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Disappointed, But Not Surprised

By ATWadmin On May 4th, 2007 at 12:47 pm

Why didn’t the UVF, a gang of murderers, decommission their weapons?  Simple!  For so long as you have such levels of antagonistic hokum from separatists, such as this patent crap from Godfather McGuinness, then so long will you have loyalist paramilitaries holding on to their weaponry.  Republicans should carry just as much blame for yesterday’s decision on illegal UVF arms as the UVF themselves.

We know the idea and practicality of bringing forward a ‘green paper’ on Anschluss is so off the radar of reality, we shouldn’t concern ourselves with its Shinner-based propaganda.  Alas, for the mental retards of the UVF, propaganda is what counts.  I know the difference between what the Provos promise politically and constitutionally (a lot), and what they can actually deliver (very little).  Unfortunately, for idiots hell-bent on pumping biceps and killing innocent people purely because of their religion, the Godfather’s bullshit counts for a lot.

Furthermore, heartiest congratulations to the Army helicopter pilot who managed to annoy the hell out of the separatists in south Co Londonderry.  To see the Provo detritus venting spleens on behalf of the rubbish who empower them is always the greatest catalyst for schadenfreude.  Couldn’t find ‘South Derry’ on my map, however,  for the county has always been officially known as Londonderry (unlike the city).  Still, the location must be, for the Provos, something like their dreams for securing Northern Ireland’s annexation: all in the mind!

Tommy Gone!

By ATWadmin On May 4th, 2007 at 9:33 am

In the miasma of disappointing news about the resurgence of spiteful and destructive separatism in Scotland, one bit of news does come as a fillip.  Tommy Sheridan, the most Left of Lefty loons, has lost his seat (albeit to the SNP) as has his erstwhile colleague Rosie Kane.  Two other far-Left lunatics have also suffered defeats.  Only the Greens now have small party representation in the Scottish regional assembly. 

When I was completing my Masters at Leeds, Sheridan came along to present a ‘lecture’ on the future of radical socialism to the NSU.  I went along because there was nothing else to do.  Listening to his ‘we the people’ cobblers was amusing to say the least.  It’s always struck me how students practically hurl themselves into a frisson at the thought of someone from the far-Left coming to entertain their addled minds, but refuse to countenance anyone from the far-Right.  I suppose most students would prefer Stalin to Hitler, even though Stalin was responsible for 25 million more deaths than his Austrian counterpart.   Hmmm.

Sheridan opposed the war in Iraq; bent over backwards to accommodate Muslim sensitivities; and protested about the stationing of our country’s nuclear deterrent at Faslane.  His brand of politics has even less to offer the Scottish electorate than Labour and the SNP. Sheridan’s ideology was so typical of his ilk: everybody should have nothing but still be prepared to share it with everyone else.  Fortunately the people of Glasgow no longer want to share their political future with him.

On This Day…04.05

By ATWadmin On May 4th, 2007 at 8:30 am

1780 – First running of the classic horse race ‘The Derby’ at Epsom racecourse.

1904 – Motor car pioneers Charles Rolls and Henry Royce sign a provisional agreement to produce Rolls-Royce cars.

1926 – Start of the General Strike in Britain.  Contrary to popular belief the strike only lasted 9 days.

1973 – Completion of the (then) world’s tallest building, the Sears Tower in Chicago.

1974 – Swedish group ABBA reach the top of the UK singles charts with their Eurovision Song Contest winner ‘Waterloo’.

1979 – Leader of the Conservative Party, Margaret Thatcher is sworn in as Prime Minister of Britain. Tough talk and tough economics helped her to become Britain’s first female prime minister. The Oxford-educated chemist and lawyer was sworn in the day after the Conservatives won a 44-seat majority at the General Election.

“Germans stink”

By ATWadmin On May 4th, 2007 at 8:12 am

Mevlana Mosque in Kreuzberg
In Germany, fundamentalist Islamic groups are uniting for more clout in influencing German governmental decisions. Say hello to the beginning of a Sharia Germany. From the mouth of Lale Akgun, a moderate Muslim and political liaison person for German Muslims:

“I wouldn’t be able to sleep at night if these four organizations were granted the power to define what Islam is in Germany. They jointly represent a very conservative Islam. There is no room among them for liberal views.”

Milli Gorus, a Turkish Islamist organization is described as ‘subversive’ by the German government. One of their imams, based in Mevlana Mosque in Kreuzberg, Berlin Yakub Tasci (Yakup Tasci) was:

ordered to be deported last year, after he had made pro-Iraq insurgent speeches and praised Jerusalem suicide bombers. He also said in a sermon: “Those Germans, those atheists, they don’t shave their armpits. Their sweat spreads evil smells, they stink. They are atheists, what good do they do to us? And since they are unbelievers, in the afterlife they can only burn in hell.”

This ought to raise a Deja Vu in the minds of Australians in connection with our own Islamic loose cannon, praised just this week in the Sydney Morning Herald.

Thoughts On Polling Day

By ATWadmin On May 3rd, 2007 at 8:56 pm

I have just returned home after popping in to the local polling station a few streets away, to cast my vote in the local government elections. To be honest, I had only bothered to read one of the various campaign leaflets which fell through my letterbox. I don’t really believe that one councillor by him/herself can make all that much of a difference to my immediate neighbourhood; the issue as I saw it was which party should control the council, in general.

When I handed over my polling card and received my ballot paper, I saw that there were five candidates to choose from: Two Conservative candidates, two Labour and one Independent (His was the leaflet I had bothered to read in full, as I thought to myself, if you’re going to stand as an independent candidate, it probably means that you are an individual who cares about the local ward, and you might even have a few interesting ideas about how to improve the area, rather than merely being another "party lackey", so to speak).

I was relieved to find that the BNP had not fielded a candidate in my ward, as this would have put me right on the spot and forced me to make a difficult decision. I echo Andrew’s concerns about the BNP; he took the words right out of my mouth in his post about the local elections the other day. I cannot bring myself to condone an immigration policy based solely (or predominantly) upon skin colour/ ethnicity. While I disagree with multiculturalism as a concept (to say nothing of my feelings about the present reality!) I do not hate nor dislike any person simply because of their ethnic origin, nor do I think a person has no right to reside in the UK on that basis alone. I find such an idea childish more than anything else. Similarly, while I view Islam (as a whole) as a grave threat to my nation, nevertheless I try and do my best to be courteous and respectful to everyone I come into contact with, and I hope that I would never treat any Muslim person in a way I would not wish them to treat me. (I say "I hope", merely because I know I’m not perfect, I can have a short fuse at times, and as a result I do not always live up to my own standards. However, I am not aware of having ever deliberately treated anyone wrongly, due to my perceptions of their religion or ethnicity). It’s just that I am not 100% sure that the BNP understands this vital distinction I am making. The "left" loves to talk about "hate crimes" and "hate speech". What I think they don’t understand is that one may righteously hate a "thing", an "-ism", a "-uality" or an "-ology", but this does not and must not translate into a personal hatred of the human being behind the "-ology".

However, having said all that, I cannot ignore the fact that many of the BNP’s other policies (particularly re Law & Order, school discipline, withdrawal from the EU and abolition of the Human Rights Act) are sweet, sweet music to my ears – Essential, vital policies for the well-being of our society, which the main parties do not offer me any choice about.

And so, as I prepared myself to make those "X"s in those boxes, I paused and asked myself: If the BNP had fielded a candidate, would my concerns about some of their policies have been overruled by my sincere attraction to some of their other policies? One must be pragmatic in politics, after all. No party is going to offer me EVERYTHING I want.

I was glad that I did not need to make such a difficult decision this evening. But the issues will not go away: As the BNP rises in popularity (as no doubt it will do in the current climate) I know that I have merely postponed this dilemma, and relegated it to a later date. How long can I continue to inhale the noxious stink of the current "politically acceptable" parties before I decide that enough is enough, and that I must hold my nose, ignore my doubts, and do what was previously unthinkable?

Thinking about all of this, it dawns on me that maybe this provides a clue as to how and why Adolf Hitler’s National Socialist Party swept to power in Germany some 70 years ago. For I can imagine that many people who voted BNP today, did so with ambivalent emotions. I can picture them sneaking back to their homes with a blush of shame on their cheeks, yet also with a simultaneous feeling of pride. "I didn’t really and truly want to put my "X" there, but I felt I had no choice; I had to do it, for my country", they may have thought to themselves. I can understand such mixed feelings. It seems to me that in some ways, we stand at that same crossroads as Germans did back then. We’re faced with a similar sort of dilemma, to an extent. The very idea of having pride in one’s nation is being systematically criminalised and destroyed by the main political parties. We feel betrayed, we feel dismayed and ashamed of what Britain has been allowed to become, yet still in our hearts we yearn to feel pride and patriotism once more. (Patriotism, after all, is natural and instinctive).

If ever there was a time when we should refuse to let our hearts rule our heads, but instead to think, research, and (as the communists like to say) "learn the lessons of history" then perhaps it is now. The worst horrors of history could well be repeated if we voted the BNP, IN ITS PRESENT FORM, into power. We owe it to ourselves never to risk such an apalling repeat of history. Instead, I contend that the BNP could become an electable party, but first it must be reformed, if that is possible. Let the BNP speak out, by all means, against the threat of Islam and the errors of multiculturalism. But let us demand that it drops and denounces its decrial of ethnicity, per se, as the root problem.

Those Tolerant Homosexuals

By ATWadmin On May 3rd, 2007 at 7:22 pm

Catholic teaching on homosexuality remains intolerant, backward, illiberal and morally questionable.

Magnus Linklater, The Times, 24th January 2007

Well, we all have our own opinions on that. Personally, I think it’s good that the Catholics have taken a stand over issues like homosexual adoption, wish the Church of England would do the same, and regard Linklater’s list of adjectives as being merely ritualistic curses hurled by post-modernist liberals upon those with whom they are displeased. However, even those who agree with Linklater must surely acknowledge that the behaviour of homosexual activists in Italy shows his use of the word ‘intolerant’ to be a profound overstatement:

The archbishop of the Italian city of Genoa received a bullet in an envelope at his office. It was the latest threatening message for the prelate, who is leading a campaign against same-sex unions, Vatican Radio said Sunday in Vatican City.

The bullet arrived Friday at the office of Archbishop Angelo Bagnasco, who was recently elected to head the politically influential Italian Bishops Conference, the radio report said. It quoted a Genoa newspaper as saying the envelope also contained a photo of the archbishop with a swastika cut into it.

Bodyguards stood a few yards from the altar in Genoa’s cathedral Sunday as Bagnasco celebrated Mass. They were assigned to protect the archbishop a few weeks ago after graffiti was scrawled on buildings threatening him.

And yet somehow it’s the archbishop who’s the bigot, oppressing the poor homosexuals. Remind me, how many homosexuals has he threatened to kill recently?

(Hat-tip: Archbishop Cranmer; cross-posted at my own blog)

open thread

By ATWadmin On May 3rd, 2007 at 4:46 pm

Someone requested one so….voila.

Israeli Tolerance and Arab Treason

By ATWadmin On May 3rd, 2007 at 4:39 pm

One of the many great things about Israel is that it is the only country in the Middle East which accords full and equal citizenship rights to its minority groups, the largest among which is the Arab community. Israeli Arabs have been able to reach the highest ranks of public office. Examples of this would include Salim Joubran, a Justice of the Israeli Supreme Court, or the war hero Amos Yarkoni.

There are also a number of Arab Members of the Knesset (MKs). Until recently, these included Azmi Bishara. However, last month he fled Israel, and resigned his seat in the Knesset, after coming under investigation for his actions during last year’s war between Israel and Hezbollah. Today, full details of the accusations against Bishara have emerged, and they are shocking.

It appears that during last year’s war Bishara was not merely cheering on the terrorists, in the manner of George Galloway or Jenny Tonge, but was actively assisting them. This assistance included warning the terrorists of a possible Israeli strike against their leader, Hassan Nasrallah, and encouraging them to launch long-range missile strikes against Israel. Bishara, who is still skulking around various Arab countries, now faces charges including assisting the enemy during wartime, which carries a nominal death penalty. Sadly, Israel has not carried out an execution since Adolf Eichmann in 1962, and it is unlikely that an exception will be made for Bishara.

But, for a member of a national parliament to aid the enemies of the nation that he is supposed to serve really is the worst kind of treason. If such a man does not deserve an appointment with Jack Ketch, it is difficult to conclude that any criminal has ever deserved any punishment whatsoever. This story also demonstrates, once again, Israel’s status as a free and democratic nation, in continuing to grant full and equal rights to its Arab minority, despite the disloyal behaviour of the likes of Bishara. Quite a contrast with the treatment accorded to Jews in Arab nations, isn’t it?

sego vs sarko

By ATWadmin On May 3rd, 2007 at 2:50 pm

"The French left has this fantastic idea that anyone who does not share exactly their ideas is illegitimate, he said. We have debates and if I am not in agreement with them, I am brutal… I am a danger for democracy for the sole reason that I do not have leftwing ideas…"

And that is more or less what he was conscious of last night.  Aware that the socialists have little by way of substance but are keen to attack his bruiser reputation he approached the debate too cautiously and let her get the upper hand. Not in a rabid way though.  She just got far too much vacuous verbage in there. deb.jpg

The debate was dominated by the economy, youth, unemployment, violence, immigration and the EU. But both sides pretty much played it safe – neither will be picking up many votes from centre’s undecided voters.  Sego put Sarko on the backfoot simply because he was far too inclined to be the gentleman in order to avoid this Bruiser reputation. 

Apart from the one emotional (rather than rabid) spat about education for the handicapped – paraphrased in Dees post below, she merely presented her tax-and-spend policies for change on the table which Sarko then summarily crushed.  In summary: “That’s a stunning piece of detail. Can’t you give us a figure?” enquires Mr Sarkozy. Ms Royal: “No, I can’t.”

Bear in mind that the elegant Ms Royal has made it to the top of a political arena that has not seen many women make it so far. She wouldnt have made it if she hadnt been pretty, mind you. As such she has to manage this and still come across as intelligent and credible – she hasnt done half badly.  She isnt by any means incapable of this task. Her own party of Big Swinging Dick Socialists seemed incapable of accepting her as a leader so she has had to fight her corner more than once. Last night she came across as determined and genuine but waffly, emotional and socialist status quo. Maybe thats to Sarkos advantage in the end – hard to tell. She was mostly dogding the difficult questions and changing the subject all the time – her sums as he showed simply didnt add up.

That said albeit a quieter image-wary Mr Sarkozy, he didnt try to ingratiate himself with the French public as much as id expected when it came to his policies. He laid his plans for the economy on the table and the French will, if they vote him in, be voting in change. His ideas for the 35 hour working week are clever – he plans to sidestep the socialist stalemate that transfixes the ouvriers by increasing buying power – work more hours, dont pay additional taxes. He alluded to the success of the UK in terms of economy – whilst she preferred the Scandi models.

Paraphrasing: Sarkozy maintains that France cant continue to ‘welcome the world’ and will need to manage immigration properly – there will be no Papers amnesty if he comes to power and he will be tough on immigration generally- the opposite to Sego.

On the issue of Turkey and the EU the word ‘islamism’ crept in. Sarkozy made it very clear that he would fight to keep Turkey out. Paraphrasing again: they are not European, we do not need Europes borders closer to Iran and Iraq, their government is unstable and we dont need the islamism. I will fight to keep them out (emphatic on this point if not the rest of the EU question – compared with Sego, Blair and Bush who would prefer to wait and then let them in)

The polls indicate the debate hasnt affected the swing either way. The Right still see Sarko as the policy and change ‘Master’ and the Left see Sego as the Batailleuse. My local newsagent (who is of course  pretty unrepresentative of all but loves his politics nonetheless!) thinks Sarko will make France more competitive and that Sego doesnt have it in her to be a President on policy alone.  Whatver – he was keen to make sure Troll knows that Chirac was un grand voleur.

At the moment my preference is 100% for Sarko Sarko Sarko, my money however would be on Segelene. She came across pretty well.  If Sarko fails on Sunday i wondered about inviting hin to the UK. Im sure there is some piece of EU bureacracy that could help out there.

Blair on Sarko in Paris Match (French magazine) today: “You tell me that there are those who call Sarkozy the new Blair. Poor man. Thats a heavy burden to carry”



A Royal Tantrum

By ATWadmin On May 3rd, 2007 at 11:41 am

Ever tried to have a civilised debate with a Leftie?
It looks like Leftist French Presidential Candidate, Mme Royal has shot herself in the foot in a recent debate with her opponent Msr Sarkozy.
Here are some tidbits of the debate:
From CNN
SARKOZY: “Calm down, don’t point at me with your finger like that.” …
ROYAL: “No, I won’t calm down.”
SARKOZY: “To be president you have to be calm.”
ROYAL: “Not when there is injustice. There is anger that is perfectly healthy… I won’t allow the immorality of political speeches to gain the upper hand.”
SARKOZY: “I don’t know why Madame Royal, who is usually calm, has lost her cool.”
ROYAL: “I have not lost my cool, I’m angry. It’s not the same, don’t be contemptuous, Mr Sarkozy.”
And from the NY Times
Mr. Sarkozy, the former interior and finance minister, had to fight off the demon that has tormented him: his image as an authoritarian figure with a volatile temper. For Ms. Royal, the debate was her last chance to turn around polls that consistently put Mr. Sarkozy in the lead.
… Mr. Sarkozy was also stopped short in mid-sentence [BY SEGOLENE] over and over.
“Will you let me finish?” he asked at one point.
“No,” Ms. Royal said.
“Ah,” Mr. Sarkozy replied.
By midway, Ms. Royal’s perpetual smile disappeared from her face.
Isn’t this just like a rabid Leftist? Used to being feted by all and sundry, they just can’t have a polite chat about policies. Oh la la!
Hat tip: The Astute Bloggers