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By ATWadmin On May 4th, 2008 at 12:07 pm

I see that the 79 year old former head of the Royal Ulster Constabulary, Sir Jack Hermon, who suffers from advanced dementia, has had to be moved from the care home in which he is looked after. There is a potential terror threat from "dissident" republicans who have apparently become aware of the location of his care home. This must be VERY distressing for both Sir Jack and his MP wife Lady Sylvia Hermon and I am sorry to hear of this. One of the most disgusting features of the IRA campaign of terror, sanitised from these current peace process times, was the enthusisiasm with which IRA killers sought to enter hospitals in order to try and kill those patients who happened to belong to the secuity forces.

 Looks like old habits die hard….still, live and let die, eh?


By ATWadmin On May 4th, 2008 at 10:09 am

Two thirds of people with AIDS are Africans. Why? Here’s an interesting article by Epidemiologist Elizabeth Pisani that dares to say that which many liberals refuse to..

HIV is largely a sexually transmitted infection, so there must be something different about sex in Africa. Yet you can’t say that without appearing to be racist. So campaigners have come up with other reasons that HIV is worse in Africa: poverty, ignorance, men having more power than women. All politically correct, but not epidemiologically correct.

The truth is that a society in which many people have two or three partners on the go at any one time will produce a bigger epidemic than a society where people may have 10 partners in five years, but only one at a time. And it’s a fact that in parts of Africa, it’s more common for both men and women to have two or three simultaneous relationships than to have serial partners. Do people behave in this way because they are poor and ignorant? Not in Bangladesh, or Bolivia, or dozens of other countries where incomes and literacy are low. Indeed, in Africa, the incidence of HIV infection is highest in the richest households and the richest countries.

In east Africa, HIV spread first among people who had lots of partners – in other words, men and women who traded sex for money or favours. Had condom use in commercial sex been pushed to very high levels at the time – as happened in Thailand – the epidemic would have been contained.

But most African leaders play the Three Monkeys.


By ATWadmin On May 4th, 2008 at 9:55 am

EarthAS17.jpgInteresting piece by Christopher Booker in the Sunday Telegraph concerning the alarming global cooling trend which has confounded the apostles for global warming!

"The fact is that what has been happening to the world’s climate in recent years, since global temperatures ceased to rise after 1998, was not predicted by any of those officially-sponsored models. The discrepancy between their predictions and observable data becomes more glaring with every month that passes.


It won’t do for believers in warmist orthodoxy to claim that, although temperatures may be falling, this is only because they are "masking an underlying warming trend that is still continuing" – nor to fob us off with assurances that the "German model shows that higher temperatures than 1998, the warmest year on record, are likely to return after 2015".

He is right. The punch-line is that "even as the wretched politicians are committing us to spending unimaginable sums on wind farms, emissions trading schemes, absurdly ambitious biofuel targets, and every kind of tax and regulation designed to reduce our "carbon footprint" – the models on which this is all based are providing wholly inadequate data and assumptions – as is being confirmed by the behaviour of nature itself (not least the continuing non-arrival of sunspot cycle 24)".

I Hear the Screams of the Vegetables

By ATWadmin On May 4th, 2008 at 1:32 am


By ATWadmin On May 3rd, 2008 at 6:00 pm

I happen to share a first name with the leader of the Free World.  Thankfully little else.  God knows how he is spending his Saturday, probably clearing brush in the Rose Garden of the White House, planning an invasion of Alaska (there is oil there so he probably thinks it is in the Mideast), or making prank calls on the hotline to Moscow (Howdy Putin,  y’all got Prince Albert in a Can?).

I have far graver tasks.  Trying to prepare Jambalaya while watching the New York Yankees defeat the Seattle Mariners on the tube and offering my usual sound wisdom to the ATW community.   I’ve always wanted to be in the circus and have been afforded that chance by taking care of my fifth month old twins who seem to find my cursing the televison when my team makes a mistake to be entertainment of the highest order.  Bottle, Burp, Diaper, repeat.  Times Two. 

The Mrs. is out pricing paint, French doors and other domestic tasks that will destroy my summer Saturdays to come.  We all have our cross to bear.  My attempt to destroy Budweiser by boycotting their product for sponsoring the Chinese Olympics seems as futile a task as opening a bar in Utah.  The Chinese apparently drink more Budweiser than I do (an unfair advantage since there are a billion of them and only one of me, but my numbers are close).  I am left ot drink Coors Beer which is like making love in a canoe (f-ing close to water).

Alas the twins combind rage level has just reached Code Red and I am off (imagine Lord of the Flies crossed with 28 Days Later).  Hope you all are enjoying your Saturdays.  Cheers!    

A Woman’s Right To Choose

By ATWadmin On May 3rd, 2008 at 2:33 pm

7B4FB7AC-CBB2-CB43-2AC9C586F6D34B1E.jpgMEET HOLLIE BOOTH. Hers is the same old sad, depressing story: a young woman with ambition, her heart set on realising her dreams and the stifling oppression of those who want to stop her. Well I say it’s a woman’s right to choose!

A Cambridge undergraduate has been accused of demeaning women for taking part in the British finals of Miss Universe.

Hollie Booth, 20, who is in the first year of a natural sciences course at King’s College, has been picked from more than 500 women to be one of the 41 finalists in the beauty contest, which will be held in London tomorrow.

But rather than being congratulated by fellow students, she has spent most of her time fending off accusations that the competitions are an affront to women.

Get your mits off her bits, oppressors. If all those long years of struggle mean one thing, surely it’s that a woman’s body is her own?! Sisters, I feel so sad.

Sandrine Lévêque of Object, an organisation that campaigns against gender stereotyping, said: "This is another sign of a worrying trend in which we are seeing the resurgence in quite outdated institutions such as beauty pageants. It is as if we are going back to the 1970s." "These contests are all about treating women as sex objects."

Damn right Rubbish. Who are these mad people? Personally, I prefer to find out what makes the girls tick, learn of their hopes and dreams and how they want to travel the world meeting children. But not before the swimsuit round. Girls, you can count on my support.


By ATWadmin On May 3rd, 2008 at 11:13 am

gallowaysaddamweb0qr.jpgHappy days! Not ONLY does Gordon Brown get an electoral kicking, not only does is the odious Ken Livingstone booted out of Mayoral throne but George Galloway – Saddam’s little helper from all those years ago – has seen his bid for election to the London Assembly ended in a crushing defeat.

His apparent failure to capture more than five percent of the ‘pan London’ Party List vote without even a particularly strong showing in what he thought would be his East End ‘heartland’ raised doubts about whether he could mount a future victorious re-election campaign for Westminster in the Poplar & Limehouse constituency. The Galloway-led Party List vote was pushed into third place in the City & East constituency, behind Labour and Tories, with around 20,000 votes, just above the BNP. 



By ATWadmin On May 3rd, 2008 at 10:24 am

eussrno2.gifDid you see the report which alleges that the European Union will open its own embassies under a plan critics fear represents a "power grab" by Brussels officials pushing for a federal superstate? The secret plan represents the first time that full EU embassies have been discussed seriously. The "Embassies of the Union" would be controlled by a new EU diplomatic service created by the Lisbon Treaty. The new service would rival established diplomatic services. Britain, with one of the world’s largest, maintains 139 embassies and high commissions in capital cities. Equally controversial is a proposal for EU ambassadors who would be accountable to the European Parliament.

Correction – these Embassies of the Union are not being established to "rival" the Embassies of the Nation States. They are designed to replace them. The EU political elite seek to impose their agenda uber alles and we, as a free people, need to get out while we still can. I want to be like Harry Houdini now I’m the invisible man.


By ATWadmin On May 3rd, 2008 at 8:46 am

What is to be made of the marriage of a 13 yr old girl and 14 yr old boy in true Romany style?

In their wedding day finery, the newly-pronounced husband flashes a glance to his friends for support. His bride masks her nerves with an icy expression. But these are likely to be more than big day jitters because the groom is just 14, his fresh-faced bride 13. And this profoundly shocking ‘marriage’ of two Romany children did not take place in a remote Eastern European village. Rather it was in a smoke-filled pub in the East End of London.

There are fears that underground ceremonies could become common as the number of gipsies in Britain rises following the eastwards expansion of the EU. Countries such as Romania and Poland, which have large Romany gipsy – or Roma – populations, have cracked down on such weddings by threatening prosecutions on underage sex charges. Campaigners fear that, as a result, the weddings may be moving to Britain. Most of the Roma at Monday’s celebrations lived in Poland before moving to Britain around ten years ago.

Isn’t the richness of the multiculti agenda so thrilling? Where were the police?


By ATWadmin On May 3rd, 2008 at 8:38 am

I note that Pete Doherty, the well known junkie and Babyshambles pop star, will be released from Wormwood Scrubs next week after serving only 29 days of a 98-day sentence. Doherty was jailed last month for repeatedly breaching his probation for drug offences. But the sentence has been halved and a further 18 days deducted as part of a scheme introduced last summer to ease jail overcrowding. Shortly after starting his sentence at Wormwood Scrubs, photographs of 29-year-old Doherty appeared in a national newspaper amid rumours heroin was being smuggled into his cell at the detox wing.

Justice is no longer just. Doherty should have been made to serve his sentence in full and he should also have been denied all access to illegal drugs when in prison. Neither of these things happened.

And how does Doherty feel about all of this? Has he learned his lesson?

"He was said to be planning "a massive party" to celebrate. A source close to the star revealed: "He’s planning to go straight to play a gig — and then get smashed."