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“All you do is stare at a blank sheet of paper ….”

By ATWadmin On November 30th, 2006 at 11:08 am

As I expected, there were a fair few great entries, so I have given honorary mentions in several categories, as follows:-

Prophetic Headline  "Pope gives birth to Ayatolla’s triplets"    Aileen

the sequel being    "Paisley Junior wins custody of grandchildren"  Aileen

Best play on words  "Turks Welcome The Pope en Masse."  Charles in Texas

Funniest      "Paisley’s conversion to Scientology was unexpected! David Vance

Actual headline     "Cameron goes to Iraq, nobody notices!"   Ernest Young

The Winner is…… for a headline containing just that extra spice of acid ………..


Bush Presidential Library Opens, Book Missing!      Mahons



Congratulations and Salutations to all!

If the winner can send contribution via "e-mail the Editor" listed at top of header, it shall be forwarded to me!



By ATWadmin On November 30th, 2006 at 9:10 am

ira leadership.jpgI see that the ongoing choreography between Sinn Fein/IRA and the DUP continues. Comes the news that Sinn Féin/IRA could hold a special party conference on policing by next March if all its concerns were "properly addressed", Gerry Adams said today. (What a surprise!)

In a newspaper article, the Sinn Féin/IRA leader has spelled out clearly his requirements if a party conference to consider endorsing the Police Service of Northern Ireland is to be held within the timetable envisaged in the St Andrews plan to restore power-sharing by next March. Adams said he needed a definite date for the transfer of policing and justice powers from Westminster to Stormont, agreement on the type of devolved government department which would handle them and MI5 to be excluded from any civic policing role.

How reasonable. So, just to reprise and translate this from Republican-speak, Adams will lower himself to accept the neutered grossly incomptent Police Service of Northern Ireland (which boasts how it actively discriminates against anyone who is not a Roman Catholic!) just so long as control of such policing can be devolved to potentially a Sinn Fein/IRA Minister! Naturally, Adams is insistent that MI5 would be kept right away from policing issues, we can but ponder why!

What will happen is this. Government will produce a firm date for the devolution of policing in due course, subject to this that and the other caveat. Sinn Fein/IRA will, heroically and to the applause of the global MSM, accept the PSNI….. so long as it gets to control it. The fact that Sinn Fein/IRA murdered HUNDREDS and wounded THOUSANDS of Police Officers over the years will be ignored as not relevant. The DUP will them cautiously welcome the Sinn Fein/IRA decision to polute policing, and will even claim the "credit." Everyone in the political stratosphere will then have a wild Party – and the overwhelming majority of the victims of terrorism will be forgotten. By deed, not by word, their betrayal will be complete.

And we will have won peace in our time.


By ATWadmin On November 30th, 2006 at 8:50 am

And so, more than 150 illegal immigrants and failed asylum seekers will be freed from custody today after a riot wrecked Britain’s biggest detention centre. Apparently a Guard turned off a TV set.

Home Secretary John Reid was forced to release the men back on to the streets after a wave of blazes and destruction lasting for more than 18 hours at Harmondsworth, in west London. In addition, immigration staff have been told not to detain any new suspected illegals or failed asylum seekers for the next 48-hours. Officials say it would be pointless as there is nowhere to put them.

So, we now have a situation in which illegal lawless immigrants are dictating Government policy. The stupendous incompetence of the Home Office is played down by the MSM, and it’s a 48 hour FREE FOR ALL for all suspected illegals wanting access to the UK. Come on in – the price is right.

Labour has lost all control over the swarming hordes that enter this country illegally, and yet the Conservative Party appear unable (or unwilling?) to provide a decent alternative. 

When Illness Becomes a Convenience

By ATWadmin On November 30th, 2006 at 8:28 am

What are we to make of the news that Chancellor Gordon Brown’s son has cystic fibrosis?  For the child we should express nothing but our sadness at the fact a beautiful bouncing baby will have to endure a life of disability resulting in a probable early death, as cystic fibrosis is indeed a wicked ailment.  It goes without saying that we should feel sympathy for baby John.  However, as far as Gordon and his wife are concerned, that’s the whole point…….isn’t it?

As a paragon of cynicism I believe contemporary politicians are more than adept at using any imagery to boost their public persona.  There can’t be a person in the UK who doesn’t know David Cameron has a disabled son.  We also know Gordon Brown lost a baby girl some years back.  But why should we know these things, brought to us by a compliant media?  One of the hallmarks of prominent politicians in the past was their steadfast ability to keep family life private.  Yet here we are, in the media age where people such as Brown, whatever the degree of personal woe concerning family matters, still manage to project them on to a public stage so an emotionally-crippled electorate will shower sympathy on their plight and maybe, just maybe, give them a few extra votes as a consequence.

New Labour big-wigs are not averse to using children for their own ends.  Aside from this latest news and the news about Brown’s baby girl, we also endure nauseating pictures of Tone standing with his offspring on the steps of 10 Downing Street.  He even managed to fertilise the Wicked Witch just in time for the 2001 General Election.  For once Tony realised how children could be a filip for his public image, the bedroom must have been filled with nothing but groaning.

Brown is carrying on this trend.  The only difference lies in the aspect of the child’s life.  Where Tony laid the groundrules on infantilistic images using healthy kids, so Gordon and Cameron  have followed using their personal tragedies to curry public sympathy.  What a disgusting way to use children – and especially children with illnesses.

On This Day…30.11

By ATWadmin On November 30th, 2006 at 8:17 am

1840 – The remains of Napoleon Bonaparte, allegedly without his penis, are returned from the island of St Helena, where he died in exile, to Paris.

1874 – Sir Winston Churchill, a descendent of the Duke of Marlborough, is born at Blenheim Palace, the son of leading politician Sir Randolph Churchill.

1900 – Death of Oscar Wilde in Paris at the age of 44.

1936 – The Crystal Palace at Sydenham Hill in south London, originally built in Hyde Park for the Great Exhibition of 1851, is destroyed by a massive fire which could be seen as far away as Calais.

1956 – American boxer Floyd Paterson becomes the youngest ever world heavyweight champion at the age of 21.

1988 – Palestinian leader Yasser Arafat is refused a visa to enter the United States of America where he was planning to address the UN General Assembly.

Talking Point – 29.11.06

By ATWadmin On November 29th, 2006 at 11:51 pm

‘If Ian Paisley goes into a powersharing government with the IRA, he will deserve the title of ‘Lundy’ far more than any leader he has supplanted in his political career.’  Discuss.

Totally Beyond the Veil

By ATWadmin On November 29th, 2006 at 11:33 pm

Further to David’s article on the rather disappointing news that only a bare majority of the British people disapprove of wearing the niqab (‘facial handkerchief’ to you and me) in public places, did anybody see the BBC report about the sales of this black material abomination in a principal Muslim outlet in Blackburn?  Since Jack Straw made his tentative –  nay, ‘man of straw’  – remarks about politely asking Muslim women to remove this monstrosity in his presence at constituency surgeries, sales of the veil have actually risen.

We are told by Muslims (oh Allah, there goes that dreaded ‘M’ word again) that wearing the niqab is demanded in the Koran.  Aside from the fact that if the Koran said all Bradford male Muslims had to bare their bums in the shop windows of the city’s Kirkgate Centre at 7am every Wednesday morning, there would be a mid-week stampede fuelled by testosterone, why should sales only start to rise on the back of what the MSM derisively calls a ‘controversy’?  If the niqab is so fundamental to Islamic female modesty, why should it only be so after Straw brought it to national attention?

The truth is the veil is not any symbol of modesty, but a further show of defiance from a community the rest of us are getting increasingly sick and tired of.  As several ATW readers have stated, if we lived in Muslim countries we would have to abide by their customs.  My word, would we have to abide by their customs!!!!!!!!  The same principles should apply here.  They can either integrate or find Islamic solace in one of the undemocratic backwaters they proclaim as their cultural homelands.

On This Day…29.11

By ATWadmin On November 29th, 2006 at 11:27 pm

1864 – US Cavalry troops, commanded by Colonel Chivington, massacre 150 unarmed Cheyenne and Arapahoe Indians at Sand Creek in Colorado.

1898 – Birth of writer CS Lewis in Belfast.

1907 – British nurse Florence Nightingale is presented with the Order of Merit by Edward VII of England for her work tending the wounded during the Crimean War.

1962 – Britain and France announce a joint agreement to design and build ‘Concorde’ – the world’s first supersonic airliner.

1965 – In Britain, housewife Mary Whitehouse begins her ‘Clean Up TV Campaign’ by setting up the National Viewers and Listeners’ Association to tackle ‘bad taste and irresponsibility’.

1995 – On his visit to the United Kingdom, US President Bill Clinton praises British Prime Minister John Major for his efforts to bring ‘peace’ in Northern Ireland.


By ATWadmin On November 29th, 2006 at 3:14 pm

As the Pope visits Turkey, Irshad Manji, reflects on the importance of a liberal islamic reformation.

‘Along the way, Benedict quoted an obscure Christian emperor who linked Islam to violence. As if on cue, Muslims around the world reacted angrily, some resorting to the very violence that they denied plays any role in our faith’

She goes on:

‘Consider, for example, this message from Imran, a self-described “moderate Muslim” and American citizen who works for the US government’:

“You said that how Muslims are reacting to the Pope is like reducing the Quran to its most bloodthirsty passages. There is no such thing, Missy… You are looking for cheap publicity for your book and bashing Islam is the easiest way to get it nowadays. It used to be sleeping with the publisher, but for that you require looks. One more thing, if you are a Jew, you should not be ashamed of it."

‘Imran and Sonya are more representative than I wish. All Muslims are taught that because the Quran comes after the Torah and the Bible, we must regard it as the final and perfect manifesto of the Divine. It is, we’re told, free of ambiguities, contradictions and human editing; in other words, free of the corruption that contaminates Jewish and Christian scriptures’. 

‘Thus the central conundrum for us Muslims. If it’s an article of our faith that the Quran is the unfiltered declaration of God, then what makes moderate Muslims “moderate”?’ 

She concludes

‘Fortunately, more and more Muslims are proclaiming that it’s time for a liberal Islamic reformation. Two groups that powerfully attest to this movement are the Democratic Muslims of Denmark and their off-shoot, the Critical Muslims, both of which emerged from the Danish cartoon wars’.

In addition to this we have seen recently a group of muslims opposing the building of a mega mosque in east London, largely because the people behind it endorsed extremism. How is it we allow this even to be considered? It is in ours and their interests to platform more voices like Irshads, instead of allowing the MCB, MPAC and silly little girls in veils to push a fundamentalist agenda. In endorsing their ‘freedom of expression’ we suppress others.  If anything i think these organisations have gone some way towards hoisting themselves on their own pseudo ‘moderate’ pasard. The result is that people are wary of the word moderate and as she herself concludes the word now has ‘little meaning’.

Pull your weight

By ATWadmin On November 29th, 2006 at 2:49 pm

Interesting to read that progress has been made in Riga, ‘if only because the political leaders have conceded that while all have soldiers deployed in Afghanistan, some are engaged in wholesale combat, while others are having a pretty quiet time’.

‘The Canadians, in particular, have been laying down the law about other Nato members sharing more of the risks. Canada has suffered a large number of casualties, even more than the British in Helmand, and resent it when alliance members have failed to come to their aid when facing relentless attacks by the Taleban’

Id agree with that sentiment – why is it most consistently left to the British American Canadian and Australian (and Dutch in this case) forces to undertake the heavylifting in what all have agreed is a battle we must win. At one point i seem to recall it being noted that British forces witheld positions in Helmand and fought off the Taleban in one of the longest battles in British military history.

In extremis? The whole of Afghanistan is already ‘in extremis’.

‘apart from the moves over national caveats, only a handful of member states offered more troops and equipment for Afghanistan, enough to reduce the present 15 per cent shortfall in capability to ten per cent.

General Jones said that a shortfall in capability in a peacekeeping mission was one thing, but a capability gap in an operation where soldiers were being killed in combat was potentially more dangerous’

Quite. Get in there.