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A Sign of Good Taste

By ATWadmin On March 6th, 2007 at 10:34 am

The Irish News has a piece this morning saying that nearly 650 people from 80 countries, including Ireland (own italics), have taken part in ceremonies in Northern Ireland to become British citizens.  I don’t have the full article as the Irish News is only available on subscription and I refuse to pay out for anything that gives an endorsement of Irish nationalism.  How’s about that, eh!?  At a time when separatists in Ulster are busily attempting to cajole and browbeat (they would call it ‘persuasion’) the British majority into surrendering their place in the Kingdom, Irish from the Republic are wanting to become British.  Some in the Republic must have infinitely better taste that Northern nationalists.  Oh the irony!

On This Day…06.03

By ATWadmin On March 6th, 2007 at 10:23 am

1890 – An ornithologist releases 60 pairs of starlings in New York’s Central Park as a memorial to William Shakespeare. The starling is now one of America’s worst pests.

1899 – Chemist Felix Hoffman patents the world’s most used pain-relief drug, the aspirin.

1926 – Fire destroys the Shakespeare Memorial Theatre at Stratford upon Avon.

1930 – In Massachusetts, Clarence Birdseye markets the first frozen foods.

1987 – The Herald of Free Enterprise disaster.  A Townsend Thorensen roll-on, roll-off ferry en route from Zeebrugge to Dover, capsizes a mile outside Zeebrugge harbour.  A public inquiry into the disaster confirmed that the ferry had left Zeebrugge with its bow doors open, allowing large quantities of water to flood the car deck. It was also established that the crew member responsible for closing the doors was asleep at the time.  193 passengers and crew perished.

1996 – Gerry Adams issues a warning from his chums in the IRA, saying the organisation is prepared for another 25 years of ‘war’.

Con and Inconvenience (Apologies to Blackadder!)

By ATWadmin On March 6th, 2007 at 9:52 am

If you want an absolutely first-rate example of the sheer scale of moonbat-twittery, of the depths of illogical non-argument to which the left will happily descend in order to defend at all costs its sacred doctrine of anthropological global warming, then this simply takes the biscuit. No, actually that’s an understatement: It grabs the whole biscuit tin, removes the lid and bats itself over the head with it, while feeding the biscuits into the DVD player.

Brothers, sisters and politicians! If, perchance, you were left feeling slightly (or even mightily) perturbed, vexed and distempered by the revelations that The Prophet Al Gore’s personal gas and ‘leccy bills are just a tad on the heavy side, quite out of step with his great and holy prophetic utterances of immutable Truth (All repeat: "Truth!")  about our impending doom… (All repeat: "Doom!") and if, as a result of your disquiet in the light of these exceedingly sour and bilious revelations, you sought to reassure yourself that said revelations were in fact untrue, or exaggerated, or indeed (whisper!) the work of Xoxxogoth (that damnable agent of slander, libel, defamation and heresy, father of all deniers of global warming Truth (All repeat: "Truth!") and bringer of foul-odoured gastric indisposition at the most embarrassing of moments)….then Lo! Fear not, but cease thy procrastinations at once, O faithful one, and be thou refreshéd* and calméd!* Remember no more, neither call unto thy mind in any wise, how these revelations caused you at first to stumble in The Faith (All repeat: "The Faith!") but let thy trust in the great Prophet Gore be once more restored unto completion! (* Yeah, I know, they’re supposed to be grave accents, not acutes, but I’ve no idea what keys to press on my keyboard, to get grave accents. Help, anyone?)

In other words, if you read those news reports about Al Gore’s personal fuel consumption and you hoped that it wasn’t true, because that would mark him down as a complete and utter hypocrite of the highest order, then relax! You see, it doesn’t matter that he is a hypocrite! In fact, it is a VERY GOOD THING that he IS a hypocrite! You see, Gore’s hypocrisy serves the greater, global good! Gore’s hypocrisy merely serves to further the cause (according to Mark Lynas at The Guardian).

Just listen to these words of astounding moral equivalence:

"No-one likes a ‘greenie’ who is not a hypocrite. Climate activists I know who do walk the talk (eschewing all flights, for example) look prim and obsessive, as if they are out of touch with the concerns and pressures faced by ordinary people".

-No, they don’t. People in any field who "walk their talk" look honourable and worthy, not prim and obsessive. It’s the hypocrites, the ones who say "do as I say, not as I do", who come across as cretins.

"It is fine for BBC Newsnight’s "ethical man" to be a tongue-in-cheek reporter, but if it is the head of Greenpeace who is totally pure and virtuous, then that is seen as just annoying".

-Why should it be so seen? I completely disagree. I totally expect the head of Greenpeace to do his or her utmost to try and live by the statutes and axioms that he/she preaches and which he/she exhorts others to live by. In other words, you’re talking utter rubbish, Lynas.

"In my view, Gore was right to rack up thousands of air miles in his campaign to raise awareness of climate change […..] If he had stayed at home in Tennessee with the lights and heating off, wearing organic woolly jumpers and feeling generally good about himself, we would have a lot further to travel in terms of awareness-raising than we do now".

Can you believe this pile of, err, canines’ testicles!?!? So, the end justifies the means, huh? It’s quite OK for Gore to be a total hypocrite, because his hypocrisy serves as a legitimate vehicle for bringing the issue to the forefront of the national consciousness! (Biscuit tin ~ head ~ bang!).


Let’s get this line of argument straight, just so I can be sure I’m understanding it correctly, OK? …. It doesn’t matter what an individual actually DOES, because so long as they are in a "position of influence", their actions will serve to highlight the problem, and bring it to the forefront of debate.
Right on, brutha!
So, on that basis, it would be a really good thing if the Pope was to sexually abuse altar-boys, and I take it that the Guardian would not raise a murmur of protest if that happened, because after all, the Pope would merely be "highlighting the issue", bringing it to a "wider audience". Serving the cause of the "wider truth", huh?
-Yeeah, RRRIGHT. You just know it, don’t you? This two-faced doublethink moral equivalence and, dare I say it, editorial hypocrisy, will only ever be applied to the issue of global warming. Because they must "defend their faith" at all costs.

What utter hypocritical morons.


By ATWadmin On March 6th, 2007 at 9:16 am

O happy day! Today the African state of Ghana celebrates 50 years of Independence, having cut the links with the United Kingdom way back in 1957. The BBC lovingly describes the celebrations – well worth the £20 MILLION lavished on them in a country with 78% of the population living on less than $2/day. And people wonder WHY poverty prevails in this land?

Have Republicans delivered?

By ATWadmin On March 6th, 2007 at 9:04 am

Yesterday’s Belfast Telegraph contained a DUP policy document the third page of which is headed “Setting the record straight”.

However, far from exposing those who oppose the “Democratic” Unionists as people who “distort reality and mislead the public”, the document raised at least two fundamental questions.

Under the sub-heading “Irish Language Act?” the DUP state:

“It has been claimed there will be an Irish Language Act placing Irish on a par with English. This is clearly nonsense. Government is consulting on a number of options but, as confirmed in Parliament, this issue would be a matter for the Assembly, with a Unionist majority, on the restoration of devolution. The DUP will not support an Irish Language Act. Furthermore it has been confirmed no Westminster legislation on this issue will be passed before 26th March.”

So have Republicans “delivered”? Are the DUP preparing to go into government on the 26th March?


By ATWadmin On March 6th, 2007 at 8:55 am

Here are some sobering statistics that are worth reflecting on as concerns the state of modern Britain.

  • In the past 25 years, the number of children brought up by a lone parent has more than doubled to 3.2m.
  • In 1972, 92% of children were brought up by a couple. In 2005, that number had fallen to 76%.
  • In 1970, 8% of births were outside wedlock. In 2004, this had risen to 42%.
  • In NINE London boroughs, 40% or more families are single parent.
  • Around 45% of British marriages end in divorce.

After four decades of the post-Christian anything-goes philosophy, where above all else we must never be judgmental about lifestyle choice – right? – the family unit is as weak as it ever has been. Which makes us all much more vulnerable to the tender mercies of a Government.obsessed with social engineering, a Government which wants to SUBSTITUTE itself as the parent in the family. 

I am glad to see the importance of buttressing the family appear back on the political agenda, though I seriously doubt David Cameron’s motives and even his meanings of family. (He supports the gay wedding agenda) I suppose the key point to make is that if we continue to sit by and watch the traditional family unit disintegrate, should we then act  surprised when our society becomes ever more dysfunctional?? 

Another piece in the jigsaw

By ATWadmin On March 6th, 2007 at 12:47 am

pendennis.jpgIsn’t it strange how so many new laws seem to involve undermining our ancient, inherited rights, such as the axiomatic “Englishman’s home is his castle”? The fig leaf of “human rights” cannot hide the ever-swelling organ of oppression put in place by this Labour Government.

Today the “Tribunals, Courts and Enforcements Bill” passed its second reading and thus continues its effortless journey to the Statute, enabling all bailiffs to break into homes (after a little "diversity training" of course). Whenever the Government says changing the Law to simplify things, I get suspicious (remember the EU Constitution was described as a “tidying up exercise”). The bill fits into the general pattern of shoddy drafting and authoritarian tendencies, e.g. It starts out with the idea of independent superintendence, which gets watered down to mere “consultation” which won’t be finished before the bill is enacted.

According to the Citizen’s Advice Bureau, “Bailiff law is complex, confusing and long overdue for reform. This Bill should have been the perfect opportunity to modernise the law and end abuse once and for all. Instead it gives bailiffs greater powers without any regulation – a recipe for abuse on an unprecedented scale.”

Recently I received at my home a threatening legal letter addressed to a previous resident regarding unpaid water rates. As the agency who have bought up this putative debt will receive no reply from the person they seek, who has long ceased to live here, am I to expect my door to be taken off its hinges and my property carried off? Lucky for the bailiffs that we have been disarmed, otherwise they’d be looking down the barrel of something scary.


“you will reap nothing”

By ATWadmin On March 5th, 2007 at 7:40 pm

After looking at the images posted below i think its only natural to question who on earth we are helping in Iraq. Prior to the overthrow of Saddam all sorts of hideous barbaric acts were committed and the people who participated in any of these were vile then and are vile now. A country with systematic abuse is bound to have its share of vile specimens. And a good number pouring in from abroad.

What shocks me most is the lack of condemnation. Whilst our lads actions are held to account and highlighted and used to condemn every reason to be there, such disgusting tactics below are not met with anything near the outcry from those who claim we are just there ‘killing muslims’.

Last weeks Guardian heaped scorn on the PM towards his remarks that we should be ‘immensely proud’ of our troops as they withdraw from southern Iraq. Marina Hynde in The Guardian alluded to and almost made light of Chemical Ali’s remarks to make her point. Asserting that his ‘ravings’ seemed somehow ‘prophetic’ – "Dont be so hasty because your disappointment will be great".."You will reap nothing from this aggressive war except for disgarce and defeat" . ‘Little did we know it but he was speaking more sense than our Prime Minister’. Really Marina? Could that be because you’ve thought so from the start and drumming home your determination has helped it along? It is interesting that Chemical Ali and Marina both concentrate on what ‘we’ would reap as opposed to what local Iraqis want as that is how they both viewed it.

Who knew for example that, thanks to British troops, Saddams cruel efforts to drain the southern marshes have been reversed and are now back to 40% of their original size? That British aircraft sprayed almost 100,000 trees with insecticide helping their production to double since the days of Hussein’s rule, immensely appreciated by the locals.  BBB comments in the IHT that one of the locals asked him to visit the old British cemetery in Baghdad. It was beautiful, he said: a sanctuary, a paradise. "And the gravestones are safe," the local assured him. "I have removed them, so that no one will destroy them." Such is the hatred. He also points to the turnout in the elections which was strong and better than elsewhere, ‘where there have been highly successful missions to capture arms caches and terrorists, and grateful Iraqis rush to ask for their help in mediating tribal disputes or providing more protection from the militias’. ‘The American presence also is helping to convince local tribes to turn against the bleak worldview offered by Al Qaeda and they are frequently asked to return to protect neighbourhoods they have cleared and moved on’.

He concludes that the "moral hazard" argument — ‘the idea that, the longer coalition troops stay, the longer we simply allow the Iraqis to avoid sorting out their own problems — is perhaps the most powerful claim for coalition troops to leave Iraq altogether. To some extent this is too simplistic – Iraq’s historical state has always been one of constant internal violence…The priority now is to give Iraqis the best possible conditions to achieve the best feasible Iraq: one that stays whole, that suffers less internal violence than it has historically, that is not a threat to its neighbours or to the rest of us and that, through a few good internal examples and a modicum of representative government, has hope and mechanisms for improving itself’. Pity the worlds media couldnt get behind that idea at the start.

How often did we hear of the success stories and achievements such as these? How often was this allowed to combat the negative, damaging and often hysterical propaganda prefered by the likes of Marina and co in her quasi admiration for Chemical Ali? Hers was the sort of dispicable line most often parroted.  Its certainly a case of you reap what you sow from that perspective.

OTR hideout discovered

By ATWadmin On March 5th, 2007 at 4:33 pm

The DUP have been very vocal about their opposition to an amnesty for on the run terrorists.

Rightly so.

However, today’s Belfast Telegraph reports that Rita O’Hare, who is wanted for terrorist offences in Northern Ireland, has replaced Mitchel McLaughlin as Sinn Fein/IRA general secretary.

Not only that, but James Monaghan (one of the three Sinn Fein/IRA men on the run from Colombian authorities) addressed the ard fheis at the weekend.

If the DUP really are opposed to OTRs they will not have anything to do with Sinn Fein/IRA.

And they certainly won’t be sending any joint begging letters to Mr Brown.


By ATWadmin On March 5th, 2007 at 4:11 pm

ExecutionDM3_228x365.jpgI was sickened at these images of Al Queda terrorists murdering a line of innocent men. The victims are Iraqi government officials, shot in retaliation for the alleged rape of a Sunni woman. All Shi’ites, they were selected at random after the government refused to hand over suspects to Al Qaeda. The slaughter, in an unidentified field, was recorded on a three-minute video broadcast online. Later another Al Qaeda squad rounded up 14 policemen and HACKED THEM TO DEATH in the northeast province of Diyala, again in revenge for the alleged rape. Prime Minister Nouri al-Maliki denied that the assault ever happened and said it was simply an attempt to blacken the name of police. On the other side of the religious divide, two Sunni fathers and their four sons were shot dead at pointblank range in a town 12 miles south of Baghdad. Their crime was to attend a peace meeting aimed at bringing both sides together.

What sort of barbarians are these Sunni and Shi’ites Islamists that they so cruelly and randomly take human life? It makes me wonder if such scum are  worth ONE more US or UK life…..

One final point, is it just me or does the MSM delight in these images of a "triumphant" Al Queda….?