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By ATWadmin On August 7th, 2008 at 4:52 pm

What do you make of the suggestion that common spelling mistakes should be accepted into everyday use, not corrected?

Professor Ken Smith says the most common spelling mistakes should simply be accepted as “variant spellings”. He lists the 10 most commonly misspelt words, which include “arguement” for “argument” and “twelth” for “twelfth”. The professor says his proposal, outlined in an article in the Times Higher Education Supplement, follows years of correcting the same mistakes.

I reckon Ken should retire. Accepting poor spelling is not the answer. We should be encouraging people to spell accurately!  


By ATWadmin On August 7th, 2008 at 1:30 pm

I see that the Archdhimmi of Canterbury Dr Rowan Williams in private correspondence seen by the Daily Telegraph, refutes the Anglican Communion’s traditional teaching that homosexuality is sinful. Furthermore, he expresses his hope that the Church will change its position to be more accepting of gay partnerships.  I’m not surprised. Druid Williams is a fake, his leadership of the Anglican Communion has been a disaster, and the fact that HE claims to know better than the Bible is all the proof Anglicans need to see they are being led to the slaughter by a wolf dressed as a lamb. The Bible has a few words to say on such “leaders”.


By ATWadmin On August 7th, 2008 at 1:25 pm

It has seen a naked, pregnant disabled woman and will soon be occupied by a giant ship in a bottle. But speculation has been growing today that Trafalgar Square’s fourth plinth has been left empty for a statue of the Queen after she dies. Sources at the Department for Culture said it had been a long-standing decision to commission a statue of Her Majesty riding a horse for the monument. I think this would be a very good idea but hope it is many years before it becomes a reality.


By ATWadmin On August 7th, 2008 at 12:54 pm

He may be demonised and treated abysmally by the rotten MSM but I was proud of President Bush when he issued a blunt condemnation of Beijing’s repression of its people on the eve of the Olympics, just as three American Christians were arrested for protesting for religious freedom in Tiananmen Square.

With the eyes of the world on China and heads of state from around the globe flying in for the opening ceremony tomorrow, Mr Bush used some of his toughest language yet to press China to improve its record on human rights. Speaking in Bangkok, he said:

“America stands in firm opposition to China’s detention of political dissidents and human rights advocates and religious activists. We press for openness and justice – not to impose our beliefs but to allow the Chinese people to express theirs.”

I think these Games are a moral outrage. I have nothing but contempt for the communist tyrants pulling all the strings here and the fact that Bush spoke truth must be applauded. Yes, he could have waited until he arrived in China and that would have cranked it up even more perhaps, yes, he could have decided to pull the US out of the games entirely, but I nonetheless I think he has still taken a dignified stance and in a world where most political leaders use honeyed words to disguise their compromising with evil, George W Bush had the bottle to be different. Well said Mr President!

A Lesson To Be Learned

By ATWadmin On August 7th, 2008 at 8:42 am

Michael J. Totten is a photographer who specialises in the photo-essay stories the MSM would prefer you didn’t see. He has embedded with US soldiers on forays deep into what was once Al-Qaeda territory in Iraq, and uncovered the most appalling atrocities committed by AQ that the MSM refused to mention. He also helped expose a large amount of false MSM reporting on the Lebanon conflict, and now has come right out of left field with a fascinating essay which it can be hoped will help overturn some serious misconceptions that many people have about Kosovo, and in particular its 90% Muslim majority.

That majority is, as Totten shows, in reality little more ‘Islamic’ than Britain is now Christian. There has long been a stream of enormous antipathy directed toward the native Kosovar population more or less simply on the grounds that they are Muslim, and indeed have had the temerity to fight for independence from a ‘Christian’ regime which once upon a recent time was engaged in activities little short of genocide against them. Despite the obvious opportunities for Wahhabist radicalisation of the local population in the aftermath of their conflict with the Serbs, they have steadfastly refused to be influenced by the new imams who have attempted to influence them, as Totten shows with his tale of the Israelis who have opened their restaurant in the territory and suffered a grand total of zero harassment despite openly proclaiming their nationality and even have made romantic attachments amongst the Muslim population.

It’s a salutary lesson for those who believe that all Muslims everywhere are easily radicalised fanatics at best, and irredeemable headchopping fanatics at worst. Totten’s subjects make it clear that there is a huge cultural gulf between the non-Arab Kosovar Muslims and their Arab regional counterparts, and that even this most radical of religions does not have the power to overcome the basic civilised instincts of those who do not wish it to.

Read it all, and remember it the next time any of us tar all Muslims (or any other group for that matter) with the same brush.

(Hat Tip to LGF)

Are Greenies Hypocrites?

By ATWadmin On August 6th, 2008 at 9:42 pm

GREENERY is a great way now for posh useless people to lecture the working classes about what they should be doing … it’s so disgusting and such hypocritical toomfoolery.

SPLENDID STUFF. Julie Burchill has never been a regular on my reading list, but her developing grouchyness becomes more appealing. Today she takes the upper middle class greenies – including the insufferably puffed up, self-regarding, entitled excuse for a rising of the masses that is George Monbiot – to task.


By ATWadmin On August 6th, 2008 at 8:03 pm

The clue was always in the name:  Barack Hussein O’Bama.

That’s right – it is reported that genealogists have uncovered fresh evidence of Barack Obama’s Irish ancestry revealing the US Presidential hopeful descended from an 18th century Dublin property mogul. Previous records found Mr Obama’s fourth great grandfather was a shoemaker in the midlands village of Moneygall, whose son Fulmuth Kearney left for the US in 1850.  Researchers at Trinity College Dublin delved further into the would-be-president’s colourful past to find his sixth great granduncle was a prominent Dublin businessman in the 1700s. Wig-maker Michael Kearney brushed shoulders with Ireland’s aristocracy on a daily basis and bought and sold property throughout the city and parts of the country.

So, Obama is as Irish as they come. Who’d have thought it. And it’s not even 1st April!!!


By ATWadmin On August 6th, 2008 at 7:41 pm

It’s deja-vu all over again folks!

We are approaching a pretend crisis in the Northern Ireland pretend peace process (Please don’t go to sleep just yet) and we need a pretend breakthrough so that the DUP/IRA governing axis can proceed to bring about the devolution of Policing and Justice.  Let’s see. Mmmmm. ….IF  there was to be an independent produced report that states that the IRA Army Council has essentially gone away that would be really helpful, especially to the DUP who are sooooo nervous about devolving something as KEY as Justice and Policing to potentially IRA control. Guess what?   

The body that monitors paramilitary groups has been asked to produce a special report assessing whether the IRA ‘army council’ still exists. The British and Irish governments asked the Independent Monitoring Commission for its views by 1 September.

Now here’s a DV prediction. The ONLY reason the question has been asked is because the answer is ALREADY known. I believe the government funded IMC will produce the goods required by the Government by 1st September. It will suggest that the IRA Army Council is no longer active, or words to that effect. The DUP will use this to prove just how effective negotiators they have been and it will provide them with the cover they need to bring about the devolution of Policing and Justice, so satisfying republicans. It’s another cave-in, more unionism decayed.


By ATWadmin On August 6th, 2008 at 4:40 pm

I was entertained by this article on creation vs evolution in the Newsletter this morning.

A DUP MLA has sparked controversy calling for creationism to be taught alongside evolution in science classes.

chair Mervyn Storey’s demand comes amid fresh debate over the
origins of mankind, in the run-up to the 150th anniversary of Charles
Darwin’s famous work On the Origin of Species. Mr Storey said that his personal view was that it would be “ideal” if
was not taught at all, although he was not demanding its
removal from the curriculum. But last night world-famous
biologist Richard Dawkins – whose appearance on Radio Ulster’s Talkback
programme yesterday “jammed” BBC phone lines – told the News Letter
that he felt “sad” that creationists were elected to positions of
power, likening them to “flat earthers

Memo to Mervyn the intrepid. Creation is not a science. It is a belief system. It is a belief system that I happen to share but it ain’t science and should not be taught as such .

Memo to Richard the jaundiced.  Evolution is not a science, it is a belief system.

I think they should BOTH be taught as belief systems!


By ATWadmin On August 6th, 2008 at 4:27 pm

I was invited to appear on a BBC Radio discussion tomorrow on the topic of whether a woman’s place is in the home. In essence the BBC were expecting me to agree with the suggestion that a woman’s place is in the home, bringing up the children.

The supermum who holds down a demanding career while running the
family home is falling out of favour, a high-powered academic report
said yesterday. Most people believe that the march of mothers into work has been harmful for family life, it found. Instead, there is ‘growing sympathy for the old-fashioned view that a woman’s place is in the home rather than in the office’.

My view is a bit more nuanced than what the BBC were expecting. You see I think that whilst it is desirable that a Mum (or Dad) is there for the kids when they are young, even more desirable is a loving and stable family unit that stays together. When I was a child, my mother worked. My grandmother had retired and she willingly helped bring me up. In many ways her values are my (better) values, though she has long since passed on. I don’t feel I have suffered in any way as a result of this. By the same token, my own wife chose to stay at home until our kids came of school age. So I see this as a matter of parental choice and I do not judge those mothers who work any less well than those who stay at home. It’s the quality of the loving family unit that counts. And so, I won’t be on the BBC tomorrow morning – too liberal by far me!