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By Pete Moore On June 25th, 2018 at 7:07 pm

Angels of Death

All day the BBC has been propagandising the 70th anniversary of the founding of the NHS. Excuse me while I puke. This piece by Dominic Lawson is one of the most horrible things I have ever read in a newspaper. My emphasis.

For patients at Gosport hospital, it was safer to be ill than to be “difficult”

Last week’s monstrously belated report on the Hampshire hospital’s treatment of its patients in the 1990s revealed that at least 450, and probably more than 650, had been killed — sorry, had had their lives shortened — as a result of a policy of attaching them to syringe drivers pumping diamorphine. Diamorphine is medically indicated only when the patient is either in the severest pain or terminally ill, because its notable side effect, when large doses are consistently administered, is respiratory failure. Injections of diamorphine — in 30mg doses — were Dr Harold Shipman’s chosen method of dispatching his patients. But the numbers at Gosport exceed the tally of Britain’s most prolific mass murderer.

You might be thinking that this was misplaced mercy. You couldn’t be more wrong.

The report, led by James Jones, the former Bishop of Liverpool, reveals that only 45% of those administered terminal quantities of diamorphine were said to be in pain. And in 29% of cases their medical notes give either no reason, or no comprehensible justification, for the lethal dose (most died within a couple of days of being attached to the pump).

No no no, don’t stop there. We haven’t got to the worst of it yet.

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By Patrick Van Roy On June 24th, 2018 at 6:46 pm

Please let me know if this doesn’t play…….


By Pete Moore On June 24th, 2018 at 6:45 pm


A shortage of bricklayers is holding back Government pledges to boost house-building, Ministers have warned.

Housing Secretary James Brokenshire was told he needs to train up to 15,000 more ‘brickies’ – almost a quarter of the current workforce.

This is what happens when government subsidises millions of school leavers to study skateboarding at an ex-polytechnic. Nevertheless, markets provide. If there’s a shortage of brickies then their wages will rise. More lads will decide to become brickies. And wages will continue to rise until an equilibrium is arrived at. Like all economic problems, it’s solved without the government having to do a thing about it.

On the other hand we can pull up the drawbridge. That’ll save a a lot of bother and resources.

No shirt, no shoes, no lefty politics….. no service

By Patrick Van Roy On June 24th, 2018 at 5:36 pm

The tolerant all inclusive masters of diversity….. The Liberal Progressive.

These hypocrites have taken up a new play in their bag of nastiness. It started a couple of months ago, but is now a quick draw in their quiver of weapons.  A main tool in their love of all views and their dedication to civility. The Denial of Service.

All over D.C. NYC, and other places if you are a Trump supporter or work for him and you go out to eat it’s is now in vogue to run you out of the restaurant.  Doesn’t matter if you are with your family have little children with you it matters not.

Packs of foam at the mouth loons feel they can run you out of the restaurant. The latest was Sarah Sanders and her family, 7 people including her children were refused service by an asshole that ran a Red Hen Restaurant. Earlier this week it was the head of Homeland Security, earlier Milo and the list goes on.

The right doesn’t do this crap, never has, but it has become common practice with the left. The rules of common decency have left the building  on that side of the aisle.

Add to that the unrelenting Fake News like this weeks sudden outrage over a policy that was put into law in 1997 is having an effect, but I don’t think the one the lefty loons think it’s having. It’s sad the group that started out as the peace love and Bobby Sherman crowd has morphed into Antifa, Propagandist Liars, and Violent Mobs.

Right now this is all still fringe activity, but it is escalating if it reaches the tipping point I fear what will happen will not be the reactions they are hoping for. We shall just hope and pray it doesn’t get there.

In the meantime we watch and laugh as the hypocritical left continues to lose both their mind and composure. It’s sad but still fun to see.


By Pete Moore On June 24th, 2018 at 5:10 pm

For a supposed health service, the NHS does a great line in killing people.

This is just one way which has emerged, following the killings of hundreds of people at the Gosport War Memorial hospital. This doesn’t even consider the Liverpool Death Pathway, the Stafford Hospital Massacre and many other such cases. Nationally, every year, the NHS must be deliberately killing hundreds of thousands of people.



By Pete Moore On June 24th, 2018 at 4:58 pm

Left-Liberals suddenly love property rights.

White House press secretary Sarah Sanders was kicked out of a restaurant on Friday night because she works for President Donald Trump.

A co-owner of the Red Hen in Lexington, Virginia, asked Ms Sanders and her family to leave as a protest against the Trump administration.

Fine, no problem. As (classical) liberals have explained, the essence and test of private property rights is exclusivity. Without the right to bar entry to undersirables, there are no property rights. I have no problem, therefore, with the commie restaurateur asking Sarah Sanders to leave – for whatever reason.

Commies can chuckle, the Sanders party can eat elsewhere and Republicans know to take their money elsewhere. So we’re all agreed now, aren’t we, that anyone can refuse anyone’s business for any reason. Yes?


By Pete Moore On June 23rd, 2018 at 9:16 pm

The clever people, who know what’s best for the majority, had another demo in London today. Oh the irony.

The entitled middle class is still demanding that the working class vote be ignored, that democracy be damned, that national sovereignty be erased. Thus the European-wide corporate/government empire will be built. But we’re the Brownshirts.


By Pete Moore On June 23rd, 2018 at 6:56 pm

Happy Brexit Day everyone.

It was a knackering one for me. I’ve walked miles. Along the way a Jack Russell took a shine to me. Charming little thing she is. She came bounding up to me like an old friend. The problem was that I was in the middle of nowhere and there was no-one else around. So I sat down with her and waited. No-one came by. We walked the way she had come from. There was no-one there.

She had a phone number on her collar. When I finally had a signal I called it. No-one answered. So out came the map and off we went to the nearest village. I got her some water in the pub and called the number again. No answer again. I asked around but no-one recognised the dog. Then a call back from the number! A women was almost in tears. She lost her little dog two days ago and thought that was it – she’s gone.

She lived about a half hour drive away. So the dog and I went back to the pub and waited. When she arrived her dog leapt into her arms. Nice woman, most grateful. She said her children will be overjoyed. Then I carried on and saw an unusual war memorial.

The design, a Celtic wheel-head cross, is quite common, but the location is intriguing. It’s on its own, in the middle of a field, just outside a village. I’ve just googled it and discovered it was erected soon after the Great War. There are plaques listing the village men who died in both world wars.

My taste is to leave things alone, to let the natural world speak for itself. I’ll make an exception here though. These here parts were busy in neolithic times, so big stones in fields are quite common. But I thought the memorial looked striking. Whoever thought of placing it here had a great idea.


By Pete Moore On June 22nd, 2018 at 7:32 pm

Because Friday night is Music Night

Is everyone enjoying the World Cup? I am, but then I love seeing the Dirty Argies have their arses handed to’em. Sir Alf was so right about that lot.

Anyway, I never thought I’d post a Billy Joel number here. That’s mainly because I thought he was crap. But this one’s a bit groovy. As always, feel free to post your fav sounds down below –


By Pete Moore On June 22nd, 2018 at 7:21 pm

The professional Jew, Howard Jacobson, is doing most of the talking. The nodding dog is James O’Brien, a noted Marxist propagandist, the Ilya Ehrenburg of the British airwaves.

I don’t mind at all that they blab like this. These people cannot understand Saxon belligerence, the joy of sticking two fingers up to French noblemen on their horses. And that’s how they see themselves of course – the elite, the priestly caste which rises above the dirty, ignorant plebeians. This is how it’s been for two years now. This is why the peoples have had enough, and why, all across Europe and the US, they are putting an end to the old ways.

Don’t stop talking fellas. Keep going.