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By ATWadmin On March 21st, 2008 at 11:25 pm

media%20whores.jpgHere’s a pIcture of Northern Ireland’s finest journalists just 10 years ago.

As a rule, journalists should never pose for pictures with politicians, especially in Belfast, the international capital of political sensitivity. Yet, when political earthquakes occur, rules tend to get broken. And let’s not forget – the Good Friday Agreement did indeed mark a seismic shift in the Northern Ireland landscape..


So you can see them all, surrounding the smiling politicians on whom they allegedly objectively report. For over a decade I have suggested that they are biased and far from impartial. I think this photograph shows them for what they are – media whores. They are all in one corner and I am in a different corner. Good,


By ATWadmin On March 21st, 2008 at 10:39 pm

So where have I been? Well, sitting in the dark! (Yes, plus ca change I hear my critics say!)

I’m up here in the north coast of Northern Ireland for an Easter break and first thing we’ve had is a major power cut! The gales are howling outside, the tide is surging and it’s not a night to be outside. I was watching the lights of a ship far out at sea and wondering what that must be like. So, no functioning internet connection, no TV (Hurray!) and apart from candle power, no light. We have our gas fire which has kept spirits warmed and a nice glass of Chianti a la Hannibal Lecter! Hope this finds you lot all well, I’m too tired to  blog but will post my song choice for this Friday..see you all tomorrow.

PS. An extra warm hello to Andrew…!


Good Friday Nite Jukebox

By ATWadmin On March 21st, 2008 at 2:44 pm


By ATWadmin On March 21st, 2008 at 1:42 pm

Listened this morning on the Today programme to an interview with one Duncan Goodhew, the athlete and swimmer. THe question put to him was if he supported a call for a boycott of the Beijing Olympics as a matter of principle, after the ferocious repression of all independent thought in Lhasa, Tibet in general and the surrounding Chinese areas?

I listened as he trotted out all the old bullshit about how the Olympics were special, and how it brought nations together, and how it was all about competing; and on, and on, until I nearly lost the will to live! In common with just about all naive, self-centred, useful idiots, as the great liberal leader Stalin once called them, he just couldn’t divorce the all-encompassing Sporting myth from the cold hard reality that there rules, in China, a singlularly vicious bunch of Stalinist thugs.

The Mecca for all things ‘Sporting’ is Beijing, and in August this year the dictators of 1.4 billion people will reap their rewards of adulation from the morons who will flock to the various palaces of sporting endeavour, or who will sit glued to their plasma television screens, The many millions will watch the flower of many nations vie for honour in a place where there is no honour; where the very tarmac of the tracks is spattered with the blood of the protesters, who only wanted to be heard!

Sporting prowess divorced from protest and politics?  Yes, and just across there you will no doubt view a full section of flying pigs!



By ATWadmin On March 21st, 2008 at 11:02 am

Brown_ken_pa_body.jpgHe is a fierce critic of Israel, and a longtime supporter of Palestinians. He compared a Jewish reporter to a concentration camp guard. He is pro-Islamic, inviting preachers of hate to our capital city. He was a good friend to the IRA’s leaders. He is an advocate of the militant gay agenda. He is an avowed enemy of the current US administration. He admires Hugo Chavez, the marxist thug who runs Venezuela. What else is he? Oh yes – he is "an inspirational leader" apparently. Who says so? UK PM Gordon Brown. Makes you sick.


By ATWadmin On March 21st, 2008 at 9:33 am

It’s not JUST Obama who has his problems with the truth. Guess what? Hillary Clinton’s claim last week that she was "instrumental" in bringing peace to Northern Ireland does not correspond with the schedules that show she did not attend a single policy meeting in the province! While her husband was in the White House, she accompanied him to the province three times and made two visits on her own. In fact her visits to Northern Ireland indicate that she went little beyond the traditional role of a President’s wife attending social events, meeting women’s groups and greeting children.

"During the first trip in November 1995 the only separate items on her schedule were a visit to a women’s drop-in centre and two business parks. Two years later, a solo visit lasted just over six hours. She gave a lecture in memory of Joyce McCartan, a community activist she had met in 1995, and had an hour-long discussion with participants at a youth conference.


Her September 1998 visit with Mr Clinton was overshadowed by the Monica Lewinsky scandal. But Mrs Clinton was by her husband’s side as he visited Omagh, the scene of a Real IRA atrocity that had killed 29 people the previous month.


In Belfast, she gave an address to the Vital Voices women’s conference, spent 30 minutes at a reception at the City Hall and visited the PlayBoard children’s project. Her schedule records that she and Cherie Blair, the then Prime Minister’s wife, were to "proceed to the children’s play area, where children are creating playground models". They were then to "proceed down the path where they are joined by "25 children with balloons" and go "to the top of the hill and release the balloons". 

So, from a balloons point of view she was indeed a central player, but from everyone elses she did NOTHING of substance, as I have repeatedly stated.

wclinton300.jpgI attach an image of her in key negotiations which led to..ahem..peace in our time. You can see just how tough she could be.


By ATWadmin On March 21st, 2008 at 9:19 am

It speaks volumes about the increasingly violent society in which we live that security guards now have to be deployed in the Accident and Emergency ward of a local hospital. The NI Health Minister Michael McGimpsey has welcomed the deployment of security guards in A&E at the Causeway Hospital, nr Coleraine.

Speaking after a visit to the hospital, the former Minister for fun said:

 "As a first step, security guards are now deployed in the A&E Department at night and I am sure their presence will be reassuring for staff, patients and visitors. I welcome the initial action taken to improve security and I have asked the Trust to advise me of the further steps proposed to protect, at all times, the personal safety of those admitted, visiting or working in the hospital. Any form of attack on healthcare staff is inexcusable and totally unacceptable. It is appalling to think that those who dedicate themselves to saving lives and to public service should be subject to verbal or physical abuse. Last year I launched a zero tolerance campaign on attacks on healthcare workers, and Health and Social Care Trusts are required to have a zero tolerance policy in operation."

A few thoughts here. Introducing security into the A&E department is an admission of failure in my book, and McGimpsey should  not be boasting about it. Where are the police in these situations? How well trained are the "security-staff" that have now been employed? Is it not the case that the violence to which McGimpsey indirectly refers comes from those who are drunk? How many of these may be foreign nationals? I ask the last question because of the last few times I had to take my father into A&E late at night the worst drunks were foreign nationals and they were fighting with each other as if the ward was a wrestling ring, I have never seen such behaviour previously in a hospital! Of course this is not to say I am laying the blame at the feet of immigrants. Just as assuredly, far too many locals show a startling lack of respect for the place they are in. But too my mind the introduction of security guards is just a sticking plaster solution to cover over the underlying problem and until we address the fundamental issue of drunken and unruly behaviour then we will achieve precisely nothing.  


By ATWadmin On March 21st, 2008 at 9:06 am

eacows120.jpgWhat do YOU think is the greatest threat to our planet? Might it be a rogue asteroid, could it be a huge solar flare up? How about a nuclear war? Maybe a vast plague? Sorry, it’s none of these.

Apparently it is the humble cow.

Yes, Britain’s finest scientific minds have turned their attention to a problem that they claim is threatening the future of the entire planet – farm animal flatulence. Experts at the Rowett Research Institute in Aberdeen say the average cow contributes as much to global warming as a family car that travels 12,000 miles. The scientists are now trying to produce new foodstuffs that result in livestock producing less methane. Professor Harry McArdle, of the institute, said: "Cattle and agriculture can be a very serious contributor towards the problem." Although vehicles produce a far larger volume of noxious gases, methane is 24 times more harmful to the environment than carbon dioxide. In total, methane is thought to contribute about 18 per cent towards the global warming effect.

Well then, I suppose anything to limit cattle flatulence is to be welcomed, but my own pet gripe is not the gases these creatures emit but the practise local farmers have of spreading foul-smelling slurry over local fields, much to my wife’s extreme annoyance when she has the washing out! Can’t Britain’s finest find a way to have an alternative to slurry? I’m not so sure that it isn’t farmers that pose the biggest threat to the planet….


By ATWadmin On March 21st, 2008 at 8:57 am

What do you make of the news that two of Britain’s most dangerous terrorists have been moved to different prisons after complaining their fellow inmates were "too white"?

Dhiren Barot and Omar Khyam asked to be transferred from high-security Frankland prison near Durham. Barot masterminded a radioactive bomb plot involving limousines packed with nails and explosives and Khyam plotted to blow up Bluewater shopping centre in Kent. They said they were at risk from other inmates – who are predominantly white – and claimed the environment was "dangerous" to ethnic minority prisoners.

This smacks of the craven spirit of dhimmitude that unfortunately permeates our Prison system. Had these guys succeeded, dozens if not hundreds of innocent people could have died. They have been found guilty under due process and must serve their time. In my view they are a danger to this country and should never be released. But for THEM to be deciding the skin colour of their fellow-inmates is an outrage, and those who facilitated their requests should be sacked. Terrorists should not be calling the shots when we have them where they belong. behind bars.


By ATWadmin On March 21st, 2008 at 8:43 am

I’m sorry but much as I would want to believe it has value the truth is that I do not place any confidence in the news that Saudi Arabia is to retrain its 40,000 Imams in an effort to counter militant Islam. Details of the plan were revealed in the influential Saudi newspaper Al-Sharq al-Awsat. The plan is part of a wider programme launched by the Saudi monarch a few years ago to encourage moderation and tolerance in Saudi society. The ministry of religious affairs and new centre for national dialogue will carry out the training, the paper said. The centre was created five years ago to disseminate a..AHEM… moderate interpretation of Islamic tradition.

Look, Saudi is the epitome of an Islamofascist state. It has a gross record of human rights abuses; consider how it treats women; ponder on its intolerance of other faiths; most of all, reflect on how it deliberately has spread the toxin of Wahabbism around the world. I’ve said it before and I will say it again – Saudi Arabia is our enemy, not our friend. It is the only the vast oil reserves that it sits upon that makes our Leaders behave so polutely towards this most corrupt and wicked of regimes.