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A Descriptive Step Change

By ATWadmin On November 25th, 2006 at 10:24 pm

Further to David’s post about the careful omission of the term ‘IRA’ from all recent pronouncements on the republican movement from the Democratic Unionist Party, I have decided that, from tomorrow, the term ‘Sinn Fein’ will be redundant on all my posts relating to Ulster politics.  The DUP might be content to airbrush to true guise of republicanism from the public mind, but I certainly am not.

Henceforth that ‘party’ (such as it is) will be referred to ONLY as the IRA.  Gerry Adams will be the ‘President of the IRA’; Godfather McGuinness will be ‘the IRA Chief Negotiator’….and so forth.  Why give them credit for something they are not?  Sinn Fein is not, and has never been, a legitimate political party.  It is a flag on convenience for the entry of the IRA into selective political frameworks it can manipulate and ultimately undermine.  How comforting it must be for Paisley’s conscience to convince himself he will only enter government with people the MSM and others consider to be political and moral equals.  Sinn Fein/IRA is not anybody’s equal.  It is a terrorist clique supported by the vilest, most loathsome scumbags to be found anywhere in the British Isles.  And every time Paisley and his ilk embark on a PR exercise to cloud the collective memory of that undeniable fact, I will take it as my duty to remind the many thousands who now log on to ATW on a frequent basis that it is something they will not be allowed to get away with.  So take one last look at the term ‘Sinn Fein’ on one of my articles.  I can assure you it won’t appear on anything I write again.

Saturday’s Marx Quote – 25.11.06

By ATWadmin On November 25th, 2006 at 10:10 pm

‘I eat like a vulture.  Unfortunately, the resemblance doesn’t end there.’

On This Day…25.11

By ATWadmin On November 25th, 2006 at 10:03 pm

1642 – Dutch navigator Abel Tasman discovers an island off the southern coast of Australia and names it Van Dieman’s Land. Its name is changed to Tasmania in 1855.

1867 – Alfred Nobel patents dynamite.

1884 – Evaporated milk is patented by John Mayerberg of St Louis, USA.

1953 – England are beaten at Wembley for the first time – losing 6 – 3 to Hungary.

1955 – American singer Bill Haley tops the British pop charts with ‘Rock Around The Clock’.

1995 – The Irish Republic approves a constitutional amendment marking the legalisation of divorce.


By ATWadmin On November 25th, 2006 at 6:06 pm

I think this is another gem from perhaps the most original gang of comics there has ever been….hope you enjoy it! It still raises a smile from me…it’s the startled looks on the faces of the Mounties as Eric increasingly reveals his..erm..unusual approach to being a Lumberjack that is so funny….O Canada!!!


By ATWadmin On November 25th, 2006 at 5:36 pm

795151-564912-thumbnail.jpgOK you lot, I see that you’ve been arguing all day on another topic so I can’t think of a better moment to divert all that..ahem..collective intelligence into solving a little puzzle dreamed up by our resident ATW Logician-in-chief…Aileen!

Three young men named Ernesto, Fontleroy, and Gildenstern arrived singly at an inn and awaited the innkeeper. When she arrived at the front desk, all three asked for the best room. The innkeeper explained that, since it was not possible for them all to have the best room, the man who had arrived first could have a spacious room overlooking the village square, the second to arrive could have a small room with a partial view of the garden, and the third would have to settle for a drafty loft by the back alley, but it was the last room she had to offer. The following conversation ensued:
Ernesto: I am a saint.
Fontleroy: While I am only a mixer.
Gildenstern: I agree with you there, Fontleroy.
Ernesto: Gildenstern is a saint.
Fontleroy: No, he is a sinner.
Gildenstern: Then let me say: I did not arrive first.
Ernesto: Fontleroy is the sinner.
Fontleroy: Following Gildenstern’s lead, let me say: I did not arrive first.
Gildenstern: Ernesto is a mixer.
Ernesto: If that is so, then the most honest of us did not arrive last.
Fontleroy: Ernesto, you are a saint.
Gildenstern: Ha!
The innkeeper knew that everyone in these parts was either a (living) saint who always told the truth, a sinner who never told the truth, or a mixer whose statements strictly alternated between truth and untruth. Using deductive reasoning, what is the disposition of each man, and what room did the innkeeper assign to each. In the best traditions of the schoolroom, you need to show your "working out"
Aileen awaits your responses……….who will work it out first?

Leopards, spots and the big, bad bear!

By ATWadmin On November 25th, 2006 at 1:59 pm

On many evenings during my sea-going days, I used to listen to the broadcasts of Radio Moscow, mainly because of the ludicrous claims regularly made on that truly biased station, but because of the present-day headlines, I was reminded of the ultimate story about those broadcasts; it went something along the lines of::-

Moscow Announcer (in tones of jubilation) "Our champion Olympic runner, Ivan Ivanovitch, has broken many world records yesterday! He has smashed the 100 metre record, the 220 metres and the 440 metre records, the 1500 and ten thousand metre records, the marathon time also fell to our unbeaten world Communist running star," the announcer’s voice then modulated and he went on, "however, all his efforts were in vain, he was captured and brought back to Moscow!"

The preceeding story might have little in common with the tragic, murderous end to the life of the Russian exiled former KGB Colonel, Alexander Litvinenko, who died this week, but it should serve to demonstrate how the Soviet Empire was viewed in the days before the presumed end of the Cold War. The super-efficient secret police, the feared K.G.B., were paramount, their very nod was either a passport to a comfortable flat or home, a university education and a prized job; or a one-way ticket to either a dreary life in an unheated dump, with no chance of a job and no chance at the better things in life, or a Gulag in Siberia if you were really lucky, and didn’t get shot! The efficiency of the K.G.B. was in stark contrast to just about everything else within the borders of the Soviet Empire, where the production and distribution of staples such as bread was pathetic, and the lives of the masses was uniformly bleak.

Things have changed dramatically since the days of the Communists and their bullying of the weaker peoples around them; the vassal states have gained a nominal independence, Gorbachev has been and gone, but the days of the big, bad Russian bullying Bear have not gone away, they’ve just changed their clothing! From a blood-stained suit of ill-fitting cloth, they’ve progressed to Saville Row suiting, and hand-made shoes; from the T-72 tank and the AK-47 rifle (the terrorist’s friend) to the Company Accountant and the Balance Sheet! The clothing may have altered, but the menace is still there, in spades! Russia has now the advantage of most of Europe being almost totally dependent upon it’s natural gas deposits, so just remember that it would be better to get along with the people who have their hands upon the valves! At least Britain has found the time to make provision for the import of gas from other areas, because if Putin gets stroppy, either the price doubles, or the taps might get turned off abruptly, and we depend upon natural gas for a hell of a lot of our industry, as well as domestic heating!

If you disagree with Putin, try living on a deserted island, because he’ll send his smooth F.S.B killers out, just as his brother officers of the K.G.B. were sent out in the ‘good old days’! The weapons may have altered, from an umbrella spike tipped with a RICIN pellet, to a radio-active pellet of POLONIUM 210 which seems to have been fed to the ill-fated dissident Russian. Polonium 210, by the way, has very few uses; the primary purpose being to help trigger a thermo-nuclear explosion, so you can understand why there’s not a lot around!


The leopard never changes it’s spots!




By ATWadmin On November 25th, 2006 at 10:33 am

The most ironic statement I heard yesterday following Michael Stone’s one-man assault on Stormont (and it was repeated by more than a few talking heads) was that "we can’t let the men of violence win."

Excuse me, but the purpose of the political gathering at Stormont that Stone so dramatically interrupted was to install into high political office a man in the form of Martin McGuinness, who represents a terror cabal that has MURDERED THOUSANDS of innocent people. The stupefying hypocrisy from the MSM and the political establishment on this fact beggars all belief.

One can’t help but speculate that had Stone murdered many more people during his terror campaign, and had unionists chosen to endorse him and his ilk at the ballot box in the same sort of numbers that degenerate nationalists have endorsed IRA/Sinn Fein, would Stone have been INSIDE the chamber yesterday and been touted for High Office as McGuinness was?

The depravity that characterises the current political process is manifest for all to see. The truth is that Michael Stone was NOT the only terrorist at Stormont yesterday – so why was he the only way arrested????  Remember the words of that "much loved" and now departed politician Mo Mowlan who described mass murderer Michael Stone and Director of terrorism Johnny Adair as "the unsung heroes of the peace process."  THAT, my friends, is about as sick as it gets – the blatant lauding of killers.

And yet – those of us who condemn this bastardisation of democracy are presented as villains!!!

Rule of Rose Banned in UK?

By ATWadmin On November 25th, 2006 at 10:24 am

rule-of-rose banned.jpgReaders may remember that on the 21st I brought to your attention the worrying possibility of a game of the very successful Silent Hill ilk being banned from European gamers. Apparently we’re that much less capable of discerning fiction from reality than those in the US and the Japan. Today’s news suggests that the self-appointed moralisers have managed to convince the company that would have been shipping the game to us (505 Games) that they really do know what’s best, and that includes keeping the game from us. Apparently the ideas of free will and personal responsibility really do count for nothing with some people as, despite the fact that games, like videos can be and often are age-restricted, this game must be stopped.

Some commenting here on ATW have said that Sony’s non-releasing of the game in the US makes the European outcry ‘seem tame by comparison’. This is, sadly, an utter nonsense. Sony did not release the game on its own volition because they feared that it would not be well received, which they are perfectly entitled to do as they are the ones who developed the game. However, they did not make any moves to stop Atlus games from releasing it in the US, and any American readers who have faith in their own sanity and ability to discern right from wrong and video games from day-to-day life may purchase the title from amazon.com. (Take a minute to appreciate how lucky you are that you’re allowed that freedom while you’re buying it.) Oddest thing of all? According to PSX Extreme, it’s only in the UK that this game, Rule of Rose, will be withheld from gamers. The rest of Europe, where the trouble and nonsense started, will get to play the game. I have sent a note to 505 Games asking why the UK in particular was selected for this dubious honour and, should I get a response, will let you all know. Personally, I’m not holding my breath in anticipation.

In the meantime, I think I might go play some Silent Hill. It is, after all, allowed in the UK, so it must be safe and non-disturbing. Right? Well, alright, you have a look at this and see what you think:



By ATWadmin On November 25th, 2006 at 10:14 am

nuclearsign203afp.jpgI’m sure we’ve all been following the remarkable tale of the former KGB Colonel, Alexander Litvinenko, who has been murdered in London by some form of radioactive contamination, using Pollonium 210. London police have detected traces of this material at several locations in the UK capital. 

On his deathbed, Litvinenko nailed the blame for his condition on Russian President Putin. He was a staunch critic of the Putin regime and has paid for this – with his life.

On a broader front, this brings into question the status of Russia under Putin. It is a dying country, in demographic freefall, and which is seeking to earn whatever cash it can by working with the likes of tyrannies such as IRAN,  providing them with a missile defence system (Mmm..and whose missiles do you think Iran might be anticipating having to stop – and why?).

I believe that Putin is no friend of the West, and that his regime is as corrupt and as weasely as any that proceeded it. The fact that it sends assassins armed with radioactive materials to London to silence those who criticise it is far from a work of fiction. Just ask the next of kin of Mr Litinenko.


By ATWadmin On November 24th, 2006 at 7:48 pm

Here’s a grown-up song, with a  lyric that we would all do well to follow. The last verse is a bit of a tear-jerker…..!