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By ATWadmin On November 28th, 2006 at 6:21 am

I read this story in horror. Iraqi President Jalal Talabani (Interesting surname, got a kinda ring about it!) has called on Iran to provide "comprehensive help" to improve his country’s security situation. Talabani arrived following a two-day delay, caused by a curfew that was imposed after bomb attacks in Baghdad killed more than 200 people. Iranian President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad told him Iran would do what it could. 

I bet.

By embracing Iran, there is no chance that democracy and liberty can prevail in Iraq since the Mad Mullah’s view such values as Superman views Green Kryptonite! By embracing the driving force behind the axis-of-evil, Iraq will fall into Iranian driven terror. 

Lies, Damned Lies, and the Associated Press

By ATWadmin On November 27th, 2006 at 10:01 pm

"Evolutiona process of gradual, peaceful, progressive change or development, as in social or economic structure or institutions."

That’s the definition from the excellent dictionary.com for ‘evolution’ in a social sense. Compare and contrast with the following passage from the Associated Press’ (AP) article on the Pope’s visit to Constantinople-that-was, which begins tomorrow:

"No moment of Pope Benedict XVI’s upcoming trip may be more closely watched as his walk through the majestic Haghia Sophia, a domed complex whose history spans Istanbul’s stormy evolution from Christianity to Islam."

Firstly, evolution is, by definition, not stormy. Secondly, evolution must take its course naturally, can not be forced or be a thing that is the result of cruel and inhuman practices. Which is what moslem Turky is. Ah, you think I’m being harsh? Unfair and bigoted, perhaps? Well, see for yourself. From Wikipedia’s vox populi truth machine we have this account:

" [Mehmet ordered] the conversion of the city’s central cathedral, Hagia Sophia, into a mosque, and having a Muslim scholar decree from its pulpit that there is no god but Allah. Following the Turkish conquest all Christians not killed or sold into slavery were relegated to the status of dhimmis….

…Steven Runciman recounts that during the siege of Constantinople Mehmed II promised his men "the women and boys of the city." Upon its conquest, he ordered the 14-year-old son of the Grand Duke Loukas Notaras be brought to him for his personal pleasure. When the father refused to deliver his son to such a fate he had them both decapitated on the spot."

But of course, the Wiki vox populi has that weakness that it can be written and re-written by anyone, especially when it’s an internet resource. So let’s have a look at what that noted (and sorely missed) reporter and writer Oriana Fallaci had to say in her potted history of the fall of Constantinople in her excellent The Force of Reason. (You’re really not going to like this)

Do you know the chronicle that about the fall of Constantinople the scribe Phrantzes has left us to refresh the memory of the oblivious or rather of the hypocrites?

    Perhaps not. Especially in Europe, a Europe that weeps only for the Muslims, never for the Christians or the Jews or the Buddhists or the Hindus, it would not be Politically Correct to know the details of the fall of Constantinople. Its inhabitants who at daybreak, while Mehmet II is shelling Theodosius’ walls, take refuge in the cathedral of St. Sophia and here start to sing psalms. To invoke divine mercy. The patriarch who by candlelight celebrates his last Mass and in order to lessen the panic thunders: ‘Fear not my brothers and sisters! Tomorrow you’ll be in the Kingdom of Heaven and your names will survive till the end of time!’. The children who cry in terror, their mothers who give them heart repeating ‘Hush, baby, hush! We die for our faith in Jesus Christ! We die for our Emperor Constantine XI, for our homeland!’.

    The Ottoman troops who beating their drums step over the breaches in the fallen walls, overwhelm the Genovese and Venetian and Spanish defenders, hack them on to death with scimitars, then burst into the cathedral and behead even newborn babies. They amuse themselves by snuffing out the candles with their little severed heads… It lasted from the dawn to the afternoon, that massacre. It abated only when the Grand Vizier mounted the pulpit of St. Sophia and said to the slaughterers: ‘Rest. Now this temple belongs to Allah’.

    Meanwhile the city burns, the soldiery crucify and hang and impale, the Janissaries rape and butcher the nuns (four thousand in a few hours) or put the survivors in chains to sell them at the market of Ankara. And the servants prepare the Victory Feast. The feast during which (in defiance of the Prophet) Mehmet II got drunk on the wines of Cyprus and, having a soft spot for young boys, send for the firstborn of the Greek Orthodox Grand Duke Notara. A fourteen year-old adolescent known for his beauty.

    In front of everyone he raped him, and after the rape he sent for his family. His parents, his grandparents, his uncles, his aunts and cousings. In front of him he beheaded them. One by one. He also had all the altars destroyed, all the bells melted down, all the churches turned into mosques or bazaars. Oh, yes. That’s how Constantinople became Istanbul. But Doudou of the UN and the teachers in our schools don’t want to hear about it."

And it is into the country which thus ‘evolved’ from Christianity into Islam (doesn’t evolution also have connotations of improvement? Someone remind me), into this ‘civilised’ culture which makes it a crime to insult ‘Turkishness’, this haven which wants, if you please, to become part of the EU, which the Holy Father must step oh-so-carefully. The AP article goes on to say that:

"Any gesture perceived as worship — even as simple as making sign of the cross — could be viewed as a serious affront by his hosts and undermine the Vatican’s attempts to rebuild goodwill with Turkey as a bridge to other Muslims nations….
    An open act of piety by the pontiff would likely enrage powerful Turkish nationalists, who hold sway over the political and military establishment, as a perceived signal of Christian claims to the site and a challenge to Turkish sovereignty."

However, the Cathedral of St. Sophia, that sanctuary-that-was-breached, will be on the Pope’s tour itenerary. "as a "sign of respect" toward Muslims" according to Vatican spokesman, Rev. Federico Lombardi. Still, though, given that Islam is the ‘religion of peace’, that ‘Islam means peace’ and that moslems (and the Turks especially, ask the Greek Cypriots) are so very peaceful and civilised, there’s no chance at all that signs of respect shown by the Christian world to the moslem world won’t be reciprocated. I mean, just look at how well that’s worked historically…

Those of us inclined to pray and worry about these things could do worse than ask for blessings upon the Pope and all the faithful in danger in these very interesting times. From from London, to Anatolia, to Malaysia, the world over.


Why south africa? why indeed?

By ATWadmin On November 27th, 2006 at 4:24 pm

I have always believed in full disclosure, whether it is in politics, family life or in advertising!

So when I see a full page advert for South Africa, telling of such wonders, with never a dull moment and adventure always waiting to happen, and of the fabled Big Five, I paused in wonder myself! For those who don’t click immediately, the ‘Big Five’ refer to the lion, leopard, elephant, rhino and buffalo of the hunter’s stories, and now, of course, for the photographer!

As I said, I always believe in full disclosure, so why aren’t we told in the splashy full-colour adverts of the ‘Big Ten!? I refer of course to the original five dangerous items; plus another five which are not so well advertised, but probably more easily encountered than the wild animals mentioned heretofore! I am talking about the South African Murder rate, which accounted for +/- 25,000 last year alone! I am referring to the astounding statistics of armed robbery, rape, car-jacking and plain ordinary violence which give South Africa the reputation of possibly the most violent country in the world, leaving Columbia in it’s shadow! The existence of AID’s , although heavily denied by the government, is reaching epidemic proportions in this once vibrant, healthy country!

This is the country which is supposed to be holding the 2010 World Cup! They are gonna’ win prizes, but not many for football! As is considered usual for ‘Turd World’ Black-ruled African countries, the rate and spread of corruption, especially in high places, has now reached the Cabinet , where no less than Two Cabinet ministers and a deputy minister hold shares in the consortium which has been chosen to build and operate the GauTrain high-speed train link between Johannesburg and Pretoria (now renamed Tshwane, or some other made-up name)!

So if any are actually foolish enough to actually go to South Africa in 2010 to witness the World Cup, don’t get either infected or robbed, and survive the trip, they can be comforted by the knowledge that their money is definitely going to all the right places!


By ATWadmin On November 27th, 2006 at 2:09 pm

I’m sure you all know that I love music, hence the ATW jukebox feature on the site.

As and from this week, I want to write a regular "Behind the Song" column – over on the Tangled Articles section. I hope you will find this an interesting read and I guarantee you will find out some things that you definitely didn’t know! I’ve been a bit reluctant to do this since a writer whose work I profoundly admire, Mark Steyn, does a similar kind of thing and I didn’t want to be seen to be copying him. But my enthusiasm for music is way too powerful and I reckon I can make it worth your while to read it!

So, this week I HAVE just published the tale of how a blind Texan wrote Country & Western’s most horrific song – even though he is best known for writing gentle love songs and tales of lost romance!


By ATWadmin On November 27th, 2006 at 1:32 pm

james_baker_III.jpgWell, I’m not in the least surprised to read that a draft report on strategies for Iraq which will be debated in the USA by a bipartisan commission beginning Monday, urges an aggressive regional diplomatic initiative that includes direct talks with Iran and Syria. The date for retreat is not set but don’t worry – the Jihadists will get the message. Nudge Nudge.

As for talking to Iran and Syria – this is entirely in line with the lunatic notion that these nations can somehow "stabilise" Iraq and help the nascent Iraqi democracy establish itself. Naturally both Iran and Syria are truly deeply and madly devoted to the removal of any vestige of democracy in the Middle East and it looks like the Iraq Study Group’s report – fronted by James Baker (the man who abandoned ordinary Iraqis to Saddam’s tender mercies in 1992 as the mass graves testified) – will ensure that the axis of evil prevails.  When the unreal is presented as realism, we know the plot has well and truly been lost. 


By ATWadmin On November 27th, 2006 at 1:26 pm

Can I just say how sorry I am that Tony Blair has said how sorry he is about something that happened to some people a few hundred years ago? The Prime Minister has described the slave trade, which Britain helped to ban, as a "crime against humanity." Well, maybe it is – and since some African Nations are STILL practising this, doesn’t that make them war criminals? When shall we invade….? 


By ATWadmin On November 27th, 2006 at 1:07 pm

Were I an Israeli, I would feel SO humiliated by Osloid Olmert’s latest craven appeasement moves to appease the psychopath in Hamas. It’s reported that this clown is now pledging “humanitarian and economic incentives” (Bribes) IF the terrorists free a captive Israeli soldier and violence ceased. This is not leadership – this is total leftist defeatism wrapped up in the hollow rhetoric of peace processing.

Israel under Olmert is ENCOURAGING the Pali terrorists by REWARDING their evil deeds. Shame on him.


By ATWadmin On November 27th, 2006 at 10:39 am

cameronST070606_228x429.jpgI see that David Cameron (Pictured here in full NucaringConservative military attire) is flying out to an important photo-opportunity with our troops in Basra.  Producing an onion from his pocket, Call Me Dave said he wanted to show his "support for our troops and to hear their experiences."  He also said he wanted "to get a more direct understanding of the political situation by meeting Iraqi politicians and to look at the prospects for halting the terrible cycle of violence and for making the transition to Iraqi control over security".

Quick update for Dave. Save yourself the bother of this journey and save the Earth all those nasty C02 emissions from your aircraft by digesting this;

1. You can show support for our troops by staying at home and encouraging them to VICTORY in Jihadistan. I seem to remember that your track record is to urge appeasement in Iraq. Conflicted message Dave.

2. The way to stop "the terrible cycle of violence" as you call the war is to encourage our Military to use such overwhelming physical force as to persuade the Jihadi that they cannot win in Iraq. 

“…until drops of blood form on your forehead.”

By ATWadmin On November 27th, 2006 at 10:08 am

As some may remember, I have written, and continue to write, novels (all unpublished, I must reluctantly admit): so while trawling around some writing and short-story sites, I came across this little gem of a contest, which is entitled the Short, Short, Short, Short, Short, Short Story competition, which emulates the most famous short-short story, which was written by the immortal Ernest Hemingway, which went “For sale. Baby shoes. Never worn.”

As we are approaching the Season of Goodwill to all men, and of course women, I would like to initiate the ATW Short * 6 story competition, which of course would be won by the author of the best six word political headline, or comment, or genuine shortest current affairs story.

Rules are as follows:

No obscenities allowed, either in asterisks or otherwise!

Libellous entries shall be excluded!

Humour will be given bonus points!

Entries must be of six words only; no more, no less!

A time limit of three days for all entries will be made.

As with all political ideals, the editor’s decision can only be altered by bribery!

Points will be given for topical ideas, and points mean Prizes!

First, and only prize shall be the opportunity to insert one post on ATW, as the winner would be invited to contribute by e-mail to the e-mail address as listed; this would be transferred to me, and the entry would be posted under my Guest Contributor’s name, with full credit given the original author!

You are under Starter’s Orders, folks, with the deadline at eleven a.m. on Thursday 30th November!


By ATWadmin On November 26th, 2006 at 8:08 pm

wedding rings.jpgWhen Neil Sedaka wrote "that breaking up is hard to do"....he failed to appreciate that socialists take a radically different view on such matters! It has been clear ever since the NuLabour rabble came to power that it has pursued a vindictive approach to the institution of marriage. This is manifest in this story in which a newly wed couple reveals how they were told by a Government welfare official: "You’d get more money if you split up."

Janet and Mark Fensome were advised by their local Job Centre that if they wanted extra money in handouts, the best thing to do was to get divorced because under existing rules, couples who live apart get more.  if the Fensomes had split up they would get an extra £25 a week – or £1,250 a year.

There are other handouts where couples can claim more by breaking up. Divorced couples can claim two portions of housing benefit and council tax rebate. Single parents get a £22.20 housing benefit premium. The unemployed can also claim more in income support and job seekers’ allowance. In both cases a couple who split up can claim an additional £25 a week. A single person gets £57.45 a week in income support. A couple who are both claiming receive a total of £90.10, or £45.05 each. The difference for two people is £24.80 a week or £1,289.60 a year. A total of £200million of income support was claimed fraudulently last year – £130million going to people claiming to be lone parents.

When did you last hear an MSM story attacking alleged "lone parents" for being the biggest contributors to Benefit Fraud? The truth is that Government and its media allies view marriage with contempt and the fact that it has now become financially advantageous to split up speaks volumes for NuLabour’s "commitment" to the family.