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By ATWadmin On September 7th, 2007 at 6:24 am

In UK politics, we hear a lot about the centre ground. I contend that there is no centre ground. What is portrayed as "the centre" is in fact a lurch to the left, sanitised as reason incarnate and the sold as a place all people of good will must occupy.

Take the case of the Swedish businessman who lent £2.6m to the Tories who is now set to become an advisor to Gordon Brown. Interchangeable politics overnight, huh? Johan Eliasch recently resigned from his post as Conservative deputy treasurer, although the party insisted he was still a supporter. It is said he is about to quit altogether to advise the prime minister on deforestation and green energy. Mr Eliasch spent £8m on 400,000 acres of Amazon rainforest to preserve it. He will carry out a review on behalf of the prime minister into environmental issues. And he said he expected his £2.6m loan to be repaid. Privately, Mr Eliasch had complained to friends that he felt David Cameron had abandoned his commitment to occupy the political centre ground.

Sorry, deforestation and green energy is NOT the centre ground. These may, or may not, be worthy causes, I will leave that to one side but the fact is that these are predominantly green issues floating on the left. Those of us on the right are a bit more bothered about our porous borders, about psychotic Islamists, about our loss of sovereignty, about high taxation and the loss of liberty. Eliasch was a wealthy greeny who was obviously charmed by Cameron but who is now returning to his political roots. As for the Conservatives, well, they don’t appear to have ANY roots under the Cameron leadership and vary from day to day in whether they are right or left, a strategy that will cause mayhem with the electorate.

From Niqab Numptys to Leicester Lunatics

By ATWadmin On September 7th, 2007 at 6:13 am

‘Muslims are overwhelmingly law-abiding and moderate’, goes the Establishment cliché.  Law-abiding when it suits and moderate only after they have thrown off the shackles of that appalling creed say I.  Today’s Times reports that Riyadh ul Haq, a Leicester-based Imam, heads a radical (what else?) Islamic movement that now controls half of the lunatic asylums mosques in the United Kingdom.  That means that thousands of pyjama-wearing tribes and hoards of Niqab Numptys will be having their brains (such as they are) filled with anti-western invective day-in and day-out.

Some of my detractors on here have suggested in hopeful tones that I should be prosecuted for incitement.  If the judicial powers of a country that can allow a scumbag such as ul Haq to go unpunished for his hatred and hypocritical standpoint decide to bring a case against me, let them get on with it.  Some day they will realise that people such as ul Haq and his disciples are the real enemies of Britain, not those who speak out against them in vitriolic terms.

It begs the question, of course, as to why ul Haq continues to live his moronic existence with impunity.  His sermons are widely known and have now been highlighted by a reputable national newspaper.  It comes to something when a girl can be brought before the courts for putting her feet on a seat in a train, yet a creature like ul Haq is allowed to swan around the country without so much as a bye or bacon sandwich.

Muslims in this country believe themselves to be invincible because they look around and see a society whose leaders have lost the will to face them head-on.  Hence the proliferation of symbols designed to increase Islamic isolation and infuriate the indigenous majority; the strident nature of their predictions; and the significant support for Islamic terror.  I honestly believe a future generation of political leaders will have the courage to face down these people.  Sadly, the present incumbents do not.

Today’s Chinese Proverb – 07.09.07

By ATWadmin On September 7th, 2007 at 6:12 am

‘Gold is tested by fire, man by gold.’



By ATWadmin On September 6th, 2007 at 6:25 pm

“Time goes by, so slowly.” That’s what Madonna warbled on one of recent hit singles – but she is wrong, time goes by too quickly!

I’m sure you may have read Andrew’s post and I wanted to say a few words about him and his contribution to this blog.

When I started a Tangled Web, back in 2001, I had little real idea where it would end up. I used to write an essay every week, and then it morphed into recognisable blog format back in 2004. There is quite a lot of work in writing everyday and I had know Andrew for a number of years previously during my time in front-line politics. I invited him to contribute to ATW and so it was that Andrew McCann first started talking to you all.

Of course ATW was a lot less well-known back in those days and he and I posted away and waited for the readership to catch up. They did (phew!) and Andrew has always been central to the success of this blog. His straight-talking no-nonsense way has won him as many friends as enemies – I always find him worth listening to. His political knowledge is second to none and there is no better friend of the Union. In blogging, persistence, integrity and courage are the hallmarks of success as far as I can see. Andrew has all these qualities in abundance. Andrew’s staunch support of the Union annoyed many of our more republican readers but Andrew was not deterred from saying what he felt.  A quality which many people overlook in Andrew is his wit – and many of his posts have got a great turn of phrase. It is my view that Andrew has produced some superb posts over the years and I will very much miss these in the time ahead.

Let me say a few other things here when I am at it. Andrew McCann has been a good friend to me over the years, through some tough times and some good times and that is why I am happy for him to leave this blog at this time. I want him to do what is best for himself and as you can tell from his email, he has thought things through and I fully support his decision. But I have insisted that the door is kept open for him, and I do hope he will return.

ATW will continue to grow however and all our new writers are exploring all kinds of themes, which I hope you enjoy. But Andrew is irreplaceable and so I wanted to publicly express my sincere thanks for all he had done for ATW, and wish him every happiness in the future. This web will feel his absence. 

It Takes A Man

By ATWadmin On September 6th, 2007 at 6:07 pm

RUDY GIULIANI has his supporters around ATW, and I can see why. He has profile, his instincts are right in his support for Israel and his conduct after 9/11 was wholly admirable. However I’m not convinced by him. Beneath that exterior, I believe, is a man who’ll be much more like a traitor Democrat in the White House than a patriotic American. Maybe it’s his being a gun-grabber. If, as I suspect, Hillary Rodham Commie gets the Demcratic ticket, it’ll take a real man to take on both her and the fifth columnists of the press. A man who’ll state his values and stand by them. A genuine conservative who understands the rightful place of government. A patriotic who will protect the borders and order America’s enemies to die.

So who should an American vote for then?


I’m with Fred! Fred Thompson has thrown his hat into the ring. By all accounts he’s an actor, not that I’d know. But we all remember what happened the last time an actor became a Republican President. Americans, after the domestic disaster of GWB, a real conservative is needed. You know it makes sense:

The Framers believed in free markets, rights of property and the rule of law, and they set these principles firmly in the Constitution. Above all, the Framers enshrined in our founding documents, and left to our care, the principle that rights come from our Creator and not from our government.

Thanks to Theo Spark for the election material

Goodbye, or Perhaps Au Revior

By ATWadmin On September 6th, 2007 at 5:47 pm

Dear readers

This is a copy of the e-mail I sent to David earlier today. I know he has now received and read it. It will come as a surprise to some, and doubtless a joy to others. I hope you will accept it in the spirit of which it is delivered.

‘Dear David

You will be more than aware that my blogging has been sporadic to say the least this last short while. After long and careful thought I have decided to end my time with A Tangled Web from the 16th September (what would have been my grandmother’s 90th birthday). I will outline my reasons for doing so:

  1. A change of life : My grandmother died recently. Her journey to the end of her mortal life has made me realise I should be doing so much more with mine. Having just been promoted to a care manager’s role, I want to devote more of my time to my career as well as making extra time for family and friends. Furthermore, when you enjoy reading other people’s articles more than writing ones of your own, you know it’s time to exit the stage. I have been blogging since before it became fashionable. I have seen A Tangled Web grow into one of the best blogs in the country, and I know you and the rest of the team are more than capable of keeping it that way.
  2. Northern Ireland : Ulster is in the Union and in the Union to stay. My gut instinct is absolutely solid on that. However much I hate the internalised nature of its government – with the belief that the inclusion of IRA terrorists was, and is, utterly wrong and repugnant, I am confident about the one issue that has always been at the foundation of my political interests will remain – the Union of the United Kingdom. I will leave the comments thread open when I announce this news and I fully expect a barrage of abuse from republicans. So what! The very fact that they might need to spit their venom only emphasises the strategic impotence of their political masters.
  3. A mission fulfilled : When I started blogging I wanted to tell all those who were interested what my beliefs and passions were. I hope I have done so. A Tangled Web has grown out of all recognition and I believe I have played a small part in that. If some have been converted along the way, so much the better. I remain as wedded to my core beliefs – Unionism, anti-mass immigration, anti-Muslim, family life, the free market, low taxation, liberty, respect for America’s world role, the existence of Israel – as I did the day I started blogging. Nevertheless, there are only so many ways I can articulate those principles. I think I have used every one of them.

May I take this opportunity to thank you, the team, and all those who have benefited from ATW. I will continue to (try) to entertain you all between now and Sunday-week.

Very best wishes

Andrew M. McCann’

The industry of progressive liberalism

By ATWadmin On September 6th, 2007 at 3:02 pm

Have you ever wondered why it is that progressive liberalism has managed to achieve such political hegemony in Britain – in most of the western world in fact?

Why is an ideology that is essentially nothing more than another form of socialism – an ideology that has been proven again and again to fail – able to reach the point where a country like Britain can be effectively turned into a one party state? This should not be possible given our constitution, our parliamentary system and our political structures. But it has happened anyway.


Well, for starters it did not happen by accident, but nor was it organised or coordinated – at least at first. The process began even before the Second World War, but it was only in the 1960′s and 1970′s that it became an organised and coordinated movement and yet, in the space of a generation, it has all but wiped out political dissent and discussion in the mainstream leaving just the fringe elements – such as political blogging – as the only challenge to its dominance.

There can be no argument that progressive liberalism has failed. This is apparent everywhere – in schools, hospitals, the streets, our homes, in towns, cities, villages, in the countryside – everywhere. It is apparent to all of us who do not have the money or motivation to cloister ourselves behind the false facade of exclusivity.

The failure of progressive liberalism is underlined daily in the news – the explosion in crime, the crisis of our youth, the problems with drug addiction, family breakdown, societal breakdown and yet the news media invariably fail to attribute the cause of the problem to the real culprit.

Because they are part of it.

So how did it get this way?

As I mentioned, the process began in the 1930′s. Progressive liberalism is, essentially, the political ideology of the Frankfurt School which is often referred to as "cultural Marxism". Many prominent and not so prominent "intellectuals" were seduced by the promise of a Utopian society that progressive liberalism as espoused by the Frankfurt School appeared to offer and these intellectuals began to spread that message of a new world through various essays, pamphlets and speeches prior to the war.

Their message was ignored by many, but picked up by some who would then spread the message themselves slowly building the base that was to launch the destructive onslaught that has now wreaked such havoc across our nation. Their influence spread particularly to the universities – where intellectualism has it’s spiritual home -and once embedded in these institutions it was then just a matter of time before that message was passed on to those who were educated at these universities – people who were to become our political leaders, our teachers, our journalists – the very people who have the greatest influence on thought.

That was always the plan and it was a plan that F. A. Hayek tried to warn us of in his essay "Intellectuals and Socialism" when he said …

In every country that has moved toward socialism, the phase of the development in which socialism becomes a determining influence on politics has been preceded for many years by a period during which socialist ideals governed the thinking of the more active intellectuals.

… though I’m not sure that even Hayek envisaged the speed or degree to which "socialism" would obtain political hegemony through the western world.

The political ideology of progressive liberalism is clearly a flawed and failing one. For a start, the Utopian society it strives to attain, though laudable as an ideal, is of course unachievable as it overlooks the one important factor that makes it such a fallacy.


People are not perfect – they have faults, imperfections, flaws of their own. Most will always try and be the best they can, but many will take advantage of a society that allows them the freedom to do so and this is the fatal flaw of progressive liberalism. Worse still, the fundamental basis of the ideology increases the likelihood that more and more people will stop trying to be the best they can and instead use the opportunity to be the worst they can.

And so we have the erosion of respect for law, the collapse of morality, the disappearance of manners and in their place we have an explosion in crime, falling moral standards and an abundance of rude and ill-mannered behaviour.

But surely, if progressive liberalism was such a failure it would by now have collapsed in on itself? Under normal circumstances it would have, but this is where the progressive liberals have been successful as they have created a support structure so huge, so crucial to millions of people that it means they lives are as dependent on the ideology as the ideology is on them.

This support structure is called the "public sector".

The expansion of the public sector was always crucial to socialism, but in previous incarnations of the ideology it was mostly through the acquisition by the state of industries. At the time this was because socialism was not just a political ideology, but also an economic one – and the control of industry was part of that economic ideology.

Of course that failed enormously. Not just in Britain, but in the most socialist of countries – USSR and China. Progressive liberalism took a different approach. It accepted the fundamental belief that the most successful economic ideology is capitalism – but with caveats – and subscribed, on the face of it, to the economic principles that capitalism promotes.

Freed from the need to obtain industries to create the support structure necessary to support the vacuous ideals of socialism, progressive liberals created a new industry – multiculturalism – and embarked on a programme to build the infrastructure which would sustain that industry and therefore their ideology.

They did this for other concepts too – sex equality, sexual rights, abortion rights, children’s rights, human rights – all created for one reason; to expand the support structure that stops progressive liberalism imploding.

These concepts spawned new organisations of "expert bodies" – QUasi-Autonomous Non-Governmental Organisations; Quangos – whose purpose was to initiate and create regulation related to their supposed "expertise".

And these regulations needed to be monitored, inspected and enforced – so the various regional governments were required to employ more and more people in more and more roles related to monitoring, inspecting and enforcing these regulations.

And so the public sector expanded and new concepts were brought in – often to tackle problems that progressive liberalism had caused. Drug abuse, truanting, family breakdown, mental illness and many many others. The number of quangos expanded (they alone are now costing Britain £180 BILLION every year – more than double the amount spent on the NHS) and with it the regulatory bodies and the regional support structures in local government.

And thus a new industry was spawned – an industry created for the sole purpose of maintaining the hegemony of progressive liberalism. A hegemony that can not be challenged or overturned as the very livelihoods of so many people are now so heavily invested in the maintenance of the ideology – the myth of progressive liberalism.

Even if, unlikely as it is, a truly conservative party were to obtain power, they could never change this without a virtual revolution. Any attempt to begin to dismantle this support structure that progressive liberalism has put in place will be met by massive resistance by those people who depend on it.

Even so, eventually – and inevitab
ly – progressive liberalism, just like every other brand of socialism, will collapse and fail. I can only hope that when it does, Britain is not too far gone to repair the damage, but I fear we are already past that point.


By ATWadmin On September 6th, 2007 at 8:09 am

Wonder what you make of the news that under plans being drawn up in Wales, children could be shut in to force them to eat healthy dinners at school?

Gates at seven secondary schools would be locked to prevent the daily exodus of children who go to chip shops and burger joints for lunch. Education chiefs in Denbighshire, North Wales, are frustrated that pupils have rejected the healthy menus they introduced last year. They hope that, by locking the school gates, youngsters will have no choice but to use the school canteen and eat something nutritious. Health Fascists! What next, children to be held down and force fed their daily allowance of fruit and veg? What these lousy Education tyrants need to understand that children must be allowed to make a choice and that is the responsibility of their parents to deal with what the kids eat. Better to lock up the Education chiefs.


By ATWadmin On September 6th, 2007 at 8:02 am

I’m sure we all travel along some roads which we know to be dangerous. On my way to my seaside apartment in the little village of Castlerock, I drive along a piece of highway called Frosse’s Road. It is notorious for the amount of accidents that occur along it, and over the years I have witnessed more than a few very nasty prangs, but sadly, there have also been many fatalities. I was thinking about this when I read  about the death of Ronnie Cochrane who had helped crash victims at a fatal smash on the Frosses Road on Friday – just hours before he was killed in similar circumstances elsewhere.

Mr Cochrane was killed in a three-car collision just outside Garvagh in Co Londonderry. Hours earlier, the 56-year-old Good Samaritan had come across a road traffic collision in which an elderly man died after his car came into collision with a bus on the A26 road, which links Ballymena to Coleraine. Mr Cochrane stayed at the scene to assist with the injured until help came. In a freak coincidence, he died around seven hours later near to his home town.
How terribly sad that such a good Samaritan would meet his end in such a way. Of course it is not for the likes of me to question the ways in which God works, but you can’t help but reflect on the horror of these events. I wish the Roads Service wou ld actually DO something about this section of road, it needs to be vastly improved. It’s not about PSNI speed traps, it’s about putting in place a decent length of carriageway.


By ATWadmin On September 6th, 2007 at 7:52 am

IanPaisleyJnr.gifDid you read that Ian Paisley Jnr’s remarks about gay people in Hot Press magazine do not constitute a breach of the Assembly’s members’ code of conduct? This is according to a confidential report by the Assembly Ombudsman. It followed a complaint by a member of the public concerning the magazine article. As part of his report, Ombudsman Tom Frawley interviewed Mr Paisley about his remarks. The confidential report was discussed on Wednesday by the Committee on Standards and Privileges. Mr Paisley, who is a junior minister in the Office of the First and Deputy First Minister, said he was "repulsed" by gay people but that he did not hate homosexuals in the article published in May.

Now then, I am no fan of Baby Doc, and he and I have public disagreements, but in this case I think justice has been done. He is perfectly entitled to explain what he thinks of gay people. As it happens, I do not agree in any way with the way in which he put this. I think his comments were clumsy, verging on the sheer stupid, but they were nothing more than this. I also think he needs to learn not to categorise all gay people as being the same. Some are very decent, some are not. Same applies to straight people! I also think that given the love-in between the DUP and IRA/Sin Fein, Government would be keen not to rock the boat, baby. So I hope young Ian will consider the feelings of those who are gay a little more carefully next time he speaks on the topic. Hate the sin, love the sinner.