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Striking Back!

By ATWadmin On March 15th, 2007 at 4:52 pm

I suspect many are going to respond to this piece by castigating me as taking extreme measures.  Do you know what?  I couldn’t care less what any bleeding heart liberal who endeavours to pour scorn on my actions thinks about me.  I am sick, sore and tired of reading about decent, innocent and law-abiding people whose lives are made a misery by the scourge of unruly teens.  Last night I struck a blow in their name.

I’ll admit it, I hate the vast majority of today’s youth.  We are witnesses to a generation who have never known the humiliating feeling of being clouted by their parents.  They have no discipline at home; none at school; and none imposed by the so-called ‘law’.  When you are faced with that obstacle, you defend your right to live in peace in whatever way is suitable and consistent with the gravity of the crime committed against yourself.

Last night I returned home from Cumbria.  I decided to use the M6, , M61, M62 route home instead of cutting across the Dales on the A65.  However, the traffic on the M62 was appalling as usual.  So, instead of proceeding to the junction I would normally use, I decided to leave the motorway at Milnrow and cut across via Hollingworth Lake, Littleborough and the A58.  The road between Milnrow and Hollingworth Lake cuts across a swathe of countryside.  As I was driving along I saw three teens on mopeds just ahead.  As I went to overtake them they moved out into the road to prevent me from doing so.  Once they realised I could not pass they slowed down to a crawl and started gesticulating profanities.  Once again I attempted to overtake them; they repeated their foul behaviour.  On the third attempt I succeeded and proceeded to reach the small parade of shops and restaurants by Hollingworth Lake without a problem.

I then stopped to let a pedestrian cross the road.  As I was waiting I suddenly heard a loud thump on my rear window.  These three hellspawn had caught up with me and they had started banging on my windows and the side of my car.  I moved off – at this stage too tired for a confrontation.  As I rounded the bend to proceed towards Littleborough they had assumed an almost military pincer movement: two were on my side jeering and continuing to hit the car with their fists; the other was at my rear doing the same thing.  I was almost tempted to brake sharply in the hope that the scumbag to my rear would collide with my car and, hopefully, suffer agonising death or irreparable brain damage.  But hey, I didn’t want to scratch my paintwork!

At the junction of this road with the main A58 (by the Littleborough viaduct, for anyone familiar with the area) they rode past me and turned towards Rochdale (the opposite way to my intended direction of travel).  Each one then stuck up a middle finger as they drove past.  The last one spat on my window.  It was then I decided that, just for a change, the scumbags in this life were going to get a taste of their own medicine.  Several years ago I undertook a series of driving lessons similar to those used by stuntdrivers.  I have never had a chance to see if I still had the skills – until last night.  I screeched around and drove towards them along Littleborough high street.  Every few seconds my hand would hit the horn and an incessant ‘beep’, ‘beep’, beep’ rang out into the night..

I can only describe what followed as something similar to the excellent car chase in the French Connection – but without the volume of traffic.  I came bearing down on these dirtbags with my engine roaring.  As they turned around this time I could see their faces (the helmets they were wearing exposed the facial features well) and I can assure you that the arrogant ‘I can do what the **** I want because nobody in authority has the balls to harm me because of my human rights’ attitude had evaporated.  These animals had a half-ton piece of four-wheeled machinery getting ever closer with a guy at the wheel shouting ‘do you ******* want some then?’  They tried speeding ahead but my car was too powerful for them.  Eventually after some three and a half miles of being an elephant’s leg distance from my radiator and full beam, they left the road and carrered down an embankment on to some waste ground.  As to what happened to them after that I have no idea.  Hopefully they all ploughed into a brick wall!!

Do you think my reaction was excessive?  I don’t.  I have never gone around looking for trouble in my life, but by our Lord’s word I tell you there is no way I will ever run from it.  Each day thousands of people have their lives ruined by low-life such as these three hooligans.  And for what?  So they can stand helpless and watch whilst the uber-liberals who dominate our legal and social systems of control give them a pithy ASBO they can subsequently use and abuse as a badge of honour!!!  That’s assuming the police are even interested.  They are usually too preoccupied hiding behind bushes hoping to screw an unsuspecting public travelling 3mph over the speed limit.  When you have a legal system that cannot protect the public from harm, some members of the public will inevitably seek out their own form of justice.

On This Day…15.03

By ATWadmin On March 15th, 2007 at 4:39 pm

44BC – Julius Caesar, dictator of Rome, is stabbed to death in the Senate house by Republican conspirators. Elected consul in 59 BC, Caesar was a popular reformer who often fought with the Senate. He also proved a brilliant military leader, conquering Gaul, making the first Roman inroads into Britain, and winning devoted supporters in his legions.

1909 – American Gordon Selfridge opens ‘the world’s most beautiful store’ in London’s Oxford Street.

1916 – US force of 12,000 soldiers under General Pershing is ordered to Mexico to capture revolutionary leader Pancho Villa.

1973 – US and Soviet envoys begin fourth round of the arms limitation SALT talks in Vienna, Austria.

1988 – Israeli authorities impose a travel ban on Palestinians living in the West Bank.

1999 – In an ironic twist Rosemary Nelson, who had made a comfortable legal career defending some of the most despicable terrorists in Ulster, is herself killed by terrorists when a bomb explodes beneath her car as she leaves her house in Lurgan, Co Armagh.

pali tv

By ATWadmin On March 15th, 2007 at 4:01 pm

Hamas-controlled Al-Aqsa TV, broadcast in the Palestinian territories. Lessons in real bigotry.
On a related theme (fascism in the Middle East) Muslim student censorship in Britain

Euro-riots, the return.

By ATWadmin On March 15th, 2007 at 10:16 am

Law  Order.jpgJust when you thought it was safe to go back to the continent, more violence breaks out. This time in Utrecht, in the Netherlands. Courtesy of the Fulham Reactionary, I find that Dutch citizens in Utrecht have been rioting for the past two days. The really interesting thing about this, though, is the culprits of it.

When we look for the root causes of the car-burnings, the arson of a community centre, the looting of shops, we will need to look to…

The Dutch.

That’s right, the Dutch. Fulham Reactionary (FR) reports that this time it’s not ‘oppressed youths’ (read, moslem youths) doing the damage, but locals who’ve reached the very end of their tether.  The Brussels Journal records that "Locals claim the police has failed to protect them for years. They say the authorities are afraid of the immigrants and tolerate their criminal behaviour." Sounds somehow familiar. FR mentions that the Brussels Journal is comparing these Dutch riots with our own dairy riots of last year, and it’s easy to see why. In both cases we have a massive influx of non-adapting moslem immigrants coming to European countries and causing havoc. When the locals get understandably upset that not only is their country being overrun by such creatures, but that those with whom they have a social contract (the State in the form of the Police) are failing to protect them from the resulting dangers, they are effectively told to, in the words of an LGF commenter ‘just submit like a good little dhimmi’. Rivers of blood, anyone?

What happened in Utrecht, according to reliable (ie, non-PC) reports was that:

"The neighborhood of the police shooting is being terrorized by ‘youths (Warning newspeak for Muslim youth). Like everywhere in The Netherlands the police does not do much about it. People are attacked, robbed, etc. People keep calling the police but they don’t get protected. Rinie Mulder had called the police very often. So when last Sunday the ‘youths’ harassed a young pregnant woman (a daughter of a friend), he went after them. In the fight that ensued he took the knife of one of the ‘youths’. When a police officer arrived and Rinie showed him the knife, he was shot dead. The police officer was a Muslim."

Bad dhimmi! Bad! A dhimmi, for those who don’t know the term, is one who lives in submission and humiliation to moslems in an Islamic or islam-dominated land. Historian Bat Ye’or and writer Robert Spencer have been tireless in their use of the term to wake people to the threat of encroaching dhimmitude in this increasingly moslem-subservient world. When moslems riot, it’s a ‘racial’ (read ‘evil white racists’) problem, an ‘oppression’ problem. It’s never a problem caused by moslems, only one experienced by them, much like the useful-idiot term ‘islamophobia’.

A constant onslaught of propaganda, of disarming the natives from so much as protecting themselves in action or word, and of ostracising those who speak out against the process, can not honestly be described as anything other than colonisation and oppression of the natives. In a word, invasion. This soft invasion of Europe has been described by Bat Ye’or as the creation of the state of Eurabia.

Of course, I know this is all a nonsense. Reactionary racist Islamophobia of the highest order. But given that a ‘phobia’ is an irrational fear of a thing, perhaps I should show you some links to things I shouldn’t be afraid of. It is, of course, self-evident that nobody in their right minds would be made afraid or concerned by things such as this incident of incitement to murder in London (more at this link); or the classic-conditioning mentality shown by this study on rape in the Netherlands (more here, here and here); or this documented occurrence of the loss of a city to ‘youths’ (see also here and here); or the violent reaction to the ‘prophet’ cartoons even reaching London (see here for video from NEFA Foundation’s site, and here for Michelle Malkin’s collection of photos of it); nor of the fact that the planned Mega-Mosque in the East End was only put on ice due to problems it’d cause for the Olympic games.

No, nothing to worry about at all. Those mad Dutchmen are obviously just racist thugs. That’s a relief, isn’t it? Now you’re excused from thinking about this at all. Ever again.

Isn’t that nice?

[Hat-tip to the Fulham Reactionary, Kein Verzet, Brussels Journal, and Fjordman]


By ATWadmin On March 15th, 2007 at 7:21 am

I noticed that Tony Blair has been proclaiming a new era of hope and prosperity for us lucky people who live here in Northern Ireland. Yesterday, he declared that …

"Over the past few years, there have been 100,000 extra jobs in Northern Ireland and a reduction of 30,000 in the number of unemployed.."

Wow, you don’t say? Meanwhile we have had an influx of around untold thousands of Eastern Europeans, come to do the jobs that we just don’t want to do, right? So, that must mean that there has been a HUGE surge, the biggest ever, in "new jobs"……even as our manufacturing sector contracts and the newspapers are full of firms closing and relocating to parts of the world where labour costs are lower than in our socialised paradise. This is truly a remarkable achievement, or at least it would be if it were true. Of course, as I’m sure you can figure, it’s pure hyperbole, which is what Blair is good at! 

I also laughed at Blair’s subsequent pronouncement that….

"What was fascinating about the election was that the bread and butter issues – water charges, health, education, the local economy – were prominent on the doorstep."


What he means is that the electorate REJECT Blair’s plan to introduce water charges, they reject his plans to destroy selection-based education, they are appalled at the state of the Health service, and they are up in arms at his plan to hike rates based on the capital value of one’s property. A cynic might also add that such unpopular policies, introduced by Blair, provided a welcome DIVERSION from constitutional issues, and as such were very helpful to a conniving Prime Minister. Keep telling us the little lies we so want to hear…and remember, it’s NORMAL to accept terrorists in Government.


By ATWadmin On March 15th, 2007 at 4:24 am

Before you pay a premium for a new Prius –  thinking that you are doing Mother Earth a favor – you should know that to make and drive a Prius will cause more environmental damage than a Hummer.

The nickel used in the Prius battery is responsible for serious environmental damage when it is mined and smelted. Also, contrary to poplular belief, the Prius is not very efficient to drive; it gets only 45 MPG.

Combine the energy costs of the Prius’ manufacturing process  with the energy costs required to drive it over its projected useful life and we learn that a Prius is 50% less energy efficient than a Hummer!

Mon Dieu!

Another "green" fallacy exposed! (Hat tip to reader Daphne)

I’m Back!

By ATWadmin On March 14th, 2007 at 10:20 pm

Feeling better after my week’s break.  Just returned from a couple of days reading and relaxing in a small B & B on the English side of the Solway Firth.  Back to blogging tomorrow afternoon.  Hope you’ve all been good!

Global Warming, Jihad and Things that Go Bump in the Night

By ATWadmin On March 14th, 2007 at 4:41 pm

Over zealous legislators in Britain are rushing to push through new carbon targets  which will further regulate an over-regulated economy. Al Gore and like-minded friends are anxious to do the same in America.  The amount of press, educational seminars and proposed regulation in the name of Global Warming is massive and growing. Why?  Because we are afraid.

Why are we afraid?   Why do we rock ourselves, balled up in the fetal position, clutching our stomachs, sweating in panic?  Is global warming a threat so terrifying, so imminent that we need to curtail freedoms and fortunes in order that it might abate?  Is global warming a clear and present danger?  Or an overstated and imaginary crisis?

Christopher C. Horner, expert on global warming legislation and regulation writes: “Warming is happening, but it is slight, it is relative, and it is not “global” in that it is not warming everywhere.” He points out that even if there is a slight warming,  “… this does not mean that the warming trend of the past three decades will continue at its current pace, much less at a catastrophic pace. (It also may mot be a bad thing on net.)”

So, if global warming is not the imminent threat that we pretend it to be, what is going on?  Could it be that our focus on global warming is a coping mechanism?  A substitute for the far greater challenge that looms in front of us, in the full light of day, the threat that we dare not fully address in polite company?   A real, present, self-declared threat to our existence, to our way of life, to all that we hold dear?

Everyday brings news of encroaching Islamic extremism. And we don’t know what to do about it. But Islamic jihad is not going away. Paraphrasing Leon Trotsky: “We might not be interested in jihad, but jihad is interested in us.”

This one’s for you

By ATWadmin On March 14th, 2007 at 3:43 pm

It’s been brought to my attention that today is No Smoking Day. If only I’d known, I’d have puffed away even more on my low-tax French cigarettes.

Not to worry. I’ll celebrate No Smoking Day in the only appropriate way this evening – by sitting outside, with a beer, puffing away on a cigar.

you had to be there!

By ATWadmin On March 14th, 2007 at 10:43 am

I flew down to London yesterday, for a very brief visit with my elder brother; returning the same evening. Now some may cavil at my decision to increase my ‘Carbon Footprint’ by the amount of CO2 from the twin-engine jet upon which I travelled, but since I personally do not believe any of the piles of garbage spewed from the ‘Green and Mean’ lobby about global warming, you may be unsurprised by the fact that I enjoyed the whole trip! Well, maybe not the whole trip, just most of it!

The bit which got me truly riled and angry was the wait, in a very large queue, at the Departure Security barriers at Terminal One, Heathrow Airport! There we stood, or rather there we all shuffled along, as the determinedly stolid security crew waved the waiting hordes forward into one of four lines aimed at the x-ray machinery set up to scan the luggage-mobiles-computers-jackets-coats of the prospective airline passengers! We also waited in line to be waved through the metal detectors to display that we collectively carried no weaponry, or grenades, or knives, or indeed any items which could feasibly be turned against the crew of the aircraft we all wished to board. Reluctantly, and I do mean RELUCTANTLY, I have to accept that these precautions are necessary, but there I would depart from the ‘herd’ mentality which has pervaded our mass transit establishments. I do not believe that it was necessary to have us all TAKE ALL OUR SHOES OFF,  and also have them x-rayed as we passed through the scanner and detector. I might have a beard, but my skin colour is white, not brown or black; along with the overwhelming majority of my fellow passengers!  My name is not Richard Reid!

With almost no exceptions, the bastards who have either succeeded or attempted to blow themselves sky-high are Muslim by religion, and brown or black in colour! Why are the majority of travellers humped together in this Kafka-esque nightmare of suspicion, just because our lily-livered Government refuses to do things without reference to the Equal Opportunities Commission, or the Commission for Equality and Human Rights (CEHR), or any organisation which has ever employed Trevor Phillips? The IRA killers, who supplied more than their fair share of the carnage of the ’70’s and 80’s, were making a bloody and detemined statement, but they drew the line at killing themselves along with their victims, except where the few ‘own goals’ redistributed their body parts across the landscape!

The cherry on the cake of stupidity and political correctness, however, was supplied by the inanely-grinning female figure, dressed all in black combat trousers, black jacket, black hijab or scarf or whatever the bloody thing is called wrapped around her silly head, who was the only person who would really raise my suspicions,