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What we know

By The Troll On May 4th, 2015 at 1:43 pm

TWO ISLAMISTS SHOT DEAD, OFFICER WOUNDED at Pamela Geller TX Free Speech Conference
Shots Fired at AFDI- Jihad Watch Event in Texas
** Islamists were carrying explosives
** Contest to draw prophet Mohammad
** One officer injured
** Witness says 20 shots were fired!!
** The center is still on lockdown (9:00 PM Central)

As most of you have heard there has been a terrorist shooting in Texas. It was a Free Speech event Hosted by Atlas Shrugs Pamela Geller and the main speaker was Geert Wilders, a Dutch politician. The Event also featured a Contest to Draw Moe. David posted the Picture Below that won.

We don’t know both of the shooters names, one has been identified as Elton Simpson, who an FBI official stated had been investigated for terrorism in the past. Court records from 2011 show Simpson identified as an “American Muslim.” Now why they have named one shooter and not the other would be purely speculative on my part. (I’ll leave that up to you)

The event was supposed to end at 7pm and that is when the shooting began, however it was running late so not many people were actually outside the center. One security guard was shot in the leg. Ms Geller had the fore sight to hire off duty Police for Security for the event.

The two terrorists bodies were left by their vehicle most of the night while the Police secured the vehicle making sure it was not a car bomb. An EMP was detonated at the car to disable any device. At this point whether or not a bomb was in the car has not been made clear.

That is the information at this time as more data become available it will be updated.


One tweet, sent at 6:35 p.m., used the hashtag #texasattack. The user wrote, “May Allah accept us as mujahideen.”

UPDATE: Second Shooter Nadir Soofi


By David Vance On May 4th, 2015 at 1:14 pm

As the bodies of two Jihadists are swept from the streets of LA, here is the winning cartoon. Allahu Akbar, baby.



By David Vance On May 4th, 2015 at 10:34 am



By David Vance On May 4th, 2015 at 10:30 am

One of the most repugnant plans coming from the hard left Labour Party is to force private sector landlords to offer 3 year tenancy agreements and to limit any annual rent increases to the level of inflation. Inflation is currently sitting at zero so this means no rental increase for tenants.

Let me declare my interest. I am a private sector landlord. I rent out a house I own in Belfast. Over the past few years I have maintained the monthly rental amount despite investing in the upkeep and continued improvement of the property. The rental period is for one year. My tenants are happy with this arrangement.

However, what Labour are doing is to FORCE me into offering a term of rent that then limits my options. Should I decide to sell the property, I can’t. If I have to make alterations to the property that cost me £££ I cannot pass these on (at least in part) to those who benefit from them because Miliband wants to anchor me to the inflation rate!

I don’t believe Labour will get into power but if they do, and they then proceed to implement this policy I suspect many private sector landlords will do the obvious. They will hike RENTS to ensure they are covered for the three  year period. They will sell their property and so the number of rental properties will drop. In this way, Labour ensure that tenants will pay MORE than they do currently and the actual scope to rent will shrink as the number of rented properties shrinks. It’s called the law of unintended consequences. The Left thinks it can interfere with the free market and make things better. The reverse is true.


By David Vance On May 4th, 2015 at 10:19 am

North African is sending its citizens into the EU and instead of turning the boats around and returning them to the ports from whence they sailed, we accept them! The consequences will be devastating. Remember these are the “migrants’ who throw CHRISTIANS overboard on their journey across the Med.

Italian coastguard and commercial vessels rescued more than 4,000 migrants and recovered 10 bodies off the Libya coast over the weekend. The rescues from 16 boats came as smugglers took advantage of calm seas to send packed vessels across the Mediterranean.

The Italian coastguard said the bodies were found in three rescue operations off Libya’s coast. The coastguard was being aided by a tug and a merchant ship in at least some of the rescue efforts. Most of the rescued migrants were still being taken to southern Italian ports as the fresh rescues were taking place.

We don’t need search and rescue operating in the Med. We need stop and return to Port. Expecting Europe to provide a welfare sanctuary for these people is unreasonable and the African Union is opting out of its responsibility by exporting the problem, and the costs of the problem, to a weak and vacillating EU.


By David Vance On May 4th, 2015 at 10:10 am

Here’s a great example of just how cowardly the “right wing” media in the UK has become in its submission to Islam.

The organizers of a provocative exhibition dedicated to depicting the prophet Muhammad where two alleged attackers were shot dead tonight said before that they ‘knew the risks’.

“Provocative’ – why that almost sounds like an EXCUSE for the Islamofascists who went there to slaughter before being killed en route.

Pamela Geller, the co-founder of the American Freedom Defense Initiative (AFDI), vowed that she wouldn’t be swayed from holding the Muhammad Art Exhibit and Contest in Garland, Texas, despite anticipating that an attack was possible. Shots were fired at the event Sunday night, and two armed suspects, who were allegedly carrying explosives, were shot dead by event security after they opened fire.  In a post on her organization’s website in late March, Geller insisted that the event was necessary to fight back against what she described as ‘the jihad against freedom’.

It is remarkable that the Mail chooses to seek to undermine the motivations of Geller and those cartoonists attending this event – rather than the Islamic alleged killers. They should be asking why Islamists are so pathologically intolerant of other points of view. They don’t. Go figure.

what comes for us all

By Mike Cunningham On May 3rd, 2015 at 8:29 pm

For reasons which are purely personal, I was forced to place my wife of some forty-seven years, ill now for many years, invalid herself and unable to move without assistance, into a ‘Care Facility’ about a week ago; and to leave her there in the possibly-tender clutches of others until I get my own medical priorities sorted and hopefully cleared up. I am now faced with appointments and schedules dictated by a faceless and careless NHS bureaucracy, running as we all know and have to accept as ‘the best in the world’ Health Service: which means that I have to be at a certain hospital at that time, and no other; I have to be at the surgery for more ‘tests’, I have to be a ‘free agent’, with the ability to travel or stay without having to arrange competent help for my wife.

So allow me to shed a bright light on how we treat the elderly memories of our lives, those people who gave unstintingly of their own lives so that we might relax on a Sunday, care free and without a worry in the sky. I have three tales to tell, three places which might explain my annoyance, my anger,
and yes, the futile hope that; by writing these few lines: I just might make a change in the way and manner with which the true discards of our ‘ever-so-caring’ society are treated.

I was working down in London some fifteen years ago, when a friend of mine asked me to do him a favour, and visit an old-aged-home, and to do an electrical upgrade tender, as he wasn’t able to leave his own project in Wales. I agreed, he sent me the documents, and I set off to a Council-run ‘home’ in Hackney, or Islington; I forget which, but that is unimportant. The scenes which greeted my eyes will never be forgotten as I walked through the doors of what, in truth, is probably waiting for us all, or at least those of us who haven’t got a small liquid trust fund tucked away in the tax-haven named Jersey. Read the rest of this entry »


By Pete Moore On May 3rd, 2015 at 7:35 pm


So let me get this right: while feminists were going nuts this weekend, stripping off in Hyde Park to protest public  images of a fit young woman, the Labour Party was holding this meeting. Note the seating arrangements –


On the stage for Labour were Tom Watson MP, Liam Byrne MP and Mr Jack Dromey MP and Siôn Simon MEP. I thought the Left and the Labour Party opposed sexism and gender apartheid? Maybe I imagined it all these years. I must have done so, because they’re appeasing the primitive culture of the immigrants they brought in to vote for them. Let’s remember that Jack Dromey is otherwise known as Mr Harriet Harman, Labour’s marxist-feminist obergruppenfuhrer. She was on the TV this morning and wasn’t moved to say a word about her husband’s acquiescence in gender apartheid.

I can’t wait for the 2020 election: Miliband won’t be erecting stone columns, he’ll be dropping them on homosexuals.


By David Vance On May 3rd, 2015 at 11:27 am

Well now, the race is on and I’m not talking about George Jones erstwhile hit! Here in the People’s Republic of Upper Bann the scent of political change is in the air. Could the DUP’s two times incumbent David Simpson LOSE his seat to the UUP’s Jo-Anne Dobson? As we approach polling day the news on the street is that Simpson is being run very close by the likeable and hardworking Dobson and so, true to form, a special letter is appearing in certain letter boxes….here it is..


They did this same scare tactic five years ago. The thinking is to frighten wavering unionists into the DUP camp in order ‘to keep Sinn Fein out”.

However it is VERY unlikely that the Sinn Fein candidate could win this seat in a first past the post election. Furthermore let’s remember that the DUP are also the party who KEEP Sinn Fein in Government at Stormont so their hypocrisy is quite staggering.

I hope that Ulster Unionist Jo-Anne Dobson wins and that the DUP lose a seat that they won under false political pretences in the first place. David Trimble became toxic and lost this seat in 2005 because of how he embraced Sinn Fein/IRA. David Simpson has done exactly the same and richly deserves the same fate.




By David Vance On May 3rd, 2015 at 11:06 am

The question is how much more Scottish separatist supremacism can the English people take?

“That being the case, how much more Scottishness can England take? For more than a year, the referendum dominated political discourse. In the years preceding that festival of navel-gazing and Scottish self-regard, every piece of devolution to the Edinburgh parliament was banked and then branded insufficient five minutes later. Meanwhile, Fred Goodwin and the Royal Bank of Scotland played a starring role in blowing up the British economy, and the English had to listen to Gordon Brown’s lectures for 13 years about the alleged superiority of his “values”.

Now, it seems, a majority of Scots want to dictate terms to England – and even if Mr Miliband refuses to do a formal deal, that will only mean a deal every day as the SNP decides vote by vote whether to strike. If the Tories win, a large group of Nationalists will be in the Commons taking every opportunity to foster resentment.How will the English respond to being run over in this manner by the Sturgeon-Salmond express?”

I am increasingly of the view that we may want to wave bye bye to Scotland as the price paid for keeping them is too high. Within a year, they would come running back as the penny drops that leaving our successful Union for a Euro union is a bad idea.