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By ATWadmin On October 23rd, 2007 at 7:45 am

Now I know how erudite ATW’s readers are and so it is that I urge you all to click this link which will take you to a very short quiz on socialism. Trust me, it’s worth the visit.


By ATWadmin On October 23rd, 2007 at 7:26 am

I have been alerted by several readers to a conference entitled: "Race and Immigration in the New Ireland" currently being staged at the University of Notre Dame in Indiana. Yes, Indiana wants Mary Robinson and every other radical left-winger from the Republic of Ireland, it appears

Joining our esteemed former President in Indiana, is David Begg of the Irish Congress of Trade Unions, Philip Watt of the National Consultative Committee on Racism and Interculturalism, and the Secretary of the Islamic Cultural Centre of Ireland, Ali Selim. Yes, that is the same Ali Selim who last year declared that ‘Sharia law should rule in Ireland in the event of a Muslim majority’.The conference is, moreover, packed with postcolonial, pseudo-Marxist professors from all the major Irish universities. It is being organised by the Professor of Irish Studies at Notre Dame, Luke Gibbons. Gibbons, a former lecturer at Dublin City University, is a fanatical postmodernist who thinks that Irish identity can and must be debunked.

Now, what could be MORE balanced than that? Read the rest here on Gates of Vienna. 

Islamo-Fascism Awareness Week Kicks Off

By ATWadmin On October 23rd, 2007 at 2:18 am

ifa.jpgIslamo-Fascism Awareness Week kicked off today at major American universities.  Organized by David Horowitz, this weeklong series of lectures  provides  American university students with information regarding  Islamo-fascism.

The Left is having a fit.  They contend that “US Imperialism” is a greater threat than Islamofascism and  they tremble at the thought that American students will come to a different conclusion if enough information is available, and if open debate is possible.

From the Left website indybay.org:

“…An essential part of the danger—and effectiveness—of "Islamo-Fascism Awareness Week" is how it spreads ideological confusion. It highlights actual horrors of Islamic fundamentalism—its treatment of women, gays and lesbians, and much else. But it does so in order to recruit people into the global military crusade launched by U.S. imperialism. As a result it is actually bringing people forward who shouldn’t be on their side, while paralyzing many who should be fiercely opposing them…Islamic fundamentalism is indeed a reactionary force. But the U.S. is the far more aggressive and dangerous reactionary force.”  (my emphasis)

So, there you have it….straight from the horse’s mouth….the Left  roots for our enemies. Very. Useful. Idiots.

Will American students rise to the occasion and  use their critical thinking and research tools available to discern the truth?  Will they sit in on some of the  lectures by Daniel Pipes, David Horowitz, Ibn Warraq, Phyllis Chesler,  and others, and judge  credibility for themselves?

Are American students willing and able  to use "google" and actually research whether or not “Bush Lied?”  Are they able, and willing, to discover that there was  an international and bipartisan consensus regarding WMD in the buildup before the Iraq  War, and that Bush actually DIDN’T lie? 

And to admit that Islamo-fascism does, in fact, pose a much greater threat than the United States?


By ATWadmin On October 22nd, 2007 at 12:39 pm

Hearts_and_minds.jpgJust to let you all know that I will be appearing on BBC’s "Hearts and Minds" this Thursday night doing the "If You Ask Me" slot. Given current events in Northern Ireland, it could not be better timed for my point of view. Tune in and watch me – if you dare! Grrr. I’ll also be appearing on the Nolan Show on Radio Ulster tomorrow morning to discuss the weighty matter as to whether or not a single lady should take her husbands name when they get married!!! Thought and suggestions on that one please!


By ATWadmin On October 22nd, 2007 at 8:49 am

First the details.

 Paul20Quinn.jpg21-year-old south Armagh man Paul Quinn, a lorry driver from Cullyhanna, was apparently lured across the border to Co Monaghan on Saturday, where he was set upon by a gang of 12 to 15 masked men and beaten with iron bars. He was found with serious injuries at a farmhouse near Castleblayney just after 6pm and taken to hospital in Drogheda, but died of his injuries a short time later. Mr Quinn’s family last night claimed he had become involved in an altercation with members of the IRA and that he had been ordered to leave the country. "We believe that he was abducted by the Provisional movement and beaten to death," they said.

Right then, Dr Paisley and co. Given that the Quinn family have no reason to make this IRA allegation up, and given that you are sitting in power with IRA/Sinn Fein, what are YOU going to do? We all know that the IRA have murdered in the past, but ever since the "Peace, perfect Peace" which the senior Chuckle Brother Paisley blethered about descended upon the DUP, there has been a mood that the past is a place best left alone. (like justice)

But the IRA will keep on murdering, and this is what has just happened to this family in south Armagh. So, will the DUP express their outrage and then cosy back up to the murderous IRA’s alter-ego’s OR will the DUP finally get up off their pathetic knees and bring the temple down? Are we dealing with Samson or Delihah?

I argue that power-sharing with the IRA is wrong, and will always be wrong. The Quinn family in Cullyhanna can testify this morning as to what happens when you cross the IRA. They haven’t gone away and they never will whilst we indulge such terrorist scum. The issue is now one of DUP action. I forecast they will do nothing. 


By ATWadmin On October 22nd, 2007 at 8:41 am

Interesting to read that disgruntled fans of Sheffield Wednesday F.C  who vented their dissatisfaction with the football club’s bigwigs in anonymous internet postings may face expensive libel claims after the chairman, chief executive and five directors won a high-court ruling last week forcing the owner of a website to reveal their identity.

The case, featuring the website owlstalk.co.uk, is the second within days to highlight the danger of assuming that the apparent cloak of anonymity gives users of internet forums and chatrooms carte blanche to say whatever they like. In another high court case last week, John Finn, owner of the Sunderland property firm Pallion Housing, admitted just before he was due to be cross-examined that he was responsible for a website hosting a scurrilous internet campaign about a rival housing organisation, Gentoo Group, its employees and owner, Peter Walls. Exposing the identity of those who post damaging lies in cyberspace is a growth area for libel lawyers.

My view is that posting lies is wrong in the first place and so those who do it deserve to be exposed if it causes harm to another person/organisation and the lie can be proven in a court of law. However, posting opinion is another matter altogether and this is where the circling vultures in the legal profession constitute a real problem. Here on the net, I invite you to express your views on many topics and I believe this essential liberty must be maintained, along with your privacy. But just as in private conversation, a degree of common sense has to be exercised as to what is said about whom. Do you agree? 


By ATWadmin On October 22nd, 2007 at 8:06 am

The West Lothian question comes into play again with the news that while millions of patients in England will still be expected to pay for vital medication, prescriptions in Scotland will be available free of charge within four years. The move was cited as the starkest example yet of the "unfairness" of the current funding arrangement, with English taxpayers forced to pay towards improvements to health care and education available only in Scotland.

Scottish residents already have access to free eye care and dental check ups, free personal care for the elderly, extra central heating grants and a number of drugs deemed "too costly" for the National Health Service in England and Wales. As a result of plans announced earlier this summer, Scottish students will receive a free university education and pupils in the early years of primary school could soon be taught in class sizes as small as 18.

There is no doubt that English tax-payers are now funding a socialised Scottish political system and I am sure that the SNP are delighted at this. But why should Scotland enjoy such largesse whilst its MP’s continue to vote on issues that affect English voters, whilst English MP’s cannot vote on these sort of measures which affect Scottish voters. Scotland looks more parasitic by the day, doesn’t it?


By ATWadmin On October 22nd, 2007 at 7:27 am

OK, so out comes the news that parents may be warned if their children are found to be overweight, under Department of Health (DoH) proposals. Children in England are currently measured at the ages of five and 10 but parents are informed of the results only if they request them. But the new plan may see parents getting results automatically. The DoH said ministers were prepared to go further and faster in the fight against childhood obesity, although no firm decisions had been made. Under the proposals being considered, information obtained under the measurement programme could be given automatically to parents in England, and involvement may become compulsory unless people choose to opt out of the measurement scheme.

 Now, given that one in four children leave Primary School unable to write or read, maybe Government should be focusing on this prority RATHER than interfering in our chidren’s weight which is a parental issue. I wonder what the next step will be after the complusory weight-testing? I fully understand the problems of obesity in children and suggest that the answer is less junk food, more wholesome food eaten as a family and more exercise. How many parents don’t know this? 

Black and Beautiful: Justice Clarence Thomas, US Supreme Court

By ATWadmin On October 21st, 2007 at 9:44 pm

In Clarence Thomas’s own words,  My Grandfather’s Son tells of growing up in America, black and poor, and becoming a Justice in the highest court of the land, the US Supreme Court.  From Amazon.com:

clarence%20thomas_.jpg"Thomas was born in rural Georgia on June 23, 1948, into a life marked by poverty and hunger. His parents divorced when Thomas was still a baby, and his father moved north to Philadelphia, leaving his young mother to raise him and his brother and sister on the ten dollars a week she earned as a maid. At age seven, Thomas and his six-year-old brother were sent to live with his mother’s father, Myers Anderson, and her stepmother in their Savannah home. It was a move that would forever change Thomas’s life.

His grandfather, whom he called "Daddy," was a black man with a strict work ethic, trying to raise a family in the years of Jim Crow. Thomas witnessed his grandparents’ steadfastness despite injustices, their hopefulness despite bigotry, and their deep love for their country. His own quiet ambition would propel him to Holy Cross and Yale Law School, and eventually—despite a bitter, highly contested public confirmation—to the highest court in the land. In this candid and deeply moving memoir, a quintessential American tale of hardship and grit, Clarence Thomas recounts his astonishing journey for the first time, and pays homage to the man who made it possible."

From Hugh Hewitt’s  interview of  Justice Thomas:

On the power of encouragement:

HH: There’s also a story in here, Judge Dowd’s letter, on Page 109, the power of encouragement. Do you practice this? And can you tell the audience about that?

CT: Well, Judge Dowd, again, going back to the judges I met in my early years in the attorney general’s office, I argued cases. You know, unlike at, say, Yale Law School where you got your report card, this was actually a judge in a real case, and a number of cases. And he wrote the attorney general early in my tenure to tell him how well I had done. And that letter was so positive, and it was so different from what I had gotten in law school, that I always kept that letter, held onto it, and probably it meant more to me in reading it than it possibly meant to him in writing it. In fact, maybe that’s not the case, because in years later, I spoke to him, he stood by it, and was very pleased that he had seen that early on. But yes, I do, not perhaps lawyers who practice before our Court, but I think it’s really good to try to encourage young people who are starting out in their careers. And that is one of the reasons for having written the book, to try to give them hope instead of sort of depleting their resources and their energies by constantly coming out with cynical negative things.

On friendships across party lines:

HH: Have your friendships across political lines endured, Justice Thomas?

CT: Oh, yeah (laughing). I get along fine with people. I get along with all honest people who are trying to do good things. And there’s no better example of that than at the Court. I mean, I sit next to Justice Ginsberg, and we’ve never had an unkind word to say to each other, and she’s always treated me well, and I treat her well, and Justice Souter…I mean, I just don’t make decisions based on people’s ideological or political views. What I do make decisions on is whether or not people are malicious or negative or cynical or snide. I just don’t have much time for those sorts of negative things.

On being black in America:

CT: I guess, you know, I’ve tried to point in the book that there is a special vitriol that is reserved for blacks who choose not to adhere to the black line. I mean, you can see it. I mean, I don’t care who it is. It could be Shelby Steele, Tom Sowell, Walter Williams. It could be anybody. There’s a special lot of vitriol that is reserved for us. And it has been, I found this out back in the 1980’s, the early 1980’s. And in fact, Juan Williams did an op-ed on me on December 16, 1980. And the vitriol has come my way since then.  

HH: Are you an optimist about race in America, Justice Thomas, as you survey the wreckage of the black family, and it really is a wreckage when you look at the number of kids born into families without fathers, and the violence in the black on black crime which you reference in My Grandfather’s Son? Can this be remedied?

CT: I think we all are not, maybe not necessarily every day when we see the mounting evidence. It’s hard to be optimistic. But we can all be idealistic. And we can see something out there that is worth fighting for and striving toward. And I think we can be idealistic for these kids. I mean, think about it. What was it in front of my grandparents to make them optimistic? Was it the fact that everything was segregated? Was it the fact that they didn’t have an education? Was is the fact that most black men didn’t have jobs, regular job? Or black women were domestics? That didn’t make them optimistic. But they were idealistic, and they did have a hope. And I think we can do the same thing. So one of the reasons for writing this book was to reaffirm that hope, and to say there is reason to hope. And what I’m finding as you break through the din is that there are people who actually are showing that there is that hope, and that they are responding to that.  

HH: Justice Thomas, I want to close by talking about an amazing paragraph in My Grandfather’s son on Page 254. You quote a prayer I’ve never heard before. Cardinal Merry del Val, praying his litany of humility.  

CT: Uh-huh.  

HH: “Deliver me, o Jesus, from the fear of being humiliated, from the fear of being despised, from the fear of suffering rebukes, from the fear of being calumniated.” What’s the significance of that prayer in your life?

CT: Well, you know, what it does is that it…in Washington, or in any of these jobs, we can quickly become full of ourselves. We can quickly believe that it’s about us. So when the positives come in, we can actually think that that’s important, that we want more positives, that we want to be praised. When the criticism comes in, we can say oh, we’re diminished by the criticism, it hurts, I don’t want that. But if you’re truly, truly humb
le, and you see it’s not about you, that then, you can go on and be faithful to what you are there to do. You can live up to your oath. The job is not about me. The job is about the Constitution of the United States. It’s not about whether I’m praised, or whether or not I’m criticized. It is still the same Constitution of the United States. So I think that litany of humility sort of bleeds off all these things that really shouldn’t have a role in how you do your job in matters of principle.


By ATWadmin On October 21st, 2007 at 9:10 pm

IRA%20MAN.jpgSo, the family of Cullyhanna man Paul Quinn, 21, said their son was abducted and beaten to death by the IRA because he refused to leave the country. Mr Quinn’s family said he had been recently involved in a dispute with individual members of the IRA. The IRA told him to leave the country.

"Our son courageously and correctly refused to leave. We believe that he was abducted by the Provisional movement and brutally beaten to death."

Naturally, Sinn Fein MLA Conor Murphy - a convicted IRA terrorist himself – has denied that there was any IRA involvement. I was wondering how he arrived at this conclusion so very quickly? Did he have a ring around? An inspired guess? Or just one more lying republican reptile?