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By ATWadmin On February 26th, 2011


“Politically liberal, a firm advocate of Global Warming, and very keen on Islam for religious instruction. Just a few things I am not. I remain resolutely opposed to terrorists in Government and carry the wounds of political rejection for saying so, publicly and loudly.

Happily married and with two great and expensive kids, I have been running ATW for many years and am beginning to get the hang of this blogging thing. Take Marx as my inspiration (Groucho, not Karl) I commend his view to bloggers  “ Before I speak, I have something important to say.” Think on.



On this site, I’ve been called a socialist and I’ve been called a right winger , at times in the same week! When you think for yourself, your views will  never be perfectly aligned with those of parties or other individuals.
I was born and raised in Brooklyn New York. I always wanted to travel, and when I joined the US Navy I got to do a lot of it, from a base in Naples, Italy. I’ve since traveled to many more places in Europe, Asia, and more.
I’ve always been extremely interested in  news and in world affairs. In the pre-internet days in the Navy, I’d listen to the BBC and Voice of America on the shortwave.
I believe in hard work and straight talk. I don’t mind it if you disagree with me, but I loathe sloppy thought and intellectual laziness.
If you don’t love your country – no matter what country that is-  I don’t want to know you.
One of the things I like best about ATW is that adversaries can have excellent conversations over time, with “enemies ” at times becoming  friends. Long may it run.

MIKE CUNNINGHAM………….Bio or non-Bio

Born in England in 1940 in the middle of the Blitz, into a married family mixture of an English girl and a County Down man. The youngest of three brothers, he survived an early death after a gas leak filled his bedroom in Jarrow. His sister, who was born ten years later, died at a tragically-early age of sixteen from leukaemia.

He joined the Merchant Navy after an Engineering education, and spent seven-odd years living a footloose existence at sea, but met the light of his life, the girl who is now his wife of now forty-three years ago while in London. Lived in South Africa for eighteen years while raising three kids, all of whom are now Engineers of varying disciplines themselves.

Worked in Africa, and then in England in heavy Engineering, on water, sewage, power and electricity projects, watching the steady decline, in Great Britain, of all types of manufacturing and engineering excellence for the next twenty-five years. This decline mainly due to a combination of political interference and political ineptitude.

Likes and loves his family, giving special attention to the two Grandsons who are both independent and always smiling! Is very proud of his three adult kids.

Interests range from politics to blogging and writing, from classical music to photography. Is taking a special interest these days in local council political matters. He has had one book published, a novel about Right-wing politics, and has plans for maybe more.

Politically, he is inclined towards the Right, but is constantly depressed by what is on offer on that side of the political divide. Dislikes the very idea of the European Union, and is forlornly awaiting any Party to keep their promises regarding that bureaucracy-ridden place by the offer of a Referendum.

High on any wish-list is an importation of the First Amendment to the Constitution of the United States into the political life of Great Britain and Northern Ireland, so that once more Freemen can speak Freely, without recourse to euphemisms and double-speak!


“Middle-Aged Yet Still  Heartbreakingly Handsome Oracle of Wisdom, Imbiber of Beer and Married Father of Three.  Resident of the Great State of New York and Able to Leap Tall  Buildings in a Single Bound.”


Pete Moore is an English conservative and libertarian. Originally from London, he fled some years ago and is more than happy now with life in the styx.

He has gone from the City to a life abroad and now works in grubby commerce. He’s a patriot and nationalist and his Irish passport is strictly one of convenience. A 1910 man in a 2010 world, he believes in tradition is the superior guide and authority. He knows there is nothing under the sun which will not be made worse by the attention of government and dreams of the day when an Englishman can once more live his life untouched by the rapacious State.

Likes: a proper understanding of our Constitution, the British Empire, history, Austrian economics, reading, beer, lots of good food, the Arsenal, rugby, skiing and hill-walking.
Dislikes: politicians, communists, bureaucrats and other general riff-raff, rudeness, litter, cluttered streets and almost everything he sees on TV.

He admires tax-dodgers and believes that Her Majesty the Queen is the worst monarch in our history.


I am a married homeschooling mom in Pennsylvania, United States.  I would consider myself a Libertarian, except that Libertarian’s big issue seems to be legalization of drugs – which I disagree with.  So, I am stuck as a Conservative Republican ‘Tea Bagger’ even though I believe that the Republican Party left me a long time ago.

I have no choice but to assist in turning this party back to its conservative roots. I have been married to TheTroll for..hmmm..is it almost 23 years now with a little break in between there at the beginning for a couple of years.  We have 2 girls of school age.  I had homeschooled them from kindergarten up until we moved out into the boonies of PA, at which time we put them into a private parochial school.  We managed to make it almost 2 years before I had a fit, called meetings with principal and teachers, and then decided to put the several thousands of dollars tuition money to better use, so we are back to homeschooling this year.

Can I say what a massive waste of time and money that school was? Am I allowed to say that?  My girls are athletic with both of them on swim team, one in gymnastics, one in kickboxing/grappling/weapons, and basketball.  We are also joining a homeschooling ski club this year, which will be their first taste of skiing and snowboarding.  They also play drums, bells, guitar, trumpet and are getting piano lessons.  The eldest is a Student Historian here in our little town. I joined the Army at the age of 17 – just as Reagan was being voted into office.  I was a bit of a liberal back then, being young and ignorant and fresh out of the indoctrination center we call public education. Weren’t we all?

As my REAL education progressed – that of life – I became more conservative.  I was always a gun owner, even in my liberal phase, and continue to enjoy the pistol shooting sport but not as often as I’d like.  I advocate for the human right of self defense whenever I can muster up the energy to argue about it. My father is dead, my mother still kicking.  I have 7 brothers and sisters, 6 living.  I grew up in a large, devout Irish Catholic family in Colorado.  We spent lots of time in the mountains when I was little.  It was a family that I had to escape from for my own safety in the end.  I also escaped from the Catholic Church for decades, but I am making my way back while slowly resolving some of the issues that I have with the Church.

I have loved A Tangled Web since shortly after 9/11.  9/11 changed me, like it did so many.  It awakened me to international issues, and ATW has been a fascinating education into the debates that are raging in Europe and elsewhere.  I enjoy the back and forth, even with people like That Damnable O’Dwyer – who I disagree with on a constant basis.  I thank David for hosting the site and for allowing us to visit and share our opinions. It was a pleasure to meet David and his family when they came to Philly.

I hope to meet many of you in the future.


Los Angeles, California: She lay on her side, unmoving. He thought at first she might be dead, but the cat balanced on her hip was purring softly and there was a small pool of spit at the corner of her open mouth where it came in contact with the sofa. “Patty?” She didn’t move.

He looked around for Jack Daniel’s and then he remembered. Champagne…she only drinks expensive champagne, and it has to be served in cut crystal…ridiculous. He smiled at her tenderly.

Under her arm, a small bluish light was eerily blinking. Carefully, he reached down and extracted her MacBook. Heart beating, he opened it, fearing the worst.

There was an open TextEdit document on the desktop. He read: “My favorite books include Whittaker Chambers’ Witness and anything by Raymond Chandler. I admire Quakers and cowboys for their ability to keep their counsel, to judge actions over words. I believe in God, limited government and individual freedom. I think everyone should sleep outside in the desert at least once, spend enough time in the desert’s empty solitude to learn that it is not empty at all but filled with a multitude of living creatures. In the desert, at night, stars come out from behind the blackness, at first a handful, then hundreds, thousands, billions, trillions – winking, blinking – alive – keeping watch while people sleep.”

He had no idea what she was going on about but sighed relief that he found no signs of a secret lover or a compulsive shopping habit. He put the laptop down and walked over to the open window. A warm wind was kicking-up over the Pacific Ocean and he could smell salt in the air. He picked her sweater up from the floor and gently laid it over her exposed shoulder. Then he kissed her cheek and left the room.


Born and bred in the City of Brotherly Love Philadelphia, where no love has been felt amongst it residents for over 100 years.

Served as a Sergeant in the Air Force, received his education at The University of Pennsylvania with a Computer Science Major, and a minor in the American Constitution. (Although the man can’t spell to save his life, and enjoys ridiculing anyone that points that out)

Did mainframe operations for a decade and a half, and then the Airline industry for another decade and a half. He is currently pursuing other ventures.
His family background consists of four generations of Police Officers, which sometimes tends to color his point of view. Has a beautiful wife, two lovely daughters, a parrot and a cat.

This contributor crawled out from under his bridge to lurk under the bridge at ATW to raise up and bludgeon to death those that spout left wing bile. A firm believer in the God Given Right to not only own firearms, but to carry them in case they are needed in self-defense against the dregs of society, like muggers, murderers and TERRORISTS. In his own words “If you wear a ski mask and blow up pubs you should be executed NOT placed in Govt. office”

A soft spoken man of even temper and excellent taste in music. He graces our pages with the wisdom and sanity that for a large group of our audience is severely lacking.