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By Pete Moore On August 16th, 2020 at 9:35 pm

Belarusians haven’t been cowed. President (dictator) Alexander Lukashenko is widely believed to have benefited from irregularities in last week’s election. Protests were met with force, violence and arbitrary arrests. Today mass crowds are back on the streets. What’s interesting is that RT has reported on the protests. That might indicate that Putin will not be sorry to see Lukashenko go, and Putin very much regards Belarus as Russia’s business.


By Pete Moore On August 16th, 2020 at 9:00 pm


I appear to be back and trust I was greatly missed. A gremlin wanted me to click on a verification link, sent to the email address associated with my ATW account, whenever I tried to log in. That email account was mothballed years ago so I couldn’t retrieve the link. I suspect that the quality of my commentary had WordPress thinking that I was an advanced form of AI instead of a real person. That must to be it.

My thanks to our host David Vance, soon to be a slipper-wearing grandad, and to Phantom for their sterling work in sorting it out.


By David Vance On August 16th, 2020 at 7:46 pm

Ok, try this one out. Unless you are planning to do the hard sciences, I would recommend no young person goes near University. Why? Because these former institutions of learning and free speech have been captured by the Marxists. The Arts and Social Sciences departments are worth less than zero, churning our brainwashed little leftist ideologues with a grotesque sense of entitlement. Even the disciplines that I once studied – Economics and Business – are of dubious merit. (Mind you, I think that might well have been the case when I did them in the late 18th century). Free speech is also gone missing in action on many campuses – hence the emergence of the Free Speech Union here in the UK to stand up for students who are punished for the unspeakable crime of being Conservative or..heaven forbid…Christian. I now look upon Universities as hollowed-out factories for Marxism, and have myself been attacked quite viciously by declared Marxist professors (Think Cambridge University, no less).

So, yes University is good for some disciplines (although I wonder are medical students now required to accept there are 87 genders?) but for others it is redundant,




By David Vance On August 16th, 2020 at 7:38 pm

Hi everyone.

Hope this finds you all well. I hope our long time contributor and friend Pete Moore will be back with you very shortly, I have spoken to him. The technical glitch has been sorted, I think.

Whilst talking to Pete, it struck me that ATW must be 20 years old or so? So, can YOU remember when you first came here, can we track down the genesis of this lunacy? 🙂


On this day in 1977 Elvis was called home.

By Patrick Van Roy On August 16th, 2020 at 3:28 pm

He was found dead on the floor of his bathroom, and all attempts to revive him failed. The cause of his death remains unknown to this day, but is usually thought to have been a heart attack or anaphylactic shock.

Either could have been caused by excessive consumption of drugs; autopsy results showed traces of 14 different drugs in Elvis’s body. Ten of them were present in excessive amounts.

August 16 1974

By Patrick Van Roy On August 16th, 2020 at 2:29 pm

Johnny, Tommy, Dee Dee, and Joey Ramone play the Bowery’s CBGB club in matching leather jackets, jeans, and attitudes, belting out their set of blistering songs in a style soon to be dubbed ‘punk.’ Rocketing from this first gig, the Ramones will change the course of rock ‘n’ roll.


By Patrick Van Roy On August 16th, 2020 at 1:51 pm

Guest post by Paul

Next year will be the hundredth anniversary of the founding of the state of NI and Boris Johnson has it will have to be ‘sensitive to the point of view of all communities’

Unionism has the opportunity to mark the founding of the state in a dignified, low key manner conscious of the sensitivities of their nationalist neighbours within the state of NI. The first fifty years of the existence of the state when unionism had absolute one party government power demonstrates that this sensitivity is unlikely and the anniversary is likely to be a jingoistic coat trailing fest with David’s erstwhile political colleagues already outlining their wish list:

TUV lays out vision for NI Centenary

In a meeting with NIO Minister of State, Robin Walker MP, Jim Allister set out his party’s vision and expectations for the centenary in 2021 of the creation of Northern Ireland.

Among the proposals put by TUV were the following:-

Since the centenary marks not just the creation of Northern Ireland but the U.K. as presently constituted, this must be a national celebration;
A visit by Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth II and royal address to the Northern Ireland Assembly and large scale Garden Party;
The flying of the national flag on all public buildings on each key date;
An additional public holiday in or about 3rd May;
A Red Arrows fly past and visit of leading Royal Navy vessels;
A special Royal Mail stamp collection;
A specially minted commemorative coin, with presentation to every schoolchild and centenary specific classroom materials;
A specially commissioned logo to brand and promote all events;
A U.K. Government cabinet meeting in Belfast to mark the centenary with Prime Ministerial promotional visits to key tourist attractions;
An exhibition in the National Portrait Gallery in London of key NI figures in sports, military, arts, politics etc over our first 100 years, which would then tour the rest of the U.K.;
Promotion of Northern Ireland industry, including our food and drink products;
Special honour and remembrance of all security personnel who gave their lives in defence of Northern Ireland, with a particular focus at the 2021 Remembrance Event in the Royal Albert Hall.

Mr Allister stressed to the Government that it must take control of the organising of the celebrations because if left to the Stormont Executive they would be neutered by the pernicious Sinn Fein veto.

Mr Allister also stressed that these events were about celebrating Northern Ireland and the United Kingdom and, therefore, they were not an occasion to be muddied by Dublin involvement.

Finally, the TUV leader reminded Minister Walker the current government was elected on a pledge to “never be neutral on the Union”. (Conservative Election Manifesto 2019). 2021 should, therefore, be one of celebration for Northern Ireland and a year when the rest of the country is reminded that the UK is – in the words of the Tory manifesto – “stronger and richer for Northern Ireland being part of it”.

And of course, unionist ahistorical revisionist nonsense surrounding the democratic credentials of the founding of the new state has went into overdrive in preparation:  

The NI state was created when the Anglo Irish Treaty was metaphorically signed at the point of a gun by the Irish negotiating parties under duress of ‘immediate & terrible war’ when the British government capitulated to the unionist threat of non state armed violence against the parliamentary Democratic Process and the express democratic will of the Irish electorate, (in modern day parlance it’s called the threat of terrorism). It partitioned the island of Ireland and created an artificial state with an artificial political majority and ensured fifty years of one party misrule, draconian security legislation, (used almost exclusively against one section of the community), and religious discrimination.  It’s highly unlikely that any Irish nationalist of any hue will buy into any ‘celebration’ of the undemocratic partition of Ireland and the formation of the new state. While the state of NI as a region within the UK may be a constitutional and legal reality, acceptance of that reality doesn’t mean liking or celebrating it. 

As an addendum it may well be poetic justice that the English nationalism of Brexit may be the factor that reunifies Ireland as the Scots are currently in favour of independence and the NI state would not survive Scots’ independence.

I think the current UK will look very different in ten years time. 


By Patrick Van Roy On August 15th, 2020 at 8:45 pm




Have you seen Pete Moore?

Have the natives found him and drug him from his hovel……

Has he fallen into a ditch, lying helplessly unconscious……

Is he just as unconscious passed out at the Bar of his local Pub?

Has he forsaken US…. his loving fans and compatriots, hanging up his keyboard in despair…… ?

If you’ve seen or heard from this man please leave a note below……

the Pub’s a bit empty without him.


Time to speak

By Patrick Van Roy On August 15th, 2020 at 6:06 pm

God it’s good to be alive. And what’s best is being an American. Of course yes all your nations are wonderful a joy to behold, to you. But the fact of the matter at this point in time, and for the past 100 years you’re all just “also rans”. We however are the engine of the world now and for quite some time to come.

Be grateful we ain’t perfect, we have a tendency to break things when angered. We however have a conscience and a sense of right and wrong others don’t. Whether you like it or not everything that happens here effects the rest of you simply by default.

Now Today

As we approach a Presidential election the world watches in confusion. 80 days away from deciding between Trump and Biden our cities are on fire, Congress has walked out, the people are out of work by force….. OMG it’s a powderkeg….. she’s gonna blow!


Have a little faith…. you are witnessing the death of a philosophy of governing that has dictated things since LBJ, and it’s not going quietly. What you’re witnessing is the first death throes of Victimhood. When King was killed no one stepped up. The Movement was stolen by the Hustlers. For 60yrs they twisted it into a tool of corruption and a means to power instead of the path to equality and freedom.

This collapse was not planned. It is the result of a cosmic sense of humor. A perfect storm of Synchronicity of time and events.

A carney barker was elected by fluke and all the professional politicos literally shit themselves. For four years they tried to destroy this mistake to no avail. Then we received a gift from the Chicoms. A nice little virus to scare the entire world.

Rahm Emanuel wasn’t wrong, but he was misquoting an ancient fact. “There is Profit in Chaos”.

Where that profit is, isn’t always where you expect it to be. The Covid Virus has been exploited and is still being exploited for political gain in the U.S. I couldn’t careless on what it has done where you’re at, my concern is first and always the United States of America. Here the aftermath of the virus has been used to fuel tension, anxiety, and despair in a last desperate pitch to remove a President from power.

Except there’s that cosmic humor, just as the working class were on the verge of revolt a Black man died in Police custody on film, and the Left let the Dogs out. They have burned and rioted for over 80 days now.

What is the effect?

Trump will be blamed, he is everyday in the press…. but what mom and dad are seeing as they are locked in their homes trying to figure how they’re going to pay the bills when one of them has to quit there job to stay home to school the kids, they see animals looting and burning and Democrat after Democrat ordering the police to stand down. Told they should kneel, and admit their working class guilt, because it’s not just whites that this political pandemic has effected.

The coronavirus pandemic has done irreparable harm to Black businesses across the country, according to a new study from the Stanford Institute for Economic Policy Research. The study was led by Robert Fairlie, an economics professor at the University of California, Santa Cruz.

In the study — which Fairlie said is the “first analysis of impacts of the pandemic on the number of active small businesses in the United States” — it was found that 41% of all Black businesses closed permanently between February and April.

According to the research, the number of Black business owners fell by 440,000 in just those three months, wiping out decades of hard work.

“African-Americans experienced the largest losses, eliminating 41 percent of business owners. Latinx also experienced major losses with 32 percent of business owners disappearing between February and April 2020. Immigrant business owners suffered a large drop of 36 percent, and female business owners suffered a disproportionate drop of 25 percent,” he wrote, adding that 17% of white-owned businesses have closed.

“The findings are alarming. The number of African-American business owners plummeted from 1.1 million in February 2020 to 640,000 in April. The loss of 440,000 Black business owners representing 41 percent of the previous level is disconcerting,” he added.

Those working families are also watching their world be destroyed by this political strategy in name to defeat one man, but in reality to defeat a way of life.

In 80 days this will all end (we hope) and then we can go back to being gods gift to humanity.

this is who we really are.

(not a song)

Where’s Pete?

By Patrick Van Roy On August 15th, 2020 at 2:11 pm

Well my Friday selections never got the responses his did, and where my brother is I just don’t know. So here’s a little tune for ya all, please add anything playing in your background in the comments….