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By Pete Moore On September 22nd, 2017 at 5:58 pm

HOW we were transfixed by the attempted rescue of the Mexican schoolgirl. She wiggled her fingers and told rescuers her name (“Frida Sofia”) as the world prayed for her salvation. Newsreaders, officials and rescuers all repeated the story, with hope and urgency. What happened to her? What happened to her?

Nothing happened to her. She doesn’t exist.

All those officials and rescuers saw her fingers wiggling. They all heard her say her name. All the media repeated these “facts”. And it was all lies.

Reminder: Never swallow a media story without proof. We can go along with things, but in the end we need proof.


By Pete Moore On September 22nd, 2017 at 5:27 pm

All mouth and no handbag

THE Prime Minister is useless. I told you that. And never trust the Tories. I told you that also. The useless Prime Minister has flown to Florence to give her much heralded speech about UK/EU relations. It was a speech without substance, like her, except for one bit.

She has proposed a two-year “transition period” after Brexit. The UK will still leave the EU in March 2019, but her offer is for the UK to remain in the customs union for two years. It means that trade and the free movement of people will continue as they are for that period, until 2021. It’s being in the EU in all but name. Goldman Sachs and GlobalMegaCorp will be very much in favour. I am not.

Reminder: we instructed the government to get us out of the EU in June 2016. Now, 15 months later, we get this. I told you that Theresa May is useless. She has zero leadership qualities – she disappears, she has no energy, she cannot communicate and her judgement is flawed. This last she demonstrated in running a disastrous General Election campaign.

Reminder: There’s a General Election in May 2022. We will not be fully done with the EU by then. So the Tories will campaign on getting us out of the EU, fully, “during the next parliament”. You’d have to be stupid to believe them. Some will believe them and we’ll still be fleeced of billions every year for years to come. Brussels must be cackling tonight. We’re told the PM made the proposal to move deadlocked negotiations forward. This is after a year of the PM telling us that no deal is better than a bad deal.

Yanis Varoufakis doesn’t strike me as the most honest story teller. But the former Greek Minister of Finance has recounted his experiences of trying to negotiate with Brussels, and if just half of what he said is true then we are not negotiating with an honest broker across the table. But we can see this. Since June 2016 Brussels has become a hostile party, full of explicit threats against the British people.

The government ought to walk away from the table. Instead, the most useless PM the Tories could have appointed is caving in.

The words of Chairwoman Flanders.

By Mike Cunningham On September 22nd, 2017 at 10:33 am

I could have, and indeed was inclined to write of many things this morning; of a parent’s pride in her son; of a silly woman who protests against being addressed as ‘darling’ or ‘babe’ by a checkout worker; of the rich Indian family living in a luxurious house, whilst being landlords of a single home which housed 35 East European migrants. But, after listening to the BBC Today broadcast, I saw the need to write on the appalling attitude of both the BBC, and it’s interview between Steph Flanders, the hardline Remainer and Remoaner; and Neil MacGregor, the former director of the British Museum.

ATW readers are, I believe, generous enough in spirit to accept that the BBC, in the views of an overwhelming percentage of Brits is biased, knowingly as well as unknowingly, towards the liberal left side of the political spectrum. But these days, they do not even try to disguise that fact. Flanders was interviewing McGregor on the possibilities of Angela Merkel retaining her Party’s lead and position in the Bundestag elections.

The interview was stuffed full of inferences to Merkel’s ‘Mutti’ or ‘Mother’ image in the eyes and minds of the German people, but she was also, declaimed MacGregor, ‘an ordinary Bavarian housewife in so many ways. She lived in an ordinary apartment, she does the shopping: but she also goes to Bayreuth!’ Which ordinary Englishman, listening to the interview, would instinctively classify that remark as an instant acceptance that Merkel is, literally, one of the Elite without ever mentioning the phrase, the term, or the significance of that pretty German town whose borders include  the Hermitage Gardens surrounds the Altes Schloss palace, also a museum, and the Temple of the Sun, honoring the god Apollo. It is only when you, the listener, have realised that, like you, Angela Merkel is a devotee of Wagnerian music, of Gotterdammerung, of the music which dominated German culture for decades; do you realise the significance of that ‘throw-away’ remark. She is ‘Kultured’, she is liberal, she is ‘one of us’, she can be trusted!

That is, in my view, the significance of that phrase, and that conversation, which is to prove that the Merkel way is also the BBC way, and, by inference, the way that the British should be ‘guided’; away from such nasty ideas, well above our pay-grade, such as leaving the Holy European Union. When you read the Bayreuth Festival’s web-pages, and discover that you just cannot buy a ticket, you have to go on to the waiting list, but have to abide by the terms:- In particular, ticket requests are processed based on the number of years spent on the waiting list; do you realise how exclusive this event really is.

The second episode in that interview, which wasn’t really an interview, but more a series of short songs of praise for the CDU party of Merkel, and very little else. The one telling phrase used by Steph Flanders when discussing the opposition to the CDU was when the AFD was mentioned: with Flanders simply brushing them off as ‘Other Extremists’. If you don’t vote Labour, or as in this case Christian Democrat in Germany, you are all classified as ‘Extremists’.

Lets Talk Toys

By The Troll On September 22nd, 2017 at 2:23 am

The Little Mad man in the land of NorK has issued another threat after Trump said he would destroy his country.

“I will make the man holding the prerogative of the supreme command in the U.S. pay dearly for his speech,” Kim said in a statement released by the official Korean Central News Agency, which also published a photo of the North Korean leader sitting at his desk holding a piece of paper.

“I am now thinking hard about what response he could have expected when he allowed such eccentric words to trip off his tongue. Whatever Trump might have expected, he will face results beyond his expectation,” Kim said, saying that he would “tame” Trump “with fire.”

So after Multiple Threats by the Little Mad Man saying he will Nuke us as he tests ICBMs, Nuclear Warheads, and shoots missiles over Japan lets look at just one of our “Public Knowledge” Weapons, installed in PGS.


PGS-Prompt Global Strike
Prompt Global Strike (PGS) is a United States military effort to develop a system that can deliver a precision-guided conventional weapon airstrike anywhere in the world within one hour.

CHAMP Boeing CHAMP (Counter-electronics High-powered Advanced Missile) EMP/Microwave Missile Destroys Electronic Targets, not People.

Boeing Phantom Works and a U.S. Air Force Research Laboratory (AFRL) Directed Energy Directorate team recently tested a new microwave missile called the Counter-electronics High-powered Advanced Missile, or “CHAMP“, at the Utah Test and Training Range. CHAMP essentially delivers an EMP (Electro-Magnetic Pulse)-like directed high-energy microwave burst at as it flies at or past a target, and then keeps going to fry any/all other electronic targets on its route. According to CHAMP program manager Keith Coleman of Boeing Phantom Works, CHAMP “marks a new era in modern-day warfare”. “In the near future, this technology may be used to render an enemy’s electronic and data systems useless even before the first troops or aircraft arrive,” he went on to say.

The CHAMP system has been combined with PGS.  We can decide to destroy the Land of NorK in an hour from the time the decision to fire is made. Push the button and an hour later no phones, no computers, no lights, no Launch Capability, No Nothing Electronic…..

My only question is why wasn’t the button pushed an hour ago?

This video is 4yrs old

I began with phone taps, but end with guns, and death in Dallas

By Mike Cunningham On September 21st, 2017 at 7:19 pm

WikiLeaks has just dropped a whole pile of documentation detailing how the Russians tap, and spy on mobile and computer devices alike. They have always been fairly open about it, so I don’t really understand all the fuss. I mean, Soviet Russia did it the old-fashioned way, through bribery, force, intimidation and of course; the KGB. Russia has continued the practice without some, but not all, of the blood and terror. The onlooker might ask, ‘So what else is new?’

The reply might worry many in the West. That reply? Russia has always done it, but more openly now than in the past. But the real difference is the fact of the discovery that America was using exactly the same means for long enough, until the Snowden leaks made transparent the invidious existence of the FISA courts, the secret intercepts approved for mass trawling of phone and email conversations; and all of course, for the greater good.

What I would like to see and hear is, from the vast amounts of data hovered up by the likes of the NSA under apparently fully-legal mass surveillance techniques, how many people were actually prosecuted for any criminal activity at all! I was checking through the ACLU pages on this, and, whilst they actually knew of ONE case, the former Attorney General Holder (he of the Contempt of the House of Representatives) had stated that the Justice Department was ‘thinking’ about telling people that they were being investigated or charged on evidence gathered by covert means; which is against everything that America actually stands for. My research is maybe a little out-of-date, so there may be more by now.

So, Russia condemned for being ‘as usual’, the Obama bunch just kept Schtum! I wonder when Trump’s attack dogs will ferret around, and start unearthing more of the dirty deeds from the days of ‘Fast and Furious’? You remember ‘Fast and Furious”, don’t you? Nope, it wasn’t a bunch of films about fast cars; but instead a typically shady deal between Holder’s DoJ and the ATF, positioned so that guns would be ‘Gun-Walked’ or placed on the open market, and tracked towards Mexico, and then the furore would commence about the easy access of Americans to buy long guns, sniper as well as semi-automatic rifles, with a view to side-swiping the NRA, and bringing gun-control in by the back door.

So, over two thousand weapons, large and small, were trafficked across the border; but someone forgot to maybe read the memo, and the guns were not fitted with tracking devices; and away they went, straight into the hands of the cartels. From their bloody hands those weapons went to fuel, amongst many others, the death of the brother of the former attorney general of the state of Chihuahua, when Fast and Furious weapons were found at the scene. But the ATF, Holder & Co.’s horrendous judgment continues to take a toll. By the time of the House’s contempt vote, some 300 Mexicans had been killed or wounded by Fast and Furious firearms, and that number has surely risen. In December 2013, a ‘walked’ gun was found at the site of a gunfight at a Mexican resort that left five cartel members dead. The guns have found their way north, too; with one American, U.S. Border Patrol agent Brian Terry dead from the gunfire of ‘Fast and Furious’ weaponry. In amongst the weaponry ‘walked’ across the border were thirteen long guns similar to a .50 Calibre Barrett, which, given the right shells and a steady aim, will down a helicopter, never mind a car. One was retrieved when El Chapo was arrested, so there are only twelve missing, which is kinda’ comforting: but only kinda’!

Strangely enough, after an investigation by Darrell Issa (R., Calif.) uncovered a paper trail a mile long, Obama claimed ‘executive privilege’ over that portion of the documents which Holder’s merry men had withheld from the House Investigation. The Obama Administration later claimed ‘victory’ when fourteen ATf officials were disciplined, whilst stating that the 1,300 pages withheld from the inquiry reached Holder’s desk, but somehow he never got around to reading them!

Oh, and just by the bye; a weapon owned by Nadir Soofi, one of the two Muslim terrorists who tried to shoot up Pamela Geller’s “Draw Muhammad” contest in Dallas, Texas last May, was acquired through Fast and Furious.



By Pete Moore On September 21st, 2017 at 6:22 pm

Guy Verhofstadt, a slimy politician from little Belgium, is looking to cause mischief between the UK and the Republic of Ireland. He seems to overlooked the obvious. According to the BBC:

The European Parliament’s Brexit negotiator, Guy Verhofstadt, has said it is up to the UK to find a way to avoid new controls on the Irish border.

And according to The Guardian:

The former Belgian prime minister also repeated his insistence that there could be no return to a hard border of checkpoints in Ireland after Brexit.

Well the UK has proposed various solutions, and the UK is fine with no hard border. So the border question is settled, oh gap-toothed one, yes?

Guest Post

By The Troll On September 21st, 2017 at 3:43 pm

It is my pleasure to offer you a Post from ATW Regular Paul McMahon. It’s nice to be informed on topics from unique perspectives. Enjoy

Homenatge a Catalunya


As I write this I am watching live news from Spanish television regarding large demonstrations in Catalonia against arrests. Police raids have happened, material has been confiscated, meetings and assemblies have been banned and there have been arrests not only all over Catalonia but also in the Basque Country, Galicia and in wider Aragon ahead of the possible arrest tomorrow of Catalan Mayors who endorse the proposed independence referendum on October 1st.

In order to understand this response from Spanish authorities the historical and political legacy of what we know today as ‘Spain’ needs to be briefly examined:

‘Spain’ as we know it today is a unitary state where national power ultimately rests in central Government hands in Madrid but which comprises of seventeen different communidades or provinces, each with differing degrees of autonomy and two autonomous cities, (Ceuta & Melilla in Spain’s African territories). I have heard the state of Spain being variously described as ‘a centralised state of seventeen different republics’ and ‘a federation in all but name’. Within these communidades two with the highest levels of autonomy, the Basque Country, (‘Euskadi’ – but that’s a matter for another blog), and Catalonia, Catalunya, are also among the wealthiest regions in the whole state


Both also have strong independence movements as have the communidades of Galicia, Andalusia and the Canaries, albeit to a smaller degree, with significant cultural and linguistic differences, (I should add here that in Barcelona and large Catalan urban areas English is fairly widely spoken. I have been in Barcelona a few times and as my Catalan is quite limited when I spoke in Spanish they preferred to answer / speak to me in English rather than Spanish which everyone is able to speak).

The history and geography of Catalonia will differ depending on who you talk to, (an amateur historian in Venice once told me that Catalan was the second language of the Repubblica Veneta and that Catalonia once even encompassed Athens. Today Catalan is still spoken in Sardinia


Although today los Paises Catalanes were Catalan as a language is spoken can be seen here:


Which brings us to today:

The last time an (informal, non – binding), referendum was held on Catalan independence was 2014 when just over on third of the eligible electorate in Catalonia voted. The result was that more than 80% voted in favour of independence.


The President of the Catalonian Parliament, Carles Puigdemont, was installed on January 2016 following an agreement between Junts Pel sí, a coalition of centrist and centre left political movements and CUP, Canditatura d’Unitat Popular, a far left independence assembly based political party. The referendum was first called for in June 2017 and was approved by the Catalan parliament in a session on 6th September 2017 along with a law which states that independence would be binding should there just be a simple majority in favour without requiring a minimum turnout in the said referendum. The vote in the Catalan Parliament was boycotted by all opposition parties whose voters have declared they will abstain / boycott the referendum itself.

Madrid’s Audiencia Naciónal (the Supreme Court) has ruled the referendum unconstitutional and stated that anyone endorsing it may be under threat of arrest. Madrid has responded by threatening the arrest of over 700 Mayors in various Catalan municipalities for referendum endorsement:


And raids and confiscation of electoral material:


And beefing up Madrid’s security presence in the region:


As I finish this blog, on my TV screen hundreds of riot police are forming lines against what seems to be tens of thousands of protestors in Barcelona. (It should be noted at this stage that to my knowledge the Catalan Independence Movement unlike their Basque counterparts have never advocated nor used violence in pursuit of their objectives)



An ominous sign of the times to come? I don’t know.

Being married to a Basque and living in the Basque Country my natural sympathies are with Catalan independence but whatever happens over the next few weeks the words a friend from Barcelona said to me just two days ago are stuck in my head:

No tenim por, visca Catalunya
Octubre 1 voteremos

⦁ We are not afraid, long live Catalonia
On October 1st we will vote.

The Girl In The Rubble

By Mahons On September 21st, 2017 at 3:29 pm

Among the sad and tragic tidings this day is of course the unbearable tragedy of the recent Earthquakes in Mexico.  The collapse of a primary school there has resulted in childrens’ deaths.  The images of parents rushing to inconsolable anguish devastating.  But there is a 12 year old girl still trapped who they are racing to rescue.

A weary and almost numb world can only watch and wait.  Will the story ultimately smash our hope for her survival like the Lindbergh baby, or will glorious rescue be achieved like Baby Jessica in Midland, Texas in 1987?

Our focus is of course blurred.  Other children will die today, from starvation, disease, war, crime, nature and accident.  But I think in hoping or praying for one we are really hoping and praying for all.  May la pequena flor (the little flower) be found, rescued and reunited with her family.

Like a preacher in an empty, echoing hall

By Mike Cunningham On September 21st, 2017 at 11:08 am

May might, or indeed May might not, understand how the world looked at the foolish manner in which she chose to speak like a headmistress of a school in ‘special measures’, rather than the Prime Minister of a Country which decided, by itself, not to take this woman’s advice by voting ‘Leave’!

The image at 4.42 of the reception of Theresa May’s turgid speech in the UN’s great hall speaks volumes without uttering a word. The rows upon row of empty seats spoke volumes about not only her ideas of a being a world leader; but also about the stupid, silly and, in the end, disastrous policies she has chosen to lumber this Nation with, within her time as Prime Minister, and also when Home Secretary.

Burbling on about bloody Gender Equality and terror, when she can’t even give any money out of the £13 billion quid available through DfID to fix the damaged British Overseas Islands in the Caribbean because she’s signed it all away through the bloody OECD, is but typical of this woman who only became Prime Minister by default, and then squandered her precious majority away. Terror? Yes let all the Fuzzies in, they are all deserving, even if they preach of Jihad, and of the necessity to plant bombs and kill people! Two strongly Right-wing commentators? Nope they are not conducive to the public good!

I have written before of supporting the Prime Minister, but now? Let’s have a true contest, and get someone who lives and speaks as a Patriot, not as a self-serving drone!



By Pete Moore On September 20th, 2017 at 6:44 pm

WEALTHY nations which don’t protect external borders will build internal borders. In Paris, construction has begun on a bullet-proof glass wall around the Eiffel Tower. This is what mass immigration inevitably brings.

European cities are increasing sprouting concrete and steel barriers. Next will come the South African solution, where huge numbers of people who can afford it live behind secure barriers.