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By David Vance On September 18th, 2017 at 9:10 pm


By Pete Moore On September 18th, 2017 at 6:29 pm

WE now have two suspects for the attempt to mass murder people on the tube at Parsons Green: an 18 year Iraqi “refugee” who was allowed into the country as an unaccompanied minor and a  21 year old Syrian “refugee. It’s just the latest example of the war waged against Western societies.

Several of the Paris massacre culprits and plotters traveled through Europe by posing as Syrian refugees.

24-year-old ISIS supporter Anis Amris, who carried out the Berlin Christmas market attack which killed 12 and injured 48, arrived in Germany in 2015 as a refugee from Tunisia.

The 39-year-old man from Uzbekistan who drove a truck into people in Stockholm back in April, killing four, was also a refugee wanted in connection with a deportation order.

Earlier this year, a 17-year-old Syrian refugee was arrested in the Uckermark region of the German state of Brandenburg after he was caught plotting a suicide attack in Berlin.

A knife attack earlier this summer that killed one and injured five others at a supermarket in Hamburg was carried out by a 26-year-old failed Palestinian asylum seeker.

The man who carried out a suicide bombing in Ansbach, Germany outside a music festival last year was a Syrian refugee who was due to be deported.

Back in December, a 25-year-old Moroccan refugee was arrested after plotting a terrorist attack in Salzburg, Austria.

These are just the murderous attacks. Many thousands of rapes, sexual assaults, violent assaults and robberies can be added. And there can be no doubt that many thousands of “refugees” have come here intent on violence but who have not yet revealed themselves.

In this light, no more “refugees” should be welcomed from the Middle East or Africa. Our lives are more precious and our societies now too fragile to be abused any longer. Bad people have taken advantage of our good, Christian natures. Many thousands of Europeans have suffered horribly at the hands of primitives because of it.

The welcome mat must be taken in.

Smart meters?

By Mike Cunningham On September 18th, 2017 at 5:54 pm

We who live in the United Kingdom have been bombarded with t.v. adverts, leaflets, special offers (time-limited), all in the sacred name of the so-called Smart Meters: to be offered and fitted into every UK property on both grids.

  • We are told that they are free.They are most definitely not free, the cost is to the customer, but spread over ten years (I think) so the apparent cost is allegedly minimal.
  • We are told that it is a UK Government initiative. This again is incorrect, as the push comes from European Union requirements and secondary legislation, on the slippery grounds of both Harmonisation, and battling ‘Climate change’.
  • We are told that, with a ‘smart meter’ fitted, you will be able to check your energy usage at a minutes’ notice; and that you will ‘save money’ if a smart meter is fitted.

Now let us examine that last statement very carefully. You will be able to check your energy usage? Yes you will. I have no problem with that statement. Read the rest of this entry »

The Tuesday Address

By The Troll On September 18th, 2017 at 3:30 pm

What should President Trump say when he addresses the U.N. ?

Now there are many things that I and a few of my fellow Americans would love to hear him say to this august body all ending in “oh and here is your eviction notice”, but such fun has no place in the real world.

There are so many real problems in the world and this body makes absolutely no progress on any of them. It is nothing but a Kabuki Theater for the Camera’s. An opportunity for grand theater nothing more.

Today Trump Spoke to the UN as a company, he told them they need to get their business model in order. That as an organization it is a corrupt mess of inefficient bureaucracies that needs to reform if they expect us to continue funding it.

Tomorrow he will Address the Politicians.

What will he say? Will he lay down a set ultimatums? Will he be harsh and plain spoken or will he Placate and be gentile and proper?

North Korea is only one of a whole set of major problems. One that will have to be dealt with violence, it is the only thing that will end it. However the Middle East still burns, Europe is drowning in a flood of millions of refugees of which 10s of thousands are Jihadists.

This body can’t handle feeding the starving and delivering disaster relief they are actually a detriment and part of the problem in dealing with ANY and every conflict.

When his speech hits the Tube I will post it for review.

What do YOU think the President should say?

Her Majesty meets some pretty ‘low lifes’

By Mike Cunningham On September 17th, 2017 at 8:24 pm

Assad plus Missus.



This year’s Chinese Dictator

But Her Majesty really ought to get her visitors checked out a little more thoroughly before she gives them double MBEs, such as have they checked in the Garden Shed, recently?







By Pete Moore On September 17th, 2017 at 12:42 pm

THE police have arrested an “18 year old refugee” over the Parsons Green bombing. He was adopted by a pair of champion idiots in Sunbury on Thames, a pretty wealthy London suburb. In return he appears to have shown all the gratitude you expect from muslims.

Remember, these people would have you burned alive on the tube rather than a primitive be kept out of the country –

FAB: but not exactly Fabulous.

By Mike Cunningham On September 17th, 2017 at 11:47 am

We here within the borders of the British Isles have, mostly, always considered one area to be above all sacred, to be preserved for posterity; for the purpose of Remembrance, and for relatives, friends and seekers after knowledge of their forbears. I speak of Cemeteries, of the anguish of losing a loved one, of the sheer relief of being able to visit the place that holds their loved one’s remains. I have written of the anger when a ‘yob’ desecrates a National Memorial.

I have also written commemorating the loss felt when my own sister died so tragically young, so long ago. There is a small North-Eastern town in England which I used to call home, despite working far away so long ago. In that town there sits a small Catholic church, with cemetery adjacent. Within the confines of that Cemetery lie the mortal remains of my beloved sister, who died at the age of sixteen from leukaemia. Her death shattered my Dad, who never completely recovered from her loss, and my Mum wasn’t much better in her grief. There is just a green sward where she lies; no stone, no winged angel, no border resplendent with flowers; because her face is before me as I write these lines. We three remaining brothers need no chiselled granite to remind us of our sister, and so it is.

So it is perhaps fitting that I write of the planned and proposed desecration of a grubby, slightly overgrown patch of land in Alderney, in our Channel Islands. Seems as though a consortium has received approval to shuttle electricity from France to the United Kingdom via the tiny island of Alderney, and that route goes straight through the place where many, but certainly not all victims of island-based Nazi ferocity were laid to their rest after brutal treatment at the hands of their Nazi overlords. Are we to stand silently by while ‘Progress’ towards a project which boasts of Energy Security, of Environmental protections, and of Economic Benefits: rides roughshod over the place where unknown and unnamed victims of the Nazis lie, in place which is soon to be trenched, excavated and built upon? The story is present in the pages of the Sunday Times, but, being paywalled, offers no link.


Do as I shall do, which is write to your MP, write to your local newspapers,  contact the Commonwealth War Graves Commission, and lets see if we can stop the Behemoth which is Europe before those graves are disturbed forever.

Songs for Saturday

By The Troll On September 16th, 2017 at 1:16 pm

I love music there isn’t any kind  that I won’t listen to from Mozart to Megadeath. There are certain types I don’t go out of my way to hear like Rap or Punk, but I have found some of both that I enjoyed.

One style I always enjoy is the blues. Here is a rare tape of a true blues master Son House. He was the man who taught the legendary Robert Johnson. This Music is very raw, but I find it captivating. I hope you take the time to give it a Listen. It’s only 2 min.

feedback always appreciated on music.

There is nothing quite like a Dame!

By Mike Cunningham On September 15th, 2017 at 7:12 pm

At times of tragedy, such as the latest attempt to attack British people going about their business, we should not forget the other aspects of life in Britain today. Because some Muslim mecca-facing head-banger gets his explosive mixture wrong (again)many residents of London are alive today. Some may be badly burnt, some worse than others, but the hope is that all will survive. But the best news so far is the possibility that the outer casing, some kind of white plastic bucket, partly survived the fire, and hopefully will provide vital clues to the perpetrator.

As I stated, we should not forget the hum-drum patterns of life in Britain, inclusive of, yet again, Dame Helen Ghosh’s activities in attempting to turn the National Trust into a hot-bed (geddit?) of homosexual and bendy-wendy gender friendliness and fervour. The Trust’s, and of course Dame Helen’s latest gambit is to send out the annual Trust’s volunteering survey.

Well, there’s nothing wrong with finding out what sort of person actually saves the Trust a large fortune in salaries, pensions, National Insurance and all the other things which large employers have to cope with; by their use as virtual slave labour (without the compulsion, whips, shackles and beatings as enforced by some other evil so-called Travelling bastards whom I shall be writing about when I have a chance). Some may baulk at my description of these volunteer as slaves, but they do their work for the love of the great houses which the National Trust was set up to look after, they are not paid a penny; and now they find that they are the latest target of Dame Helen’s homosexual-friendly fervour.

Seems as though the Trust’s survey is slightly different from last year’s. This year’s questions include queries not on how many roses the volunteer has dead-headed, or how much gorse and bracken has been cleared in one week; but instead concentrates on queries such as :-

  • Is your gender identity the same as the gender you were assigned at birth?”
  • Whether volunteers are “Trans” or “Non-binary”.
  • Respondents are asked to signal whether they are “Female”, “Male”, “Trans”, “Non-binary”, “Intersex”.
  • On sexual orientation, they are asked if they are “Bisexual”, a “Gay man”, a “Gay woman/lesbian”, “Heterosexual/straight”
  • The Trust defended its questions, saying they helped the organisation “understand who volunteers with us so that we can make the Trust a more relevant and accessible place to volunteer”.

Seems to me, that the only time these questions would be valid is if the aforementioned volunteers were about to take part in some massed weird sexual ritual before opening the gates and welcoming in the unsuspecting guests. Just so they could be paired out together, obviously, as we would definitely not wish to see the upheaval when, say; a lesbian was paired with a bisexual who was about to transit into, well, something else on the list.

Dame Helen, who is remembered for stating that  wind turbines were “rather beautiful things”, is  leaving the Trust to become Master (Mistress, Mattress ) of Balliol College, Oxford. Dame Helen, was accused by Sir Roy Strong, 82, who said: “If you go to a National Trust house or property, you’re being almost told what to think, and how we ought to react. “They’re obsessed with children, play areas, fun things at Easter and Christmas, and so on. The signs are that the National Trust is being turned into a branch of the leisure industry.  It’s ticking the boxes against the disabled, the aged, LGBT, the ethnic communities and the rest of it, and something gets lost along the way.”

She will be remembered (boy, will she ever be remembered) by the Trust for removing the ‘Easter’ from the Easter Egg Hunt, barring any volunteer from visitor duties at Felbrigg Hall if they did not wear some ‘rainbow’ ‘effing ABCX-supporting badge; along with ‘outing’ the former owner of the Hall, an ‘intensely private man’, on the grounds that the public had a right to know! As far as I can remember, she will pull down a salary of +/- £400,000 at Balliol. Nice wad for not doing very much beside attending the formal dinners, cocktail parties and pressing the flesh (as long as it is compliant, of course).


By Pete Moore On September 15th, 2017 at 7:02 pm

Because Friday night is Music Night

A WAVE of the fat capitalist cigar to another week done. Which means I’ll be spending hours on the motorway tomorrow ferrying relatives around for a family bash. I’d tell’em that I’ve gone all green and commie and sold my motor but they’d never believe me. So here’s to half the day on the M25 going nowhere. Have fun whatever you’re doing. Have this old one in the meantime, and yet another which I didn’t know was on the new-fangled iPod thingy. I must have been on the sauce when I set it up.

As always, feel free to share your fav sounds –