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By David Vance On May 19th, 2016 at 7:08 pm

Sad news. An EgyptAir flight from Paris to Cairo has crashed into the Mediterranean sea and the evidence points to this most likely being an act of terror. I see Hillary Clinton has been quick out of the blocks to comment;

It does appear that it was an act of terrorism. Exactly how, of course, is yet to be determined. It once again shines a very bright light on the threats that we face from organised terror groups. Isis of course but then there are other networks that have to be hunted down and defeated. And I think it reinforces the need for America leadership- for the kind of smart, steady leadership that only America can provide.”

The one thing she should make clear but doesn’t is that ALL terror networks that threaten western civilisation are ISLAMIC, Not all muslims are terrorists, but (pretty much) all terrorists are muslims.

This flight left from Charles De Gaule airport, Paris and it begs the question HOW was this plane brought down? If it was an at of terror, HOW was it executed and WHO was behind it?

This crash, coming not long after the previous MetroJet crash over the Sinai, marks a death knell for Egyptian tourism. I think this is disturbing but inevitable. Egypt is in peril as Islamic terror seeks to strangle it from the tourist revenue it depends upon.

Above all, our thoughts have to be with those souls who perished and their distraught families. Dreadful news.



The List

By The Troll On May 19th, 2016 at 12:29 am

Donald Trump released a list today of his potential Supreme Court Appointees.

The list includes: Steven Colloton of Iowa, Allison Eid of Colorado, Raymond Gruender of Missouri, Thomas Hardiman of Pennsylvania, Raymond Kethledge of Michigan, Joan Larsen of Michigan, Thomas Lee of Utah, William Pryor of Alabama, David Stras of Minnesota, Diane Sykes of Wisconsin and Don Willett of Texas.

It is a good list vetted by The Heritage Foundation and The Federalist Society. Trump continues to run his campaign unlike any candidate in History. Any of these Justices would be a fine pick. All Conservative with an Originalist view of the Position of a Supreme Court Judge.


By Pete Moore On May 18th, 2016 at 6:59 pm

I SEE that the Republic of Ireland’s Ambassador to the Court of St James has weighed in on the the UK and possible Brexit.

He is incoherent, loose and slanted with historical facts and highly speculative. Having noted that “we respect the fact that this is a decision for the British electorate”, he then goes on to tell us what to think while urging the Irish in Britain (who surely are only able to live in the UK thanks to the EU) to register and vote Remain.

And up your’s too, O’Excellency.

Much better is James Darby’s response at Slugger. He hopes that “a Brexit will lead to “Ireland finally growing up and reconsidering its peculiar devotion to the EU”.  Me also. And like Darby I find it a touch hypocritical for Dublin to celebrate the Easter Rising while its representative in London urges Irish expats to deny us our independence.


By David Vance On May 17th, 2016 at 6:30 pm

This is the case for leaving the EU and regaining our lost sovereignty. A big shout to Mike Cunningham for reminding me. Friends departed but not forgotten. You should take a time out and watch it. Compelling stuff.


By David Vance On May 17th, 2016 at 6:25 pm

Charles from Texas writes;

“Friends of ATW, I’m happy to report that the Texas Republican Convention in Dallas this past week went very well. You’re humble Texas reporter was elected as an alternate delegate to the National Convention to be held in Cleveland in July! I’m very excited that I will be part of the Texas delegation as Donald J. Trump is nominated as our Republican candidate.

Texas, however, is not happy over the defeat of Senator Ted Cruz. Governor Greg Abbott, in his keynote speech to the convention, would not even utter Trump’s name. Many more delegates wore guns than Trump stickers. As I told our El Paso delegates, healing must begin.

So for me, it’s time to buy a new cowboy hat, get plane tickets, and get to Cleveland to help put Trump in the White House!”


By David Vance On May 17th, 2016 at 10:21 am

I was amused by this comment from the Turkish tyrant Erdogan.

‘Shame on those who in the West divert their sensitivity to the so-called freedoms, rights, and law shown in the debate over gay marriage away from Syrian women, children, and innocents in need of aid’

This may well cause a brain melt for liberals. They LOVE pushing gay marriage (and Tranny toilet access, of course) and they LOVE the idea of accepting immigration without limit from North Africa. But that’s not good enough for Erdogan, oh no. He wants them to choose BETWEEN the two! So what is it going to be, libs?


By David Vance On May 17th, 2016 at 10:14 am


In Alice in Wonderland, we are invited to believe six impossible things before breakfast. These days, that is not enough.

Compare these two statements if you will;

Here’s the Prime Minister…

We care about our national security. Europe helps us make Britain safer.  Through the European Arrest Warrant, we have removed over 7,000 suspected criminals.  Every day, our countries monitor terror suspects across the continent.

He insists that being in the EU makes us safer. Clear?

Then consider this..

Terrorists are more likely to attack European countries as a result of a controversial deal to allow Turkish citizens to travel across the continent without visas, EU leaders have admitted. Foreign terrorists and organised criminals are “expected” to seek Turkish passports to reach continental Europe “as soon as” the visa waiver program comes into force, a European Commission report said.

So, the EU tells us that being part of a political union that allows Turkey visa free travel to the EU increases the risk of terrorism. More Charlie Hebdo. More Bataclan. More Brussels airport and underground? More carnage. More loss of life. More terror.

It seems to me that David Cameron has got to the point where he no longer cares to distinguish between truth and deceit, if he ever did.


By David Vance On May 17th, 2016 at 10:04 am

Did you see this story?

‘The BBC’s religious output is too Christian, an internal review by the Corporation has concluded, opening the way for more programmes on other faiths. A report by Aaqil Ahmed, the BBC’s head of religion and ethics, has suggested Muslim, Hindu and Sikh faiths should get more airtime. One Muslim leader suggested the review could lead to Friday prayers from a mosque being broadcast in the same way that Christian church services currently feature in the BBC’s schedules.”

I’ll be on Talk2Me Radio later this morning discussing this with my friend Jon Gaunt. I think it’s quite remarkable that the State Broadcaster has concluded that it is “too Christian” given that is implacably hostile to Christianity at every opportunity. With Muslims making up around 5% of the UK population, it seems reasonable and proportionate that they are given around 5% of broadcasting output. In fact anyone who watches the BBC will see that their prominence is MUCH much greater than this. I was on a BBC show a few weeks ago and the audience was around 50% Muslim based on the head scarfs of the women. Very bizarre.

That said, the BBC will continue down this road of forcing “diversity” down our throats. The White Paper released by this “Conservative” government last week specifically requested the BBC reflect “more diversity”  and this is the Green Light for this sort of Islamo-pandering. The UK is a Christian country; our head of State is also governor of the Church of England. I believe the BBC finds this offensive as it does not compute with its multiculti agenda and so before long, it will broadcast the call to Friday prayers.


By David Vance On May 16th, 2016 at 9:02 pm

Everyday is 1984 in 2016! Just have a perusal of this!

“It’s only May, but I think I’ve found the euphemism of the year: According to Team Obama, criminals should now be declared “justice-involved individuals.” The neo-Orwellianism comes to us from the bizarre flurry of last-minute diktats, regulations and bone-chilling threats collectively known to fanboys as Obama’s Gorgeous Goodbye.

In another of those smiley-faced, but deeply sinister, “Dear Colleague” letters sent to universities and colleges this week, Obama’s Education Secretary John King discouraged colleges from asking applicants whether they were convicted criminals.

An accompanying pamphlet was called “Beyond the Box: Increasing Access to Higher Education for Justice-Involved Individuals.”

So rapists, burglars, armed robbers and drug dealers aren’t criminals anymore. These folks are simply “involved” with “justice,” according to Obamanoids.”

Twisting language out of all shape is the skill of the politician and in particular the Left have an expertise on it.


By David Vance On May 16th, 2016 at 8:58 pm

At a time of global jihad, tanking economies, mass immigration, the political Left manage to choose an issue which REALLY counts – allowing those who “identify” as female to use female bathrooms. Springsteen and Ringo have led the charge and Obama has come out (whoops) on the side of the deviant lobby. Hang on, I hear you say, it’s all perfectly harmless and nothing can go wrong. Right? Wrong.

A man faces multiple charges after he allegedly choked an 8-year-old girl until she lost consciousness in the restroom of a Chicago restaurant last weekend.  Police say when the girl’s mother came into the stall to rescue her daughter, Hartstirn shoved the woman.


A TRANSGENDER (sic) woman who was kicked out of the ladies loos of a UK nightclub has spoken of her disgust at the complaints of fellow clubbers.

Listen, all this pathetic populist pandering to freaks who are in total denial will end so badly.