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By ATWadmin On March 23rd, 2007 at 11:27 am

Wonder what you make of the news that a British man has filmed himself committing suicide live over the internet via a webcam? Police who burst into a 53-year-old man’s home but they were unable to revive him and declared him dead at the scene. He had appeared to self-harm while talking to others in an on-line chat room on Wednesday night. Police officers rushed to the man’s house in the Wellington area of Shropshire and broke in to reach him. But they found him collapsed on the floor unconscious and were unable to bring him back to life.

How sad and yet what a pathetic end to a life. I feel very sorry for his family and wonder how things had sunk so low in his life that he ended up losing it on a webcam? I also wonder about the sort of "on-line chat rooms" where people self-harm? Should these be banned or do we allow people the liberty to kill themselves in this public way? Is it a kindness to allow such Darwinism to proceed unopposed? I guess these are some of the issues that the internet revolution now present us. Wish the answers were so obvious…

Small price to pay?

By ATWadmin On March 23rd, 2007 at 10:57 am

If you want proof of the sheer rottenness of Northern Ireland’s media, look no further than this morning’s News Letter editorial.

Darwin Templeton tells us that the £1.2 million handed to the hoodlums of the UDA is “a small price to pay” and claims that the money “will be used to breathe new hope into deprived areas”.

Many working class Protestant areas do feel “isolated, politically disenfranchised and largely ignored”.

The UPRG/UDA, however, are NOT the people to change that.


By ATWadmin On March 23rd, 2007 at 10:51 am

I posted a story recently about the DISGUSTING decision by the UK Government to award £1.2 MILLION to the representatives of the terror group the UDA. I was glad to see that ATW readers were equally sickened by this.

 But – HOW ABOUT THIS? Less than 24 hours later, a senior police officer has confirmed that the UDA are "still up to their necks" in extortion rackets. Truth will out, even in the depraved world of the Northern Ireland "peace process." At every turn, those who have murdered, maimed and terrorised their fellow citizens, are being rewarded. This is an abomination and it is why I can never accept that the "peace process" is worthy. It is far from that – and as Government lines the pockets of the terrorists, and the poor stupid DUP prepare to share power with terrorists – it may well be that voices like mine are marginalised further as the prospect of dissent is unwelcome to virtually all the pigs at the trough. So as the establishment throws the £££millions at the gangsters even as they extort further £££millions – it is more important than ever that a voice of principled dissent to this depravity is heard – and ATW is the place to hear it! I offer you Samuel Morrisons latest post on the corruption of the Newsletter editorial as further evidence that we are fast becoming the opposition to our toxic political process.


By ATWadmin On March 23rd, 2007 at 10:37 am

Unlike the rest of my family, I’m not a huge sports fan so I greeted the prospect of what seems an unfeasibly lengthy Cricketing World Cup with some dismay – as I am sure it will be watched endlessly in the Vance household! (Anyway. I’m too busy writing to be watching cricket, which I think is a decidely ODD sport – I mean it stops for TEA for goodness sake!) But events in Jamaica, where the event is taking place, have produced a high profile murder and murky talk of rigged games and international  gambling syndicates!

Pakistan coach Bob Woolmer has been now confirmed as having been murdered, following his teams loss to Ireland last week! The newslines are buzzing with all kinds of stories but I guess what strikes me most is the proximity that international crime has to international sport. Maybe it’s always been like that – but when we read about a Head Coach of a Cricket team being strangled – something is very rotten in the State indeed!

and this is a government advisor!

By ATWadmin On March 23rd, 2007 at 9:24 am

Listened with a fascinated incredulity to a Government advisor as he laid out his claims around a study concerning what harm illegal drugs actually do! The Chief Executive of the Medical Research Council stated that his study on what harm drugs did gave drugs a ‘harm’ ranking, and this over-educated liberal-leaning clown stated that, in his view, alcohol was the drug which did most harm, and LSD was really HARMLESS!

He did accept that alcohol and tobacco were legal, and also accepted that any attempt to ban either would be foolish; but they should be viewed by consumers as literally doing less harm than heroin! This fool, whose word is taken as gospel, wants our society to accept that Ecstasy, a drug which literally kills, should be ranked lower than tobacco, and that the vast majority of people should be forced to do as he thinks, reject booze and smokes, and instead smoke a ‘spliff’, pop a couple of caps of LSD, or suck a ‘tab’ of Ecstasy; because he reckons that the amount of ‘harm done’ by these drugs are infinitely less than smoking or a glass of Scotch.

This meddling medical clown is displaying all the known symptoms of Socialist liberal (I was about to say ‘thinker’, but since all one gets from this type of knee-jerk liberal is dogma, I won’t) idiot. In that they wish to control all aspects of our lives, tell us what to do in all areas of life, from the ridiculous ‘Global Warming agenda’ to the grotesque aspects of the re-cycling industry espoused by European legislators which results in vast amounts of rubbish being transported to China because it’s cost-effective, and also because it cannot be burnt in a British incinerator! They dislike booze and smokes, because that’s what many of us like, but revel in the promotion and use of LSD, because it is ‘mind-expanding’, as their guru Timothy O’Leary used to say. Some bloody expert!


Still not dancing in the streets

By ATWadmin On March 23rd, 2007 at 8:58 am

JimWells.gifA few weeks ago Jim Wells told the Belfast Telegraph that there was “no one dancing in the streets in DUP land” – and going by his performance on Let’s Talk last night he still isn’t happy.

In fact, I haven’t heard a Unionist politician make so many pertinent points in a single TV appearance for a long time.

Mr Wells told the audience that: “good people have been put in their graves by Sinn Fein/IRA”, highlighted the continued existence of the IRA Army Council and reminded us that the policing issue hasn’t been properly settled.

I also enjoyed his witty response to Corner Murphy’s claim that Republicans have never collapsed an executive: “They had the names and address of every prison officer in Northern Ireland. Why did they want that? A Christmas card list?”

Black humour at its best.

That said, there were a number of things about Let’s Talk which were not so encouraging.

Mr Wells appeared distinctly uncomfortable and fidgeted throughout. Perhaps this was because he was only too well aware that the things he was saying did not square with the direction in which his party is clearly heading.

The fact of the matter is that the views articulated by Mr Wells last night were, until very recently, put forward by DUP politicians on an almost daily basis. Now even his use of the term “Sinn Fein/IRA” is note worthy because it has disappeared from the vocabulary of so many senior figures within Unionist politics.

So well done Mr Wells. However, I fear that if you are to stand by your convictions you will have to be getting your checkbook out soon or even start looking for alterative employment.

Feeney Watch – 23.03.07

By ATWadmin On March 23rd, 2007 at 7:49 am

When I first heard about last week’s helicopter crash in Crossmaglen, close to the border with Ireland, my immediate reaction was that nobody aboard had been injured or killed.  I spared no thought for the nearby residents as I really couldn’t give a monkey’s about the sorts that inhabit that area.  They could all be wiped out by Ebola and I wouldn’t flutter an eyelid.   I then read about the disgraceful attempts by local youths to prevent the ambulance ferrying the casualties to Daisy Hill Hospital and the attacks on policemen and Army officers who were despatched to guard the wreckage.  The latter were pelted with petrol bombs.  Maybe next time the law-enforcing personnel should respond with personal protection equipment, similar to the tactics used by Israeli soldiers when they are coming under attack from stone-throwing Palestinian scum.

Feeney kicks off his rant by suggesting that the ‘war’ in Ulster was/is too serious a matter to entrust to the most professional national army in the world.  Is that so, BB?  Who would you prefer?  The British Army and the RUC, or the thugs of the UVF and UDA?  And don’t give me all that cobblers about there being no difference between the two.  Very few outside the Pollyanna world of Irish republicanism and their ra-ra girl at the Ombudsman’s Office are convinced by that argument.

We have plenty on the PSNI operation in Ardoyne, but nothing about the circumstances which led to their volley of gunfire.  Why’s that, Bri?  Police officers do not go around housing estates in this country using innocent dwellings as target practice.  If they fired shots then they had a reason for doing so.

As to the helicopter flights in south Armagh, could it be that the reason for doing so is the fresh memories of our boys being gunned down, blown up and tortured by the filth who strive for the same constitutional goal as you; often linked to the same ‘party’ that you are so anxious to obsequiously court?

Today’s PSNI is the most regulated and carefully scrutinised police constabulary in Europe – and possibly in the entire democratised world.  I suspect the real reason for Feeney’s faux outrage is the fact that uppity separatists cannot get their grubby hands on every dotted ‘i’ and crossed ‘t’ of policing operations.  Could you imagine that nightmare?  We’d have the PSNI handing out candy to miscreants in separatist ghettos.  It could be the vision wished for by the IRA and its imminent arrival of party members on the Policing Board.  They won’t get their way.

On This Day…23.03.07

By ATWadmin On March 23rd, 2007 at 7:44 am

1919 – Benito Mussolini founds the Fascist Party in Italy.

1921 – Writer EW Hornung, author of the Raffles books, dies in France. His first book had been dedicated to his brother-in-law Sir Arthur Conan Doyle, the creator of fictional detective Sherlock Holmes.

1956 – Pakistan becomes a republic.

1966 – The first official meeting for 400 years takes place between the Catholic and Anglican churches when Pope Paul VI and Dr Ramsey, the Archbishop of Canterbury, meet in Rome.

1971 – Bangladesh, formerly known as East Pakistan, proclaims its independence.

1983 – Barney B Clark, the first recipient of an artificial heart, dies on this day. The Jarvick 7, an artificial heart made of polyurethane and aluminum, was designed by Dr Robert Jarvick after years of tests. However, it was Clark, a 61-year-old retired dentist, who gave the Jarvick 7 its first real human trial.

Highs and Lo’s

By ATWadmin On March 22nd, 2007 at 10:36 pm

The Northern Ireland Assembly election is now behind us and, in the next few days, the Democratic Unionists will have sold their most sacred principle for a mess of £1bn.  However, for the purpose of this article I want to concentrate on the marketing of Europe’s first ever Chinese representative – Anna Lo.  She was elected for the Alliance Party in South Belfast.  In a province where the true state of the parties amongst the electorate is heavily affected by the reality that nearly 4 in 10 do not vote – AND THAT’S EXCLUDING THE THOUSANDS WHO ARE NOT ON THE ELECTORAL REGISTER – one would have thought the tribal nature of the party system there is the single biggest repellent to mass voter participation.

If that is so, why did the Alliance Party abandon its traditional ‘catch-all’ stance?  Since its inception in 1970, Alliance has assiduously pushed the line that it is not cliquish in its electoral appeal.  Yet, Lo was marketed almost entirely on her appeal and representative ‘qualities’ of Ulster’s rapidly expanding immigrant communities. ‘Neither nationalist or Unionist and, at the same time, tailored towards delineating a separate and distinct group we can use to bolster our appeal’ is a strange guideline for a party that has, historically, chartered a neutral course. 

Plane Sailing

By ATWadmin On March 22nd, 2007 at 10:00 pm

People are increasingly convinced that carbon emissions will lead to the destruction of the world.  Or, to put it more accurately, those with a brain smaller than an earthworm’s navel are increasingly convinced of this eventuality.  Gordon Brown is about to hit air passengers particularly hard as he is at the vanguard of waging war on airline companies as he ‘honestly’ believes this form of travel needs curtailing like never before.

So, if air travel is soooo damaging to the environment, how is it that the European Union has paved the way for an easing of restrictions on air travel between Europe and the United States (possibly the most lucrative market in the world)?  Isn’t boosting competition between the major carriers only encouraging the oft-repeated apocalypse of global demise brought about by excessive carbon emissions?  Or could it just possibly be that this whole vendetta against the aviation world is about denying people the luxury of international travel without hefty financial penalties, and nothing to do with the disputed claims of agenda-ridden scientists on the imminence of meteorological disaster?