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By ATWadmin On January 5th, 2007 at 5:31 pm

Almost a year on from the cartoons protest in which groups of muslims were allowed to freely demonstrate their open hatred for this country and directly solict murder, one of the protestors Javed, 27, of Birmingham has been found guilty – using police video evidence witnessing him yelling: "Bomb, bomb Denmark, bomb, bomb USA."

Javed had claimed his chants against the two countries were "just slogans" and that he "regrets" saying them. I dont particularly care. It goes without saying that an extremist demonstration by say, the BNP, in which members called openly and directly in full view of everyone for immigrants’ destruction had occured they would have been rounded up and arrested on the spot.  And certainly no sane MP would be rushing to the side of one of the protestors (as occured last year) to suggest he is just a misguided silly little boy. I cant help wondering at the approach taken that day. However. The filmed evidence has allowed for them to be prosecuted. And the demo itself made it abundantly clear to those among us who deny any problem just how much hatred exists. The maximum penalty for soliciting murder is life in prison. I wonder.

Remanding him in custody, Judge Brian Barker said he would not pass sentence until several other trials relating to the protest had concluded – expected to be in April.  So there ARE more come then. That is a surprise. (There is currently no mention of an appeal)

Happy New Niqab!

By ATWadmin On January 5th, 2007 at 5:07 pm

Jonz has highlighted an interesting Indy article.

As Channel 4 controversially celebrated women covering their faces and critics are dismissed as Islamophobics, Joan Smith talks to a group of women who fear the consequences of the veil’s acceptance..

For many observers, it was the moment when demands for public acceptance of the niqab went too far.  Channel 4’s Christmas message was delivered by a veiled woman, a Muslim convert, who criticised the Leader of the House, Jack Straw. It might have been dismissed as a stunt, the kind of provocation Channel 4 is known for. But the spectacle of a woman attacking an elected politician under, literally, a veil of anonymity brought into sharp focus the reasons why its growing popularity in this country makes so many people uneasy.

That includes many Muslims… A few days ago .., I met some of them: smart, articulate, beautifully dressed women from very different backgrounds. They all feel strongly that the voices of moderate, rational Islam are not being heard. Most outspoken of all is the Iranian writer Shusha Guppy, who tells me how she feels when she sees covered women in London: "Its theatre its saying look at me!".

Dr Khadiga Safwat is a distinguished Sudanese academic and former director of the Middle Eastern and African Research Centre in Wales. When she speaks about the growing popularity of the veil, she immediately puts it into a political context. "I suspect political Islam of being behind all this. It’s a political statement, a reaction to globalisation," she tells me. Indeed….

Al Qaeda agree.

"AL-QAEDA’S deputy leader said yesterday that any Muslim woman who wears the veil in Western countries is a supporter in what he described as a fight between Islam and "Zionist Crusaders".

1) All the women believe the veil debate demonstrates the fondness of the media for highlighting extreme views.  And 2) in my opinion, women who are forced aside (and forgotten it would seem) i believe that if you as a Briton born in this country parrot the joy of the niqab in 2007 after Al Qs little message – you are making it clear you are taking a side.

all the news they want to hear

By ATWadmin On January 5th, 2007 at 10:47 am

Are these the headlines you want to read?

Olympic costs rise to £8.0 billion!

Immunise all of Africa’s children for only £0.95 billion.

Jamie Bulger killers given immunity, cash, new houses and new lives for only £1.2 million.

£22 billion more for overstretched (for translation refer to Union Rule Book) Health Service.

European Union agrees new cost structure for Accelerator; agrees as in "whatever it costs".

Iraq infrastructure cost estimates rise to a total of £55 billion.

That’s a few items from the enormous list which Your Government has spent, or pledged to spend, from your taxes! Remember, this is the Government which was returned for the THIRD time in the recent General Election, with the Chancellor’s watch word of ‘Prudence’ still echoing around Whitehall!

carrier's end.jpg


So you won’t mind when this picture appears, as the Royal Navy signs off from a four hundred year history of proud service to the Crown and the country, and ends it’s days as a Fisheries Protection service! Ending because of the Treasury demands for cuts in Defence Budget! For all intents and purposes, this aircraft-carrier will never see service again!


land rover.jpgSo you don’t really wince when you see the picture of a blasted unarmoured ‘Snatch’ Land Rover as it is blazes away in the dust of Iraq! In service because the motto of the Defence Minister is "cost effective!"





No. you shouldn’t mind, because that’s the choices made by the Labour Government, whom you voted for!




By ATWadmin On January 4th, 2007 at 2:10 pm

This submission is not about my personal feelings towards power sharing with terrorists.  Any long-term visitor to ATW knows that I would gladly lease Devil’s Island from the French and intern every damn IRA supporter in the manner endured by Steve McQueen and Dustin Hoffman.  No, this is about the great delight I and thousands of others are taking at the implosion of the republican monolith.  True we Unionists have had splits and differences of opinion and will continue to do so.  If I have the opportunity to come over to Ulster and campaign on behalf of the UK Unionist Party, as I did in 1998, I will gladly do so.  This is, nonetheless, for another day.

Whilst the pro-Union bloc saw the greatest division nine years ago, this time the accolade belongs to the IRA.  On the one hand you have Gerry and Martin offering nebulous support for law and order.  On the other you have figures morally lower than even they as, one by one, they reject the official position.  For them, offering even the most dubious and begrudging endorsement of a law-enforcing agent not dressed like a scruffy pig in balaclava and filthy jeans is beyond the Pale.

There are those on Slugger who buy the Adams’ line.  We even have one cretin under the nom de plume of ‘Nationalist‘ who still subscribes to the ‘bonking Catholics reign supreme’ theory (poor deluded child that he is).  No doubt we will have the line-up of usual suspects on here telling us how united the terrorists are.  Poppycock!  Aside from erstwhile chums in the ‘dissident’ leagues, we have seen open dissension as upholding the law is too much for a not inconsiderable rump of IRA fans.  So sit back and enjoy their deepening discomfort with ever-broadening smiles. 

Who knows, they could get really bitter and start assassinating one another.  Aside from being the nadir of ironic moves – given that they used to support, excuse or enact the assassination of everybody else, wouldn’t the sight of the republican movement in-fighting be the very best political present for we democrats in 2007?

On This Day…04.01

By ATWadmin On January 4th, 2007 at 2:02 pm

46BC – Titus Labienus defeats Julius Caesar in the Battle of Ruspina.

1885 – The first successful appendix operation is performed by Dr William West Grant in Iowa in the United States.

1936 – Billboard Magazine publishes the first popular music chart, with rankings based on national sales figures.

1967 – Donald Campbell dies on Coniston Water in the Lake District, England, during a water speed record attempt in his boat, ‘Bluebird II’.   His remains were not recovered until 2001.

1998 – Loyalist prisoners in the Maze Prison vote to withdraw support for the Ulster peace process. They claim that too many concessions have been made to republicans.

1999 – Eleven countries in Europe are united with a common currency when the euro debuts as a financial unit in corporate and investment markets.

“form an orderly queue on the left, please!”

By ATWadmin On January 4th, 2007 at 1:31 pm

"Give me your tired, your poor,

Your huddled masses yearning to breathe free,

The wretched refuse of your teeming shore,

Send these, the homeless, tempest_tost to me,

I lift my lamp beside the golden door!"

statue liberty.jpegThese words form the final lines of a poem by Emma Lazarus, and the whole may be found as part of the gigantic memorial known as the Statue of Liberty. This monolith was possibly the first sight for millions of migrants which flooded the shores of the United States of America, in what was possibly the greatest orderly, controlled and voluntary migration in human history.



We in Britain don’t have a similar ‘welcome mat’ at any of the many entry points for the uncontrolled flood of ‘asylum seekers’ who sneak in to our country these days, because we were never asked if we wanted to host get stuffed.jpgthese guys, or these, or in fact these; but if there was to be a single image which symbolises official attitudes to anyone who objects to the sewage which infests our cities, it might be proposed that this be the ultimate symbol of Government attitudes to protesters!


Never Mind the Barracks!

By ATWadmin On January 3rd, 2007 at 10:45 pm

If you land on these shores from anarchic kingdoms far away and claim asylum, you are housed in suitable surroundings before you can say ‘what a load of soft pillocks the British are’.  Similarly, commit a serious crime and get sent to one of our luxurious penitentiaries and you are guaranteed a Ramada Jarvis with bars at the windows.  However, should you decide to pursue a career in what is, for me, the most admirable job that a person can do for their country – join its armed forces – and you can expect to be accommodated in an environment that wouldn’t look out of place in one of those appalling Romanian orphanages we witnessed during the early 1990s.

Get a load of that bath!  I would rather stink like a Jamaican’s armpits on the Tube during a hot summer’s day than have to bathe in that!  We had seen armies of bleeding-heart liberals condemning the facilities at Gitmo for those Muslims who just happened to be lollygagging around the Tora Boras when they were captured by the Allied armies.  Will we hear anything from them about the conditions our boys have to tolerate when not out risking life and limb in the name of their country?  I doubt it.  For some, the comfort of likely terrorists is far more of a priority than the comfort of our own servicemen.

This is a government well versed in throwing money at hopeless causes.  What’s wrong with them pouring much-needed lucre into securing decent environs for our guys in uniform.  If we struggle in Iraq and Afghanistan to the extent the MSM claims, perhaps it is because our forces are chronically underfunded and under-supplied.  If their barracks are an indication of the underlying disdain this government has for them, we cannot be surprised.

Talking Point – 03.01.07

By ATWadmin On January 3rd, 2007 at 10:37 pm

‘Romania and Bulgaria have seen membership of both the Warsaw Pact and the European Union.  One was a collection of countries with high unemployment, stagnating economies and rule by an unelected dictatorship.  The other was the Warsaw Pact.’  Discuss.

On This Day…03.01

By ATWadmin On January 3rd, 2007 at 10:30 pm

1521 – Pope Leo X issues the papal bull Decet Romanum Pontificem, which excommunicates Martin Luther from the Catholic Church.

1911 – Police, with the army in attendance, storm a house in London’s East End were it is thought a gang of wanted anarchists are hiding. Newspapers dub the incident ‘The Siege of Sidney Street’.

1959 – Alaska becomes the 49th, and largest, American State.

1977 – Roy Jenkins MP announces that he is to leave the House of Commons to become President of the European Commission.

yes please!

By ATWadmin On January 3rd, 2007 at 6:18 pm

…..Lets feel proud of these guys.

"If you’re a Brit and you’re stuck in a tricky situation in some war zone you might well hope and pray that the SAS will turn up to rescue you. You might even be a bit miffed if they didn’t, so often do they seem to rescue people in such situations. However, if you’re an Italian climber stuck 24,000 feet up the Himalayas, you haven’t eaten for three days and acute mountain sickness means you can’t move, you probably wouldn’t in your wildest dreams imagine that a joint SAS/SBS team would come round the corner and rescue you from what was otherwise likely to be certain death.

But that is precisely what happened to Roberto Marabotto."

"There hasn’t been much in the past year to make us proud but these guys and the Paras have managed it"  


Nice to see the media acknowledge it.