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By ATWadmin On October 25th, 2007 at 7:42 am

gayphoto00.quicklook.default-183x245.jpgThis ad has been brought to my attention using a poster that shows a newborn with the word "homosexual" written on his wristband. It’s part of a campaign in Italy to suggest that sexual orientation is not a choice and that gays are born as such.

I’m with Christian Democratic lawmaker Luca Volonte. who says…" Using newborns to make people believe that homosexual impulses are an innate characteristic is dishonest and a disgrace." Indeed even "Gay philosopher" Gianni Vattimo said the ad was in in bad taste. What’s your take on this one? I can understand why the militant gay uber alles lobby think this is a great idea but as far as I am concerned it is specious propagandising, using an infant, to advance the gay agenda and as such we have a perfect right to condemn it.


By ATWadmin On October 25th, 2007 at 7:27 am

One can understand why the number of people claiming disability living allowance (DLA) in Northern Ireland is increasing by 1,000 each month. Currently, 174,343 people – more than 10% of the population - are receiving the benefit, the most ever recorded. 

And Government could not be more happy. It has shifted people away from unemployment benefit and got them hooked on "disability" benefit instead. Huge numbers of those claiming "disability" put it down to "back pain" and "stress" – both non-specific forms of illness which are notoriously hard for GP’s to definitively diagnose! So the spongers put their claims in and Government happily pays out knowing that the spongers will not be voting for any political party that takes away their "disability" welfare fix. It’s a shame and disgrace that 10% of the Northern Ireland population are being funded in this way, and it does no favours to those individuals who ARE genuinely suffering from real disability and who are much more worthy of some form of assistance. The whole rotten social welfare system needs massive surgery but I’m afraid that far too many people are in love with their State hand-outs, care of those of us who actually generate wealth, and they will continue to claim in ever-increasing numbers.

hat tips all round

By ATWadmin On October 24th, 2007 at 5:30 pm

Blogging is a great way to address any political subject – but i admit I had become a bit disillusioned with it lately.  At one point i thought blogging was making an impact on the MSM. Then i saw the MSM try to re-colonise the internet with their own journalist bloggers and comments threads and wondered if there were stories we could sustain. Im reminded yes there are, today. OK im overstating the case a bit here! But I dont care! Im just so excited an issue got picked up and is imprinted on a few more peoples minds. That picture was buried (or cropped). Why? I realise the pictures were taken in UAE not Saudi – but having visited Dubai earlier this year im still struck by how far they went to wrap these women up in shrouds for this picture.

Thank you Daphne who tipped off a few US blogs to the pic yesterday. It was subsequently picked up by Jammiewearingfool.blogspot.com, and then by HotAir, Little Green Footballs, and Drudge.  (Only one of whom, Jammie, i think bothered to credit it to its original ATW source but hey. Bloggerheads have taken up the issue of the demise in blogger etiquette generally so no more need be said). 

Its the ISSUE here that bothers me and im over the moon it got so much attention.  Can you tell?!  I dont care who comments on the subject at hand – left, right, MSM, whoever. We seem to find it uncomfortable an issue to raise because in the West we have wrapped it all up as ‘fashion’, religious ‘rights’ or ‘race relations’ – there is a general lack of willing to tackle clerical fascism and Islam, robustly, head on.  And NO in doing so im NOT PRO bombing Iran.

I don’t care too much for LGF generally. As anyone who read my old blog will know – but I partly agree with LGFs commentary on this issue today so you should check it out. And I fully agree with Pattys follow up post here. And dammit! Im impressed with Laura Bush.  Her choice of outfit colour wasn’t so subtle.  I hope this attractive, powerful and smiling lady was an inspiration in the Middle East.  She will be if the picture gets the attention and commentary it deserves.

Tip o’ the hat to Noel Cunningham also on this story. (Saudi Arabia a View from Behind the Veil).

Body Language

By ATWadmin On October 24th, 2007 at 3:19 pm

Couchwomen.jpgA photo speaks a thousand words. I am reposting Alison’s photo – the photo Alison first noticed in the Sun  – for several reasons.

First, the photo clearly and unequivocably shows the tragedy that Islamic fundamentalism represents for women. These pitiful, shadowy shapes sitting next to Laura Bush have had their individualities erased; they are enslaved.  Also, they are  the mothers, sisters and wives of the men in the fundamentalist Middle East; Islamic fundamentalism is a tragedy for Middle Eastern men, as well.

Second, Laura Bush, in her pants suit, represents Western values and freedoms.  Tensely smiling, she shares the couch with the black shadow of Islamic fundamentalism, and female slavery.  This looks like appeasement to me.   

I think  the Bush Administration, and the US State Department, view this appeasement as “diplomacy.”

This is a Golden Opportunity, then, for the Left to come out against the Islamic oppression of women AND the Bush Administration!  Intelligent people can disagree.  Let the debate begin.  

Third, Alison, in her original post, observes something very interesting.  The grouping of Laura Bush with the black shrouded lumps was subsequently cropped; Laura Bush sits alone in the final photo.  Alison observes that this cropping is an expression of “political correctness,” and I think she is right.  This photo is deeply offensive to the Westerner. The journalist, seeking to protect Middle Eastern fundamentalists from negative Western opinion, cropped the obvious juxtaposition of slavery next to freedom, of shrouded lumps next to the individuality of Laura Bush.

Political correctness of this sort practiced by journalists is willful blindness and it is killing the West.

Postscript:    Kudos to ATW, Alison, and reader Daphne! This photo was picked up by Jammiewearingfool.blogspot.com, HotAir, LGF, and  Drudge!


By ATWadmin On October 24th, 2007 at 1:54 pm

Do I use "Less than Zero" to refer to the Bush approval ratings?  Ron Paul’s chances of becoming President?  Barack Obama’s substantive ideas?  Or Valentine’s Day Cards Bill Clinton Received from Hillary since the Monica Mess?  No, gentle readers, I refer of course to the difference between the political parties when it comes to needing money for the campaign process.

The marathon in the United States known as the Presidential Election season has expanded beyond all hope and reason.  To Everything There is A Season here in the States has to be modified to read To Every Season There Are Candidates.  The cost of running a national campaign is staggering.  Television, Radio and Internet.  Mailings, rallies, phone banks and staff.  Primaries that require get out the vote organizations, legal challenges and costly advertising. 

Candidates from both parties spend an inordinate amount of time fundraising.   They have no choice.  And they go to where the money is – corporations, unions, the wealthy and the organized.  As the Good Lord might have said, the rich we will have with us always.  Where does that leave the common man?    

Campaign Finance Reform works as well as a New Orleans Levee.  Whatever rules you create, these folks find away around them before the ink is dry on the new rules.   Is there some solution? Revolution is untidy, relocation of the electorate involves moving and I hate packing, and of course Australia is no longer a Penal Colony so we can’t send our politicians there in chains.  We simply have to accept the fact that all of our politicians require the money and we have to use our voices (through media, internet and voting) to punish those who unduly abuse the system – even when they are from our side.

What do you, the sensible members of the ATW community think about money and politics?           


By ATWadmin On October 24th, 2007 at 6:19 am

BabyInWomb20Weeks.jpgInteresting to read an interview in The Guardian this morning in which Lord Steel, the architect of the 1967 Abortion Act, says that abortion is being used as a form of contraception in Britain and admits he never anticipated "anything like" the current number of terminations when leading the campaign for reform.

The Liberal Democrat peer, whose bill legalising abortion in certain circumstances marks its 40th anniversary on Saturday, says an "irresponsible" mood has emerged in which women feel they can turn to abortion "if things go wrong". "Everybody can agree that there are too many abortions," he says in an interview in today’s Guardian, calling for better sex education and access to contraceptive advice and a debate over sexual morality to help bring the numbers down.


Bit late in the day to be regretting the consequences of the Act you brought to town, your Lordship, though I note that you do not regret the Act itself. How apt and how very liberal to whinge aboiut the consequences of what you do whilst accepting no responsibility for it!

Meanwhile In an open letter to the British public, cardinals from the Roman Catholic church sidestepped the issue of the law, saying the abortion rate could fall dramatically if enough hearts and minds were changed. The letter outlined several ways that institutions and individuals could effect a drop in numbers, including offering more sympathetic counselling for pregnant young women, dismantling the "conveyor belt" that could take a young woman through to having an abortion without a thorough exploration of alternatives and providing more and better facilities for young women who choose to have their babies. The letter, signed by Cardinal Cormac Murphy O’Connor and Cardinal Keith O’Brien, said: "The 1967 Act was intended to solve the problem of illegal abortion, on the basis that it was a major cause of death in pregnant women. Yet our countries now perform nearly 200,000 abortions every year.

"Whatever our religious creed or political conviction, abortion on this scale can only be a source of distress and profound anguish for us all. There is nothing to stop our society from acting now to foster a new understanding and approach to relationships, responsibility and mutual support."


I agree with the Cardinal on this one. I fully appreciate that this is a sensitive subject but I do think that the conveyor-belt that leads so many to the Abortion clinic needs looked.


By ATWadmin On October 24th, 2007 at 6:08 am

I see that our wonderful Schools Secretary, Ed Balls, has indicated that government may  scrap "A" levels within six years and replace them with work-based diplomas, under the biggest exams shake-up in 20 years. Makes sense to me!

This wicked government is out to destroy any remnant of anything of value in our Education system and scrapping the "A" level seems fully in line with that objective. I agree with Michael Gove, the Conservative spokesman, when he points out that..

" Diplomas were supposed to be about improving vocational education not undermining academic excellence. We support the reform of vocational learning but these new exams are designed to subvert GCSEs and A levels.”

Exactly – and the Government’s plans are enthusiastically endorsed by the radical egalitarians that infest the state education. Government destroyed the "O" level and replaced it with the useless "GCSE", now it aims to axe the "A" level and in due course I am certain that it will work to ensure that the University Degree becomes even less worthy than it currently is. This is a left-wing process of de-education, it is the systematic destruction of instilling academic excellence so that all can have prizes, and that Government can look forward to generations that lack the knowledge to think for themselves.   


By ATWadmin On October 24th, 2007 at 6:00 am

Yes, it’s what I’ve been claiming ever since he became Leader of the Conservative Party but David Cameron has now "reached out" to disgruntled  Liberal Democrat voters urging them to join the Conservatives, insisting it was their only chance of getting rid of a "failing" Labour government. The Tory leader cast his party as the "liberal Conservatives", claiming they were now more in tune with LibDem supporters’ concerns about civil liberties, the environment, schools and local government.

He’s right. The British Conservative Party IS a liberal party these days, which is one reason why no conservative voter should consider supporting it. Propelled into power, Cameron will hike taxes, he will enhance the role of the State, he will remove liberty from individuals and he will deny that we are at war with Islam – in other words he will do everything that the lunatics in the Liberal-Democrats would  do if they got into power themselves. So I suppose it is a good deal for Liberal Voters insofar as the Conservative Party prostitutes its once proud values in order to gain their worthless support. 


By ATWadmin On October 24th, 2007 at 5:54 am

I’m not sure if any other Northern Ireland readers watched the BBC "Spotlight" programme concerning the relationship between the Paisleys and property developer Seymour Sweeney but I think it was brilliant. From my point of view it raised so many issues concerning the integrity of Ian Paisley Jnr in particular that the only honorable course of action would be for him to resign. Watching him squirm when it was revealed that the Sweeney property he had "bought" was still in the name of the developer was a classic, the Paisley arrogance on full display. One cannot really fault Sweeney for pursuing his commercial aims but politicians have a duty to declare any special interests/lobbying they may have involved in and in this regards the Paisley’s have many questions to answer. Last night all we got was evasions. Well done BBC!


By ATWadmin On October 24th, 2007 at 5:47 am

So what do you make of the news that the Prison Service has converted two jails so that they hold only foreign national prisoners? It appears that Bullwood Hall, Essex, and Canterbury Prison, Kent, have been taking foreign offenders since the 2006 crisis over prisoners who had not been deported. The bit that stunned me was when Chief Inspector of Prisons, Anne Owers said that  the two prisons had been given specific services for foreign inmates, including language support and advice on immigration issues.

Wow – advice on immigration issues? What does THAT mean? I wonder if any other countries are creating prisons exclusively for the detention of foreign prisoners or might it be that Britain is just a complete soft touch with a Government and senior Prison bureaucracy that puts the needs of convicts first?