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Here is a pretty good indictment of the pathetic and truly cowardly behaviour of the British government in dealing with the threats coming from the Saudi Arabia government…I entirely agree with what is said.

CALLS were made yesterday for a full public inquiry after the High Court ruled the Government and Serious Fraud Office "unlawfully submitted" to threats that there could be "another 7/7" unless they dropped bribery investigations involving BAE Systems and Saudi Arabia.
"Saudi has long been known to be the financiers of Islam in all of its forms, Saudi funds the building of Mosques and bankrolls many of the Islamic organizations in the UK all of which have the common goal of Islamizing the UK. Our Government have blatantly given in to blackmail and as all good dhimmis do duly paid the jizya to their Muslim overlords.
Did our Government stand and say anything to these pompous thugs that claim to be "princes" no they rolled over. The threat is now quite clear, Saudi effectively said that they would call off the Islamists they were funding in the UK provided they got a "good deal" on the military hardware they wanted."


By ATWadmin On April 11th, 2008 at 8:56 pm

I see that Obama has been cosseting up to the Gay lobby in his quest for the Presidency.  He has boasted he’s been more "vocal on gay issues to general audiences than any other presidential candidate probably in history." Obama has also issued an open letter to the "Lesbian Gay Bisexual Transgendered community" assuring them he believes in "full equality" for homosexuals and stating that, unlike Sen. Hillary Clinton, he advocates the complete repeal of the Defense of Marriage Act. So, Obama is your man if you seek to have the institution of marriage. No wonder liberals just love him.


By ATWadmin On April 11th, 2008 at 7:25 pm

Here’s a lovely autobiographical song by Carlene Carter – give it a listen to the end, it’s touching…


By ATWadmin On April 11th, 2008 at 7:08 pm

Bio-fuel production is seen as a "good thing" by many who embrace the green agenda. But the President of the World Bank doesn’t think so! Robert Zoellick has criticised Europeans and Americans for diverting agricultural land away from growing food in order to pursue the elusive goal of saving energy and reducing greenhouse gas emissions. This is leading to rocketing food prices, causing food riots and horrendous scarcity. Land used to grow corn or other base bio-fuel crops could be used to grow wheat and some of that land could be used to grow rice. Clearly, the massive committment of America and Europe to bio fuels is having the effect of raising food prices to the point that real harm is being felt by poor people around the world.  He has a point, don’t you think?


By ATWadmin On April 11th, 2008 at 6:36 pm

The plane carrying Bertie Ahern to the "Good Friday Agreement" anniversary celebrations in Belfast was hit by lightning, it has emerged. The Gulf Stream jet, with 11 others on board, was struck by lightning on its final approach to Belfast City Airport on Thursday afternoon. An Irish government said the plane landed safely after what he described as "a huge flash".  Need I say more? I recall ten years ago after the scumbag politicians had done their sordid deal, the skies over Stormont darkened and hailstones fell.


By ATWadmin On April 11th, 2008 at 6:26 pm

It’s been a looong day here, so a little music to unwind….this one is dedicated to Troll! Where’s that Trollcast? 

More (Un)predictable Consequences of the Human Rights Act

By ATWadmin On April 11th, 2008 at 2:07 pm

THE SEPERATION of morality and law in the 1960s has led to some strange judicial rulings. This time, a High Court judge has decided that military personnel ought to be covered by the Human Rights Act, even on the battlefield. The ruling was handed down during a request for military inquest guidelines in a case relating to Pte Smith, 32, who died of heatstroke in Iraq in 2003. According to the solicitor representing Pte Smith’s family, British soldier’s would now have the same human right as any other Britons and must be properly eqipped when sent into battle. Splendid show. Now if the Judge could explain how a soldier’s right to life, enshrined in the HRA, can be guaranteed on a battlefield we’ll all be the wiser.

The Human Rights Act, Tony Blair’s ‘proudest achievement’ in politics, was long intended to replace Christian morality in law and justice. This foreign and explicitly anti-British Act, the benchmark against which all existing and future laws must be judged, is the new morality. No legal principles, even secular ones, can exist seperate from any standards. God’s morality was abolished, and so the liberal establishment which despises us and has no feel for our culture adopted a secular legal deity – the Human Rights Act. But a prior benchmark exists for the military by which we may judge their treatment. It was drawn up by serious people in serious times who knew their’s country’s history. It’s called the Military Covenant and can be summed up thus:

When you join the military you give up certain freedoms and put the needs of your country first. You will be bound by service, duty and an Oath of Allegiance to the Crown. You will be called to do harsh tasks and you will have to make sacrifices. In return you will the very best training and equipment and your families will looked after.

You may be required to fight your country’s enemy and you may die. In return you will be sent home, your grave will always be tended by those who care for what you did and you will always be remembered.

This covenant is all that the Armed Forces need. They have always abided by their side of the bargain, even if successive governments have repeatedly failed to uphold theirs. From training time and budgets to battfield equipment, casualty evacuation and post-trauma care, leave time and rehabilitation, this government especially has torn up the covenant and spat on our best. Ultimately, however, we are to blame. The British people have smugly elected to government clear and obvious enemies of our nation and those who hate the military. Never once has Blair or Brown stood at RAF Brize Norton to see the the return of the body of a fallen British soldier. They can’t say they don’t know where it is: Blair especially went through the place every week while he took the Queen’s Flight off to exotic locations.

Either the HRA applies in its entirety to the Armed Forces, which is a nonsense, or not at all. For a court to cherry-pick certain rights for application whilst leaving others out would also be absurd, because they are intended to be universal rights. Of course, we wouldn’t be here if Britons hadn’t been so feckless and voted for those who hate us over a decade ago.


By ATWadmin On April 11th, 2008 at 5:30 am

unionism%20decayed%201.jpgHey – listen up, I’m introducing advertising onto ATW’s ever-so-clean boards.

Well, advertising for "Unionism Decayed 1997 -2007" that is! I hope you picked up on the fact that this, my first book, is now for sale and could be winging its way towards you if you simply email me at the editor’s address!

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This is the first book which unambiguously dissents from the Northern Ireland peace process. It provides context for the more global war on terrorism and is a warning against ever replicating this vile corruption and appeasement.