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High Hysteria

By ATWadmin On January 22nd, 2007 at 8:36 am

I love a film called Mulholland Falls.  Released in 1996 it stars two of my favourite US actors, Nick Nolte and Chazz Palminteri as members of the LAPD Hat Squad in the 1950s (the interrogation tactics employed in the film should have been used on republican activists by the RUC in Ulster, but that’s another wish for another day).  Although the real-life Hat Squad was nowhere near as brutal or as ruthless as the gang headed by Nolte, there is no doubt that a police outfit with such a…shall we say…unique approach to crime fighting would not be able to operate in most, if not all, western democracies in the 21st Century.  More recently we had the disgraceful scenes of Los Angeles cops beating up a black man called Rodney King (I believe it was 1992) for no apparent reason.  Even though rioting followed the incident there is, today, no call for a radical overhaul of the LAPD.  There is no conditional acceptance of the same.  The Los Angeles Police Department acknowledged that there were a few ‘bad apples’ within its ranks and acted to deal with them.  The 11 million people of that metropolis have moved on.  That’s what normal human beings do.

In Northern Ireland’s minority community, on the other hand, we are not dealing with normal people.  We are dealing with a community that has an insatiable appetite for wanting to be labelled ‘oppressed’ 24/7 because it justifies its pathetic, utterly meaningless existence.  The philosophical raison d’etre of Northern nationalism relies on the highlighting of anything and everything it can use to explain its own psychosomatic sense of victimhood.  In recent years it has been assisted by useful fools.

Take this morning’s widely anticipated publication of the report on collusion by Police Ombudsman Nuala O’Loan as an example.  Let me make it clear that what collusion existed should not have occurred at all.  If there are still officers in the PSNI previously responsible for franchising out law-enforcement to the UVF then they should be dealt with through the proper channels.  However, not only are we talking about a few individuals here, the report is so wishy-washy it cannot even be used as the basis to bring about a prosecution.  In order to give some illusion of analytical integrity to this report in the absence of hard facts, O’Loan raises the notion that sensitive information had been ‘destroyed’.  How does she know?  In short – she doesn’t. It simply allows her to get away with exploiting the psychological impact of the report on the community to which her husband belongs.  It’s like the investigations in the Republic on ‘widespread‘ collusion within the RUC – again in the absence of any proof that could justify the use of the word ‘widespread”.  Mind you, there’s nobody more adept than the Irish at using flowery lingo.  They aren’t the Blarney race for nothing.

Hardly any police force in the UK will be without those who, by default, blacken its name.  For republicans that won’t matter.  They’ll be out in force today hoping to denigrate the name and the values of the entire RUC GC – the force that saved thousands more lives than ever it took, and who had a body of officers 99.9% of whom acted to defend a Province under threat from terrorism using nothing other than unsullied legal methods.  This is the same sick, stinking, verminous, rabble of a community that can pack a community hall to cheer the likes of those who murdered innocent civilians and servants of the State who did nothing other than go about their business. 

On This Day…22.01

By ATWadmin On January 22nd, 2007 at 8:29 am

1771 – Spain cedes the Falkland Islands in the South Atlantic to Britain.

1901 – Queen Victoria dies at Osborne House on the Isle of Wight after a brief illness, ending an era in which most of her British subjects knew no other monarch. Spanning more than a half-century, her reign, the longest in British history, saw the growth of an empire on which the sun never set.

1905 – Bloody Sunday in St Petersburg as guards at the Winter Palace open fire on a procession of workers and their families carrying a petition for the Tsar. More than are 100 killed – sparking riots elsewhere in Russia.

1924 – Ramsay MacDonald becomes Britain’s first Labour Prime Minister.

1952 – First broadcast of the classic BBC Radio comedy programme ‘The Goon Show’ with Peter Sellers, Harry Secombe, Spike Milligan and Michael Bentine.

1994 – Death of American film and TV actor Telly Savalas aged 70.  He was most famous for his portrayal of the lollipop-sucking detective Kojak.

not all news is bad news

By ATWadmin On January 21st, 2007 at 10:01 am

Picked up on a piece from the Sun, a publication which I normally neither read or review, but couldn’t help the feel-good factor resulting from a quick scan of this little gem!

 hamza 1.jpeg

It couldn’t happen to a nicer guy!! 

which flag do they honour?

By ATWadmin On January 21st, 2007 at 9:38 am

Why was the ‘Foxhunter’ radar, designed to be fitted and used within the RAF Tornado F2 renamed the ‘Blue Circle’ radar?
 Because, as it was non-available when needed, and never actually worked correctly, a large lump of concrete needed to be carried in the nose of the Tornado to keep the centre of gravity in the correct place!

How much money has been allocated for the two ‘super-carriers’ long boasted of by the Labour Government?
At the present moment, the costs are estimated at £3.5 billion, but as there has been a freeze on all Navy procurement, there is a distinct possibility that the carriers will never be built!

The reader has to guess which of the above Q & A series is correct, and which is fantasy!

The two statements are both correct, as this is but typical of decisions spawned by a series of crawling bureaucrats and politicians within both the Treasury and the so-called Ministry of Defence. The Royal Navy now has more ships in mothballs than serving afloat, in order to comply with Budget Requirements, and there are plans to chop once more at this once formidable force until all we have left are two destroyers, four minehunters and a submarine; and they will be up on concrete supports so as not to let the bloody things rust!

Remember, these sailors have repeatedly demonstrated that they are capable of accomplishing more than asked for; but only if they are given the best in which to serve.

Also remember, the Labour Party’s theme song has never altered, as I quote,

“The people’s flag is deepest red,
It shrouded oft our martyr’d dead
And ere their limbs grew stiff and cold,
Their hearts’ blood dyed its ev’ry fold.
Then raise the scarlet standard high,
Beneath its folds we’ll live and die,
Though cowards flinch and traitors sneer,
We’ll keep the red flag flying here.”



By ATWadmin On January 21st, 2007 at 9:08 am

rudy.jpgWatch the UK media swoon as their one of their very favourite liberal Americans – the wicked witch herself, Hillary Clinton – declares that she is launching her run to get back into the White House.

Hillary has declared that she is  forming an exploratory committee for President, thereby launching a bid to become the first female chief executive of the United States.

"I’m in," she said on a Web site, hillaryclinton.com. "And I’m in to win."

Mmm…I wonder just how rattled she is by Obama, and in particular the MSM’s embrace of the youthful Illinois Senator. They appear to want him to be America’s second black President – Hillary’s husband having been its first! (Unless he was lying…) 

Perhaps a Clinton/Obama ticket will be the Dem dream-ticket?

I hope so, as it will ensure that Guiiani/Gingrich ensures Republican fortunes are restored again in 2008!


By ATWadmin On January 21st, 2007 at 9:01 am

union flag.jpgA lot of people with whom I tend to generally politically agree with seek to advance the establishment of an ENGLISH PARLIAMENT. I was reading over at Iain Dale’s blog that the excellent Frank Field has tabled an Early Day Motion 670 noting that voters have put the issue of an English parliament at the top of their priorities for constitutional reform. I profoundly oppose this.

I FULLY understand their frustration however. England bankrolls the rest of the UK, it is the senior partner. All of us in Scotland, Wales and Northern Ireland have much to thank our English friends for. Yet their great tolerance has been stretched to breaking point by NuLabour’s crass devolution experiments, which sees the Scots in particular, doing all the taking and opting out of any of the giving. Scottish MP’s vote to increase tuition fees for English students whilst ensuring that only Scottish MP’s can vote FREE education for Scottish students. Quite intolerable and something will have to give here.

My solution is to ensure that when it comes to legislation affecting a given part of the Kingdom, then a Grand Committee of MP’s solely from that country vote on it. Scrap the Scottish Parliament, and the useless NI and Welsh Assemblies and save a fortune in taxpayers money whilst limiting politicians natural desire to meddle and feather their own financial nests. Let’s keep the integrity of the UNITED KINGDOM, let us repel the petty nationalists, and let us restore the fortune of our country. England is the HEART of the United Kingdom, but an English Parliament would accelerate its own decline as well as play into the hands of the Eurocrats. We  are stronger united, not divided.


By ATWadmin On January 21st, 2007 at 8:53 am

earyh.jpgGlobal warming is a theory and it is up for debate. We try and discuss it regularly here on ATW, as sceptics such as myself refuse to bow down to the apostles of global doom-mongery. Chief amongst of these is the wannabe US President Rev Al Gore, whose movie "An Inconvenient Truth" has won a nomination for Best Comedy at the forthcoming Oscars. (I’ve been and seen it – hilarious!)

Now then, one would think that IF the claims of the Global-Warmers are correct, and IF they are backed up with unlimited factual scientific consensus, what’s the problem with entering into debate with informed opponents such as Bjorn Lomborg? It transpires that Gore chickened out of a debate with the informed Swede……

The interview had been scheduled for months. Mr. Gore’s agent yesterday thought Gore-meets-Lomborg would be great. Yet an hour later, he came back to tell us that Bjorn Lomborg should be excluded from the interview because he’s been very critical of Mr. Gore’s message about global warming and has questioned Mr. Gore’s evenhandedness. According to the agent, Mr. Gore only wanted to have questions about his book and documentary, and only asked by a reporter. These conditions were immediately accepted by Jyllands-Posten. Yet an hour later we received an email from the agent saying that the interview was now cancelled. What happened?

One can only speculate. But if we are to follow Mr. Gore’s suggestions of radically changing our way of life, the costs are not trivial. If we slowly change our greenhouse gas emissions over the coming century, the U.N. actually estimates that we will live in a warmer but immensely richer world. However, the U.N. Climate Panel suggests that if we follow Al Gore’s path down toward an environmentally obsessed society, it will have big consequences for the world, not least its poor. In the year 2100, Mr. Gore will have left the average person 30% poorer, and thus less able to handle many of the problems we will face, climate change or no climate change.

Clearly we need to ask hard questions. Is Mr. Gore’s world a worthwhile sacrifice? But it seems that critical questions are out of the question. It would have been great to ask him why he only talks about a sea-level rise of 20 feet. In his movie he shows scary sequences of 20-feet flooding Florida, San Francisco, New York, Holland, Calcutta, Beijing and Shanghai. But were realistic levels not dramatic enough? The U.N. climate panel expects only a foot of sea-level rise over this century. Moreover, sea levels actually climbed that much over the past 150 years. Does Mr. Gore find it balanced to exaggerate the best scientific knowledge available by a factor of 20?


By ATWadmin On January 21st, 2007 at 8:46 am

pink2_narrowweb__300x4880.jpgMore loud-mouthed empty-headed babble from “Pop Stars!”

Pink has backed down from her call to boycott Australian wool over animal cruelty claims, admitting she failed to fully research the issue. The singer, who has sold around 200,000 tickets for dozens of shows in her upcoming April tour of Australia, appeared in an animal rights group video last year branding the practice of sheep mulesing “sadistic”. But today, Pink admitted she was misinformed about the issue and had failed to do enough research.

“I probably could have done a lot more research on my own,” she told the Nine Network.”That’s the lesson I’m taking from this. My message was, in my mind, boycott animal cruelty – not an entire industry, not Australia, obviously, because it’s my favourite country. Then going back, I was speaking without thinking and I actually did say ban Australia, which is bullshit. It’s not something that I can agree with.”

Problem is Pink baby, you said it. Your “bull-shit”, like that expressed by most of your fellow left wing pop stars, is your stock in trade, which a willing media and ignorant public lap up – until it’s thoroughly exposed, as in this case!


By ATWadmin On January 20th, 2007 at 7:26 pm

olmert_afp_gi.jpgOK – so Police are investigating him for corruption. His military chief has resigned. His office manager is under house arrest, and an inquiry commission is looking into his alleged mishandling of last summer’s Lebanon war.

Prime Minister Ehud Olmert’s mounting political troubles — combined with high-profile sexual misconduct cases against both President Moshe Katsav and former Justice Minister Haim Ramon — have weakened Israelis’ faith in their leaders to an extent previously unknown. Just a year in power, Olmert faces detractors on both left and right who are predicting his political demise. “It looks very bad for him,” said former Foreign Minister Silvan Shalom of Likud, the hard-line opposition party which now leads the polls.

Of course he must resign. His total lack of LEADERSHIP – his decision to re-arm the very Palestinians that kill Israelis – his utter ineptitude in handling the Hizbollah threat – all point to the exit door. Osloid Olmert is a disgrace and those who were foolish to vote for Kadima are seeing the pigeons come home to roost.


By ATWadmin On January 20th, 2007 at 6:54 pm

glasgow parade.jpgLast year, violence was narrowly averted  at a Republican parade in Glasgow, as "about 1,000" marchers took part in the Bloody Sunday commemoration. Well, they were back again today and three arrests were made as the curiously exactly the same number of republicans paraded through the centre of Glasgow.

I really think that these kind of marches, in Scotland of all places for goodness sake, accomplish nothing other than allowing the Most Oppressed People in the World to ham up the victimhood that little bit more AND in public, of course.

MILLIONS have been spent on "Bloody Sunday" – this one event has gained HUGE international attention – so I wonder WHAT exactly is now being commemorated in this coat-trailing exercise? 

Surely the Scottish police should be refusing to permit such a parade as it does nothing for community relations anywhere?