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Who Am I, And What Year Is It?

By ATWadmin On June 30th, 2009

THE SUN is out, the sky is blue and “a burglar who broke into a house and threatened a pensioner with a knife got more than he bargained for when the victim turned out to be a retired boxer who left him bruised and bleeding“.

Frank Corti, 72, who served with the Royal Engineers in North Africa from 1956-58, dodged the knife and punched Gregory McCalium, 23, twice in the face, giving him a black eye and a swollen lip. He then restrained the attacker until police arrived.

So he did (permission to guffaw granted) –

It gets better –

McCalium, a barman, was given a four-and-a-half year prison sentence at Oxford Crown Court on Monday for aggravated burglary and was told by the judge he had “got what he deserved”.

And all of a sudden, it’s Life on Mars and I’m disoriented.

18 Responses to “Who Am I, And What Year Is It?”

  1. meanwhile in heaven,,,,

    an angel has just gotten a nice new pair of wings.

    what a wonderfull story.


  2. Are we allowed to deck burglars and defend our property again? Cool!

  3. I salute you, Frank Corti.

    Somewhere, someone is mad at him for abusing the human rights of the intruder

  4. It’s almost certainly Cunningham.

    Oh, and Daytripper will think Corti is a CIA plant and its all a dirty western plot against the burglar.

  5. Perhaps Corti should be the one in jail.

    After all, how did he know for sure that the young lad was going to hurt him with the knife? Perhaps Mccalium was out hunting with the knife. Since Corti struck first, that was a pre-emptive attack, worse than anything GW Bush ever did in Iraq.

  6. Look at the intruder’s terrible injuries…get a doctor…no, get a social worker quickly.

    Well done Frank Corti.

  7. I’m glad to live in the same planet as Frank Corti.

    I imagine him as being soft spoken, well regarded in the neighborhood, maybe putters in the garden a bit. But don’t f*** with him!

  8. I’m a wee bit dissapointed!

    Frankie started out giving his youthful opponent a nice fat lip then moved onto a good left hook straight into yobbo’s left eye but failed to follow it up with a nice matching right hander 🙂

  9. "Perhaps Corti should be the one in jail."

    And yet he is not.

    Why, it is almost as if the Daily Mail had been making it all up for years.

  10. Yes, the tabloids do exaggerate these stories, mostly with a view towards striking an uncalled-for degree of fear and faux-outrage into our lives.
    Nevertheless, well done, Mr Corti. Only one complaint: How are Mr McCalium’s gonads doing? Not that I’m obsessively interested in his (nor anyone else’s) nether regions, of course, but nevertheless I would like to hope that Mr Corti managed to dispatch a few swift kicks in that direction, before the police arrived.

  11. Mr. Corti deserves a reward. I suggest a revolver and licence number 001. It might save effort and bruised knuckles next time.

  12. I’d recommend a seat in the house of lords, better than the wasters going there this year!

  13. Can we have the name of this judge, and have him cloned and put in all our courts?

  14. Three cheers for the Judge on this occasion. Justice done and justice seen to be done instead of the usual human rights whingers getting in on the act. What we need are more people like Frank. Well done Frank and so glad the Judge decided that this particular yob had got what he deserved and sentenced him accordingly.

  15. These stories are interesting and shame on the so called respectable press for not reporting them.

    One, there have been cases where those who defend their homes and families with force have actually been charged, or sued civilly – certainly in this country. Not urban legend – fact.

    Two, lots of thieves pick on the elderly as they see them as an easy mark. Mr. Corti chose not to be an easy mark.

    It’s a good story, and I hope this paper prints more just like it – especially in a place like England with its unacceptable, high burglary rate, it raises the morale and it is instructive. You don’t always have to be the victim.

  16. There is no duty to retreat in your home.

  17. Arise Sir Frank Corti – defender of Justice and giver of punishment

  18. Good!! Nice to see someone fighting back.