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By ATWadmin On December 20th, 2006 at 9:03 am

scales of justice.jpgYes, I know it is pantomime season but anyone watching the farce that surrounds events leading up to and following the brutal murder of WPC Sharon Beshenisvky can’t be laughing very hard. It was bad enough that a gang of Somali …ahem… "Asylum seekers" killed this lady, but now it is revealed that one of those wanted for the murder has allegedly escaped from the UK  – dressed up as a Muslim in full niqab attire. Even worse, it now appears that this Muslim gangster had been FREED from prison six months earlier because the Home Office officials feared it would be "too dangerous" to deport him to his home nation since that might "infringe" his human rights.

I repeat my view that the Human Rights legislation so favoured by the Euro-elite and the political left is a massive threat to our democracy since it paralyses common sense. Where we went wrong here was in allowing these Somali criminals access to the UK. Once located, they should have been immediately deported. End of discussion. Instead we now witness the sight of one of these wanted killers deporting himself rather than face justice. Justice may not be blind, but it appears to suffer from human rights cataracts.

Another day, another murder, another travesty of ‘justice’

By ATWadmin On December 19th, 2006 at 6:50 pm

 Ho-hum. Nothing special to report, today. Just another normal day, with a typical scene being played out in a British court.

Judge Lady Paton said: "To assault and rob a complete stranger, who was simply looking for a taxi home after a night out, was evil enough. The continued attack on Mr Jamieson amounted to sadistic and sickening savagery, almost beyond comprehension. Mr Jamieson’s family has been left with an irreplaceable loss and terrible grief. The sentences must reflect this."


– Leslie and Cowie received life terms, with minimums of 20 and 18 years and Paton was jailed for 10 years.


It would have been reassuring if Judge Paton had continued his (her?) summing-up thusly:

"As I say, the sentences OUGHT TO reflect this…but due to several reasons, such as our membership of the EU, the enshrinement of the European Convention on ‘Human Rights’ into our Human Rights Act, and the sentencing guidelines which I am obliged to follow as a result of these factors, the sentences, will of course, not reflect this at all. Sorry!"  

It truly warms the cockles of my heart to know that this time next year (while I am standing in the freezing cold street outside the pub in order to enjoy a cigarette, thanks to this socialist "ban it all" governaziment), the sick murdering thugs such as these three (and the b*****d responsible for the Ipswich murders) will be sitting in their nice warm cells, enjoying a smoke while they browse the TV channels. Call that justice?? I don’t.

I’d grant them one last cigarette as a last request, before dealing out the only punishment fitting for such crimes:




The Magnificent Two

By ATWadmin On December 19th, 2006 at 11:28 am

Do people watch BBC’s Politics Show?  I always turn off after Countryfile.  I stopped tuning in to Auntie’s political and current affairs programmes a long time ago.  Here’s why.  Have you see the shortlist of the aforesaid production’s ‘heroes’?  It sums up the underlying balance of this corporation (we on the Right are forced to fund by law): have a hard core of toss pots vying for the top spot and sprinkle in a couple of Conservative icons to give an unconvincing impression of impartiality.  So who gets your vote?:

  1. Tony Benn – the best mate of anyone and everyone who hates this country.  A figure whose lip-service to hard-line socialism hasn’t stopped him accumulating vast sums of personal fortune.
  2. Neil Kinnock – an abject political failure who lost two elections and couldn’t even land a killer blow against Thatcher over the Westland affair and the Heseltine debacle.
  3. Alex Salmond – another Left winger and voice of petulant Scottish nationalism.  One of the principal figures of separatism in our political system.
  4. Clare Short – an unprincipled big-mouth whose publicity-seeking endeavours vastly exceed her limited intellect.  Someone who has flirted with odious manifestations of Irish insurrection.
  5. Shirley Williams – a soaking-wet liberal from the Chamberlainesque branch of perspectives on UK foreign policy.

And just to show we give out the right signals on impartiality we’ll also include Thatcher and Tebbit in the line-up.  If anyone out there detests having to fund this bastion of Guardianistability more than me, please speak up.

“…and that is the sentence of this jury, the newspapers, and the t.v!”

By ATWadmin On December 19th, 2006 at 10:11 am

“But that was in another year, and besides the wench is dead” This particular phrase, paraphrased as it is from Marlowe’s ‘The Jew of Malta’, is the subject of my little polemic today! Our eyes and ears have been literally blasted with news, discussions and opinions regarding the murder of five young women in the Ipswich area. Now in a previous post, I collectively described them as ‘whores’, and I make no apology for that whatsoever; because I hew to the old analogy “If it walks like a duck, and quacks like a duck…etc”. But, and it is a big BUT, these women, and the persons suspected of committing the crimes against them, are entitled to the full protection of the law. So when the BBC broadcasts an interview, allegedly recorded previously for background purposes only, with a man who claimed to have intimate knowledge of all five, I begin to suspect that these broadcasters are working towards their own agenda entirely.

In times not so long past, once a person had been arrested, never mind charged, with an offence, ALL comment ceased in regard to that particular person; because if he or she came to court, a robust defence may well be raised as to the chances of a fair trial, seeing that their names had possibly been plastered all over the newspapers. The defence team would have assumed that this avenue could well lead to an acquittal, on the grounds that the allegations had been broadcast far and wide, and the jury’s minds may well have been compromised by the early publicity! But the BBC, through their mouthpiece deputy director of BBC News, Adrian Van Klaveren,, decided that it was ‘fair comment’ and "We felt in these very extraordinary and very rare circumstances there was actually a justification for doing that." A media lawyer also said  "Juries are pretty robust, and they’re always told to forget anything they may have read in the press, and the trial these days is usually up to a year after somebody is arrested.

Now we read that a second person, so far unidentified has also been arrested regarding these murders; so the question must be asked, what of the first suspect, already tried and sentenced in the public’s mind and hearing, by a truly reprehensible interview with a sad and lonely individual, who was gulled into releasing his most private thoughts to a couple of truly unscrupulous reporters! If innocent, will he get his job back at Tesco’s? Doubt it! Will he ever be able to walk down the street without the nods and winks behind his back?

No way! In the eyes and ears of his neighbours, he’s been found guilty, because the BBC and the Mirror virtually said so!



Goodbye t’Joe

By ATWadmin On December 19th, 2006 at 7:13 am

I love cartoons.  I don’t mean those portraying the Prophet Mohammed in compromising positions (although the more they inflame Muslims, the bigger the giggle factor).  I’m talking about the cartoons you, me and millions of others were fans of in our younger days.  The man behind many of these, Joe Barbera, has passed away at his home in California, aged 95. 

Together with his partner William Hanna, Barbera gave us such classics as Tom & Jerry, Scooby Doo and, arguably, the most ingenious cartoon series ever produced – The Flintstones.  It never ceases to amaze me how household accoutrements of the time were taken and transported to another age, where they were substituted by dinosaurs or ancient versions of the same.  Absolutely fantastic!!

They just don’t make cartoons of that quality any more.  Kids today are spoonfed on an animated diet of sci-fi drivel and techno-wizardry.  The likes of Tom & Jerry were good, clean, wholesome fun.  Barbera has gone but his legacy lives on.  Let’s hope in the next world he has a deserved yabba-dabba-doo time.


On This Day…19.12

By ATWadmin On December 19th, 2006 at 7:08 am

1688 – William of Orange arrives in London.

1863 – In London, Frederick Walton patents a new floor covering called linoleum.

1946 – The start of war in Indo-china as troops under Ho Chi Minh launch widespread attacks against the French.

1972 – Ulsterman George Best is sacked from his club, Manchester United.

1984 – In Britain, Yorkshireman Ted Hughes is named Poet Laureate in succession to Sir John Betjeman.

1990 – Albanian authorities formally recognize the country’s first non-Communist political party.

Chewing the Fatah

By ATWadmin On December 18th, 2006 at 10:46 pm

My stance on the internecine warfare between the various Palestinians in Gaza is one of supreme indifference to the fate of the Palestinians themselves.  For me, I remain committed to the belief that the fewer Palestinians there are in the region, the more secure and peaceful the Jewish people will be in their rightful homeland.  However, what this latest fighting indicates is how utterly foolish the Israeli State would be to enter into negotiations on a Palestinian homeland that would not only be poor, but incredibly unstable politically.

Why should an unstable ‘Palestine’ bother Israel?  After all, Croatia has been pretty stable since independence, even as neighbouring Serbia fragmented and suffered the ignominity of western air strikes.  The difference is that the instability in the Gaza Strip and, to a lesser extent the West Bank, is borne out of the desire of a majority of its inhabitants to annihilate Israel.  At the present time the Jewish State has a measure of control (with a significant American blessing) to monitor and orchestrate its own security by launching attacks on what is still officially disputed territory.  That window of self-preservation would be closed if these territories had legal international standing.  And when you have a religion where followers can’t even live in peace with each other, what chance have you got that they will ever live in peace with, and respect the right of existence to, Israel?

Conversing with Trailer Trash

By ATWadmin On December 18th, 2006 at 10:15 pm

Supposing the mother of a sexually violated daughter offered to meet the man who had carried out this wicked deed.  What would be gained?  It would only be an opportunity for the offender to claim he had an insatiable sex drive.  The point I am making is when you hold certain principles, you do not trade them for what you hope will be short-term expediency, but in effect will bestow an air of understanding and legitimacy upon the sinful party.

This same argument applies to the Orangemen of Portadown.  After years of maintaining the moral high ground by refusing to chin-wag with insurrectionist garbage about their right to walk down a public road in a profession of loyalty to the country in which they reside, they are now on the verge of a complete U-turn by suggesting they will meet the residents of the Garvaghy Road face-to-face.  Yes, they may not have been granted their inalienable right to walk down the road because a quango appointed by people who believe that the ‘rights’ of those who hate this United Kingdom should be accommodated before those of citizens who demonstrate steadfast loyalty, but that is beside the point.  There is nothing to discuss.  The Garvaghy Road is a thoroughfare within the United Kingdom.  Those who wish to walk along it for ONE day per year are people who take pride in that constitutional position.  By contrast, those who wish to deny them that entitlement are people who hate the United Kingdom and appoint a self-confessed bomber as their sanctimonious spokesman.

How many of the proles who will rush forth to defend the Garvaghy cabal have actually been down that road?  The nearest house to the kerbside is around 30 – 40 yards away.  The estate is typical of those built in the Craigavon area during the 1960s to accommodate the Belfast overspill.  Very few houses are in close proximity to principal thoroughfares.  Thus, who the hell is Brendan McCenasfodhadfngyivhfgsofidfiogudfiojsdgfhrfsdhdfhafigh (or simply ‘McKenna’ to normal people) to tell British people on British soil where they can and can’t walk?

I imagine the Orange leaders in Mid-Ulster thing that by talking to the likes of McKenna they will open up a window that will inevitably lead to the resumption of their church parade.  Not a bit of it.  Republicans will use the meeting as a photo-opportunity to demonstrate how the Orangemen have been humbled by circumstances, yet will still preclude them for marching by invoking the same stupid arguments they have been using since the mid-1990s.  You maintain your dignity and your pride by adhering to certain fundamentals.

So what should the Portadown Orangemen do?  What they have done for the last nine summers, of course!!  You hold fast on Drumcree Hill and pray for a time when politicians in charge of this nation adopt the more sensible tactic of putting down those who despise it in order that individuals and organisations which are proud to call themselves British can resume the entitlements they had previously.


On This Day…18.12

By ATWadmin On December 18th, 2006 at 10:06 pm

1865 – Slavery is officially abolished in the United States of America with the ratification of the 13th Amendment to the Constitution.

1946 – Labour MPs in Britain triumphantly sing The Red Flag as the House of Commons votes to nationalise the railways, road haulage and the ports.

1946 – Steven Spielberg, director of the cinematic masterpiece Jaws (and some other pretty good movies as well), is born in Cincinnati, Ohio.spielberg.jpg




1956 – Japan is admitted to membership of the United Nations.

1990 – In India, the Taj Mahal reopens to the public after being closed to tourists due to secretarian fighting in the nearby city of Agra.

1991 – In South Africa, Inkatha leader Mangosuthu Buthelezi announces his withdrawal from negotiations on ending apartheid.

Red does not only signify danger!

By ATWadmin On December 18th, 2006 at 7:53 pm

I listened as these wretched women described their lives; lives of degradation, of selling the very stuff of life, of joyless sex for money, of pandering to their customers who have picked them off a street curbside for moments of frenetic activity in exchange for coin of the realm. And what is that coin spent on? Drugs; whether it be heroin, or cocaine of either variety; of crystal meth, which is almost guaranteed to fry the user’s brains in a comparatively short space of time; of the evilly-named ecstasy, which gives so little true ease alongside the promise of a very early death! The choice is wide, and the pickings are good; good that is for the dealers, but not very good for the end-users; hooked as they are on a transient ‘high’ which is chemically-induced and deliberately short, so that the addict will do anything to gain that next ‘fix’.

The broadcast stories of the Ipswich whores are not, in themselves, unusual; but they do reflect a side of our society which, to the law-abiding amongst us, is almost unreal. To be forced to sell your body in order to provide the means of allowing a very temporary forgetfulness to seep into your mind is so far away from the lives lived by the majority of Britons today as to be almost tales from a foreign land!

I firmly believe that we should take one of two very different paths in regard to the huge drug problem in our country today. We should do one of two things; either legalise all ‘Class A and B’ drugs; set up monitored ‘user clinics’, with trained technicians and careful distribution patterns; or immediately make the possession of any amount of any drug not specifically prescribed a criminal offence, with full life sentences for possession with intent to deal or distribute; with regulatory confiscation of all assets illegally obtained by such possession, and ‘cold turkey’ sentences for any person found using or holding any amount of any scheduled drug.

We used to make suicide a criminal offence! The taking of drugs is, in my view, tantamount to suicide, and selling them is close to murder, and drug-related suicide should be a criminal offence once again!