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Dutch Democracy in Action – Dutch MP Threatened With Deportation

By ATWadmin On January 23rd, 2008 at 2:55 pm

From the very excellent Klein Verzet, keeper of the Fjordman Files, I find that Dutch parliamentary member Geert Wilders is facing threats of deportation if he goes ahead with plans to release a 10-minute-long movie critical of Islam.

You couldn’t make it up.

(Unless you were Kafka on acid)

Al-Beeb Worried Islam-West rift ‘widening’

By ATWadmin On January 23rd, 2008 at 2:27 pm

A headline in today’s al-Beeb reads:

Islam-West rift widens, poll says

Now, I’m not entirely clear on this. How exactly does the rift between a culture which on the one hand supports Female Genital Mutilation (well-commented-on by Hibernia Girl here) and a culture which encourages girls and women to be in as much control as possible of their own bodies widen? How does a culture which hangs rape victims get more different than a culture which panics when not enough evil evil men are convicted for rape?

According to al-Beeb, "WEF chairman Klaus Schwab said the poll pointed to "an alarmingly low level of optimism" over dialogue."

Is it just me, or does anyone else feel that, somehow, some certain fundamental premises have failed to be addressed?

Stop Press – France Does Something Right!

By ATWadmin On January 23rd, 2008 at 2:12 pm

I suppose it’s to be expected, the moment the French do something right for a change, the European Court of Human Rights steps in to correct the mistake. From the Brussels Journal, we can see that:

“The European Court of Human Rights ruled on Tuesday that France had discriminated against a lesbian nursery school teacher by refusing to allow her to adopt a child. […] In 1998, her adoption application was turned down by authorities on the grounds the child would suffer from the absence of a paternal figure and that the role of her partner was unclear. [...]

The court ruled that she had suffered discrimination as well as a violation of her right to a private life, under the European Convention of Human Rights, awarding her 10,000 euros ($14,500) in moral damages.

The decision obliges France to take steps to prevent such discrimination in future, and could have consequences for other single homosexuals, or homosexual couples, in Europe who want to adopt.”

I’m somewhat unclear as to how a State decision, which the State had the right to make or with-hold, regarding the custody which the State awards a State citizen of a charge of the State, is a violation of the citizen’s private life, but perhaps I’m expecting too much logic from a Human Rights court, especially a European one.

Still, at least the financial reward got a fitting name. Decisions like these really do damage morals.

David Miliband – Foreign Secretary, communist traitor

By ATWadmin On January 23rd, 2008 at 2:03 pm

Miliband.jpgFollowing Monday’s Quote of the Day contribution from EU-enabler and democracy-destroyer David Miliband, I see in my online meanderings that Majority Rights has flagged something very interesting about the same Foreign Secretary, grandson of a soldier the Red Army.

In a speech to the Fabian Society (which Wikipedia describes as "a British socialist intellectual movement, whose purpose is to advance the socialist cause by gradualist and reformist, rather than revolutionary means") Miliband stated that:

"The left has talked a lot about the essence of globalization – a new interdependence born of rising flows of people, money, culture and trade across national boundaries. But we have not talked enough about its consequence – fundamental shifts in the distribution of power.

Power is shifting from West to East. It is shifting from the national to the international level. But there is a third shift – in the balance of power between government and people.

At the beginning of the American Revolution, Thomas Paine called on his fellow colonists to forge a new society where power was dispersed among the citizens. "Let the crown … be demolished," he urged, "and scattered among the people whose right it is.""

The interdependence born of rising flows of people, eh? So, things like open borders, the erosion of nations and such, then. Not to mention the demolition of the crown. I’m no monarchist, but I have a feeling that when people like Miliband, who deny the electorate a vote on whether or not they want the latest Belgian Shackles, talk about demolishing the Crown and dispersion power among people who have a right to said power, it’s not very likely that they’re talking about empowering the average Joe like you and me.

The supreme irony, of course, is that for all his talk of the power of ‘the people’ and our distrust of ‘traditional sources of authority, even for his talk of bloggers, Miliband and his odious crew stand as the very embodiment of what the people distrust, the traditional authority we loathe, and that which we blog against.

Majority Rights has a good write-up of Miliband’s little speech here, which I recommend reading, but for my part I will simply say that if this speech and the lack of reaction against it is not proof positive that our rights as a people and an electorate have been stolen shamelessly by a militant communist lobby, then I don’t know what is.


By ATWadmin On January 23rd, 2008 at 9:37 am

Have to admire the chutzpah of the Palestinians! Apparently Tony Blair’s peace mission in the Middle East is doomed, doomed I say, because he is not prepared to…. confront the Israelis, Pali business and political leaders have warned.

Raising the standard of living in the territories is seen as crucial to providing disillusioned Palestinian youths with an alternative to killing Jews. But Palestinian leaders argue that such efforts are impossible without the removal of obstacles, such as Israeli checkpoints, which impede the movement of workers and goods within and in and out of the Palestinian territories.

Wonder has it occurred to these Palestinians that the REASON WHY the checkpoints are there is to prevent Palestinian savages blowing innocent Israeli men, women and children to pieces?   


By ATWadmin On January 23rd, 2008 at 9:35 am

As further evidence of the pernicious and deliberate undermining of marriage, Heterosexual married couples are no longer regarded as the "norm", the largest survey of social attitudes in Britain shows today.

Yes – Government support for gay couples and single parents, the rise in cohabitation and an official failure to support traditional marriage are said to have resulted in previously unconventional lifestyles becoming widely accepted. Imagine that!

The annual report by the National Centre for Social Research says marriage – once the bedrock institution of British society – is seen by two thirds of people as virtually indistinguishable from cohabitation. Only one in four people thinks married couples make better parents than unmarried ones, while a third believe that gay male couples are as capable of being good parents as a man and a woman.

The survey exposes the decline in the importance of marriage with the finding that most people see weddings as an excuse for a party rather than a public declaration of lifelong commitment.

So – we are now at the stage where, as Cole Porter put it, anything goes in Britain – and where all lifestyles and arrangements are considered equally valid. This is a triumph for the propagandist message of moral relativism pumped out day in day out by the MSM and beloved by all good liberals. Meanwhile, the COST of family breakdown costs Britain £24 BILLION a year and rising.

Maybe we just need more gay parents to take the strain?


By ATWadmin On January 23rd, 2008 at 9:12 am

There is jubilation amongst the usual suspects here in Northern Ireland at the news yesterday that Belfast is one of five UK cities to get a new health research centre to take the lead in solving problems like obesity and smoking.

Health Minister the lugubrious Michael McGimpsey said it had "the potential to improve the health of our population". He said "world-class" experts from a range of disciplines would be working at the facility in Queen’s University. Up to £5m funding over five years will be made available to each of the five centres.

What a waste of money. The way to deal with obesity is for people to eat less, eat better and exercise more. All the rest is waffle. As for stopping smoking, short of arresting anyone with a cigarette, I would have thought the risks were clear and the ban is in place so it is a matter of individual choice. In truth I see this as just more Nanny Statism, more people telling us how to live our lives. It is not the role of Government to make us healthy, each of us carries that individual responsibility for our own health.


By ATWadmin On January 23rd, 2008 at 9:01 am

Well folks, it tells you something about Islam in Britain when the visiting Iraqi Deputy Prime Minister, Dr Barham Salih, says that the Mosques in Blackburn, England, have such an extreme message being preached that they would be BANNED in Iraq!

It is reported that  Dr Salih said:

"I am not surprised that you British are facing so many problems with extremists after what I saw in those mosques in Blackburn. What I saw would not be allowed here in Iraq. It would be illegal."

Dr Salih, a Sunni Muslim, went to several mosques in Blackburn when he visited the town on the invitation of the then Foreign Secretary, Jack Straw, in 2005.

Now, since Dr Salih is himself a Muslim, this criticism cannot be so easily deflected by the dhimmis out there and the question must be asked as to what sort of nightmare the British Government is storing up for us all by refusing to close down these centres for Jihad, these propagators of hatred?

I note that British Muslims have condemned Dr Salih. Who’s surprised? 

Right to Life March

By ATWadmin On January 23rd, 2008 at 2:39 am

From  Yahoo.com    HT: Michelle Malkin

right%20to%20life.jpgWashington D.C., January 22, 2008:  The sheer size of this pro-life crowd is astounding. Thousands came out to march in the freezing cold, to make their pro-life opinions heard and to mark the 35th anniversary of  Roe v. Wade, the Supreme Court decision which legalized abortion.

And if it weren’t for talk radio and the internet, I would probably not  know about the annual Right to Life March.

Wandering around Google today, I stumbled on an essay written by a journalism student who had been present at one of the annual Right to Life marches. She wrote of her intense emotions at the sight of so many marchers. And she wrote of her strong belief in a woman’s right to choose abortion, and a citizen’s right to assemble and to protest.

She  wrote that she felt strong conflicting emotions when she realized that thousands of  marchers were expressing their opinion that a woman’s right to choose does not supercede an unborn’s right to life.  And she wrote that she wanted  to shut down the march and to deny the right to lifers their public protest of Roe v. Wade.

It was an interesting essay and notable for the student’s ability to be self-reflective. I don’t think this journalism student is alone; there is very little coverage of this event on the mainstream media.

No Go Areas

By ATWadmin On January 23rd, 2008 at 12:06 am

PXLgun200907_468x386.jpgChris Huhne, the Liberal Democrat home affairs spokesman:-

“It’s astonishing the home secretary admits that after 10 years of a Labour government, our capital is a no-go area for women at night.”

On my bus route that would be from about 6.30pm onwards in Winter.  And where i used to live the gangs now have AK47s (see left for my old station in South London. Looks like an AK). I’ve said before (on the Boris post) that there are things I love about my Capital and things i loathe:- 

 Ellee Seymour asked a teacher she knows at Hackney Free and Parochial Seconday School about the area the Home Sec was discussing and gets a candid and eye-opening view on the violence. Ellee listed some of the incidents/ experiences the teacher encountered or heard about working and living in Hackney. (I have a friend who works as a teacher in a similar area. Add the continued threat of rape to female teachers to this bunch below and you get the idea). For example:

1). The front entrance of the school is cordoned off by the police; no one is allowed to leave the building, whilst police secure the crime scene. Two Turkish boys have used razor blades to slice the faces of two Vietnamese boys, who they had a vendetta with.

2). One of my students is sent to Feltham Youth offenders’ unit for sexually abusing younger girls and taking lewd photographs. …

3) One of my students has her face slashed with a compass, by a fellow student, on the neighbouring estate.

4) A group of our students throw a firework into a local Kebab shop, on their way home from school.

5) One of our students murders a boy from another school, outside Hackney Town Hall.

6)  A student tries to attack a technology teacher with a sharp instrument during a lesson, a few weeks later he is charged with the murder of a pizza delivery man.

7) One of my students on the estate is considered a geek and is violently beaten up by fellow students and residents. His family are then subjected to continued abuse and intimidation because they did not fit in. He has a police escort to take him home every afternoon, after school. The family decide to relocate to another borough in London.

8) I hand out resources to my students; a boy has a cut on the back of his neck. I ask him how he got it; he tells me his brother stabbed him.

9) Close to where I lived on Kenworthy Road, in the space of eighteen months there are two fire arms incidents, in which two men were shot dead.

10) One of my students, wears a knife vest under his shirt. The teaching staff refer to him as a ‘proper G’ – gangster. He turned up one day to my lesson with over two hundred pounds, which he then throws up into the air and shouts out, at the top of his voice “scramble!” Only one boy is brave enough to scramble around on the floor and pick the money up.

The truth is it’s not actually safe walking in Hackney at any time of the day, particularly when the school children are being released from school, this is when the most muggings occur, and it is for this reason that there is always a heavy police presence outside all of the schools and in particularly on Mare Street, near MacDonald’s, where a lot of the trouble seems to escalate. It’s a terrible admission on Jacqui Smith’s part, especially when she is responsible for reducing crime on our streets.

She concludes: These are areas where there is a total break-down of decent values, these places are run by violent gangs, who intimidate the local community, this is why people never come forward as witnesses to crimes, because they know what the consequences will be – they’re scared. There are twenty two different gangs in Hackney and because many of the children have either absent parents or parents that are simply incapable of looking after them, the kids turn to the gangs for support and for protection against other rival gangs etc.

(hat tip on Ellee’s post Marvin)

From The Times comments:-

I am a police officer, I have 26 years experiance most of it in South East London. The Home Secretary has admitted her fear but police still walk all the streets of London.  The ‘Plastics’ have had their wage rise but remember when they (2 of them) didn’t help a drowning person weeks later a police officer jumped into a swollen river to rescue a person drowning – that is the difference between police and others.  Either support you local police and remember we are not responsible for prosecutions or sentences (see HM CPS and judges for that) or fear the repercusions of trendy liberals.


Personally – I favour the death penalty for crimes like rape with GBH eg acid or where a father is beaten to death for standing up to thuggish behaviour.

Do i want to carry a gun? No thanks.