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By ATWadmin On September 28th, 2007 at 4:46 pm

Right – been away all day – just back, things to cover.

Some of my best friends are journalists. Sorry, I meant to say none of my best friends are journalists.

But of course I can understand the National Union of Journalists condemning as "outrageous" a paramilitary death threat made against a Belfast-based journalist. The threat against Robin Livingstone, editor of the Andersonstown News, was found in a package, containing a number of bullets, sent to UTV on Thursday. Threats were also made against a number of Sinn Fein members, including Gerry Adams’ press aide. It is claimed the threats came from the Red Hand Defenders. The Red Hand Defenders is part of the UDA, the terror organisation led by some off the Irish President husband’s golfing pals.

The NUJ however, has been very careful to play ITS role in sanitising the IRA, UVF and UDA during the peace process years. The NUJ is quick to condemn nations like Israel when it moves against terrorists. So I think the NUJ are being MORE than a little hypocritical here. The press needs to stop trying to be a participant in the political process and stick to just reporting what is happening. It could start by reminding readers that Mr Adams himself is a senior terrorist figure.

Shake that tin, and see the cash drop in!

By ATWadmin On September 28th, 2007 at 1:17 pm

The idea which used to inhabit my mind when I saw any mention of Charities, was peopled with dedicated volunteers, those people who gave freely of their time, energy and knowledge to further the Charity’s ends and objectives. As a former Officer in Britain’s Merchant Navy, I had established a steady connection with a Charity which seemed to be of my way of thinking and beliefs, which was the Royal National Lifeboat Institution; in that the only people who were paid were the coxswains of the large fleet of rigid sea-going rescue boats stationed around the coasts and harbours of the British Isles. All the other crew members were volunteers, and there was usually a long queue to be chosen as a crew member, as those positions were viewed as being an honourable and worthy ideal to attain. But, that was rather a long time ago.

Caught sight of a advert for one of the innumerable charities which abound on the various digital channels as well as on commercial radio, and it was all about how, with only £XXX pounds a month, I could bring real joy, help and education to yet another bunch of starving children/refugees/african villagers/idle bastards; (strike those inapplicable). I took the time to check on the appropriate websites, and discovered that they pay £23,000 fora Media Officer, whatever they might do, £32,800 for a Policy Officer and a massive £57,000 for a Fundraising Director. So what used to be an area for dedicated people to give freely of their time and endeavours has become, well, just another industry!

If you wander idly through the audited accounts of the various charity organisations registered with the Charities Commission, one phrase occurs time and time again, and this is "No remuneration or other payments have been made to the trustees of XXXXXXX  XXXX for their services as board members for other services provided to the organisation in 2006."

Dead honest and above board, all of these Charities and Trustees, with never a wrong’un around! Remarkable, isn’t it?


What Has Your Child Learnt Today?

By ATWadmin On September 28th, 2007 at 12:43 pm

The classroom wierdoes and perverts are at it again. Melanie Phillips has published an example of the lies, propoganda and indoctrination which passes for education in modern, liberal Britain. This is from a questionnaire devised for a ‘Citizenship’ (spit) lesson in a British comprehensive:

The seven questions included litter, racism, refugees, a petition against ‘British’ attacks on Iraq’, dolphin friendly tuna, racism again and then the last question:

You know that Israel’s actions against Palestinian civilians go against international law. Which of the following do you decide?

a) People like us in Britain should stop buying goods made in Israel, to help put pressure on Israel to stop attacking Palestinians (3)

b) This conflict has nothing to do with us and there is nothing we can do (1)

c) Our government should put pressure on Israel to do what international law says, and cut down its occupation of Palestine (2)

d) We need to find out more about the conflict between Israel and Palestine before we say what we do (3)

The numbers in brackets indicate the score a student would receive for their answer – the higher the better. The week before they had a number of photos they had to group together – one was an Israeli tank and a Palestinian boy that was put under ‘Oppression.’

Phillips is clearly right when she says:

We are now a country where the uninformed are instructed by the bigoted. From the Olympian heights of Britain’s once unsurpassed education system, which produced the fairest, gentlest and most rational society on earth, Britain’s children are now being equipped instead to inhabit Planet Virulence, where ignorance, irrationality and injustice rule.

I warned from the very introduction of these ‘citizenship’ lessons that they would become a vehicle for crude propaganda. So it has proved. The irony is that the government introduced them in the first place because it was so alarmed that British identity and values were being eroded from within in the face of the threat to the nation from without. Now we can see the result. British citizenship includes hatred of Israel by way of the propaganda of one of the Big Lies of history – the very same Big Lie that is fuelling the murderous onslaught on the western world.

Population Replacement to Gather Pace

By ATWadmin On September 28th, 2007 at 11:43 am

Clearly, the project to drown the British people under a flood of immigrants and turn us into a minority in our own country isn’t going fast enough, according to the ruling establisment:

The number of people migrating to the UK each year will be 45,000 more than previously predicted, figures suggest. The Office for National Statistics (ONS) had estimated that the net increase in population due to migration would be 145,000 a year. But it has now revised that prediction upwards by about a third to an increase of 190,000 migrants per year over the next two decades.

This means, according to Sir Andrew Green of Migration Watch, that 86% of our population increase will now be due to immigration, which will add 7.2 million to our population between 2004 and 2031. We’ve long known that the commie internationalistas who wield power and influence hate our Kingdom. The intention to end the United Kingdom formally, by foreign takeover via the EU, has long been their obvious intent. But what is now undeniable is that they also intend to remove the British as a people too. Multiculturalism and diversity, always tools to undermine our history, heritage and birthrights, have now moved on to outright population replacement.

I do not want explanations from the Left. I want their apologies for the destruction of what, in living memeory, was the most civilised nation on earth and is now a conflicted, increasingly violent, Balkanised country of suspicious strangers.


By ATWadmin On September 28th, 2007 at 8:47 am

Is the worm turning against the remote and arrogant establishment which claims power over us? At least two Britons are as mad as hell and aren’t going to take it any more. First up, we have Stewart Dimmock, a man who doesn’t accept the political brainwashing of his children by the state. He’s seeking a court order to prevent the government from distributing Al Gore’s An Inconvenient Truth to thousands of schools. I’m afraid this film is irredeemable. It’s awful. It should never, ever have gone out to schools, says Mr Dimmock.

Of course he’s right. And he also has the law on his side. Section 406(1)(b) of the Education Act 1996 says that education authorities, school governing bodies and head teachers "shall forbid … the promotion of partisan political views in the teaching of any subject in the school". Ministers, civil servants and teachers know this, they know that the government’s order that children be made to watch this in school is a blatant breach of the law. But when did the liberal ruling establishment ever regard the law as applying to them?

We hope of course that Mr Dimmock wins and brings the law down on them. If he loses, the judiciary will be telling the government clearly that it can act in open defiance of the law.

We then come to Oxford academic Dr Frances Kennett, who could soon be doing time in prison for witholding taxes. Like many Britons, he council has gone from weekly to fortnightly rubbish collections. As a result, she’s forced to make an 8 mile trip each week just to get rid of her rubbish, but she’s still overrun by rats because of the rubbish the council isn’t taking away. I’ve had quite enough of this grotesque municipal mismanagement. I have decided it is time to make a stand against the local authority bureaucrats who have brought this plague to my neighbourhood, she says. So Dr Kennett has witheld just a tenth of her council tax and is being harrassed because of it with threats of bailiffs and raids on her bank account.

Now, they are taking her to court. Clearly we are dealing with a bunch of power-mad, low-life, inadequate goons who don’t realise that in Britain (still, justabout) the state is the servant of, and accountable to, the people. Dr Kennett says she is prepared to go to prison for what she has done. In a way, I hope she does get sent down. Nothing would symbolise the ruthlessness and anti-morality of a ruling class which is ever more arrogant, tyrranical and in need of cringing down. If our Monarch won’t do her duty and protect us from the state, we’ll have to do it ourselves, it seems.

So this weekend I’ll be raising a few pints to Stewart Dimmock and Frances Kennet, two upstanding Britons who are providing a wonderful example to us all.  

“Bloody Peasant!”

By ATWadmin On September 27th, 2007 at 4:18 pm

Dont Tase me Bro!

Monty Python style

hat-tip: from the barrel of a gun

Balkanised Britain

By ATWadmin On September 27th, 2007 at 4:15 pm

Those who claim that Mass Immigration is purely occurring (and encouraged) for economic reasons would do well to read this breaking story. Let’s aside the insanity of charging a ten-year old child with racism offences when he has only just recovered from being beaten with an iron bar by his ‘victim’, and focus on the ‘racial’ tensions that have been fuelled in the Medway area.

 Apparently a lot of the ‘tension’ – which by the description most of us would call ‘violence’, but let’s get the PC parlance right -  is ‘fuelled’ by the wee fact that so many Slovakian families have moved into the area that ‘about a third’ of the children at the Primary school where the conflict is centred around are Slovakian.

What the hell? A British school where within a couple of years a third of the children are suddenly Slovakian. A third?!? What kind of barking lunatic would think that having a foreign population of that size suddenly moving into an area and competing with the local population for jobs and in this case fairly major services like education wouldnt, ahem, ‘fuel tension’?

Now for all that I am a well-established immigration hawk, even I dont believe that all that many Slovakians have moved into Britain that they are taking up a third of new British school places. Not when we have all those Poles, Romanians etc doing the same…so how on earth did a single school end up with such an insanely high proportion of foreign nationals on its books?

Easy answer. This isn’t about economics, this is about deliberate cultural replacement of the indigenous population. May I just say at this point that before either those who believe in theories of ‘racial replacement’, or those who think that any use of the phrase ‘indigenous population’ when applied to anyone but universally dark-skinned peoples is inherently talking about nasty white people chime in, when I say ‘indigenous population’ I mean everyone who lives here and is a British national, not any specific racial or ethnic grouping. The ideas that either only white people are being hurt by mass immigration or that only white people care about mass immigration are both pernicious ones in my not particularly humble opinion, and I’m not overly interested in the opinions of those who wish to conflate immigration with race.

I’m also not overly interested in those who genuinely believe that the housing of such an enormously concentrated number of foreign nationals together in the same locality is a mere coincidence. The Government tried it with asylum-seekers first, placing groups of the same nationality together in places as bizarre as darkest Glasgow (but naturally without checking on the possibility of ethnic tensions between nationals from the same country – messy…), and then began to seed cohesive groups of foreign nationals in London in particular. And so now we have areas of the East End that not only have public services provision and wages in low-skilled industries plummeting because of the influx with a corresponding ‘fuelling of the tensions’ – Barking and the BNP, remember? – but actual small Balkanised communities of closed national groups – Georgians, Kosovars, Somalians, Ethiopians, all deliberately placed together to ensure as little assimilation as possible.

And now we have Slovaks in Medway, Poles in Slough – the new crop of EU nationals being dispersed into suburban communities in the same concentrated groups to create still more inroads into our own national cohesiveness. Read what the article says – two groups standing opposite each other in the playground with nothing to say to each other at all. Is it any wonder the children are imitating the parents with fighting and insults – the kids are just saying what they know their parents are thinking, and are undoubtedly saying in private.

This is Balkanised Britain 2007. Welcome to the beginning of the end. 


By ATWadmin On September 27th, 2007 at 2:31 pm

I see the pampered poodles in the NI Civil Service have sickness absence that cost £25.6m during the last financial year. Workers in the Department for Social Development took nearly four working weeks off sick, nice non-work if you can get it, eh?  The high level of absence was mainly due to 12.3% of staff off on long-term sickness – more than 20 consecutive working days! The sickness rate was highest among staff at administrative officer level – 18.9 days – with female officers at this grade accruing 22 sick days.

"Taking a sickie" is institutionalised within the public sector here in Northern Ireland. Why do they do it? Because they can and because they know that their political masters will make noises but do nothing. If people are genuinely ill then obviously one would seek to support them until they can get better but it is obvious that a very significant number of public sector workers are choosing to use the excuse of sickness to take extra time off work. They are lazy and corrupted and should be sacked.  

Over Here – The Choir Next Time

By ATWadmin On September 27th, 2007 at 1:22 pm

We have an expression over here in the United States About preaching to the choir.  Essentially the phrase is invoked when someone is advocating a course of action to a group that is already convinced.  That is my theme for the main Republican candidates – Rudy G, Fred Thompson, Mitt Romeny and John McCain.  You can forget the other poll-challenged vanity candidates, they have the same level of support as a guy on a streetcorner with a monkey and an accordian (interesting perhaps, but not presidential material).

As part of my series on the American election process, I thought I’d turn to the Republicans this week.  There is an adage that Republicans win by dividing the country and Democrats by uniting it.  I am not sure that is 100% true, but it is characteristic of the Republican primary campaign thus far.  The four main contenders seem to be in a race to out conservative each other when their credentials are not necessarily conservative.  They are preaching to a conservative base that seems to agree with the pandering, but doesn’t seem inspired by the panderers.  Even Thompson, the most bona fide conservative, falls flat in the inspiration department without the scriptwriters he apparently has come to rely on from his acting career. 

The question for the Republican candidates, if one of them wants to actually win the general election, is what steps they will take to convince the country they are able to do more than preach to the choir.   What do they offer the nation as a whole?  At this point, they seem unwilling or unable to articulate anything beyond paeans to the party platform.  Will one will emerge as an electable candidate?  The nation needs a capable leader, and I am more than willing to accept such a leader from either party.  But in looking this week at the four Republican frontrunners, is there candidate among them who really inspires anyone?  Not yet.

Talk amongst yourselves.  

When Did The Police Become Loyal To Politicians?

By ATWadmin On September 27th, 2007 at 12:20 pm


Seen on Bournemouth beach, just below where the Labour Party conference is taking place. Until, that is, Her Majesty’s constabulary decided to exercise the horses, right across the slogan ………..











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