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The Convention is Over

By The Troll On July 23rd, 2016 at 3:04 am

Donald Trump needs to focus. this morning he renewed his attacks on Cruz’s Wife and Father.

Trump is the Republican Nominee, the inside the Beltway RNC has made they’re deal with him. Good God he’s got the Dole Team running his campaign. Both he and his Surrogates have got to now move on to the Main Event.

Attacking Cruz is NOT going to help the Donald.

The Cruz faction makes up a third of the hardcore base. You can’t sway Cruz and you can’t sway us away from him. We cling to 3 things: The Constitution, Our Bibles, and our Guns. As it stands now Trump will get our vote, but it’s not a guarantee, and he needs to remember that.

Next Week the Freak Show starts. All the Loons will be gathered in Philly. The Temperature in the city of Brotherly Love is 90 degree Fahrenheit, 32 Celsius for are friends across the Pond coupled with 90% Humidity. Sweet Hell in anyone’s book.

The Cops are on High Alert, The Protestors will be fueled by their insanity and the crippling heat and in Convention Hall the Marxist Freak Show will be offering Gifts to the masses like they’re Santa Clause.

The Felon has picked her Running Mate a White Christian Male, but don’t worry he’s card carrying Leftist Loon.

Let the Games Begin!


By Pete Moore On July 22nd, 2016 at 6:19 pm

A SHOOTING has just happened at a shopping centre in Munich. Deaths are reported. It’s way to early for facts to emerge.

As usual now, the live twitter feed has all the essential speculation.


By Pete Moore On July 22nd, 2016 at 5:35 pm

BREXIT is still sinking in. This week the EU announced it’s latest round of “binding greenhouse gas emission reductions for Member States (2021-2030)”.

Following up on the agreement reached by Heads of State or Government of the European Union in October 2014 and later confirmed in March 2016, today’s proposal, the “Effort Sharing Regulation”, sets binding annual greenhouse gas emission targets for Member States for the period 2021–2030 for the sectors of the economy not regulated under the EU Emissions Trading System (EU ETS). These sectors include buildings, agriculture, waste management, and transport accounting for almost 60% of total EU emissions in 2014.

The Irish Times reports that “Ireland” will be “obliged to reduce emissions by 30 per cent relative to those of 2005”. And so on. Each Member State will be obliged to de-industrialise and screw itself economically, on the orders of the Brussels technocracy.

And then you remember that we don’t have to do any of it. We’re off, leaving it all behind. It’s one reason why the purple-haired brigade are still sick. The EU, to eco-nutters, was always a way to foist onto the British people regulations which we’d never vote for ourselves, which trousering mega-EU subsidies. And now it’s all gone. Not only can we ignore all this anti-modernity stuff, we can de-regulate and leave every EU country trailing in our competitive wake.

We got out just in time before a tsunami of EU regulations hit. This air of freedom will never stop tasting sweet.

The Cruz Speech

By The Troll On July 21st, 2016 at 7:07 pm

If you listen to the Main Stream Media or any of the Talking Heads Cruz betrayed his oath, betrayed the Party, Stabbed Trump in the Back, he’s setting himself up for 2020 etc etc etc….

Well it’s a load of malarky.

2 Days before the Speech Trump and Cruz had a meeting as to whether or not Ted would Endorse Trump. He told him he couldn’t and keep his principles of what he ran on and who he was. Trump accepted this, 3 hours before the speech Trump was given a copy of his speech and approved it.

Now what Trump organized whether or not Cruz knew it was coming or not I don’t know, but the above two items are verified by both campaigns.

Cruz was scheduled to speak for 12 minutes he spoke for 24 and got 3 standing ovations, and 6 min of cheers. As he reached the end of his speech the Trump campaign whips went into action and started the boos and the chanting to endorse. It was Timed with Trump walking onto the floor and continued as Ted smiled and wrapped up his speech.

I COMPLIMENT both Candidates. First Cruz for sticking to his guns, his Principals and not endorsing him. I also compliment Donald Trump. He knew two days in advance  that Cruz was NOT going to give him an Endorsement, he read his speech 3hrs ahead and even though he orchestrated the boos he allowed Cruz to speak. Trump showed that he was a much better man than people say by allowing Cruz to give a speech that congratulated him as the Winner yet denied him a full endorsement.

Bravo to both men.

YouTube Preview Image


By Pete Moore On July 21st, 2016 at 6:14 pm

THE most remarkable news about the Labour Party today isn’t that Angela Eagle has been advised, by the police, not to hold her constituency surgeries for her own safety. This is where the Labour Party now is; opponents to the leader come under severe physical threat. Think about that.

We know where almost all of these threats have come from. It’s the rabble called Momentum. They’re Trot entryists who have joined Labour en masse to support Corbyn and intimidate his opponents. It’s members have been weasling their way into local constituency parties, where potential MPs are selected to stand for Parliament.

This is where the most significant news comes in. Jeremy Corbyn has announced that all Labour MPs will have to stand for re-selection ahead of the next General Election.

The Labour leader said after the boundary review concludes in 2018 there will be a “full selection process in every constituency” to see who stands for Parliament.

This is Corbyn going full Khmer Rouge on any Labour MP who isn’t a far-Left headbanging Trot. Centrists and moderates will be hounded out, forced to stand down. The chances are that Labour is already past forming its last government. If Corbyn wins the leadership contest then the party will die, absolutely guaranteed.


By David Vance On July 21st, 2016 at 3:51 pm

Boom! I am back from my Californian sojourn. It’s taken me a few days to recover from the LA to London to Dublin to Donacloney travel extravaganza so I will ease my way back in. To coin a phrase “Oh I just don’t know where to begin…” In fact, I got back late on Sunday night and went to see Elvis Costello and the Imposters on Tuesday night! Great timing.

So, California. Drove from San Francisco to San Diego and all parts inbetween. When in San Fran I did not spot anyone with flowers in their hair, but there were some Gay Pride paraders who seemed to decide this is a clothing optional city! Across the Bay to sunny Sausalito, what a fab place. Art galleries and wine tasting is the order of the day there! Recommended.

Went to the wild wonder of Yosemite! It was 110 degrees and blue skies all the way. Beautiful scenery and so interesting to learn about the Native Americans who once lived in this region. Stopped off at the little Gold Rush town of Mariposa on the way back and encountered a rattle snake! That was a hair raiser.

From thence to Carmel, shrouded in sea fog but otherwise most charming. I took a drive to San Jose and yes, I now DO know the way! Went to the Winchester Mystery House which was a fascinating example of what can be produced when a traumatised Millionairess is left to her (spiritual) devices. Spooky place.

Stopped off at the Henry Cowell Redwood Park to see those mighty giants. There was one redwood hollowed out at the base that you could camp in, such is the scale of the monster. Quite charming.

Travelled down Big Sur, stopping at the Bixby Bridge for a panoramic view. Stopped off at the famous Hearst Castle, El Casa Grande for a glimpse into the world of a 1930’s billionaire, W.R. Hearst. Terrific view up that steep hill and a definite oddity.

Ended up in Santa Barbara which I found to be compact and very walkable. Great Pier and some lovely shops along Union Avenue. I then traveled to L.A.- staying in the “Pretty Woman” hotel, at the top of Rodeo Drive. It was my pleasure to meet up with Patty (and her husband) of ATW renown and spend some time putting the world to right! I did all the L.A. touristy things, but perhaps the most dramatic view came from the Griffith Observatory, high above L.A.

After that, I went to the desert – to Palm Springs. It is essentially Las Vegas for geriatrics!!! Really hot, people slightly mad, and with a great tramway that takes you from the desert floor to 8500ft in 15mins! Amazing view of the San Andreas fault from that vantage point although you might consider seeing it more of a worry!

I left the Desert and headed for San Diego, staying at La Jolla. Brilliant spot, and a fantastic town, and as close to Mexico as I ever need to get.

I then went back up the coast to Laguna and Newport, for some chill out time before catching the flight back home.

During this time away, I followed America politics closely, via Fox News. I was horrified by what happened in Nice yet was impressed by the way Fox News called it out for what is was – Jihad. I believe the BBC weren’t really sure of the motive, a traffic based incident? Anyway, I enjoyed being able to watch Sean Hannity, Bill O’Reilly and even the smug Megyn Kelly. I also liked watching US ads on TV – very funny, albeit accidental.

A big thank you to all who kept ATW going, and to Pete Moore in particular. Much appreciated.

Hope this brief epistle finds you all well, I will revert with the usual political stuff in due course!


By Pete Moore On July 21st, 2016 at 3:09 pm

WE’RE not talking Japs here.

Two Asian men tried to bundle a serviceman into the back of a car in an abduction attempt near an RAF base, an internal memo seen by ITV News Anglia says.

The man was out running down a country lane about a mile from the main gates of RAF Marham in Norfolk on Wednesday when the attackers approached him.

They threatened him with a knife before fleeing in a Galaxy car.

A pair of hajjis came at the Airman with a knife. He decked one and got away. Norfolk is quite unenriched. Two Abduls will stick out like a pair of, well, muslim terrorists up there. Not even the police can fail to come up with a result. Since our man punched out an Abdul in getting away, I wouldn’t be completely surprised if he ended up being charged with a “hate crime.”

A Future Politician?

By The Troll On July 21st, 2016 at 12:04 am

Here is another Speech from the Republican Convention. I put the full Speech’s up so you can actually Listen and decide for yourself what is being said and how it is said. I want you to be able to hear the real words, not some Democrats interpretation, or mine.

One reason you might want to listen to Jr here is he states the reason that Democrat Union Rank and File have by the 100s of thousands changed their registration in the Primaries from D to R. Those that didn’t will still in mass cross that Line in November.

Every Union except the Federal Employees Union has struggled for jobs and work over the past 8 years, and they know it would be the same under Hillary.

YouTube Preview Image


By Pete Moore On July 20th, 2016 at 9:15 pm

IT’S so hot even my punkah wallah’s flagging. No wonder real news has dried up, we’ve turned into Spain. Have yourselves a quiz then, and let’s see who knows what’s what. Here’s a list of the longest coastlines in the world –

1. Canada

2. ?

3. Russia

4. Philippines

12. UK

I know what you’re thinking, and I’m thinking it too. Though there are 11 cheeky blighters with longer coastlines than the UK, ours is the best because it’s a beautiful British coastline. Nevertheless we have to mind the gap. Which country is at no. 2?


By Pete Moore On July 20th, 2016 at 9:07 pm

THE new PM had her first PMQs today. Granted, Labour leader Jeremy Corbyn is completely hopeless, but it’s a daunting but of theatre. Apparently Blair and Brown both hated it. Gordon Brown was usually sick with nerves.

If Theresa May was worried she needn’t have been. She slapped Corbyn all over the shop –

YouTube Preview Image

That final line’s the giveaway. It’s the moment she gets a taste for pounding him, where she suddenly morphs into a previous female PM. Corbyn is the favourite to win the Labour leadership contest. The Tories must be praying that the polls are right for once. This one looks like it’ll run and run.