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Big Debate in Nashville

By Phantom On October 22nd, 2020 at 11:21 pm

There are a lot of music cities, but Nashville TN is the music city. Walk down Broadway ( yes, that’s what it’s called ) and you see live music in one club after another, some buildings three story affairs with a live band on each floor.

Tonight, the focus will be on a debate between President Trump and Joe Biden.

All US debates of this kind are usually to be avoided, since the participants stick tightly to the script, and rarely answer a question. Mike Pence is the king of this.

President Trump hurt his reelection chances with his bossy, boorish conduct at the first debate. He ducked out of the second one. Let’s see what we get tonight.


By Pete Moore On October 22nd, 2020 at 7:45 pm

What beautiful, life afforming news from Poland.

Poland’s top court has ruled that abortions in cases of foetal defects are unconstitutional.

Poland’s abortion laws were already among the strictest in Europe but the Constitutional Tribunal’s ruling will mean an almost total ban.

Once the decision comes into effect, terminations will only be allowed in cases of rape or incest, or if the mother’s health is at risk […]

The Council of Europe’s commissioner for human rights said the day marked a “sad day for women’s rights”.

This is a great day for children’s rights and the rights of the weakest, those who cannot speak for themselves and for those most in need of help. Poland’s inspiring example is a rebuke to the degenerate West, which has lost its way. We have lost our way because we have forgotten who we are. Therefore we have lost God and the family as the highest and greatest ideals. All wicked things rush in afterward.

Poland calls us back from our terrible, degenerate abyss.


By Pete Moore On October 22nd, 2020 at 7:30 pm

The lockdown fetishists no doubt think they are good people saving lives. But that’s probably all they think. They don’t see the costs of their discredited ideas. In the end they are all vast human costs, whether it’s jobs lost now, money taken from the young and unborn, or the elderly forciblt denied the right to see their families as their days close in.

What these dull-witted people are doing to the likes of Mary Fowler is wicked and inhumane.

If it gets stolen so easily: we just won’t stock it anymore!

By Mike Cunningham On October 22nd, 2020 at 7:20 pm

I wrote a comment on a New York Times op-ed piece which featured the (to this observer) strange need of some women to alter their appearance with long wigs, creams and other artificial aids to ‘beauty’. As a mere man, and an elderly one as well, I just cannot comprehend the thought processes which pulls or pushes anybody, man or woman, to alter their appearance presumably to gain social or sexual success. But that’s just me.

My comments were aimed at the writer completely ignoring the fact that the crowd, who literally could not wait whilst the female manager was fumbling with the keys, smashed the windows and looted the Korean-owned store: were all thieves, felons, criminals.

Now while I can maybe comprehend that people who do not have access to much cash might shoplift or steal to feed their families: much as Alexandra Occasio-Cortez, speaking in a virtual TownHall meeting, stated that “So they feel like they either need to shoplift some bread or go hungry.”, that applies to food, not expensive items which maybe make the user or wearer ‘feel good’.

I was reminded by the NBC ‘news’ piece about a strange (again, to me) ideal which made some women complain that they were being discriminated against when the ‘beauty products’ most popular and sought-after in major chain stores were placed behind glass cabinets protected by lock and key: so that whenever a customer wished to buy or check out any ‘Multi-Cultural Product’ the items had to be physically handed to the prospective customer. The truth; that these items were amongst the top tier of pilfered products is, perhaps in the land of “Black Lives really Matter”; immaterial it seems when the protection is described as ‘Racist: etc., etc,. Blah, blah, blah’. 

One presumes that the selection and purchase of these ‘glamour’ products will, or have already; morphed away from shops and supermarkets to ‘online’ only, where you have to front up your cash or credit card before gaining the aforementioned product. Serves them right!

This should scare you

By Patrick Van Roy On October 22nd, 2020 at 3:15 pm

I don’t care which side of ANY issue you are on, this woman and the things she endorses are wrong, unethical, and if it’s not illegal it should be.

Harassment, censorship, and intimidation of Trump supporters by any means necessary is a key element of the “color revolution” strategy. And Brandy Zadrozny of NBC News is a key hatchet woman working on behalf of the oligarchs.

Zadrozny has a long history of targeting Trump supporters for doxing, censorship, and harassment. She poses as a neutral reporter, but like so many other “journalists” in 2020, she is simply an ideologically-motivated hitman.

Zadrozny was a major contributor to the Verification Handbook, a book for online journalists. Specifically, Zadrozny wrote a guide on how to unethically dox anonymous people online. Zadrozny appears to use paid, dark-data search engines to dox the personal information of anonymous Trump supporters online — obtaining property records, phone information, and even their Amazon wish lists.

Zadrozny is part of a press corps deployed to cover “misinformation, disinformation, and extremism” after the Internet fueled President Donald Trump’s win in 2016. This new journo beat was created to surveil, slander, and censor online voices that counter ruling class narratives.  It turns out this “Disinformation Expert” (practitioner, not analyst) authored a How-To Guide for doxing intensely personal digital data of anonymous Trump supporters online. This guide is marketed to fellow journos who flunked the same ethics class.  Using third-party vendors so expensive access “depends on your newsroom’s budget,” Zadrozny tries to scrape phone and property records from your digital footprint. She touts access to your Amazon Wish List, “a gold mine for learning about what a person reads, wants, buys.” You wouldn’t want to be caught reading the wrong books, would you, Comrade?

And she does this for NBC.

The fight against Tyranny

By Patrick Van Roy On October 22nd, 2020 at 2:59 pm

Over the summer, the co-owner of Taste of Sicily — an Italian restaurant in Palmyra, Pennsylvania — made headlines when he defied left-wing Gov. Tom Wolf’s COVID-19 shutdown mandates and scoffed at the $10,000 in fines that came along with them.

“Some rob you with a gun, while others rob you with a pen,” co-owner Mike Mangano declared to PennLive at the time, referring to Wolf. “We ain’t paying crap.”


By Patrick Van Roy On October 22nd, 2020 at 12:11 am

“So you have the British state, the Irish state, the Royal Ulster Constabulary, UDR, British Army, Official Sinn Fein and IRA, Provisional Sinn Fein and IRA, People’s Democracy and so on,” Dr Kennedy says.

“So it’s kind of whodunnit, and I do go through each of these systematically, many people will disagree obviously with my handling of them therein.”


By Pete Moore On October 21st, 2020 at 10:02 pm

Ben Dreyfuss, is the editorial director of Mother Jones. It appears that Rudy Giuliani gave an interview to what turns out to have been an actress in her twenties. She pulled Giuliani’s shirt as she removed the mic at the end of the interview. While he was tucking it in Sacha Baron Cohen rushed in claiming that she was 15. From this The Guardian and the commie press have concocted an amazing tale, mischaracherising everything.

Anyone who thinks that Giuliani had his old boy out must be consistent and condemn Cohen for a blatant act of revenge pornography. They must also condemn all those who have gloried in it, sharing information which Giuliani did not give permission to be shared, and also social media publishers which have promoted it. Mustn’t they? Thousands and thousands of accounts which shared unverified information must be immediately polled, yes? Or have the rules changed tonight?

Or is it simply that Twitter and Facebook are happy to peddle bullshit because Giuliani is an effective pro-Trump operator?


By Pete Moore On October 21st, 2020 at 9:41 pm

Without some muslim headbangers getting all pius only a few thousand people would ever have seen the Charlie Hebdo cartoons. They’d have seen them, then they’d have turned the page and have immediately forgotten about them. A week later the cartoons would have been in landfill and that would have been that.

Instead –


By Pete Moore On October 21st, 2020 at 7:27 pm

It’s one continuous story of self-hating leftists. On this Trafalgar Day proper Britishers are reminded of how great we are, how mighty our deeds have been and how glorious our history is. The French and Spanish were properly reminded of it off Cape Trafalgar, on 21st October 1805.

Punch Magazine published this in 1908. Admiral Lord Nelson’s column is covered in apologetic hoardings. The lions are similarly covered, with signs saying that they will be replaced with statues of leading Liberal and Labour Party politicians.

The left has always hated our history. It makes them feel small and unmanly. Rightly so too, because that’s exactly what those losers are.