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By Pete Moore On April 17th, 2019 at 7:16 pm

France is to invite architects from around the world to submit their designs for a new spire to sit atop a renovated Notre-Dame cathedral.

Prime Minister Edouard Philippe told reporters they hoped for “a new spire that is adapted to the techniques and the challenges of our era”.

The heart sinks. Can you imagine the modernist monstrosity which will rise on the Île de la Cité? Some funky architect with PR skills and no sense of space, history or respect will probably put a rocket ship up there. The French won’t mind. For all their bluster this week about the loss, they’re modernist vandals at heart. Any bunch who can defile the glorious Louvre Palace courtyard with a glass pyramid is capable of anything. A sensible people would restore the Gothic grace and architecture. But we’re not talking sensible people here. These are politicians and bureaucrats. They’re the most dangerous people. They want to be known for something.


By Pete Moore On April 17th, 2019 at 6:59 pm

Bang: Sir Nigel Farage’s Brexit Party only got up and running a week ago. It’s barely started campaigning for the European elections next month. How are things looking?

Looking pretty good I’d say. The Brexit Party will win the elections, and I reckon their support will be up around  35 per cent or even higher by polling day. The combined effect of positive campaigning and a tsunami of establishment propaganda will see to that.

UKIP ought to close the shop. Farage is hoovering up the moderate vote now. Add in the Tory and Labour monkeys who are moderate but still cling to old tribal loyalties, and we are still a Leave nation. The extremists, the EU jihad factions, are well behind.  This is what the establishment gets for screwing us over.

The Sand Trap

By Mahons On April 17th, 2019 at 4:30 pm

It is unclear to me why Trump does anything. Why he vetoed the joint resolution calling for an end to support of the Saudis in their war efforts in Yemen defies a rational or even Trumpian explanation.
Officially he claims Congress was intruding on his Constitutional Authorities. We have some self-professed Constitutional experts here, do you think that is the case?
A civil war in Yemen seems to have little to do with vital US national interests. The Saudi backed forces arent particularly appealing (or even particularly friendly). They appear to be quite abhorrent in practice and spectacularly immune to civilian suffering. The other side is unappetizing as well, but not enough to prolong the conflict as it is being waged.
Trump says elsewhere he wants us out of these mideast conflicts, if so why is he insisting we remain involved in this sandtrap? A serious question for all, should the US continue backing the Saudis in this?


By Pete Moore On April 16th, 2019 at 7:16 pm

The BBC asks if we British should stump up for he restoration of Notre Dame. No, of course not. The French state owns the cathedral. The Jacobins stole it from the Catholic Church is that bout of Frenchy madness when they went all ISIS on the nobility. So the French state, therefore, can take responsibility. Since the French Revolution’s terrible legacy is the global spread of left wing ideas, commies around the world can stump up too.

But Macron should also rattle his tin Saudi Arabia’s way. By the time restoration works are complete it’ll become Le Grand Mosque de France anyway.


By Pete Moore On April 16th, 2019 at 6:50 pm

It’s a truth universally unacknowledged that almost all so-called “climate change” protests are simply calls for communism. So it is in London this week. For the second day running the arrogant, selfish, unwashed degenerates of “Extinction Rebellion” have shut down roads and bridges in the centre of London. They plan to bring the Tube to a halt tomorrow.

209 if them have been arrested so far. Two hundred and nine unemoployable welfare addicts.

If 209 Tommy Robinson supporters, or Brexiteers, or any other decent, salt of the earth types had been arrested the authorities would have shut down the rallies. The cause would be blackened by every newspaper and every news channel in the land. Never again would such people be allowed to stand in the street with a placard.

Therefore so it should be with the green-hair brigade. Stop the protests, round’em up and rinse the streets.


By Pete Moore On April 16th, 2019 at 6:39 pm

If Labour were to win a General Election tomorrow, Richard Burgon MP would be Lord Chancellor and the Secretary of State for Justice. He’d be an awful one, because he’s almost as thick as Lammy and Abbott, but that’s where he is in the Shadow Cabinet. He’s also dishonest –

Why can’t we simply be honest about what we think? It’s not as if Burgon’s real opinions will hold him back in the Labour Party. It’s the most anti-semitic political party since that Labour Party offshoot, the British Union of Fascists. It’s the weasel lies an the cowardice which grate, the cowardice to say what you think and stand by what you say.


By Pete Moore On April 15th, 2019 at 8:15 pm

Well this is a heartbreaking sight. Many of us will have been to Notre Dame. Tonight, as Holy Weeks begins, it’s a burning ruin –


By Pete Moore On April 15th, 2019 at 6:33 pm

These don’t look like sovereign nations to me. Sovereignty pooled is sovereignty lost.


“After last month’s vote, the European Council has formally approved Article 13. Six countries – Finland, Italy, Luxembourg, the Netherlands, Poland and Sweden – voted against approving the legislation but their efforts to halt the copyright changes failed”

The North Remembers

By Mahons On April 15th, 2019 at 11:41 am

Who would ever have associated Northern Ireland with great television? And yet in two productions, one epic and international, the other humerous and local it serves two of the best shows going.
Game of Thrones and Derry Girls are two of televisions bright spots. Some might see too much of a contrast between Orla, Clare, Michele and Erin as maidens in the Maiden City and Sansa, Ayra, Cersei, and Daenerys playing power games in Westeros, but I love the give and take across the stage, be it big or small.

Game of Thrones films many scenes in the rugged beauty of Northern Ireland. So many a tourist industry has developed. Derry Girls also films there, in the vexing and beautiful Derry. The writing and acting on both is fantastic, storylines weave wonderfully. The supporting cast of each show an endless marvel of talent. One set on great castles and battlefields, the other in classrooms and kichens which serve as battlefields of their own. Game of Thrones offers the fun of epic fantasy and Derry girls the fun (and funny) of epic reality. The characters in each navigate around their world, following and breaking the rules.
Game of Thrones has intense violence, lavish sex and moments of great humor. Derry Girls has a background of violence through which everyday lives are led, with the girls on the brink of sexual awareness and a humor so finely tuned you think you lived it youself.

Television is often and rightly dismissed. Ernie Kovacs who did it perfectly said it was called a medium because it was neither rare nor well done. But the grand sword and fury drama and the small scale real life comedy show how it can be well done. Escapes from reality and escapes into reality. The art form rises from the medium.
We can say Game of Thrones was a place that never was, full of knights, dragons, dwarfs, kings, queens and pirates. Derry Girls a place that used to be, full of classmates, nuns, aunts, teachers and shopkeepers in a pre-peace process Northern Ireland. Each world filled with moments of heartache, warmth, bravery and laughter. Do yourself a favor and try them if you haven’t yet. Each episode builds on the others. Game of Thrones too big a hit to not find it, Derry Girls more modest and may require some Netflix searching. But well worth the trouble. Both shows a fitting reminder that its scenic splendor and witty population make Northern Ireland the memorable place it is.

Shamima Begum – JIHAD ENFORCER!

By David Vance On April 15th, 2019 at 11:20 am

Back in February, Labour leader Jeremy Corbyn weighed in on the Islamic State terrorist Shamima Begum issue. He insisted that not only has she a right to return to Britain but that she deserves“support”. (For “support” read “more of your taxes”) Corbyn’s former lover Labour MP Diane Abbott also insisted that the “IS Bride” must be allowed back to the UK. We also had Conservative deserterAnna Soubry tweeting in March that we must bring Shamima Begum home.

Meanwhile, renowned philosopher (!) and actor Danny Dyer opined that Shamima Begum should be brought home so“we can learn from it”.

Against this background, the Sunday Telegraph reports today;

Shamima Begum, the Bethnal Green schoolgirl, served in the Islamic State’s“morality police” and also triedto recruit other young women to join the jihadist group.


There is more…

Activist Aghiad al-Khederadded: “Members of our group from Raqqaknew her well. There were lots of young European women in the hisba [ISIS morality police]. Some of them were very harshand the local population became very scared.

He claimed she earned between £500 and £1,500 a month for the role and is likely to have ordered the imprisonment and lashing of women in Syria.

The jihadi bride alsostitched explosive vests on to suicide bombers,spy chiefs have claimed. Begum was reportedly seen helping to sew the devices on so they could not be removed without detonation.

In summary, and as AltNewsMedia has repeatedly claimed, Begum is a battle-hardened Jihadi who played an important role in the brutal Islamic State regime. Those who demanded that she be returned to the UK must now explain why they would endanger our lives by having Begum here,

Begum is a repulsive terrorist and the best thing the UK could do would be to send a well-armed drone her way so that one less terrorist walks this earth.