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Party finance: how it works

By ATWadmin On February 15th, 2007 at 10:20 pm

An interesting story here, of a company who will be prominent in seeking government contracts for setting up the road toll spy systems. T-Systems, based in Germany, dropped £10,000 into Labour Party coffers and gave £45,000 to the blairite think-tank IPPR who have been researching how to dupe the public into accepting this horrendous orwellian travesty. I’m sure helping bail out the Labour Party from financial disaster won’t affect the awarding of contracts – like with Labour favourites Capita, it would be mere coincidence.


Sorry for what?

By ATWadmin On February 15th, 2007 at 9:35 pm

Hain.jpgPeter Hain is reported to have visited New York in order to apologise for the role Northern Ireland played in the slave trade.

He told a journalist:

"I am here on behalf of both Northern Ireland and Wales to say that we’ve had our part to play in the slave trade.

We acknowledge that, we take responsibility for it and we now are going to try and at least say that historical legacy must be recognised. We say sorry for it."

However, some people have asked what Mr Hain was apologising for.

Queen’s University believes that some merchants from Belfast were involved in the trade “indirectly” by virtue of the fact that they owned plantations but attempts to establish a slave ship company in the eighteenth century were blocked by the firm opposition of the Belfast population.

No one in Northern Ireland can “take responsibility for” the part we supposedly played in slavery. Nor, for that matter, can anyone in Northern Ireland claim credit for our opposition to the trade.

The fact of the matter is that “we” didn’t play any role in either slavery or the abolitionist movement.

The slave trade is solely the concern of historians. The only people who benefit from exercises such as Mr Hain’s are the politicians who go on trips to the other side of the world – at the taxpayer’s expense.


By ATWadmin On February 15th, 2007 at 6:23 pm

795151-605926-thumbnail.jpgJust a gentle reminder that ATW goes ON-AIR on Blogtalkradio in just over an hour and a half. It starts at 8pm GMT and runs for 30 minutes. We’re going to cover the NI elections, Islam in the UK, and New Media. I don’t want this to be a monologue from me as that would be VERY DULL stuff, but I do want it to be engaging with you. Andrew can’t make the NI section, Peter Moore is hoping to make the Islam section, Mike Cunningham is planning to be part of the new media section, Alison may also call in if she gets a chance  – but I want to YOUR call too if you are able to make it!  I have no idea how this will turn out so that’s a thrill!!! See you at 8pm – remember to call in and have your say all you have to do is dial that number 001 646 652 2582! Talk later….as the web gets more tangled….

Thickly Spread Jam

By ATWadmin On February 15th, 2007 at 3:29 pm

How do you make people think the unthinkable on the thorny question of parting with their money?  If you’re a Del Boy-type character you con them by making a product sound much better than it is.  If you’re one of proles who make up what has to be the most despicable government ever bestowed on the British people in modern times, you contrive a situation to sustantiate your argument.

In order to make the prospect of road tolls more appetising, a guide has been sent by the Department of Transport telling councils how to festoon the road network with obstructions and street furniture in order to lengthen car journey times.  Hilton Holloway, the editor of Auto Car magazine said:

‘Councils are being encouraged to manufacture traffic jams then they are encouraged to bring in road tolls to cure this artificially generated congestion.’

Why should we not believe Mr Holloway?  After all, councils have spent the last two decades or so painting 3,000 light year lengths of double yellow lines to make it as difficult to park on the high street as possible.  Having so restricted the space available for cars to park, they can then charge exorbitant fees for on-street parking – with financial penalties that wouldn’t look out of place if ordered by the Krays to cower drivers into meek acceptance.

If this government honestly thinks it can get away with adding an additional charge to our motoring budget (already the highest in Europe) and not suffer any consequences – both electorally and in terms of mass public outcry with the potential for significant violence, it has achieved new heights of pig-headedness.  Being asked to pay £1 per hour to park in town is one thing; paying out thousands of pounds a year extra just for the necessity of owning a car is quite another.


Feeney Watch – 15.02.07

By ATWadmin On February 15th, 2007 at 2:43 pm

I haven’t had a dig at the bigoted old crustacean for some time, so I thought I’d take the opportunity presented by Feeney’s latest piece of analytical slime to do just that. 

‘Will Unionists share power on equal terms with nationalists?’  It depends on what you mean by ‘equal terms’ doesn’t it, Feeney old chap!  From my perspective, sharing power with those who have consistently used every foul trick in the book to force British people to live under Irish jurisdiction is bad enough in itself.  For the Unionists as a whole, however, I think a majority will endorse the concept providing all those entrusted with the governance of Northern Ireland will work for the good and constitutional stability of Northern Ireland.  If the SDLP and the IRA try their old game plan of exercising power with the aim of attempting to destroy the Union, then no Unionist voter will ever accept – in the medium or long term – the notion that insurrectionists have a right to do that.  And, if the DUP doesn’t abandon its new-found love of power sharing with Provo dross, and walk away from devolution under those circumstances, the pro-Union people will kick it out.

I am not asking the minority community to give up the pretense of being Irish, or to wave Union Flags from party HQ.  I am simply telling them that unless they abide by the principle that those unswervingly committed to the destruction of the State over which they govern have no place in a political administration anywhere in the democratised world – and, as such, this principle of administrative ‘equality’ (a republican buzzword) should apply in Ulster, they will not have their prize of being able to exercise power for very long.

One of the reasons I don’t think Bob McCartney should have stood in this election is that he has opened himself up to ridicule from creatures such as Feeney who don’t have the right to occupy the same moral or political plain.  Standing in numerous constituencies has given Bigoted Bri the ammunition to lump a decent and honourable man like Bob in with scum such as Rory O’Brady under the collective banner of ‘flotsam and jetsam’ whereas, in reality, the only flotsam in evidence here comprises those people who give a current or postdated endorsement of republican terrorist murder.

Then there is this cute notion that Bigoted and others have about the apocalyptic consequences of not power sharing with Provos.  Those ‘dire warnings’ will not be anything other than a plan to modernise the system on which Ulster is currently governed – with limited and consultative Dublin input embellished only with the economic fallout of a territorially cognizant structure of North/Southery.  Feeney et al appear to swallow the line that DUP refusal to comfort Londonderry’s butcher boy with political fellatio will result in an terminal crisis for the Union.  If they do indeed swallow the line, that is a different type of political fellatio altogether.

where’s the light switch?

By ATWadmin On February 15th, 2007 at 2:39 pm


Whether you agree with many regarding the possible future building of replacement nuclear power stations or not, the simple fact is that this selection process, taking one of three viable options available for the power industry to push for, is the correct way to go. Whether nuclear, oil/coal thermal stations, or gas, are the three choices which confront our beleaguered Government! The court action by Greenpeace, brought in response to the hasty publication of the Government’s Energy Review, is but a symptom of the malaise affecting the bunch of arthritically-damaged morons clinging on to power in Westminster. The Review document, when scrutinised, was like a target viewed over ‘open sights’ by a set of legally-trained Greenpeace lawyers, and, I am afraid to admit it, the government deserved everything it gets! The document, the ruling judge noted “the Government’s document contained no information of any substance on the two crucially important issues – economics and waste disposal.”, thus providing an open goal for anyone who is bent on objecting. The fact that the disposal of the waste products of the Nuclear Stations has been so badly mishandled as to give muscle to the belief that the Government just doesn’t know what to do with the bloody stuff, while it hoped that this little twitch would be quietly forgotten!

The Not-In-My-Back-Door class of objections is valid, in that not many politicians want to site something so dangerous as to provide a ‘ticking bomb’ scenario for the next 30,000 years alongside any area which adjoins their constituencies. But the question remains, if not there, then where?

In terms of Carbon footprints, or climate-change, if you believe in that sort of pseudo-science, the Nuclear option sounds rather good, as apart from the CO2 produced during the actual construction of the station, there ain’t much generated for the next thirty years of operation, which is one hell of a sight less than that produced by oil/coal, gas or any of the loony-toon ideas like wind, waves, farting etc.! So, Greenpeace apart, what method of power generation would you like to see, keeping the lights on for the next forty years?


By ATWadmin On February 15th, 2007 at 12:45 pm

hamas_grls.jpgLook at this image of Palestinian child abuse. Poor kids – being converted to Jihad savagery, even as they hold their little dolls, whilst the "international community" watches on….

Give the people who do this a State? You gotta be kidding! Hamas are an evil, voted into power by Palestinian people who seem to revel in this abuse of their kids.


By ATWadmin On February 15th, 2007 at 12:25 pm

red_carpet_small.jpgI’m sure others will share my sense of disgust at the British Government’s woeful entreaties to the US Government to "roll out the red carpet" for Gerry Adams and his wrecking crew at next month’s St Patricks Day celebrations. The US Government will be aware of the bloody pedigree that Adams and McGuinness are steeped in and every step they make along the red carpet will be a step soaked in the blood of those thousands of victims of IRA terrorism. I imagine the US Government will go along with the UK Government’s suggestions, and thus these terror godfathers will indeed walk on red carpet next month. This devalues the US Government’s talk of a "war on terror", one may as well invite the Taliban to the White House. It also lets us see how degenerate the UK Government has become after ten years of pushing appeasement at any price. 


By ATWadmin On February 15th, 2007 at 12:02 pm

RMcsmlshdw.jpgThe media seems taken with the curious political situation which might occur if my erstwhile political associate, Robert McCartney QC, wins more than one of the six Assembly seats he is standing in for the Northern Ireland election!

Is it possible for one person to be elected to more than one constituency? iS there clear legal guidance for such a scenario? Could Bob transfer the seat to a colleague? Could one person become a multi-represented party?  

It’s all part of the fun and games, (or bread and circuses if you are more cynical) that comprises the local election. I notice the DUP doth protest the move by Bob, with "Mr Pragmatic" Peter Robinson arguing that "it’s ludicrous that theoretically 18 Ian Paisleys or 18 Gerry Adams could have hit the campaign trail"

First, interesting to note Peter sees Paisley and Adams as comparables. Second, isn’t that the case anyway? Aren’t we faced with mini-me versions  of these characters prancing around our door-steps? Third, surely Peter isn’t running scared that Bob may actually take DUP votes in those areas where he is standing?

Putting yourself forward in multi-constituencies leaves one open to the charge of megalomania. I contend most politicians suffer from that anyway. But it will be hilarious to watch the scramble should Bob become an MLA in more than one area. As Mark Devenport observes – if it ends up in the courts, Mr McCartney QC would not be unhappy! 

It’s the Blacks, Stupid!

By ATWadmin On February 15th, 2007 at 11:17 am

When I was a teenager growing up in London during the 1980s there was a lot of controversy about the stop and search methods of Metropolitan Police officers.  Headlines would often appear on programmes such as London Plus (remember that one?) involving the castigation of policemen from various sections of the capital’s Lefty and Chip-on-the-shoulder Black brigades about the fact that blacks were twice as likely to be stopped and searched as white people.  Even then I thought to myself: ‘Could it be because blacks are twice as likely to indulge in criminal activities per ratio of population as whites?’  There can be little doubt that the establishment of ethnic ghettos in our cities have created methods and frequency of crime previously almost unheard of before the advent of mass immigration.

In a similar period you have the police psychologically hamstrung by political correctness.  The atrocious MacPherson Report, which feebly attempted to make out that London’s policemen and women were somewhat akin to the Ku Klux Klan, has created an atmosphere whereby if a policemen looks at a black person, you could well have a trojan of Gareth Pierces descending on New Scotland Yard to decry police ‘harassment’.  In the meantime, not only have you seen an explosion of gun crime (WHICH IS PRIMARILY A BLACK PROBLEM.  YOU WON’T HEAR THAT ON THE BBC!), you have also witnessed the results of the Metropolitan Police effectively acknowledging its own collective impotence in the face of Lefty intelligentsia by the creation of bodies such as Trident.  Why should a body be set up in order to prosecute certain crime under the cloak of racial sensitivity?  Either the Metropolitan Police can tackle black criminality using officers from all backgrounds or it cannot.  If it cannot, the Army should be brought out on to the streets.  The Trident website only tells you that 300 officers make up the team.  It does not tell you the composition of those officers is largely black.

Skirting around the issue with bodies advised by lunatics such as Lee Jasper is no substitute for proper law-enforcement: law enforcement which will not only protect the general public from these black hooligans, but will also protect the thousands and thousands of law-abiding people in the black community.