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By Pete Moore On November 15th, 2017 at 7:22 pm

Damn that Putin! Reports The Times

Russian Twitter accounts posted more than 45,000 messages about Brexit in 48 hours during last year’s referendum in an apparently co-ordinated attempt to sow discord, The Times can reveal.

More than 150,000 accounts based in Russia, which had previously confined their posts to subjects such as the Ukrainian conflict, switched attention to Brexit in the days leading up to last year’s vote, according to research for an upcoming paper by data scientists at Swansea University and the University of California, Berkeley.

Regular readers will recall how pro-EU I was, right up to 22nd June 2016. That was the day that DV, Allan, Harri and I met up for few pints. We were all looking forward to those racist anti-Europeans losing the EU Referendum the next day, and the UK finally overcoming its historic hang-ups, oh yes. Then I whipped out my phone to check the news headlines.

I showed the lads a tweet I found about Brexit. It had backward letters, which I thought was a bit strange. Before you know it we were drinking vodka and looking for foreigners to bash up. The next day I voted to leave the EU as well. It’s all been confusing, but thanks to Swansea University I now realise that I was duped by fiendish Russians. Bah!

Can we have a second referendum?

All hail to Hugo, and his right-arm Nicholas!

By Mike Cunningham On November 15th, 2017 at 5:09 pm

Remember when Backbencher Jeremy Corbyn saluted Hugo Chavez?

Something on the same lines from Ken Livingstone, stating that Chavez’ big mistake was not killing the ‘oligarchs’.

Diane Abbott, the legendary Westminster bicycle and motormouth, wrote in support of Chavez’ ‘sweeping social, political and economic agenda’.

Jeremy Corbyn Tweeted “Thanks Hugo Chavez for showing that the poor matter and wealth can be shared. He made massive contributions to Venezuela & a very wide world.”

And so on: and so on: etcetera…..


S’Funny how silent all these Trotskyites, and Red-tinged Communists are; once the world sees the results of their lunacies; and watch their heroes come undone.

Cast your nets upon the British waters!

By Mike Cunningham On November 15th, 2017 at 1:39 pm

As a man who has served in ‘oceans deep’, and is well aware of the dangers a fishing vessel is exposed to from the sea and the weather, leaving out entirely the equal dangers inflicted upon a British Fishing Industry by the rigours, plots and straight-forward lunacies of the EU’s Common Fisheries Policy; I would urge, and urge again, ATW readers, who are qualified, to sign the Petition to Stop the Common Fisheries Policy being adopted into UK law post-Brexit.


This is possibly the one chance we in Great Britain and Northern Ireland will have to set the Fishermen back in their rightful place around our coastal and ocean waters! If it is subsumed into the Great Brexit Morass, it will be lost, and Europe’s mechanised monster trawlers will rule over our seas for the next 100 years!

The Reigns in Africa

By Mahons On November 15th, 2017 at 1:04 pm

News in Zimbabwe of a possible coup comes as a suprise…for how long it took.  Noted authoritarian leader Robert Mugabe may be shit out of luck four decades into his cranky kleptocractic  rule.  Course what replaces him may be no better.

Africa has been vividly mismanaged since our ancestors were first born there.  While colonialism was unjust it was quite often no worse than what followed and at least provided some benefits.  The great George MacDonald Frasier said the British Empire was the greatest thing to happen to an undeserving world.  There is both truth and fallacy in that statement.  It was too big for too long to not be subject to competing generalizations.

Hopefully the military in Zimbabwe decides to move the nation towards real democracy, but I doubt it.  The new boss may be the same as the old boss.

Empire of Dirt

By Mahons On November 15th, 2017 at 12:33 pm

You can have it all sing the Republican Majority in Congress, as they turn their Empire of Dirt into one of mud.  Controlling both houses of Congress they are adding a repeal of a portion of Obamacare to their already suspect tax bill.  It is a desperate move to help the Emperor without Clothes no longer be the Emperor without legislative victories.

The Republicans look at repealing Obamacare as the rest of America looks at cheese, they want it in everything.  I’m convinced that they would secretly be satisfied with removing the word Obama from Obamacare and allowing the legislation itself to remain in place.

The tax plan as proposed was drawing objections from within the party.  No doubt this new development is intended to bring those folks in line.  Wavering Republicans would be on record as voting against alleged tax reform and repeal.  Can you say primary challenge?  Will it pass?  That remains to be seen.



By Pete Moore On November 14th, 2017 at 8:03 pm

The Atlantic: “Feminists saved the 42nd president of the United States in the 1990s. They were on the wrong side of history; is it finally time to make things right?”

Chris Hayes, MSNBC: “As gross and cynical and hypocrtical as the right’s “what about Bill Clinton” stuff is, it’s also true that Democrats and the center left are overdue for a real reckoning with the allegations against him.”

The NYT: “I Believe Juanita”

Politico: “Years of excusing Bill Clinton’s sexual misconduct suddenly seems morally indefensible.”

… and so on.

Twenty years too late, Bill the Rapist is thrown overboard (now that he has no campaigning or fundraising value).


By Pete Moore On November 14th, 2017 at 7:06 pm

The hopeless Prime Minister embarrassed herself last night. Immersing herself in this silly and dangerous anti-Russian hysteria, she accused Vladimir Putin of “planting fake stories” to “undermine the West”. Today the government admitted that has no evidence to back up these claims. As in Washington, there’s nothing there. We are being directed to look at Russia while the real corruption and undermining of the West is much closer to home –

Lets see how long before the gun is blamed……

By Patrick Van Roy On November 14th, 2017 at 6:42 pm

At least three people have been killed and two children wounded in a shooting in a small community about 15 miles southwest of Red Bluff this morning.

The shooting started shortly after 8 a.m., according to a Tehama County sheriff’s deputy at the scene, who confirmed two children have been hospitalized with gunshot wounds and three people were killed in the shooting.

“Multiple shots were fired in Rancho Tehama, with multiple victims. I am told the suspected shooter is deceased from law enforcement bullets,” a deputy said.

The deputy said he had no information on victims at the school, but children from Rancho Tehama Elementary School have been taken to a safe location, said the deputy, whose name was not provided.

“It’s a very sad day for us in Tehama County,” said the deputy, who was visibly shaken by events.

There were at least 100 law enforcement officers at the scene, with “multiple scenes. We have at least 5 scenes right now,” the deputy said.

A helicopter medical crew reported they were transporting a 6-year-old victim to Mercy Medical Center in Redding. The child had two gunshot wounds, according to emergency scanner traffic.

A second child also was reported to have been shot in the right leg, according to emergency dispatch reports.

A 30-year-old man was also being taken to the hospital with a gunshot wound to the right thigh, according to emergency dispatch reports.  

Initial reports said somebody was barricaded in a structure and there were multiple victims, including one who was dead.

Jose Garcia, who owns the La Fortuna Market, about a half-mile from the school, said he heard “a lot of shooting” near the school shortly after 8 a.m.

He heard there were people injured, but those were unconfirmed reports.

An official at the Corning Elementary School District confirmed the elementary school in Rancho Tehama is on lockdown. Rancho Tehama is southwest of Red Bluff.

No one answered the phone at the elementary school, and an official speaking for Rich DuVarney, Tehama County superintendent of schools, said he was trying to find out what was happening.

The Tehama County Sheriff’s Office escorted a busload of children from the school to the local Rancho Tehama Association, located at the entrance of the neighborhood. 

Rosie DeOliveira, administrative assistant at the association, said that deputies have instructed the community to “shelter in place,” stay indoors and stay low.

“Our doors are locked,” she said.

“The cost of everything: and the value of nothing!”

By Mike Cunningham On November 14th, 2017 at 12:37 pm

Sometimes, when reading the Guardian, I am reminded of the old aphorism; You must know your enemy in order to defeat him.

Before and during Hitler’s rise to power in 1920’s & 1930’s Germany, his power base was bolstered by his formation of the SturmAbteilung (SA); virtually his private army. Formed of mercenaries, former soldiers, and member of the Freikorps, they performed many duties with which the early Nazis didn’t wish to soil their hands. They persecuted Jews, formed bands and beat up political opponents, with blockades of universities against ‘undesirables’ such as Jews a speciality. They became very powerful, too powerful for the German Generals who now saw that Hitler was the coming ‘leader’; but they resisted accepting and working with him until Hitler accepted that one private Army was one too many. Hitler then organised the ‘Night of the Long Knives’; detaining and executing the top levels of the SA, and decimating the middle rank and file.

When one reads of huge Companies making ever larger profits out of doing work for the Public; for doing work which should be, or used to be done by the  Civil Service; we should examine their history, and see if their history (good or bad) has had any effect upon the value of further Contacts awarded to that Company: and more importantly why they were awarded the contracts after screwing up so badly.

Group 4 (G4S) has been handed a tender worth a conservative £290 millions, which would allow it to arrest and detain people who have not paid their Court fines, making it the first private Company whose employees will be given the power of detention by the State. Remember, these guys; G4S employees are not trained and Sworn officers, such as the Police are, they are civilians, just like you and I; they hold only allegiance to one entity, the Company which pays them. Read the rest of this entry »

Not generally, no.

By Mahons On November 14th, 2017 at 12:23 pm

The rather strange nondenial denial by Alabama Senate Candidate Moore kind of sealed the deal for me.  When a guy can’t deny the basic allegation, in this case a pattern of attempting to date teenage girls when he was much older then you see the fire in the smoke. To say, as he did “Not generally, no” raises more questions than answers.

A candidate’s fitness for office may not be an ultimate consideration for Alabama voters who are not fond of the national media and may view this as an intrusion (there is a reason state ranks at or near the bottom in several telling categories).  But nationally in the growing self awareness of sexual harassment a Senator Moore would be a drag on the Republican agenda.

Adding to the story comes not just creepy atempts at association, but now unwanted advances.  As we saw with Weinstein, Cosby, Spacey, Bill Cinton, and Anthony Weiner these types of guys manage to have ever increasing accusers emerge as people become willing to speak out.

Moore if left to his own devices will no doubt try to ride out the storm.  What remains to be seen is how strongly Republicans react to protect the conservative agenda.  Many have already spoken, and there are still plenty of conservatives willing to do the right thing.  Whether they still have sufficient influence in these times remains to be seen.