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A Boy Named Kim

By Mahons On February 17th, 2017 at 11:07 am

All the poor guy wanted to do was go to Disneyland in Tokyo.  The half-lunatic half-brother of the full-lunatic leader of North Korea was murdered in a Malaysian Airport by two female agents.  Details are somewhat fuzzy.  CSI Malaysia is having its pilot episode, and it looks like the poor bastard (no pun intended) was poisoned somehow.  A quicker death than many North Koreans who simply starve to death.

Back in 2001 he was caught trying to visit Tokyo’s Disneyland under a false passport, bringing shame to his Dad who was otherwise shameless about running a crackpot nuclear military dictatorship.  It appears to have removed him from consideration for the Dear Leader succession when his pop finally kicked the bucket and his demented brother took over the role.

The only crazier family reunion would be the Manson Family.  As a child his father is said to have been devoted to him, but grew disenchanted when the son displayed signs of capitalist influence while schooled abroad in Switzerland.

I would think one would be more on guard if one’s half-brother was the raving bad hair life leader of a nation of racist dwarfs who is known for executing rivals, including family.  When a blood relative wants to make you a bloody relative it is time to make other plans for Thanksgiving Dinner (the North Korean version, catering by the Borgias instead of Martha Stewart).

I hope it turns out that he made it to Tokyo Disney before his bucket was kicked.  Even a boy named Kim deserves some happiness before he goes.

*nation of racist dwarfs comment courtesy of the late Christopher Hitchens, who coincidently had a demented brother himself.

They Klank when he walks……

By The Troll On February 17th, 2017 at 1:49 am

My fellow Americans will get that whether the rest of you do or not….
You can’t name another President in your life time that has taken this many off the cuff questions EVER…. Trumps gift is what all that is hated about him is what half the country believes a long with him… the Press are corrupt and the American Public are getting screwed by everybody, and we are at War.
Enjoy an unscheduled press and just general lambasting by a real Master of the Art.

The People’s President

By Patty On February 16th, 2017 at 9:52 pm

President Trump continues to make good on his campaign promises, this time with the beleaguered coal industry in West Virginia.  There is a nice moment at the end when he brings a coal miner forward to say a few words to the press.

Drain In Vain

By Mahons On February 16th, 2017 at 12:45 pm

Andrew Puzder, President Trump’s nominee for Labor Secretary, should be given credit for already creating a job opening – by withdrawing his name from consideration.  Puzder, a lawyer turned fast food CEO had donated hundreds of thousands to Trump (pay to play) and crashed and burned due to bipartisan opposition.

While raking in millions himself, Puzder’s company had to shell out millions for underpaying low income workers.  The workers usually had to take him to Court to get paid their fair share.  Puzder was an ardent attacker of minimum wage increases while an ardent supporter of his own maximum wage grasping.  Dante has a circle for him.  He also had a servant whom he never paid taxes on for years which is not comforting in a man expected to enforce fair wage laws.

Since his life history of unfair labor practices, corporate greed and breaking employment rules would make him a natural fit for Labor Secretary in the Trump Administration one can only wonder why the Administration didn’t fight harder for him.  Perhaps he didn’t have Russian Dressing on the salad menu at his restaurants?


By David Vance On February 16th, 2017 at 10:44 am

Gay marriage is driving a dagger through the Anglican church. Quite simply, the COE has been rotted out from within and is morally incapable of sticking to the Biblical view that religion marriage is one man and one woman.

Naturally the left wing agitprop media are all over the rotting carcass of this failing de-Christianising  church and they can’t wait for the day when two men or two women can be officially married in a Church with the full religious blessing of those officiating.

In a way it is all irrelevant. The FASTEST growing religion in Britain, Islam, is rather less conciliatory than Anglicanism and frequently teaches that gay people should be killed for their sexual predilections. Can’t wait for the media to start on them and insist that Mosques embrace “gay marriage” Or do you think that the media will stay mute?


By David Vance On February 16th, 2017 at 10:36 am

Off to see this chap in concert tonight!


By David Vance On February 15th, 2017 at 7:26 pm

Under media darling Obama…

….and under media hate figure Trump?

Understanding the Intelligence Community’s Games

By Patty On February 15th, 2017 at 4:07 pm

Dennis Kucinich, Democrat Congressman from Ohio, explains the problems of a rogue Deep State – for the Trump Administration and in the past, for the Obama Administration:

The First Casualty

By The Troll On February 15th, 2017 at 1:58 pm

Putting things into perspective.

Flynn did nothing wrong under the Law. in policy, or Tradition, what he did do was show bad political judgement. Seeing as he is not a politician it is to be expected to happen. Thinking he was protecting the Vice President he didn’t tell him the content of his Phone Call with the Russians.  This was a lapse of judgement on how to handle a superior and it cost him his job.

The tapes and transcripts of the calls have been gone through by the White House the Justice Dept, and two committees of Congress. No Laws were violated period.

What we do have is several leaks of information from Justice, the FBI, and the NSA. We have confirmation once again that every conversation no matter who you are that takes place any where in the world is recorded and reviewed by the United States.   Political Hacks of all affiliations are attacking this administration from within, it has been in power for less than a month, it still has only half of it’s cabinet and the siege has already begun in earnest.

Trumps reaction this week will speak volumes towards how the next 4 years are going to go. Trump is under attack from the bureaucrats, the democrats, the republicans, and the press. Trump has launched so much in so many different directions in the first three weeks of his administration that no one inside the Beltway knows which direction anything is going to go, and that community is flexing it’s muscle. That’s what Flynn was a casualty of.

Flynn’s replacement will be announced in a day or two , several good names are already out as the short list.  This position is not subject to the confirmation process and can’t stay vacant.

In the meantime while the Democrats play games the Russians moved a missile armed spy ship 30 miles off our coast, and announced they violated a treaty and just deployed 300km+ range cruise missiles.

Both Parties are in a Panic.  The Democrats are powerless and can only delay and obfuscate. The Republicans are in a worse Panic. They have had enormous power over the past 8 years and never used it, now it is being demanded that they actually do their jobs and they have no clue how or a spine to do so.  It’s Panic all around.


By David Vance On February 15th, 2017 at 10:01 am

Sinn Fein/IRA continue to nauseate me.

A Sinn Fein election candidate who works as a law lecturer at Queen’s has declined to say whether he believes the IRA were justified in shooting dead Edgar Graham at the university in 1983. Peter Doran, 55, who has been selected to run in Lagan Valley, had recently expressed “profound sorrow” about Mr Graham’s death…as he deeply regretted all Troubles-related deaths.

Got that? He is a LAW lecturer at the University where the IRA killed a law lecturer – but he cannot bring himself to state that the IRA was totally unjustified in killing Edgar Graham.

Sinn Fein in 2017 remain as they always have been – the propaganda wing of the IRA, stuffed with the most grotesque moral hypocrites.