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Well, it just had to be Rochdale; innit?

By Mike Cunningham On August 14th, 2015 at 11:15 am

So, apart from extra staff at Barnardos to help cope with the still-evident White Girl Sex Abuse by Paki Muslim ‘asian’ men in Rotherham, guess what they’re really worried about in nearby Rochdale?

Well, its too many people eating fried fish. so says Clare McNicol, Rochdale council’s healthier choices manager

Some of the chip shops taking part have been awarded the top ‘Gold’ rating in the council scheme, meaning they use healthier frying techniques, including sieving the oil after each frying, using straight-cut chunky chips which soak up less fat, and cooking chips at 175c, further reducing fat content.
They also bang the basket six times when chips have been fried, which stops fat soaking into chips.
said: ‘It’s great to see some takeaways in the borough now doing steamed fish.
‘We know customers are increasingly looking for a healthier diet although they enjoy treats like fish and chips so it’s a step in the right direction.’

So thats where all that cash saved from the ‘Austerity Cuts’ has been spent! A healthy choices Manager! Says it all, really!


By Pete Moore On August 13th, 2015 at 7:51 pm

An elderly man calmly smoked a pipe in his car as it slowly sank in a lake, paramedics have revealed. The man, who has not been identified but is in his 80s, had gone to the lake to fish. He accidentally drove his Ford Focus into the water but seemed unfazed by the dangers, calmly smoking the pipe as he awaited rescue […]

John Hutsby, who owns the farm, said: “This was the first time the gentleman had been to the site. We had to meet him down by the gate to let him in and he started driving up to the lake. He must have saw some fisherman on the other side and started driving over to them thinking it was flat.

“But he went straight up the bank and into the pond – he must have took off. The fishermen said they heard an almighty splash but he was just sitting there and carried on smoking his pipe while the car sank. It went up to the car windows in the end but he just kept puffing away – completely unperturbed by what had happened.”

If Johnny Continental had put it into the drink he’d have been shrieking like his hair’s on fire, but not old Bert, or whatever his name is. He thinks “oh dear”, and then realises all is not lost because his pipe and shag are still dry. That’s the kind of British stoicism which Douglas Bader called on to sink the Tirpitz at El Alamein with his one good eye, or something.

Makes you proud.



By Pete Moore On August 13th, 2015 at 7:36 pm

Fast Food automation is already a reality. Before you know it, every McDonalds or wherever you go will have done away with staff. It’s important to understand that minimum wage laws accelerate the process by incentivising the search for ways to recover costs elsewhere.

How far can it go? Well you have to hand it to the Japs, in a way. They just don’t hang about. Sixty years ago Nagasaki was a nuclear wasteland in a completely broken country. Now, a hotel in Nagasaki is being run entirely by robots – at in the info desk, operating lockers, for porter services, and at reception is a robotic velociraptor –


The long journey is, ever slowly, beginning.

By Mike Cunningham On August 13th, 2015 at 2:11 pm

It is saddening to read of the cancer which President Jimmy Carter has reported he suffers from. As a politician, a President and as a ‘Leader’, the judgement on him, especially in Foreign Affairs, is both abrupt and uncompromising: he was little short of disastrous.  From his decision to remove support for the Shah of Iran in favour of a new alleged ‘Messiah’ named Khomeini, to the wholesale lunacy of handing the Panama Canal Zone over to a bunch of drug runners, he positively demonstrated that, apart from knowing how to plant and harvest peanuts, he really didn’t have much of a clue.

However, there is one area where he did shine, and it would be unfair to leave this part of Carter’s career in the shade, especially when it is all the rage these days to speak almost casually of ‘Yooman Rites’. When President Jimmy Carter spoke of Human Rights, he did not mention the wishy-washy union- and liberal-friendly crap which is so loved by the European Union, but the real package, the freedom to worship, even if it’s a mish-mash of ideas like Falun Gong; the freedom to congregate, even in a place like Tiananmen Square and talk about honest reform of government; the freedom to say “get stuffed” to a uniformed bully; the freedoms laid down by the United Nations in 1948, which have long since been either forgotten or misplaced.

He said in 1997, during a Foreign Policy speech, “The great democracies are not free because we are strong and prosperous. I believe we are strong and influential and prosperous because we are free. Throughout the world today, in free nations and in totalitarian countries as well, there is a preoccupation with the subject of human freedom, human rights. And I believe it is incumbent on us in this country to keep that discussion, that debate, that contention alive. No other country is as well-qualified as we to set an example. We have our own shortcomings and faults, and we should strive constantly and with courage to make sure that we are legitimately proud of what we have.”



The DOJ Finally SEIZE Clintons Server

By The Troll On August 13th, 2015 at 2:03 am


The good information is it’s in the Hands of the FBI…. NOT the DOJ

Now lets talk about the problem and the reality. The Problem is Hillary Clinton has once again broken the law, and once again been caught. The Reality is that she will not be prosecuted as any other person in America would be. She is after all Hillary Clinton. Wife of a former President.

It’s not just that either. The Clinton’s have amassed a following like a cult. A cult of the very rich, very connected, and legions of the very gullible. Top that off with a complicit Press and she won’t ever be touched.

The information on her computer was classified as “TOP SECRET//SI//TK//NOFORN,” according to the Inspector General’s report.  Information with that Level of Classification isn’t even allowed to leave the building it originates in, let alone be passed around in an e-mail.

TOP SECRET, as the name implies, is the highest official classification level in the U.S. government, defined as information whose unauthorized release “could cause exceptionally grave damage to national security or foreign relations.”

SI refers to Special Intelligence, meaning it is information derived from intercepted communications, which is the business of the National Security Agency, America’s single biggest source of intelligence. They’re the guys who eavesdrop on phone calls, map who’s calling who, and comb through emails. SI is a subset of what the intelligence community calls Sensitive Compartmented Information or SCI. And these materials always require special handling and protection. They are to be kept in a Sensitive Compartmented Information Facility or SCIF, which is a special hardened room that is safe from both physical and electronic intrusion.

TK refers to Talent Keyhole, which is an IC caveat indicating that the classified material was obtained via satellite.

NOFORN, as the name implies, means that the materials can only be shown to Americans, not to foreigners.

Whoever takes the fall for sharing this, because Hillary won’t is going to Jail.  The way the Laws are written someone has to.

The thing is this whole issue comes about because of the Criminal Behavior of the Clintons in the first place. The only reason to have a personal server is to hide Criminal Activity.  Her Deletion of 32,000 e-mails is an admission that she was acting Criminally.  Her Destruction of the Evidence is obstruction of Justice. Don’t tell us that the 32,000 e-mails were about Yoga, and Chelsea’s Wedding as she has claimed.

If the 32,000 e-mails were just “personal correspondence” she would have and could have just deleted them. Instead she had Professional Security people come in and Scrub the Server of all Data that she wanted destroyed.  No one does that.  The only reason to go to such lengths is to cover up criminal acts.

These things are plain to everyone, yet if she stays in the race Millions of the gullible will vote for her. That is the state that the Left is at. No morality, no conscience, no belief in right or wrong. That’s why they can support putting a Rapist and a Criminal Conspirator back in the White House.


By Pete Moore On August 12th, 2015 at 7:34 pm

EU-born migrants working in the UK hits 2m for first time, reports The Telegraph.

At least most of them are not muslims, and some of the birds are very fit. But that’s still alot of foreigners. Meanwhile, the Office for National Statistics says that UK unemployment is 1.85 million. That’s also alot of people.

Now if a Briton wants to be unemployed then he can go right ahead. His life, his choices, as long as he doesn’t trouser my hard earned. But I’m working my nuts off so that 1.85m can stay in fags, chips, HD TVs and own brand lager. And all the while, 2m foreigners are doing the jobs most of them are perfectly fit to do, and I don’t have an HD TV.



By Pete Moore On August 12th, 2015 at 7:27 pm

Reports The Guardian –

More than a dozen people have been arrested after migrants and police clashed in the Spanish seaside resort of Salou in protests sparked by the death of a Senegalese man during a police raid.

Salou, near Barcelona, was quite a nice place to have lunch. That was about 10 years ago on a Spain – Germany drive. Things have clearly gone downhill since then, but then that’s what happens when the dysfunctional sweep in. (Kos, where I once had a nice week, is going very ethnic as well.) Here’s Salou being enriched –

YouTube Preview Image

A traveller from a far-off land……

By Mike Cunningham On August 12th, 2015 at 4:15 pm

I have authored my own small blogsite since May 2006. I have a small but loyal following, and I can read my traffic by country of origin within the statistics page. I get visitors from the UK & Northern Ireland, of course, but also from just about anywhere in this Web-connected world of ours, as people surf, and stop, and then move on.

I state my causes, my grievances, my annoyances, my dislikes, my detestations: and on the rare instance; I write of Love, Happiness, Triumph and Sadness both in the wider world and within my own life.

But a few days ago, I had a very, very strange visitor from an unknown entity: this visitor came from The European Union. I do hope he or she was truly disappointed in what was read.




By Pete Moore On August 11th, 2015 at 7:05 pm

Two people were murdered in an Ikea store in Sweden yesterday. We know that because the media was all over it a day ago. The victims were a mother and son, aged 55 and 28, both stabbed to death by two men.

We learn today that the two men are Eritrean “asylum seekers”.


It all depends what you mean by ‘strange’.

By Mike Cunningham On August 11th, 2015 at 11:40 am

Man lets daughter drown rather than let strange men touch her

The father of a 20-year-old woman who drowned in Dubai allegedly stopped lifeguards from helping her.

The unnamed man had said he preferred to let her die rather than be touched by strange men after she got into difficulty on a beach in the city, a top Dubai official told Emirates 24/7.

Lt. Col Ahmed Burqibah, Deputy Director of Dubai Police’s Search and Rescue Department, said the incident had stuck with him.

He said: “The kids were swimming in the beach when suddenly, the 20-year-old girl started drowning and screaming for help.

“Two rescue men were at the beach, and they rushed to help the girl.

“However, there was one obstacle which prevented them from reaching the girl and helping her.

“This obstacle was the belief of this Asian man who considered that if these men touched his daughter, then this would dishonour her. It cost him the life of his daughter.”

According to Lt. Col Burqibah, the man became aggressive, physically pulling the rescue men away from the water and said he “prefers his daughter being dead than being touched by a strange man”.

The girl died in the incident but Lt. Col Burqibah said she could have been saved as they were “so close to her to pull her out of the water” when her father intervened.

The man was later prosecuted for stopping the rescue team from doing its job.