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About Turn?

By ATWadmin On February 12th, 2007

I was delighted to hear the the SDLP Mayor of Londonderry, Helen Quigley, has called for greater links to be established between Ulster’s second city and the capital.  The story is carried in the Derry (sic) Journal as the collective conclusion of a major gathering of business and community leaders from the Maiden City.  They attended a reception at London’s Guildhall where they said that, with Londonderry now only an hour’s flight from the capital, every effort should be made to capitalise on the effect the 2012 Olympics might have.  It was even mooted that Londonderry should perhaps become a satellite training base for Olympic teams.  Councillor Quigley said:

‘I think it is important that we have a relationship with the financial capital of the world. We need to maximize the potential that is there. This event is a wonderful opportunity to build relationships right across the four themes.  The two cities have a rich history and we should be using it’.

I can’t argue with that.  Every part of the country should be able to benefit from the economic powerhouse that is Europe’s largest metropolis and the world’s most important city.  What I do find a little strange is that the bedrock theme of this reception was the historical linkages between London and its Foyleside virtual namesake.  Yet, only a few months ago, we had the spectre of Quigley’s party teaming up with the IRA in an – ultimately futile – attempt to remove one of the principle manifestations of those ‘historical links’ – namely the official name of the city itself.  Alderman Sir Gavyn Arthur hailed the 400-year old special relationship between these two cities of the United Kingdom.  How ironic is it that a party so keen to airbrush the titular aspect of that link should now be shouting about ties in general from the rooftops?

Could this herald a new dawn by the less unpleasant brand of insurrectionists?  Who knows, the SDLP may, in time, drop the aspiration to ‘Irish’ unity as a cornerstone of its raison d’etre, and instead concentrate on something that IS actually possible.  We look on with interest.  Meanwhile, we who believe passionately in the Union should applaud Quigley for her new-found conversion to appreciating reality.

4 Responses to “About Turn?”

  1. >>Who knows, the SDLP may, in time, drop the aspiration to ‘Irish’ unity as a cornerstone of its raison d’etre, and…<<

    … abandon the stage entirely to Sinn Fein.

  2. You forgot to add ‘…and allow them to pursue the impossible.’

  3. slight side-track andrew, but your’e from yoshire ot threabouts no?
    This is from my mate Tim, and we were discussing scousers,

    "I know we shouldn’t generalise but…
    It has been said that Scousers are paddies that can’t swim. But on the whole they remain loyal & respectful to the innocents & heroes of their community -unlike most of england. True they’ll probably rob you, con you, But we’d be worse off for not knowing most of ’em.
    I’d rather have 1000s of scousers as oposed to even 1 of the 6fingered inbred turds eminating from the swamps of yorkshire.
    I despise their pompous arogance -Parky is the perfect specimin."

    Shall I invite him to ATW LOL

  4. Wonderful, Sir Percy….and sooo relevant. Isn’t 6:58pm way past your bedtime?