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By ATWadmin On March 23rd, 2007 at 5:46 pm

And so another week rolls by, and don’t they all go so quickly? Friday again and time for another selection for the ATW jukebox. It was a close call between this song from a great band or else another classic, the ballad "The K K K took my baby away"! I choose this one, it’s fun too, it’s Friday – and I hope you enjoy it!!!

A spontaneous demonstration of apathy

By ATWadmin On March 23rd, 2007 at 3:58 pm

monnet.jpgThe “celebrations” marking the 50th anniversary of the Treaty of Rome seem very muted. For some reason the people of the various countries of the EU have managed to contain their enthusiasm and are not spilling into the streets waving the blue starry banner.

One would think the EU-supporters had much to congratulate themselves over, but for them there can be no resting on laurels – if the “project” isn’t going forward they start to panic. Everything so far is only part of the journey – the objective is still out there ahead of us.

In Britain, unlike on the continent, the matter is confused by the categoric refusal of our political class to admit that the destination for the founders was always a unified state, be it federal like the Bundesrepublik Deutschland, or directoire like the Republic de France. The alternative to these is the “Europe of Nation States” model which successive British governments since the War have espoused publicly, and which Thatcher eloquently outlined at Bruges, shortly before the pro-EU putsch removed her from power.

Politicians like Denis MacShane like to wring his hands and declare “if only we’d joined in 1957,” as if the problems such as the CAP would not exist had we done so. What he obscures is that Britain was kept out of the 1957 Treaty because the EU’s founding fathers knew the British government would insist upon an intergovernmental structure, rather than a supranational one. Also with regards to the CAP British membership was rejected (blocked by de Gaulle) precisely until the CAP had been established to the great benefit of France.


Much of the effort EU-supporters expend is in trying to construct a convenient myth, to make us see the creation and progress of the EU as a historical necessity, developping out of the carnage of two World Wars. They’d like us to see it as natural and inevitable that the independent states of Europe are subsumed into the unified and benevolent EU. As part of this, they seek to relabel the wars that ravished Europe in the 20th Century as a “European Civil War.” Whilst there is nothing to stop re-evaluations of the past in the light of the current state of affairs, we must be wary of revisionists eager to re-order History to suit their agenda for today.

For those who wish to preserve (or rather salvage) our national independence, the manifest dishonesty of the British political class over the last forty years and their reluctance to discuss the real issues is frustrating to say the least. All they can offer us are statements of a “passionate belief in Europe.” As with most “passionate beliefs”, they leave is little room for reasoned argument.


(Friday Euroquiz: who’s the man in the photo?)


all shall be revealed!!!

By ATWadmin On March 23rd, 2007 at 1:18 pm

horse.jpgATW readers are invited to guess the newest, or newest to me that is, addition to the English language. This new word is one which has been manufactured to cope, as it were, with a gap in the nation’s understanding of a very particular problem; and it’s generation, or manufacture, or whatever, was necessary to further our understanding of a crime!

The new ATW contest is to guess or uncover this new word, and to further your search, I have established the following clues:-

 ■    The Equal Opportunities Commission will be using this word a lot in the coming years!

 ■    Trevor Phillips would definitely approve of the use of this word, although perhaps not so much of the attitude which is described within this term!

 ■    The generic term from which this word springs is also widely used in a sport associated with horses.

 ■    I would be less than honest that when I read this word for the first time, I was firstly dumbstruck, and secondly the immortal words of the patron saint of right-wing thought sprang swiftly to my mind; namely “I don’t believe it!!!”

Your thoughts, offerings to the ‘comments’ sector on this post, please.

No prize will be offered, except possibly a “How on earth did you guess what I was thinking of?” posting mentioning the name of the winner!

I shall be publishing the answer within these pages on Monday morning 26th at approximately 11 a.m., so get your thinking caps on, folks!


Update. Upon checking, I find that my ‘Truly Silly words’ radar hasn’t been working for some time, and I should have detected this word a lot earlier than I did!



Update two. Maybe it is just a little too cryptic, so to let you get ever closer, my first update could be said to resemble the adverb, on purpose! 



Money for Terrorist Rope

By ATWadmin On March 23rd, 2007 at 11:58 am

Gordon Brown pledges £1bn of extra money conditional on the entry of the DUP into a Faustian pact with one set of terrorists (the IRA).  Moreover, the government is giving £1 million in cash to a fund to woo another set of terrorists (the UDA) away from violence.  It that how money is doled out in contemporary Ulster?  Reserved only for institutions and organisations of moral ill-repute?  Mmmmm.


By ATWadmin On March 23rd, 2007 at 11:56 am

Talk about grasping at Islamic straws in the wind! Did you see that there is a move afoot by some ..ahem.."Muslim feminists"….to re-translate the Koran and to challenge the conventional interpretation of certain passages within it. These include the direction to beat women. Now then, on the one hand you have to admire them for challenging the perverse Imams BUT it seems to me that the Koran is pretty explicit and that its pathological hatred of women needs exposed rather than cloaked in rhetorical debate as to whether words MAY mean something else than they seem to. 


By ATWadmin On March 23rd, 2007 at 11:43 am

Regardless of what one thinks of the  Israeli/Palestinian conflict, can we all agree that there is something VERY WRONG about a Palestinian society that shows a music video in which a four-year-old girl sings the praises of her suicide bomber mother and vows to follow in her footsteps?

The little girl grasps a stick of dynamite from a drawer in her mother’s dressing-table and says: "

"I will follow Mummy".

You can follow the link and see the video here.

My point is that glorifying indiscriminate mass murder, and using a CHILD to advance such an aim, is just plain sick. Hamas TV produced the video – Hamas receives the overwhelming endorsement of the Palestinian electorate. Does that make praising suicide-bombers acceptable, normal? 

Perhaps those who advocate the establishment of a Northern Ireland administration containing terrorists – "because of their electoral mandate" – might reflect on the progress of the democratically elected Hamas party – and what happens when some pretend that all is well with such – when in fact the sickness that elects such monsters is profound and goes untreated.


By ATWadmin On March 23rd, 2007 at 11:27 am

Wonder what you make of the news that a British man has filmed himself committing suicide live over the internet via a webcam? Police who burst into a 53-year-old man’s home but they were unable to revive him and declared him dead at the scene. He had appeared to self-harm while talking to others in an on-line chat room on Wednesday night. Police officers rushed to the man’s house in the Wellington area of Shropshire and broke in to reach him. But they found him collapsed on the floor unconscious and were unable to bring him back to life.

How sad and yet what a pathetic end to a life. I feel very sorry for his family and wonder how things had sunk so low in his life that he ended up losing it on a webcam? I also wonder about the sort of "on-line chat rooms" where people self-harm? Should these be banned or do we allow people the liberty to kill themselves in this public way? Is it a kindness to allow such Darwinism to proceed unopposed? I guess these are some of the issues that the internet revolution now present us. Wish the answers were so obvious…

Small price to pay?

By ATWadmin On March 23rd, 2007 at 10:57 am

If you want proof of the sheer rottenness of Northern Ireland’s media, look no further than this morning’s News Letter editorial.

Darwin Templeton tells us that the £1.2 million handed to the hoodlums of the UDA is “a small price to pay” and claims that the money “will be used to breathe new hope into deprived areas”.

Many working class Protestant areas do feel “isolated, politically disenfranchised and largely ignored”.

The UPRG/UDA, however, are NOT the people to change that.


By ATWadmin On March 23rd, 2007 at 10:51 am

I posted a story recently about the DISGUSTING decision by the UK Government to award £1.2 MILLION to the representatives of the terror group the UDA. I was glad to see that ATW readers were equally sickened by this.

 But – HOW ABOUT THIS? Less than 24 hours later, a senior police officer has confirmed that the UDA are "still up to their necks" in extortion rackets. Truth will out, even in the depraved world of the Northern Ireland "peace process." At every turn, those who have murdered, maimed and terrorised their fellow citizens, are being rewarded. This is an abomination and it is why I can never accept that the "peace process" is worthy. It is far from that – and as Government lines the pockets of the terrorists, and the poor stupid DUP prepare to share power with terrorists – it may well be that voices like mine are marginalised further as the prospect of dissent is unwelcome to virtually all the pigs at the trough. So as the establishment throws the £££millions at the gangsters even as they extort further £££millions – it is more important than ever that a voice of principled dissent to this depravity is heard – and ATW is the place to hear it! I offer you Samuel Morrisons latest post on the corruption of the Newsletter editorial as further evidence that we are fast becoming the opposition to our toxic political process.


By ATWadmin On March 23rd, 2007 at 10:37 am

Unlike the rest of my family, I’m not a huge sports fan so I greeted the prospect of what seems an unfeasibly lengthy Cricketing World Cup with some dismay – as I am sure it will be watched endlessly in the Vance household! (Anyway. I’m too busy writing to be watching cricket, which I think is a decidely ODD sport – I mean it stops for TEA for goodness sake!) But events in Jamaica, where the event is taking place, have produced a high profile murder and murky talk of rigged games and international  gambling syndicates!

Pakistan coach Bob Woolmer has been now confirmed as having been murdered, following his teams loss to Ireland last week! The newslines are buzzing with all kinds of stories but I guess what strikes me most is the proximity that international crime has to international sport. Maybe it’s always been like that – but when we read about a Head Coach of a Cricket team being strangled – something is very rotten in the State indeed!