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The Way We Were

By ATWadmin On February 5th, 2009 at 8:37 pm

THERE are those who’d have us believe that British society is pretty much unchanged these last few decades, that social mores and attitudes have always been just so. The argument amounts to attempted persuasion towards our ruling neo-Marxist terror, “accept it, life wasn’t much different in the past at all.” But then you read of the very recent past:

SIR – I trained at St Thomas’s Hospital in the late 1960s. Early morning prayers were led by the ward sister, with all the nurses kneeling, before duties began. We never had one complaint from patients.

Marjory Pook

Devizes, Wiltshire

 … and you’re reminded how wrong these people are. Our society has undergone a deep and profound revolution in an astonishingly short period of time.

And it’s not for the better.


By ATWadmin On February 5th, 2009 at 8:30 pm

So, just think about it.

You are an on-the-run Nazi wanted for crimes against humanity.

You are accused of killing hundreds of inmates at the Mauthausen concentration camp in Austria by injecting petrol into their hearts, performing surgery and severing organs without anaesthesia.

What to do?

Why, become a Muslim.



By ATWadmin On February 5th, 2009 at 7:23 pm

I was reading about how a grieving father has buried his teenage son in the back garden of his home so he would be “close to him forever”. Robert Milloy, 18, died after he was hit by a train at the level crossing in his home village of Gatehead, Ayrshire. Yesterday he was laid to rest under a lawn at his father’s house, which is near the railway line where the tragedy happened. Robert Milloy, a farmworker, was on a lunchbreak when he was killed on January 23. It is thought that at the time of the accident the teenager may have been distracted by either music on his headphones or his mobile phone. How sad.

I can only imagine the pain the father is going through at this awful loss and I suppose being buried in your own property is fair enough (So long as it’s not a flat).

we know you by your friends

By ATWadmin On February 5th, 2009 at 6:01 pm

So the first “leading British Politician” to ooze his way across the carpets at 1600 Pennyslylvania Avenue was our own sleazeball champion, Tony Blair. Are we astonished? Not really, if the ‘old master’ can give any hints on how to really get away with lies, subterfuge and downright hypocrisy, our friend Hussein Obama can use all that he can get.

Ready for Change? 


All depends what is encompassed by change, who gets hit or hurt, and who suffers from the onslaught of a Black Power-oriented politician who’s just sat down on the power seat. If his wife is anything to go by, with her Black Power salute at the ready, we are only just getting started to see the change that she envisages!



Employee Free Choice Act

By ATWadmin On February 5th, 2009 at 3:32 pm

Does a ballot cast in private or a card signed in public better reveal a worker’s true preference about whether to join a union? A private vote is the obvious answer, but organized labor has nonetheless made the misleadingly named Employee Free Choice Act (EFCA, H.R. 800) its highest legislative priority.

What that means is Guido and his two buddies approach you and say “are you John Smith, living at 222 Brown St and work at Wall Mart? Here sign this union card.” Now if you don’t want to they know where you live and they know “your a problem”.

The Bill also does away with Elections, the Union can come to your house, the bar you hang at, the work place, or all 3. Once they “convince” 51% of the workers to sign the cards your store is now a Union Shop.

The Company then has 90 days to complete a Union Contract that the Union agrees to or the Government steps in and decides what workers make what wages and receive what benefits.

If the Company refuses they have to close the business and are forbidden to EVER reopen again.

Union activists contend that the act would protect workers’ freedom to freely choose to join a union. However, workers’ best defense against harassment and intimidation by either a union or an employer is a secret-ballot election in which nei?ther knows how any individual worker voted.

7% of the American work force are Union members, that’s all. Unions have destroyed the two largest industries in the country. The Steel Industry, and The Auto Industry. Since 1940 Organized labour has cost the US 50 Trillion Dollars in GDP.

This happens with the hidden expense that a union costs a business. The Average US Big 3 Auto worker costs the company $75 an hour, where a non-union worker at an American Toyota factory costs $40 an hour.

The debt for Medicare and Social Security for the next 40 years is $50 Trillion the same cost as what the Unions have already cost the country. What unions have already cost us could have made those programs solvent.

To sum it up if this bill passes workers will be intimidated into joining a union, companies will have to comply, or shut their doors forever. Not to mention the COMMUNIST tactic of the government dictating who gets paid what. Which they just did to the corporate execs who begged for bailout money.

Add to that the cost of increased prices which effect everyone, and the forcing of 22 states removing their right to work laws by dictation from the Federal Government.

The Current group in power are Soviets.

posted by City Troll


By ATWadmin On February 5th, 2009 at 1:56 pm

I see that senior figures from the DUP are to meet loyalist terrorists in the coming weeks to discuss decommissioning. Lagan Valley MP Jeffrey Donaldson told a committee of MPs in Westminster the meeting would be between party members and UDA and UVF representatives. The government has agreed to give loyalists more time to decommission. The amnesty period has been extended for one year, but will be reviewed in six months.

How PATHETIC is this, and how hypocritical are the DUP? These UDA and UVF warlords should be arrested, not engaged with! In case some here had forgotten, all decommissioning was originally to have been completed by summer 2000. So, we’re only nine years behind schedule, best to give the little lambs a bit more time, maybe a few financial “incentives” and, of course, a cast-iron assurance that they will not be held responsible for their crimes. 

And the DUP go along with all this – moral bankrupts.

Food For Thought

By ATWadmin On February 5th, 2009 at 1:44 pm

sand in my shoes…..

By ATWadmin On February 5th, 2009 at 10:12 am

One of the financial and business boom yachts looks as though the wind has been taken clean out of it’s sails. The long-term parking areas of Dubai International airport is being clogged with over three thousand luxury cars, limousines and 4 X 4’s, and the queue is getting longer by the day.

Seems as though the gloss has gotten a little dull when redundancies hit, as the credit crunch mows its’ way through even the once super-rich of the Emirates expat workforce. The expensive properties, once taken up on a mortgage without a second view of the paperwork are being abandoned, along with the expensive lifestyles made available by a high earning NO TAX income. 

So the Brits, the Americans; the host of expat workers who zoomed onto the palaces available during the free-spending decade just passed, are crowding the flights homeward bound, along with their tans, their memories and not a great deal more, as they abandon everything just to get out from under the crippling debts they have built up during the Good Life, as Francis once crooned!


By ATWadmin On February 5th, 2009 at 9:11 am

Wonder what you make of the decision by the the leader of the Roman Catholic church in England and Wales to take the unprecedented step of condemning the Pope over his decision to lift the excommunication of a British bishop who denied the Holocaust?

“The intervention of Cardinal Cormac Murphy-O’Connor will intensify the worldwide uproar triggered by the Pope’s decision to lift the ban on Bishop Richard Williamson who has questioned the killing of six millions Jews by the Nazis. The Cardinal, in a letter to Dr Jonathan Sacks the Chief Rabbi expressed his deep regret at the effect of the Vatican decree which has already been criticised by Angela Merkel the German Chancellor.”

As I said at the time, this has been a spectacularly insensitive decision by the Pope and on this occasion he deserves all the brickbats thrown his way.


By ATWadmin On February 5th, 2009 at 8:54 am

Did you read about how following increasing pressure from South Africa’s Jewish community, the country’s deputy foreign minister and all round hottie Fatima Hajaig, has apologized on Wednesday to the republic’s president for saying last month that “Jewish money controls America.”

“Deputy Minister [Fatima Hajaig] expressed her deep regret to President [Kgalema Motlanthe],” the government said. “She accepted that the comments were contrary to stated government policy. She subsequently apologized unreservedly and unequivocally for the comments and agreed to withdraw them unconditionally.

Meanwhile, the South African dock workers union said its workers would refuse servicing an Israeli ship.

Yip – the Rainbow Nation seems to have a nasty streak of anti-semitism running through it. Hajaig has form when it comes to Jew-bashing and this latest utterance is only too predictable.