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A Vibrant Opposition?

By Patty On January 15th, 2017 at 3:48 pm

We have a 2 party system in the United States.  We have a system of elections, electoral outcomes, public debate and opposition. We need two sane parties to represent us.

At the moment, however, the Democratic Party has sadly given up this time-honored tradition and has adopted a stance of almost insane denial of the 2016 Presidential electoral outcome.

And we have failed Presidential candidate, O’Malley, tweeting out slurs.  Nazis, KKK ??  Sadly, this is our “vibrant opposition.”





By Pete Moore On January 15th, 2017 at 2:27 pm

There’s something I never thought I’d type, but Pierced Organ has been talking alot of sense about Donald Trump recently. In my opinion, at any rate.

It seems that they know each other. I don’t know how or why, a TV show maybe. Morgan this morning, on the BBC’s Sunday Politics, demonstrates a clear grasp of the Trump phenomenon, including the twitter thing. The mistake that many make is to think of Trump in conventional terms. But conventional political narratives don’t apply now, and they won’t for eight years. Trump doesn’t come from politics, and he doesn’t bring a train-load of political baggage. He is truly his own man and he will do and say whatever he likes. Nothing which has gone before now applies.

People who cannot clear their minds of convention and habitual thinking will simply never understand what’s going on with Trump. Kick it off at 1:35 –


By Pete Moore On January 14th, 2017 at 4:06 pm

EU officials have been talking constantly, since our Brexit vote, about how the UK will get a bad deal, about how it will be an example to others thinking of voting out, etc etc. It was always rubbish. Now Michel Barnier, the EU’s chief negotiator, has softened the line. He’s a big talker himself, but even he is seeing sense.

The EU’s chief Brexit negotiator has said he wants to secure easy access to the City of London for countries in the bloc, in the first sign of a softer stance.

Michel Barnier reportedly told MEPs that he wanted a “special” relationship between the 27 remaining EU countries and Britain’s financial centre after Brexit.

Of course they do. The EU is in massive trouble. Isolating yourself from the world’s primary financial markets would be so stupid that not even EU gauleiters would choose to do so. But they’ll have to ask nicely.

The EU’s budget position is perilous. Excluding Germany, the UK’s contribution is more than the total net contribution of the 26 other EU states combined. Let that sink in. And if you live in an EU country, start digging deeper, because when we leave we’ll be leaving an awfully big financial hole behind us.

Consider also that the UK has a large trade deficit with the EU. It’s been suggested that that the UK can pay for access to the internal market. Where are we, on Planet Stupid? Why would we pay the EU for the privilege of buying more from them than we sell? They’ll be paying us for access to the UK internal market.


By Pete Moore On January 14th, 2017 at 11:30 am

Erm ..

“Trump’s New World”.

Note to the colonies: Jon Snow is the long-running presenter of Channel 4 News and, according to his chums, one of Britain’s best respected journalists. He’s also a self-described pinko liberal, an adolescent psychological mindset leading to temper tantrums resulting in a public loss of dignity.

Are we really going to have to put up with this for the next 8 years and a week? Really, libs?

Understanding Trumpism

By Patty On January 13th, 2017 at 10:39 pm

With only one week to go before the inauguration of Donald J Trump as POTUS, the Left and the GOPe are throwing at him everything but the kitchen sink, all with the hopes of keeping Trump out of office.  At the very least, these Trump detractors hope to delegitimize his win and/or provide  grounds for his impeachment once he takes office.

What is going on?  The youtube below will help you  to understand what is at stake and why the Washington DC establishment is willing to stoop so low, even spreading salacious rumors, acting childish,  like “mean girls” in Junior High School.

UPDATE:   In an obvious attempt to delegitimize PEOTUS Trump, Representative John Lewis has now gone on TV and said:   
“I don’t see this President-elect as a legitimate president.”

We will now hear this thought repeated over, and over in various media outlets (as questions and as a statement) as the media attempt to delegitimize Trump while pretending  to analyze and report the news. (Democrat Representative John Lewis is black and a Civil Rights leader so he will be held up as unassailable.)


By Pete Moore On January 13th, 2017 at 7:13 pm

Because Friday night is Music Night – Elvis who?

WHEN you win that pub quiz, by correctly answering the question, “Who first had a hit with Hound Dog?”, mine’ll be a pint. Big Mama Thornton is the answer, who released it four years before Elvis. And not only was it first, this is clearly the superior version. This is much, much better. This is how it’s meant to sound.

We all know that Rock n Roll came out of Blues, but you can actually hear that going on here. This is musical Genesis (not the band, obvs). This is where it began. It’s the bridge between the two. I don’t know who the woman on the screen is, but it’s not Big Mama Thornton. That’ll be clear when you hear her big voice own it from the first.

As always, have a great weekend and share your fav sounds –


By Pete Moore On January 13th, 2017 at 6:09 pm

WHAT a beautiful sight at Downing Street today: the Union Flag and the flag of New Zealand side by side.

The two Prime Ministers, Theresa May and Bill English, as good as announced trade talks now, and the New Zealand PM said he wants a trade deal “as soon as possible” after Brexit. Beautiful news. We’ll take all the lamb and merino wool you’ve got, if you don’t mind.

One of the lesser reported consequences of our mad – and thankfully temporary – dalliance with the EU is how it drove us further and further apart from the Empire. There actually are Britons who might feel a greater affinity with Johnny Continental than our far-flung cousins, the silly young things.

But the gravitational pull of blood, family, culture, history, and the instinctive love and trust they foster, is inexorable. Brexit won’t only be great for trade and wealth, it’s going to be an education for the young. It’ll be a great surprise to them of course, but once free of parochial European concerns they’ll find that innate British instinct for global wandering.


By Pete Moore On January 13th, 2017 at 3:06 pm

Give me your tired, your poor ..

BARACK OBAMA’S suddenly changed his tune. On Tuesday this week, the Lecturer-in-Chief wagged his finger at Donald Trump over brown people and his attitude to immigrants. Three days later he ends the wet foot/dry foot policy which has allowed Cuban refugees asylum in the US, if they can get to dry land.

A parting gift to Raul Castro; the runaway slaves who probably would have voted GOP anyway.

It’s a highly cynical and very cute move by Obama. Trump could have ignored wet foot/dry foot if he wanted to do so, but now it puts him in a spot. And it only took Obama 7 years and 51 weeks to think of it.

If Trump does nothing, he risks annoying the Cubans who helped deliver him Florida and his landslide win. If he reverses the move, he can be accused of special treatment for illegals. If he classifies them as refugees, why them and not Syrians? The answer’s obvious and justifiable on human grounds, but Trump would still have a ruck to get through.

In the end, Trump will do what he’ll do and have that ruck. This is Donald Trump, he doesn’t care. The interesting point is that Obama is doing it now – playing with people’s lives, sending the genuinely oppressed and desperate back to a horrific regime which will punish them severely – simply to make life awkward for his successor.


By Pete Moore On January 12th, 2017 at 9:11 pm

As I’ve always said.

IT’S so obvious that even the far-Left Indy is forced to concede it: right-wingers, patriots, conservatives, nationalists, call us what they will, we’re just better looking than them. We even have a great looking frog.

Right-wing people are better looking than those on the left, study claims

Do you see what they did there? The study “claims”, they say. When a bunch of academics put out a study backing Left Wing positions, the media reports that the study “finds”. No “claims” about it. A Left Wing study “finds”. So we’ll adopt their standard. Right-wing people are better looking than those on the left, a study has found.

There are probably may reasons why. Like attracts like, successful people tend to couple and breed with successful people, we eat better food, we exercise, all that. But I also think that inner strength is reflected on the facade; knowing that we’re right, that what we believe in and do – our actions – make the world a better, more just and wealthier place. It makes for inner calm, and it’s reflected on our faces.

Why do you think that Right Wingers are better looking than commies?



By Pete Moore On January 12th, 2017 at 3:25 pm


Amazon has announced that it will add 100,000 full-time, full-benefit jobs in the US by mid-2018. It has also pledged to hire an additional 25,000 veterans and military spouses over the next five years.

No mention of a government subsidy either. Strewth, talk about confidence. Even hardcore anti-Trumpeteers like Jeff Bezos are infected with the winning.