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By ATWadmin On September 8th, 2007 at 8:41 pm

I was sorry to hear about a second young boy dying while playing sport in County Tyrone. The latest death came as another child Patrick Breen, 10, was being buried in Drumquin.  It was the fourth death in similar circumstances this week, two in Tyrone and two in County Westmeath.  Patrick Devlin, 13, from Ardboe, collapsed during a Gaelic football training session on Saturday morning. A defibrillator was used at the scene to try to revive him but he was later declared dead at Craigavon Hospital.

It’s so tragic when these things happen and one can only imagine the shock and anguish of the parents and team mates. I’m not a fan of GAA but I am friendly with those who are and I recall being told about a similar tale, this time it was a fit 20 year old who collapsed and dies, to the horror of all involved.


By ATWadmin On September 8th, 2007 at 7:37 pm

Well, here’s a tune to make the British heart swell with pride and it sure puts the great back into Britain. This is from last year’s Last Night of the Proms – as I write this, the 2007 Prom is climaxing so hope you enjoy…!

the germans had a word for it!

By ATWadmin On September 8th, 2007 at 11:22 am

In an item taken up by seemingly only one newspaper yesterday, the Swiss are accused of Nazi tactics in the framing of new laws regarding the families of immigrants who commit crimes. Seems as if the Swiss are getting just a little bit ‘pissed off’ at the increase in recorded crime which can be directly correlated with the rise in the Muslim and other immigrant population; and the Swiss People’s Party (the Schweizerische Volkspartei or SVP) has decided to push for a Swiss variant of the type of law in Hitler’s Germany which was named ‘SIPPENHAFT’ OR ‘Kin Liability’; meaning that the relatives and family of the criminal are judged to be equally guilty, and so punished accordingly.


Now I am all for any country, and especially one as free as Switzerland is, to frame their own laws to their own tastes and desires, and since I am all for this type of legislation which would clear some, but unfortunately only some, of the scum off the streets and cities of my own country, I applaud this move by the Swiss People’s Party.


But even if I didn’t really like the whole idea, or the movement behind this proposed new law, i would applaud it anyway! Why? Simple; because it has been denounced by the United Nations’ Doudou Diene as ‘racist’. Magic, the stamp of a truly popular law is to have it denounced by the most racist and divisive organisation this world has ever seen or known!


By ATWadmin On September 8th, 2007 at 9:00 am

Hillary Clinton, Barack Hussein Obama, Osama Bin Laden….. eh?

I was reflecting on Bin Laden’s latest video release and thinking about his key points which reduce to;

1. Democrats were voted in to end the war so they need to get on with this.

2. We need to fight global warming right now, it’s a real and present danger.

3. We need a change in taxation.

How different is that from what Clinton and Obama want? So, will it be OBL for ’08?

Cameron Uses The ‘C’ Word

By ATWadmin On September 8th, 2007 at 8:48 am

TALK ABOUT desperation – Cameron’s claiming to be a conservative! He’ll do anything for a vote. The man’s shameless. What’s more, he’s even summoned up the courage to stick it to No-Mandate Brown:

But I cannot wait to explain why I am so keen to kick out this failing Labour Government. On its watch, our society has broken down, violent crime has doubled, our economy has become burdened with debt, our Armed Forces have been taken for granted and our public services have – at best – failed to improve in line with the increased amounts of money that have been spent on them. What’s more, we have a Government that now wants to change for ever the way this country is governed without asking the people of Britain first in the referendum they were promised.

Yes, yes, yes, yes and yes. But it’s all standard stuff and the same accusations can fairly be made at the last few Tory governments, even more so when it comes to giving our sovereignty to foreigners. He does, though, go on to tell us what he’s made of, just why he’s a conservative. And that’s where he drops the ball:

I am a Conservative because I believe that those values lead inexorably to a political agenda whose central mission is to give people more power and control over their lives

Oh dear. A small point it may be, but it’s fundamental. Government doesn’t have ‘power’ to dispense as it sees fit. The freedom to live our lives as we see fit is ours, the best that government can do is keep out of our way. In Cameron’s mind, ‘power’ naturally resides in government. No genuine conservative thinks that way. He goes on:

Freedom is our mission now, as it always has been. But it is not a mission at all, simply an exercise in nostalgia, unless we apply it to the reality of people’s lives today.

Top-level, turbo-charged nonsense. ‘Freedom is our mission’ is good enough. Leave it at that, you silly man. Plainly, it’s just a bit of nostalgia in the eyes of Cameron, something to look back upon wistfully. As well as ‘power’, it’s still the job of government, he believes, to dispense our freedoms as government sees fit. That’s why he’s no conservative and never will be. I believe that Cameron’s destiny is to leave politics soon and become just a nasty footnote in Conservative Party history. That leaving will happen because his party will lose the next general election. Maybe it will be so low it will split. If so, THAT will be something for which all conservatives ought to be thankful.


By ATWadmin On September 8th, 2007 at 8:38 am

PaisleyMcGuinEPA_468x278.jpgGood. Pleased to see that Dr Ian Paisley will step down from the position of Moderator of the Free Presbyterian Church in January after the meeting of the Presbytery last night. No matter how this one is spun by the pro-Paisley media, this is a defeat for him and his rotten apostasy and I will be very happy to see the back of him. The Church still has major questions to answer though because as I understand it, Paisley will still be a Minister within it, and that is wrong. He shares political power with an IRA terrorist and that places him utterly beyond the pale. And any who support him are in the same position. I am encouraged by this decision and perhaps those who visit here but are knowledgable about FPC matters might share their take on the imminent departure of The Doctor.

then………………….and now!

By ATWadmin On September 8th, 2007 at 8:02 am

Remember this, or indeed this in 2001? If you live in Great Britain & Northern Ireland, this outbreak cost you, as a collective tax-payer, some £8 billion pounds in compensation, lost earnings, damage to the national herds and loss of export markets. The farmer who was responsible for the outbreak of foot and mouth disease in Britain last year has been banned from keeping farm animals for 15 years. The court ordered that 56-year-old Robert Waugh be electronically tagged and that an overnight curfew be kept on his home for three months. He was also ordered to pay £10,000 of prosecution costs.

Fast forward to 2007, and those headlines splash all over once again. But fortunately, the whole area is shut down, the farm animals culled, disinfectant thrown over half a county and the disease is stopped in it’s tracks. But wait! What is that notice we see at the entrance to this quiet set of buildings? Yep, it’s the combined site of two bio-chemical laboratories, one private- but one government-run. So not unnaturally, the investigators from the much-maligned Health & Safety Executive go in, and lo-and-behold, they discover that this place is the epicentre of the whole outbreak! The one site whose employees and owners know, or are supposed to know more about bio-hazards and disease than anyone else, is the source of the disease which last rampaged through Britain only six years ago! The prime item is that an iron drainage pipe which carries material to a clarification and cleansing site was damaged, and the resultant bacteria got on to wheeled vehicles, down the road and on to the farms and into the animals!

So everyone associated with the causes of this outbreak will be prosecuted or fired? Not if our good friend and general Parliamentary clown Hilary Benn, who drooled on about how much money had been invested, and how wonderful were our scientists were, and “we must ensure that this never happens again!”

Not, you will note, being furious at the fact that the pipe damage was known about for years, and the two organisations couldn’t agree as to who paid for the repair! No one will get fired! No-one will be crapped all over, some clown MAY be re-trained! Like it?


That’s TODAY’S Britain, where absolutely nobody accepts responsibility for anything!



By ATWadmin On September 7th, 2007 at 9:43 pm

Here’s a rather amusing little number…. and a wonderful pay-off line!


By ATWadmin On September 7th, 2007 at 7:34 pm

Now here is a truly sublime female voice, wonderful, warm, hope you like this…she was a sad loss so young.


By ATWadmin On September 7th, 2007 at 5:25 pm

madeleine_pa203b.jpgNow I am choosing my words with great care here but I note that Portuguese police believe that the mother of missing four-year-old Madeleine McCann accidentally killed her daughter, a family spokesman has said. Another family representative said officers believed that traces of Madeleine’s blood were in the McCanns’ car, hired 25 days after she vanished. 

Kate McCann underwent a second day of questioning by police on Friday and has been named a suspect, or "arguida". Police have officially only confirmed they have "one more" suspect. Mrs McCann’s husband Gerry is currently being questioned by police in Portimao.

Now clearly this is a stunning development but ATW readers may recall that there was some comment by several ATW writers at the time noting how "odd" this episode has been. It’s still odd. Mrs McCann has not been charged let alone convicted  and it all seems so very very strange but IF there is any truth in what the Police are supposed to be saying, then the "Find Madeleine" story has been on the greatest media assisted hoaxes ever perpetrated. I cannot believe Mrs McCann could be guilty of killing her own daughter but we must all hope that closure is brought to this strangest of cases and that the truth is revealed for all to see. Sadly, my instinct is we will not find Madeleine alive and that is so sad if it proves correct. Ultimately a little girl has vanished and the Police must establish what did happen that fateful evening.