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Death comes with a price!

By ATWadmin On February 7th, 2007 at 5:58 pm


While we, as a Nation have our differences; have many problems with an arrogant and, to some at least, an overbearing Government, we still retain some basic freedoms, not as many as we once held, but still a few!

I would ask you to read a few pages from this blog, and then sit back and count your blessings! 





By ATWadmin On February 7th, 2007 at 5:17 pm

Hang on a second – what on earth do I mean by THAT headline? Well, I haven’t suddenly become converted to Irish insurrectionism (!) but I am pleased to read that only 13% of Congressional Republicans in the USA believe that global warming is primarily caused by mankind. Touchy-feely tax-loving Democrats, by way of comparison, have a 95% conviction that mankind is entirely to blame for global warming. You can figure why the media just luvvve them – the doom-mongers get a good press but those who take a more considered and scientific view are labelled deniers. Crazy world, eh? Glad to see the GOP has called this one correctly.


By ATWadmin On February 7th, 2007 at 4:48 pm

Just to let you know that I will be "live" on-air at 8.50pm (UK time) this evening – on the net – on Slugger Radio! We’re discussing the St Andrew’s Agreement – or the Belfast Agreement lite for slow thinking and loose moraled unionists! Give it a listen if you can. Tangled Talk Radio is also being feverishly worked on behind the scenes and I’ll update you on that asap!

They’re playing our song again; and again, and again!

By ATWadmin On February 7th, 2007 at 10:24 am

The words in the heading were my first reactions when I heard the latest plans to modify, change or otherwise strangle the House of Lords. First proposed in the 1997 manifesto of the victorious New Labour Party, then led by the all-shiny and unbattered Tony, the call was for the complete transformation of the Lords, based on the published grounds that the Hereditary principle of son following father was wrong in these ‘Modern Times’ (my emphasis!). Nowhere, surprisingly enough, was there any mention of the fact that the Labour Party long detested the Upper House based on one thing alone, that being Class Envy! So, the majority of hard-working and, in the main, industrious Peers were forced out by the Commons, but since then, strangely, not very much has occurred in the way of change; mainly because the bulk of the Labour Majority, so overwhelming in the first two Labour Parliaments, could not agree on the way forward, and any attempt to do so was scuppered by a combination of a shrewd rearguard fight within the Lords,, and the shambles of proposals forwarded by Labour!

We also saw the beginning of the ‘Cash-for-Peerages’ row, and the infinitely worse second investigation into alleged attempts to ‘Pervert the course of Justice’. This two investigations  come into a Government which proudly placed on that same 1997 manifesto, the words “They have debased democracy through their MP’s who have taken cash for asking questions in the House of Commons”!

So we now see a new attempt by Labour to move the goal posts, with no less than SEVEN options upon which the Commons can vote, all in another sleazy move to remove the remainder of the Hereditary Peers, the people whom they detest so greatly, but who, strangely enough, they seemed all to keen to get their monetary supporters to join with after getting their cash on the nail, after disguising that same cash as ‘commercial loans’! Blair is stated as seeking a legacy; he would be better remembered if he told his machine-politicians and lickspittles to sort their own House out, and leave the Lords to posterity!



By ATWadmin On February 7th, 2007 at 9:30 am

I can’t say I am very surprised to read that house prices in Northern Ireland have risen more than anywhere else in Europe! The cost of property increased by an average 36% in 2006, more than three times the figure for the UK as a whole.

The Royal Institute of Chartered Surveyors European Housing Review found the market was proving extremely difficult for first-time buyers. 

And therein lies the rub. If people can no longer access propery at entry level then the wheels will come off the market as chains collapse. 

I saw a very average semi-detached apartment for sale the other day, in the coastal resort of Portstewart, for a cool £1 million. There is a property for sale not far from my own seaside apartment for…£3.5 million! This is silly money, the market has overheated in my view and market forces will come into play sooner rather than later and correct this. The housing price boom must deflate.


By ATWadmin On February 7th, 2007 at 9:15 am

I see that the European Commission is proposing to force carmakers to make an 18% cut in CO2 emissions from new cars by 2012. Draconian is what the EU does best, you know.

An EU spokesman said the commission was aiming for a 25% cut in car emissions overall, with the "bulk of the effort" coming from better motor technology. The rest of the cut is expected to be achieved by measures such as greater use of biofuels and better tyres. Details of the plan, which has divided the commission, are being unveiled on Wednesday after a two-week delay. Environment Commissioner Stavros Dimas had wanted to force carmakers to achieve the full 25% emissions cut alone, but ran into strong opposition from the German car industry and Industry Commissioner Guenter Verheugen.

I listened to some talking heads debate this on the Radio this morning. General consensus was that it was OK to "pay a bit more to save the Planet"! Honestly, you couldn’t make it up.

As far as I am concerned, the cleaner cars can become the better, just as the more fuel efficient they become, the better. It would be great if we could get away from petrol as the primary source of FUEL. All laudable objectives – and car manufacturers should be incentivised to develop smart tech to bring these about. But let’s drop the nonsense about "saving the planet" and let’s drop the desire to IMPOSE penalties on those who manufacture cars. Has the EU never heard the expression that you will get more with honey than with vinegar?? 

Truth is no defence

By ATWadmin On February 7th, 2007 at 12:25 am

A supply teacher lost his job after complaints that he remarked in an RE class discussion that most suicide bombers are muslims. He had to go, with no right to defend himself – although he denies he made the comments. According to the Deputy Head, pupil welfare is the priority. Pupils in the predominantly muslim school in Slough were “very upset” and that, it seems, binds his hands, even though the disputed comment is indeed correct.

A little story, but one that indicates the massive problems in state education. Since when are staff hired and fired on the say-so of pupils? What kind of precedent does this set? No doubt such things don’t work the same way for white English pupils who may take offence at the constant denigration of their country and culture. (Hat tip to Melanie Phillips.)



Maricopa’s finest

By ATWadmin On February 6th, 2007 at 5:43 pm

Hat tip to the Dark Heretic for proposing Sheriff Joe Arpaio of Maricopa County, as replacement for Home Secretary John “not so tough” Reid, with a brief summary of the Sheriff’s policy decisions to warm the heart of right-thinking readers.


“We don’t need to kowtow before the liberal orthodoxy of the BBC or the Guardian”

By ATWadmin On February 6th, 2007 at 4:50 pm

leigh150.jpgThus says Edward Leigh of the tory Cornerstone Group in an attack on the direction David Cameron is taking the party. Leigh warns that the tories can’t take their traditional voters for granted while Cameron cruises for new support amongst the tree-huggers and metro-sexuals.

Cornerstone will be putting forward proposals, and even a “mini manifesto” in the hope of dragging the party back towards the good old days of tax cuts, free enterprise and resisting the evils of socialism. But all in vain, according to a spokesman for Cameron: “the party has got to change and be relevant to modern Britain. Edward Leigh is completely wrong.”

All parties involve compromise on individual or sectional views but up to a point, beyond which the differences cannot co-exist in the same party. Cameron’s kowtowing tories, shorn of any reason a traditionalist would have to support them, can only deliver at most a phyrric victory.

Personally I look forward to the day Edward Leigh and the rest of the Cornerstone Group make the realisation so many conservative-thinking people have already made about the tories, and walk away.


Sick of Sickness

By ATWadmin On February 6th, 2007 at 3:39 pm

In a senior position one of my jobs is to delegate tasks to care staff.  It is hard to do, particularly on a weekend, when people are phoning in and declaring themselves ‘sick’.  As I am the sort of person who has to be practically dying before I take a day off work, I absolutely detest those who ‘hop the wag’ if they have a small cut on their left hand.

I work six weekends in seven.   I don’t particularly like having to work like that (especially for only £23,000 per year), but that’s the way it is.  Nothing infuriates me more on a Saturday or Sunday morning than when the phone rings and a meek, cretinous voice on the other end says: ‘Sorry, can’t come in today.  Feeling sick.  Got a headache.  Been vomiting’.  In a professional capacity I can only respond by saying: ‘Thank you for letting us know.  Get well soon’.  I actually feel like shouting down the line: ‘Stop making stupid excuses you lazy, bone idle b*****d, and get your ****ing a**e into work NOW!!!!’  I’ve had three days sick leave in the last four years.  I know people who have had the same amount in the last fortnight.

How many cases of sickness are genuine?  0.4%?  1%?  I have no precise figure, though I suspect it’s very low.  Not only is a repeated or disingenuous sickness rate an insult to fellow colleagues, it also potentially places them in harm’s way.  One of the people I support is over 17-stone in weight and suffers from bouts of extreme and unprovoked aggression.  If he goes into a violent rage I like to know that the other men on my team are going to be there to help me restrain him safely, not lying in bed nursing a hangover from the previous evening’s drunken orgy!

Brendan Barber defends the sickness by mentioning the ‘cold and flu’ season.  Huh, you can always depend on the British trade unions to defend the right of the British working man to do anything other than……well….work.  The remedy to these atrocious sickness habits is for companies to refuse to pay those off ill until they have been absent for a week or more, or unless they have a medical adminstered by an impartial GP.  We all have the ‘blues’ from time to time.  Some of us just get on with it.  Unfortunately, as a nation with increasing numbers of wimps, carrying on regardless is something of anathema.