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By Pete Moore On October 6th, 2020 at 9:09 pm

Super news, if you’re not a fan of a functioning economy:

Eleven more months of this idiocy and the UK will be smashing through the net-zero carbon emissions target. Hospitalisations are still flatlining. Hardly any actual people are flatlining because hardly anyone is dying from the Wuhan Flu. All we have now are pockets of drunk students testing positive with no symptoms. Meanwhile there’s still no actual proof that these measures actually achieve anything. It was the case that only a clean Brexit could save Boris’ reputation. Even that’s a receding possibility.

We’ve only had six months of this. Wave goodbye to your favourite pubs, restaurants, venues and sports by the Spring. They are all going down the drain because the Cabinet is frit over something about as deadly as flu.

I bought a pair of shoes at the weekend. Why did I bother? Why should anyone bother to splash out on anything at the moment? You can’t go anywhere fun anyway. We voted for Winston Churchill and got Oliver Cromwell.

No Constitution for NYrs

By Patrick Van Roy On October 6th, 2020 at 3:37 pm


By Patrick Van Roy On October 6th, 2020 at 2:23 pm

Camden police on Monday said they had charged four men in connection with a shooting spree last month that left the home of two officers, who were inside with their newborn baby, riddled with bullets.

Jeremiah McDonald, 18, Jaqwa Styles, 19, and Julio Nieves, 19, all of Pennsauken, and Kobbie Johnson, 30, of Collingswood, were charged with attempted murder, conspiracy, and gun offenses, Chief Joseph Wysocki said during a news conference.  Police said 10 shots were fired. Six bullets struck the house, including two that went through the front door — while the officers and their baby were on the second floor, police said. No one was injured.

We need a Breakthrough

By Patrick Van Roy On October 6th, 2020 at 1:00 am

Artist’s depiction of the first validated Earth-size planet to orbit a distant star in the habitable zone identified by NASA’s Kepler Space Telescope. Researchers are proposing that future telescopes look for planets that are better for life than Earth.


We have cataloged over 4000 exoplanets.

An exoplanet or extrasolar planet is a planet outside the Solar System. The first possible evidence of an exoplanet was noted in 1917, but was not recognized as such. The first confirmation of detection occurred in 1992. This was followed by the confirmation of a different planet, originally detected in 1988. As of 3 September 2020, there are 4,330 confirmed exoplanets in 3,200 systems, with 708 systems having more than one planet.

That was just updated to this:

Exoplanet Catalog – Exoplanet Exploration: Planets Beyond …

Exoplanets Last update: October 2, 2020 4,284 Confirmed Planets that have been validated by two or more discovery methods. 5,573 NASA Candidates NASA … These numbers are increasing weekly thanks to Kepler

NASA’s Kepler Discovers First Earth-Size Planet In The …

Astronomers have discovered the first Earth-size planet orbiting a star in the “habitable zone” — the range of distance from a star where liquid …

We expect this number to increase by a minimum factor of 100x as the JAMES WEBB SPACE TELESCOPE comes online. Out of these thousands of Planets we have already identified 24 Super Habitable Planets.

Astronomers have discovered two dozen planets, all more than 100 light-years away, that are perfectly capable of sustaining human life as 2020 continues to rear its ugly head in our end of space.

These “super-habitable” worlds are older, bigger, warmer and have more moisture than Earth, according to the study, led by Washington State University geobiologist Dirk Schulze-Makuch and published in the journal Astrobiology.

“We have to focus on certain planets that have the most promising conditions for complex life. However, we have to be careful to not get stuck looking for a second Earth, because there could be planets that might be more suitable for life than ours.”  Researchers identified these planets based on a list of specific criteria. Among them, the planets’ presence in the host star’s “goldilocks zone,” or the habitable orbit around a star where liquid water can exist thanks to the right temperature. Not only does the right surface temperature matter for the existence of water, but a surface temperature about 41 degrees warmer than that of Earth would be more suitable for life, thanks to the combination of higher temperatures and the presence of moisture.

What wonders…. right now we can only “see” these worlds. The nearest is over 2000 Light Years away. We need a Breakthrough, a breakthrough in faster than light propulsion. The Holy Grail of Science Fiction must become Scientific Fact.

David Vance and Rebecca Butler in conversation!

By Patrick Van Roy On October 5th, 2020 at 8:11 pm

Is a new lockdown looming for Halloween? Less than a month to the US goes to the polls!


By Pete Moore On October 5th, 2020 at 7:01 pm

I don’t despair at government cock-ups.

A million-row limit on Microsoft’s Excel spreadsheet software may have led to Public Health England misplacing nearly 16,000 Covid test results, it is understood.

The data error, which led to 15,841 positive tests being left off the official daily figures, means than 50,000 potentially infectious people may have been missed by contact tracers and not told to self-isolate.

PHE was responsible for collating the test results from public and private labs, and publishing the daily updates on case count and tests performed.

Twelve billion quid the government has chucked at this track n trace system so far. Twelve billion quid, and counting, that the young and the unborn will have to sweat to pay off. And 16,000 positives tests and 50,000 contacts get unreported and left off the system because they bought a version of Excel which doesn’t have enough columns. 90 per cent of them are false positives too, but let’s not go into that!

As I said, I don’t despair at government cock-ups. I despair at anyone who hasn’t yet realised that government is hopeless – hopeless – at everything it does. Anyone who hasn’t realised that yet isn’t paying attention or is beyond all hope.

Just give it to Tesco. Give it all to Tesco, Amazon, Walmart, whoever. There are people out there who are good at making complicated things work. None of them are in government because government attracts the low grade, the unambitious and the dull.

I didn’t even know that Excel was still a thing.


By Pete Moore On October 5th, 2020 at 6:50 pm

He is so loved for showing himself to the people.

Medical experts are questioning Donald Trump’s decision to greet supporters in a drive-past outside the hospital where he is being treated for Covid-19.

There are concerns the US president, who wore a mask, may have endangered Secret Service staff inside the car.

Such nasty BBC propaganda of course. President Trump saw that his people were gathered outside the hospital so he went for a spin, to see them and so that they could see him. Hiding in a basement is for lkesser men. That’s why so many millions will vote for him again (and let’s hope they vote often because the baddies will be.)

I’m most amused that those suggesting he endangered anyone are those who have been most insistent that we all wear masks to protect other people. “He wore a mask” we say. “No” they cry, Suddenly it’s “A MASK IS NOT ENOUGH!”

Jeez, it’s as if they make it up as they go along.

Parting is such sweet sorrow?

By Patrick Van Roy On October 5th, 2020 at 5:29 pm

Guest Post by Paul

I came across this article earlier today regarding a predicted future breakup of the UK which speculates as to whether any future dissolution will be peaceful or violent. Perhaps surprisingly it suggests that any violent fracturing will come not from an Irish border poll but with Scot’s abjuration as a result of seeing more autonomy within a decentralised EU rather than within a devolved UK and whether or not this will be acceptable to ostensibly english Brexiteers: 

Contrary to the current talk of the British empire and the nostalgia around it, they are not Powellites. Their overriding concern instead is the restoration of the Westminster system. For them, our EU membership has been an historical parenthesis. Westminster is all. A century ago, ceding part of Ireland was a price worth paying for keeping the Westminster system intact. So was the loss of India, and the loss of the colonies in the 1950s and early 1960s. Today, next year, whenever, Northern Ireland will follow.

The more troubling question is whether the Brexiters see Scotland in the same way, and whether their view of Scottish independence is the same as that of Unionists south and north of the border. Scotland is a nation of the United Kingdom, not a province that can be snapped off and tacked on to another state. It can only become separate by becoming independent and sovereign.

I’ve little to add to the article in terms of analysis and leave it for opinion

Sunday’s Sermon

By Patrick Van Roy On October 4th, 2020 at 10:10 pm

The ‘Battle of Cable Street’

By Patrick Van Roy On October 4th, 2020 at 8:05 pm

(The Origins of ‘Anteefa?’)

Guest post by Paul



Today marks the eighty fourth anniversary of ‘the Battle of Cable Street’ in London’s East End, when Irish & Jewish immigrants and local Cockney residents unified in opposition to the British Union of Fascists attempt to introduce fascist politics to the East End by staging a march through it:  

The march and counter protest was a pretty bloody affair with many protestors & police being injured: EVENTS 

Mosley’s group were of course closely aligned with Mussolini’s fascists in Italy, Franco’s fascists in Spain and the Nazi Party in Germany and while it would be another seven or eight years for the horror of the Nazi ‘Final Solution’ to become known to the world persecution of Jews in Nazi Germany was already widespread with the Law for the Restoration of the Professional Civil Service which removed Jews from public office and public professions such as civil servants and teachers being passed in 1933 and the nationwide Nazi boycott of Jewish businesses being observed the same year. The Nuremberg Laws, stripping German Jews of citizenship and criminalising the marriage and sexual relations between Germans and ‘Untermensch’, was also passed in 1935. 

This was the context in which Mosely sought to exploit ethnic tensions in working class areas of London’s East End in 1936. 

Had Cable Street happened today no doubt some would be screaming from the rooftops about violent immigrants, communists, anarchists and socialists using violence to attempt to stifle the peacefully exercised right of free speech & expression, (while of course absolutely ignoring the cynical attempt to sow discord and animosity between neighbours), while condemning this as glorification of ‘terrorism’