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US government in common sense shock!

By ATWadmin On May 3rd, 2007 at 7:05 am

fairrington_jpg_w300h225.jpgThe US government is reportedly seeking to tighten visa restrictions for British citizens of Pakistani origin. Homeland Security Secretary Michael Chertoff had discussed options with London about revising the visa waiver programme, the New York Times said.

Good. And what does the quisling Left think of it?:

The UK Home Office said it would be unacceptable to "single out citizens of any particular background".

You don’t get a better endorsement than that. Go for it, Chertoff.

Oxford Union Hearts America!

By ATWadmin On May 3rd, 2007 at 6:58 am

I’m happy to see that historic debating society, the Oxford Union, has rejected a motion stating that “the House regrets the founding of America…”

The motion, expressing the ubiquitous and predictable anti-American bias present throughout Britain, comes as no surprise.

And the hefty dose of  British self-loathing inherent in the statement borders on the pathological.

In an article for the BBC, Matt Frei  recognizes the folly of such self-hate and  sings (reluctant) praises to America:

We Europeans created America and to regret this is to engage in a colossal act of self-denial verging on self-mutilation. We have a stake in its survival and its success and we ought to nurture it, not bring it to its knees or delight in its misfortunes. We can criticise its leaders without regretting its existence.

As a proud American patriot, one not suffering from pathological self-abnegation, I would like to add:  

God Bless America!    And for that matter, God Bless the United Kingdom!

Anyone But the SNP

By ATWadmin On May 3rd, 2007 at 6:57 am

Voters in Scotland are going to the polls to elect the new 129 members of their regional parliament.  For the last number of weeks pollsters have been predicting a major coup for the SNP, who are set to oust Labour after nearly half a century of the latter’s predominance in Scottish politics.  I’m sure they will be right.  On the other hand, I don’t think regional separatism should have any place in the politics of this United Kingdom.  My gripe is that whilst the national parties agree with me regarding Scotland and Wales, they don’t concerning Northern Ireland.

Irish republicans salivate at the chances of the SNP winning in Edinburgh.  Ironic given their ‘dislike’ and subsequent murderous campaign to rid ‘their’ (ha!) island of a border.  They seem quite content to see their neighbouring island partitioned.  Further proof, is any were needed, that republicanism is not about borders on a map; it is about old-fashioned Brit loathing.  That’s OK.  There are thousands of Brits out there who can reciprocate that loathing – sinew for sinew.

I wish to make clear my disagreement with Simon Heffer in yesterday’s Daily Telegraph.  For a man who has advocated Unionism for so long (and a figure whose opinions I mostly admire) to come out and tell Scots to vote for the SNP so as to trigger a rise in English nationalism is disturbing.  My country and my identity do not stop at Gretna.  They stop at Herma Ness, Lizard Point, Lowestoft and Belleek.  If the Scots want to give Labour a kicking, so be it.  There’s plenty of opportunity with other parties without resorting to boosting the ego and arrogance of a Scotsman who already has far too much.  Underneath Salmond’s smiles and ‘buddy, buddy with England’ talk lies a man with an Anglophobic agenda and a desire to tear asunder 300 years of a Union which gave the world more than most other countries put together.

On This Day…03.05

By ATWadmin On May 3rd, 2007 at 6:48 am

1494 – Christopher Columbus discovers Jamaica while in search of a westward route to the East.

1903 – The world’s first electric train runs through the Mersey Railway Tunnel linking Liverpool and Birkenhead.

1934 – Science fiction writer HG Wells predicts there will be a major world war before 1940.

1951 – The Festival of Britain is opened by King George VI. Built on an old bomb site near Waterloo Station in London.

1958 – US president Eisenhower proposes the demilitarisation of Antarctica.

1999 – The body of missing British climber George Mallory is found near the summit of Mount Everest. He went missing more than 60 years earlier.

Hungry for More?

By ATWadmin On May 2nd, 2007 at 9:59 pm

‘Stop Press: The H-Block Hunger Strikers Memorial Society holds its annual midnight orgy at Milltown Cemetery!’

Warmest April on Record Confirmed

By ATWadmin On May 2nd, 2007 at 8:51 pm

image.jpgLast month was the warmest April in the UK on record, with virtually no rain in some areas, the Met Office said. Rainfall in the driest region, East Anglia, was only 5% of the expected amount, and even in the wettest parts of Scotland it was down 30%.

BBC forecaster Tomasz Schafernaker said it had been an "absolutely incredible" month across the whole of the UK.

Yes darling, smashing wasn’t it? May’s shaping up nicely too.

And now if you’ll excuse me, I’m off to dump another fridge …..

A Little Local Difficulty

By ATWadmin On May 2nd, 2007 at 8:14 pm

Tomorrow is the big day for the political parties.  Voting takes place in three out of the four regions which make up the United Kingdom.  Wales and Scotland choose members of their respective ruling bodies; English voters get the change to change up to 10,000 council seats.  Radio shows will be full of commentary from tomorrow onwards, but for me these elections say more about the failure of politics in the UK than anything else. 

I voted by post due to my holiday in Malta.  I voted Conservative. Notwithstanding my disgust and revulsion at the alien invasion of this country under this government, coupled with the steadfast refusal of certain immigrant groups to integrate, I cannot vote for the BNP.  I sympathise with many of their points and understand the frustrations of those who vote for them.  However, anti-Semitism still lies at the heart of many on the far-Right.  Furthermore, I cannot vote for a party whose delineation of acceptability lies purely in skin colour.  I am against mass immigration – full stop!  I don’t discriminate on the amount of one’s skin pigmentation.

Polls point to a Labour drubbing.  Fantastic!  Can it be resurrection time for the Conservatives?  Hardly!  Under the namby-pamby photo-op persona of Cameron, the Conservatives are still a wide margin short of what is needed to return to power at Westminster.  I voted Tory because it was the best of a very bad bunch.  If millions more vote in a like-minded fashion, what does that say about the ‘appeal’ of Cameron’s party?

Today’s Conservatives are a party of southern England.  They have no council seats in Liverpool, Manchester or Newcastle.  Last year there was talk of a Tory ‘breakthrough’ on Manchester City Council when the party was predicted to win its only realistic chance of a councillor – in the Withington area.  It didn’t materialise.  And this in an area of the city that retained a Conservative MP in the Labour landslides of 1945 and 1966.  Looking at it from this perspective, Cameron should do less hubris and more hard work.

As for the turn-out, what are we looking at?  30%? 35% maybe?  Does this look healthy in a country whose parliament proclaims to be the cradle of contemporary democracy.  Billy Connolly once exhorted people not to vote ‘as it only encourages the bastards’.  My advice is to vote purely to ensure our representatives don’t treat us in exactly that way.

7/7 inquiry

By ATWadmin On May 2nd, 2007 at 3:03 pm

Rachel from North London is asking people to sign this. Id like to ask – Why do we need one? Who else are we to apportion blame to unless it helps railroad the questions about the ‘success’ of Britains multi-cultural ‘experiment’ now ditched even by Labour? We can’t measure our Securitys failures as we arent privvy to the sort of information they hold, and we cant be privvy to the information they hold unless they release what makes them successful and gives them an advantage in this case. Why do we need to lay blame at the feet of those seeking to protect us when they are in an unprecedented and vital situation, rather than openly discuss the issues that matter and which could be tackled? This latest case was a success. It avoided destruction and death. There will however possibly be as many east London fiascos as there will be these successes. A sobering thought and one which we need to get used to. But that just proves HOW unprecedented this is – why heap more pressure on the people saving lives? Our MSM did us a favour. Did the Undercover Mosques programme not reveal enough? What is being done about it? How do we get rid of this Saudi firebrand influence. Why is there this self loathing in the UK that weakens people to this influence? How do we refocus and feel some pride in who we are? Is there any sense to setting up a government petition to ask that this programmes findings be investigated and the results reported back to the public? It is a cultish gang & thug-like form of Islam (impo) that is taking root as the ‘norm’ and allowed to do so. This is what should be challenged – rather than the people in our security services saving lives.

Sharia in the UK? – What else is new?

By ATWadmin On May 2nd, 2007 at 1:19 pm


After Dee’s post on Sharia, a few thoughts on our way and their way…

Following my earlier post on the ‘terrorist police’ protest, a commentator wrote "It makes me angry that it doesn’t tic with most people. It’s all so commonplace anymore. Muslims protest, riot, burn cars, scream racism/islamophobia, throw stones, and sue people on a regular basis to, damnit, get their way!!!

Normal citizens have learned to keep their opinions to themselves for fear of being labeled something nasty. Name calling IS worse than sticks and stones anymore. We’ve been PC’ed into craven cowardice and normalized into acceptance of special interest, anti-societal behaviour by a group of protected minorities. What else is new these days?"

Which is pretty much the crux of it. The moslems jump up and down with full measure of ‘sound and fury’, and then by and large get what they want. This is bad on two main points. Firstly, because what moslems want of Western Society (whatever that is, but more on that another time) is generally bad for Western Society and its citizens, and Secondly because it teaches those of us watching events with disbelief one very important lesson. That the only way to get politicians and those in positions of power to listen to you is to threaten or commit acts of violence.

If I’ve read my colleagues’ posts here correctly, members of old IRA-type organisations are now to be in power. We know also that our own politicians’ behaviour during the Cartoon Jihad was truly despicable, especially in praising those magazines that didn’t dare print the cartoons for their ‘sensitivity’ (it is, of course, entirely beside the point that any magazine which wanted to do so knew what was later proved by police statement, that the safety of magazines and staff ‘could not be guaranteed’ by police), that our politicians believe mohometanism to be a ‘religion of peace‘, that you can essentially get away with incitement to violence and murder if you’re the right colour and creed.

 What else is new?

In the light of this weariness of jihad, the desire for sharia law in Britain described here, and the implementation of sharia law in Britain described here, are perhaps not so surprising. A blogger from Wales posting as the Green Arrow recently posted an article showing one of the fruits of that religion of peace from, I believe, Indonesia. The picture and story, though, happened over a year ago now, so of course someone had to go and make the comment of ‘This happened a year ago, why post it now? What about Iraq?!’ I hope to get a fuller post from Green Arrow for publication later, but this in itself helps illustrate, I think, the ennui which will certainly be our downfall if we do not arise from it.

Over on Little Green Footballs a while back, a comment was made by one of their commentators that there needs to be, globally, a reaction against this. The idea being that we need to collectively say ‘I’m mad as hell, and I’m not gonna take it anymore!’. A great idea in theory, but how could it ever be put into practice under our current conditions? Could it ever happen?

Today an ‘extreme, unrepresentative minority’ carries out an act of violence in the Indonesia, or the Phillipines. Tomorrow in Germany, or France, and it’ll be ‘persons of middle-eastern appearance’. The day after that, in the US, or the UK. The Tubes were bombed, the twin towers fell, and meanwhile sharia to ‘seeps in under our own front doors’ in the form of burkha-babes bustling behind male agitators protesting against imagined witch-hunting of moslems. About this, no-one really seems to care. About halal banking in the UK, no-one seems to care. About the increasing islamisation of our own nation and those of our European neighbours, no-one seems to care. At least, not enough to recognise the enemy and agitate for measures against him. On the day of the London bombings, the Evening Standard (major London daily tabloid) ran a splash front-page reading ‘LONDON STANDS UNITED’. It was false then, and it is false now. London, England, all of the West, is under an ungoing invasion by, not an ‘alternative culture’ (a term laden with relativism from the first) but an ideology hell-bent on the subverting and destroying all we hold dear in Western Society. No-one seems to care.

Meanwhile, in the ‘real world’, change the channel. Turn up the music. Which celebrity is divorcing which and what’s the latest score?

What else is new? 

Sharia Law’s brutal punishments

By ATWadmin On May 2nd, 2007 at 12:39 pm

Woman being prepared for stoning in the Middle East In stone-age Northern Iraq, just a fortnight ago, a rabble of cursing, violent men bursts into a house and drags out a terrified Kurdish 17-year-old girl. Her screams and pleas for mercy fill the air which only fuels on the frenzy of the crowd. They tie her hands behind her back and bury her up to her chest in a crude pit dug in the ground outside the village limits. Her heart beating frantically, her screams turn into sobbing as she realizes that there will be no mercy today.
Around her in the crowd, she sees relatives amongst the twisted faces. Uncle Ahmed who used to bring her sweets. Surely he’ll help her. She calls to him. He bends to select the rocks with the other men.
The instructions for a stoning are very specific; the rocks must not be so small as not to cause damage but not so big as to kill too quickly. The men find the most jagged rocks they can and the first ones pound her face, breasts and shoulders. Her cries die out as the first blood and spittle spray from the girl’s upper body. Her agony lasts for 30 minutes.
This is the punishment inflicted on a young Kurdish girl, a non-Muslim this month for being away from home for the night with her boyfriend, a Muslim. She had originally been given shelter in the home of a Yezidi tribal leader. His home was stormed to seize the victim and carry out this inhuman punishment. Believing that the girl, a Yezedi had been murdered by her family for converting to Islam to please her boyfriend, the enraged Muslims then stormed the Yezedi community to take revenge. I quote:

This stoning, incidently, led to the massacre of 23 Yezedis by Muslims who believed Du’a was murdered for converting to Islam.

I could not watch the video but I have fleshed out the story from research I’ve done on other eye-witness reports of stonings in the Middle East. The video clip of an eye-witness of this particular stoning and further details can be found here
It’s unknown how many women are being stoned in the Middle East. This site believes that there are several in Iran waiting for stoning to be carried out now, while this site gives further details of more stonings and some other gruesome death sentences being carried out.
It’s time that this barbaric culture puts an end to stoning, hanging, amputation, flogging and all other barbaric tortures being carried out in the name of Sharia Law. And while this goes on across the planet, Sharia Law seeps in under our own front doors!