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By Pete Moore On August 11th, 2020 at 7:21 pm

New Zealand has put its largest city back into lockdown after recording four new Covid-19 cases, ending a 102-day streak without a local infection.

A three-day lockdown was swiftly imposed in Auckland after the cases were confirmed.

The four new cases are all members of a single family. None had travelled recently […]

Auckland residents will be asked to stay at home, large gatherings will be banned, non-essential businesses will be shut, and some social-distancing restrictions will be reintroduced in the rest of the country.

Four cases, one family, Auckland is back into lockdown and people further afield forced into restrictions on their lives. This is completely mad. No country can keep doing that. We have to assume that a vaccine is not imminent. Therefore we have to live with the virus. But we can’t keep the world at bay permanently and we can’t keep on locking down and hammering liberties.

The Ahern strategy has failed. She has failed NZ. Her cheerleaders praised her strategy for keeping infections low, but it was an unsustainable strategy.


By Pete Moore On August 11th, 2020 at 6:56 pm

When a black career criminal is killed by the police, it exemplifies white supremacy and justifies months of riots and arson. When a 5 year old white boy is murdered in cold blood by a black career criminal, the same media which has promoted months of black and ultra-left wing violence is less keen to report the news.

We know how this would have been reported if a black boy had been murdered by a white man, but that never happened. A white boy was murdered by a black man in front of his young sisters, and the left-liberal newsrooms aren’t so interested. His name was Cannon Hinnant.


By Pete Moore On August 11th, 2020 at 6:35 pm

 – Putin gets a vaccine.

Russian President Vladimir Putin has said a locally developed vaccine for Covid-19 has been given regulatory approval after less than two months of testing on humans.

Mr Putin said the vaccine had passed all the required checks, adding that his daughter had already been given it.

Officials have said they plan to start mass vaccination in October.

Who can doubt Russian medical and safety standards? I would suggest anyone with two brain cells might do so. Either Putin’s claim is nonsense, and Russians have no vaccine, or it’s true, and there is a vaccine to roll out in October.

If it’s the latter I wish the very best of luck to any poor sod getting that toxic mix injected into them.

Of all the Gin Joints in all the World…

By Patrick Van Roy On August 11th, 2020 at 5:05 pm

Guest post Seimi

Just following on from Mahons’ post on the death of the Irish Pub…

I have travelled a fair bit in my time on this little blue ball. I’ve camped in the Rockies in Canada, sailed up the Zambezi in Zambia, met EU ministers in Brussels and celebrated Women’s Day in a tent filled with 500 drunk ladies in Denmark. I’ve seen the Northern Lights from 30,000 feet and the underside of a table after drinking 14% strength beer with Greenlanders.

Everywhere I have travelled, there has been one surety. One universal constant, one unifying singularity. It’s not the friendliness of the natives. It’s not the assurance of good food. It’s not even the guarantee that it won’t rain for the entirety of the trip. It is this: no matter where I have been, no matter on what continent I landed, I only had to walk a street or two before I found it: the Irish Bar.

Every city I’ve ever been in has at least one Irish bar. In Lusaka, Zambia, it was O’Hagans Pub, with its strange mixture of badly carved hurley sticks, photos of old Dublin and a bicycle with square wheels; in Lethbridge, South Alberta, it was a bar whose name I can’t recall, but its only ‘connection’ with Ireland was a large, garish neon shamrock behind the bar (unless the other decoration on the wall was the head of the rare Irish Moose); in Bayonne, in the French Basque region, it was Katy Daly’s, where the Guinness was good, but I had to translate their Irish signs behind the bar, as they had obviously just used Google Translate to do a very poor job.

There are Irish pubs all over the world – in Moscow (Silver’s Irish Pub), Osaka (Murphy’s Irish Pub), Phuket (Molly Malone’s Pub), Peru (Paddy’s Irish Bar), Honalulu (O’Toole’s Irish Pub), New Zealand (The Bog Bar) – the list goes on and on. There are even one or two in England! 

But this place is surely the winner for the most remote Irish Pub in the world. The Irish Pub, in Namche Bazar, Nepal, can’t be reached by road, and is a two-day hike from the nearest airport. It has a snooker table and serves Guinness, all of which has to be carried by people on the two-day hike (the paths are too unstable for mules) to the pub.

It’s on the main route to base camp at Mount Everest, so the next time you’re climbing the mountain, be sure to call in for a pint! A pint costs £5.10 ($6.70 to you Yanks). That’s cheaper than some places in Dublin! And, the owner says that once the new road from Kathmandu is built – not to Namche Bazar, but to Lukla – he’ll cut the price by 50%. The new road still leaves you two days away from the pub, but at £2.55 a pint, surely the walk is worth it?

What are your good and bad experiences of Irish pubs (outside of Ireland of course!)? Any stories?

David Vance Live

By Patrick Van Roy On August 11th, 2020 at 4:07 pm

Dawn Butler and racial profiling, what’s going on? The armada in the Channel. Is there a way to stop it all?


By Pete Moore On August 10th, 2020 at 7:31 pm

We knew this months ago, but again today, in The Times –

One of the largest studies in the world on coronavirus in schools, carried out in 100 institutions in the UK, will confirm that “there is very little evidence that the virus is transmitted” there, according to a leading scientist.

Professor Russell Viner, president of the Royal College of Paediatrics and Child Health and a member of the government advisory group Sage, said: “A new study that has been done in UK schools confirms there is very little evidence that the virus is transmitted in schools.

Schools are perfectly safe. Even so, some teachers are holding out against going back to work. Most of them appear to be members of the National Education Union, a Corbynite trade union which is attempting to sabotage any childrens’ education (or what passes for it in the state system) even further by refusing to get back in the classroom.

They have no arguments. The science is wholly against them. Their one piece of luck is that Gavin Williamson is the Education Secretary, who is as hopeless as Matt Hancock.

We have school re-opening dates. All state teachers must be told that if they are not in work that morning they will be sacked. Ronald Reagan did that with the air traffic controllers. He fired 11,359 of the lazy, workshy buggers. They went on strike and refused to return. That’s pretty much what the commie teachers are doing. So Ronald Reagan made their strike permanent. That’s how you get your message across.


By Pete Moore On August 10th, 2020 at 7:19 pm

The UK has to look at the “legal framework” for migrants crossing the English Channel, the prime minister has said.

Boris Johnson said he wanted to work with France to stop the crossings and ensure that migrants “understand that this isn’t a good idea, this is a very bad and stupid and dangerous and criminal thing to do”

“But then there’s a second thing we’ve got to do and that is to look at the legal framework that we have that means that when people do get here, it is very, very difficult to then send them away again even though blatantly they’ve come here illegally,” the PM added.

If only he was the Prime Minister of a government with an 80-seat majority.

“Long Covid” refers to long-lasting effects of the deadly Chinese virus. Some of them are very strange indeed. The Prime Minister has lost his brain, his spine and his common sense to it. Someone ought to tell him that the Tories are being slaughtered over this fiasco, and rightly so. Nothing less than the eradication of all welfare crack for illegals and the promise of being turned back in the water will do. Australia is the unanswerable demonstration of good, civilised practice.


By Pete Moore On August 10th, 2020 at 7:10 pm

This is a new normal. It’s a nightly thing. It’s normal because Democrat mayors and governors not only refused to respond effectively to the riots after George Floyd’s homicide, but many of them appear to be emotionally invested in the violence. They are invested in the chaos and violence as a means to nihilistic ends.

Monied leftists will leave Dem cities permanently. The Chinese Disease and incessant violence will make refugees of millions. The cities will die because they will have no economic purpose. This was Chicago last night, a city with no future. The propaganda says that urban blacks are terrified of the police, terrified of being shot. That cannot be true. What they do suggests they have no fear of the police.

Guest of The Nation

By Mahons On August 9th, 2020 at 11:09 pm

My wife’s family has a small farm in the Irish Midlands. Usually the house sits empty until she and the kids go over in the summer. I usually join them for a couple of weeks, but I didn’t get to join up with them last summer and was looking forward to going this year. Then the pandemic knocked everything for a loop. It is a shame as I enjoy the fun of renewing friendships and seeing the familiar places.

The last operating pub in one of the nearby villages has shut down. Rural Ireland’s pubs, especially off the tourist routes had been fighting many a losing battle that the lock down served as a last straw. It is unlikely to return. I can remember being in it after a family funeral with probably the entire village. We had dug the grave with a shovel the night before, passed a bottle of whiskey round, and after we carried the coffin on our shoulders from the church down the narrow street to the graveyard for the burial we then repaired to the pub for a session out of legend. It had a bar and a lounge, and enough characters to fill three novels and two short stories.

The country has been changing and the practical ability to run a rural pub has diminished. A shame, I’ve been in ones that doubled as grocery stores, post offices, petrol stations and undertakers. The publicans usually had diplomatic skills to rival anyone, and served not just as hosts but as adept listeners, talkers, and performers. As a stranger you might enter into a quiet gathering (while they figured you out) but you would leave late, as if you had a reunion with lifetime companions. The patrons were neighbors for generations. The local was as holy ground to them as any ground they ever walked upon. If you did something stupid in London or funny in the Bronx they would somehow be talking about it before the sun set the next day. And the old stories were told time and again as if the fading years had not faded.

Change comes to all things, it is perhaps the one certainty of life. But we who grow older need not welcome it. Next year God willing I’ll have to drive a few more kilometres into the bigger town, and even there the score of pubs that used to be open when I first went twenty years ago are down to a handful. The small shops closing if not closed. Modern life, not just modern highways, are bypassing these small towns. I’m glad I experienced it all before it disappeared. The desperate gastro-themed-craft-beer-pushing-faux-farm-implements on the walls of the modern sterile replicas leave me cold. Come ye back? I surely will. But it will be with a wistful ache for what is no longer there.

I always liked the Harmonica

By Patrick Van Roy On August 9th, 2020 at 9:24 pm

This weeks two shot is from a guy named Juzzie Smith…… and they’re damn good.  The first is Harmonica Jam & the other is Bluesberry Jam. Make some toast and taste these Jams