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By ATWadmin On April 16th, 2007 at 9:05 pm

So, let me see if I get this right! The Police Service of Northern Ireland visit a number of individuals to let them know there is credible evidence of death threats being made against them. The terror group the UVF is named as being the guilty party.

dawn p.jpgHey Presto – up pops Dawn Purvis, the prime PUP political apologist for the UVF, and she questions the "credibility" of the death threats. Of course, how inspired she is. I mean no-one would ever think that the bloodthirsty gang of killers in the UVF would ever make death-threats. It would be sooooo unlike them! Readers will know how much I detest the UVF and its political proxies in the PUP. It seems all that has to happen to get the UVF scum off the hook of public condemnation is for one of its proxies in the PUP to issue a statement questioning the integrity of the police and the information it has received, and all is well again. This "peace" is a phony peace, built of lies and double-talk. In this case, blame the victims of death threats for..erm…receiving them!


By ATWadmin On April 16th, 2007 at 8:52 pm

adams_trimble_203.jpgWell now, I couldn’t possibly let the political departure of my old political enemy, Lord Trimble of Vichy, pass without mention. It is reported that the Purple Turtle has bailed out of the Ulster Unionist Party and joined the Conservatives in the House of Lords. Clearly even Trimble recognises a sinking ship – albeit one he himself has throttled! LOL – the Ulster Unionist’s are disintegrating under the Empey leadership but I suppose we have to be generous here and point out that had it not been for the Trimble years, the Party would not have sunk to such a low level where Sir Reg could finish it off.


By ATWadmin On April 16th, 2007 at 6:42 pm

virginia-tech.jpgI’ve been following the shocking events that have taken place today at Virginia Tech, in Blacksburg, Virginia. It appears that at least 32 students have been shot to death, with many more wounded. The gun-man, an "Asian" is reputed to be dead. It’s breaking news as I write, and I’m sure we’ll get a lot more detail later on, but I just wanted to express my deepest sympathies to the people of the USA reeling with this tragedy. Such an awful tragedy. It’s impossible to imagine the grief the family of those dozens of murdered students must be feeling but I pray that God will be with them.

"Yea, though I walk through the valley of the shadow of death, I will fear no evil: For thou art with me"


By ATWadmin On April 16th, 2007 at 5:12 pm

Just to say that the first wave of ATW mugs are being despatched in the post today! My thanks to all who have placed orders and might I invite you, dear reader, if you have not already done so, to buy a mug or two? All proceeds go to the site. Details are top left  – drop me an email with your order and address and we’ll sort it out. 50% of stock has already gone – so don’t delay, order now!!! You’d be a mug not to do so!

Australia – Woman Raped ‘For Reading the Bible’.

By ATWadmin On April 16th, 2007 at 4:58 pm

"Campbelltown District Court in Sydney’s west yesterday heard Abdul Reda Al Shawany twice sexually assaulted the woman, a practising Muslim, and then said to her: "Let your Jesus help you." " News.com.au reports today. The alleged victim, a practising moslem who had started to listen to Christian teachers and reading the Bible when she reached Australia from the Middle East, gave evidence yesterday and is expected to return to the witness stand today.

The accused, Abdul Reda Al Shawany, vehemently denies the charges, with his lawyer (Chris Pike) stressing his client is ‘not a zealot’. Interesting that in a defense against a rape charge, the lawyer for the accused finds it necessary to stress that his client is not a zealot. One might almost think that Islam were in some way correlated with violent acts.

Michael O’Brien, prosecuting for the Crown, recounted in court that the alleged victim had received threats from the moslem community for reading the Bible, but had not converted to Christianity. Readers may be familiar with similar occurrences in the UK.

The DNA of the accused matches that found on the clothes the alleged victim was wearing on the day, the prosecution states.

The case continues.

Hat-tip to the excellent Dhimmi Watch. Cross-posted at Christianophobia Watch.

As witnessed by an American: British Forces at War

By ATWadmin On April 16th, 2007 at 4:25 pm

"The explosions from enemy rockets and mortar fire have been constant companions for the small contingent of Coalition forces based at the former Basra Palace, on the banks of Shatt al Arab River. In the past five months, more than a thousand bombs have been fired at this small base, all while these British combat troops, Romanian soldiers and a small contingent of Americans continue their attempts to stabilize Iraq"….

Photo1.jpgMichael Yon accompanies 5 Platoon 2nd Battalion, “The Rifles” Battle Group on a unilateral British operation which began in mid-afternoon on 10 April and lasted for six days. He gives an incredible and fascinating account of bravery and skill.  (Frankly, a welcome change from some of the nose-thumbing directed at the ‘Brits’ associated with the area around the Shatt al Arab in recent weeks).

Yon describes how UK forces “baited the enemy”…. “…went into hostile terrain, outnumbered, without helicopter support, relying instead upon timing, terrain, manoeuvrability, firepower and sheer audacity . . . The enemy was at times on both sides of us, firing from many positions, on the ground and on rooftops”. There were no British casualties.

"The British are planning future operations. These soldiers are so good that I have requested from British commanders to be allowed to stay longer"

He also notes ‘earlier this week, when Moqtada al Sadr issued a call to violence against Coalition forces, multiple IDF strikes were launched against this base. Militias based in the al Quibla district of Basra, a notorious haven for Shia “JAM” militias who are loyal to or influenced by al Sadr, were believed responsible. Many of their shots miss the base, landing in civilian populations. According to the British commanders, JAM members will attack local journalists who report these mistakes’.

Photo6.jpgDuring the third entry, the terrorists were not home, but a woman and two small children were obviously present. 5 Platoon did not throw flashbangs, and their touch was so light that the small children did not cry.


By ATWadmin On April 16th, 2007 at 4:14 pm

Hi Folks,

Hope you will join with me in welcoming a new writer to the ATW team – the Fulham Reactionary will shortly be posting here. He has his own web-blog hereAs he says,  "I advocate capital punishment, EU withdrawal, tax cuts, monarchism, tradition, and Christianity. I am intransigently opposed to Islam, the spread of post-modernist nihilism, socialism, and multiculturalism." He also lives in Fulham, SW London! ATW goes from strength to strength with a veritable cavalcade of talented writers and I hope you will give the Fulham Reactionary a warm welcome.

Slithering up to Stormont

By ATWadmin On April 16th, 2007 at 11:15 am

If you really want to see what a ‘rag, tag and bobtail’ collection of ill-bred, antagonistic mutants the apologists for Provisional IRA terror are, look at how they present this ‘historic’ meeting with the head of the Policing Board.  The MSM is claiming today marks another step on the road to normality, whilst many who have served in the police – either in Northern Ireland or the remainder of the Kingdom – will perceive it as another step towards the sullying of political principle.

First off, we’ll get the political correctness so beloved of the Left ( or ‘Left’, in the case of the IRA) out of the way.  Why should Sir Desmond Rea be referred to as a ‘Chairperson’?  Does he not have the XY chromosome?  Does he not need to shave in front of the bathroom mirror every morning?  What is wrong with referring to him as the ‘Chairman’?  Could you imagine if ‘General’ Norman Johnson had released his superb classics, Give Me Just a Little More Time and You’ve Got Me Dangling on a String, alongside his fellow band members Danny Woods and Harrison Kennedy, in politically correct 2007?  Would they have had to call themselves Chairpeople of the Board

After the PC ridiculousness, comes the Provo irreverence.  If someone has the title ‘Sir’ in front of their name, they’ve usually earnt it.  So why the absence on the Provo website?  It was the same with the last Conservative Secretary of State.  Whilst every other leader (the SDLP included) used his name and title as ‘Sir Patrick Mayhew’, the Shinner filth were content to stick with ‘Paddy Mayhew’ – so reflective of their maladroit personas.  As if it’s not bad enough trying to kill him and half of his Cabinet colleagues! 

Sir Desmond Rea is not only a Knight Bachelor, he is also a Professor.  I know it must be a bitch for Gerry and Martin, with their academic prowess languishing in the Vauxhall Conference League of pulling pints and chopping bits of meat, having to acknowledge the fact, but it would be a small sign that they are blessed with the same manners as most other people.  Mind you, most people would have sleepless nights with the deaths of nearly 2,000 on their consciences so I guess I am asking for rather a lot.  Moreover, what about this ‘Des’ business?  There is something incredibly obnoxious about those who shorten other people’s names without their consent.  Only three people were ever allowed to call me Andy: my mother; my father; and my late best friend, Michael.  Anybody else would get a size 11 shoe up their ‘Harris’.  I am not aware that Sir Desmond and Gerry were best mates.

Finally, to the antagonism.  For what earthly purpose does the presence of Joanne Spain serve (and let’s not have all this piffle about an ‘all-Ireland party’)?  She is a prospective candidate in the capital city of another country; a territory whose citizens are not the slightest bit affected by the decisions of the Northern Ireland Policing Board.  Every time a ‘momentous’ event takes place involving the Provos, they always have to drag a troll from across the border along with them.  Try ‘fecking’ off back there, Spain!!!

shit happens; but it gets spread as well!

By ATWadmin On April 16th, 2007 at 11:12 am

I note that the coroner for the inquest on four British Marines killed in an American helicopter crash in Kuwait has bitterly criticised the Americans for not releasing any video footage of the crash, or give evidence at the inquest.

a-10.jpgMy only comment would be that I can fully understand the American reluctance to release video footage for the coroner’s use, as the last time they did release any video footage, for the inquest of Lance Corporal of Horse Matty Hull, who died by ‘friendly fire’ from two American A-10 fighter-bombers, that same footage was promptly leaked to the Sun dishwipe (I refuse point-blank to call that mental masturbation publication a newspaper!), and the same footage was then splashed all over the t.v. airwaves!

 If the MoD could guarantee the confidentiality of the video evidence, the Americans might have agreed to release it, but since they were seen to be so leaky last time around, can anyone blame the Americans for not playing ball this time around?


By ATWadmin On April 16th, 2007 at 9:30 am

Wonder what you make of the decision by Norway, the country whose politicians seized the chance to incubate and spawn the Oslo Accords that cost thousands of Israelis their lives and limbs, has chosen to defy Europe and the United States and break the boycott imposed on the Palestinian Authority when it became Hamas-controlled? The small but prosperous Scandinavian country, which has boasted of being first to "recognize" the restructured Hamas Authority, announced Thursday it intends to resume direct aid to it. Looking proud and pleased as he made the announcement in Oslo, Norwegian Foreign Minister Jonas Gahr Stoere shook the hand of visiting PA "Finance Minister" Salam Fayad, who praised Norway’s willingness to embrace the "Palestinian" cause once more. I bet he did. Norway would maintain its annual support of $100 million to the PA, Stoere pledged. That’s €100 million to a Hamas organisation committed to the destruction of Israel. That should ensure quite a few more dead Jews. Norway brings shame down upon itself – it must be a REALLY anti-semitic country!