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By ATWadmin On January 28th, 2007 at 9:55 am

IRA MAN.jpgPrepare yourself for yet another assault on decency and morality as IRA/Sinn Fein meets in Dublin later today to hold a conference with a predetermined outcome; it will vote to provide ..ahem.."provisional" support to the PSNI. This will be hailed throughout the media as an event of historic proportions, the hand of history will be portrayed as having descended on Gerry Adams shoulders. There will be carefully prepared PR statements from the UK, Irish and US governments. There will be exultation amongst the MSM masses – and it all means NOTHING! 

canarywharf203.jpgYou see the words of IRA terrorists mean nothing. That is a historical fact. I recall that at the very time the MSM were eulogising the IRA for its endorsement of the Mitchell Principles of non-violence, the same IRA was planning the dreadful Canary Wharf bombing of London, whihc resulted in death and destruction. Naturally a discreet veil is to be drawn over such inconvenient truths. The IRA/Sinn Fein can issue ANY amount of empty and conteived words it wishes. Actions are what count.

So, once the IRA has DISARMED, DISBANDED, AND DESISTED FROM ALL CRIME….maybe we’ll have another little think about them. But make no mistake that the imminent PR blitz has but one purpose; to pressurise the DUP into power-sharing with terrorists, with the godfathers of terror. The IRA is playing PR today – but we are not all taken in by it.


By ATWadmin On January 28th, 2007 at 9:42 am

It appears that 322 sex offenders have gone missing, disappeared off the Police Register, and no one in authority is quite sure where these deviants have gone. This is ANOTHER nail in John Reid’s political coffin and indicative of the chaos that prevails within the areas controlled by the Home Office.

According to the News of the World, registered sex offenders – including rapists and paedophiles – have used a loophole in the system allowing them to register vague addresses in order to disappear. Last year, one paedophile who breached register conditions was allowed to give his address as "woods" after moving from "a tent near Guildford leisure centre", the paper claimed.


The incompetence level is amazing. Who, in their right mind, would accept such vagueness as satisfactory? What sort of standards are being operated? Who carries the can for this? The prospect of rapists and paedos roaming the country, free to strike against innocent people, thanks to the dysfunctionalism of the Home Office is a scandal. How long before Reid is forced to resign? More importantly, how long before this issue is actually dealt with in a way that provides the public with some security?  


By ATWadmin On January 27th, 2007 at 2:59 pm

conc camp.jpgAround the world, events are being held to mark Holocaust Memorial Day in memory of the six million Jews and other victims of the Nazi death camps. Most of the commemorations take place today on 27 January – the date on which the Auschwitz concentration camp was liberated by the Soviets in 1945.

I’m not sure about you, but I don’t really need to have a designated day each year to recall the horrors that the Nazis perpetrated against the Jews. I know what evil they did, and I don’t want it to see the likes of it ever happen again.

Which brings me to the United Nations which, on the eve of this annual memorial, adopted a resolution condemning Holocaust denial.

The resolution, proposed by the United States and co-sponsored by more than 100 countries, says "ignoring the historical fact of these terrible events increases the risk they will be repeated". The resolution does not mention any particular country, but diplomats said it was aimed at Iran, which has cast doubt on the Nazi genocide of Jews during World War ll.

Three points;

  • Motions mean nothing. We all know Iran is run by holocaust deniers. But the UN, rather like James Baker and his pals, believe we should also be engaging in dialogue with these holocaust deniers in order to bring "stability" to the region.
  • The UN is a hot house for anti-Semitism, and I offer you the infamous 2001 conference on racism – previously covered on ATW by way of proof.
  • I wonder how MANY of those nations marking Holocaust Day would support Israel right now if it moved to stop a second Holocaust by bombing Iran’s nuclear capabilities? I suggest that these pious nations feel a need to show us how deeply, madly, truly they care about what was done to the Jewish people in Europe during the dark years of Nazi rule, but simultaneously refuse to support Israel as it struggles for its existence against Hezbollah, Hamas, and the terror masters in Tehran.

who’s the real ‘charlie’?

By ATWadmin On January 27th, 2007 at 11:26 am

19-21 February 2002, to Germany
6-7 April 2002, to Venice.
10-12 May 2002, to Italy
24 May 2002, to Washington DC,
6-7 April 2002, to Venice.

These dates of travel are as listed in the Register of M.P.’s Interests against the name of David Miliband, Secretary of State at D.E.F.R.A. when he was still just an ordinary M.P. All travel as listed, was to either to take part in, or visit conferences, study groups or ‘Environment Groups’ and as can be calculated, his ‘Carbon footprint’ could be neutralised by the planting, in theory of course, of two trees.

So why do you think that he was so vociferous in his criticism of Prince Charles’s plans to fly himself, wife, support and security staff to Philadelphia by scheduled airline, at the request of the Foreign Office? Has he just got a bad memory, has he got a bad attack of the ‘Green Gene’; or is it just that the Royal Family is a dead easy target, one which (almost) never talks back; is a softer touch than most because the Royals don’t vote, and therefore don’t have to be cosied-up to; is part of a system which the average Labour M.P. instinctively detests because the Royals stand for continuity, strength and loyalty to both a Nation and a ideal which most Labour loyalists instinctively recoil from.

This snivelling Blairite Loyalist, parachuted into a ‘Safe’ Labour seat, who has never had a ‘proper’ job in his entire career, is but typical of a wide swathe within the inner Labour circle, looking always for the ‘easy soundbite’ which might make his path to further power just that little easier, and so what if a decent man gets hurt in the process;


after all, he’s only the Queen’s Son, Heir Apparent, and can be COUNTED UPON NOT TO ANSWER BACK!





By ATWadmin On January 27th, 2007 at 10:43 am

begg.jpgA few months ago, I took part in a BBC Radio debate with ex-Guantanamo Bay terrorist detainee Moazzam Begg. Amnesty International were his minders on the day, as I recall. Maybe they thought I was gonning to water-board him?

Mr Begg was treated with the gentlest of kid gloves during the interview – even as he made all kinds of faux allegations regarding the treatment handed out to inmates at Gitmo. 

Since Tony Blair used his leverage to get Begg out of Gitmo, Begg has gone round the world, spouting his accusations against the USA, and being hailed as one of the good guys by the liberal MSM.

When I asked him directly on-air if he supported Jihad and would condemn those who pursue it -he failed to answer.  Quelle Surprise!

So, against this background, I read this nonsense in the Independent today. Note the tone is set in the second sentence with the use of parenthesis in describing the war on terror. You see, as I argued on my VLOG yesterday, the MSM does not believe we are at war. Instead it just hates America!

Int this article, Mr Begg is portrayed as a brave man who has been psychologically scarred by those bad Americans at Gitmo, but yet a man whose noble spirit prevails. It’s sickening stuff – with no hard questions asked of him at all. 

And all the time – Moazzem cannot condemn Jihad. Nor can he cannot satisfactorily explain WHY he was in Pakistan/Afghanistan when captured by US forces. The wrong man in the wrong place at the wrong time -or a Islamist terrorist bang to rights? I happen to think that US forces got their man. I think the British Government foolishly trolled to free him from justice, and the MSM has subsequently canonised him.

Why nowadays he even signs autographs for admirers in restaurants…!


By ATWadmin On January 27th, 2007 at 10:30 am

This most contemptible of Governments has now decided to strip voters of the right to object to cuts in rubbish collections and enforced recycling schemes.

Ministers acted in the wake of a series of local rebellions against compulsory recycling and waste bin pickups that come just once a fortnight.

They plan a law that will allow town halls to hand their rubbish collection and waste disposal systems over to new quangos – organisations over which voters will have no say. The effect of taking rubbish collection away from democratically-elected councils and giving it to appointed quangos will be to give the new "joint waste authorities" freedom from reprisals at the ballot box.  The quango scheme drawn up by Communities Secretary Ruth Kelly and Local Environment Minister Ben Bradshaw comes amid growing Government difficulties over attempts to enforce recycling schemes and make households cut the amount of rubbish they leave out.

In essence, the Government wishes to FORCE COMPULSORY RECYCLING AND FORTNIGHTLY WASTE PICK-UPS upon us, whilst seeking to ensure we have no way of objecting. Third Partying the service does the necessary job of ensuring the imposition of the unwanted diktat upon us whilst giving us no way to vote out the people responsible. Little Hitlers in local Government will love it, the third party providers will love it, the eco-fascists will love it, and Government loves it. Who CARES what we, the people, think? 


By ATWadmin On January 27th, 2007 at 9:52 am

What do you make of the news that an NHS trust is asking staff to work a day for free to help ease its financial crisis?

Workers at the Maidstone and Tunbridge Wells NHS Trust have been sent a letter asking them to help balance the books. It said donating "just one extra day of work without additional pay as a voluntary contribution" would benefit the trust, which has a historic debt of almost £17 million.

Now, it seems to me that years of systemic financial folly even in the face of the billions pumped in to the NHS bureaucracy by our socialist masters, has brought about a situation where those at the coal-face, those poor sods who actually have to try and deliver health-care to the ill in the wards – are now being asked to work for gratis. Profoundly wrong. I say sack the Board.


By ATWadmin On January 27th, 2007 at 9:44 am

I get the impression that the vultures are circling over UK Home Secretary John Reid as EACH DAY brings new headines highlighting the gross incompetence of the Department over which he presides. Today we discover that his Identity and Passport Service failed to enforce overseas travel bans imposed by the courts on nearly 150 drug traffickers. The service is still trying to trace 15 of the 147 traffickers who have left jail and may have gone abroad.

I think John Reid’s ambitions to present himself as a tough guy who gets things done and thus a would-be future Prime Minister are now gone. Makes you wonder if Gordon Brown’s acolytes have had any role in these devastating leaks? Mmmm….

Time Bandits

By ATWadmin On January 27th, 2007 at 8:24 am

You’ll recall the woman last year in Derby who refused to pay her Council Tax because her street was in such an appalling state of disrepair.  She was sent to prison and was only released when someone offered to pay the outstanding amount on her behalf.  In those circumstances it would not have mattered how full our prison system was.  If incarceration had necessitated her sharing a cell with three sweaty Village People lookalikes, that is what she would have endured.  For here in the UK we have a strange set of laws pertaining to non-payment of Council Tax.  Not only is a refusal to pay an automatic entry to one of HM Prisons, it is also a crime without any possibility of sentence reduction.  Thus, you can commit murder and get time off for good behaviour; you cannot expect the same for withholding, say, £800 from your local authority.

Had Derek Williams of Blaenau Ffestiniog refused to pay his Council Tax to Gwynedd County Council, he would have gone to jail.  No ‘ifs’ or ‘buts’.  However, he did not do anything so disgusting as hanging on to his loot as council jobsworths lay in wait.  In the eyes of the law he committed a more trivial offence (what else can you deduce from his lack of imprisonment on the grounds of overcrowding?) by downloading child pornography off the Internet.

Picture the scene.  You are a mother/father of two young children living in the middle of a three-terraced row.  On your right you have a middle-aged bloke with the sickest of sexual morals and voyeuristic perversion.  On the other, you have a 85-year old biddy who’s said she will not pay her Council Tax until the broken paving stone outside her front door (which she has tripped over on numerous occasions) is repaired or replaced.  Which one would give you the greatest unease everytime your offspring wanted to play outside in the street?  Exactly!  Yet, under the appalling system presided over by our increasingly dysfunctional Home Office, the biddy is the only one destined to hear the clanking of a cell door in the very near future.

Our prisons are too full of bloody foreigners, women who could not pay their TV Licence fees, and those who stood by their principles on Council Tax payments.  In the meantime our streets are polluted by scum such as Williams, as well as those convicted of crimes such as wounding, mugging and ABH.  Is that really a symbolic symptom of a Home Office we should have confidence in?

Saturday’s Marx Quote – 27.01.07

By ATWadmin On January 27th, 2007 at 8:16 am

‘If I cannot smoke in heaven, then I shall not go.’