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I say ‘potato’……..

By Mike Cunningham On July 16th, 2017 at 9:02 am

Remember when the Ethnic Islamics were all over the front pages with this sort of thing?


So when the Bent Mob (Gay Pride Ex-Islamic Branch) puts out this sort of thing:-


The Ethnic Islamics get all hot under whatever they use for collars!


By Pete Moore On July 15th, 2017 at 6:37 pm

GOSH what a busy day. Having feared I’d have nothing whatsoever to do, it became filled with cricket, F1 qualifying and the Tour de France. Phew, all this sport leaves you puffed out. Have yourselves an Open Thread, one decorated with a vision of beauty and a message of hope.

Tell us what you know –

…and its not how you tell it, but getting the telling out!

By Mike Cunningham On July 15th, 2017 at 6:08 pm

If there was ever the ultimate demonstration of how the Internet has literally changed Politics; of how one man and one fringe Party has altered, literally altered beyond belief, the political map of Europe, it is in two Youtube videos.

The first is a speech by Nigel Farage to an audience comprising mainly Media staff and personalities, where he talks about how this change has been brought about. How a literate, charismatic businessman-turned-politician could make the difference between a tiny fringe Party with not much hope of anything; and then turn into the game-changer which was UKIP. He speaks of opportunities denied, of being ignored by the BBC and all mainstream media: and then, dramatically, the ability to reach a mass audience; of being able to reach anyone with a computer and broadband access: by virtue of  YouTube:- Read the rest of this entry »

I wonder, I do indeed wonder, how it would have turned out?

By Mike Cunningham On July 15th, 2017 at 1:43 pm

In 1975, I was living in South Africa, raising a family; but news from the Country of my birth still filtered through, despite the newspapers being four/five days later than publication. I watched at second hand as the lies, the sheer hammer of the Elite Establishment pounded any opposition to British involvement in the European Common Market, as it was then known; into the dust. The slightest reverberation of dissent, of a call that the best way would be for Britain to shake off those ever-stronger European bonds, which were supposed to be silken, but turned out to be cast iron, was ruthlessly crushed, with those who spoke the truth as they saw it, being ‘rubbished’ and virtually vilified.

The Oxford Union debates have been memorable, but most have been hardly publicised outside a fairly exclusive circle. They have been the cockpit for the debates such as ‘”This House will in no circumstances fight for its King and Country”, as well as the strange feminist squeals from Camilla Batmanwhatever. But one of the most important debates in the last Century was the one entitled ‘That this House would say ‘yes’ to Europe’; which question was referring to the Referendum on Britain’s membership of the European Economic Community. The speech which rings true as far as this observer recalls was hardly covered by most newspapers, brushed aside within the ‘learned commentariat’, and, in the end, firmly defeated in the debate. But the one word, spoken by Peter Shore, a Labour Politician, is and was echoed in another, much more recent Referendum which came to a very, very different conclusion. The conclusion of the later Referendum was that we should LEAVE the EU; and the echoed word? Why, it was simply ‘FEAR’. Now when was that term used, and how was it used in that later Referendum?

I give you Mr. Peter Shore, a prescient politician who, like many of his confreres both then and now, was dissed, insulted and virtually ostracised: for speaking the entire, unvarnished truth as he saw it!


Collusion Delusion……

By The Troll On July 15th, 2017 at 5:35 am

The number one Symptom of Trump Derangement Syndrome is Collusion Delusion.  A viscous viral disease spread through contact with those already infected with the mental disease of Liberalism.  Lets look at “Collusion” the word that sends the left into seizures.

Collusion is not a federal crime (except in the unique case of antitrust law), so we should all just stop using “collusion” as a short-hand for criminality. But that doesn’t mean that the alleged cooperation between the Trump campaign and Russia is of no criminal interest. To the contrary, if true, it may have violated any number of criminal prohibitions.

For example, if Donald Trump Jr. sought “dirt” on Hillary Clinton from the Russians, he might be charged with conspiring to violate the election laws of the United States, which prohibit foreign nationals from contributing any “thing of value” to an electoral campaign. The opposition dirt is at least plausibly a thing of value. And to the extent that the Trump campaign aided, abetted or advised the Russians (or any other hackers) about what would be most useful to steal from the Democrats or how best to enhance the impact of their release, they may well have violated the Computer Fraud and Abuse Act.

Hmm so collusion is NOT a crime. The Government has been investigating Donald J Trump and everyone associated with his Campaign since May 2016. 6 months before he was even elected up to now 7 months after he has been elected, so what other Laws or Statutes have this year long investigation revealed?  So far Not a Single Crime.

There is a Term that applies to investigations when NO CRIME has initiated the investigation. It’s called a “Fishing Expedition”.

So what is the basis of all this Hubbub?

During the Election Hillary Clinton committed a Felony, she was issued a Subpoena for her Illegal Server and ALL her E-Mails. Her response was to delete 33,000 e-mails, and have her Server Drives Permanently Wiped  Clean of ALL Data. Now according to Loretta Lynch and everyone who voted for her plus the Press this was OK. The fact that it was a Felony is irrelevant.

The other half the country was outraged at this blatant double Standard of the Prosecution of the Law.  Donald Trump was one of those People, and when asked about what he thought about the 33,000 deleted e-mails his response was “Maybe we should ask the Russians for copies of them”. Seeing that it is known that 5 Foreign Entities breached the Security of Mrs. Clinton’s ILLEGAL Server one of them being the Russians, Trumps statement made good sense.

Now the Perfect Storm….. The Clinton Campaign commissioned a Dossier on Mr. Trump from a group called Fusion GPS. They hired a retired MI6 Agent who let his imagination run wild. One of the stories he made up was that Trump paid hookers to urinate on a bed that the Obama’s Slept in. Now all the things in this Dossier have been discredited, but before the Dossier was discredited the Clinton’s got the Dossier to Brennan and Comey and because the imaginary info in this Dossier painted such a picture of corruption both immediately began investigations into Trump. So while Trump was running for President he became the first Candidate in American history that had the FBI and the Intelligence Community keeping him and his campaign under surveillance, doing opposition research for the Clinton’s.

In the meantime while they were examining Trump the Russians were busy Hacking the DNC and the Clinton Campaign. The hacking managed to expose that both these groups were rigging their own Primary against Sanders, and feeding the Cooperating Press False Stories on Trump.

Well even with all the fixing of the Primary and False stories planted in the Press, and despite the fact that she is the smartest woman that ever lived Hillary Clinton still LOST.

The outrage and shock that her Highness lost was just to much…. this can not be, and on that note the DNC sent out it’s paid thugs to riot all over the country. After this initial venting of steam that caused millions of dollars of destruction finally settled down the script was rolled out.

She Lost because of the RUSSIANS and they were given aid by the Trump campaign…. and for the past 7 months that has been the narrative EVERYDAY!

Now after a year of investigation not one crime has been unearthed. There have been several “smoking guns” like this weeks revelation that Donny Jr met with a Russian Bimbo because he was told she had Dirt on Hillary.  Now this is not a crime, but by Gum that’s it Jr committed Treason and Daddy needs to RESIGN!…..

There have been at least a dozen of these Smoking Guns, everyone one of them has shot blanks, just as this one with Jr is also a blank.

Hillary Clinton LOST she lost because of “COLLUSION” between the Russians and the Trumps. That’s their Story and they’re sticking to it…..

Do me a favor…… wake me when you find ANY EVIDENCE.


By Pete Moore On July 14th, 2017 at 8:24 pm

BECAUSE Friday night is Music Night

I think for once I have nothing to do this weekend. There’s no rugby, no football, the garden’s sorted (“not a total mess”) and I don’t follow that racquets thing in South London. It’s the cricket then. Have yourselves a jolly good one, whatever you have planned.

As always, feel free to share some fav sounds and no, I have no idea what’s going on at the start of this video –


By Pete Moore On July 14th, 2017 at 8:11 pm

WILL the scandals never end?

Standing in the marbled hall of the the Hôtel national des Invalides in Paris on Thursday, Trump was filmed looking Brigitte Macron, the wife of the French president, admiringly up and down.

“You’re in such good shape,” the US president told her. He then turned to her husband, newly elected French president Emmanuel Macron, who was standing beside him, and repeated: “She’s in such good physical shape.”

Liberals are so parochial. They like to think themselves worldly, cosmopolitan and informed. In truth they’re just metropolitan hicks. Set aside their rejection of gentlemanly manners, Trump was in France for goodness sake. It’s almost obligatory to compliment a woman there.


By David Vance On July 14th, 2017 at 6:25 pm

Breibart? Rebel Media? Yeah, right. Isn’t it time that a major new BRITISH based right of liberal digital platform was launched that also covered news and opinion in the US and beyond? WATCH THIS SPACE.


By David Vance On July 14th, 2017 at 6:22 pm

Islam has certainly impacted on British life. I ask you to consider the following;

Police have thwarted five terror attacks in the last four months, Britain’s most senior police officer has said. More than a dozen atrocities have been stopped in the last two years, including some in the last few weeks that were minutes from being carried out, revealed Metropolitan Police Commissioner Cressida Dick.  Thirty-six people have been killed, and scores more injured, in four terror attacks in the UK this year.

They keep coming. They will keep on killing. And when they do, the establishment will rally around the source of the killing. It is a war that we do not want to win. I have frequently stated my respect for our Intelligence services but as we know they cannot stop ALL terror attacks. More will get through and more innocent life will be lost.

..and (Queers now Rule) We decide what is taught in school!

By Mike Cunningham On July 14th, 2017 at 9:37 am

As I previously wrote regarding my council question, which apparently will be answered within the Council meeting, I was asking if the Council agrees with Ofsted or with me on the subject of teaching and describing homosexual acts and practices to small girls and boys.

I now read that the Vishnitz Girls School looks as though it is being forced to close down.

This harsh stance against alleged ‘bullying’ is promoted and encouraged by one Luke Tryl, who campaigned against homophobic bullying as head of education at the gay rights group Stonewall, as a special adviser.

His close ties to the Cabinet minister gave him huge influence and his appointment in 2014 coincided with a marked change in the approach to teaching LGBT issues in Britain’s schools.

Luke Tryl was appointed Director of Corporate Strategy at Ofsted, and the campaign appeared to step up a gear.


This clown is now in charge, and we all have to bow down before this Fascist bully, who wishes, as far as I can see, to wipe out Faith Schools within England who will not accommodate his homosexual viewpoints!