receive huge covereage Stephen Lawrence for example but a great many do not, particularly if both victim and killer are black. By the same token many white murder victims recieve a lot of coverage becoming household names , for example Rachel Nickel, and even in certain cases where they didn’t even die. look at Abigail Witchells for example. There are many reasons why some crimes and murders capture more media /public atention than others I think it is too simple to just blame ‘lefty bias’ for the reasons why.

  11. I really think it is fair to say whenever someone comments about the Beeb you rush to defend them Colm. I cant reacll arguing these issues over the Beeb with anyone else at ATW. Truthfully. But if you disgaree then you disagree.

    I am however referring to racist crimes not murders vis a vis disproportionate/ineffeciient coverage

  12. Alison

    That is rubbish. There are loads and loads of threads here on ATW where people bang on about lefty BBC bias , particularly in foreign afairs reporting and I don’t rush to defend the BBC indeed I would agree the BBC often does have a lefty bias in it’s new reporting that is undeniable and what’s more i fully accept the argument that the BBC has been as guilty as other agencies in downplaying racism in crimes involvinng white victims of black attackers but all I was doing was pointing out that wasn’t true in the Kriss Donald case. but to accuse me of being a BBC acolyte is nonsense.

  13. Sorry to interrupt the tiff chaps, but to get back to the point, I know I heard about this case some time ago (before it went to trial). The background as reported was that a rascist incident had happened somewhere else and a friend of the assailants was injured. They decided to retaliate by jumping into a car and driving to a nearby area where they picked up the first white person they came across. I do not need to repeat the rest.
    I think it would be fair to describe that as rascist.