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Big brother

By ATWadmin On January 24th, 2007 at 1:26 pm

The United Kingdom leads the world in the deployment of Closed Circuit Tele Vision camera technology. The UK has one camera for every 14 people. Surveillance of public areas in the United Kingdom by CCTV was developed partly in response to IRA terrorism. It started then and continues now the debate about the extent to which these powerful technologies are being applied in the UK and about the erosion of our liberties in the fight against terror.

Each recent successive New Labour Home Secretary with the support of Prime Minister Tony Blair, has been accused of destroying, bit by bit, our long held liberties and freedoms. They are accused of creating a ‘Climate of Fear’ which is playing into the hands of terrorists. Watching the CCTV footage of the incidents of July 21 and the incredibly brave Angus Campbell (who stopped to help a mum and child and then challenged the guy) and the individuals who pursued Mohammed amidst such confusion that day, illustrates that this fear is justified.

(I’d also like to suggest that just as Jade is held up as an ‘example’ of Britons so most definitely can Mr Campbell, Mr Brawley, Mr Burton-Garnett and the other brave individuals who gave chase).

No-one now could reasonably argue that CCTV and its ‘erosion of our liberties’ is a bad thing. The most measurable effect of CCTV has been in the detection and prosecution of these individuals. The terrorists lawyers in the current trial wont even contest this.

So it is interesting to read that Britons are quite prepared to give up a lot more in the fight against the present fanatics.

The result of 3,000 interviews conducted by the National Centre for Social Research — concludes that there is broad public support for new anti-terrorism measures. 81% backed tapping a suspects phone, home curfews and detention without charge. The public is happy to relinquish its right to privacy and freedom in the hope of beating terrorism. Opposition to compulsory identity cards has also plummeted over the past 15 years, with 22 per cent of people now opposing the move, compared with almost 50 per cent in 1990.

(As i recall the police were accused of deliberately removing footage and lying about it not being available from Stockwell station on July 22nd as a cover up over the De Menezes shooting. It is arguably worth noting where the terrorist was and how much of Stockwell station’s footage was needed in the successful pursuit and quick arrests of all those involved on July 21st.  The footage in the train was also examined in the determination of the officers conduct).


By ATWadmin On January 24th, 2007 at 12:14 pm

Nuclear_fireball.jpgIran. According to the "wise men" who put together the US Baker Report, along with Syria it represents an important source of stability in the region. And all good liberals agree with the fabulous Baker Boys. Right? I mean the BBC is outraged, positively bristling with annoyance, that President Bush has not rushed to immediately implement the collective wisdom of the Iraq Surrender Study Group.   So, let’s consider todays’ headline which shows how "stabilising" Iran can be.

Israel and the United States will soon be destroyed, Iran’s President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad said Tuesday during a meeting with Syria’s foreign minister, the Islamic Republic of Iran Broadcasting (IRIB) reports. "Iranian President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad… assured that the United States and the Zionist regime of Israel will soon come to the end of their lives," the Iranian president was quoted as saying.

He keeps talking about wiping out Israel, for some odd reason, doesn’t he? 

Now, is there ANYONE out there that seriously believes that Iran is a source of stability?

And when you’re having a little think on that, also contemplate the news that North Korea is also reputed to be providing Iran with nukes, for some reason.


By ATWadmin On January 24th, 2007 at 12:03 pm

I was pleased to hear President Bush outline in his State of the Union speech the importance to the US of finding new sources of energy that will reduce its over-reliance on Middle Eastern Oil. New technology, alternative sources of energy, and clean Nuclear energy all have a role to play in this. Naturally, the BBC instantly dismissed the entire speech – they’re probably still fantasising about President Hillary Clinton. It would be great if the US can lead the world in finding better alternatives to "foreign oil". No blood for oil, as the lefties like to say. 

On The Beach

By ATWadmin On January 24th, 2007 at 10:59 am

There’s something deeply disturbing about people who feel they have to scrounge items from the remnants of calamitous situations.  I feel most in society have the good grace to keep their integrity intact by not looting goods which do not belong to them.  Sadly, there is also a sizeable minority who would leap a crocodile pit to take advantage of any freebies on offer.

The scenes at Branscombe Beach in Devon (an area I know well) are nothing short of pitiful.  Anecdotal evidence suggests people have travelled from as far away as Scotland and Cumbria to loot the merchandise spilling from the ship Napoli, currently in distress a few miles out to sea.  Not for them any consideration of the locals who have to endure their mass presence as they cram the roads around Branscombe, Beer and Salcombe Regis; not for them any thought on how difficult it already is to salvage the wreck without having to tolerate a veritable phalanx of leeching tosspots; not for them the image that beams around the world, once again showing the worst elements of British society at play.

Mass looting is something I tend to associate with Third World societies who have, say, just emerged from a catastrophic earthquake.  You wouldn’t think in a society such as this – one of the wealthiest countries in the industrialised world – that people already awash with every household and vehicular appliance they could possibly dream of, would resort to such desperate measures to lay their grubby hands on still more. 

On This Day…24.01

By ATWadmin On January 24th, 2007 at 10:53 am

1848 – James Marshall discovers gold at Sutter’s Sawmill in California , USA – sparking the ‘Great Gold Rush’.

1935 – In America, canned beer goes on sale for the first time – made by the Krueger Brewery of Richmond, Virginia.

1965 – The greatest and most iconic British Prime Minister in history – Sir Winston Churchill – dies at the age of 90.

1972 – Local farmers discover Shoichi Yokoi, a Japanese sergeant who, unaware that World War II was over, had been hiding the jungles of Guam for 28 years. Guam, a US possession in the western Pacific, was attacked and captured by the Japanese in 1941.

1976 – British politician Margaret Thatcher, leader of the Conservative Party, is dubbed ‘The Iron Lady’ in the Soviet newspaper ‘Red Star’ after her speech on the threat of Communism.

1986 – The beginning of the end for London’s Fleet Street – home to most British national newspapers – when staff of the ‘Sun’ and ‘News of the World’ are told they are moving to new premises in London’s Docklands.

why is mummy in fact a daddy?

By ATWadmin On January 24th, 2007 at 9:46 am

For the first time in one hell of a long time, a British religious leader has spoken on a matter of conscience, and has received support from two more British religious leaders; in an outright condemnation of the latest batch of homo-sexual-friendly Regulations which are destined to hit the Statute Books, and therefore coming soon to a home near to you!

A great deal has been written, and spoken, about the need to cancel and outlaw all forms of discrimination, but I think, and possibly many more think as I do, that perhaps this Government, in it’s urge to placate the vociferous homosexual and lesbian lobbies, has written one set of rules too far! In their supine assent to the statement of ‘anything goes’, they have, perhaps for the first time, miscalculated! The queer-friendly bunch which gave the bent Mandelson two shots at goal, both of which he blew, before slotting him into the E.U. Commission also reckoned that the British public would, as has happened many, many times in the past, opened one eye and focussed one ear, only to shrug and go back to EastEnders/Celebrity garbage bins/the big tits on Page Three/moronic chanting while being judged by a very rich clown with a masochistic twist/ (excise those choices which do not apply)!

They forgot that, deep in the Human psyche there is a neanderthal ability to sense danger! The fact that there does remain, certainly in the British consciousness, a sense to detect that perhaps our politicians, or our justice system have gone further than what is deemed ‘acceptable’ by the mass body Politic. We retain, within our national structures, despite the occasional lunacies uttered by certain members of the higher religious fraternity, a deep respect for these men because of who they are, and what they stand for. Personally, I have little time for the wafflings of Rowan Williams, less than that for the faux-tribal antics of John Sentamu, and I really do believe that Cormac Murphy O’Connor should have stood down over the allegations of cover-up over paeadophilic priests; but, and it is a large ‘but’, these men, in general, reflect the basic thoughts of this country as far as what is ‘allowable’ or ‘acceptable’.

When these men state that children do best when living in a family unit comprising a father and a mother, that is a fairly straightforward item to grasp! So when these three men, of one cut of ‘cloth’ or another, come straight out and challenge the Government regarding one sector of the Equality Act, regarding the right of homosexual couples to adopt children placed in the care of the Church, I think the whole act should be dropped, as a step too far for British people to take, both for now and in the future!


By ATWadmin On January 24th, 2007 at 9:27 am

How interesting to read that Britain is not fighting a “war on terror” and that London is not a battlefield according to the Director of Public Prosecutions Sir Ken Macdonald, QC.

 “London is not a battlefield. Those innocents who were murdered on July 7 2005 were not victims of war.”


Pure denial. Sir Ken believes that these acts were criminal acts, like car theft, and that the criminal law is quite sufficient to deal with them. That is EXACTLY the same thinking that characterised the Clinton administration – the thinking that led to 9/11. The thinking that encourages Bin Laden. The thinking that ensured when the US had a chance to kill the Al Queda leader , it opted out.

It strikes me that London will have to suffer a 9/11 scale of Islamic terror outrage to jolt deluded liberals like Sir Ken out of his intellectual stupor. And maybe even then they will turn around and blame our “foreign policy” Militant Islam IS at war with us. They’re counting on the gullibility of those such as the DPP to ensure that we don’t fight back using every means at our command. Perhaps they’re BANKING on it. 


By ATWadmin On January 24th, 2007 at 9:11 am

_40886098__petrobinson203.jpgEver hear the expression that there is no such thing as a free breakfast?

DUP Deputy Leader Peter Robinson appears not to have heard this if we take his endorsement of the decision by the Irish Government to include expenditure on Northern Ireland in it’s NATIONAL DEVELOPMENT PLAN. at face value The putative undertaker of the Union said that any contribution to making Northern Ireland more economically competitive was a good thing. He also said his party was happy to work with the Irish Government on matters of "mutual benefit".

In order to cover his back, Robinson said the planned spending posed no risk to Northern Ireland’s sovereignty or constitutional status and the DUP would have the right to vet each project proposed under the NDP.

Now then Peter, you might think that your little caveat is enough to lull alarmed DUP supporters back into the stupor that suits you best but hey, it’s only fair that some of us point out a few inconvenient truths.

1. Why does the Dublin government want to include Northern Ireland in its NATIONAL strategies? Good-will?

2. The DUP is on record condemning North-South bodies as embryonic to a de facto,mif not de jure, unitary Irish State. These expenditure which Robinson endorses will flow through such bodies, thus strengthening them.

3. What may be of "mutual benefit" to the DUP and Dublin Government is not necessarily of benefit to the Union.

There is no free breakfast – Robinson knows this – but his hunger for power remains undiminished.


By ATWadmin On January 24th, 2007 at 8:53 am

Wondered what you made of the scenes on Branscombe beach in Devon as dozens (hundreds) of people came to scavenge on the washed up containers from the  MSC Napoli after it had run aground off the south coast of England? I have to say that I found the entire episode to be pretty unedifying, as it brought out the worst in human nature.

The fact is that those large containers washed up on the beach contained other people’s property. This was theft -pure and simple. I listened to a lady from South Africa whose personal possessions had been in one of the containers and who had the misfortune to then watch on TV as people scavenged HER belongings. She seemed stunned to think that British people could behave in such a way – “these are educated people” she repeated. No. They are not. Anyone with a modicum of education would not behave in the way that these scavengers have – many coming from hundreds of miles away to feast on the outcome of this sea disaster.


By ATWadmin On January 24th, 2007 at 8:46 am

You have to laugh. I listened to Nicky Campbell, the BBC presenter on the moonbat Radio 5 live this morning discussing the absolutely disgraceful request by the Home Office that Judges and magistrates should jail only the most dangerous and persistent criminals. This is because prisons are basically full up.

Campbell, in full-on liberal mode, wondered why it could be that although Prisons are full, crime has fallen.


Here’s my prediction. Build MORE prisons, ensure that all who are convicted of commiting crimes for which imprisonment is the due sentence actually go to jail, and crime will fall even more. Of course the namby-pamby HumanRights Act compliant prison environment needs toughened up so we may sent a message to the criminal underclass that crime does not pay!