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On This Day…25.03

By ATWadmin On March 25th, 2007 at 1:49 pm

1306 – Robert Bruce is crowned King of the Scots at Scone.

1609 – English navigator and explorer Henry Hudson (who gave his name to Hudson Bay in Canada) sets off on his third voyage attempting to find the north-west passage from the Atlantic to the Pacific Ocean.

1807 – British parliament abolishes the slave trade.

1843 – Official opening of the Rotherhithe Tunnel under the River Thames in London.

1949 – The film Hamlet, starring British actor Laurence Olivier, wins five Oscars – the first British film to win an academy award.

1957 – Six European nations (France, West Germany, Italy, Belgium, Holland & Luxembourg) sign the Treaty of Rome to create a mutual trading bloc which becomes known as the Common Market.

how sweet the sound…?

By ATWadmin On March 25th, 2007 at 11:32 am

Upon this 200th of the legal abolition of Great Britain’s involvement in the slave trade, the resounding calls by all the liberal left intellectual rabble-rousers for apologies, either collectively or singly, gain ever louder and harsher tones! The question must be asked; if some person or government says "Sorry", who benefits? Would it be the individuals or groups who have so vociferously called for apologies, and latterly for reparations from the offending Governments, the very inheritors of the wealth seemingly produced by the trade in human beings; or would it be the descendants of those unfortunate people who were crammed into sail ships such as the "Madagascar" immortalised as the source of the smell of death by William Wilberforce. The film "Amazing Grace" is commended by this writer for the powerful portrayal of a decent man’s struggle against possibly insurmountable odds, for the remembrance it gives, and for no other reasons!

Time has passed much by, and the slave trade should be no exception. The deeds and things, done and agreed over two centuries past, have a relevance into the present, but the inheritors of the results of these deeds and beliefs bear no responsibility for those deeds, and should therefore never apologise. We may as well ask the Americans to apologise for the actions within "Wounded Knee", or the Afghanis for the massacre of the British Army column during it’s retreat from Kabul. There is an American aphorism which should suffice as a reply to the calls for apology, and it is "Shit Happens!"

We do not hear of the everyday slavery still practised in most of the Arabic world, with women relegated to a very secondary role in life, denied their freedom to walk unencumbered with clothing dictated by a bunch of old men, denied the vote, denied the right to marry whom they wish and denied the right to a fair trial! If that’s not slavery, what is? We do not hear condemnation of the vast prison factories in Communist China, the "Laogai" where upwards of forty million labour in silence to produce many of the goods which adorn the homes in the West, courtesy of B&Q, Homebase and the many American discount shops! We don’t hear a great deal about the modern slaves of Brazil, whose plight is rarely discussed within polite liberal circles, whilst the tea is carefully laid upon tables made from Brazilian hardwoods.

There was a time for apologies, when the slavers were made bankrupt by the British law, backed up by a British Royal Navy which wasn’t bound by political expediency, but by the simple law of decency. There was a time for apology, when Lincoln’s Emancipation proclamation freed the blacks of the American South, but that time was wasted by both the Confederacy and the Federal forces, entangled as they were in a deadly bitterness of Civil War, and since the Federals never gave the mules, never mind the ‘forty acres’, the freed slaves soon gave up trying! We should blank our ears at the calls for apologies, and think only that most people get the Government which they deserve, and the heritage which they create!


By ATWadmin On March 25th, 2007 at 9:29 am

Paisleyapnewbody.jpgIt is confirmed that the DUP has agreed to share power with the IRA’s proxies – not by the Government deadline of the 26th March, but by a firm (undisclosed?) date in May. That’s about six weeks away.

So, what to say about all of this?

Well, it shows that just as soon as the DUP became the largest Unionist Party it became just as susceptible to the temptation of power as the Vichy Ulster Unionists did under Trimble. It also shows the absolute folly of voting for the DUP, since that has now proven akin to voting for IRA/Sinn Fein and has ensured Republican insurrectionists will now sit in our Government. It shows the moral bankruptcy of the DUP, and of the Free Presbyterian Church leadership which has silently stood by and allowed its Moderator, Dr Paisley, to conduct his sordid deal with terrorists. It is a betrayal of all those people, Protestant and Roman Catholic, who have had family butchered by the IRA. It is an abandonment of prior DUP electoral promises. It is the acceptance of the absolute bastardisation of the tenets of democratic government.

The day in May when the DUP gladly embrace the IRA, in government, has to be seen as the day Unionism of any value dies. It is clear that power at any price rather than political principle now drives both unionist parties, and as such they prefer unity with Irish Republicanism rather than union with Great Britain. Why can they not be honest about this – admit their pathetic Ulster Nationalism – and seek transparent terms of surrender into a United Ireland with the retention of their squalid little power base at Stormont? Why did they not just put their hands up in 1969 when the Provos started, say "We Surrender" and save all those thousands of lives? The moral collapse of the DUP is being carefully portrayed by the media as "progressiveness" – quite so. Progressive in the sense of a move away from democracy, a move away from British values, and a knife through the heart of Unionism. Well done Ian.


By ATWadmin On March 25th, 2007 at 9:08 am

Hms_cornwall203other.jpgSo, another day dawns and Iran continues to hold 15 British sailors hostage. But don’t despair. Mr Perma-tan himself, the multi-talented NI and Welsh Secretary of State and wannabe Labour Deputy PM Pete Hain, said their holding is of "tremendous concern" and that every negotiating option was being pursued.

Mmm.."negotiating" implies something being offered in exchange for something else, so are we to accept that our Government is seeking to establish Iranian wants so it can meet some of these in the hope our sailors may be released? Given Mr Hain’s preponderence to dally with terrorists maybe he should fly to Tehran and start another "peace process"? Iran is laughing at the West’s gutlessness -once more the paper tiger has been exposed by the Mullahs. I’m sure they are encouraged.

Suits you!

By ATWadmin On March 25th, 2007 at 1:41 am

brownLm1.JPGThe Government’s ID card scheme plans have been attacked from all sides for being on the one hand an outrageous violation of our rights as free citizens by an overbearing, authoritarian state, and on the other hand as a huge waste of our money.

Much as the first is their intention, and the second is not really a problem for them, as the contracts will be going to “friendly” companies, who in turn will no doubt remember their benefactors kindly, one avenue of finance is sure to be pursued with vigour – fines.

Whereas many continentals can’t see what the fuss is about when anglo-saxon libertarians start foaming at the mouth over ID cards and their relationship to 1984 and the ’60s cult series “The Prisoner”, they may change their minds if they knew the depth of knowledge our dear leaders intend to collect on us, and the devilishly ways they will find to fleece us for any mistake or omission in their information, and as with so many of this Government’s stealth taxes posing as fines, you will be GUILTY because they say so.


Recently our “PM- in-waiting” Gordon Brown was described as “Stalinist” by the ex- top civil servant Lord Turnbull. For some in Labour, that passes as a compliment.


It’s the result that counts

By ATWadmin On March 24th, 2007 at 9:32 pm

healy2.jpgOK. Northern Ireland didn’t play well against Liechtenstein and my heart was in my month on a number of occasions but the record books will record that we stuffed them.

It took a bit longer for us to score than I expected but we still got four goals(three of them from the boot of the gentleman in the picture) and three points.

On a more depressing note, the DUP today agreed to share power with the murderous enemies of Ulster and it doesn’t matter how they try to spin it.

Sinn Fein/IRA are terrorists today. They will be terrorist on Monday. They will be terrorists two months from now.

In politics, as in football, it’s the ultimate result that counts.


By ATWadmin On March 24th, 2007 at 9:00 pm

ATW regular Ernest Young writes…

"I noticed a small item regarding desertions from the US military. Quoted from the NYT….

"Military desertions during the Iraq War period remain below peacetime levels. Desertions rates actually jumped  in 2001, with nearly 1,000 more soldiers deserting when all we were doing was invading Afghanistan and hunting for Osama bin Laden, than since we opened the second GWOT front in Iraq, when desertions dropped. Desertion rates during Vietnam Redux nowhere near desertion rates during Classic Vietnam.  The 2006 increase mentioned above is still many hundreds below the popular war period of 2001 and 2002."


"House Speaker Nancy Pelosi, D-CA, said she was not alarmed by the number of Army Desertions. "When Democrats say ˜We support the troops", Representative Pelosi -(Democrat House Leader), said, "These are the troops we’re talking about."

Now I am all for so-called ‘free speech’, but surely such remarks, especially from someone in Pelosi’s position, must amount to outright sedition and treason. This from a woman who voted in support for the war – when it suited her political convenience!  Sadly, this behaviour has to be expected from today’s Democrat Party, they have sacrificed any pretense of honesty or integrity – that they would betray their country for no other reason than spite of an individual, seems utterly reprehensible…"

The Leopard Quietly Grows His Spots Back

By ATWadmin On March 24th, 2007 at 8:06 pm

Strange as it might seem for my first ATW post, it is a Guardian article I wish to highlight for all to peruse. It concerns the plight of the opposition parties in Russia, deepened further by Putin’s lackeys in the Supreme Court outlawing the small Republican Party in a move which reduces the official opposition to just three parties, former Chess champion Gary Kasparov’s United Civil Front, the National Bolsheviks, and the Popular Democratic Union.

Those of us with long memories remember all the Russian technology found within Iraq during the first Gulf War, and the Russian listening posts which were picked up by radio but never positively identified. Russia of course has a long history of providing weapons and aid to Arab States, even to the point of threatening military intervention during Arab-Israeli conflicts should Israel actually launch full-scale retalitaory invasions having defeated the Arab armies. Even today it was one of the first nations to recognise the Hamas terror government, indicating its continued willingness to maintain ties with the West’s enemies in the Middle East. As the USSR it used proxies throughout the world to attempt to destabilise and stretch the West militarily, but was always to some extent hampered in this goal by having its own military capability hamstrung by the need to internally administer such vast tracts of territory, many of them containing ethnically homogenous population groups which were at best uncooperative and even at times downright rebellious.

 Now of course the new Russia is unburdened by many of those unruly population groups, and is quietly but carefully rebuilding the  previously rotting infrastructure of its military. It has become aware that it can wield huge political power against Europe by use of energy supplies and of course by the EU’s eternal willingness to barter massive bargaining chips away for the sake of ‘goodwill’ when it comes to the democratic aspirations of its nominal client governments such as that of Belarus.

 It was just a few days ago that somebody chastised Tom Tyler on an ATW thread for ‘missing the fall of Communism’. Well, Communism may have fallen, but its traditions and (for the ‘ethnic Russians’) legacy of powerseeking definitely lives on. Welded into one leaner state, with a resurgent military and iron-hard dictatorial power, the ‘new Russia’ is it seems beginning to turn back into an entity the West should once again learn to regard with the utmost caution.



By ATWadmin On March 24th, 2007 at 12:21 pm

I was pleased to read that Gordon Brown’s public standing as the likely next prime minister has fallen sharply, according to a new poll. The Populus poll, undertaken on Wednesday evening and Thursday as voters digested the Budget measures, shows that more than twice as many people think that they will pay higher rather than lower taxes than before.

I wonder if all those Labour MP’s who greeted Brown’s Budget with cheers the other day are still cheering?


By ATWadmin On March 24th, 2007 at 11:03 am

Following the abduction of 15 British sailors by Iran, British Foreign Secretary Margaret a Beckett called in the Iranian ambassador in London to make it clear that the UK was not entirely happy with this and that it would be nice if they might find a way to release the sailors. So –  what does Iran do? Yip – moves them to Tehran, so much safer!

The British sailors are to be "interrogated" say Iranian news agencies. Looks like Beckett has shown her true mettle. Once we had an Iron Lady, now we have a Jelly Baby.

These sailors are being used as pawns by a belligerent Iranian regime, confident the gutless West will do nothing of consequence. I’m sure it is also linked to the UN vote on Monday regarding sanctions against Iran. Look upon it as a literal shot across the bows! My advice remains clear; a quick call to Ahmadinejad and the clear threat of massive military intervention to get our boys(and one girl) back. That’s the language that Iran understands – everything else is just hot air.