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By ATWadmin On February 1st, 2007 at 9:33 am

I laughed at the trouble that SDLP leader Mark Durkan has gotten into over newspaper claims he has made that SDLP "ensured no former RUC officers got the job of Chief Contable of the PSNI." In essence, Durkan boasts that those SDLP members who sat on the board that carried out the interviews to determine the best candidate for this important job went into such interviews determined that any candidates from the RUC would be discriminated against. There were three candidates for the job of Chief Constable – 2 were experienced RUC officers, 1 was an Englishman with no experience of Northern Ireland policing. The latter got the job! 

This is  the brave new world we are told to embrace, a world in which being the best candidate for a job is peripheral to your chances of getting it. From a policing point of view they key criteria to being recruited into the service is not being a Protestant, and the key criteria to holding the most senior position in the force is to have no experience of Northern Ireland. Can’t ask fairer than that, eh Mark?

I listened to UUP Policing Board member Fred Cobain try to wax indignant over this issue in an interview with SDLP spokesperson Dolores Kelly. A chimp would be rather more eloquent than poor Fred. And as for young Ian Paisley Jnr’s ranting about the need for the suspension of his SDLP colleagues on the Policing Board from recruitment panels until an inquiry has taken place, will he actually DO anything about it or will he just bluster? Exactly!


By ATWadmin On February 1st, 2007 at 9:25 am

Today sees new laws doubling the amount of passenger duty people pay when taking flights from the UK come into force. The increase was announced by Chancellor Gordon Brown last December. He said airlines should pay more for damaging the environment.  (More specifically, they should pay HIM more) This tax hike amounts to £40 per person, making a holiday for four people now £160 more expensive for every family that takes one. I’m  with Mike Carrivick, chief executive of the airline trade body the Board of Airline Representatives, who has said the tax was purely a money-grabbing exercise, dressed up in the rhetoric of environmentalism. Listen, if Greenies are so concerned about aviation impacts, let them stop flying. This way they moan, we pay. Is that fair?


By ATWadmin On February 1st, 2007 at 9:03 am

muslim_protest_2.jpgAnd so the gruesome details emerge. Those brave Muslim soldiers (and their families) who serve in the British Armed Forces are expected to be given new security guidance after a suspected Islamist plot to kidnap, torture and behead a British Muslim soldier was allegedly foiled with the arrest of nine men in Birmingham yesterday. It seems that some followers of the ROP around Birmingham were seeking to conduct a "Ken Bigley" style atrocity, decapitate a Muslim who serves this country as a corporal in our armed forces, and then release the death video "as a warning".   

Such is the depravity that distinguishes a significant section of Islam in the UK.  I can fully understand the stress this must put upon Muslim families, where older members of the family can no longer be sure of the motives of the younger radicalised family members. 

I also hope Muslims will understand why it is vital they speak out and condemn all such plotting unambiguously. Yet only this morning I heard a spokesman for the Muslim Council of Britain explain, in his very reasonable manner, that the radicalisation of British Muslim Youth is essentially a consequence of…….wait for it…..yip, you guessed right…British Foreign Policy!!! Hurrah – it’s OUR fault that some of them want to slaughter us. Quite honestly, I think the MCB should be banned – it is a thoroughly repugnant organisation that speaks with a forked tongue. 


By ATWadmin On January 31st, 2007 at 5:15 pm

Who would have thought of it. You’re sitting at home in downtown Birmingham England, watching reports of how Jihadists kidnap, torture and kill Western hostages in downtown Baghdad, and then you think to yourself- what a good idea!  It’s been reported that a ninth person has now been arrested in Birmingham over what senior security sources say was an alleged plot to kidnap a member of the UK armed forces.

Police made the arrest this afternoon on a motorway near the city. Eight suspects were earlier arrested following a series of morning raids. The “significant” operation involved police and the security service MI5. Security sources said a terror plot not aimed at mass casualties would mark “a different approach” to UK terrorism.

Nowhere does the “M is for Muslim” word appear, even though these arrests were in Muslim areas. Oh, and guess what? Yes, one of the locations raided was an Islamist book shop.

I’m guessing that all those taken into custody are followers of the ROP. I’m guessing that they were all very quiet types, who had maybe started showing a great devotion to Islam. I’m guessing the MSM will try and downplay this as quickly as possible. Remember – don’t mention the war! Ssshhh.

not a difficult choice!

By ATWadmin On January 31st, 2007 at 1:14 pm

spitfire pix.jpg


Not being one to lightly attempt a change in the way we live in this, this sceptre’d isle, I would ask all who read, and of course comment upon this blog to check out my PETITION  page, and if you agree, and of course qualify as either British or as a Resident, please sign, and ask all your contacts to sign as well!



By ATWadmin On January 31st, 2007 at 12:57 pm

bonovertigoPA.jpgThis amused me. Bono to succeed Rowan Williams as the next Archbishop of Canterbury, perhaps? It’s from an excellent article by Kevin Myers, writing in the Irish Independent today on the relentless corruption of Christianity in liberalsaville

Take the decision of the abysmal Bishop of Grantham in England, Timothy Ellis,to host what he is calling a ‘U2-charist’, to replace the traditional service at the start of Pentecost. This will consist of a live band playing U2 songs instead of hymns, in St Swithin’s Church in Lincoln, from which all seating will be removed so that the congregation can dance and wave their hands. "We are hoping that the service will be a fresh way to look at worship, less formal, less rigid. People will be able to express themselves in any way theywish," said the Right Rev.


Lord have mercy on us with clowns like this as Bishops! Kevin adds……

…is it any wonder that when Muslim fundamentalists see the unprincipled travesty that passes for Christian worship in England, they chuckle happily? 

Still, with all the pews removed from the church to enable the audience to swayand wave their arms in the air, more prudent ‘worshippers’ can slip out just as the collection plate comes round. Which is effectively what Bono did when he transferred his music publishing company to Amsterdam after discovering he might have to pay some taxes inIreland on his royalties.

And those unpaid taxes, of course, would have gone into the government exchequer, which he endlessly demands should make larger contributions to developing countries, even as he reduces his own payments to it. The really dazzling aspect of this disgusting humbug is that he has gotten cleanaway with it, as the media continues to fawn and salivate over him.

Simply because he is listed in the ranks of the great and good by the liberal-left,he’s armour-plated against the damnable truths of his own hypocrisy.

There we are. Such is life. Hoc est enim corpus meum. Spirit moves in mysterious ways.


By ATWadmin On January 31st, 2007 at 11:33 am

That’s the advice immigrants wishing to live in the town of Herouxville in Quebec, Canada, have been given. The rules come in a new town council declaration on culture that Muslims, (who else?) have branded "shocking and insulting."

Quebec is in the midst of a huge debate on integrating immigrant cultures. Montreal police are investigating an officer who wrote a song called That’s Enough Already, which says immigrants are undermining Quebec culture. Sounds common sense advice to me – even when coming from Quebec!


By ATWadmin On January 31st, 2007 at 9:43 am

picketers.jpgI see that a strike by thousands of civil servants is threatening to disrupt public services from tax returns to benefits. Members of the Public and Commercial Service (PCS) union are walking out over alleged plans to cut more than 100,000 civil service jobs.  (Pretty unlikely given that Gordon Brown has actually recruited in 500,000 public sector jobs in order  to keep his slave army growing)

The action may disrupt courts, passport offices, job and driving test centres. With this strike coinciding with the last day people have to get in their tax returns, it is suggested that people may be fined because there is no one around to process their return.

This is not a problem. I say FINE the civil servants concerned. Why should we, the tax-payer, risk being fined because they are intent on feathering their already grosslyl gilded nests even further, at our expense? Remember these are the people who will be retiring early on generous final salary pension schemes, funded by those of us outside the public sector. But that’s not good enough, they want more, much more.

But demonstrating that even Strikes can have some positive outcomes, the news is that the Welsh Assembly will be closed today as a result of this walkout. So, not all bad news!

If these "highly-skilled" civil servants are so unhappy with their lot, why not bail out and try to earn a crust in the private sector?

diggin’ the dancin’ queen!

By ATWadmin On January 31st, 2007 at 9:35 am

I watched a trailer for a t.v. programme which featured children ballroom dancers, and I wondered if I had somehow entered a parallel universe; one where the silly was normal, and the unbelievable was credible! Here were featured boys and girls aged somewhere between nine and thirteen, dressed as adults, twirling and revolving as though they understood the nature of the sexual element ever present in dance. Am I alone in my revulsion of the exploitation of innocence and the innocent; or am I just not ‘cool’?

The same pattern of parents pushing their children, whether it be in dance, as in the trailed show, or teeny beauty contests where the tragic JonBenet Ramsey held court before her murder, or sports such as tennis where pushy parents dredge their reluctant children from the depths where they hide, into the vicious spotlight of competition, just to fulfil their own failed aspirations! We see the children pushed into competitions for swimming and gymnastics; we even see attempts beam jump.jpgmade to hold back the onset of puberty because the body of a child is so much more ‘limber’ than an adult’s! We see the ‘winners’, but what about those who stand just outside the magic spotlit circle! The tension and the stress placed upon minors due to the peculiar pressures exerted by ambitious and adrenaline-addicted parents must be both immense and destroying!

There ought to be laws protecting children from parental abuse disguised as ambition; hang on a bit, there are such laws, it’s just that they’re never enforced!



By ATWadmin On January 31st, 2007 at 9:34 am

Whenever we read about how peaceful and tolerant Islam really is, and how the psycho actions of the militant few cast a shadow over the peaceful majority, up comes a story like this.

A Pakistani man and woman were tied to a tree and stoned to death on suspicion of committing adultery. Hundreds of people are killed every year in predominantly Muslim Pakistan, most of them women in backward, rural communities, after being deemed to have dishonoured their families. Police said they had arrested two people over the killing of the man and woman at the weekend in a village in Punjab province. "The man and woman were relatives and were stoned to death by their relatives," senior police officer Zafar Bokhari told Reuters by telephone from the central city of Multan.

How barbaric is this? More pertinently, how un-Islamic  is it? Any religion which permits such depravity in its name represents a threat to civilisation. We don’t need stone age family values in the 21st century. I feel so sorry for the man and woman who have lost their lives in this grotesque manner.