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Crisis at Cambridge – When did religion become racial?

By ATWadmin On February 12th, 2007 at 9:32 pm

I feel it might be worth your knowing that even Cambridge university lives in fear of the inability to tell between race and religion. Referring to a cartoon and caption mixture mentioning the mohommedan ‘prophet’ mohammed, a Cambridge source cited by the Cambridge Evening News (CEN) states that ‘The college fears the material in the publication could be considered as causing racial incitement.’

CEN states of the student involved that:

"The 19-year-old second year student at Clare College was in hiding today (Friday, 09 February) after printing the racist cartoon and other vile material."

So much for the ethics of unbiased journalism.

The piece in question, going by the description in CEN, sounds like a first-rate student newspaper writing:

"The student magazine, Clareification, printed a cropped copy of the cartoon of the prophet Mohammed next to a photo of the president of the Union of Clare Students. The cartoon was captioned with the president’s name and vice versa. There was also comment suggesting one was a "violent paedophile" and the other was "a prophet of God, great leader and an example to us all."
The cartoon was the same one which caused riots across the world when it was printed in a Danish newspaper. For his own safety and that of others, the student, who is British, has been taken out of his current accommodation and put in a secure place. The paper had been renamed Crucification for a special edition on religious satire.
The front page included headlines stating: "Ayatollah rethinks stance on misunderstood Rushdie".
On page six, pictures were shown of Muslims holding placards reading: "Behead those who insult Islam" and "Freedom go to Hell."

I only wish my university newspaper had been as much fun to read. This brings up an interesting question, of course (so many things do), why are race and religion so confused when it comes to mohammedanism? When Christianity is brought up or (as is more frequent) maligned, it’s rarely in a context of race, or any other thing that isn’t to do with the religion. Occasionally some idiot will say that it’s equivalent to ‘radical’ Islam, but since that’s like saying all patriotism is Nazism, that can be ignored.

But, on the other hand, whenever mohammedanism is criticised, shrieks of ‘RACIST’ cut the air like a siren. And, of course, our poor muddled ‘elites’ bow to that.

"The College chaplain has also been involved in talks aimed at trying to ease racial tension and is known to have met members of the Islamic Society and a local Imam to discuss how best to quell fears over potential racial clashes. In a statement issued by Clare College, senior tutor Patricia Fara said: "Clare is an open and inclusive college. A student produced satirical publication has caused widespread distress throughout the Clare community. The college finds the publication and the views expressed abhorrent. Reflecting the gravity of the situation, the college immediately began an investigation and disciplinary procedures are in train."

The Union of Clare Students also tried to quell the furore provoked by the publication. Calum Davey, the union’s president expressed his "deep regret" over the publication and offered his sincere apologies for the offence caused."

 Apologies, apologies. A knee-jerk reaction by this stage, and disgusting with it. During the papacy of the late John Paul II, apologies were given for the Crusades and the Inquisition. But the great jihad, past and present? You racist! How dare you even criticise the Religion of Peace?

How did this happen? How did this one religion get so very mixed into the issue of race and ‘race hatred’? And, more importantly, how did so many of us end up just accepting that without question?

 Answers on a postcard, please.

(Hat Tip to Infidel Bloggers on this one) 

only three quid? why not ten?

By ATWadmin On February 12th, 2007 at 4:54 pm

There is a world of difference, in attitude as well as in acceptability by my lights, between the dignified requests for donations from those such as the Salvation Army, the Royal National Lifeboat Institution, the Air Training Corps, and a multitude of other outfits whose volunteers give people the choice of stopping to make a donation, or passing by; and the latest scourge to hit our High Streets and side-streets. This epidemic goes by the collective name of Chugging, or to expand the term, Charity Mugging! This takes the form of sometimes a veritable mini-horde of ‘volunteers’, all dressed up in their silly T-shirts and ‘high-vis’ vests, who buttonhole everyone in their sightlines and proceed to badger them into signing up for a monthly ‘donation’ by direct debit, from their accounts to the Charity concerned.

What is not generally known, however, is the fact that these ‘volunteers’ are actually paid employees of a separate Company, itself contracted to the main Charity, to provide a new source of on-going revenue for the afore-mentioned Charitable concern! The activities of these ‘volunteers’ in ‘raising funds’ for Charitable causes without stating that the Company for which they work actually takes a healthy ‘rake-off’ from the money is approaching dishonesty! I have had to literally push past these clowns in order to make my way along a public footpath, and I do not appreciate having the Queen’s highway littered with pushy ‘highwaymen’, even if the only weapons they brandish are pens and a clipboard!

Who I give to, and what I give,  to Charity is my business, and I don’t appreciate the insinuation peddled by these young clowns that I am either mean, or nasty, or uncharitable if I don’t hand over my details and sign on their ‘dotted line’!



By ATWadmin On February 12th, 2007 at 1:17 pm

I was disappointed to read that a former unrepentant member of the notorious Baader-Meinhof gang is to be freed on probation after serving 24 years for her involvement in kidnappings and murders in the 1970s.

A German court ruled that Brigitte Mohnhaupt, 57, qualifies for early release after serving a minimum proportion of her five life sentences. Mohnhaupt was convicted of involvement in nine murders. Her victims included a judge, a banker and the employers’ federation president. 

Now she will walk free – having served 2.5 years for each life that she took.

Shame on the German judiciary for failing to send the right signal that terrorism does not pay. Naturally, even as Mohnhaupt prepares for her freedom, another prominent Red Army terrorist prisoner, Christian Klar, seeks early release.

joking aside

By ATWadmin On February 12th, 2007 at 12:58 pm

Its two for one Monday on ATW.  Just as David and Andrew approached the same subject and gave some opinion, i thought id add to the debate on abortion. A subject that is deeply polarising both from a religious and secular point of view and evidently highly emotive. 

I have been following this campaign in Portugal with interest for a while and im very pleased with the decision taken to give the decision to women. In amongst the numerous opinions for and against, sobering personal accounts have cropped up that are hard to ignore.

If the turnout proved anything id like to think that people at least recognise the difficulty in making a ‘choice’ – and unable to make the choice they abstained. Arent they lucky. In many ways it reflects the difficulty of the decision to have an abortion. Others who did turn out to vote did so in spite of the heavy burden of guilt placed on them by the Catholic church so the vote in favour is even more telling.

On the whole issue, i think – ‘Pro Life’. What are you ‘pro’? In the last week of debate here on ATW this has become even more keenly felt. How it it possible to waive aside one life so dismissively? It is of course always helpful to paint these women as heartless and throw in a joke about coat hangars for good measure (though i think it is crochet needles that were used in the poorer rural areas of Portugal).  I could never say that i was generally ‘pro abortion’ or ‘pro choice’ because I cant honestly say that there is really either a pro in any of this or a real choice though i can argue quite specifically and in good conscience for this when made to take a stand.  Ultimately I would say that the meddling interference in such a decision is not the States nor Religions – just as it isnt for the State to legislate against, say, catholic adoption agencies and insist they are wrong.  You can convince. You cannot insist.  Some 40 000 women in Portugal make this difficult decision already, it isnt something you can simply stop by virtue of an angry holier than thou consience. 

Judging the individual doesnt make you the better more moral Christian either.   It is a relief to hear moderate Catholics in this devout country who maintain their faith and recognise this, albeit perhaps when faced with the harsh realities:

"As Portugal prepared for the huge change in social values that a yes vote would represent, even those visiting the shrine were divided. "I have never forgotten, many years ago, going to visit a woman who had been jailed for aborting and who was all skin and bone," said an elderly woman, Palmira Luis. "My conscience tells me I must vote yes."

In contrast to Portugals humble position Im not proud of the fact that we have a casual society so ill advised about contraception and lacking in basic sex education. Neither am i pleased to see a rise in the number of abortions.  But removing abortion wont solve these issues.  

My (non catholic/non religious) grandmother looked after a few women who had back street abortions in this country in the 50s – the shame and stigma too much for them to recover at home. Many of them were very sick. Im very proud of her quiet kindness and lack of judgement. It influenced me a little bit as an (occasionaly church going) Catholic – it fits with the idea of compassion. Something which seems to be lacking in the current debate.  Thank God for the non judgmental.

About Turn?

By ATWadmin On February 12th, 2007 at 12:26 pm

I was delighted to hear the the SDLP Mayor of Londonderry, Helen Quigley, has called for greater links to be established between Ulster’s second city and the capital.  The story is carried in the Derry (sic) Journal as the collective conclusion of a major gathering of business and community leaders from the Maiden City.  They attended a reception at London’s Guildhall where they said that, with Londonderry now only an hour’s flight from the capital, every effort should be made to capitalise on the effect the 2012 Olympics might have.  It was even mooted that Londonderry should perhaps become a satellite training base for Olympic teams.  Councillor Quigley said:

‘I think it is important that we have a relationship with the financial capital of the world. We need to maximize the potential that is there. This event is a wonderful opportunity to build relationships right across the four themes.  The two cities have a rich history and we should be using it’.

I can’t argue with that.  Every part of the country should be able to benefit from the economic powerhouse that is Europe’s largest metropolis and the world’s most important city.  What I do find a little strange is that the bedrock theme of this reception was the historical linkages between London and its Foyleside virtual namesake.  Yet, only a few months ago, we had the spectre of Quigley’s party teaming up with the IRA in an – ultimately futile – attempt to remove one of the principle manifestations of those ‘historical links’ – namely the official name of the city itself.  Alderman Sir Gavyn Arthur hailed the 400-year old special relationship between these two cities of the United Kingdom.  How ironic is it that a party so keen to airbrush the titular aspect of that link should now be shouting about ties in general from the rooftops?

Could this herald a new dawn by the less unpleasant brand of insurrectionists?  Who knows, the SDLP may, in time, drop the aspiration to ‘Irish’ unity as a cornerstone of its raison d’etre, and instead concentrate on something that IS actually possible.  We look on with interest.  Meanwhile, we who believe passionately in the Union should applaud Quigley for her new-found conversion to appreciating reality.

Portugal to legalise abortion, crochet needle sales plummet.

By ATWadmin On February 12th, 2007 at 11:56 am

Two deeply misleading headlines today mark the passing of Portugal’s anti-abortion laws. The Guardian reports that ‘Portugal Fails to Overturn Abortion Law’, while the International Herald Tribune (a very useful, truly international, paper) reports that ‘Portugal voted decisively in a referendum on Sunday to liberalize its restrictive abortion law‘.

The truth of the matter is that: 

"The vote was 59.25 percent in favor and 40.75 percent opposed, with a turnout of slightly less than 44 percent of the 8.8 million eligible voters.

At least 50 percent of eligible voters needed to cast ballots for the results to be legally binding."

Despite the turnout being too low for a decision based upon it to be legal, Portugal’s premier, Jose Socrates, will go ahead and legalise the procedure.

Lest the illegal overturning of the existing law surprise anyone, the Guardian helpfully informs readers that "Socrates, whose party took power in a landslide victory almost two years ago after he promised broad reforms and national modernization, described Portugal’s current law as “backward.” "

So he’s been out to get the thing made legal from the first, and will now even resort to illegal measures to do so. I wish I could say I was surprised, but the attitude seems typical. In persuit of removal of the ‘inconvenient’, remove and/or ignore inconveniences along the way. 

To provide a bit of balance and clarity, I should probably include the fact that the IHT mentions that:


"The current law in Portugal allows abortion until the 12th week of pregnancy in case of "mental and physical risk," until 16 weeks in case of rape, until 24 weeks in case of a malformed fetus and at any time if the woman’s life is in danger. It imposes prison sentences of up to three years for a woman who undergoes an illegal abortion and up to eight years for the person who illegally performs it."


 So we’re not talking about abortions of necessity being allowed now, as they were already ok. No, this is purely a law of abortion of convenience. Since this is Portugal, land of Fatima fame, the following seems appropriate:

Sancta Maria, Mater Dei, ora pro nobis peccatoribus, nunc, et in hora mortis nostrae.

“Durkha durkha!” and other British idioms.

By ATWadmin On February 12th, 2007 at 10:45 am

So according to this morning’s Telegraph, "Immigrants who refuse to learn English may see a reduction in their unemployment benefit, under Government plans to be announced today." This is excellent news, to my mind, as nothing deprives a country of integration and continues to create suspicion as multiple languages without the necessity for a lingua franca (not to mention the social issues, just ask Codie Stott, arrested for being unable to speak Urdu).

Of course, the use of English as a lingua franca in the UK hasn’t been absolutely necessary for a very long time now, and I imagine it is quite possible to live very happily in this country (especially in London) without being able to speak, read, or understand a word of English. Obviously, this is disastrous.

One of the first things of citizenship is that all citizens share the things essential to everyday life. This includes values, language, religious practices, and so forth. The important things of life. But even if one allows for differences between people in some of these, there is at least a possibility of some (though not much, or the thing disintegrates) give and take in these things, if they can be negotiated. Without a shared linguistic base, however, negotiations cannot happen, and probably more importantly they are not felt by the minorities to be necessary. They can, and often do, live almost like ‘a state within a state’, without any need to integrate into the British Britain around them. So you’d think I’d be glad that this initiative will (hopefully) force them to learn English, a long-overdue idea.

Trouble is, though, this isn’t being done for the sake of the nation, or of integration into Britain. No, this is to (surprisingly) benefit the immigrants. No, really, it is. The Telegraph reports that Jim Murphy will, in a speech today, announce:


"We must utilise the resources we have to redress the balance: to put the emphasis not just on translating language to claim a benefit, but to teaching language to get a job. Not just for the sake of employment rates, but for the benefit of the individual, their community and society as a whole.


"It is unacceptable that ethnic minorities on average earn a third less that their counterparts across Great Britain as a whole."


Well, alright, so society is in there somewhere, but given that it’s ringed around with talk of ‘redressing the balance’ due to the poor-little-things getting so much less than those of us who do speak the language, it smacks of afterthought. Presumably the job market is ‘hideously British’. I’m only surprised they’re not bringing in measures to make us all learn Arabic and Hindi. (Hmmn, probably shouldn’t have said that aloud, might give ’em ideas.)

What I really don’t understand, though (and perhaps someone can help me find the relevant data here) is where the employment rate of native Brits stands in all this. Are all native Brits fully employed and working flat out? If not, whence this ridiculous idea that we ‘need the labour’? And if so, why isn’t there more focus on encouraging reproduction rather than abortion? It’s said, and that often, that reproduction across all of Europe is ‘well below replacement rate’, but surely that’s not something that ‘just is’? People make conscious decisions to have babies, to abstain from sex, to kill babies in the womb, and so on. Very few things can be accurately described as ‘it’s just like that’, and these two aren’t among them.

I would suggest that if we really do ‘need the labour’ and really are ‘below replacement rate’ from real statistical findings, we need to take a good hard look at ourselves and what’s wrong with our world. If we have such a lack of love and respect for ourselves that we can’t bring ourselves to worry first and foremost about getting our sons and daughters, brothers and sisters into employment (see Andrew’s and David’s posts about people dependant on the State); that we can’t bring ourselves to put our own desires aside to have children to keep the society  and country that we (should) love going; that, in fact, we’re voting and working and killing ourselves out of relevance and existence, then what we need isn’t a massive dose of overseas labour, but industrial-strength psychotherapy. Self-loathing, after all, is not healthy, but pathological.

Delivery of an election slogan

By ATWadmin On February 12th, 2007 at 9:33 am

C30.jpgIris Robinson took great pleasure in pointing out the similarities between a speech she made and one delivered by David McNarry :

I have quite a few achievements on my CV; however, speech-writer for David McNarry was one that I had not actually been aware of”, quipped Mrs Robinson.

One wonders if the good people in DUP central office will find Sinn Fein/IRA’s tongue-in-cheek slogan for the election, “We Delivered”, quite so humorous.

Mind you, Sinn Fein/IRA aren’t the first people to mock the language employed by a Unionist party as the handbill in the picture illustrates.

That Republicans can use the DUP’s “watchword” on their campaign posters illustrates the fact that when Unionist politicians shout about the necessity of “delivery” it means absolutely nothing.

In fact, not even the DUP have an agreed definition of the word.

In a piece for the News Letter on 30th December Dr Paisley provided this explanation:

“For example, no one could, on the one hand, claim to support the rule of law and the police and, on the other, be a member of a secret illegal army council. Support for the police would include willingly assisting the police with inquiries; encouraging the community to bring forward evidence that can be used without fear of intimidation in cases of rape, murder or other serious crimes. It would see to it that the previously won ill-gotten gains of crime be no longer exploited for political gain and those available should be returned.”

In January his son said on RTE’s Questions and Answers that when the DUP talked about delivery they meant that

“Instead of condemning the police, we will see parties actively engaging with the police, not just holding them to account, but encouraging them in their communities to come and solve crime. And crimes like rape, like murder and organised serious crime. We will see evidence coming forward and communities being encouraged to give evidence, and not molested if they do give evidence before an open court.”

All talk of “ill-gotten gains” was seemingly forgotten – by a man who had previously said that the return of the Northern Bank money was a precondition for republican participation in any executive.

Willy McCrea , however, was quoted in the local papers after Sinn Fein/IRA’s “historic” conference as saying that the DUP still required that the £26 million stolen two years ago be returned.

And the party’s MEP has set out some very stringent tests for Sinn Fein/IRA.

So what have the DUP “delivered”?

A lot of mixed messages and a Sinn Fen/IRA election slogan.


By ATWadmin On February 12th, 2007 at 9:24 am

I think Tony Blair should apologise for the slave trade.

No – not THAT slave trade but the new slave trade!

You see,  it is revealed today that ONE IN THREE households across Britain is now dependent on the STATE for at least half its income.

Official government figures showed that more than SEVEN MILLION households are getting most of their income from government handouts.

Equally bad, the figures also reveal the huge gulf in welfare dependency between single parent and two-parent households. In many single-parent homes with two children, the proportion of families that would be financially crippled without state support is now as high as 61 per cent. That compares with just nine per cent in a two-parent home. The number of single parent homes continues to grow as the decline in marriage continues apace.

Now I believe this massive dependency on Welfare to be entirely in line with the objective of Government social engineering policy. It seeks to create an army of welfare SLAVES – people who know that when it comes time to vote, the choice is simple. Vote for those who enslaved you but who keep the Welfare payments coming. Need youer weekly fix of benefit? Vote Labour. 

The final victory of the tyrant comes when those who he enslaves THANK HIM for their condition. That is where our country now lies – wasted after a decade of socialism.


PS I’ve just read Andrew’s take on this issue – we must have been writing at the same time! Make sure you check out what he has to say!!  

Booming Ulster

By ATWadmin On February 12th, 2007 at 9:10 am

I see that Northern Ireland’s business growth in booming. A report published by Ulster Bank states that business activity has gone up for 46 months in the row.  What no politician will care to mention is that 40 of those 46 months have been under the stewardship of Direct Rule.  So much for the codswallop about devolution being the panacea for all ills.

Ulster had the highest regional employment and the second highest regional activity readings in January.  It just shows what a province that remains an integral part of the United Kingdom can achieve when it is not under constant attack from violent insurrectionists, determined to take the meaning of ‘futility’ to new heights in order to achieve the unachievable.  ‘Failed political entities’ don’t experience rapid growth in the absence of orchestrated violence emanting primarily from those who make that assertion in the first place.  So the insurrectionists can take their ‘failed entity’ rubbish and stick it in the same orifice that Joe Orton got so much pleasure from.