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…Then Mohammed Must Go to the Mountain

By ATWadmin On March 3rd, 2007 at 5:48 am

Does anyone else here find this Mohammed Al Fayed pantomime rather tiresome?  Ten years after the death of his son and his son’s lover, Al Fayed still clings to every last bit of desperation in order, I believe, to continue to put his massively swollen ego in the spotlight.  Less than 3 months after an official investigation ruled Dodi Fayed and Princess Diana could not possibly have been murdered, Al Fayed takes another step closer to coming face-to-face with his own paranoia.

Just what is Al Fayed hoping to achieve by the furtherance of this charade?  It is almost impossible that a jury, when presented with the evidence, will come to a different conclusion that that reached at the end of 2006.  What does Al Fayed have by way of a considered inkling?  A claim that Diana felt she was ‘in danger’?  Are we talking about the same woman who became increasingly emotionally unstable throughout the 1990s?  You only have to recall the famous interview with Martin Bashir back in 1996 to realise just how far this woman’s emotions had strayed from the norm.  In the late summer of 1975, a woman was arrested and subsequently sectioned in San Francisco after recently watching Jaws.  She claimed a great white shark was following her down the street with the intention of eating her and she simply freaked out in broad daylight.  The comparisons are not direct other than to show that just because a person claims a certain thing is real, doesn’t necessarily make it real.

Al Fayed has his own agenda.  He has been a thorn in the side of our Royal Family for many years now.  No matter how many enquiries prove his misplaced contentions to be the rubbish they are, he will persist in trying to find his version of the truth.  He is a man, in my opinion, on a mission of vindictiveness, and I don’t see why members of the Royals should have to suffer the irksome protestations of a man who isn’t even a naturalised citizen of this country.

Saturday’s Marx Quote – 03.03.07

By ATWadmin On March 3rd, 2007 at 5:46 am

‘One of the best hearing aids a man can have is an attentive wife.’

On This Day…03.03

By ATWadmin On March 3rd, 2007 at 5:40 am

1845 – Florida becomes the 27th State of the US.

1924 – Germany signs treaty of friendship with Turkey.

1963 – US Government announces that its project of landing men on the Moon will be followed by establishing a large manned laboratory orbiting the Earth.

1977 – Death of former Northern Ireland Prime Minister Brian Faulkner.

1991 – Estonia and Latvia vote to secede from the Soviet Union.

1996 – Palestinian suicide bombers attack Jerusalem for second time in a week, killing 18 people on board a bus in the centre of the city.


By ATWadmin On March 2nd, 2007 at 11:01 pm

I was amused by this story.

"U.K. soccer player Glen Johnson, who reportedly earns the equivalent of about $58,000 a week, was arrested at a B&Q store in Dartford after a security guard said he spotted Johnson placing a high-priced toilet seat into the box of a lower-priced seat. "


Scraping the bottom, eh?


By ATWadmin On March 2nd, 2007 at 9:06 pm

Here’s a great video – more recent by my standards I suppose! – and with the very ..ahem..talented Miss Shania Twain in fine form….one of Canada’s finest exports!


By ATWadmin On March 2nd, 2007 at 8:50 pm

Who would have guessed it?  Looks like our schools are full of RACISTS! Yes – it looks pretty conclusive that the British teaching profession has a serious problem with black kids! (Or so some would have us believe.)

The media have been droning on about how black pupils are three times more likely to be excluded than white, and five times less likely to be on the official register of gifted and talented students. Why? Because, according to a Whitehall report, teachers in England and Wales are unconsciously prejudiced against Caribbean-origin pupils.

The exclusions gap is caused by largely unwitting, but systematic, racial discrimination in the application of disciplinary and exclusions policies," concludes the report by Peter Wanless, the director of school performance and reform at the Department for Education and Skills (DfES), and two other officials. "Even with the best efforts to improve provision for excluded pupils, the continued existence of the exclusion gap means that black pupils are disproportionately denied mainstream education and the life chances that go with it."


Now, here’s a REALLY radical theory. Maybe the black pupils concerned are three times worse behaved than others, and five times less interested in the pursuit of academic excellence?

Maybe the acknowledged ABSENCE of huge numbers of black dads from playing the important role of father to the children they bring into the world is also factor? 

What do you think? Is it possible that teachers are "unconscious racists"? Or is it possible that this is just a pile of liberal crap? Your call – gentle reader…


By ATWadmin On March 2nd, 2007 at 8:34 pm

slavery210606_228x373.jpgHonestly – talk about guilt-ridden liberal syndrome! Did you see the LUDICROUS images the other day of "Campaigners" bound in chains setting off on a 250-mile march to commemorate the abolition of the slave trade? The month-long Lifeline Expedition from Hull to London has been organised to apologise for the slavery.

The event is one of the first to mark the 200th anniversary of the abolition of the slave trade. The 30-strong group will be joined for the first two days by Lady Kate Davson, a descendant of anti-slavery campaigner William Wilberforce. Deputy Prime Minister John Prescott is also expected to join the march before it reaches Westminster on 25 March. (About the last 25metres, I’m guessing)

I listened to some of those involved carefully explain why they basically felt that "we" could never apologise enough to "them" for the horrors of the Slave Trade. I think they require medication, myself.

I have NOTHING to apologise for, nor has any other person living today. The media love this "White Man’s Burden" crap – the sight if whitey-in-chains makes them feel all warm inside. Complete and total nonsense.


By ATWadmin On March 2nd, 2007 at 8:30 pm

As those of us who live in Northern Ireland enter the final week of the world’s most boring yet dangerous election, something about this song made me think of the Democratic Unionist Party…..enjoy!

Demography Schmography

By ATWadmin On March 2nd, 2007 at 6:41 pm

Five years ago David McKittrick wrote a piece in The Independent forecasting an end to Northern Ireland’s Protestant majority.  For the remainder of the year Unionists were treated to a tsunami of separatist arrogance to the effect that once the Catholic community had out-fornicated their Protestant counterparts and a simple 50% + one living, breathing individual had attained voting age and expressed a preference for Anschluss, the Union would be no more.  To this day nationalists still couch the term ‘50%+1’ as if they’re chomping at the bit to gain the constitutional bastard child that would be an all-island state.  Needless to say that when the results were published, nationalists were bitterly disappointed.  Since then academics such as Dennis Kennedy and Graham Gudgin have cast doubt on the prospect of there being a Catholic majority in the future.

However, five years after a wave of unprecedented immigration and ethnic diversity, how ridiculous is it to see the NI populace purely in terms of a sociological dichotomy: with two distinct religious and ethnic groups vying for numerical supremacy?  To prove my point I wrote to Oliver McKearney, a statistician at the Department for Education in Bangor, and I asked him to send me details of the ethnic background of Catholic and Protestant kids at primary, reception and prep school level.  When the school census is published the religious and ethnic figures are kept separate, and it is impossible to compare and correlate the two.  The results are very interesting.

There was a total of 84,381 Catholic kids enrolled at the three types of primary school in 2006/2007.  Of these 20 came from Hong Kong, 172 came from India, 9 came for the Caribbean, 93 were Black Other and 795 came from Mixed Ethnic backgrounds (Filipino, Timorese, etc.).  Alas, there is no question on the nationality of those from the majority ‘white’ background, but government figures for the white population in Ulster DO include British, Irish and, most importantly in the context of large-scale eastern European immigration, citizens from Europe.  Thus, you can cross tabulate figures from other sources and estimate that at least 2,000 – 2,500 Catholic kids are not from the indigenous population.  I won’t bore you with the corresponding figures for Protestant children.  Suffice to say that the Protestant enrolment has LESS ethnic diversity than that of Catholics.

This is why it is absolutely ridiculous to continue to assert the line of battle over the border on a foundation of two competing communities.  Demography has never, whatever nationalists might think, been the driving factor in the ultimate achievement of this constitutional aim.  The only true comparison is between those who want the Union and those who do not – whether those preferences are articulated through polls or at the ballot box.  On this – the only crucial – basis there is no contest.  And, notwithstanding arrogant claims to the contrary, I don’t expect it to be any difference by next week; by 2016; or at any time as far into the future as any of us can see.

On This Day…02.03

By ATWadmin On March 2nd, 2007 at 6:13 pm

1882 – Queen Victoria survives an assassination attempt at Windsor.

1930 – English novelist DH Lawrence dies from Tuberculosis in Vence, France.  His remains are buried at Taos in New Mexico.

1956 – Pakistan decides to remain within the Commonwealth.

1965 – The Sound of Music goes on general release in the United States of America.

1986 – Queen Elizabeth II signs the Australia Bill, formally abolishing any remaining consitutional ties with the UK.

1999 – Singer Dusty Springfield dies from cancer at the age of 59.