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46 years ago

By The Troll On April 4th, 2014 at 3:17 pm

Today is the anniversary of the Assassination of Martin Luther King Jr. It is one of the memories of my youth that stays with me. I remember watching two news events on the TV one was mans first step on the moon, the other was the coverage of this mans death.

I remember my father explaining to me this event. I didn’t understand why someone would kill somebody that just wanted to be treated the same as everyone else. It was not what I was being taught. I was taught that you judge somebody by their actions, how they behave. Not how they look, and not always by what they say. The value of a person is judged by how they treat others and how they handle confrontation.

King from the view that I was taught was doing everything right, and someone killed him.  That is when I learned that there is evil in the world.  What happened to King was evil.  It was explained to me that there are evil people that will do evil things to others that they disagree with.  That people like that are small in number, but have always been amongst us.

It is the reason that my Father, Grandfather, and Uncles put on uniforms and guns everyday when they left the house. It was to protect normal people from those evil men.  It is the duty of those that can to protect those that can’t.  That was how the world was explained to me.

Here is an interview you might enjoy, it’s 25 minutes long but it is worth your time.

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Abortion……….a descriptive term for a group of politicians!

By Mike Cunningham On April 4th, 2014 at 2:44 pm


Letter to my MP…………………

I write as a very concerned Constituency resident to oppose, point blank, the liberalisation of the Abortion Law of this Country without those same liberal interpretations of that Law being exposed and tested within both Houses of Parliament; and wish to ascertain if you, as my M.P., support my opposition and hopefully raise your concerns in Parliament?

When the Abortion Act was first made law in 1967, there were guides covering both the judgement under which abortions could be allowed, and the rules which allowed those same abortions to be carried out. Under the Act an abortion could only be performed by a ‘registered medical practitioner’ (ie. a doctor) and only when two registered medical practitioners were of the opinion, ‘formed in good faith’, that certain conditions applied.

About 97% of all abortions are currently performed on grounds ‘that the continuance of the pregnancy would involve risk, greater than if the pregnancy were terminated, of injury to the physical or mental health of the pregnant woman or any existing children of her family’. The two certifying doctors are required to carry out this balancing of medical risk and it is implicit in the legislation that they would meet with the woman to make an assessment about whether these medical conditions applied. How otherwise could they carry out their statutory duties ‘in good faith’?

The Labour Government clarified these procedures in 1999, when they stated ‘Under the Abortion Act 1967, pregnancies are terminated to protect health. Other than in an emergency to save a woman’s life, medical practitioners must give their opinions on the reasons under the Act for the termination following consultation with the woman.’

In other words, two individual doctors must confer with the woman seeking the ending of her pregnancy. At no time since has any Health Secretary approached Parliament to ask, require debate or even approve alteration to this requirement.

I now learn that Shadow Health Minister Andrew Lansley, speaking on the 12th May 2008, wished to remove the need for the two doctors rule when he said “ I therefore hope that the House will consider whether the requirement for two doctors to consent to an abortion being performed, and the restrictions on nurses providing medical abortions, need to be maintained” but this departure from the strict interpretation of the law was never debated or repeated. However, four years later as a member of the Co-alition Cabinet, he secretly issued new ‘interim arrangements’ to independent abortion providers which dispensed with the two doctor’ requirement. Under Lansley’s new arrangements, it was no longer necessary for two doctors to see and examine the woman. One apparently would do (that being the natural reading of ‘not both’). The re-issued Code of Practice states ‘We consider it good practice that one of the two certifying doctors has seen the woman, though this is not a legal requirement’; and further states ‘Members of a multidisciplinary team (MDT) can play a role in seeking information from the woman.’ So, one interpretation of the new Guidance would be that neither doctor need to have spoken to the prospective abortee, and information may even be accepted from a nurse, as member of the Team!

The Department of Health is just about to issue the new advice to both NHS and Independent abortion providers, and Parliament has never been asked if they like what they see laid before them!

I ask if you, as my MP, can sit easily while a Cabinet Minister rewrites the Law, without those same re-written passages being subject to scrutiny on such a delicate and contentious issue?



h/t to christian medical comment



By The Troll On April 4th, 2014 at 12:58 pm

It’s been a hectic week, good and bad. Yesterday was my sweet wife’s birthday. God blessed my life when he put her in it. The week has also had it’s downside, both my cars are in the shop. One broke down and the other the key broke in the ignition.  Such are the little nuances of life.

I pick the following song today because it is an example of the beautiful sound that sometime can be achieved by the two cultures that this site encompasses. Although such music doesn’t always come from our union the potential is there.

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The American Flag is not a Prop for Anyone

By Phantom On April 4th, 2014 at 12:53 pm

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The other day in New Mexico, there were protests against multiple incidents of brutality, some fatal, by a poorly disciplined Albuquerque police force.

Two bums held the American flag upside down as they rode around in a scooter.

A US Marine and a soldier didn’t care too much to see the flag disrespected in the name of politics. Proper citizen’s action was taken.

The American flag is not a prop. It is a unifying symbol. It is never be disrespected by whoring it to make any political point by anyone.

Semper fi, boys.


By Pete Moore On April 4th, 2014 at 10:45 am

But without government, who will force children to breathe carcinogenic diesel pollutants?

The U.S. government intentionally subjected children and adults to bizarre medical experiments that required them to inhale diesel pollutants known to contain cancer-causing chemicals. The experiments involved collecting diesel fumes from idling diesel trucks, then piping those fumes into enclosed chambers where U.S. test subjects were required to breathe them for hours at a time.

Their tax dollars at work, for at least a decade. This only came to light because a dogged whistleblower forced the release of what the EPA was trying to cover up. More than that, it seems that government employees, academic institutions and medical school authorities have tried to bury the story also.

I wonder who the children were and are. Wards of court? The offspring of welfare recipients? I doubt they were the children of EPA or other government officials.



By Pete Moore On April 3rd, 2014 at 7:22 pm

Maria Miller is a crook and a liar. Despite profiting hugely from her deception, she’s been ordered to repay just £5000 of the money she dishonestly received and benefitted from. She has also been ordered to apologise for her slippery ways when investigated. She’s also a Cabinet Minister, which is why she is effectively getting away with her crime.

Maria Miller 3333333

I agree with Cristina Odone therefore. If Miller had been a poor benefits cheat, (maybe stressed out and desperate for ways to pay the telly tax), she’d be in the dock and possibly going to prison. The State takes a very dim view of those who are caught with their fingers in the State biscuit tin, except when you’re a politician. They’re different, you see. They get to write the rules which exempt themselves from the stern punishments inflicted on everyone else. We’ll note in passing that The Telegraph was “menaced” by the government and told to pull the story of Miller’s crime.

Well done to the Tory-voting drones of Basingstoke. You picked a real winner there. I’m sure you’ll do so again and again.


By Pete Moore On April 3rd, 2014 at 3:46 pm


We’ve seen it all before, too many times before. At a press conference last night, Lt. Gen. Mark A. Milley confirmed that Ivan Lopez, who killed three before shooting himself, was on SSRIs and anti-depressants. All that’s different now is that usually we have to wait weeks before this kind of confirmation is slipped out quietly, long after the press pack has forgotten about a shooting.

YouTube Preview Image

It’s interesting that the BBC’s report leads on a probe of Lopez’s mental health, and carries footage of the same press conference, but the Milley’s admission that Lopez was on the kind of drugs that so many other such killers have been prescribed was edited out.

Delusional Democrats

By The Troll On April 3rd, 2014 at 1:34 pm

flag_invertedDemocrats of all colors are running around the last couple of days claiming “Victory”. They say 7.1 million people have signed up for Obamacare.

They wont show anyone the numbers, the stats. Such as how many of those 7 million have joined Medicare, how many are subsidized, how many have paid, how many have joined because they lost their Healthcare due to Obamacare, how many didn’t have insurance prior to joining, how many have actually even received any details of the plans they supposedly now have.

They say the numbers are to fluid to explain.  What utter nonsense.

The test of the success of Obamacare will be the next two major elections. That will show whether or not this totalitarian program has been excepted or not.

The way healthcare works for the majority of Americans is you go to your doctor and you have a copay. Depending on the plan that pay can range from $5 to $50, it’s the same with medication. Under Obamacare you pay your deductible first.  The average deductible under Obamacare is $4000, and that does not include your monthly payment just to have the plan which averages out to $350 a month.

So the cost of Healthcare now for the average person in the US is $8200 out of pocket before this wonderful coverage pays a dime.  The average income in the US is $47,000.  The Democrats believe that taking $8200 out of the pockets of people is a success that is going to win them elections.

We shall see.

Just no ‘Class’ at all!

By Mike Cunningham On April 2nd, 2014 at 2:18 pm

I recall watching a film named ‘Class Action’ years ago with Gene Hackman and Mary Elisabeth Mastrantonio. The plot concerned an American law class action against a car manufacturing company, and the victims were all supposed to have been killed by a manufacturing defect, which placed an unshielded electrical connection hard up against the petrol tank, so that in the event of a rear-end collision, the fuel leaking from the ruptured tank would splash over the sparking electrical connection; and hence the fire, the deaths, and the law suit.

One particular scene has always stuck in my memory, when Hackman, taking the part of a lawyer, asks the ‘Risk Management Accountant’ about the fact that the problem had been discovered, the engineer had stated that the solution was both elegant and easily achieved; but the cars were never recalled for the ‘fix’. The ‘Risk Accountant’ stuttered out the reply that  the decision was taken that the costs of paying for the deadly problem to be fixed was too large, and, if the car crashed and then caught fire, it was cheaper to fight the cases through the courts.

And then I read these headlines about  General Motors , and once more realised that there is nothing new, especially in ‘big business’; nothing new under the sun, indeed!



By David Vance On April 2nd, 2014 at 9:07 am

Another rare victory in the Courts for common sense.

A 78-year-old former Sunday school teacher convicted of racially abusing a family of travellers has won her battle to clear her name after 11 months of “hell”. Widow Josie Hampson, who was renowned for her work in the community, found herself summoned to court last year after four members of the same family accused her of verbally abusing them when she scraped her car on a gate post. Michael Linfoot, who lived on a traveller site close to Mrs Hampson’s home, claimed the pensioner had leapt from her vehicle to launched a foul-mouthed tirade in which she branded them “dirty f****** gyppos”. The grandmother-of-three, who has always protested her innocence, was horrified when she was found guilty of racially-aggravated harassment on August 30 last year.

I am delighted for this pensioner and as for the Gypsies who put her through this hell, well….