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By ATWadmin On February 5th, 2007 at 9:10 am

Wonder what you make of the news that Simply Red singer Mick Hucknall , who has given £50,000 to Labour and dined with the Blairs at Chequers, as rock stars do, is a major shareholder in "Ask Property Developments", the firm chosen to build the £260 million SuperCasino complex in Manchester?

Ask signed the deal with Labour-run Manchester City Council three years ago and, although the initial agreement has lapsed following delays to gambling legislation, Ask remains firm favourite to retain the contract. Multi-millionaire Mr Hucknall has a 17 per cent stake in Ask, formed in 2000 when a property developer joined forces with Simply Red manager Andy Dodd and an associate. Ask donated £5,100 to Labour in Manchester in 2004, five weeks before it won the contract to build the casino. The Standards Board of Ethics cleared councillors of any wrongdoing.

The stench of sleaze pervades Blair’s administration.


By ATWadmin On February 5th, 2007 at 8:59 am

Judge him by his words. I refer to the Islamic cleric Abu Usamah, 42, who has been accused of preaching inflammatory anti-Western sermons at the Green Lane Mosque in Birmingham.

Osama Bin Laden is "better than a million George Bushes and a thousand Tony Blairs" and that non-Muslims are "pathological liars". In another sermon he said Christians and Jews were "kuffaars" (non-believers) and the enemies of Islam. " No one loves the kuffaar, not a single person loves the kuffaar. We hate the kuffaar," he said. Usamah – who also claims women have "deficient" intellects and that gays should be "thrown from a mountain" – preaches that Britain should become an Islamic state.

Of course he is quick to point out that he condemns terrorism, but …ah there is ALWAYS a but with these guys – he also predicts that "the time is fast approaching" when Muslims will win the jihad, or holy war, against non-believers.  Just one question; why is this guy not behind bars? We are far too complacent in how we deal with these preachers of hatred. It is not TOLERANCE to let them spread their poison – it is WEAKNESS.

Augustinian Blair

By ATWadmin On February 4th, 2007 at 10:45 pm

Just as St Augustine wanted to regain integrity through sexual abstinence, albeit delaying the moment indefinitely; so Tony Blair continues to paralyse his own party and the governmental apparatus of the entire country by stating his intention to leave office, yet always postponing the day of reckoning to the chagrin of his Brownite opponents.  He has dangled the delicious prospect of power in front of Gordon Brown using the media as a proxy battleground for many months, if not years.  At the beginning of the year it was widely understood that Blair would retire in May.  Now a date of sometime towards the middle of September has been mentioned in some newspapers.

I don’t want Blair to go because of the ‘cash for honours’ scandal (he is innocent until proven guilty).  I want Blair out – along with the rest of his wretched Left-wing rabble – because of the immense damage he and his party have done to the constitution, the reputation of parliament, the structure of our political institutions, the ethno-demographic profile of the nation as a whole; and the scavenging of taxes to fund useless public sector behemoths.  I want a Conservative government back in power (and not one led by Cameron, either).

Blair’s authority is waning by the day.  There is nothing in his ministerial ‘in-tray’ that cannot be taken to the same conclusion by a new incumbent.  Blair has said he will not justify his reasons for staying on, nor undermine his own integrity in front of the British people.  In truth, his vanity and ego would prevent him from making any sort of reasonable self-analysis that might just cause wider society to question and criticise his record on a sustained basis.  A Conservative government is, alas, for another day.  The first step should be to get rid of Blair as soon as possible.

On This Day…04.02

By ATWadmin On February 4th, 2007 at 10:40 pm

1938 – Adolf Hitler assumes command of the German Army.

1945 – US President Franklin D Roosevelt, British Prime Minister Winston Churchill, and Soviet Premier Joseph Stalin meet at Yalta, a Ukrainian resort town on the Black Sea. During their second and most controversial conference, the Big Three Allied leaders compromised on their visions of the post-war world order and discussed military considerations in the war against Japan. With victory over Germany imminent, the leaders agreed to divide Germany into zones of occupation.

1948 – Ceylon becomes a self governing dominion within the British Commonwealth. Later changes its name to Sri Lanka.

1974 – American heiress Patty Hearst, grand-daughter of US newspaper tycoon William Heart, is kidnapped.

1983 – Death of singer Karen Carpenter from a heart attack linked to her long-standing battles with anorexia.

1997 – British Home Secretary Michael Howard rules that Moors murderer Myra Hindley should never be released from prison.

a very late awakening!

By ATWadmin On February 4th, 2007 at 1:12 pm

Read a commentary piece by one Ruth Dudley Edwards, an Irish writer and journalist who has outgrown the restraints of a childhood and upbringing dominated by strong traits of both Republicanism and an overbearing religion to come to a maturity in both her factual and fictional writings! The op-ed piece, in the Daily Telegraph, is one of the first stirring, in my own admittedly limited sight line, of a Mainstream Media journalist openly accepting and stating the enormous threat posed by militant Islam, and the truly dangerous ‘jihadi’ footsoldiers who caper in the wake of that religion!
She writes of a belated acceptance that the print and t.v. media have by their silence and lack of critical comment, for too long almost encouraged the silent invasion of Western countries, and of course Western culture, by the foreign, the obscene, and the intolerance of a faith which demands total obedience to it’s laws, tenets and judgements! She writes of her belief that, through their terrified silence and complicity during the furore surrounding the Danish-published cartoons of their prophet muhammad, the newspapers did not do their jobs correctly; which is to warn, to advise, and of course to educate those whose knowledge of any chosen subject is either small or non-existent!
The truth which everyone seeks is surely to be found by a constant search, both in the mind and in the physical world; and whether that search is best held within a religion such as Christianity, or Judaism, or Hinduism should be left to the searcher, and not to be made a function of the searcher’s very survival, as it would be in the case if Islam!
When the Thatcher Government chickened out of upholding the Rule of law by not arresting and charging those who marched and screamed at the publication of the Satanic Verses by Salman Rushdie, I firmly believe that a ‘Rubicon’ was crossed, and that decision was echoed in the tiny number arrested, of those who marched and chanted during the protests which marched on the Danish embassy during the ‘Cartoon’ controversy. A decision, taken by this pusillanimous Labour government, too keen not too ‘upset’ anyone, which will be remembered as a truly bad one, in the light of the many plots uncovered both before and after the event!
Any journalist, either in print or in television, has to conform to certain strictures as to what he or she writes or states, and those strictures are placed and policed by a management which too often is terrified of ‘offending’ or ‘upsetting’ a minority! Where are the publications like the Daily Mirror, who published a diatribe about a visiting television personality, and when Liberace, the ‘personality’ in question sued, they stood up and defended their position in open court. The outrageous fact that Liberace lied in court, when he was questioned about his homosexual life, replied in the negative, was undoubted; but what was equally outrageous was that the High Court judge believed him! Where are the ‘Red Top’ papers who will come out with a stinging attack on the followers of a religion which appears to exalt it’s followers to commit mass murder! When Enoch Powell made his famous speech, he was instantly excoriated;


where are the attacks upon a religion, and it’s many adherents, which declares that to kill one’s self is good, and if this death is followed by those of unbelievers, so much the better?


Cultural Nonsense

By ATWadmin On February 3rd, 2007 at 10:54 pm

It’s not often I read something stupid that I’m thankful for, and even less often that I read something from our… more liberal commenters with which I can agree. But today Hell seems to be getting in on global warming and beginning to freeze. A commenter wrote, in response to David’s writing that the British way of life being ‘unacceptable to Muslims’ is, in classic British understatement, ‘a problem’.

The comment, by regular Madradin Ruad reads:

"Not sure why that one unsettled you David – The British way of life – Greed, corruption, Immorality, erosion of the Judaeo-Christian values of our country – is often criticised (rightly) on ATW and is surely unacceptable also to Christians?"

Another commenter, Dawkins, very helpfully linked readers to a short article by the noted social commentator ‘Theodore Dalrymple’ on ‘The Cost of Frivolity‘. An exerpt from this shows what might be the key to this whole problem. Says Dalrymple:

"Brown knows “nothing whatsoever about pop music, gambling, fashionable clothes or television,” Bennett noted. No mention follows of any other constituent of our national cultural life. What about football, public drunkenness, and drug abuse? Do they not deserve a mention?"

Deserve a mention? As social problems, certainly. But as key components in British culture? No, no, a thousand times NO! Drink, yes, drunkenness as an end in itself? No. Drug abuse, never. Football, yes, but not as I suspect Dalrymple refers to it. Given his ‘track record’ of commentary, he’s more likely to be thinking of hundreds of unfit alcoholics squandering money on football shirts, Sky Sports subscriptions, and getting into pointless brawls over whose team is better.

The answer to all this nonsense, oddly enough, was put down by none other than regular commenter Colm:

"How can we ask Muslims to adapt to a British way of life when it is increasingly a dumbed down, cheap and tacky element of it that takes centre stage? We need to promote a better demonstration of the many good qualities customs and traditions that have been part of the UK’s history and make up, and most of all we need to endorse and protect the most important principle of all, the defence of individual liberty."

It’s not British culture that we criticise at every turn for Greed, Corruption, Lust, Drunkenness and the like, but the perversion of it. The twisting of British culture. I don’t much care for Islam, and I’m not too fussed about how moslems feel. But I do find this very worth thinking about as a cause for concern regarding our own, more important, cultural and societal problem. The defence of Britain, of Britishness, for want of a better word, can only be by the British being British. As stubbornly, as fiercely, and as bloody-mindedly as possible. We’ve managed like that for… oh, a few hundred years. There’s no reason at all that it shouldn’t see us through any further. The idea that we have to change, to adapt to the modern world in our hearts and minds (to say nothing of our souls) as well as our practical methods, is a modernist nonsense as poisonous and ludicrous today as it was when it was first conceived. Those of you that need a refresher on the subject of ‘What have the British ever done for us?’ could do worse than to look on the names in this Wikipedia article, then read on from there.


Talking Point – 03.02.07

By ATWadmin On February 3rd, 2007 at 9:29 pm

‘The television stations across the UK should unite to create a 24-hour news programme dedicated to whinging Muslims and ‘apocalyptic’ climate change stories.  Maybe then the rest of us would not be sick, sore and tired hearing about them and could regain some interest in mainstream news.’  Discuss.

Ahern of Green Gables

By ATWadmin On February 3rd, 2007 at 8:25 pm

Sarawak is a province of Malaysia on the island of Borneo.  The island, one of the world’s largest, contains one entire sovereign state and parts of two others.  It could be that a small proportion of the people of Sarawak might want to live under Indonesian sovereignty.  It is definitely the case that, on the opposite side of the Indonesian archipelago, a certain proportion of the people in Irian Jaya have wanted a choice between outright independence from Indonesia to some form of unification with the rest of New Guinea for many, many years to create a culturally united island of the – mainly Christian – Papuan and Austronesian peoples.  I do not know of a body that sits in the Papuan capital, Port Moresby, permitting parliamentary representatives of Irian Jaya to hold consultative meetings.  Nor do I know of any body in Budapest similarly facilitating the politicians elected by the Hungarian majority in the Romanian region of Transylvania to come on down and talk shop.  A domestic parliament in one country tend to keep its nose out of the affairs of the domestic politics in another sovereign state – or part thereof.  Unless you happen to be Irish, that is!

In reality the body about to be established in Dail Eireann is a Fenian booby prize: a sop to cover up the fact that Northern Ireland is, and will remain hereafter, a part of the United Kingdom.  Under international law, and in accordance with the Republic’s own constitution, the body will be unable to have any legislative powers.  Moreover, the steadfast determination of all the pro-Union parties to rightly boycott this body will result in it being little more than an insurrectionists’ wingding.  I am delighted no British party in NI will contemplate participating in this Paddyesque carousal.  The only thing any Unionist should leave in the grounds of Dail Eireann (given the history of that country in relation to its role in Northern Ireland) is a large contemptuous globule of phlegm (I doubt the Provos would relish that type of conversion to ‘green’ politics)!

What we are witnessing here is an effort by Bertie Ahern to appear ‘more green than green can be’ in the run-up to an election in which the apologists for republican terror and murder are expected to gain extra seats.  Thanks to the decision (one of the few positive ones) by both Unionist parties to avoid this vessel of hot Hibernian air disguised as deliberate provocation, it should ensure it never gets beyond the development of a stillborn foetus.  Ironic, don’t you think, mentioning dead foetuses?  For two unborn children were killed at Omagh by a dissident republican bomb: the same dissident republicans for whom Gerry is still unable to recommend information being passed on to the same PSNI he allegedly supports.  And when you consider Gerry is the leader of THE ‘party‘ designed to be most impressed with this exercise in mild constitutional perversion, you realised what a tangled and foul web the whole ethos of Irish nationalism is constructed around.

Whisky and Rye

By ATWadmin On February 3rd, 2007 at 7:04 pm


Very few celebrities are, in my opinion, worthy of substantial comment on what is essentially a political blog.  The man pictured opposite is very definitely an exception.  Buddy Holly died this day 48 years ago, and the music world can only dream of what further genius would have come from this man had fate not so cruelly cut short his life at the tender age of 22.

Although Holly spent only 18 months in the charts, he is without question one of the 20th Century’s most influential recording artists and songwriters.  Forty eight years after his death and his albums still occupy substantial space on the shelves of our pop music stores.  The musical ‘Buddy’ has been seen by millions around the world (including me, as I bopped my way around the stalls of the Alhambra Theatre, Bradford in 1997).  Holly’s brief sojourn into the world of pop stardom has been preserved by his entry into the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame, and the Pop and Nashville Songwriters Hall of Fame.  In addtion he now has his own star on Hollywood’s celebrated Rock Walk of Fame.

Like American stars such as Roy Orbison, Gene Pitney and Eddie Cochran, Buddy Holly achieved greater chart success in the United Kingdom than in his native land.  Peggy Sue was his only US Top Ten.  However, he enjoyed no less than five UK Top Ten hits, with It Doesn’t Matter Anymore reaching the coveted number 1 spot on the 24th April 1959 – a little over two months after his death.

I firmly believe Holly could have been the equal of Elvis Presley had his career been allowed to flourish.  Nevertheless, his brilliance lives on in countless homes around the world.  If anyone should ever tell me today’s so-called pop celebrities will still be selling millions of records in fifty years time, my only response is ‘that’ll be the day!’

Saturday’s Marx Quote – 03.02.07

By ATWadmin On February 3rd, 2007 at 5:53 pm

‘Before I speak, I have something important to say.’