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Deja Vu, again

By ATWadmin On June 27th, 2009

Yesterday evening was a first for me at least, a phone call from my eldest brother where we totally agreed with each other on just one item; the preponderance of cloying, slightly sickening adulation afforded a showbiz freak, whose life and now death has been awarded more column inches than the attack on Pearl Harbour!

Listening, as I was almost forced to do by the mass allegiance of the broadcast media to the life, times and now death of Mr. Jackson, I reluctantly came to the conclusion that the entire nation is being force-fed with ‘Celebrity Culture’. Take this morning’s papers as an object lesson, they’re all at it, from the once august Times to the toilet-paper dregs printed within the Sun; and I just don’t believe the amount of garbage which is going to be printed and broadcast within the next few days.

Are we shortly to witness the elevation of this self-publicising negro freak to the Sainthood? Are we to witness the first of the miracles necessary to bring his memory out of the gutter where it surely belonged into the Pantheon of immortal artists? I have already heard one clown placing Jackson’s voice, dancing ability and pop-music skills on a  level to the genius category afforded a Mozart!

Let’s be blunt, he was a pop artist whose young voice catapulted him into the big-time and  he probably suffered irreparable damage in his youth from an overbearing father who saw the big money coming down the highway! Never having listened on purpose to any of his compositions, as I wish to protect my ears from what is termed ‘diarrhoea noise’, I am not qualified to comment upon his musical merit, if any such merit exists; although many others enjoyed his songs, but when one chooses a hero, I believe that that hero should be a whole person. I do not believe that this particular alleged ‘King of Pop’ is worthy of such worship, with his flawed and deeply damaged life, with his weird ‘fantasy’ world at ‘NeverLand’, and his truly unhealthy predilection for young boys, paid off with millions of dollars in one case, and cleared of more allegations by a cynical manipulation of twelve truly gullible Los Angeles jurors!

Goodbye; possibly, but knowing the Media as we do, it will be a long time before all the garbage finally gets swept away, and we can return to business as usual!

5 Responses to “Deja Vu, again”

  1. it’s a good time for the Establishment to bury bad news or wicked policy. I note that the BBC doesn’t mention the furore over its grossly-overpaid execs but is pushing the death of Michael Jackson to the front of all ‘news’ broadcasts.

  2. Mike,

    You are beyond pathetic! Grow up and get a life, man.

    Fortunately, the majority in this world does not give a rodent’s posterior for the views of losers like you.

  3. First Jackson the man is dead by showbiz and now the media will kill off his memory through over-exposure.

  4. "this self-publicising negro freak"

    I must object to this use of language. Freak he may have been, but Wacko hadn’t been a negro since 1984.

  5. Great post Mike. It needed saying.

    The tributes to this weirdo are truly sickening.