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By David Vance On October 7th, 2014 at 7:46 pm

It’s the complacency that is so shocking! Consider this one;

There are no plans to introduce Ebola screening for those arriving in the UK, Public Health England (PHE) has said. About 3,400 people, mainly from Sierra Leone, Liberia and Guinea, have died in the current outbreak. President Barack Obama said on Monday that the US planned to screen incoming air passengers for the virus. But PHE said this was not recommended by the World Health Organization and would mean screening “huge numbers of low-risk people”.

Ah – well, that would NEVER do, would it? Better we allow Ebola infected people into the UK than we screen “huge numbers”.  Mind you, it’s not just west Africa that we should be concerned about, but Spain too! The same mindset that thinks we should not worry about vast numbers of immigrants coming into the country and has now determined we should not worry about those carrying this lethal disease. Remarkable!!!

Is this wrong?

By The Troll On October 7th, 2014 at 3:30 pm

The following is a video of a guy asking IRS Henchwoman Lois Lerner questions. Now the video has an add for a book at the front of it. I don’t know the book, I haven’t read the book and I don’t care about the Author or the book.

Do you feel this is justified? What’s your opinion.

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Not the ‘Final’; but the Only Solution!

By Mike Cunningham On October 7th, 2014 at 10:19 am

We learn today of a Spanish nurse who has contracted Ebola after tending to a dying priest flown out of Liberia to a Madrid hospital. A few days ago, we read of an black bloke in Texas who went down with Ebola after travelling from Liberia, via Belgium to Dallas. He lied when he boarded the plane in Africa, as he stated that he had no contact with any affected person, but instead had ‘transported’ a woman who later died of this disease in Monrovia, exposed probably many people before he finally went to hospital in Dallas, and now expects to be treated.

What should be imposed on all these tin-pot West African states is a complete international travel embargo, no-one allowed out at all, and the only people allowed in are the truly stupid who think they can ‘help others’.

My solution to this dread epidemic is quite simple, if probably a little too strict for the liberals, the ‘do-gooders’ of this world, those who believe that the inhabitants of these tropical shit-holes deserve help. The countries where this dread disease is raging should be clamped down with an international air and land travel embargo, and left to rot, because all that is happening now is the ones with any cash are buying tickets to anywhere in the West, and transporting their deadly diseases along with them. The travel embargo should remain in force until a month after the last person dies. Many might die, but the West would remain disease-free.

But I know that most Western Nation-States are too soft, too woolly-minded, too full of the dread mindset which says ‘We can help’, when what they should be doing is setting up the barbed-wire fences around these plague spots, and then waiting until this disease kills all it touches, and then dies out naturally!


and he swears he was discreet

By Mike Cunningham On October 6th, 2014 at 6:57 pm

Watching the local tv news, I was truly enchanted to  watch the report about this elderly homosexual fool who had decided that, despite all the warnings; all the reports to the contrary, all the extremely-negative published statements from Islamic scholars;  Morocco was homosexual-friendly territory.

And guess what happened to him,  when the local cops checked his phone for the PICTURES! He ‘came out’ to his family a few years ago, and was stated to be respectful of Morocco’s laws and that he is a “very discreet” person. I guess he is finding out how ‘ discreet and friendly’ the locals are in prison!

But the best bit is actually on the Sky webpage. This bloke is stated as having been arrested for being ‘gay’. No he wasn’t, he was arrested and charged with homosexual acts and activities; not for his sexual inclinations. You can be as camp as you wish, and you are not breaking Moroccan Law. It is the act which is the crime.




By David Vance On October 6th, 2014 at 11:32 am

Back from my holiday and wading through all those pesky emails and letters that sit in a big pile for you on your return. Hope you all have been well behaved and shared the love in my absence. Here are two pics from my hols which I wanted to share. I’m easing myself back in but you will hear more from me anon!

10653610_10152316399881205_4769260373251834719_n-1 1378524_10152321788556205_1048132546736879852_n

How I Spent my Sunday

By The Troll On October 6th, 2014 at 11:07 am

Story from the Blaze


As Convicted Cop Killer Gives Controversial Commencement Address, Police Make Their Feelings Known Without Uttering One Word

At the same time a convicted cop killer gave a controversial college commencement address by video Sunday, scores of Philadelphia officers gathered at the murder site of Officer Daniel Faulkner and needed no words to make their feelings clear.


While Mumia Abu-Jamal, a former death row inmate imprisoned for Faulkner’s 1981 murder, encouraged the 20 gathered graduates of Goddard College to ”think about the myriad of problems that beset this land and strive to make it better,” police held a silent vigil honoring Faulkner as well as his widow.


The choice of Abu-Jamal to give the prerecorded address to the school in Plainfield, Vermont, angered police and politicians far and wide. Abu-Jamal was initially sentenced to death for Faulkner’s murder but re-sentenced to life in 2012.

Faulkner’s widow had some pointed words for Goddard: “Shame on them,” she told WCAU-TV.

“The only thing I would want to hear from Mumia Abu-Jamal is him admitting and confessing to my husband’s murder,” Maureen Faulkner told the station, adding that Goddard “could have another commencement speaker that would give these students wisdom before they start out in life.”


The college’s Interim President held a different viewpoint. “Choosing Mumia as their commencement speaker, to me, shows how this newest group of Goddard graduates expresses their freedom to engage and think radically and critically in a world that often sets up barriers to do just that,” Bob Kenny said in a statement.



The truth of the real ‘Health & Safety’ Regulations.

By Mike Cunningham On October 5th, 2014 at 5:19 pm


When I was first exposed to real danger, when working in an environment where your life was seriously at risk if you did not obey the rules; most of which were not written down, but learnt, off by heart, from real people who knew of those dangers by learning them from their predecessors: you learned the rules fast. At the age of 21, I was placed in charge of equipment worth millions, and more importantly, of people’s lives who used that equipment, when on board British Merchant Ships. If the Safety devices protecting an alternator, an engine, or a winch, were not tested and found satisfactory, someone could die, or be badly injured, and that death or injury would be placed at your feet, and you would be asked the reasons. When my friend the radio operator wished to have me check out the rotating radar aerial, I made damn certain that the control and power fuses for the rotating aerial were locked away until I came down from the forty-foot-high mast, so that no clown was able to switch the damn thing on, and send the aerial slicing into my back.

Similarly, when I was running the installation and engineering of a huge and complex electrical system for a South African hospital, it was my ‘Safety Document’ which was the rule for all switching and cabling connections and changes. Everything was written down, and everyone signed, so that, again, everyone was aware that eleven thousand volts; a truly lethal voltage; would not be even close to a human being, when work was underway.  We were professionals, doing a dangerous job, and ‘Health & Safety’ was paramount.

Health & Safety was always high in our minds when working in the English water industry, because each rule, each prohibition or passage, had been generated and established by professionals, for professionals. Two men died, over a weekend, in the tunnel feeding the huge, deep pumping station I was in charge of, when they failed to obey the rules. The 3 metre-dia. tunnel planned and built to carry water for London, ended in a large metal chamber, where the pump inlets would push the water up into the domestic zones of Northern London; and this chamber had been sealed for three months. The rules stated that, if a sealed chamber was breached or opened, the first item was to drop a gas detector, on the end of a rope, into the newly-opened space, to check if the atmosphere was stable, or if any noxious gases or major changes, hazardous to humans had occurred. Plain, straight forward; common-sense! But our two heroes knew so much better than scores of highly-experienced and qualified engineers; so they simply climbed down into the chamber and tunnel: and there they died, as there was less than two-percent oxygen in the tunnel and chamber, as the atmosphere had simply been denatured, nitrogen had displaced all the breathable air, and they died from a bad attack of ‘stupidity’!

Terry Waite, the enormously self-important Anglican envoy who flew to Beirut because he just ‘knew’ that his contacts in Hezbollah, Islamic Jihad and the ordinary Beirut Arabic slime underground could be implicitly trusted. He has been assured that all was ‘safe’! So he climbed on to a pick-up truck crammed with armed terrorists, again trusting them all because they were all muslim, and therefore completely ‘trustworthy’: and promptly disappeared for five years. Tied to radiators, hidden in underground cells, his only contact was another hostage; until he was released after a huge ransom was paid. ‘Trustworthy’ is as trustworthy does.

FCO 312 - Nigeria Travel Advice Ed2 [WEB]Similarly, ‘humanitarian volunteer’ Alan Hemming was travelling in an ‘Aid convoy’ into the darkest place on this Earth, war-torn Syria, because he ‘wanted to help’; ‘wanted to make a difference’, and all the other bullshit phrases used to attempt to excuse the actions of a man who just ‘knew’ that he would be safe, ‘knew’ that he would compete his mission; ‘knew’ that everyone else was wrong, and he alone was ‘right’: going into a muslim maelstrom where no-one is or can be trusted, because, in the end, they all hate us, they call us ‘infidel’, they call us ‘kuffar’.

And now his bereaved family has the audacity to state that the British government should and could have done more to rescue this idiot, should have risked the lives of soldiers, because the family felt that, as a ‘volunteer’, he should have been given special treatment; despite his ignoring every knowledgeable Government Department stating the bleedingly obvious, that Syria was a no-go place, that Europeans, no matter how well-meaning, no matter how well-intentioned; simply should not be there, because their lives would be at risk the second they drove across the border.

I say, save the ink, don’t sign the books of condolence, don’t buy the silly bunches of flowers, don’t condemn the Government for its immobility; instead accept that Alan Hemming was a well-meaning but foolish man, who ignored the warnings of the real Health & Safety Brigade; who gambled with his life and placed his belief on black, but watched the wheel of life’s spin land on blood red instead!


By Pete Moore On October 4th, 2014 at 7:48 pm

I always thought that the great sitcom Yes, Prime Minister (and its predecessor Yes, Minister) were highly subversive, in that they consistently revealed more truths about government and the nature of power than anyone in government would like. I see this was confirmed by Antony Jay, one of the writers:

The fallacy that public choice economics took on was the fallacy that government is working entirely for the benefit of the citizen; and this was reflected by showing that in any [episode] in the programme, in Yes Minister, we showed that almost everything that the government has to decide is a conflict between two lots of private interest – that of the politicians and that of the civil servants trying to advance their own careers and improve their own lives. And that’s why public choice economics, which explains why all this was going on, was at the root of almost every episode of Yes Minister and Yes, Prime Minister.

This scene exemplifies what Jay is getting at, where Sir Humphrey explains some facts of government life to Bernard. (Note to the uninitiated: Sir Humphrey and Bernard are Whitehall civil servants, and the comedy revolves around their relationship with the politician Jim Hacker.) As always Nigel Hawthorne, as Sir Humphrey, is sublime –

YouTube Preview Image

Willie Penn got it right

By The Troll On October 4th, 2014 at 5:56 pm

I live in the greatest piece of real estate that God ever created. Penns Woods are a garden of abundance, Woods, Cornfields, natural resources enough to be a self sufficient nation.  It is Home.

Pa Fall

In a 10 mile loop in a car from my home I can drive through 1000s of acres of Corn, and disappear into Woods so thick you can’t see 20 yards in front of your face. Today is a day that many Pennsylvanians are jumping into those woods. Camouflaged from head to toe with a Bow in their hand.

It’s Opening Day…..



By Pete Moore On October 4th, 2014 at 3:56 pm

(* Try capitalising “Bárðarbunga”)

You’ve probably seen that another unpronouncable volcano on Iceland has been erupting for some weeks. Well a team screwed a GoPro camera to a drone, travelled there and flew it in. Gosh I love capitalism. It flew in close enough to eventually melt the front of the camera. The memory card was ok and these are some of the astonishing images it got –

YouTube Preview Image

Wired has a feature, and a longer film, about the expedition. I get the feeling that Iceland is more one giant volcano, it’s so geologically active. Not only is it on the mid-Atlantic ridge, you can walk right through it.