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By ATWadmin On May 23rd, 2007 at 12:15 pm

Being the proud possessor of an I.Q. above fifteen, I normally do not watch any day-time television, nor much in the evenings either; as I have either my music, my books, there is always some paint to watch drying, or keeping a close eye on the growth of my toenails; but there is always the occasion when one is forced to watch, and pretty ghastly it is! I drove my wife to the hospital, as she had fallen (while carrying ten sacks of coal, you understand) and hurt her wrist. We whipped into the A&E area, whistled past the triage nurse, onwards to the x-ray, back to the treatment room, onwards again to the ‘cast’ room where she was plastered up, and we were free; truly amazingly speedy; but during the times when we sat, we faced the dreaded television, and the “Jeremy Kyle” programme was being aired on ITV.

I really do wonder at the mental processes of the persons who allowed themselves to be put through the modern equivalent of the old Roman Circuses. Fair enough, no-one actually dies during the programme, but the equivalent of a terrified victim cowering before a fully-armed and -armoured gladiator was what was shown on that truly atrocious offering! A couple, a man and wife I believe, were paraded before a studio audience after answering a reel of very personal questions about their sexual behaviour, and then this Kyle clown proceeds to attack their every word and answer, on the grounds that the ‘lie detector’ results had proved beyond any doubt that not one but both were lying through their teeth.

My questions are these; what on this earth possesses anyone to parade their innermost secrets to a perfect stranger? Why would anyone sit still whilst this intrusive anarchical chiseller carves deep wounds into your psyche, instead of battering him senseless? Why would anyone in their right mind subject themselves to such an invasion on national television? Finally, why is this clown allowed to parade his parasitical views on anything else besides the urinal of the psychiatric hospital where he should be held as a permanent resident?


Clutching at straws

By ATWadmin On May 23rd, 2007 at 11:10 am

One of the favourite tricks of the Canutists – people who believe that man can control nature – is the way they will use localised events to demonstrate that climate change is real and then disparage earlier events that demonstrate that climate change is nothing new because they were localised events.

A prime example of this is the way Anthropogenic Global Warming (AGW) supporters frequently denounce the Medieval Warm Period (MWP) – a period when the climate was as least as warm, if not even warmer, than it is now – as being a non-global event as it only effected the northern hemisphere. As it turns out, evidence is mounting that the MWP was in fact truly global and was considerably warmer than now, but that doesn’t seem to get much coverage in the MSM.

What does get huge coverage is last months "record" temperatures – in Britain – with the latest example of the above being the environment editor of The Independent, Michael McCarthy, claiming that the early emergence of native British butterflies is proof of climate change.

Britain’s astounding April, the warmest on record, has produced an astounding effect in the natural world, with at least 11 species of butterfly making their earliest recorded appearances this spring in what will be seen as the most remarkable demonstration yet of the effects of climate change on Britain’s wildlife.

Astounding. Equally astounding is the assertion that last April was the warmest on record. It wasn’t. April was warmer in 1798, 1865, 1893 and as lately as 1943 – but let’s not get facts get in the way of a good story, eh?

Spring, at least in southern Britain, has in effect been a full month early this year, and many wild flowers, such as foxgloves, are also appearing far in advance of normal.

And here we get to the crux. McCarthy is using the weather as recorded in southern Britain as evidence of a global climate event – even though much of the world did not experience abnormally high temperatures during April. Slightly to his credit, McCarthy himself does not suggest in his article that this is evidence of man-made climate change, but with the Independent’s well rehearsed AGW propaganda routine it is clear that this is the assumption behind the article.

This strikes me as a prime example of straw clutching. Trying to portray a very local event – localised, as McCarthy notes, only to southern Britain – as evidence of impending global climate catastrophe reveals that the AGW crowd are struggling to justify their predictions and are now jumping on the flimsiest of "evidence" to support their cause and propagate the myths that global warming is both a long term trend (long term for climate means spanning many decades – even centuries, not a few years) and caused by man – neither of which is actually supported by real, hard evidence.

Traveling Once Again

By ATWadmin On May 23rd, 2007 at 10:51 am

I am one of the lucky ones.  I managed to obtain the entire collection of the Traveling Wilburys music on the Internet via a record dealer in St Petersburg, Russia if you please.  For the last decade or so the music of this outstanding supergroup (the supergroup to end all supergroups) has not been available in either the UK or the United States.  Back in the 1990s I lost a lot of my music collection when I moved back to Yorkshire from London.  Among them were several Wilburys singles I bought between 1988 and 1990.

I heard their very first hit, Handle With Care, on Chris Tarrant’s breakfast show on Capital FM back in 1988.  I remember thinking to myself at the time: ‘Bloody hell, that’s a belter!  From then on I was hooked.  The Wilburys were a chance coalescence of the very best in British (George Harrison and Jeff Lynne) and American (Roy Orbison, Tom Petty and Bob Dylan) talent.  They published their Volume One album in that same year.

Volume Three (there was never a ‘2’) came two years later.  With Roy Orbison sadly gone, the remaining 4 Wilburys still managed to churn out another 11 tunes of equal brilliance.  My personal favourite is The Devil’s Been Busy.  Harrison’s playing of the sitar is mindblowing.  Now, those music buffs who have been denied to opportunity to purchase their material for far too long will be able to get hold the re-releases when they appear on the shelves from next month.

Welcome home, boys!!

On This Day…23.05

By ATWadmin On May 23rd, 2007 at 10:45 am

1701 – At London’s Execution Dock, British privateer Captain Kidd is hanged for piracy and murder. Commissioned by the British crown in 1695 to apprehend pirates in the Red Sea and the Indian Ocean, Kidd apparently turned to piracy himself in 1697.

1873 – The North West Mounted Police is established in Canada by Act of Parliament. Its name is changed to the Royal Canadian Mounted Police in 1920.  It remains one of only two police forces left in the world (the other is Gibraltar) with a ‘Royal’ prefix.

1931 – Opening of Whipsnade Zoo in Bedfordshire.

1934 – American armed robbers Bonnie Parker and Clyde Barrow are shot dead in an ambush by Texas Rangers near Gibland, Louisiana.

1960 – Israeli Prime Minister David Ben Gurion announces that his country’s agents in Argentina have found and captured Nazi war criminal Adolf Eichmann.

1995 – In England, 12 members of a Royal British Legion tour party on a day trip are killed when their coach plunges down an embankment on the M4 near the Severn Bridge.



By ATWadmin On May 23rd, 2007 at 8:55 am

foe.jpgI’ve been thinking over my recent encounter with the Friends of the Earth group. It strikes me that whilst some in this organisation may be well-meaning, their actual approach to dealing with the scientific issues surrounding the Climate Change issue is essentially philistine.

Take their hysterical illogical condemnation today of the news that Tony Blair has reiterated his backing for nuclear power as the government prepares to unveil its energy strategy. Plans to build more nuclear power stations are expected to be among the proposals in the Energy White Paper. Friends of the Earth vehemently oppose modern nuclear energy, even though they simultaneously claim that dirty man-made carbon dioxide emissions as an apocalyptic threat to the future of the Planet! Nuclear Power is clean, safe and above all does not release CO2. So what’s the big deal with these alleged Friends of the Earth?

Well, if their web site is to be believed, they embrace the very worst excesses of junk science and combine this with a hatred of our capitalist society. They especially appear to have a problem with "rich countries" like the US, the UK and Australia. I’m guessing Iran gets a bye from them, probably North Korea too. Hmm.

They also assert they want Government to mandate a 3% CO2 reduction every year. This is impossible to achieve without massive detrimental impact on our economy, which I rather think is an FOE objective.  They go on to claim that hurricanes and extreme weather are caused by Global warming. Whilst it may be that some instances of extreme weather might have a base in a warming climate, the random generalisation of their commentary is risible.

When I TRIED to argue on the science of the matter with them, I was rather shouted down. If you visit the BBC "Last Will and Testament" Web site which is William Crawley’s blog – just read the comments here from some of these people, dismissing me as a crank because I sought to discuss actualities concerning anthropogenic CO2 emissions. Perhaps you might wish to leave a comment here for yourselves, whether you agree or differ with me. There is a certain smug delusionalism which affects the Friends of the Earth which makes me believe that in fact they are foes of humanity.  They seek to de-industrialise our society and  to exercise State control of our lifestyles. You will read some of them freely admit their problem with capitalism, an issue the BBC seems oddly blase about.


By ATWadmin On May 23rd, 2007 at 7:55 am

I see that one of the consequences  of the smoking ban now in force here in Northern Ireland is that the Health Nazis that enforce this have determined in their infinite wisdom that when it comes to Plays being performed on the public stage, there shall be NO SMOKING. We have previously reported on how this affects plays depicting Churchill, for example, but in truth many Plays – just like many movies – do have scenes featuring people smoking for one reason or another. Well, those plays won’t be coming to Belfast anytime soon since it NOW transpires that the ban is on smoking tobacco and ANY other substance on-stage, such as herbal cigarettes which do not contain nicotine. Much more sensibly, in the Republic of Ireland which introduced a ban two years ago, the use of harmless herbal cigarettes is allowed – but not in small-minded increasingly totalitarian Northern Ireland.

Wednesday morning comedy classic

By ATWadmin On May 23rd, 2007 at 1:29 am

Whilst browsing for something else, I came across this old gem.  Hopefully the ladies will take it in good spirits!

H.I.P R.I.P?

By ATWadmin On May 23rd, 2007 at 1:12 am

The Government’s “Home Information Packs”, now on hold for at least a couple of months, give a perfect example of the fatal flaws in this government’s way of thinking. They see something happening, in this case people buying and selling property, and jump to the conclusion that their interference will make it all better. Like the annoying Harry Enfield character who pops up and declares “you don’t want to do it like that”, they can’t leave anything alone.

The delays to introduction are attributed to a legal challenge from the Royal Institute of Chartered Surveyors and the lack of trained clipboard operatives to do the work, which would have paralysed the housing market. According to today’s announcement, when they do come, they will firstly only be required on properties with four bedrooms or more. Considering one of the main reasons given for the measure was to help first-time-buyers, this makes no sense at all, rather it reveals the Government’s modus operandi: target the wealthier first, there’ll be less uproar.

These days there always has to be a “green” element, in this case the “Energy Performance Certificate.” This enables the Government to accuse opponents of destroying the planet if they dare to go against their policy, but it’s hardly likely that that this certificate will be a deal-breaker (virtually all the desirable property in London will automatically get at best a “D” rating, due to their lack of double glazing.)

Buying and selling property is often a stressful business, especially when it involves a chains of people selling one and buying another, or when deals break down at the last minute after money has been shelled out on legal fees. No one could suggest that the system we have is perfect, and there may well be measures that could be introduced to improve the efficiency of the market, but “Home Information Packs” ain’t it.


Which is It?

By ATWadmin On May 22nd, 2007 at 5:10 pm

Is Islam programmed for violence against infidels and apostates?  Or is Islam capable of moderation and pluralism?

Which is it?

The bigot label as well as the threat of violence has done much to silence dialogue about “the true nature” of Islam. 

And this TCS article contends that the MSM is also to blame for fostering  a cliché that moderate Muslims are “silent” in the face of terrorism:

"Muslim silence" in the face of terrorism has become a predictable cliché in Western discourse. It is now widely believed by non-Muslims throughout the West that no representative of the faith of Muhammad will denounce violence against Jews, Christians, Hindus and others, even though non-fundamentalist Muslims are by far the most numerous victims of terrorism. The very existence of a moderate, pluralist Islam is so widely doubted in the West that it often appears there is no alternative to a war of extremes between those of ill-will on both sides of the cultural and religious divide.

The problem is more that of "MSM silence" than of "Muslim silence."… In its worst effects, MSM silence about moderate Islam discourages the recruitment of moderates to anti-terrorist activism, but also deters the solidarity of non-Muslims who could otherwise assist moderate Muslims.


By ATWadmin On May 22nd, 2007 at 11:37 am

What do you make of the news that the Police Service of Northern Ireland has rejected more than 700 recruits because they are not Roman Catholic? The men and woman had all made it through the recruitment process on their individual merits but were then rejected under the terms of the 50:50 policing agreement.  I think this is a scandal and further evidence of how our society is mutating into something that is alien to any right-thinking person. The BEST QUALIFIED candidates should get the job regardless of their religion – but this active  and lawful discrimination is morally repulsive.