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please can we have our ball back?

By ATWadmin On March 27th, 2009 at 9:25 am

Some time back, I wrote to my M.P. on the subject of Nuclear Power safety and the Regulatory Structure within the United Kingdom for the checks and safety precautions at present ruling the operation of our power stations.

I was sent the usual anodyne reply from both my M.P. and the Minister concerned, to the effect that whilst the regulators oversee the whole industry, the actual checks on safety procedures were to a great extent within the purview of the Stations and Companies themselves. Now I presume most readers know of the basic structures of ‘Quality Assurance’ techniques which rely on a possibly large number of check sheets which have to be completed at the time of any assessment, check or trial; visual checks I must stress, without opening any item up or actual operation activity, somewhat similar to those for any other major industry.

My concern is that, in order to ensure that safety interlocks work, or safety procedures actually mesh together, the steam generation must of necessity be stopped in mid-flow, the reactor must SCRAM, the cooling system must go onto emergency operation, along with a host of other activities which are in place to protect the workers, the plant, but most importantly the population around the station. To the best of my knowledge, whilst lots of individual checks, and checklists have been completed; a total Emergency Closure has not been accomplished at any of our Nuclear Plants for over ten years. 

To that extent, we are in the same state as the Chinese, who are also still looking for their ball!



By ATWadmin On March 27th, 2009 at 8:43 am

I see that Gordon Brown – the man who abolished boom and bust, the man who has single handedly saved the world (according to himself), is now out to “reform” our Monarchy.

It’s all bread and circuses, of course, backed up by ….gasp…a BBC poll which shows people are wildlyin favour of changing the fundamentals of our Monarcy. Who would have guessed that one then? I’ll be on the BBC Nolan Show after 9.30am to discuss this. I am a staunch supporter of our existing constitutional monarchy which has lasted longer than most countries have existed and I see no reason for any change.


tea-leaves and sympathy

By ATWadmin On March 26th, 2009 at 6:06 pm

We can now reveal, exclusively on ATW, how this Labour Government is actually laying concrete plans to get the economy moving again, reduce the National Debt, solve the ‘Credit Crunch’ as well as the ‘Global Recession’. You may well ask how, but really it’s quite simple, they’re going to log on to a site which is a cousin to this one, because of course both are Government-funded, and they just know that all shall be revealed!

Deserving Immigrants

By ATWadmin On March 26th, 2009 at 5:21 pm

People familiar with this site will know I am not against the principle of immigration, it’s just that I’d like to see considerably less of it.  Furthermore, I only want to see immigration comprised of people who are keen to integrate, develop a patriotic streak and work hard.  When you think of the rubbish that’s been allowed to settle, breed and sprout in this country over the last few years, you would be forgiven for thinking that this government’s open-door ‘let ’em in’ policy extended to those who have shown the supreme quality of patriotism: the desire to fight for this country.  Not a bit of it.  If you’re a niqab-wearing Muslim wanting to expand your pestilential, trouble-making presence in the UK, New Labour can’t get enough.  If you’re an African migrant capable of only two speeds of movement – slow and very slow – a similar warm-hearted government greeting awaits you.  My particular line of work is inundated with Africans who have been permitted to remain here.  For what purpose?  If the black slaves were anything like as indolent, the poor slave masters must have worn out £100 of whips trying to get them out of their hammocks of a morning!!

In stark contrast, for the most patriotic incomers of them all, conditions pockmarked with caveats have hitherto been the order of the day.  Now, thanks to the sterling work of thousands of people around the UK, this despicable, dying fag-end of a government has relented and given Gurkha veterans the right to live in Britain.  Under previous rules Gurkhas who retired from military service before 1997 were not automatically granted settlement rights in the United Kingdom.  Can you imagine how hurtful the ruling must have been to soldiers who have laid their lives on the line for this country?  To be denied the ‘privilege’ of living in a country otherwise welcoming to some of the worst examples of human detritus.  Shameful in the extreme.

I personally believe immigration laws should be changed to allow anyone from any country who has fought in HM Armed Forces to be given an automatic right to live in the UK should they wish to do so.  Some on here may think I’m being too generous.  However, the story of immigration to this country over the recent decades has been overly concerned with people who want to take out far more than they wish to contribute to the British nation.  We need far more immigrants of Gurkha quality and far, far fewer of other, less-deserving types.


By ATWadmin On March 26th, 2009 at 4:12 pm

It’s really pathetic to see the British Government grovelling to accommodate the claims of captured Jihadi and Ethiopian illegal immigrant Binyam Mohamed that an MI5 Officer was involved in “torturing” him.

I would much prefer that the British Government investigated US Government assertions that Mr Mohamed is a dangerous Islamic terrorist, hence his detention at Gitmo. But this lousy government of spineless wonders refuses to stand up and face down the Aal Queda propagandists. instead it turns on its own people. What a disgrace they are.


By ATWadmin On March 26th, 2009 at 3:59 pm

Here’s an interesting one for you;

“Psychiatrists and therapists are trying to help lesbian or gay patients become heterosexual, according to research published today. This is despite a lack of evidence that such treatments can be beneficial or safe, the study in the journal BMC Psychiatry said. The research found that one in six of the 1,400 mental health professionals surveyed reported having helped at least one patient curtail their gay, lesbian or bisexual feelings. One in 25 psychiatrists or therapists said they would try to treat someone who was having such emotions if asked today.”

So, is being gay an illness that needs to be treated? If it is not an illness, why do some gay people seek out psychiatrist help as if they were unwell, or deeply troubled?What is wrong with professional trying to help gays become straight, for that matter, if THAT is the wish of the patient?

Personally, I do not see homosexuality as an illness, though I guess I can understand the conflicts that it must cause in some people that makes them want to seek professional help. Is it a choice or is it just something one is born with? Like blue eyes? If so, since to the best of my knowledge gay people cannot procreate (with other gay people anyway!) why have a gene that makes one incapable of procreating the species? Isn’t it Darwinism in reverse – the survival of those doomed to die without kids?


By ATWadmin On March 26th, 2009 at 3:50 pm

You have to laugh.

As pupils, parents and teachers prepare for life after the 11-plus, Education Minister Caitriona Ruane tells our correspondent Kathryn Torney of her pride in her work. Academic selection has been “like a cancer” in Northern Ireland’s education system, according to Caitriona Ruane.

The Education Minister made the comment during an interview with the Belfast Telegraph in which she also said scrapping the 11-plus and replacing it with non-academic admissions criteria guidance for schools was her biggest success during her time so far as Minister.


Ruane wins the competition to find the most detached from reality Minister in the Stormont Assembly – no mean feat in itself given the extra-terrestrial nature of that place. Of course, as you know, she talks total nonsense and her undemocratic evisceration of academic based selection makes ME claim that she and her ilk are “like a cancer” killing the best performing academic region of the UK. That, of course, is her aim.

Film Premiere: American Identity

By ATWadmin On March 26th, 2009 at 2:51 pm

I strolled down a red carpet last night (ignored by the paparazzi, btw) and shot this photo of a large tank  parked in front of the theater. 

I  was attending the premiere of a feature short at the  Samuel Goldwyn Theater,  home to the Academy of Motion Pictures Arts and Sciences, and the golden Oscar twins.

Quoting from the evening’s program notes, the premiere honored “a feature short film called “American Identity.” born out of the tragic events of 9/11. “American Identity” exists solely to serve as a tribute, not only to those lost on that day, but to those in uniform who continue today standing guard in our defense.

The movie is about military men and women and their families,  and the impact that their military service has on their lifes. Behind every soldier is a family, and it is quite often the family that suffers greatly on deployment, and  in the case of  a soldier’s injury or loss of life.

Steve Allen, creator of the film, spoke to the attending audience and told us of his September 10, 2001 birthday party, held in the Twin Tower restaurant, Windows on the World.  On the night of his party, Steve stood in the restaurant window and spoke to a friend from Hollywood on his cell phone. This friend wished Steve well and explained to Steve that he could not attend his party in New York because he was in Boston with his wife, and they needed to head out early the next morning for Los Angeles in order to attend the Emmy Awards.  On September 11, 2001, Steve’s  friend, and his wife, were on the very plane that hit the Twin Tower restaurant, Windows on the World, where Steve stood talking the night before.

The premiere was explicitly NOT political, but personal.  President Obama sent a warm and moving  tribute which was read to the audience before the screening, and Senator Feinstein (D – Calif)  arranged for 3 American flags to fly in Washington DC in honor of the film.  

There was good Hollywood buzz  with Jon Voight,  and other Hollywood luminaries in attendance.  Men and women in uniform from all branches of the military mingled with the other guests and we all enjoyed  free food and drink as only Beverly HIlls catering can provide. 

All proceeds from the film will go to the  “Children of Fallen Soldiers Relief Fund” fund , helping children of fallen soldiers: paying bills,  offering  scholarships and other support.  And, last night, a representative from the Children of Fallen Soldiers Relief Fund gave $36,000 to a volunteer group helping families of victims from the 9/11 attack. 


By ATWadmin On March 26th, 2009 at 1:12 pm

Sorry to see that the Irish economy is falling apart at the seams. This is unwelcome news and we must hope that the scale of the fall-out is limited – I suppose this all comes down to how Biffo and the gang respond to the challenges facing them. In that regard, I fully agree with the A lan McQuaid, senior economist with Bloxhams Stockbokers who spells out how the latest figures highlight the huge task facing the Government in attempting to get the country’s public finances back in order.

“These latest National Accounts figures paint a fairly stark picture, especially as all the evidence points to a further sharp deterioration in output in the opening quarter of 2009.The extreme weakness of the economy at this point in time must also raise serious questions marks about the wisdom of the Government’s intention of imposing further income levies on already hard-pressed consumers and PAYE workers. All that can be said is that the outlook for economic output and employment in 2009 are fairly bleak indeed.”

I wonder will Irish VAT be cut back in the budget planned for next month? That would be helpful to the likes of the crumbling Irish car trade sector. Elsewhere, all I hear is talk of tax increases and salary decreases although quite how these will play out in Ireland’s staunchly trade unionised working environment  I do not know.


By ATWadmin On March 26th, 2009 at 1:05 pm

I see that the anti-Semite media are outraged, OUTRAGED I say, that Israel may have carried out an airstrike on a Sudanese convoy of 17 trucks transporting arms to the Hamas terrorists in Gaza back in January. Israel has, very wisely, refused to comment on the matter. My view? – well done Israel – 39 less terrorist suppliers off to meet Allah. It’s odd that Sudan- that most genocidal of regimes – is presented as the victim in this case when it fact, by choosing to help re-arm the Hamas savages – it is the aggressor and deserving of all it got.