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The Carnival Is Over

By ATWadmin On August 29th, 2007 at 8:23 pm

Another August Bank Holiday has passed, which must mean another episode of media coverage of London’s Notting Hill Carnival is under way.  I’ve never been to this spectacle, nor would I wish to go.  To see the horror of the sheer scale of alien immigration in modern London encapsulated in a few streets is not something that gladdens my heart.  If people want to throw themselves into a pit of liberal-loving ethnic abandon, so be it.  I prefer parades pledging loyalty to this country, not to everywhere BUT this country.

Contrasts in media exposure of the Notting Hill Carnival and the Orange parades in Ulster during the Twelfth always amuses me.  One is a display of black culture; the other of Protestant culture.  One is a mass street parade; the other is a mass street parade.  One has seen its fair share of violence perpetrated by unwelcome minorities; the other has seen its fair share of violence perpetrated by unwelcome minorities – be they ‘friend’ or enemy.  In essence there is little difference between the two in terms of how they symbolise cultural expression.

However, whilst the media loves to regard Notting Hill as a positive symbol of multi-ethnic urban Britain, it also likes to portray the devotion and loyalty of Protestant Orangemen as some nihilistic evocation of another era.  Media coverage paraphrases Napoleon Pig: black expression good; Orange expression bad.  There is always something subliminally condescending about the metropolitan media and their stance towards the Twelfth – an event which attracts a greater proportion of spectators in ratio to the overall population of Northern Ireland than Notting Hill does of London.  It says something about the priorities of our liberal rulers and opinion formers when they can see something pledging fealty to this country as inferior to something else pledging cultural fealty to anything except this country.

Today’s Chinese Proverb – 29.08.07

By ATWadmin On August 29th, 2007 at 8:21 pm

‘He that has committed no crime by day, fears not a knock at the door by night.’


ATW Contest. Oh yes I am; I’m h.a.p.p.y!

By ATWadmin On August 29th, 2007 at 6:28 pm

As we are to host the Olympic debacle in only five odd years time, I thought I’d check up on the medals won at the World Championships in Japan and we, Great Britain strangely enough, have won three medals, one each of gold, silver and bronze. This is only just over half way through the event, so the Brit. hopefuls are all facing to their favourite compass point or graven image and praying for either help, or rain, or something. The one black female athlete who apparently can run fast is trying to get her own Olympic ban (Drugs apparently) overturned so she can show off in Beijing, which gives some idea of the standards of the rest!

Now readers may well remember that, as a rule, my knowledge and interest in ALL sports and sporting events is absolutely nil, mainly because I frankly don’t see the point! However, lots do so I thought I’d just pose a few queries, and institute another small ATW contest.

Does anyone visiting these blog pages believe that the enormous boon-doggle which is the whole Olympic schemozzle is going to benefit ANYONE apart from construction companies with good lawyers, when the people who are in charge of the Brits. in Osaka stated that they would be happy to end up with fourteen high finishers, and three medals?

Would anyone attempt to explain why the British taxpayer, the Lottery funds raided once again by thieving Labour politicians and the even longer-suffering London council taxpayers should fund these truly silly events?

Why do Brits. valiantly go forth to get wiped off the very athletic map by State-funded automatons from Russia and China, never mind the enormous money available to Americans? It just doesn’t make sense!

So, to the contest.

Readers have to work out and deliver the sentence, given at the closing of the 2012 Olympics, where Britain has come last in the medals, which tries to place the best gloss on the disaster which preceded the closing ceremony.

Entries close Monday Eight a.m. 



By ATWadmin On August 29th, 2007 at 3:33 pm

rudy.bmpYou know that I advocate Rudy Giuliana as the best candidate to become President of the United States. Now of course I know he is suspect on some issues, but he does show exceptional bravery in saying that which the others hold back from. Today I note that he has bucked the party line of successive US administrations and come out "against the establishment of a Palestinian State." He "warned against the push by President George Bush and Israeli Prime Minister Ehud Olmert to establish a state in Judea & Samaria ruled by Fatah."

These comments by Giuliani were made in the September/October issue of the journal "Foreign Affairs." Giuliani also said that "it is not in the interests of the United States at a time when it is being threatened by Islamist terrorists, to assist in the creation of another state that will support terrorism." Giuliani said Palestinians must show "a clear commitment to fighting terrorism, and willingness to live in peace with Israel." He argued that the problem for Palestinians was not a "lack of statehood" but good governance and that too much emphasis had been placed on Israeli-Palestinian talks which just brought up the same issues "again and again."

Amen to that. Please don’t give those people a State until they learn to behave like civilised human beings. The Hamas death cult needs punished – not rewarded. Rudy can’t fail!


By ATWadmin On August 29th, 2007 at 3:25 pm

uda3.jpgWhen the law becomes corrupted, nothing good can come of it. Take this example. A man accused of being a loyalist terrorist and who has been receiving legal aid has had his bail conditions altered so he can go on a week-long Caribbean holiday. Gary ‘Jock’ McKenzie, 25, faces UDA membership charges resulting from a dress rehearsal for a paramilitary show of strength last year in north Belfast. He and a number of others, among them Ihab Shourki, were arrested during a police raid at the Alexandra Bar. A Crown barrister said on he had no objection to McKenzie going on holiday on 3 September.

Pathetic. The suspected UDA terrorist gets to soak up the sun, and soak up legal aid, and laughs at our system of "so-called" justice. The Barrister concerned should be ashamed of himself for not having any objections to McKenzie jetting off to the Caribbean.  If nothing else, just think of those toxic emissions. 


By ATWadmin On August 29th, 2007 at 9:59 am

Steven Plaut brought this story to my attention and it truly is horrific, though it rings a bell for those of us who have lived through the Northern Ireland "peace process." Get this;

"On December 8, 1983, a child named Dani Katz walked to the street outside his parent’s home in the Dania neighborhood of Haifa. He was 14. His parents were Holocaust survivors. Outside the home, he was kidnapped by a group of Arabs from the Israeli Galilee town of Sakhnin who held jobs in the Dania neighborhood. They took him to a cave near Sakhnin. There they tortured him in the most brutal and horrific way imaginable. They eventually murdered him. After murdering him they sodomized the corpse. They then left him there to rot."

Police unraveled the crime and arrested the five murderers, who confessed and re-enacted the crimes. They were tried in Haifa in 1985 and sentenced to life in prison plus 27 years (this to prevent their being released in case of bleeding heart shortening of sentence due to good behavior.) 

In 1982 a female soldier named Dafna Carmon was raped and murdered outside her home Two of the murderers of Dani Katz were also convicted of murdering her. Some Arab Knesset members had been lobbying for the release of the murderers. The "appeals commission" of the Justice Ministry recently recommended that the five murderers have their sentences "shortened." 

So, guess what?  Yes, Uberliberal and much loved by the MSM peace processor Shimon Peres as President has made it official, which means that they will be released from prison within the next few days. This is what happens in a peace process – all morality is corrupted and the guilty walk free. Peres is a national disgrace and lauded all the more because of it by those who relish the sight of murderers walking free from justice. The families of young Dani Katz and Dafna Carmon can just suffer a little more.


By ATWadmin On August 29th, 2007 at 9:33 am

When Princess Diana was tragically killed in a car crash back in 1997, Britain seemed to undergo some sort of collective emotional breakdown, with people who had never know her weeping and wailing in the streets. The scenes that accompanied her funeral were without parallel as she was treated as if she had been a goddess. “Dianafication” is one word that describes this somewhat mawkish and disproportionate response to the death of another person. Since then, it has become a feature of life in modern Britain.

Last night saw another instance of dianafication at the football match played between Liverpool and Toulouse at Anfield. The family of murdered schoolboy Rhys Jones were present, as they had been present at the Everton football match a few days earlier. There was the unparalleled playing of the Everton anthem at the Liverpool ground and the crowd all stood and applauded in memory of Rhys. This was reported as a show of “solidarity” with the family by Liverpudlians. But hang on – it was also  Liverpudlian who killed the boy and its Liverpudlians who have been reluctant to share any information they may have with the Police. I also wonder why the family attends football matches days after their son, a fervent soccer fan, is murdered? I do not wish to seem harsh, or uncaring, and lord knows the agonies this family must be going through but I just wonder about these mass shows of emotion, good for viewing figures and much lived by the msm, but are they of any value to the bereaved? I suppose if it brings comfort to the family than it is fair enough but I feel that this trend to present mass shows of grief is a substitute for a nation which has turned its back on religion and worships instead at the shrine of popular culture. Football stadiums have become the new Cathedrals in this land, packed on a Sunday whilst the Churches stand empty. But when death calls, is a football stadium a place of comfort?    


By ATWadmin On August 29th, 2007 at 9:17 am

AmyBruises.jpgDid anyone else follow the row that is surrounding singer and drug addict Amy Winehouse?

Yesterday her in-laws urged her fans to boycott her records and stop playing her music in an attempt to stop the singer and her husband from killing themselves with drugs. Giles and Georgette Civil said a boycott would pile pressure on her record company to get the couple help for their drug abuse. They also urged the record industry not to give her awards because it would “condone her addiction”.

Their plea has deepened a rift with Miss Winehouse’s family, with her father Mitch speaking out for the first time yesterday to accuse the Civils of “clutching at straws”. He said the Civils had failed to attend meetings with psychiatrists and doctors treating their children. This month Miss Winehouse was admitted to hospital after taking an overdose of heroin and ketamine.

Ms Winehouse and her boyfriend are heroin addicts but that seems quite fashionable in the music industry. Indeed I wonder how many of our rock and pop elite do not consume illegal drugs? My view is that they are responsible for their own health and if they end up killing themselves, then that is sad but unavoidable. The vast amounts of money combined with an uberliberal lifestyle does create a terrible environment but no one forces these people to become music stars. I wonder is Amy on her way to becoming one more celebrity corpse – a sacrifice to the immoral music industry? 


By ATWadmin On August 29th, 2007 at 9:01 am

ming2.jpgI see that Liberal-Democrat Leader Ming Campbell believes that British forces must now leave Iraq as they cannot achieve any form of victory. Of course Ming also believed that British forces should never have entered Iraq in the first place, and throughout their time in Iraq he has consistently advocated their withdrawal. So it seems to me that the Lib-Dem’s are quite clearly the political party that sells surrender as their foreign policy. And they are no different from other left wing parties around the western world who all strongly believe that there is nothing worth fighting for unless the UN decides otherwise. Of course the UN is happy to ignore genocide (See under Rwanda and Darfur) so fighting against Islamic terror is not going to feature very high up its list of priorities, especially when there is the war on climate change to fight.

The Lib-Dem’s are a morally bankrupt lot, and Ming the Merciless is just one tired old joke, but I think that the surrender policies they advocate pick up a resonance amongst the media elite which is why when he makes these kinds of statements he is treated as if he were in power rather than chirping from the back-benches. These days it is unfashionable to support the war on Islamic terror – so people close their eyes and wish it will all go away. It won’t. We’re in a war and I want us to win comprehensively. Ming Campbell accepts defeat and tries to then turn this into political virtue.


By ATWadmin On August 29th, 2007 at 8:04 am

brownmandela203cr_getty.jpgWell, the media and the political left may be dancing in delight that a statue of Nelson Mandela is being unveiled in Parliament Square today but I am singularly unimpressed at this tribute to the Marxist-loving former terrorist Mandela. Naturally Gordon Brown has jumped on the bandwagon, portraying himself as a long standing friend of Mandela. If South Africa wants to erect a statue of Mandela on every corner, fine. But I fail to understand why the United Kingdom goes out of its way to honour this ancient thug. If ever a statue SHOULD go up in Parliament Square, I would nominate Ronald Reagan. Wonder would Gordon Brown be so keen on THAT?