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MSM wars? Times savages BBC

By ATWadmin On March 16th, 2007 at 4:04 pm

This from today’s Times:

"You really do have to leave the country to appreciate fully how pernicious the BBC’s grasp of the nation’s cultural and political soul has become. The groupthink and assumptions implicit in almost everything broadcast by BBC News, and even less explicitly by much else of the corporation’s output, lie like a suffocating blanket over the national consciousness."

 Good fun to read, especially for the mention of the New York Times, of all organs, having a bash at al-Beeb for being too antiWestern. Click here to read the whole thing, it’s quite amusing.

‘Black up and start a riot’

By ATWadmin On March 16th, 2007 at 1:27 pm

A Brief Consideration of the Dutch riots

This is mostly a response to a commenter’s question on if I support the Dutch riots in Utrecht, which contained also a comment that rioting isn’t a ‘valid response’ to the Dutch situation. I’ve taken a little while to respond to that, and have come to the conclusion that yes, I do support rioting ‘if done by aggravated Christians’. Here’s why:

The Dutch and Netherlandish situation appears to be increasingly difficult. Fjordman and others have documented rising levels of immigrant moslem breaching of the peace and violent criminal behaviour, while the police sit on the sidelines.

We’ve seen the beginnings of such things here in the UK with the Cartoon Jihad riots promising death and ‘the real holocaust’ to all and sundry, while the only ones arrested were easy native targets. Given the police response to the May Day demo a few years back when a couple of hundred people were simply imprisoned for some hours, it becomes obvious that the situation is not a result of inability, but of a lack of will. I could cite many other examples, but I don’t want to ramble too much, suffice to say that we can see that pandering to angry moslem ‘youths’ is a continent-wide phenomenon and is even reaching the UK. Perhaps ‘pandering’ is too weak a term. Bat Ye’or, mentioned previously, holds that there is a project ongoing to Islamicize Europe, and it is difficult to say that the signs of success of such a project are not there for all to see (consider banned pigs).

But even if the idea of whole governments betraying their people so totally in a conscious and deliberate fashion is too much for a reader, the evidence is clear that the betrayal is happening even if only as an accident. But then why riot? Why not, as the same commenter suggested, follow a pattern of ‘Civil Disobedience, campaign, boycott, picket, pressure and petition their government etc’ if the government is so bad? The answer, sadly, is because the government is so bad. I don’t know much about party politics, but I’ve seen enough of late of our politicians’ pigheadedness to have a great conviction that civil disobedience would land a chap in the slammer anyway; that campaigns would be ignored; boycotts, pickets, and pressure would be painted black as racism. (If anybody remembers that demo I posted about a while back, the article in Wikipedia on the organisers (SIAD) first labelled them as ‘racists’ and then vanished entirely, making them unpeople.) Indeed, even the most heinous crime of child abuse can be shoved to the back when an undesirable party takes issue with that crime, as Dangerously Subversive Dad reported on a while ago. All in the name of ‘political correctness’, a de facto totalitarian mindset that would chain us all to that extreme evil which appears innocent to the innocent.

Some muddle-headed commenters to Andrew’s post on adventurous driving have criticised his response as being unlawful. No doubt, but that doesn’t make it wrong. We run a risk, in the shadow of PC/Cultural Marxism of falling into the trap some Americans fall into of thinking that because a thing is legal, it’s all ok. Lest we forget, starving Terri Schiavo to death was done under the approval of the law.

But none of this reaches the crux of it all, why the Utrecht riots are acceptable. The Dutch, along with others in the Netherlands, are simply ‘mad as hell, and not going to take it anymore’. Once upon a time it might have been different, and the Dutch wouldn’t have had to riot in response to this invasion of their own country, but now it’s different. The Tao Ching says of such things that:

"All difficult things in the world are sure to arise from a previous state in which they were easy, and all great things from one in which they were small."

Once when free speech and free thought was allowed, it would have been easy to implement legal and lawful restrictions to prevent things reaching this stage. A really rational and unintimidated discussion of the issues of race, religion, nationality and ownership of land could have avoided all this. But now it’s not even allowed in discussion, as Fjordman has reported here:

"As Helle "Hamas" Klein, political editor of Sweden’s largest newspaper Aftonbladet, boasts: "If the debate is going to be about whether there are problems with immigrants, we don’t want it"."

This rare honesty in statement of intent merely highlights the issue. The Dutch rioters are being forced to kowtow to foreign bodies, ‘ideas’ and religion without so much as a by-your-leave. Faced with that, for which ‘invasion’ can be the only honest, if somewhat sadly repetitive, description, the Dutch not only have a right to riot, they might even have a duty

Plastic Paddy Ignorance

By ATWadmin On March 16th, 2007 at 8:03 am

Tomorrow is Saint Patrick’s Day (oh God!).  Hundreds of thousands of Americans claiming Irish ancestry for reasons as tenuous as the fact an aunt three times removed once scoffed a potato will revel in another stomach-churning shindig of alcohol abandon.  Though I believe more ‘Irish’ Americans are knowledgeable of the real situation with regard to Northern Ireland, it is always humorous to read the ignorant ramblings of their more philistinal brethren.  At one time articles such as this would have had me foaming at the mouth.  Today I laugh out loud as I know the likes of Guilfoyle (I assume he isn’t a descendant of Cherokee Indians) are going to look very stupid in the years ahead.

This is the flag of Saint Patrick.  It forms an integral part of the Union Flag.  Can you spot the flag in the picture below?










Neither can I.  It tells the British population of Northern Ireland everything they need to know about ‘plastic’ perspectives.

Piggy Back

By ATWadmin On March 16th, 2007 at 7:39 am

If there’s one thing I detest more than Muslims trying to impose their own little poisonous non-integrating agenda, it is the influence of Lefties facilitating them at every opportunity.  Bending over backwards so as not to offend Muslim sensitivities is the contemporary Zeitgeist.  It has left ordinary citizens paranoid about doing or saying anything that could be construed as offensive.

A small victory for common sense has been achieved in my neighbouring local authority of Kirklees.  Honley Junior School had originally banned pigs from appearing on stage for a production of Little Red Riding Hood for fear it would be seen as insulting to Muslims.  They had originally decided to use puppies instead (Muslims also regard dogs as unclean.  Al Queda terrorists are OK, but Shep?……no way!).  Thankfully the council stepped in and said that using pigs is acceptable.

My initial thought centred on what Muslims would possibly be offended.  The Islamic population in Kirklees is overwhelmingly concentrated in the Spenborough Valley – towns such as Dewsbury, Mirfield and Ravensthorpe.  Honley, by contrast, lies to the south of Huddersfield in the opulent Holme Valley (close to Holmfirth, of Last of the Summer Wine fame).  It is almost exclusively white and middle class.  You are more likely to see a Muslim on Jupiter (pity we can’t see them all on Jupiter) than you are in Honley.  If there are any Muslims at this school I think it is highly unlikely they will live in the area.

Even if Muslim parents had been insulted – so what!?  Pigs have been a feature of life in this country for centuries.  They are an integral part of our diet, our farms, our culture, even the bedtime stories parents have read to their children.  What makes them so bloody special that we should have to change our traditions to incorporate them?  What are they?  An ethnic group that enriches the cultural fabric of this country?  No!  They are a people whose only loyalty to this UK comes courtesy of Sterling; who desire to usurp the established way of life in this country; who refuse to integrate in any meaningful fashion; and who contain a sizeable minority dedicated to the aims of those who terrorised our capital’s Tube network.  They should get no privileges…..NONE!!

On This Day…16.03

By ATWadmin On March 16th, 2007 at 7:21 am

1534 – England severs all relations with Roman Catholic papacy.

1872 – The first English FA Cup takes place at The Oval in London.

1888 – The first recorded sale of a manufactured motor car. Emile Roger of Paris buys a petrol driven Benz .

1935 – Germany repudiates disarmament clauses of Versailles Treaty signed at the end of World War I.

1973 – Queen Elizabeth II opens the new London Bridge – the old one having been sold to an American oil tycoon for £1m and transported to the United States.

1998 – Death of renowned baby doctor Benjamin Spock, aged 94.


By ATWadmin On March 15th, 2007 at 8:39 pm

Hi all,

A few things for you.

First just to say you can read this from me, in print in this morning’s Newsletter. They edited out the words "convicted murderer" which I used to describe newly elected Sinn Fein/IRA MLA Paul Butler. I fail to see WHY since Mr Butler – the sort of man the DUP are preparing to share power – is a convicted murderer. Is it not reasonable to make this point?

Next, to say that I will be recording a BBC Studio debate on "Global Warming" with Green Party MLA Brian Wilson tomorrow. Should be entertaining. It will be broadcast on "On Your Behalf" BBC Radio Ulster programme on Saturday morning between 9.30am and  10am GMT. You will be able to listen again to it on the web if you visit the BBC site.

Finally, a few months ago I mentioned that my father had been diagnosed with terminal cancer, and I am sad to say that he is now approaching the final stage. I’m finding it emotionally draining watching him waste away so my blogging will not be at its usual intensity in the immediate future. I will still be around here but I have not the energy to participate in my normal way when my Dad is dying. I’m sure the rest of the ATW gang can keep up the output, I’ll still be watching, just not as talkative as normal, hope you understand why. 

Stick It!

By ATWadmin On March 15th, 2007 at 7:16 pm

If you want to know why I so loathe the involvement of the Irish Republic in the affairs of Northern Ireland, have a look at this interview with Bertie Ahern in the Provos’ spiritual handbook.  The Prime Minister of a supposedly modern European state is still ‘deeply committed’ to the annexation of the territory of a neighbouring friendly country in order to satisfy tribal longing engendered by the teachings of a totally false historical perspective.  Not for Bertie the potential prize of stability in a part of the United Kingdom.  No, for the Oirish irredentists it has to be Anschluss, the whole Anschluss and nothing but the Anschluss.

I’ve news for you, Ahern!  Stick your aspiration where the sun doesn’t shine.  You’d rather risk upsetting the majority community all, I suspect, for nothing more than a demonstration of your ‘green’ credentials as you prepare for an election in your own country.  In practice – and imposed by constitutional reality – your ‘republicanism’ stops at Ravensdale.  It’s high time your mouth did the same!!

I’m an Islamophobe

By ATWadmin On March 15th, 2007 at 5:46 pm

And my fear is growing.

Remember the flying imams?  Back in November 2006, six imams left an Islamic Conference and boarded an airplane in Minneapolis, USA.  Before departure, the imams prayed loudly in the departure area, loudly criticized the United States in English, switched seats and sat in 9/11 hijacker formation, and requested seat belt extenders and then placed them under their seats. In short, the imams terrorized the other passengers.

Because of the complaints from frightened passengers, the imams were eventually taken off the plane and not allowed to fly. They are now suing the airlines.  

There is a surprise … they seek to sue – not only the airlines – but the passengers! ?!?!  Who is the victim here?

This marks an insidious turn in the ongoing PR campaign launched by radical islam to dhimmify the infidel (that’s you and me, in case you haven’t been paying attention.) It resembles the cartoon crisis, but without the riots. And, like the cartoon crisis, it is calculated, manufactured.

“The imams’ attempt to bully ordinary passengers marks an alarming new front in the war on airline security. Average folks, "John Does" like you and me, initially observed and reported the imams’ suspicious behavior on Nov. 20. Such people are our "first responders" against terrorism. But the imams’ suit may frighten such individuals into silence, as they seek to avoid the nightmare of being labeled bigots and named as defendants.”

Another interesting detail in this case:  one of the imams, Omar Shahin, gave a presentation at the Islamic Conference and his topic dealt with manipulating the media.

You can download the conference program here.

Of course, CAIR, the Islamists’ lobby group funded by Saudi Arabia and befriended by the Democrats, is handling the lawsuit.

More information here.

Striking Back!

By ATWadmin On March 15th, 2007 at 4:52 pm

I suspect many are going to respond to this piece by castigating me as taking extreme measures.  Do you know what?  I couldn’t care less what any bleeding heart liberal who endeavours to pour scorn on my actions thinks about me.  I am sick, sore and tired of reading about decent, innocent and law-abiding people whose lives are made a misery by the scourge of unruly teens.  Last night I struck a blow in their name.

I’ll admit it, I hate the vast majority of today’s youth.  We are witnesses to a generation who have never known the humiliating feeling of being clouted by their parents.  They have no discipline at home; none at school; and none imposed by the so-called ‘law’.  When you are faced with that obstacle, you defend your right to live in peace in whatever way is suitable and consistent with the gravity of the crime committed against yourself.

Last night I returned home from Cumbria.  I decided to use the M6, , M61, M62 route home instead of cutting across the Dales on the A65.  However, the traffic on the M62 was appalling as usual.  So, instead of proceeding to the junction I would normally use, I decided to leave the motorway at Milnrow and cut across via Hollingworth Lake, Littleborough and the A58.  The road between Milnrow and Hollingworth Lake cuts across a swathe of countryside.  As I was driving along I saw three teens on mopeds just ahead.  As I went to overtake them they moved out into the road to prevent me from doing so.  Once they realised I could not pass they slowed down to a crawl and started gesticulating profanities.  Once again I attempted to overtake them; they repeated their foul behaviour.  On the third attempt I succeeded and proceeded to reach the small parade of shops and restaurants by Hollingworth Lake without a problem.

I then stopped to let a pedestrian cross the road.  As I was waiting I suddenly heard a loud thump on my rear window.  These three hellspawn had caught up with me and they had started banging on my windows and the side of my car.  I moved off – at this stage too tired for a confrontation.  As I rounded the bend to proceed towards Littleborough they had assumed an almost military pincer movement: two were on my side jeering and continuing to hit the car with their fists; the other was at my rear doing the same thing.  I was almost tempted to brake sharply in the hope that the scumbag to my rear would collide with my car and, hopefully, suffer agonising death or irreparable brain damage.  But hey, I didn’t want to scratch my paintwork!

At the junction of this road with the main A58 (by the Littleborough viaduct, for anyone familiar with the area) they rode past me and turned towards Rochdale (the opposite way to my intended direction of travel).  Each one then stuck up a middle finger as they drove past.  The last one spat on my window.  It was then I decided that, just for a change, the scumbags in this life were going to get a taste of their own medicine.  Several years ago I undertook a series of driving lessons similar to those used by stuntdrivers.  I have never had a chance to see if I still had the skills – until last night.  I screeched around and drove towards them along Littleborough high street.  Every few seconds my hand would hit the horn and an incessant ‘beep’, ‘beep’, beep’ rang out into the night..

I can only describe what followed as something similar to the excellent car chase in the French Connection – but without the volume of traffic.  I came bearing down on these dirtbags with my engine roaring.  As they turned around this time I could see their faces (the helmets they were wearing exposed the facial features well) and I can assure you that the arrogant ‘I can do what the **** I want because nobody in authority has the balls to harm me because of my human rights’ attitude had evaporated.  These animals had a half-ton piece of four-wheeled machinery getting ever closer with a guy at the wheel shouting ‘do you ******* want some then?’  They tried speeding ahead but my car was too powerful for them.  Eventually after some three and a half miles of being an elephant’s leg distance from my radiator and full beam, they left the road and carrered down an embankment on to some waste ground.  As to what happened to them after that I have no idea.  Hopefully they all ploughed into a brick wall!!

Do you think my reaction was excessive?  I don’t.  I have never gone around looking for trouble in my life, but by our Lord’s word I tell you there is no way I will ever run from it.  Each day thousands of people have their lives ruined by low-life such as these three hooligans.  And for what?  So they can stand helpless and watch whilst the uber-liberals who dominate our legal and social systems of control give them a pithy ASBO they can subsequently use and abuse as a badge of honour!!!  That’s assuming the police are even interested.  They are usually too preoccupied hiding behind bushes hoping to screw an unsuspecting public travelling 3mph over the speed limit.  When you have a legal system that cannot protect the public from harm, some members of the public will inevitably seek out their own form of justice.

On This Day…15.03

By ATWadmin On March 15th, 2007 at 4:39 pm

44BC – Julius Caesar, dictator of Rome, is stabbed to death in the Senate house by Republican conspirators. Elected consul in 59 BC, Caesar was a popular reformer who often fought with the Senate. He also proved a brilliant military leader, conquering Gaul, making the first Roman inroads into Britain, and winning devoted supporters in his legions.

1909 – American Gordon Selfridge opens ‘the world’s most beautiful store’ in London’s Oxford Street.

1916 – US force of 12,000 soldiers under General Pershing is ordered to Mexico to capture revolutionary leader Pancho Villa.

1973 – US and Soviet envoys begin fourth round of the arms limitation SALT talks in Vienna, Austria.

1988 – Israeli authorities impose a travel ban on Palestinians living in the West Bank.

1999 – In an ironic twist Rosemary Nelson, who had made a comfortable legal career defending some of the most despicable terrorists in Ulster, is herself killed by terrorists when a bomb explodes beneath her car as she leaves her house in Lurgan, Co Armagh.