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Not quite how Robin of Sherwood did it…

By ATWadmin On March 21st, 2007 at 4:21 pm

I thought the socialist idea of "redistribution of wealth" was supposed to be about ‘taking from the rich and giving to the poor’? Gordon Brown seems to have completely misunderstood the concept! The income tax/national insurance changes he has just outlined in his Budget have precisely the opposite effect – snatching cash from the very lowest earners, and giving tax breaks to the better-off.

Here’s a table I have rustled up, which compares the tax/NI we pay now, with the amount payable when all the budget changes have been put in place, for salaries between £5000 p.a. and £16,500 p.a. 



















Unbelievable. What justification can there be for snatching an extra £170 of tax from the pocket of a school-leaver or part time worker earning £7,500? (By comparison, if you earn £20K you’ll be about £80 per year better off.  £24K – £160 better off.  £33K – £340 better off).

The BBC is trying to paint this budget as a great thing: "Brown cuts basic rate of tax to 20%!" Well, yes, but he has also abolished the lower rate of 10% on the first £2150 of income, so that you will pay 20% on ALL your taxable earnings instead,  and this is why, for those earning less than around £16500, it is not going to be a "tax cut" at all, but a tax increase!


The best team in Ireland

By ATWadmin On March 21st, 2007 at 1:00 pm

Nortern Ireland.jpgI never really understood the system FIFA use but I am delighted to see that Northern Ireland has again overtaken the Republic in the world rankings.

Well done to Lawrie Sanchez and the players!

The bad old days when we went ten games without scoring a goal never mind winning a match are now just a distant memory.

Now we regularly beat the likes of Spain and England.

Long may it continue!


By ATWadmin On March 21st, 2007 at 12:53 pm

It’s the BBC’s "Iraq week" and it has sent out ..ahem…"ace" reporter – Huw Edwards to Baghdad.

Huw believes he is in Viet Nam however, and I listened with incredulity at an interview he gave on last evenings BBC Radio 4 primetime news programme. In essence, the interviewer asked him about US reports that terrorists had detonated a bomb in a car with two children in it after using the children as decoys to get through a military checkpoint in Baghdad. The intrepid Huw felt that the report could not be trusted and that perhaps this was an invention by the US military to "cover up" some incident that had gone "horribly wrong."  His view was that since Iraqis had not confirmed it, we could not trust the US reports. I wonder does Huw feel we cannot trust Iraqi reports until the US confirms them?

useless nations

By ATWadmin On March 21st, 2007 at 10:24 am

Number of resolutions criticizing Israel (pdf) for its treatment of Palestinian women approved by the UN Commission on the Status of Women at its 51st session: 1

Number of resolutions criticizing the Palestinian Authority for the situation of Palestinian women: 0

Number of resolutions criticizing Iran for beating and imprisoning women’s rights demonstrators or approving the stoning to death of alleged female adulterers: 0

Number of resolutions criticizing Saudi Arabia for prohibiting women from driving, traveling unaccompanied by male relatives or voting in municipal elections: 0

Number of resolutions criticizing Sudan for supporting the Janjaweed militia, which engages in mass rape of women in Darfur: 0

Number of resolutions criticizing any country other than Israel for anything: 0

Number of countries with worse women’s rights records than Israel: Substantially >0

The resolution singling out Israel was approved by a vote of 40 to 2. The US and Canada opposed it.

Cheap talk. They shouldn’t even bother discussing it. Counties who voted in favour included amongst others: China (forced abortions), Iran (see above), Netherlands (honour killings), Germany (honour killings), United Kingdom (honour killings)

(Taken From Harrys Place/Hat tip: Tom Gross.)


By ATWadmin On March 21st, 2007 at 9:10 am

Under Saddam, the Sunni Arabs flourished in Iraq and delighted in the Ba’athist oppression of every other group in that country. However, post-Saddam, it seems sensible to try and ensure that this group is nonetheless represented in Government so that a reasonably balanced administration may gain a grip on power and running a stable country. But when I read some of the comments of  the vice-president of Iraq, Tareq al-Hashemi, I do  wonder about the immaturity of the Sunni minority.

Al-Hashemi has called for “talks” to be opened with the country’s insurgents in an attempt to bring peace. “I do believe that there is no way but to talk to everybody” with the exception of al-Qaeda, he said. But aren’t Al Queda and the Baathist remnant happily working together? Which gang of killers does he favour dialogie with, exactly? Also note that the reason he rules out talks with Al Queda is because Al Queda won’t listen!!! Regarding the presence of the US-led coalition, he said many people were “annoyed” because foreign troops were “damaging the dignity of the Iraqis.”

I see enormous dignity and bravery in the actions of US/UK soldiers. I see enormous dignity and bravery in the actions of those Iraqis trying to create a stable society. I see little evidence of dignity or bravery in the hollow words of apologists for Baathism.

The Budget Pox

By ATWadmin On March 20th, 2007 at 10:48 pm

Tomorrow is a big day for Gordon.  Our thieving Chancellor of the Exchequer will deliver his 11th and final Budget to an eager Labour Party anxious, in the main, to enthrone him as Tony’s successor.  Brown had landed the British people with the largest tax burden in history, so it will come as no surprise to ATW readers that I won’t be holding my breath for any goodies to come the way of the middle classes or my particular demographic – the single person.

What will be in store?  Presumably if you are unemployed through the smokescreen of incapacity, have a veritable commune of kids, or have landed yourself at the mercy of socialist benevolence thanks to the availability of tax credits, you will be frothing at the mouth in eager expectation.  Given the ‘green’ fascist agenda so assiduously propagated by this administration I would also bet that moves to have your house looking like a miniature version of the Eden Project will save you being held at the Treasury’s gunpoint.

However, if you want to relax by having a smoke, socialise at the pub over a pint of beer or, lo and behold, wish to purchase a car with an engine capacity greater than the raw, throbbing power of a Ladyshave, expect to be hit financially with a blow equal to a Audley Harrison right hook.  Tomorrow, whatever the MSM may claim, the return of Old Labour will be raised by several notches.


Talking Point – 20.03.07

By ATWadmin On March 20th, 2007 at 10:08 pm

‘Gordon Brown will prove to be the Labour Party version of Sir Alec Douglas Home.’   Discuss.

On This Day…20.03

By ATWadmin On March 20th, 2007 at 10:03 pm

1806 – Laying of the foundation stone of Britain’s high security prison on Dartmoor in Devon.

1969 –  John Lennon marries girlfriend Yoko Ono in Gibraltar.

1974 – Princess Anne survives a kidnap attempt when shots are fired at her car while driving along The Mall in London.

1980 – Pirate radio station Radio Caroline, based on the ship ‘Mi Amigo’, closes down after 16 years on the air when the boat sinks.

1981 – The United Kingdom re-introduces the £50 note (it had been withdrawn in 1943).

1996 – British Government admits there is a possible link between 10 human deaths and the mad cow disease, BSE.


By ATWadmin On March 20th, 2007 at 9:16 pm

Every day, the ATW mail box fills up with a range of interesting views, most of which are constructive and I do appreciate you taking the time to write to me. Sometimes, purely down to work pressures, I may miss your mail or might not reply, and I hope you will forgive me. However, every now and then, I read an outstanding email, and so it is that I bring you the unexpurgated wisdom of a Mr Niall O’Riordan, who I’m guessing might just be Irish. Here is what he has to say…..

Dear Sir,

It truly is a sad day when ill-informed, mentally deficient folk such
as yourself are given access to the internet. I found your blog to be
a collection of bigotted, ignorant, homophobic tripe.

Unfortunately, I am positive that you will continue with your journal
of idiocy and many other people will stumble accross your site,
totally by accident I might add, only to be exposed to your ridiculous
thoughts and beliefs.

The saddest part is that your brain has such a limited capacity that
you'll believe that it is me that is the idiot.

This belief is WRONG!!!


But there is hope. Its not too late, and even you can learn to be a
better person.

I wish you very little in the future except enough complaints about
your ridiculous blog that you might stop it.

You're a shining example of modern Britain and it's fabulous education system.

Yours Sincerly,

A Friend..........

Now then, I'm sure that Niall will want to hear your views - assuming his sedation has worn off....

Sometimes It’s Hot & Sometimes It’s Cold

By ATWadmin On March 20th, 2007 at 5:52 pm

Consider the following chart from The Politically Incorrect Guide to Global Warming and Environmentalism  which documents the trends in the media reporting climate in an alarmist fashion:

  “…media alarmism, like climate itself, runs in cycles:

Catastrophic Manmade global warming:   1981 – present
Catastrophic Manmade global cooling:     1954 – 1976
Catastrophic global warming:                   1929 – 1969
Catastrophic global cooling:                     1895 – 1932”

Like the stock market, Earth’s temperature goes up, and then it goes down.  And media alarmism is as fickle as the weather.

Two things are certain:

  • If climate trends hot, it will trend cold at sometime in the future, and vice versa.
  • Media alarmism will reverse course as well.

So, before you enthusiastically endorse politicians planning to line their pockets fund research to
Stop Global Warming with your tax receipts, you might just sit back and wait for this current phase of climate alarmism to run its course.