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just what I choose it to mean,

By ATWadmin On February 14th, 2007 at 11:52 am

According to this commentator, Iran is deeply misunderstood, is not functioning as a clearing house for ‘jihad’ fools; is not fuelling terror against Israel by funding the rockets and bombings of Hamas; is planning to build a nuclear reactor powered by it’s own enriched uranium because it believes in a spread of power-generation methods; is not bent upon the destruction of Israel, but rather the destruction of ‘Zionism’; and finally the writer is convinced that Iran is more in danger of a nuclear holocaust from Israel than the other way around!

Now seeing that the website is South Korean, I can maybe understand why the editors have labelled Mr. Bailey’s piece ‘Opinion’, as perhaps they don’t understand the weird and wonderful ways of the apologists for terror, but I would have at least thought they would have removed the ‘Opinion’ tag, and re-labelled it as ‘Fiction’!

nothing to see here, move along please

By ATWadmin On February 14th, 2007 at 11:19 am

You couldnt make it up. "Congestion in central London is almost as bad as it was before the daily charge was introduced four years ago, according to official figures. Traffic delays have risen sharply in the past two years and will rise further next week when the zone doubles in size with a westwards extension into Kensington and Chelsea, Transport for London said. The loss of most of the benefits of congestion charging is causing concern in other cities that have been considering whether to follow London’s lead"

Ken Livingstone, is so concerned by the rise in delays …that he is ramming up charges. He said that he hoped that drivers would “take the opportunity to switch to public transport”.

This, KEN, would be the public transport that adds to the congestion – the buses that are backed up from New Oxford Street to Finsbury. The ones that hoover up passengers at bus stops til you cant breathe, were designed for handicapped people and mothers with buggies that you never see on them and which you failed to organise any air conditioning for. Oh and gone are the days when getting on a bus simply required purchasing a ticket from the driver or a grumpy (how i miss them!) conductor. Now it involves something akin to getting your passport to travel abroad more commonly knows as your Lobster ( i mean ‘Oyster’) card.  Since red is his colour: Happy Valentines Day – you bastard.


By ATWadmin On February 14th, 2007 at 9:40 am

I think it says it all about the perverted values of our Government that it puts the lives of SAS soldiers at risk so that they can extricate four terror suspects from likely execution overseas. Naturally, the four alleged Jihadists were released on to Britain’s streets hours after being rescued by the Government. 

The four, who are British citizens of North-African origin in their twenties, were seized on the Kenyan border with Somalia by special forces – possibly the SAS, who are known to be operating in the area. They were reportedly trying to escape from Somalia where they were suspected of fighting in a Jihadi struggle with terrorists linked to Al Qaeda.

Get that? Four Britains – (Muslims naturally) – fighting Jihad overseas! And what to do we do when the lawful forces that they are waging Jihad against capture them? Yes- spring ’em from captivity, whisk them back to freedom and liberty in good old Blighty. Unbelievable.

Sooner, rather than later, these emboldened Jihadists will strike again in the UK, and our Government will ONLY have itself to blame for the ensuing carnage. It actually now IMPORTS Jihadists – rather than permit foreign Governments to deal with them! How we can win a war on terror when our Government colludes with the terrorists????


By ATWadmin On February 14th, 2007 at 9:18 am

I happened to catch an item carried on Radio 5 this morning focusing on the impact sport has on our global environment. In essence, the BBC story was suggesting that any sport that involves people travelling by air is having a serious impact on the environment.

Tennis was being singled out this morning for the eco-wacko treatment with the point being made that because Tennis is an individual sport (Gasp horror!) this means tennis players travelling all around the world to participate in various tournaments. In turn this results in them having an increased carbon footprint, ergo they become a menace to the planet. Events like Formula 1 Grand Prix Racing were also singled out as hazardous to Planet Earth.

I got the impression that hiding at the back of this story was the agenda that we may need to stop international sport – in the name of saving Planet Earth. If we want to stop global warming, then it may mean that the concept of global sports is abolished.

bottom of the league

By ATWadmin On February 14th, 2007 at 9:11 am

The UK and US have come bottom of Unicefs league on child well being. Whilst European countries dominate.  The wide ranging report examines general well being.  In ‘risk behaviours’ the UK is at the foot of the rankings by "a considerable distance". (Risk behaviours being defined as smoking, being drunk, using cannabis, fighting and bullying and sexual behaviour).  Their subjective sense of well being also falls well short.  You dont need Unicef to tell us these problems. They are obvious.  In covering the report last night Newsnight interviewed a range of kids and covered a number of issues.  The issue of boundaries came up.  The lack of them.  Parents and kids are fearful of each other, parents don’t or are unable to establish boundaries and probably lack even basic parenting skills, and kids are frightened of their peers. Kids didnt feel that families spend enough time together, one mentioned there is ‘nothing to do except have sex and drink’ – and they dont rate their own sense of self worth very highly.   Typically Labour blamed poverty.  The Tory shadow minister however seemed to be more on the right track.

"I don’t actually think government has the answer to all these problems.  This is not all about politicians in Westminster passing laws, it’s about social responsibility, it’s about parents taking greater responsibility for their children, it’s about trusting teachers in classrooms, it’s about us as neighbours in a society playing our part as well…. children also need boundaries and those in charge of children, whether its teachers in the classroom, need greater responsibilities in terms of disciplining those children, but also parents need to play their part."

I dont think we have a great sense of family here in comparison to our European neighbours – and government could do something to improve that, he touches on that himself since disciplining kids will land you in court – you could consider offering similar financial support support packages for families to spend more time with their kids, encourage other skills in kids who arent academic rather than merely forcing everyone through a weak low level university system or onto welfare and early parenthood.  But ultimately no, he’s right the government does not have all the answers.


By ATWadmin On February 14th, 2007 at 9:09 am

So, here we are on the 14th February – Valentine’s Day. Didn’t want to let it pass without dedicating this song to my wife. It’s not the original version but it’s from the movie about the song-writer’s life. I happen to think it is a lovely song – a charming few moments to reflect on what is really important in life. Be good to each, y’all hear? 

Talking Point – 13.02.07

By ATWadmin On February 13th, 2007 at 7:49 pm

‘If a man is breathalysed because of dodgy driving, but then the test proves negative, he doesn’t receive an apology from the police for the inconvenience.  So why should bleating cretins like these two receive an apology – especially after they have taken British taxpayers to the cleaners?’  Discuss.


By ATWadmin On February 13th, 2007 at 6:56 pm

To every committed socialist, it is a bastion of egalitarianism and the epitome of a classless society.  Auntie Beeb once told us of its ‘fantastic’ health care; Chavez of Venezuela likes to go and meet Fidel there; T-shirts with the image of Che continue to do the rounds in every university student’s dope den.  I am talking about Cuba – that 700-mile sausage-shaped commie paradise sweltering in the incessant heat of rampant poverty.

For the many thousands who have been (my father went there a few years ago) the truth is far from the Lefty idyll.  Cuba is the poorest country in the Caribbean with the exception of Haiti.  It is a country whose people are prepared to face the hazardous conditions of traversing a shark-infested ocean on the flimsiest of vessels in order to escape to the bright lights of the United States.  What does that tell you about life in a country held in the iron grip of every socialist loon’s pin-up boy?

For some reason (and I have covered this issue before) the European media seem remarkably reluctant to unearth the facts about Cuba.  You hear tales of poverty in African nations – including those off-limits to British journalists.  Yet, even in the face of undeniable proof, seldom has anything been written about contemporary Cuba.  The media gurus could tell us that reporting there is strictly controlled (somewhat ironic in a land many journalists see as a fillip for their own anti-Americanism).  If so, what is to prevent them reporting from the towns along the Florida panhandle, with its thousands and thousands of Cuban ex-pats who have braved adversity to flee Castro’s clutches?

Cuba is no Caribbean paradise.  It is an island suffering from economic devastation brought about primarily by the dogma of its leader.  It is an island whose population harbour a longing to see Castro dead and gone in the hope that they might join the rest of North America in the 21st Century.

On This Day…13.02

By ATWadmin On February 13th, 2007 at 6:48 pm

1542 – Catherine Howard, 5th wife of King Henry VIII, is beheaded on Tower Green.

1692 – The ‘Massacre at Glencoe’ in the Scottish Highlands. After being lured to a meeting place, the MacDonalds are killed by their traditional enemies, the Campbells.

1917 – In Britain, women are allowed to become taxi drivers for the very first time.

1945 – Hundreds of British bombers launch a massive Allied air raid against the city of Dresden, Germany. Over a three-day period, 3,900 tons of explosives and incendiaries were dropped by 1,300 British and American aircraft, reducing much of the city to smouldering rubble.

1960 – France becomes the world’s fourth nation to build and successfully explode an atomic bomb.

1996 – British pop group ‘Take That’ announce they are splitting up.

read all about it!

By ATWadmin On February 13th, 2007 at 1:26 pm

Announcing the new, all-leather, sub-editor’s headline competition for all ATW readers. As you might know, at one time the alleged winner of the famous Times competition to find the most boring headline was one Cyril Connolly with his epic “Small earthquake in Peru…..Not many dead”

So, based on the slightly different theme of ‘The most Biting Political Headline’, this writing being the one which the author would WISH to see in Print; I am once again asking all comers to write their selected brief, succinct and biting ‘Headline’. and submit their offerings in the comments section of this posting!

Rules are as follows:-

The Editor’s decision is final, and only open to the usual political pressures of bribery, corruptive influence, and presents contained within brown envelopes!

One entry or headline only per Entrant.

Deadline for entries will be this Friday 16th at noon G.M.T., (none of this unified or foreign rubbish time for me)! The winning entry shall be selected by Sunday 18th!  

The prize shall consist of, as in our first contest, being the author of a Guest Post on the ATW blogsite. The winner, once announced, should contact the e-mail address given at the top of the blogsite, and the post will be published under my name, but with the actual author featured within the post!

Let the good times roll!