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On This Day…03.02

By ATWadmin On February 3rd, 2007 at 5:39 pm

1488 – Portuguese explorer Bartholomew Diaz becomes the first European to land on southern African soil, putting ashore at Mossal Bay, Cape of Good Hope.

1913 – America introduces the XVIth Amendment to the United States Constitution – giving the Government the power to impose and collect income tax.

1949 – In Britain, 23 year old Margaret Thatcher is adopted as Conservative candidate in Dartford, Kent (but later fails to win the seat at the General Election).

1953 – French oceanographer Jacques-Yves Cousteau publishes his most famous and lasting work, The Silent World, on this day. While in the French navy, he and engineer Émile Gagnan invented the Aqua-Lung, the world’s first self-contained underwater breathing apparatus (scuba).

1959 – ‘The Day the Music Died’.  American singing idol Buddy Holly is killed in a plane crash en route to North Dakota after a show in Clear Lake, Iowa.  Ritchie Valens and JP Richardson (The Big Bopper), who are travelling with him, also perish.

1969 – Yasser Arafat is appointed leader of the Palestinian Liberation Organisation (PLO) at a meeting of the Palestinian National Congress in Cairo.



By ATWadmin On February 3rd, 2007 at 3:05 pm

This is indeed a remarkable story – just brought to my attention!

FOOTBALL in Italy has been indefinitely suspended after a police officer was killed during serious trouble at the Sicilian derby between Catania and Palermo last night.

The Italian football federation (FIGC) held an emergency meeting last night, and commissioner Luca Pancalli then announced an immediate suspension of football. "I have demanded a stop to all activity of football in Italy," Pancalli said in a statement. "Enough is enough."The football tournaments will remain suspended until we solve the violence in our football," he said. "It’s unacceptable that such incidents happen in a country like Italy." Italy’s national team was due to play Romania in Siena on Wednesday but that game – and the under-21 fixture against Belgium in Chieti on Tuesday – will not go ahead as things stand. The policeman, named as Filippo Raciti, 38, was struck in the face by a small explosive while attempting to deal with fighting outside the stadium. The officer was taken to hospital but died from his injuries.

How sad and what a tragic waste of life but really – A SMALL EXPLOSIVE??? What sort of animals would take such a device to a football match? You know I observe the rise of football to the point where is has become virtually a new religion throughout Europe, it’s stadia being the new cathedrals. And the more I see it, the less I like it.

……without prejudice……

By ATWadmin On February 3rd, 2007 at 1:49 pm

The world has been stunned to learn that H.E. President Alhaji Dr. Yahya A.J.J. Jammeh of the Gambia had stated that he can personally cure HIV/AID’s!

This is the sort of politician clown who actually leads African countries!


The ‘Sangoma’ or Tribal witchdoctor, has long had a great following in Africa, and just to show how eminently qualified and scientific is their approach to Mental Health problems, I can reproduce an actual certificate from such a person. The reader is asked to make their own minds up as to the efficacy of either type of treatment!

south african sicknote 2.jpg

All Your Children Are Belong To Us

By ATWadmin On February 3rd, 2007 at 12:48 pm

THE evidence is in and the results are conclusive: the Left is a danger to children.

If you thought that the Left was happy merely to wreck the education system, condemning generations to the misery of illiteracy, then think again. Preparing the way for drug pushers, leaving thousands to the misery of brain-frying narcotics doesn’t satiate them. Sexualising young children, guaranteeing the highest levels of teenage pregnancies of any civilised nation doesn’t satisy these perverts. These wierdos aren’t even content with stealing your children.

NO, not content with all of that, the commie filth who govern our country will now indoctrinate children with leftist, green lies:

The British government will send a copy of Al Gore’s film about global warming, An Inconvenient Truth, to every secondary school in the country, the U.K. environment minister announced Friday.

According Education Commissar Secretary and ex-communist Alan Johnson:

"Children are the key to changing society’s long-term attitudes to the environment" …. "Not only are they passionate about saving the planet, but children also have a big influence over their own families’ lifestyles and behaviour."

Which all goes to show why socialists are a danger to children. What next, Comrade, children reporting their parents to the authorities for dissent against State policy on climate change?


By ATWadmin On February 3rd, 2007 at 11:06 am

I’m sure many of you will have been following the Government’s announcement to site a Super-Casino in Manchester. If this "is successful" the plan is to allow dozens of smaller Casinos to then open across the UK. This is a Government that seems addicted to gambling, but most if its gambles end up costing US.

That’s why I was most interested in this article over on The Business by Fraser Nelson as I think he neatly exposes the falsity of the Government position…

In her pious speech to the Commons on Tuesday, Jowell added that “Las Vegas-style tricks of the trade will not be allowed”. This is a shame. The biggest trick of the trade in Las Vegas is to scrap individual and corporation tax, restricting government’s take instead to a 6% sales tax. As Dubai has found out, when you abolish tax cities spring from the desert and human ingenuity is quickly translated into wealth creation. Lowering tax would certainly rejuvenate Britain’s deprived zones – yet the government still thinks the answer lies with a state-organised construction project.


And it always will. These are SOCIALISTS in power, people whose very essence is focused on State Control.


By ATWadmin On February 3rd, 2007 at 10:52 am

How I loath interfering Government! Today comes the news that school pupils will have to learn how to cook healthy meals for themselves under a Jamie Oliver-inspired shake-up of home economics lessons.

Education Secretary Alan Johnson will announce on Monday that the ability to cook using fresh ingredients is an ‘essential life skill’ (PUKE!)that all 11 to 14-year-olds must learn.

In addition, Pupils will also be obliged to learn about global warming and eco-friendly development in geography – and the slave trade in history lessons. These will be seen as an essential elements in the new State driven curriculum. 

Horrifying. I am grateful my kids will be out of the system before Nanny State gets to impose more thought control over kids. Not a day passes without the radical socialist egalitarians in power finding new ways to ensure that we think what they want us to think. Brain-wash our kids by day in the State labs now masquerading as Schools, sedate the masses by night with reality TV shows, and we’re on the way to a neo-Communist State.  


By ATWadmin On February 3rd, 2007 at 10:42 am

Some fascinating quotes from a cross-section of British Muslims in this article in The Mail this morning..

"Sharia law is a perfect system of divine law and order that the whole world should live under."


"The British way of life is unacceptable to Muslims."


"I do not admire Al Qaeda, but they are trying to address the issues that all Muslims face, of subjugation of their lands, theft of wealth and oppression of their people."

Houston, we have a problem!

Government, through its reckless pursuit of feel-good liberal loving multiculturalism, has created a huge problem that is now facing us – Islamic insurrectionists who wish to return us to the dark ages, to the stone age barbarism of Shar’ia law. 


By ATWadmin On February 3rd, 2007 at 10:30 am

Interesting to read that one in every five home buyers in Britain is now a Polish immigrant, estate agents have revealed. The new arrivals from eastern Europe are forcing up house prices as they work tirelessly to get on the property ladder. The migrants are selling their properties back home to raise a deposit – making it more likely they will remain in the UK for good – or taking out 100 per cent mortgages. Under the malign gaze of NuLabour, Britain in undergoing unprecedented demographic change. Who knows what the cultural and societal implications will be? I don’t blame the Poles for coming here and working hard. I blame the Government which has failed – deliberately I must conclude – to control our borders and to efficiently regulate immigration. There has been a demographic revolution going on in the UK for some years now, but we’re encouraged NOT to discusss it – since to do so is deemed "racist" and "right-wing"and thus the required national debate is stifled. Such is the way of Government in this country.


By ATWadmin On February 2nd, 2007 at 10:23 pm

And so, as political debate rages on these pages, I present a lovely romantic ballad with real soul. It’s by Carlene Carter – daughter of the great June Carter Cash and Johnny Cash’s step-daughter. It’s a lovely poignant lyric…

A broken fairy tale,
A hollow girl with empty arms
From an angel’s tears
God made the stars
Why can’t he make me
An unbreakable heart ?



Almost There

By ATWadmin On February 2nd, 2007 at 9:35 pm

The computer is almost back to full health.  I have loaded extra anti-virus software, ad-ware and spy-ware protector, and boosted the memory capacity to over 1GB.  I’ll be back on stream tomorrow. 

May I take the opportunity to thank those who wished my computer a speedy recovery during the last week.  The glaringly obvious exception of course was ‘The Phantom’, who evidently took a great deal of comfort from the fact my computer had picked up a virus and suffered as a result.

The kind responses (and the one bitchy detraction) rather reminded me of when I went out to plant my first daffodil bulbs yesterday.  The lawn was short and glowing with dew.  Unfortunately, there just happened to be a great mound of cat turd in the middle of it.  That’s how I regard those people like ‘Phantom‘ – a presence always likely to spoil the view, but with no tangible benefit to the environment in which he dwells.

Of course I could pray for his forthcoming trans-Atlantic airline journey to be one of non-stop turbulence; food riddled with e-coli and a severe delay here and there.  But why should other passengers have to suffer?

Catch up with you all tomorrow!