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By ATWadmin On March 8th, 2007 at 9:24 am

I’ll talk about the Northern Ireland election this evening of our Talk Radio show, (Make sure you tune in!) but I wanted to share this story with readers as it provides a glimpse into what really happens when you pursue a policy revolving around  prostitutING the rule of law to accommodate thugs, gangsters and terrorists.

Three men who attacked a "peacemaker" who intervened in a row arising from the brutal IRA murder of Robert McCartney have been given conditional discharges. The trio assaulted Jeff Commander after a dispute in the Short Strand on 12 September, 2005.  Commander was attacked by a gang of up to 10 men and required four staples to a head wound. He had been beaten with sewer rods.

Samuel Edward Caskey, 44, Sean Clinton, 40, and Patick Magee admitted assault occasioning actual bodily harm.  Caskey from Dromara Street, Clinton from Balfour Avenue and Magee, 35, from Upper Donegall Street, were due to stand trial at Belfast Crown Court for unlawfully and maliciously wounding Mr Commander after pleading not guilty to the charge.

Legal representatives for the three men told the court that since the arrests for their roles in the attack, each of their clients have spent time in custody and have been forced to move from their homes in the Short Strand as part of their bail conditions.

Oh no – how awful for them! Still, better than staples rammed into your head, eh?

Anyway, the wise Judge saw sense, accepted the good intentions of these thugs, and off they got. Happy days are here again. I’m sure this has NOTHING to do with appeasing Sinn Fein/IRA and smoothing their path to our bright new Government without too much awkward baggage. Utterly sickening – and all passed without media comment.


By ATWadmin On March 8th, 2007 at 9:10 am

I’ve never had any time for BBC favourite Professor Anthony King, so I laughed when I read that he has chaired a report for the Royal Society of Arts, no less, which basically concludes that some illegal drug can be “harmless” whilst legal substances such as alcohol and tobacco are a positive menace.

Pass the joint, maaaaan! What a crock.

For starters, two wrongs don’t make a right. Second, which illegal drugs are “harmless”, exactly? Third, scrapping the Misuse of Drugs act and replacing it with a vague catch-me-all successor is sending a green light to the dealers out there. Fourth, abandoning drug testing at point of use – for example when a vehicle driver is suspected of being under the influence, is madness.

Liberals have not got a CLUE about dealing with the menace of illegal drugs. That is why existing Government policy under Labour has become so aberrant. But Sir Anthony’s wacko suggestions rather make me wonder what he has been inhaling! ZERO TOLERANCE towards any kind of illegal drug-dealing, backed up with strong judicial sentences, and a determination to stamp it out is the way forward. But the MSM rejects that. Then again, I rather suspect that the MSM itself rather enjoys the alleged benefits of illegal narcotics – it may explain their serial stupidity.


By ATWadmin On March 8th, 2007 at 8:25 am

The BBC havent even bothered to put this in quotations such is their determination to pursue this officers guilt. The headline reads ‘CCTV shows officer punching woman’ .  Already we get to hear from Shami who says the images ‘turn her stomach’. What turns mine is that this woman committed a criminal offence simply because she was ejected from a club and that this required the police to restrain her. And that it now requires Liberty and race relations spokespeople commenting on it when an investigation is already under way. Trial by leftist media – on all sorts of counts as far as they are concerned but especially that this is somehow now ‘a racial incident’?

The father argues that this sends out the wrong message about ‘hitting women’. Consider who decided to broadcast the images if thats your argument.  And consider the message it sends out about what happens when you commit a crime and violently resist arrest – you get a pathetic fine and then some clever lawyer will see $$, champion your case as a victim whilst the BBC get to decide who’s guilty and plug your case. Before an investigation is even complete. Disgusting. As are the suggestive comparisons to ‘the deep south’.


By ATWadmin On March 8th, 2007 at 8:09 am

The Guardian talks about the government feeling its way in its new policy direction and at the same time highlights the legacy left by the devisive policy of multi culturalism. (They still managed to file it under ‘Religion – Special Report’ though). Well worth a read.

"Positive though such attitudes are, people such as Khan chose to come to Britain, motivated by the desire to create a better life for themselves. They have worked hard to establish what they consider to be a positive perception of their community, but many now fear that this is unravelling. The stereotypical image of the anti-West religious radical is, Khan believes, tarnishing the reputation of all Asian people".

"A common view is that the community must take more responsibility for promoting cohesion. Kazmi says moderate and educated Muslims must take a more active role in changing the attitudes of discontented youngsters, and this will help ensure that the legacy of the older generation is not eroded by the actions of a younger minority".

"At one time, Asian communities were considered to be very peace-loving people," he says. "Now, a tiny minority of young Muslims who happen to have unacceptable, extreme views, resort to violence, creating a very bad perception of the entire Muslim community. Our community detests such behaviour."

"Our younger British Asians should understand that the UK is their country by birth," he adds. "They should advance the work done by their elders and become good citizens of this country, take part in the social and political affairs of their country of birth, and carry forward the positive contribution made by their elders to British society."


By ATWadmin On March 7th, 2007 at 9:18 pm

795151-706661-thumbnail.jpgYeah, forget all about being 24 hours from Tulsa, it’s less than 24 hours to our next Talk Radio show! Tangled Radio goes on air TOMORROW NIGHT @ 7.30pm GMT.  We’re broadcasting to the world and I hope you listen in!

We’re going to tackle the emerging results of todays’ NI elections – Andrew McCann will be making his debut discussing this with me. Then, we ask is it time to get the heck out of the EU? I say YES – but do you think it is possible? I know Mike Cunningham will be having his say on this, but what do you feel about the Euroweenie project? And finally, it’s a POLITICALLY CORRECT world we live in – but is it killing liberty? I’ve got some killer examples of PC madness to share with you all!

Please listen in, call in, text in via the open thread on the site I will open – make your voice and feelings heard!

Call 001 646 652 2582 and tell us what you think!

If you have an opinion – whether you agree or differ – let’s hear from you!!!! 

a person should not believe in an ‘ism’…

By ATWadmin On March 7th, 2007 at 8:55 pm

Ethical shopping, exhibitions from fashion designers and Kulture2Couture, preparing meals with Spice Magic and how to fix your bike. Some of the treats in store for us layyyydeees care of our gracious Mayor, for International Womens Day, in an email circulated last week. What a patronising joke (and way to spend your money!). Really emphasising how trivial International  Womens Day has become in this country. It took some time to dig about and get some ‘soundbites’ about meaningful issues that represent the original intention of this day and I posted the ones i found below.  

In the West weve moved beyond ‘feminism’. The IWD website acknowledges that we have come so far, this day is more a ‘celebration’ than a movement. Eugh. I’d love to dissolve the twitty ‘war’ started by people who think i should be boiling pulses, smiling at native dancers (as a token gesture to international) and cooing over some street fashion …whilst paying glossy lipservice to the environment and positive discrimination. This was countered by daft male and then ‘misguided’ f$male chauvinists who think a womans virtues are best liberated by size 6 airbrushing, and frilly thongs. Ultimately – if you want to you can make it on merit in this country.  You can argue your case by demonstrating your self belief, or by example, or presenting a strong enough case, or saying ladz magz suck. You can challenge real issues like rape and get it taken seriously.  (This is NOT an issue that sits on the left or the right by the way and i resent that being perpetuated by the old associations with the word feminism in this country). 

Maybe Ferris Bueller was right all along. "A person should not believe in an ‘ism’ he should believe in himself. I quote John Lennon, "I don’t believe in Beatles, I just believe in me"".  At any rate the mysognists that remain here in the West (mostly it would seem bobbing about in the blogosphere..) only need a ‘dose’ of reality – here we can at least load and administer the ‘syringe’ 😉 . 

On a serious note the issues that matter to women here, still do matter but they are perhaps more readily surmountable if we find a common, respectful ground and understand all sorts of issues really do matter to  gals and guys, to us all.  We all need to ‘buy in’.

The ‘sisterhood’ and its real worth in obtaining ‘insurances’ on votes, a chance to change things politically and fight real injustice should now extend to the serious efforts being made beyond our own borders. Serious serious efforts. Big risks are being taken elsewhere. This international day should be a unique opportunity to focus attention onto those who are making these powerful efforts, as the original meaning of this movement intended if its to have any lasting meaning at all. They are fighters. They have a genuine desire to change their lot and risk it all.  The MSM rarely shout about it. This is an opportunity to go all out and support them.  

Last year’s International Women’s Day rally in Iran for equal rights was a horrendous affair. The women were set upon and violently beaten by special anti-riot squads from the Revolutionary Guards. The security forces charged the group and began beating the protesters.  Even after the protesters had dispersed many were followed and beaten.  Some of the female protesters were beaten repeatedly with batons, and some male protesters were beaten severely by security forces in teams.

Last Sunday in what seems like a premptive attempt to dissuade anyone from demonstrating this year on IWD – and after a year of crackdowns on what women can wear, university places for women and so on…Thirty seven leading Iranian women campaigners were arrested outside the revolutionary court for staging a peaceful demonstration. One was thrown against a busstop and had her teeth smashed. See pictures of the women posted here on ATW and in this link 00352-08-nasrin-afzali.jpg

The gathering was in support of five other women activists who were appearing in court for having organised previous peaceful gatherings. The five who were appearing in court today were Nooshin Khorassani, Parvin Ardalan, Shahla Entesari, Fariba Davoodi Mohajer and Soosan Tahmasbi. The following petitions in support of the arrested Iranian women campaigners –HERE

hat tip – For a democratic secular Iran

IWD: perspectives

By ATWadmin On March 7th, 2007 at 8:00 pm

untitled.bmpSince its International Womens Day March 8 (is that a collective groan i hear?!) here are some different inspiring thoughts and themes I collated that stand out  that I thought id share… some where we need to see urgent change.

-‘The capacity to dream and have fun’ – Urvashi Butalia, head of Kali books, India – (from the Guardian)-

"I’d be deep in a campaign, locked in discussion with the state, fiercely opposed to the fundamentalists, fighting for the rights of minorities. If he were then to ask – as young men in the21st century might well do – what I wished for Indian women in this century, I would say an end of illiteracy, poverty and hunger, and, of course, the capacity and possibility to dream and have loads of fun. In other words, not only the whole of akasha, but a profoundly transformed akasha, a whole new sky, covering a whole new world, And I’d hope that the young man wouldn’t then slink off but would stay, cast off his devilish garb, and join in the campaigns and the fun..".

343mamans.jpg-343 mothers of the ghettoes speak out – France-Campaign for Mamans (Ni Putes Ni Soumises)-

"It was to us, the mothers in the ghettoes, that you turned when the riots erupted in France, to calm the rage. To tell our children that violence isn’t the solution to unemployment and racism. To stop these images of civil war that ran throughout the world.  It was us you asked to prove our ability to control our kids, to keep our kids (often bigger & stronger than us) inside and at home.  We ask you to assist us as women first. Give us transport out of the ghettoes – where the only meeting places are cafes…for men. Creche facilities …so that we are not restricted to homes, vulnerable to sexist violence.  Help us expose and condemn polygamy, forced marriage. …478px-Samirabellil-marianne.jpgPut our academic qualifications to good use. ..Because we are the real actresses of integration, we ask you the ladies and gentlemen of Politics to stop marginalising us. It is only by being free, emancipated that we can fulfil our roles as mothers properly and make real Citizens of our children"

-‘Another sexual revolution’ Women’s rights and healthcare advocate, New Zealand-(Guardian)-

"My second wish is to see another sexual revolution led by women. The first one was about women earning the right to say yes and now women need to fight for the right to say no – to reclaim control over their bodies. What I see now is women willingly embracing damaging stereotypes concerning their bodies 00889069.jpgand their sexual behaviour. New Zealand has a major problem with eating disorders, there’s a boom in cosmetic plastic surgery, then we see people like Bernadine Oliver-Kirby, a prominent sportswoman, posing on a rugby magazine cover naked from the waist up with a rugby jersey painted on her torso. How can you expect to be treated seriously and at the same time want people to look at your tits?"

-Women with Voices Bagdad – planned and on the IWD website but not sure if this will go head –

A day planned to Inspire, Educate and Empower the international women within the International Zone..to celebrate the beautifully diverse cultures and history within the local military and civilian populations as well as women from our Host Nation of Iraq. * American military women read inspiring poetry and true stories; * The highest ranking female Iraqi military officer who is Kurdish will speak about her "Journey of Courage" and An Iraqi female physician speaks to "Vision and a Voice".

-Prostitution: What’s Going On? (a UK Exhibition until 31 March) –

A provocative and challenging exhibition exploring the topical and urgent issues of prostitution and worldwide trafficking for sexual exploitation ….and …elsewhere a seminar entitled Women’s Rights, the Veil and Islamic and religious laws will be held by the International Campaign in Defence of Womens Rights in Iran & with the Secular Society – at the University of London Union Thursday March 8 from 6 – 10pm.

In IRAN recently, over 30 women were arrested and charged with endangering national security, propaganda against the state and taking part in an illegal gathering after protesting outside the court where 5 women were being tried for organising a protest last June against laws discriminating against women (hat tip Harrys Place). IWD is always important for rallying women in Iran and this likely was a premtive attempt to crack down on the rally.

Thing that i am most grateful for today? That I was born here in the UK, that I can make my own informed choices about everything, that I can make my own way on merit. Thing i most hate about feminism? A man summed that up.  Nick Cohen remarked in Whats Left? that if western feminists dont fight oppression in Kabul and turn their backs on, for example, Afghan women..and believe God only gave rights to free born Englishmen… then feminist beliefs wouldnt be a philosophy but…a way of obtaining advantage in the Western job market. And you could conclude that feminism was not a serious political force.  Yes i think there are issues to highlight here – rape, the justice system and the shoulder shrugging being one such issue.  And i thought it was pretty poor indeed that Alan Johnson chickened out of reinforcing the recent High Court ruling on the veil in schools – leaving it to schools to muddle through that equality battle and Islamic quagmire themselves – with no support. And that equality is a muddy issue in this country generally thanks to cultural relativism.

*The pic is of a recently freed Nazanin top left for whom rallies were held last year on IWD and middle ex Miss UK ‘role model’ ‘Danielle Lloyd LAID BARE Inside!‘ in this months Maxim. Samira Bellil  celebrated on one of 14 posters of modern Mariannes displayed in Paris, 2003.  She wrote an autobiography about gang rape in the ghettoes and helped found Ni Putes Ni Soumises. She died of cancer in 2004.

Out of Bleedin’ Africa!

By ATWadmin On March 7th, 2007 at 4:28 pm

gibraltar.jpgHave a good look at this picture.  It is taken from the small Spanish town of Tarifa and has a view across the Strait of Gibraltar to Morocco.  On the Moroccan side you can clearly see the peak of Jebel Musa (all 2761ft of it).  This marks the narrowest point of the Mediterranean Sea.  Between Spain and Morocco the distance is just 9.2 miles.  Although the Strait look fairly tranquil, the currents that pass through it are legendary and, rightly or wrongly, have acted as a formidable barrier to migrants attempting to cross in rickety boats from Africa.  The beach at Tarifa is littered with bits of rowing boats and other makeshift vessels.

Actually, Spain and Morocco aren’t even separated by water.  If you look at the Moroccan coast to the left of Jebel Musa you see the land gradually flatten out to almost sea level.  Here it is not Morocco at all, but Spain itself.  The enclave of Ceuta has been Spanish sovereign territory since 1580 (separated from the mainland by water; attached to a foreign country by land; legitimate in international law.  Sound familiar to Irish republicans?).  Walking around Ceuta you know you are part of Africa only by geography.  Culturally, politically and economically, Ceuta is very much European.

In recent years the enclave has been besieged by African migrants trying to get a foothold in European territory.  It has seen mass groups of Malians, Mauritanians, Algerians and Nigerians attempting to scale the barbed wire frontier that marks the border between Ceuta and Morocco.  A constant headache for the Spanish government, Madrid has even asked the Moroccan government to take a harder line – with reasonable success – with people attempting to cross into this EU gateway illegally.  Although the Senegalese migration to the Canaries is more frequently in the spotlight, there is no doubt that, in proportion to its size and convenient location, Ceuta has a far greater problem.

So why on God’s green earth is the Spanish government contemplating – even for a nanosecond – a tunnel under the Strait linking Africa with Europe?  Does the government there not realise any tunnel will be a conduit for every Tom, Dick, Nubian and Gerewol keen to seek the European promised land?  Has the lesson of the Channel Tunnel not hit home in Spain’s corridors of power?  The Spanish had an idea for a bridge back in 1988, but it was roundly opposed by the Spanish people.  So what’s changed?  I can’t see the local populace being particularly enamoured with any linkage to Africa.  Is this an exercise in government egotism?  I think so.

At a time when Spain, Italy and Malta are suffering mass illegal immigration, there is no need to give the fortune seekers of this benighted continent any easier access to EU milk and honey.  Aside from the 10-mile stretch of barbed wire on the Ceutan frontier (and a similar length in Mellila), the only border between Europe and Africa is water. It should definitely stay that way!!


On This Day…07.03

By ATWadmin On March 7th, 2007 at 4:12 pm

1900 – In London, fire destroys the roof of Buckingham Palace.

1918 – Bolshevik Party changes its name to the Russian Communist Party.

1941 – World War II: British troops invade Italian-held Ethiopia.

1965 – America sends the first official combat troops to Vietnam.

1975 – The body of heiress Lesley Whittle is found in a 60ft drain shaft in Staffordshire 52 days after being kidnapped from her home in neighbouring Shropshire by Donald Nielson, known as the Black Panther.

1999 – Death of American film director Stanley Kubrick at his home in the UK, aged 70.  Over the years Kubrick had produced films such as the controversial Clockwork Orange, Dr Strangelove, Spartacus, Full Metal Jacket and the film recently voted the best horror movie of all time – The Shining.  A virtual recluse, he lived with his wife near Harpenden in Hertfordshire. 



By ATWadmin On March 7th, 2007 at 12:48 pm

So, Home Secretary John Reid’s big idea when it comes to "clamping down" (as if) on the deluge of immigrants is to…send ’em a TEXT MESSAGE reminding them not to overstay their welcome! Way to go, what genius. This government is a joke and John Reid’s Glasgow hard-man approach is risible. Is there anybody convinced by this stunt?