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Memorial Day Weekend

By ATWadmin On May 23rd, 2008 at 3:20 pm

Over here on this side of the pond it’s Memorial Day Weekend. The Unofficial beginning of Summer. The 3 day weekend that kicks off weekends of driving to some seaside town and indulging in Drunken Debauchery at night and hung over Bikini watching the next day on the beach. In my youth I did this in a little place called  Margate in NJ.  In those days the drinking age was 18 and except for the occasional fridaynite poker game Gambling had yet to spoil the Jersey coast. That’s how I spent a lot of my Summers. As I watch my own girls doing their school work sitting next to me, I swear to myself that I will NEVER EVER allow them as teenagers to go away on the weekends. I also apologize to all the fathers of the girls I knew during those years. God forgive me, but my daughters will never be aloud to date.

That is not the direction I was planning to go with this post. One tradition however, on this weekend was a barbecue on Monday with flags flying and a moment of silence to remember those that made these weekends possible. The Following song is for them.



By ATWadmin On May 23rd, 2008 at 8:48 am

lvfmuralpa.jpgIt’s pathetic to read that the British government has beaten its chest and "warned"  (ie squeaked at) loyalists that they must begin decommissioning their arms or the rights they have under current legislation (!) will be ended and the decommissioning body wound up. The UVF and UDA are refusing to hand over their terror weapons even though the IRA has allegedly decommissioned its arsenal. (Not that we have any verifiable evidence of this of course but take it on trust, honest!)

At first, loyalists said they would not decommission because the IRA refused, but now they say they fear republican dissidents or they need the guns to combat criminal gangs. £9m of taxpayers’ money has been spent on the farcical decommissioning process and Northern Secretary Shaun Woodward warned yesterday that the process would not be allowed to continue forever.

Sure Shaun – it depends on how you define forever, I guess. Once you pay the danegeld….. 

Terrorist scum should be given no such chances, this is all one vast moral obscenity. 


By ATWadmin On May 23rd, 2008 at 7:56 am

The malaise that so afflicts Britain is evident in the news that a prolific bag snatcher who was paid £3,000 by the Government to leave Britain returned the very next day and continued his one-man crimewave!

Hakim Benmakhlouf, 26, has a string of convictions for stealing from rich tourists at five-star hotels and airports over the last ten years.He was offered voluntary repatriation to his native Algeria in July last year while serving yet another prison term for theft and was deported after being given the free cash. But Benmakhlouf returned on the Eurostar from Paris the very next day and in October he was captured on CCTV making off with a Louis Vuitton bag at a luxury hotel in central London.

This is wrong at so many levels. We should NOT be paying criminals to leave our country in the first place, surely that is obvious? To do so is an outrageous abuse of taxpayers money. We should also not be allowing Algerians into Britain in the first place. We should be protecting our borders, but our politicians won’t do so. And that is why criminals like Benmakhouf see Britain as a veritable crime magnet – the country that just keeps on giving.


By ATWadmin On May 23rd, 2008 at 7:02 am

gordonManchG_435x600.jpgWell, as forecast here on ATW, the Conservative Party has WON the Crewe by-election. And handsomely.

What was a 7000+ Labour majority has overnight become an 8000 Conservative majority, a massive 18% swing towards the Conservatives. The Conservatives captured almost 50% of the vote! Labour have been CRUSHED in what was a Labour stronghold and that is despite Gordon Brown’s 2.7bn tax bribe of last week! I wonder how many of those Labour MP’s that grinned and cheered this cynical bribe last week are still feeling happy this morning? Normally one should be wary of reading too much into a by-election result, but this is the same trend that we saw in the local council and London Mayoral contests and the trend is clear – the UK electorate have turned against Labour and views Gordon Brown as a liability. Labour will be kicked OUT of power in a few years time and I believe this is now an unstoppable prospect. How ironic that a railway town such as Crewe should mark the spot where the wheels finally came off the Nulabour project and the electorate have shown that it really IS the end of the line for Mr Broon and his gang of incompetents. I can just hear Brown’s rallying speech to his disgruntled crew "Go back to your constituencies and prepare for annihilation!"


By ATWadmin On May 22nd, 2008 at 9:12 pm

article-1020891-0153EF1300000578-427_468x286.jpgDo you know the expression MILF?

Yes, it stands for Mummy I’d like to Flannel! It seems that the curators of Manchester Museum have decided that their naked Egyptian Mummies are way too risque and have ordered them to be covered up, wrapped in flannel. Here is the Mummy before and after!  

You really have to wonder about those people who feel that ancient mummies need clothed/



By ATWadmin On May 22nd, 2008 at 9:02 pm

_44681674_giraffe_new_jla.jpgI see that a man named as Nicky Reilly a "convert to Islam" has tried to explode himself in the "Giraffe" restaurant in Exeter city centre. Luckily he only managed to hurt himself, but I think this shows that the threat from militant Islam is everywhere and it looks like Exeter has narrowly escaped a Sbarro Pizza style massacre – care of the religion of peace. I notice the police are stressing that this man has a record of mental illness so perhaps his desire to embrace Islam is not that surprising? I am sure more details will come to light about Mr Reilly.

Iran’s Priorities

By ATWadmin On May 22nd, 2008 at 6:49 pm


Freeborn John comments:

These are the faces of children burned in their Primary School because the heaters were unsafe. Iran needs to spend money on its own infrastructure, yet is pledging more financial support for their terrorist puppets Hezbollah in Lebanon. Iranian bloggers are enraged.

“The mind boggles with disbelief, the blood boils with rage, whatever I type can not express my fury and it is impossible to fight back the tears”.

I should add more rather than just cross post but the picture (and those in the links) plus the sentiments say it all really. And this news is hard to find anywhere in the MSM.


the truth, jim, but not as we know it!

By ATWadmin On May 22nd, 2008 at 6:37 pm

One of the more visible productions of the Nazi era was the creation of the cosmetic concentration camp known as Theresienstadt. Whilst in headlong pursuit of the infamous ‘Final Solution’, the Nazi death machine became aware that their activities in the deportation of Danish Jews to Theresienstadt had given wide publicity to this camp which was virtually unknown before the deportations. The Swedish Red Cross was planning an inspection trip to this camp, which was billed and indeed advertised aa a ‘Spa Town’ where elderly German Jews could ‘retire’ and live out their declining years. So, in a massive cosmetic exercise, the Germans arranged that gardens were planted, houses painted, and barracks renovated. The Nazis staged social and cultural events for the visiting dignitaries. An orchestra was assembled from the ‘inmates’ and ordered to rehearse intensively so that they might serenade their distinguished visitors, while children were marshalled and ordered to ‘enjoy’ themselves on the freshly-built playgrounds which were carefully inserted into the path which was planned for the visitors.

Needless to say, immediately the Red Cross left, the good times also dissappeared, the camp leaders were issued with fresh demands for them to choose who would be sent to other ‘holiday camps’ such as Sobibor, Treblinka and the infamous Auschwitz labour/ death camp conurbation.

 I write of these things because I heard the report on the BBC of the reporter’s visit, along with  UN Secretary General Ban Ki-moon to a Burmese Refugee Camp, where all the tents were both blue and new, where the children sang and everyone was very happy, under the eagle eyes of the accompanying Burmese Army.


By ATWadmin On May 22nd, 2008 at 10:48 am

lanyon_building_queens_university_imagelarge.jpgI see that Queen’s University Belfast –  my alma mater – is set to honour Bertie Ahern and Tony Blair today for their role in "bringing peace" to Northern Ireland. How nice. Maybe they’ll take the time to stroll across to University Square and visit the spot where Ulster Unionist politician and Queen’s University lecturer Edgar Graham was brutally murdered by the IRA in 1983. No one was ever convicted of that brutal assassination and perhaps the peace processors might reflect on why it is that their sordid "peace" can only be purchased by allowing murderers to get away with their hands dripping in the blood of the innocent. I’ve long since lost ANY respect I may have once held for Queen’s University – it is now entirely politicised and part of the chorus for peace at any price. Nice building – those running it these days are rotten to the core.


By ATWadmin On May 22nd, 2008 at 10:25 am

_44630436_magdapniewska_met_226b.jpgI remember being sickened by this story when it happened and if anything this latest news makes it even worse. I refer to the death of the nursing care assistant who was caught in the crossfire between two youths in London. Magda Pniewska, 26, was shot in the head in New Cross, south London, in October last year. The youth, who cannot be named, said he let off a couple of shots into the air to scare the other youth off. He denied murder and attempted murder. The second teenager was also arrested but not charged, the Old Bailey heard. Ms Pniewska had been talking to her sister Elzbieta Luby in Poland on her mobile phone when she was shot and died. Giving evidence, Ms Luby said she heard three or four shots before she heard her sister’s "last breath"

Several points. It makes me feel ashamed that such a fate could befall this Polish girl – so full of life one moment – stone dead the next at the hands of feral scum. And I feel so sorry for her sister having to hear Magda’s "last breath." Nobody deserves this and I only hope that those responsible are put away for a long time. I bet they won’t, however, and it is to our shame.  Poor Magda – you were failed by this State and it makes me feel ill. What more can I say?