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only three quid? why not ten?

By ATWadmin On February 12th, 2007

There is a world of difference, in attitude as well as in acceptability by my lights, between the dignified requests for donations from those such as the Salvation Army, the Royal National Lifeboat Institution, the Air Training Corps, and a multitude of other outfits whose volunteers give people the choice of stopping to make a donation, or passing by; and the latest scourge to hit our High Streets and side-streets. This epidemic goes by the collective name of Chugging, or to expand the term, Charity Mugging! This takes the form of sometimes a veritable mini-horde of ‘volunteers’, all dressed up in their silly T-shirts and ‘high-vis’ vests, who buttonhole everyone in their sightlines and proceed to badger them into signing up for a monthly ‘donation’ by direct debit, from their accounts to the Charity concerned.

What is not generally known, however, is the fact that these ‘volunteers’ are actually paid employees of a separate Company, itself contracted to the main Charity, to provide a new source of on-going revenue for the afore-mentioned Charitable concern! The activities of these ‘volunteers’ in ‘raising funds’ for Charitable causes without stating that the Company for which they work actually takes a healthy ‘rake-off’ from the money is approaching dishonesty! I have had to literally push past these clowns in order to make my way along a public footpath, and I do not appreciate having the Queen’s highway littered with pushy ‘highwaymen’, even if the only weapons they brandish are pens and a clipboard!

Who I give to, and what I give,  to Charity is my business, and I don’t appreciate the insinuation peddled by these young clowns that I am either mean, or nasty, or uncharitable if I don’t hand over my details and sign on their ‘dotted line’!


15 Responses to “only three quid? why not ten?”

  1. Great post. Couldnt agree with you more. I work in Dun Laoghaire in the ROI, and the main street there was under siege from these people for the best part of 2 years. Every day of the week a different organisation. Each one looking for 2 minutes of your time for a great cause… It got to the stage that you were crossing the street to avoid these people.

    I like to think im a generous person, I donate to those charities I feel deserve it. I refuse to give money to charities who use the services of these people

  2. I agree that certain organizations use questionable tactics. I’ve never begrudged a portion of the sidewalk occupied by some Salvation Army band or Santa, they aren’t pushy and their work has been very helpful. But some others tend to be aggressive and have questionable motives. So long as people to try to block your way I don’t mind them being in the street. Phone calls are another matter.

  3. >>So long as people to try to block your way I don’t mind them being in the street.<<

    I presume you meant DONT block your way there.. I suppose the very point about these Chuggers is thats exactly what they do. they jump in front of you and zig zag as you try to avoid them…

    They are as bad as those other muppets that do the same at the train/bus stations with the free news papers.. annoying as hell.

    I remember seeing a badge in a shop a while back wich read "Do I look like I want the Big Issue".. there should be one for chuggers/free news papers

  4. Kloot – Anyone who jumps in front of a person on a sidewalk/ airport and hassles them, even for a charity, deserves our animosity. It is why God invented stun guns.

  5. >>It is why God invented stun guns.<<

    classic 🙂

    I was thinking one of those rods that they use to steer cattle with might solve the problem

  6. Kloot – a viable alternative, but harder to conceal. The element of surprise is important in these encounters.

  7. I’ve heard about chuggers, but never come across them. As you say though Mike, who you give your charity to is your business is yours alone – and that’s the way it should be.

  8. I get stooped by these hoors every morning on the way to college, an absolute nightmare.

    The only thing worse is the weird sciencetologists that try to get me to take a personality/stress test.

  9. Chris – Just tell him you hated him in Mission Impossible and he’ll leave you alone.

  10. >>>I get stooped by these hoors every morning on the way to college<<

    Err.. what street is that?

  11. Tottenham Court road

  12. I keep getting caught by these cpllectors and even whan the same charity is out again I feel the need to explain that I already donate. It’s not as if they really care if I do or not.

  13. I wouldn’t mind so much but the ironic thing is, on the few occasions that I’ve spotted a female charity canvasser (or Sky TV/N-Power/NTL etc salesperson) and thought "She’s a bit nice, I’ll stop and have a chat with this one", they’ve gone out of their way to NOT pick me! Walk past them 10 times, catch their eye, walk straight into them…nope, not interested. Life’s just not fair.

  14. Dont normally promote the old dead Blog nowadays but thought this little anecdote was particularly apposite to the discussion.


    I realy wish I’d been there, she got a round of applause from all the passers by who’d stopped to see her demolish the silly bastards with the tabards…

  15. Avoid eye contact. Once, when I failed to utilise my own secret weapon, I just waved my two hands in a "No" and said: "I have the Bubonic plague. I shouldn’t really be out of doors at all." She laughed her head off (which made my Bubonic plague sound like a slight case of heart burn) and I made good my escape.