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Heroes and villains

By ATWadmin On July 15th, 2007 at 10:09 am

I sat down to watch "Dambusters" yesterday afternoon with my youngest son.

This inspiring tale of inventive genius and selfless heroism would not get made today – instead we would have to have "balance" provided through images of the German dead and the devastation wreaked upon the innocent civilian population. This would be followed by long passages of introspection by the surviving pilots for the comrades they lost and questions of "was it worth it?".

This is why, 25 years after the Falklands War, we still haven’t had a decent film made about the many heroic events of that war.

But the most insightful comment came from my son as the pilots returned to their mess after their harrowing mission to drink their tea and eat their eggs and bacon wreathed in cigarette smoke.

"They wouldn’t be allowed to do that now" he said – meaning smoke cigarettes in a canteen.

This immediately conjured up the image in my mind of some supercilious, self-important "health and safety" jobsworth telling the weary and mightily relieved men to "put those cigarettes out".

It’s the curse of our times that our nation is in the hands of people not fit to lick the boots of the British heroes who forged and defended our nation in the past.


By ATWadmin On July 15th, 2007 at 9:57 am

So, what is the burning issue facing our Prisons today? Rampant drug dealing amongst the convicts? Prisoners being able to walk out of jail, perhaps? Serious crimes being planned and then directed from prison cells? Jihad recruitment amongst the cons? Nope.

The BIG issue is…what is the correct term of address when talking to female prisoners. It’s reassuring to know that even as our penal system melts down, the Chief Inspector of Prisons, Anne Owers, has found time to ponder this most  pressing issue. The even better news is that she has come up with some new suggestions while inspecting HMP Send in Surrey and now implemented, they spell the end of the term ‘girl’ or ‘girls’. The description is deemed ‘condescending’, while the use of ‘lady or ladies’ is also banned because the equivalent for male lags is gentleman or gentlemen, which is understandably little used. Yes, in future, female prisoners must be referred to as women or a woman. ‘It is best to address individual women prisoners as Miss, Mrs, Ms as appropriate and their surname.’

What can you say? The UK penal system has been liberalised, feminised, and made into one grotesque joke.


By ATWadmin On July 15th, 2007 at 9:46 am

I know I have been banging on this topic for the past number of days but it  is becoming abundantly clear that under Gordon Brown the UK will cease to be a reliable ally of the USA. Take the fact that the Iraq Commission – a UK quango controlled by Government – has called for a clear exit strategy from Iraq, talks with Iran, and for the UN to lead “the reconciliation process” Just to emphasise the point the Commission adds that the UK should “act with variance” from the USA on this and other foreign policy issues. Get the message? – Brown is signalling that the UK is moving well away from the USA, embracing the inept soft power internationalism of the EU/UN, and hoping that a surrender in Iraq can be cloaked in hazy feel good rhetoric about “reconciliation.”

When the Islamists next cause mass carnage on British soil, perhaps Brown should consult with the EU and UN for advice as to what should be done? DHIMMI TIME with Gordon is on the way….

It’SN0t for Scots

By ATWadmin On July 15th, 2007 at 9:33 am

There are numerous things which offend people: criminals getting out after serving a fraction of their sentences; immigrants swarming into this country from all over the globe; rampant injustice; the elevation of homosexuality to the status of moral parity with marriage through civil partnerships; Muslim terrorism; pillocks in facial veils; stealth taxes in the name of erroneous ‘good causes’; a denial of our right to have a say on the encroachment of Brussels bureaucracy; speed cameras on every thoroughfare from a bridleway to a motorway; arrogant teenage scum who swagger around our streets as if they own them…….I could go on.

What steps are being taken to address these offences?  Very few as far as I can see.  Yet, when it comes to a simple letter/number configuration on a Scottish licence plate, authorities have stepped in with lightning speed lest it offend anybody.  I have little doubt the measure will have cost thousands of pounds.  What a skewered sense of priorities we have in this country.

Number plates issued in Edinburgh will be configured TN07 until September instead of SN07.  Why?  Because they licensing authority thought SN07 looked too much like the word ‘snot’.  Are they kidding? SN07 looks to me like SN07.  Even if it looked vaguely like ‘snot’, so what?  The vernacular term for nasal mucus is hardly an offensive term in these enlightened times.   Apparently the DVLA likes to scan number plate configurations to eek out any that might cause offence.  Of course it is perfectly acceptable to allow number plates with the flag of Pakistan in one corner on Bradford taxis belonging to third or fourth generation Asians; it is perfectly acceptable to produce number plates with the abomination that is the EU flag on the left-hand side.  When I bought my (new) car two years ago I specifically asked for the EU emblem to be absent and it still came with the damn thing on display for all to see (I now have the offending signs covered with Union Flag stickers with the letters UK-GB-NI on them.)

How about someone in authority actually having to balls to tackle what really offends instead of concentrating on snotty trivialities?


By ATWadmin On July 15th, 2007 at 9:21 am

As someone with strong conservative views, I am pleased to see the Conservative Party doing so badly.

Why? Because David Cameron, the leader of the Conservative Party, is a metropolitan liberal who has sent out every possible signal that he occupies a leftist position on most of the major issues that confront us.

He wants to see the State grow further , he wants to increase taxes, he wants to ensure our education system continues dumbed down, he wants to keep choice out of health care provision, he approves of IRA terrorists in government, in short he is unfit to even call himself a conservative, led alone lead such a once proud Party.

Laughably, it has also been revealed that the Conservative candidate in Thursday’s Ealing Southall by-election donated £4,800 to Labour only last month. Tony Lit, a wealthy radio station boss parachuted in to fight the seat by Mr Cameron, paid for a table at a Labour fundraising dinner at which he was pictured next to a smiling Tony Blair days before his departure as prime minister.

The latest polls see Labour surging ahead, with a 7 point lead over Cameron’s neo-liberal alliance. Could dour Gordon Brown be tempted to call an Autumn election and get Labour back into power for a fourth consecutive term? I remain a resolute critic of Labour since it is destroying this country, but the Cameron Conservative’s aren’t worth a damn and therefore whilst it may be a pyrrhic victory, I nonetheless am pleased to see them going backwards. Shows how useless they really are. We need a proper party of the RIGHT, with strong values and resolute leadership, determined to win back Britain from rogues such as Brown.

Amnesty International

By ATWadmin On July 15th, 2007 at 7:00 am

This autumn I’m going back to India for the first time in 22 years.  I wasn’t even a teenager when I last visited the country with my father back in the summer of 1985.  I spent four weeks there and had the time of my life.  Many of the memories I have are fairly vague.  However, one of the things I quickly learnt is that to give any beggar money is a recipe for disaster.  If you gave away so much as a few rupees you’d very quickly have a crowd around you – mostly of young children wanting a slice of your munificence.  If you’re ever in India, always have a plentiful supply of chocolate and ball-point pens with you.  The kids there go absolutely crazy for both!  The moral of this story is that weakness through generosity creates more problems than it solves.  Try telling that to the Institute of Public Policy Research.

Immigrant amnesties have been tried and tested in both Spain and Italy.  Each time it only encouraged more immigrants to try to arrive – legally or otherwise.  I am of the view that we should have a 25-year moratorium on immigration to this country (other than returning ex-pats) coupled with the pro-active determination to rid these islands of as many illegal incomers as possible.  Yet what our immigration teams achieved under the direction of this Labour ‘let’s have loads of foreigners in so we can destroy Britain as we one knew it’ government?  A body racked by turgidity and bureaucracy.

I am certain that one amnesty will create a disaster.  Already the towns of Pas de Calais in France are saturated by people itching to get to the Promised Land because they know what our Establishment hasn’t the guts to say: namely that we’re a soft touch.  Don’t expect any party or body with Left-wing credentials to do anything to satisfy justified public concern on immigration.  It just goes against their ideological grain.


Today’s Chinese Proverb – 15.07.07

By ATWadmin On July 15th, 2007 at 6:58 am

‘The coward has a dream, the brave man has a vision.’



By ATWadmin On July 14th, 2007 at 9:58 pm


The building on the left in the distance is the Burj. A snap I took about a month ago from my hotel window. Currently under construction in the "New Downtown" area in Dubai, United Arab Emirates, upon its completion, it will be the tallest building in the world. By a wide margin. The tower’s height was reported by its developers to be about 500 metres, totaling 138 completed floors at that point. It is designed by Skidmore, Owings and Merrill, who also designed the Sears Tower in Chicago and the Freedom Tower in New York City, among numerous others. On the right way off in the distance towards the ocean appearing as a tiny dot, is the sail shaped Burj Al Arab, the worlds only 7 star hotel (way over the top inside, dripping with gold). Dubai never stops growing and the pace of change since even the last time i visited is astonishing. It is hotter than hell at this time of year and sand fills the air making the sky appear a constant yellow colour. The shops are a mix of souks and malls with Dior, Cartier, DKNY.. full of absolutely stunning women dressed in jeans, heels, immacutely made up – their black chadors wrapped up and high on top of their heads elegantly – in princessy fashion as opposed to scary Iranian moral/fashion police style. All chattering away on their mobiles and sipping their Starbucks…And wouldnt you know it, there are people blogging away – one who lives there because he wanted to watch the incredible development as it happened, one trying to get out because the pace of change is too much - and via them a Saudi man blogging from Britain - The Religious Policeman – his blog is khalas and peppered with haram posts.

The Mask Slips

By ATWadmin On July 14th, 2007 at 8:33 pm

Oh dear oh dear oh dear. The BNP’s racial Tourette’s syndrome has been playing up again

The BNP are a bit upset because UKIP have taken the step of producing an Election leaflet for the Ealing Southall By-Election in Hindi. Now there is a fair argument to be made that this is to some extent kowtowing to those who have come to this country and not learnt English. However that pesky inner racist won’t let them stop at making that perfectly valid argument…

"The United Kashmir & India Party has been busily distributing leaflets in Hindi to garner votes in the Ealing & Southall by-election.

Never heard of this party? Maybe that’s because it is more generally known – outside of Ealing & Southall, as the United Kingdom Independence Party!

But then, you should know by now that they will go to any lengths to curry favour (’scuse the pun) with their multi-cultural friends in the media.

No doubt they will gain a few more brownie points to spend on media sofas as a result of this, their most blatant avocation of multi-culturalism so far."

‘Curry’ favour? ‘Brownie’ points? Oh the rapier wit. Friends in the media? UKIP has ‘friends’ in the media? Must have missed that one…

Its not so much the stabs at UKIP that really show the racist thrust of this article up, but the one at the English Democrats…

"Further to the main thrust of the communication it should be noted that in addition to the “new force” party in question, that the miniscule “English” Democrats Party are also contesting the Southall by-election – with a candidate having the suspiciously un-English name of Sati Chaggar! What should we make of that we wonder?"

And for all that certain people accused Nigel Farage of ducking the ‘big’ question during his ATW interview, his answer on the topic of the BNP certainly seems particularly apposite in light of remarks like this. As far as they are concerned just because the English Democrats’ candidate is of Asian extraction this automatically disqualifies him or her from ‘Englishness’, just as UKIP’s candidate Dr Rajan is a Tamil and therefore also disqualified. He’s only lived and worked here for forty-seven years after all.

The penultimate statement in the BNP’s communique is also quite compelling, and an indication of something I have observed before.

"I don’t know about you, but don’t you think it’s just about time that we were told just what sort of United Kingdom UKIP is campaigning for? For judging by the favouritism shown towards immigrants from Africa and Asia by them, added to now by the embracing of the multi-culti answer to the refusal of many immigrants to learn English – the multi language information leaflet – it would seem that the official UKIP vision of an Independent Britain is not quite the same as the vision visualised by the majority of its members!"

On the contrary guys. Having been a member of UKIP I can say with all honesty that your preconceptions of the ‘vision visualised’ by its membership are 100% wrong. People who want a racially (as opposed to culturally) homogenous Britain don’t join UKIP. They join the BNP, or the NF, or the BPP.

This wishful thinking is manifest by studies of the London Mayoral Elections, which with their second preferences vote give a small insight into how the supporters of each Party think. Half of the people who voted BNP as first preference voted UKIP as their second preference, but only a tiny fraction of UKIP first preference voters voted BNP as a second choice. The BNP would really like it if everyone shared their ‘visualised vision’ of a future Britain – unfortunately they just dont, hence the lack of Mr Griffin in Number 10.

And to round off, the happy chaps of the BNP prove that they can behave every bit as hypocritically as the next Party.

"UKIP’s candidate in the Southall by-election is Dr. Kunnathur Rajan, who migrated to Britain from India in the 1960’s and who now lives – in Wales – we understand."

Hmmm, I wonder if UKIP *have* brought in a candidate from outside the constituency? Might be true. How terrible those UKIP people are…but hey, I wonder if anybody can think of another politician who definitely lives in Wales and yet fights elections a hundred-plus miles away in places like Oldham…hmmm, whoever could that be?

C’mon Baby Light My Fire

By ATWadmin On July 14th, 2007 at 7:03 pm

Just in case any republicans out there are not fully up-to-speed with my stance on burning the flag of the Irish Republic atop 11th night bonfires, I thought I’d include this video taken in north Belfast last year.  I count six on top of this magnificent pyre, and none with any of the disgusting references to religious intolerance.  It makes the message of ‘no surrender’ six times stronger, hopefully.  For those who want to fly the flag of the Irish Republic, I say fine.  But go and do so IN the Irish Republic.

‘No surrender’ means exactly what it says!