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By ATWadmin On May 5th, 2009 at 7:18 pm

It’s a cracking image.

Here we have the moment when John Prescott – the former Deputy Prime Minister of the United Kingdom under Tony Blair, impersonated current PM Gordon Brown. As Prezza eloquently puts it ..

“I have workd with Gordon Brown for an awfully long time,” he said. “He must have the worst bloody smile in the world, but the man has got the ability and intellect to get on with the job.”

With friends like this….


Whose priorities were they serving?

By ATWadmin On May 5th, 2009 at 6:01 pm

I was reading of the trail of errors made by the team of professionals presumed to be looking after Benjamin Holiday, 25, a paranoid schizophrenic, in the days and weeks before he killed Tina Stevenson, the expectant mother of twins, in Hull.

Two months before Miss Stevenson was killed, Holiday was taken into a secure psychiatric unit for assessment.

Holiday was able to dictate his own levels of treatment once released from secure care.

After the case, his mother Christine blamed the incident on the Humber Mental Health Teaching NHS Trust, saying he had not received the correct care and medication.

I believe I can play at least a little light on the shortcomings of the Humber Mental Health Trust from close contacts with other mental health professionals.

  • The last thing they want to do is ‘Section’ someone because it might take up one of their precious ‘Beds’!
  • The thing uppermost in their minds is the simple question, ‘what about the cost, who is going to take responsibility for the treatment?
  • Their ‘bureaucratic and haphazard approach’ to patients results largely from the severe understaffing of most mental health hospitals and teams. Mental Health isn’t ‘sexy’, there are few ‘breakthoughs’ worthy of a two-minute spot on the Today programme.
  • If a decision is made to let a patient out of a secure unit, despite worries from either family or other professionals, that decision is usually cast in stone, because the ‘Bed’ is also supreme in terms of being ‘Empty’!
  • If a patient is taken ill in another area, the last thing the new area’s Trust wants to do is take any responsibility whatsoever for hospitality, treatment or transport.
  • The Government has tried twice in the space of four or five years to push through revisions to Mental Health Law, and failed each time because the changes would not pass scrutiny!

The trust also apologised after being criticised over the care of a mentally-ill man who killed his elderly mother in 2003. Michael Torrie, then aged 43, cut his 82-year-old mother Ivy’s throat at their home in Pocklington, East Yorkshire, after a “rapid reduction” in his medication, the report said.

Marjorie Wallace, chief executive of the mental health charity Sane, said Torrie was “extremely ill” and “probably not in control of what he was doing”.

I bet the families of both Mr. Torrie and Miss Stevenson really, really appreciate those apologies! Just as the wife of Jonathan Zito, stabbed in the eye by Chritopher Clunis whilst released from a hospital in ‘Community Care’, appreciated the apologies made after her husbands death!



The Other List

By ATWadmin On May 5th, 2009 at 5:33 pm

The names of some of the people hopefully to be barred from speaking in entering the UK for fostering extremism or hatred have been published for the first time.

Rt Hon Gordon Brown MP

Rt Hon Alistair Darling MP

Rt Hon David Miliband MP

Rt Hon Jack Straw MP

Rt Hon Jacqui Smith MP

Rt Hon Alan Johnson MP

Rt Hon Lord Mandelson

Rt Hon Hilary Benn MP

Rt Hon Douglas Alexander MP

Rt Hon John Hutton MP

Rt Hon Harriet Harman QC MP

Rt Hon Hazel Blears MP

Rt Hon Geoff Hoon MP

Rt Hon Ed Balls MP

Rt Hon Edward Miliband MP

Rt Hon James Purnell MP

Rt Hon Shaun Woodward MP *

Rt Hon Baroness Royall of Blaisdon

Rt Hon Andy Burnham MP

Rt Hon John Denham MP

Rt Hon Yvette Cooper MP

Rt Hon Paul Murphy MP

Rt Hon Jim Murphy MP

Rt Hon Nicholas Brown MP


Rt Hon Liam Byrne MP

Rt Hon Margaret Beckett MP

Rt Hon Tony McNulty MP

Rt Hon Lord Malloch-Brown KCMG

Rt Hon Lord Drayson

Rt Hon Tessa Jowell MP

Rt Hon Baroness Scotland of Asthal QC

Rt Hon Caroline Flint MP

Rt Hon Beverley Hughes MP


By ATWadmin On May 5th, 2009 at 5:29 pm

A little while ago, I appeared on a local TV programme to contribute to a debate on AGW. I pointed out that it was so much hot air and that the scare-mongering of the alarmist tendency was without scientific foundation. One of those who struggled to answer my points was Patsy McGlone – an SDLP politician. As you can see, he is quite the dapper chap. His responses were were entertainingly hopeless apart from his pious assertion that he “should” probably drive a smaller car – that was amusingly crass.


Anyway, Patsy is quite the important man. I read he is the chairman of what is termed “a powerful Northern Ireland Assembly Committee” (Just “powerful,” why not “all-powerful”?) which has launched an “inquiry” into climate change. Hooray!

Patsy claims he has invited a wide spectrum of people and organisations to come along and talk to this ever so powerful committee. I am devastated to see Patsy did not invite me . I am sure the usual AGW fronts will parade in to be listened to by all those finely tuned political minds – dissent is not required.


By ATWadmin On May 5th, 2009 at 5:18 pm

Here, in the bright sunny uplands of peace process land, these statistics are interesting.

One in Four CONVICTED armed burglars gets away without a custodial sentence.

50% of all burglary CONVICTIONS do not result in ANY prison sentence.

Remarkably, in 2006, THREE armed burglaries with GBH did not result in a custodial sentence.

The Lord Chief Justice of Northern Ireland, Sir Brian Kerr, hasmoved to reject claims that sentencing in Northern Ireland was too lenient.

He should resign. Justice is a farce here – and the burglars know it even if the judiciary don’t.



By ATWadmin On May 5th, 2009 at 5:02 pm

“You can cry for her, die for her, lay down your life for her…..kiss and wave goodbye to her…anything at all.”

Michael Savage Banned in Britain

By ATWadmin On May 5th, 2009 at 4:42 pm

 Michael Savage, radio talk show host out of San Francisco, is hard to describe.

He’s ” conservative ” but he loathes the Republican Party. He is an enemy of Rush Limbaugh and half the staff at Fox News. He is in fact a non-person at Fox News, where they rarely if ever mention him when ” talk radio ” is discussed , despite Savage’s large, national, audience. They have their favorites, and Savage is not one of them.

Savage is an insane genius. He lived in Fiji and the South Pacific for a time, studying plants. He used to work for Timothy Leary.

Between rants on politics, he is equally likely to speak for a half hour about his dog, herbal medicine, or the pleasures of taking his boat out on the San Francisco Bay.

He has spoken at length over the years about the perils of illegal immigration, the ” gay movement ” and Islamic terrorism. He has many, many enemies. Apparently, he has enemies in Britain, also.

Talk radio host Michael Savage is considering legal action against Britain’s top homeland security official after she released today a list grouping him with terrorists and neo-Nazi murderers banned from entry because the government believes their views might provoke violence. More here

Is this consistent with Britain’s ancient traditions of free speech? You tell me.

His work may be sampled here You’ll never hear him on any European radio station, that’s for sure.

Goodbye Sam, Goodbye Samantha?

By ATWadmin On May 5th, 2009 at 4:37 pm

I visited Singapore as a young teenager in the mid-1980s.  After passport control we (my parents and I) ventured into the carousel hall  at Changi Airport to collect the family baggage.  Above each carousel was a disturbing image of a person suspended from a hangman’s noose with a bag over his head.  The caption below the individual read, ‘This is what will happen to you if caught if attempting to smuggle or sell illegal drugs.’  Whether or not such a stark image survives in these more emotionally feeble times remains to be seen (I haven’t had the chance to go back to Singapore), but it wouldn’t surprise me if it has.  Singapore, like almost every other country on the Malay and Indochinese peninsulas (the notable exception, for obvious reasons, being Cambodia), has a zero tolerance/capital punishment policy towards the trafficking and distribution of illegal narcotics.  Anyone traveller who is not aware of this in today’s media and technological age is either very stupid or just very, very stupid!!

So what are we to make of the apparent leniency promised by the Loatian authorities towards Samantha Orabator, the young British woman caught with a pound and a half of heroin at the country’s principal airport, last October.  In a clever play on words, they have said they would not ‘sentence a pregnant woman to death’.  There is nothing there which precludes them from delaying the trial till after the child is born and then sentencing her for execution.  I’m sorry, but I have no sympathy whatsoever for this woman.  Aside from the fact that smuggling heroin across international borders is evil in itself, she is bound to have been made aware of Laotian attitudes towards heroin and the like.  Why should there be any exceptions to their laws?

A line from the excellent 1998 movie ‘Return to Paradise’ sums up my attitude towards this matter.  As the Malaysian judge sentences Joaquin Phoenix’s character to the gallows he says, ‘You people in the West don’t understand out attitude towards drugs.  But WE don’t understand yours! Your cities are decaying and the souls of your young people are taken from you.  To you our laws may seem harsh, but our streets are safe.’  So who are we, we people of the West, to travel to other countries, blatantly disrespect their laws and customs, and then expect mercy from them ,and plea-bargaining from our own governments who have long since given up any pretence of enacting harsh laws in their own jurisdictions?



So is it Two for the Price of One on this Plane?

By ATWadmin On May 5th, 2009 at 1:12 pm


After I posted this on my own site, I decided to write my M.P. to protest, and I append the letter and subsequent replies here for your information.


So that’s all right then?


By ATWadmin On May 5th, 2009 at 10:54 am

Well now, just to say how pleased I am that things have bedded down oso well on the new look ATW. The new design seems to have met with near universal approval and the moderation of comments has repelled the invasive trolls. I will shortly be moving to a position when I can approve comments on a much more regular basis so freeing debate up further. The good thing is that traffic levels are  undaunted and that we are seeing new people coming over here, which is great. Thanks to EVERYONE who supports the site and I am certain that ATW is a better place today than it was  before we had to clean out the stable! Now, where DID I leave that pitch-fork?