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White, Orange and Green

By Patrick Van Roy On June 1st, 2020 at 4:13 pm

Guest Post from Noel

A comparison raised by my learned countryman Paul a few days ago, between the current situation in several US cities and West Belfast in the 1980’s, brought to mind my last visit to the latter, not without a certain embarrassment as the trip is now more than half a year ago and I still haven’t reported on it. Seimi, our host for the two days, will forgive my procrastinations.

I’d travelled with a companion who’d just held a symposium (or whatever they call it) on, appropriately enough, community involvement in politics in Glasgow university. (I only attended one afternoon where I was fortunate enough to hear the indomitable Darren – Loki – McGarvey. Anyone know him?)

You used to hear from various figures in the British military and media, and among most Dublin4 chatterers, that the people of Northern Ireland, and Belfast in particular, are somehow incorrigibly fanatic and by nature violent and quarrelsome. Some of us were aware that exactly the same things were being said by more intelligent observers about the people of Tipperary and North Cork, infamous for their lawlessness, a century earlier. Now, you hear and sense similar sentiment regarding black ghettos in the US. Other waves of immigrants – Italians, Vietnamese, Iranians, even Irish and Mexicans – arrive and eventually move up the ladder of respectability, but for some reason the blacks always stay at the bottom of the pile under which anger burns.

Well, as regards southern Ireland, the British finally had enough of this wanton destruction and departed and left those violent folks to form probably the most settled and peaceful part of the country, whose boring tranquillity is disturbed at most once a year when Cork faces Tipp in the Munster Senior Hurling.

I got a similar respect for good political work and bold decision-making when I saw Belfast this time.  When I first visited North and West Belfast as a young lad in the late seventies and early 80’s, it was unmistakeably a community at war. The people and place impressed me, but you’d really want to have a taste for revolutionary ambience to enjoy it. So much of the place was smashed up or burned out, scruffy kids chased a scruffy dog across the road, and the presence of armoured cars dashing through the streets, tense young soldiers with disproportionally large rifles squatting at every corner while scores of tough young men leisurely stood around jeering at them, all just heightened the tension.

This time, parts of West and East Belfast could have been the Netherlands. There was a wholly new neatness and relaxation to be experienced. You could feel the new hope; now the only thing burning was the pride that people obviously felt in their neighbourhoods.

You know when you’ve experienced something so special that you don’t want to tell others of it, for fear of it all becoming too overused and thus somehow spoiled? Well, that’s the way I feel about the Belfast that was shown to us. The people were all so great that I’d hate if more people went there gawking at them like we did.

If all politics is local, then Seimi is ATW’s only politician.  He knows every corner of every street like the back of his hand, yet has the unusual gift for someone so rooted in a place of being able to see it objectively and in broader geographical, historic and cultural contexts.

Our tour took us from the depths of West Belfast, across the Peace Wall and past some of the worst killing fields of the Troubles, where even Seimi’s chat and humour couldn’t dispel the sense of tragedy and loss, then back on to the bustling and optimistic Falls and through its own modern Gaeltacht (quotation marks would be unfair) to a relaxed café where Sinn Fein leaders and former icons of the Republican movement pop in for a chat.  There’s a fantastic new museum there that for anyone interested in modern Irish history would alone have been worth the trip. My lack of Irish – after 12 years of Gaeilge with the Nuns and the Brothers – was at this stage getting painful. But worse was to come.

I was sort of aware of the progress being made in the Irish language movement in the North, of which Seimi is a leading light. But nothing prepared me for the culture shock of the Turas language centre in the heart of Loyalist East Belfast! Do you have to be Irish to appreciate fully the courage of a Gaeilge school being set up by the sister-in-law and wife of prominent members of a Loyalist paramilitary organisation in the area where it once did a lot of its sectarian killings? You go with Seimi to that Methodist centre and talk with people whose thorough human decency and commitment to reconciliation are humbling indeed.

The white field in the Tricolour has been a bit problematic, I always thought – the aspiration for peace between the Orange and Green, the white of surrender to despair at continuing sectarianism, maybe a thick visual Peace Wall between the two traditions? When my companion asked Seimi when he believed the big sectarian divide would finally be overcome, he impressed us both by saying with the resignation of the true expert that it would not happen in his lifetime, but that his children would see it. Still the effort is being made.

People like that aren’t really the type who shout on blogs; they are out in the field actually doing something to make a miracle happen. It occurred to me that the people of West and East Belfast that I met are giving a new meaning to that White field: a fresh space to sketch out new possibilities, a new sheet being turned over and an empty page where an entirely new narrative of what it is to be Irish can be written.

There is no political divide totally intractable after Belfast. If they can make it there, they can make it anywhere: the racial divisions in US cities, Israeli-Palestinian, Kosovo, you name it.

Let the War begin…… a cold one for sure

By Patrick Van Roy On June 1st, 2020 at 3:09 pm



This week while the US burns from rioting Democrats and the Democrats announce that they refuse to come back to work for another month the World moves on.

The Trump Administration gave the hardest shift in Policy on China since before Nixon breached the Chinese Wall.

These are some of changes. The Chinese pass 1 Trillion Dollars through the NYSE that money has “a pass” negotiated by Joe Biden that allows the Chinese companies and entities a “waiver of audit” they do not have to show their books. No other Country or Corporations has that pass, now neither do the Chinese.

The US has already taken the Chinese to the Hague and Won over them claiming false territorial waters building a military base on man made Islands. That case has formally been brought as Charges against the Chinese at the UN.

The most significant change and Charge are the second set brought against China for Treaty Violations over Hong Kong. The Sino-British Joint Declaration is a treaty signed between the United Kingdom and China on Hong Kong under Chinese sovereignty. Signed on 19 December 1984 in Beijing negotiated by Thatcher. It is was designed and agreed to by the Brits and the Chinese to guarantee Hong Kong’s Independence even as they were brought back under Chinese Sovereignty.

Official Charges were delivered at the U.N. for Violating that Treaty which still has legal authority over Hong Kong for 27 more years.

And to add insult to injury he officially demanded that China explain it’s actions to the World over their handling of the Corona Virus that has killed almost 100 Million People world wide.


Bone Spurs in the Bunker

By Mahons On June 1st, 2020 at 12:52 pm

Perhaps the most useless gift in 2020 would be a daily planner. A deadly pandemic, economic chaos and now widespread civil unrest here in the US. To meet these waves of crisis after crisis we havent produced a Lincoln, a Washington or even a Warren Harding. We have an egomaniac tweeting childish pronouncements from his bunker.

To be sure, the President is not responsible for the pandemic, the economic crisis or race relations in thd US. However he has managed to make each situation worse. King Midas in reverse.

He seems intent on continuing his twitter Presidency with tweets running the gamut from rude, to fake, to escalating tensions when leadership calls for calm resolve. Maybe he thinks chaos is helpful to his prospects for reelection. How else can one explain his actions and inaction?

At this juncture it is imperative to restore order with all legal means. Arsonists stop either when they are stopped or when there is nothing left to burn. Looters stop when they are forced to stop or there is nothing left to steal. Restoring order will require coordination with state authorities, and that coordination requires unity of purpose and not divisive pandering.

The time has come to stop playing President and to start acting Presidential. Americans will respond to the Office of the Presidency, it still has the influence built by the deeds of his predecessors. To not use that power now as a statesman is to squander that legacy.


By Pete Moore On May 31st, 2020 at 7:17 pm

Some people are desperate to import American race politics into the UK. Many of them were in Trafalgar Square today demonstrating about George Floyd’s death.

You might wonder what George Floyd and American rozzers have to do with the UK. Nothing of course. What the police do in Minneapolis is no more relevent to the UK than what the police do in any other country. This is a power play by the left’s race hustlers. Think of it as a business development scheme for the permanently aggrieved. They can’t stand peace, wealth and harmony. They want and need poverty and division because it feeds them.

When people go to the beach, or demonstrate against the government’s lockdown and distancing rules, the usual suspects get the megaphones out to denounce these “Covidiots”. They are strangely quiet when a couple of thousand different people got all close in Trafalgar Square. Funny that.


By Pete Moore On May 31st, 2020 at 7:05 pm

A necessary move to protect life and liberty. Antifa is not some run of the mill leftist outfit. They are violent revolutionaries. It regards the Republic as an enemy, fascist state and violence is its starting point.

Antifa must be crushed.


Things are just that bit cooler, up there in Warming-Land

By Mike Cunningham On May 31st, 2020 at 1:33 pm

For those of us who have long viewed the whole idea and ideal of Climate Change, or Global Warming, or whatever the ‘buzz word’ is this week in these fast-changing times with a certain degree of scepticism; it is indeed a wondrous day when two people who have long been proponents of anything ‘Warming’, (or whatever slogan applies) produce a film which debunks and denounces everything the ‘Climate’ crowd have long held dear.

Such a happening occurred when the Michael Moore / Jeff Gibbs’ Planet of the Humans  was released, and an amazing 8.3 million viewed the video when released on YouTube. Because the video trashes virtually everything  the Climate crowd hold dear, and also because there was real pressure; YouTube was searching for a way to  take it down. Along comes a Brit photographer, whose work was included for a total of around ten seconds, who complained of ‘copyright infringement’: YouTube reacted and pulled the whole thing, despite the producers stating that they would remove the tiny video clip.

YouTube, along with all the Climate crowd, commenced cheering loudly, but they all had forgotten the ‘Streisand’ effect. BitChute pops up, and declaims “And free speech shall not be contained, and hosts the whole video. So YouTube loses all that exposure, and BitChute, alongside Parler, the free speech channel; whom no-one had noticed, gets a winner.

It is a long video, over an hour, but well; well worth the visit!



The Peaceful Protesters

By Patrick Van Roy On May 31st, 2020 at 5:01 am


By Patrick Van Roy On May 31st, 2020 at 1:00 am


By Pete Moore On May 30th, 2020 at 9:21 pm

It’s been obvious for days that Antifa terrorists have mobilised and are committing much of the violence across the US. It’s been planned in advance and it’s well executed. Most of those arrested in St Paul are from outside Minnesota. While it’s funny that CNN in Atlanta was attacked by Antifa despite acting as its PR arm for five years, they are nevertheless domestic terrorists, a revolutionary insurrection which regards the Republic as fascist and the US Constitution as illegitimate. It must be proscribed and stamped out ruthlessly.


By Pete Moore On May 30th, 2020 at 7:45 pm

Launch is at 8.22pm. The Spacex Youtube stream is here, though many others are carrying it. Weather is ok at the moment.

God speed.

At last, the real space age dawns ..