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By ATWadmin On May 9th, 2007 at 8:27 am

nulster09.jpgWell now, the international media have upped camp and slouched home and our new "hard-working" political/terrorist caste here in Northern Ireland have rolled up their sleeves and are getting down to the really important business of …. photo opportunities. Yes, I read that our new devolved (ain’t that the truth) Ministers are to be out and about today, doing all those really crucially important things required of them – and Im sure tomorrow’s press will dutifully reflect this.  Anyone who doubts how Government can control the media agenda need only reflect on the universal positive coverage afforded to yesterday’s depravity. The media ENJOY the phony narrative that it was all about "old foes" laying aside ancient emnities and sitting down to work together. It wasn’t. It was about democrats laying down their principles and accepting terrorists into power. An obscenity – little wonder the MSM loved it.


By ATWadmin On May 9th, 2007 at 7:59 am

Yesterday was a strange day. We had the world’s media over here in Northern Ireland, feasting on the new political arrangement which provides power-sharing for terrorists. Not sure if the media picked up on the fact that IRA/Sinn Fein had invited Palestinians, Basque separatists and Colombian agitators to the affair. At least Al Queda weren’t present but since this is the first western administration that contains terrorists, maybe they’ll get an invite – the City airport is nearby. I have to say I found the entire event to be a distasteful pantomime and the fall of the DUP into the mire is complete. Martin and Ian are welcome to the mess of pottage at Stormont.

We have also discovered that cyber troll “Sean” has set up a site which steals copy from ATW and then allows a small band of IRA sympathisers to comment. Big deal. I have more things to concern myself than with the pathetic attempts of sick individuals. Those such as Chris Gaskin and Phantom should know better than to inhabit such a sewer, but seeing as how Chris links it to his own site, maybe he should now consider ATW off-limits. Those who used my fathers death on Sean’s sick site to attack me are literally the scum of the earth. Can I ask ALL ATW readers to refrain from any further debate with these mentally ill people?

On a much more positive front, I can confirm that we have a new addition to the ATW team! Yes, I a delighted that Ranting Stan will be posting here as and when the muse takes him. Stan runs a really well written site and I think he will add a lot to ATW. Welcome on board Stan – and I’m sure the rest of the team will join with me in wishing you every best wish over here!

“British commanders smelled a trap”

By ATWadmin On May 8th, 2007 at 7:14 pm


Michael Yon reports again from Iraq.


By ATWadmin On May 8th, 2007 at 3:19 pm

Well now, today has panned out as expected with the MSM heavily selling the depravity of power-sharing with terrorists in Northern Ireland as the best way forward. So, let’s party…here’s my choice of song..

"And you may find yourself in a marbled Assembly….

The Best Form of Flattery from the Lowest Form of Humanity

By ATWadmin On May 8th, 2007 at 2:12 pm

They always say impersonation is the best form of flattery.  Could be.  In this case it comes from the lowest form of humanity.  The anonymous bladder bag who styles himself ‘Pimpernel’ has set up a website purely to allow his republican comrades to wax lyrical about ATW in general and myself in particular.  This eponymous waste of an effort has even been linked by the tumescent Gaskin.  I’d have thought he would have been better off linking to websites warning of the dangers of gastronomic overindulgence (LOL)! 

Is using my name to title a website without my (hitherto) knowledge or consent even legal?  I’m really not sure.  Suffice to say that if David believes it to be a threat to the integrity of the site he and I have dedicated ourselves to over this past three years, I’m sure he will take advice on how to stop it.  Meanwhile, sit back, have a giggle and see the only forum pathetic Provo fanatics have in striking back.

UPDATE – ‘Is he in heaven or is he in hell?’  No, the Pimpernel is sat in front of his computer daring me to challenge him to a lawsuit (a term I never even mentioned above).  As if I would waste one penny of my hard-earned money on someone who is idiotically obsessed with me to the point of going to the trouble of creating a carbon copy website.  I wonder what he’ll do next.  Who knows, I might even come home to find next door’s white rabbit bubbling on the stove (ROFL); or a tape in my car with a label saying ‘play me’.  I’m not going to waste my time refuting the various erroneous accusations of this uber-saddo.  However, as for the ‘advertising’ the pleasure’s all mine.  Let the rest of cyberspace appreciate just what an unadulterated moron you really are. 

Sharia Justice in the UK

By ATWadmin On May 8th, 2007 at 11:28 am

Dewsbury mosque
Remember Dewsbury? That’s the town in the UK with the mosque and a surrounding community which is 95% Muslim. It’s also the headquarters of Islamic Group Tablighi Jamaat which has been proven to have links to several large terrorist actions including the 7/7 bomb attacks on Britain’s public transport commuters.
Well, it seems that Dewsbury is taking things a step further and has set up a separate court based upon Sharia Law. This will run parallel to the British Law that all other citizens are required to follow and will deal with divorces and child custody amongst other community issues.
Imagine if a Muslim woman wanted justice and protection from a husband who beat her. What kind of justice would she get in a Sharia court? What if your child was going to school with a little girl with a bruised face? Would this be a matter for the Sharia court or would Social Services step in? Before you leap to a swift rebuttal, consider how in Australia, branches of the Left kept silence about the abuse of Aboriginal children rather than offend the tribal law council in the Northern Territory. Check this out
The whole situation is, at best, absurd and at worst, darkly ominous as law is one of the most pivotal pillars of the society that informs our cultural identity.

The Alpha Monacle

By ATWadmin On May 8th, 2007 at 9:49 am

I never thought Sir Patrick Moore was quite the full ticket.  To walk around the streets with a bottom of a jam jar stuck to your eye, gazing with almost excitable anticipation at stars millions of light years away is bizarre to say the least.  Whilst most of his fellow countrymen look heavenwards and think ‘oh no, it’s going to piss down again tomorrow’, Sir Patrick spins a diatribe on the ‘whys’ and ‘wherefores’ of our ‘infinite universe’ (how does he know it’s infinite.  Has he travelled its full length?).

Now he has confirmed his place as our pre-eminent loon by blaming women for the demise of televisual quality.  First of all he decries the BBC news because it has its fair share of women presenters.  So what?  There are some fantastic and highly professional female newsreaders on several channels.  If Sir Patrick wants to single out the BBC in particular, perhaps he’d like to comment on its news staff being dominated by the Asian mafia.

After his criticism of the news comes the bemoaning of increased numbers of women in general drama.  Maybe he’d like to go back to the days when Ena Sharples, Minnie Caldwell and Martha Longhurst sat in the ‘snug’ at the Rovers Return, gabbling away like a triumvirate of subnormals?  I think women help to save the British television industry, not destroy it.  Give me the likes of Victoria Wood, Jo Brand, Julie Walters and Caroline Quentin over figures such as Arthur Askey, Freddie ‘Parrot Face’ Davies, Jim Bowen and – the ultimate in TV turn-offs – Peter Kay every time.

Here’s to the women!!


By ATWadmin On May 8th, 2007 at 8:50 am

farfurart_0.jpgHey – don’t you know that Micky Mouse is sooooo passe? Those awfully clever people at Hamas Television are now using a clone of Disney’s Mickey Mouse to teach children to…. hate Israel and America, and aspire to what is claimed as Islam’s inevitable and impending world domination.

The squeaky-voiced Mickey Mouse lookalike, named Farfur, is the star of a weekly children’s program called Tomorrow’s Pioneers on the official Hamas TV station (Al-Aqsa TV). Farfur and his co-host, a young girl named Saraa’, teach children about such things as the importance of the daily prayers and drinking milk, while taking every opportunity to indoctrinate young viewers with teachings of Islamic supremacy, hatred of Israel and the US and support of "resistance" — the Palestinian euphemism for terror. Farfur tells children that they must pray in the mosque five times a day until there is "world leadership under Islamic leadership." I assume Farfur will seek Loony Tunes endorsement?


By ATWadmin On May 8th, 2007 at 8:23 am

male female.jpgThe lethal control freakery that lies behind at least some within the environmental movement is manifest in the suggestion that having large families should be frowned upon as an environmental misdemeanour in the same way as frequent long-haul flights, driving a big car and failing to reuse plastic bags

The paper by the Optimum Population Trust will say that if couples had two children instead of three they could cut their family’s carbon dioxide output by the equivalent of 620 return flights a year between London and New York. John Guillebaud, co-chairman of OPT and emeritus professor of family planning at University College London, said: “The effect on the planet of having one child less is an order of magnitude greater than all these other things we might do, such as switching off lights.

“The greatest thing anyone in Britain could do to help the future of the planet would be to have one less child.”

No, the greatest thing anyone in Britain could do is to ignore the eco-wacko warblings of Emeritus Professors from University College London! 

P.S Do you think the learned Professor might visit a few mosques and suggest it’s time that they cut back on the soaring Islamic birth-rate?

An historic day

By ATWadmin On May 8th, 2007 at 8:19 am

Today truly is historic.
loughgalltshirt.jpeOn the evening of the 8th May 1987 eight IRA men drove towards the RUC barracks in Loughgall. They carried a 200lb bomb loaded into a JCB digger.

Unknown to the IRA gag they were being watched. After the bomb was detonated, an SAS squad opened up on the terrorists firing thousands of rounds and leaving seven of the terrorists dead. Another was seriously wounded.

Sinn Fein/IRA have produced a t-shirt to commemorate the event and have expressed the hope that “young people who don’t remember the 8th May 1987 … will appreciate the heroism and single-mindedness of these men, and many more men and women like them, who made the ultimate sacrifice and who gave up years of their lives in jails around the world, in the fight for Ireland’s freedom.”

So Doc, when you sit down with your steaming mug of tea tonight (after walking over some 3,000 dead bodies) will you be wearing a one?

PS I have turned off the comments. I am not prepared to allow my posts to become a platform from which people can make dirty jokes and other crude remarks. As I cannot be in front of a PC 24 hours a day, seven days a week I feel that this is the only solution.