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More “Stimulas”

By ATWadmin On January 28th, 2009 at 5:54 pm

From Drudge

Wed Jan 28 2009 09:58:30 ET

Democrats may have eliminated provisions on birth control and sod for the National Mall in the “job stimulus” — but buried on page 147 of the bill is stimulation for prevention of sexually transmitted diseases!

The House Democrats’ bill includes $335 million for sexually transmitted disease education and prevention programs at the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, the DRUDGE REPORT has learned.

In the past, the CDC has used STD education funding for programs that many Members of Congress find objectionable and arguably unrelated to a mission of economic stimulus [such as funding events called ‘Booty Call’ and ‘Great Sex’ put on by an organization that received $698,000 in government funds.]

“Whether this funding has merit is not the question; the point is it has no business in an economic plan supposedly focused on job creation,” says a stimulated Hill source.


.pdf file of bill


Here is the Quote of the day, Question is who said it?


“Mr Bush has gone into the trash can of history with a very black and shameful file full of treachery and killings.”

“He left and, God willing, he will go to hell,”

For What Ails Ya

By ATWadmin On January 28th, 2009 at 10:13 am


By ATWadmin On January 28th, 2009 at 8:20 am

Interesting to read that recycling could be adding to global warming rather than reducing it, a key government adviser on waste management has said!

Peter Jones suggested that an “urgent” review of Labour’s policy on recycling was needed to make sure the collection, transportation and processing of recyclable material was not causing a net increase in greenhouse gases. Mr Jones, a former director of the waste firm Biffa and now an adviser to environment ministers and the London Mayor, Boris Johnson, also dismissed kerbside recycling collections in many areas as “stupid” because they mixed together different materials, rendering them useless for recycling.

He suggested that much of the country’s waste should simply be burnt to generate electricity. “It might be that the global warming impact of putting material through an incinerator five miles down the road is actually less than recycling it 3,000 miles away,” he said. “We’ve got to urgently get a grip on how this material is flowing through the system; whether we’re actually adding to or reducing the overall impact in terms of global warming potential in this process.”

Common sense – and I bet it will be ignored by the little Hitlers who force the futile recycling agenda upon us. I have thought they have been talking rubbish for some years now and at last a senior government adviser agrees.


By ATWadmin On January 28th, 2009 at 8:14 am

I laughed when I read that Lord Rumba of Rio has defended his ££multi-billion bail out of the UK car industry on the grounds that it will pave the way for a “greener car industry”!!! Does ANYBODY out there believe this? This is a waste of tax-payers money because as demand for cars slump, the car industry will HAVE to reduce its’s work-force and yet Mandelson seeks to stop this natural market adjustment, using the guise of greenism to hide his folly. Of course the other aspect to this is that the BILLION bail-out allows government to get a grip of our car industry, just like it now has a steel-like grip on our banking industry. In this way, the socialists in power grow the role of the State, and all the time pretending they are just being helpful! How green do they think we are that we swallow this guff?


By ATWadmin On January 28th, 2009 at 8:08 am

Here is the state of State education in Britain after years of multiculturalism and unlimited immigration…

“There are now ten state schools in England without a single pupil who speaks English as his or her first language. Research reveals that there are almost 600 primary schools where 70 per cent or more of youngsters normally speak a foreign language. Across the country, one in seven pupils aged 4-11 does not have English as the first language, which is the equivalent of 466,620 children. But, following years of unprecedented levels of migration, ten schools have now reached a point where every youngster falls into this category.”

Shocking but sadly all too predictable. Close them down.


By ATWadmin On January 28th, 2009 at 8:02 am

Here is how the militant gay agenda is being ruthlessly advanced by government…

“Two young children are to be adopted by a gay couple, despite the protests of their grandparents. The devastated grandparents were told they would never see the youngsters again unless they dropped their opposition. The couple, who cannot be named, wanted to give the five-year-old boy and his four yearold sister a loving home themselves. But they were ruled to be too old – at 46 and 59.

For two years they fought for their rights to care for the children, whose 26-year- old mother is a recovering heroin addict. They agreed to an adoption only after they faced being financially crippled by legal bills. The final blow came when they were told the children were going to a gay household, even though several heterosexual couples wanted them.”

So the best interests of these two children are secondary to the establishment need to show just how gay-friendly the local authorities can be. No offence to the gay couple concerned but I would have thought that on any normal and sensible criteria, the couple concernnd offered a much better, more familiar and more stable home for them. But hey – they’re not gay and that makes them second class.

A Holi-Holiday

By ATWadmin On January 27th, 2009 at 9:47 pm

That’s it from me for 10 days.  Flying off for a Nile cruise taking in Giza, Luxor and the Valley of the Kings.  Will return a week on Saturday.  Be good now, d’ya hear!

lest we forget?

By ATWadmin On January 27th, 2009 at 9:44 pm

A page on the BBC website asks if Auschwitz-Birkenau, one of the most infamous of all the Death Camps of Nazi Germany should be restored, or left to molder away with the passing of time?

I, for one, say yes, it should be allowed to crumble and disappear, because it is just the physical memory of a mind-set so appalling that modern minds cannot still fully comprehend the sheer scale of slaughter. The actual Holocaust is, apart from the words of a few loony-tune deniers, riven into the hearts, minds and memories of modern mankind. The physical evidence was so overwhelming that hardened soldiers vomited in disbelief at what their fellow human beings had done to over six million Jews, thousands of criminals, gypsies, homosexuals and those who these days would be classified as dissidents.

What need do we have of yet another museum? The fact that there stands an invisible memorial some ten thousand feet high, made of flames, reading; “NEVER AGAIN” on that very place should really be enough. As long as the history books show what truly happened, with a single S.S. officer facing a huge line of Jews, flicking his hand either to the left or the right, signifying life or death for thousands of unknowing human beings. Can a present-day onlooker truly comprehend anyone in that huge queue realising that just around the side of the huge staging area was a shed where the German soldiers instructed the new arrivals to hang their clothes before passing over to the ‘Shower Room’ because they may have been infected with lice, and the showers would cleanse everyone? This reaction was because the Jews thought that the Germans were human, instead of automatons, using terms such as ‘Disposable Items’ for the thousands of bodies, and ‘reclamation activity’ for the sheds where the gold teeth were wrenched out of the dead mouths, where the hair was shorn off those same bodies and carefully used as pillow stuffing, and where the very clothing was sorted, cleaned and sent for re-use in Germany.

No. let it collapse into ruins, but let one thing be preserved, the most cynical sign ever raised above any building in this modern world, that which read:-


Arbeit Macht Frei






Money Tight, But Delusional Arrogance Undminished

By ATWadmin On January 27th, 2009 at 9:22 pm

One thing that seems to unite all the devolved administrations in the United Kingdom is their propensity to waste taxpayers’ money on pointless exercises. So, notwithstanding the recession, Alex Salmond is still determined to press ahead with a referendum on Scottish independence in 2010. A referendum bill will be introduced in a year’s time and the arrogant pseudo-sovereign is hoping to go live with a plebiscite in the autumn of that year.

Interestingly, nobody in the MSM, and certainly not the perma-smiling coterie surrounding the SNP leadership, has even thought whether the introduction of a bill would even be lawful. The Scotland Act 1998 (Schedule 5) states:

‘The following aspects of the constitution are reserved matters, that is—

(a) the Crown, including succession to the Crown and a regency,

(b) the Union of the Kingdoms of Scotland and England,

(c) the Parliament of the United Kingdom,

(d) the continued existence of the High Court of Justiciary as a criminal court of first instance and of appeal,

(e) the continued existence of the Court of Session as a civil court of first instance and of appeal.’

Only the Parliament of the United Kingdom has the power to introduce a referendum bill on possible secession and, unlike the NI Act of the same year, there isn’t even a mention of a referendum to allow for this.  True, Parliament could easily support an amendment to to bring about a consultative referendum along the lines of that in the Belfast Agreement, but it is certainly not within the competence of any devolved administration to unilaterally create legislation designed to dismember the United Kingdom.

That’s just for starters.  Back in 2002 the Constitution Unit at the University of London calculated that independence would cost the Scottish people an extra £1.4 billion in taxes (and this takes account of the over hyped narrative about oil revenues) and the study also claimed Scotland would still be burdened with a £3 billion share of paying off the UK’s national debt – the proportion accrued by its membership. 

We are talking here of a 300-year old union – the most successful in the history of global politics – being disrupted and costed by a fiscally-unsound electorate.  For what?  To satisfy the wet dreams of petty, parochial little separatists!!  Aside from the fact the SNP does not even have a majority of seats in the Scottish Parliament (even if it did, it would not indicate how people would respond to a specific constitutional question), the administrations in Belfast, Edinburgh and Cardiff are there to address the important day-to-day aspects of people’s lives, not to go tinkering with the very fabric of our Union.  It is said all political careers end in failure.  How pleasurable it would be to see Salmond’s constitutional career end in the same fashion.

The Strings of Socialism

By ATWadmin On January 27th, 2009 at 9:03 pm

As the oliticians print more and more money to spend like drunken sailors on corporate whores with their hands out. The first strings are being pulled before the ink even dries on the new bills.

Citi Bank had ordered a private plane at a cost of $50million dollars, but the Obama Administration called them and told them they can’t have it.

Also Merril Lynch CEO was told he had to pay for his Million and a half dollar office remodeling. Now mind you this office was remodeld a year ago, long before even a dollar of bailout money was given the firm. The bolshevick’s in power still said no, and that it had to be paid back.

This is very wrong, first of all the company that makes the jet will now take a loss of that 50mil. Which will mean the loss of jobs for some of it’s workers.

As for the Merril Lynch office if it had been a contract that was not already fulfilled there would be a loss of work and supplies again. The contractor would not have the work his men wouldn’t get paid and the suppliers wouldn’t have sold their goods.

I don’t blame the politicians they are what they are and this group now feels they have the right to dictate to any company that took money how they do business. That is not the American way that is the Soviet way.

I am angered that these corporations have come begging for this money. If your business is run poorly it should fail. Some better run corporation will always fill the void.

Now the banks will say the government forced them to make the loans to people who could not pay, well that’s too bad as your business fails you hold a press conference and explain that Barney Frank and Christopher Dodd molded the legislation that brought about the failure of your bank, and who knows maybe the idiots who elected them will throw them out.

The US Government was set up NOT to be involved in private business. It was set up to promote liberty and freedom. That freedom also includes the freedom of failure.

The Bolshevicks that are now running our country feel they can run corporate America better than the businessmen can. This is the same group that have ran Medicare into 55Trillion Dollars of debt together with Social Security.

They blocked the South American Trade deal for the simple reason to quote Nancy Pelosi “we didn’t want to give Bush a victory”. Well the biggest benefactor of that trade deal would have been Caterpillar. Now instead of selling their giant machines they just laid off 40,000 workers. Once again the cost of government interference shows it’s predictable results.

The American Car manufacturers have just been given new cafe standards for what they are ALLOWED to make. It doesn’t matter that the American public will not buy these green vehicles. It is what the Bolshevicks demand they sell. Toyotta is laughing all the way to the bank.

To quote the late Hunter S Thompson regarding the American public “They just weren’t prepared for Doomed Failure”